Real Estate Experts Confirm Having George Clooney Living In Attic Greatly Increases Property Value


From the onion onion public radio. I'm Leslie Price and this is the topical. We're not quite done fact-checking. Today's episode. Here's a few pieces of news that I assume are already good to go here. Today's top stories frustration is mounting Across the Nation today as members of the American populace formally announced their life urination with the fact that Sunday comic strips are still wildly unsynchronized with weekday storylines and range citizens also announced that they have half a mind to March down to the local newspaper Syndicate office themselves to demand an explanation. It's almost Friday motherfukers. So you still have time to tie in tomorrow's clip with Sundays and make things right then next week. We better see how it all resolved. So it's your friends and some good news for you today as experts have confirmed that continuing to listen to a podcast is in fact much more important than taking off your headphones and listening to whatever this woman who's waving her arm off. Front of you and shouting for your attention has to say makes sense to show just started and we still have a lot to get too. I'm sure someone will come along and help her eventually just try not to make eye contact. All right. I'm tired of waiting. We're doing the rest of the episode fact-checked or not right after this. Even as the economy continues to plummet more Americans are looking to become first-time homeowners. And if you're in the market to sell will be our economic report and mercy Hammond is here to share with you one simple trick that is supposedly guaranteed to increase your property value. That's a long way after analyzing decade's worth of housing market trends real estate experts noticed across the board that having George Clooney living in your attic is one of the best things you can do for your home's resale value. Oh, wow. I thought they were going to say granite countertops. And why did you play that clip from O Brother Where Art Thou? Oh, I'm watching it on my iPad. I'll pause it. They'll go ahead. Okay. I spoke with six-time gentrification magazine award winning real estate agent Susanna Razo to find out what harboring the actor director and two times sexiest man alive in your attic can mean for the value of your home finishing an attic or grungy crawl space with Oscar dog. After George Clooney shows a 10% annual rate of appreciation letting him scrounge around the area above. Your living quarters was sleeping in the rafters and watching everything your family does through the air vents wage. It's one of the surest bets you can make in the real estate market right now. It may be an investment but I tell all my clients if you're thinking of redoing your kitchen or upgrading to double pane windows forget save yourself the trouble and go with the Cluny interesting. I had a neighbor with a Patrick Stewart in his foyer a once but you could tell they didn't take care of them stunk like old teabags. What's the maintenance like a cloning assuming? He's installed correctly relatively minimal high-grade versions of the Serie honest are are extremely self-sufficient and sometimes even self-cleaning. Oh Suzanne said that even after forty years in the business, she still surprised by how a seemingly simple addition like a single Hollywood leading man squatting in an otherwise overlooked part the house can make a space feel completely different. All right, you've convinced me. I'm sold, but how do I get a Cluny. My own attic while Suzanne says that part can be tricky since there's only one to go around and demand is only grown since the photo of him accompanied by the hashtag addict makeover went viral on Pinterest. Yeah. Here She is again the most valuable Clooney home. I've personally seen came with the original George today. It's more luck of the draw and I would be remiss not to mention that though an increase in value is all but guaranteed you do risk catching the former Batman in a pranking phase which can result in damage to your home and what if I can't afford him. Is there a lower-cost alternative or maybe something like a starter hung so that new or homeowners can work their way up to a larger star has been advised all buyers to be there is only one certified. So if it seems too good to be true it probably is I know that my husband and I were almost host by a contractor once ourselves. He claimed to have a direct source of the one find a love interest. But when we looked at the fine print we noticed it was actually a twenty-nine-year-old electrician named. Clooney spelled with an ie at the end. Yeah, that's why I always verify contractor offers against the official George Clooney IMDb page other experts encourage buyers to gamble on a more modern style cheesecake timothee chalamet but you do run the risk that was popular now may go out of style. Yeah. Yeah. I remember in the seventies when everyone was putting Bond Arms Around their house. So tacky. Yeah, in other cases even supposedly time-tested Oscar winners can bring more problems than they're worth. I spoke to two families that tried to cut Corners. We have been looking for a home for years holding out hope that we'd find something in our price range with a Clooney dead before finally settling for something in a Matt Damon didn't love it. We went over him with seven coats of paint, but we still can't get rid of him. I just wish we put in the Clooney when we had the chance God down the block putting down any sold his place for four hundred times the asking price the whole neighborhood went up in value. Except our place. Begin with the prime Kevin Spacey. We were told by the seller its appeal without last the house itself. Now we can't give the thing away God damn. It should have put in the clothing a cautionary tale for all homeowners. Thank you Marcy. My pleasure. That's what we are is Marcy Hammond will be back in a moment. A Qualcomm, we believe in staying connected and you can see us wherever 5G is helping transform telemedicine supporting remote education and powering mobile PCS The Invention age is he may learn more a Qualcomm. I am a man of constant. Sorrow Oh, sorry. I'm still watching this movie is a great. Anyway, here's what else you need to know today Democratic presidential candidate. Joe Biden is out to prove. He's not the Sleepy Joe that Donald Trump is making him out to be and in fact does have the stamina it takes service president. The former VP was spotted out on the campaign Trail today going in person to campaign door-to-door inside the JPMorgan Chase headquarters according to his campaign. Everyone biting spoke with was reportedly very pleased with what they heard and were very impressed with the enthused and energetic candidates and with the return to in person learning happening across the country many schools are now wage. To combat and even older problem growing student lunch debt school districts and many states are adapting their lunch models to ease the burden on students and their families by teaching children, the spiritual benefits of fasting sounds like a great way to convince kids not to eats and save everyone a book and finally the popular butter brand Land O'Lakes caused some controversy earlier this year when they removed their own needed logo that featured a Native American woman. Well today they finally revealed what they will be replacing her with on all their packaging moving forward and it's oh, oh my God, I'm not sure if I should can I say this? It's something so offensive that I dare not even describe it. Let's just move on good and that's the topical for today. I'm Leslie Price. 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