S2E101: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 02/09/21


talk with a smile swab Not pay now s. Thanks jude crazy. Yeah a way d filter. Get right into this like my mother. Say thank god for jesus. Good everybody cheers. It is throwback turned up tuesday tuesday february the night. Twenty twenty one twenty nine minutes back to show how the morning show features jay co host barbie cologne week. It should start right. Why not only place on earth chat room is wide open or please call five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero up I heart radio rated arkansas harvey morning show dot com fan radio distributed by a comedy world net radio and network of. Thanks to those guys. We appreciate you Special to all our affiliates. We appreciate you guys so much out on all podcast platforms google. Sean show which not on social media or wherever and it pops up in our links pop up this morning on facebook live so if you're one of the all stars facebook if you're doing orlando please of like our business pay sean hobby wanna show featuring wakeup team business page. Which do you like it. You get notified each and every morning seven seventeen. We saw a little late this one and that was my. I apologize but shut up. Dj wrong for helping us out. You get notified. Monday to friday and then also join our group. We got the hottest group on facebook and my opinion show morning show featuring waco teen group page This the only place on earth we get you more than start right. God bless you barbecue on a turned up tuesday. Good to see you good morning. God bless you yes and going on his to be go to you. God bless you know sir. Yes here in bethlehem we were cast lie to you from. It is nineteen degrees outside the highest. Going to be thirty four. Today it's cloudy is it had snowed a little earlier this morning. And it's still a little light a snow. It's gonna snow on and off all day today. We should accumulate between two to four inches. So if you're out please be careful because the still black ice from the freeze over And then the snow is covering. Please be careful than our slat and getting in strasbourg. Nineteen degrees thirty six for the high again. Cloudy and snow and they should expect between three and five inches and dependent on the area. You may get up to seven inches so please be careful. Today is going to We are on the Advisory until about five or six. Pm this evening and knock new jersey twenty five degrees Snow and cloudy between one and five inches. Thirty four will be the high in new york city. It is thirty degrees thirty four for the high snow as well between five inches today. And you guys are also under advisory until about five. Pm this evening and atlanta fifty degrees sixty six will be the high cloudy in rain. This morning Afternoons should be okay and low. Dry in miami. Seventy three degrees seventy nine. We'll be the high in a sense can be beautiful day miami today. I wish i was there in chicago. Seven degrees sixteen will be the high a mix of sun and clouds. Same fifty four in la sixty behind. Cloudy in louisville is thirty degrees thirty. Nine we'll be the high and cloudy as well nineteen in rochester. Twenty seven for the high. They have a little light. Snow today off But they should accumulate between two to four inches. That's the way i have for. You all wasn't looking like where you are where we cologne until you live from the show. Harvey morning show feature. Sidney j get. You started right exactly bobby cologne where you get your morning started right only place on earth where you want to start by only place where you get your morning love. We'll have front page news with cj as to the double n. Y. can't deny that before nine. Am or around the nine o'clock hour where we give you the news locally globally. It's a nationally. And you know your boy. Harvey it from the hood so you stay tuned for that. That's front page news singer and we also have The morning buzz bobby cologne and like we always talk about each. And every day does one thing we do guarantee on the show your head will be buzzing for nine. Am get your coffee. Get your beverage. Get a glass of wine. Whatever you wanna do this morning. Hang out with us with the morning. Buzz for columbia. Yes there will be some harvey house. Stay tuned don't go nowhere nowhere. Stay right here huddled up around the campfire cop squad because it's getting ready to go down. This has turned up tuesday. Please like shit. Show remorse show featuring waco team. But what we do is when we come back with shag out. The wrong with heart sat in a chat room. You know but what we're gonna do right now especially thanks to our friend Behind the scenes. Dj rome ron. Thank you so much for helping us. Connect again today Lord knows sitting here. We're both of my hamstrings tight. Rome came in to the rescue. And you got a guy. Does that does especially everybody's show. Dj rome some love. That's wfan k dot com saturday mornings open house featuring misdeed dj rome Twelve noon three pm w. f. ing k. But we do we go back to the morning. Drive out three deejays right. We got we got this morning. Plan jay here right right now. We're going to do a little bit road. I'm like okay dude. With the wrong the drama sector bath records show looked like three of course pre-columbian for the the throne using the retailer stick swines shop spiritual from out of trump's trench rituals of some drugs circles on the streets streets trump speech pro young. And i ate sean hobby. Be any j. Alcohol's bobby on comedy. World net radio head is the show. Have you show. Featuring break-up team radio jay sean harvey morning show featuring the wake of pain catch on comedy. World radio pride. Finish right you can catch some time your word radio so we back up to everybody. God bless show it is Turned up tuesday february knife. Twenty twenty one. Forty one minutes after i look back on the show featuring. Cj l'enfant calls bharti cologne wig right. Why not only place on earth where you get your morning start right. Chat rooms open welcome. Please call in if you dare to phone during on this show. Five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero i'll show wings more on one. Show all your shows six months me. Nashon thank jesus iheartradio. Radio dot com sean morning. Show dot com fam- radio distribute about comedy world radio or platforms switching. Shout out to our phillies. We appreciate you throughout the country You shall hardly morning show or links. Come up facebook law for heroes for the superstores. If you if you if you if you enjoy the visual part of this i i like the comedy world radio part of it and the fan radio part myself but i'm old school radio guy. The yield to the technology of social media. Because that's a fight. Harvey can't win so if you like to listen to the show in the visual part of it at the same time we like to ask you guys a do us a favor. That's the way you like listening to the show. We should to start right and watch the show. Please share it please. Thank you really appreciate that. If you don't mind do a little solid you're sitting on your tv or your big phone and you just laughing and grinning or you're mad at your boy and bobby colonial sydney jail your heroes and you can watch every day and you sit there for you shot and you sit there and you judge will we wearing a whatever and god knows what the hell you're wearing on the other side of that phone pajamas. Probably another side of that camera. I don't know what put put but describe what you win right now in that chat room. If you don't mind cause you had the luxury to watch the show. Visually and with the auto. I like audio. Like i said but you see what bobby and i look like every put describe right now in that show if you don't mind which you wearing so if you are spoiled enough god blessed especially shot out the dj roman crystal rooney and all these folks at keep all his thing running for for this show you blessed to watch it and listen to it at the same time once again. Please share it. yes please. If you don't mind please. And thank you the magic words. But god bless you go to the show hubbard lake team business page like it and that's it and then get your friends on board. We have another a giveaway next week as well. We'll give away some stuff and join our group barbecue. Look good this morning. Well thank you trying. You know the relationship lip glosses passionate in the snow while you let us. Now keep you from being fabulous. You know way you may feel like but you ain't look like okay. You know what. I'm saying in bethlehem we'll be broadcast live to you from. It is nineteen degrees right now. Guys thirty four for the high cloudy. And it's gonna snow on and off throughout the day if you were out. Please be careful because there is black. Ice and we were accumulate between two to four inches throughout the day and we are under an Wentz advisory until about five. Pm this evening in strasbourg. Nineteen degrees thirty six high also Snow again yeah. And they will accumulate between three to five inches in some areas. You may even get up to seven inches today guys So please be careful. If you're out in the roads are slippery and knock new jersey twenty five right now. Thirty four for the high snow and clouds as well and they will accumulate between one to five inches of snow today on and we are all under A wind advisory until about five pm. This evening new york city thirty degrees thirty four for the high cloudy and snow as well between five inches Throughout the day fifty atlanta sixty six for the high cloudy and rain on this morning in the rest of the day. should be okay. Seventy three in miami nine for the high end sunny in chicago with seven degrees sixteen will be the high today and a mix of sun and clouds in los angeles. It is fifty four degrees. A sixty one will be. The high cloudy in louisville is thirty degrees right now. Cloudy in the highest going to be thirty nine nineteen in rochester. Twenty seven for the high in light snow on and off throughout the day and they're going to accumulate two to four inches. So you guys please be careful if you have if you have to leave your house if not stay home because you don't want to be out there That's where the half or you all wasn't looking like where you are coming to. You live from the show heavy morning show featuring cine j. Will you get you started right. Exactly we want to start going gonna shut up to them. Social love barbara. Thank you so much for the weather report. Because i guess it seems to be very important in february's coming in and spend number snow snow all week very much so so so you are already in essential working here on this show but now you really essential because now look what's going on here you give us the weather and there's a lot going on yes crazy so my question before we start the show. When the last time you had some black ice isn't he. Is he black ice in your forecast. And how's your i in ki ki. Still locked gotta damn chance and modal ahead. You keep saying one to five inches. What's your preferred amount of snow. Inches boy was your. We should prefer if it was less equival. Let's let's let's let's. Let's denisot was a snowstorm with wish should preferred inches of snow Now it was snowing in your room. You'll black he was open. And you open up your door for heart. What would be your preferred inch. Would it be one to five five to six seven and a foot like would it be a foot of snow like a accumulation is not. It's not bad. You know large amounts of accumulation. Bobby and bobby must snowstorms of moderate. Like i have averaged snowstorm like sixty i. I'm i'm kinda normal. Sorta normal size. I guess i'm not. I i'm normals. I think i'm i think i'm a normal size man. I'm not i would say like. I'm super blessed with a snowstorm. But i could say that like you. I'm like i'm like on the other side of okay. Well that's great showing. And i wanna thank god for jesus but barbie has there been any have you spurs any snowstorms and it was just like that's too much of a blizzard for me or the app. Wow yeah so this. Is this say that is a can you. Can you can handle regular like the thing. I can handle it. I a institute dusting now. They just they just nuisance of little flock right. What about like a holding pattern of the snow like three to five inches. But it's still but it's holding okay. That's still a thing. Why would that news is from three to six. But it's it's working. It's the snow is still in. The area doesn't go anywhere now. What about like a blizzard conditions. Sorta like six turn now. You're talking and blizzard and you know a nice blizzard that unless it's calm you blizzards combat. They come you would. Blizzard comes in nice plow by your so you prefer the blizzard with the planning a little bit no dusting and low moderate snow. That's just annoying like you like like. Wow wow why are got dusting assistant. Nice person starry. Can i have a blizzard in a nice person. Well the question. I can't say no bobby. You actually audit blizzards out there. That are nice. I've had a nice. Because bobby if i was if i was a blizzard i think it would be out of control out of control. Know you can't even see straight. Have you all discombobulated. What have you had a blizzard. We have to put on. Glatt google goggles and gloves. Big hat and big. Hope that you have to ask myself put extra socks on on was you. Did you have to put your game face off like this is crazy. I never had one of these kind of business before. No i never experienced this but it was great. It was a challenge dot com. Everybody have you talked to blizzard in a chat room. I dunno do you like the dusting one to three inches. Do you like a little moderate five six years. Do you like straight blizzard. Apply listen for me speaking the blizzard. I've always i'm i'm very. I'm very transparent and very honest. I think i mean to a fault. Sometimes bobby bobby cologne. And when it comes down to snow storms I've always defied the participant. What kind of conditions. They're getting their self into before. It goes dow cincinnati. Just gotta let them be surprised. I let them know the five day forecast young and let them know where it is so when the weather conditions change more because they're okay. Well that's good because that guy. That's going to tell you that. I have a blizzard. But i know that there's a dusting coming through. I don't wanna put and no man should put themselves through that on tuesday. The put they cells right. There would be like folks advertisers barbecue. Have you ever counted four advertising on a blue on so star but barbie we are strictly talking about the snow right. Yeah i've had. Sometimes they have misfortune right when the weather man belying and talk about. I'm gonna be this this that in a happen have experience store went three or four miles away from direction and did the storm explain itself Always just there was nothing to explain. It was done to explain. Okay now. what thank god. So listen guys. Let us know if you liked dusting fanatic. Dan go let us know if you like dusting. Says she had a time before lockdown ass. The latest those chat agnes explicit. I barbeque alone. I have extreme us plenty of blizzards. She says she had no eastern telenor useless. That's hilarious awful. We can follow panetta's the have you ever had a nor'easter acehnese ain't our blizzard. Adult s right now ladies if you prefer moderate you know a regular snow three to three to six inches. Feel free or if you prefer the dusting loving by dustin. Sean doesn't just pain in until they took that. Knowing is it like a dusting would be just depart long as the the current. Some moving right. Wouldn't that be more important than the blizzard. 'cause still you're trying to reach the same goal you want to clean up when we get snow out the way. We make us a dusting or a blessed with the end goal. We got clean the streets sometime. Blizzards can't get you to ingo. I'm sorry go. Yeah but nuisance so lizards will get you to damn. No noise melt stop. i hit that and and that nor'easter or that blizzard talking to the lower right like jv's blind going on right would annoy in the blizzard It definitely needs a good plowing after the fat well. You won't need a plowing because it's going to be plowed shoveled salted in everything. So as in since you give central gave us the weather. Thank you is there dusting or moderate storm or a blizzard or east anywhere in your forecast. Or how does your forecast civility working on it. Well you know cocoa around you gotta be careful right so wanna be up here you know you know using. The weather traveled from the west to the east. You know usually like the storm start. I can like colorado somewhere or knowing and then it comes to like a jet stream through here is your jetstream. Fast-tracking was it just slowly coming through the of coming through the side of the country. Slowly slowly coming into the country you know gotta move slow because you don't wanna fast track because fast tracker usually have Causes havoc so you don't have it can you. Life we know and you know and your and your forecast world the award. Colonie of night in my house they want. Someone requested a blizzard. But i gave him a dusting bobby. Nor'easter days are I like the weather in florida. I like rainstorms rainstorm. Because bobby i've been involved in a lot of rainstorms. In my life. A lot of showers this raincoats on trees. What time. I even had on the canadian goose lot of showers rating yet. You should be are ready. I was what. I had an umbrella in the house. One time and it was outside it would rain and it was a lotta rain. I put number one chat room. Experience allow rain my galoshes. What's after that storm. They were ducks in the bedroom outside. We're talking about the weather the weather. Yes yes expect. Listen so even though you you enjoy annoy eastern the blizzard There's been some rain. Storms that i personally enjoyed myself throughout my life barbie cologne now I'll take a little sprinkle now with the rainbow at the end barred clung rainbow light. Blue thunder sows is putting a one chat with you enjoy the thunder's the thunder shower Bobby the last time you experienced thunder shower and a couple months ago. Really it data somebody you know so you know right and it was raining down pouring support. Yeah but But sometimes i've i've experienced barbie cologne where it was destroyed. Summertime dry heat. I really dry conditions. Like drag. drought. Bed wasn't a deserty drought. With just like it was just. It didn't rain for like a couple of raping a moment and then it went to a drought. And then there was some droughts. Dan i just. I just couldn't understand i didn't know i i was born law. I was fully prepared. I have my range agony. That's great. But i wanted to shout out to all the people all the men that has experienced the galoshes in the big raincoat. Unlike kush our right right always need to show good show always need a good show We'll be right back Lucy unheeded how you're gonna get ready of waited common to kid abroad one in common solidarity. I'm gonna get bb be gone. I get ready and waiting. We're all come back. One of our favorites love we back. It is Up to the little turned up right now. Tuesday and i want to give a special shout out to bobby colognes scarf racecar party clown Could see can't no. I can't see. I could see everybody. I could see barbie's chin the rest of our but it's fine so we create goes talk the whole thing again godia how she we're back turned up tuesday. We start this turn up already. A february nine. Twenty twenty one Five minutes after back. I so here Feb twelfth for friday friday. i'm in paterson. New jersey with my homegirl muni. Latif your know her. She's got a comedy club. Back up and running. Again you boy harvey february thirteenth right here in pennsylvania we do on my homegirl brought barbara. She's doing a comedy show she wants me to host this show him in the bill right here. Birthday bash fifty six years so Love it time flies of march the seventh. Of right down the block barbara clone. We're in eastern at the wolf. I keep say i would at the mill that's Anyways eight thirty one. South delaware tribe eastern. We're in the building. This is a sunday. We're doing the sunday once a month show A guy will cohen whole thing We spacing out we practice and social distancing. We are a lot of folks coming up This i say practicing social distancing. We got a lot of folks. we playing. A little corona virus roulette will come through which mass quadra mass own of course That sunday march the set of again. Like my homegirl. If you'll come out. The patterson monique we'll be out here. She's come in. That's my homegirl. That's my sister in comedy. She's gonna come she. Don't come rip the stage now. And then i got my man from baltimore. The super hilarious. Timmy hall. he been the building. If you guys never seen timmy. Which i know what's going on with that timmy. Be here then we got. Dj hot sauce playing the wasn't to you already know what's going on with that hot sauce. Going with the doors open at five. High sources is gonna put in part by party move the moment he cut through system on a walk to that stays at six o'clock on time. We're gonna tell these jokes harvey's about these jokes. we got a couple of new comedians. And then monique and then timmy. And then after that guess what barbie going right to the after party okay. Now we'll get out. Dan on the the admission is free. We have a drink minimum. We have a food minimal. Come in there. i'm not gonna let you sit there. And you guys glass awarded there and you want and facebook live recording the show where your cousins no not doing that. You're gonna come in there and you're gonna get your drinks or meal. You're not gonna do that to me. Not gonna do that to your boy harvey. That's i bring a certain clientele to my events. And i just please everyone. If you don't mind come down and spend a few dollars may lay if your if you mind and then we're gonna get outta there. We're not gonna stay to log kogo virus. You can't hang around too long. That's next year because it showed up the it's going to be. Yeah so and harvey will be given the vaccine shot and Covert tests not the covid nineteen over twenty. I'm giving twenty a covert twenty-three testing sites will be at the club. And you get your harvey vaccine as well. So that's sunday Five o'clock early barbeque Hot sauce. I'm gonna see if i could get the cadillac. The come through a barbecue singe as in the building chat rooms in the building everybody The whole really. How in the building. And y'all come on out get your laugh on. We're trying to we got tribe while we're gong to bring something back. Yeah so you're coming out all right. So why are we going to do is shout wrong. Oh show these folks from la because without these folks we couldn't do this show in and we we appreciate you guys because when you guys tune in man is me so much to bobby a senior myself thank you we really appreciate you so much And we we don't show up. Yeah on top of that. We won't show creeper some barbara kahn. And we say creepers in a loving way yesterday when i was on the show Speed creepers. I get inbox a year of facebook to some or you want to show by yourself. The say way what so wanted to creek. I was watching the show. And i guess he didn't hear you at the time. I know he's here the beginning. Because i have two camera and us seventy five percent time today. This is because. I'm so used to you know like i said i'm old school. Radio guy own barbier sidney. They get the glorious. I'd like to do the hard work. I like to bring my lunch pail. The work barbeque loanable of lunch. Pail guy less bill. I'm a hard hat. Pause lunch pail guy. Barbie sinica sola. Glory god bless them now. Harvey likes to come on their here for you. Show here for heart. Harvey likes to fail. They here for sean. Harvey harvey likes. Looks pill bobby hull with the with the baloney sandwich. And the apple who's barbie. I don't know that is but shaun harper. Hey sean heart now. Now barbie the cameras on you. Thank you for sharing that dope. Like i liked like matter of fact go. They put it back the other way okay purpose. Thank you so much. You guys listen. You know you're doing it through all our apps of course We will have to download the and let me see. The hartson channel failed fan. Radio also will never radio. Please download those apps. Think these are this We have thousands of folks that just listen to the show around the world. Thank you haters here. I know snowing. You're like danny you may leave early today and everybody. We might leave early today to safety thing. Yeah it's a safety thing like we wanna make sure we hear tomorrow. All these other days is it was snowing this morning. Right barbara wall stop and at the moment. It's not snowing so please feel we might leave at about nine fifteen nine thirty. 'cause we wanna to make sure we get to where we need to be safely so we could come back tomorrow if you're oma. Thank you I need to see the heart. Send chat room. Because i swam in We really do appreciate you guys so much. And we dedicate this anthem is came and gave my my bogus the and you do a practice whereas chat room. Never cook barring clara him. I saw a twenty seven ten to practice chest. Her much people's my chest. Her coffin mandak most down. may twelve. let let me just say they'll be. Don't be going home early because no snow. You got up here and this men got us either. You won't let us leave you deal with it. Don't be going home early. Just deal with it. Because because the you i'm still here i don't want to hear that jason nyquil today clue i'll put makira call on it. I don't care got it all right. Well we see we could do but you d- a right now. Everybody can be win his on fall. God bless you everything. What's up eddie. Everything good man. I'm just calling the mess with carbonate show kenny's essential Before we shot those coming y'all keep those ranking stranded truck. I the today. I wear white to get some breakfast man. I you know bobby cloned. It takes a certain skill set. I could barely drive a car and to get these these these trucks and drive fifty thousand feet in the air and you definitely experienced it first time it was a little nerve wrecking so high up and like it was. I was like a mile or soy kenny. I like to say that you are more men than sean harvey i. I'm just going to stay low center of gravity to the ground barbie vehicle right. Can you please be careful out there. Driving these are big eighty pounds of thousands thousands of pounds trucks. Please be careful my friend absolutely look. I've been driving them Pity driving since twenty three and knock on wood. You know. I never destroyed. Nobody never you know talk nine. So i've been pretty fortunate with that and let somebody gotta do it. Everybody toothpaste and toilet paper and all kinds of stuff so so much. We appreciate y'all and we appreciate you. Can he be winning. We and now look he's takes his day off. He's taking his beloved wife out for breakfast. That's a good look. Yeah y y you guys going. I think it's called sunrise diners up the urban teenagers. Allow pop up. Bobby those like neighborhood spice. They got great food that everybody goes through. Free hatefully delicious. You pull up you like we're going in there right. I was like right but when you go in there is community. Love grits is no doubt it is good. That's i live about thirty miles from his own so he lives thirty miles from the series. You're right this area. They have food there. And it's like so. Yeah you know that this is. This is black folks. Yeah no it's all it's all it's good enjoy. Listen when you sitting there with your wife and your wife is which now by the way. Listen kidding we go good morning wife. God bless you skinny or a grown man. This what i wanted to do. We sit while you when you're sitting there having sitting down with your wife this morning. Having breakfast on what should glazed into her is my friend. Like how when you first men when you had that all of us when you had that lustful look probably can identify and why eating once you look at your wife and i want you tell her that after breakfast. Honey i'm going. We're going to smash we'll i smash. Can i want kenny. kenny kenny. The hell are you listening to kinney shoe to smash your wife after breakfast this morning. I want you to do it for the chat room. I want you to go and because it's your day off my. I'm assuming this is a day off where we call wife. Hope you're hearing every word that i'm saying Wife please accommodate your husband by giving home at the breakfast smashed. Let's clap for that bar. You appreciate all of that because you know right now. i'm i'm. I'm working my way out of the doghouse right now. I appreciate all these help right here that you give me. And that's the problem with being in the doghouse barbie. When you're in the dog house as a man you gotta spend some money well and that's the so. Try your best to stay out. The doghouse could take that money and spend it on something for your wife that she will enjoy instead of being in the doghouse. I'm just saying that. From my experience. Barbagallo when i got caught cheating seven years ago eight years ago. Took me ten thousand dollars to get that done and it still didn't work out what i'm saying to you. Is this marvin. No more doghouse. Which your wife. She loves you. And let's let's let's let's let's let's let's. Let's scrap that whole sex after breakfast. Things not going to work for you right. You're not you're not winning right now with your wife but you can continue to win by doing this today. Every member wife. If you're listening if you don't mind please have a forgiving heart. Because a lot of women don't so so you guys don't wanna forgive mrs mrs. Mrs be winning if you if you don't if you don't mind i know kenny. You know we're not perfect us men. I know we screw up. I lord knows showing how harvey has had his carousel bobby cologne of insanity and just destroying and making women. No question about it. But mrs be winning if you don't mind. Can you have a forgiving heart. I know canes in the dog house right now after breakfast. Can you kind of like to see. I know he screwed up about fifteen thousand times in this whole relationship. But can you at this mrs bewitched. Can you have forgiven. Harford is men film. Hello i haven't forgiven are that's why we've been together for fifteen years so so can we. So mrs be winning. Can we put the smash back on the table. You in business compared to him. I don't know about that there. We early in the stages right so so so so kenny. This which need to do this is what harvey would do barbecue You do breakfast. They'll the spot the irvington what's the name was signing you. Go there right kenny. I want you to crack on those credit cards open. I want you to take your wife somewhere local. Okay and i want you to buy something nice not gonna spend a lot of money and and even though she don't wanna hold your hand right now i want you to kinda grab a hand walking in the mall so when do something this get bias. We spent way really dress for that right. I don't care my friend. I don't care i want you to take wants to show your wife's from love she's been dealing with you for fifteen years my friend. Do you realize that. Yeah matter of fact. He's let's give. Mrs be winning around the bank for dealing with you for fifteen mississippi winning there is a space in heaven for you. Trust me now now now. Kenny wants after after breath is a one should. I don't care what you walk in the park. I don't care what you do do something to you to your wife after the fat. Not we're gonna take the smash at the table because you screwed up. I want you to to go get something and then when you're home i want you to clean up that house. The house claimed the house is probably a little bit. I want you to go. I don't want your wife to do nothing today and kenya. I want you to shut your mouth. I don't want you to say nothing. Could all bar cologne. I am here for the masses. You are a force. I don't want to say a word to your wife the rest of the day my friend. Just be nice kind to her. And that's it. Can we do that. I just want to ask you is this. Is this advice on the same level as the advice of gaming not the move floor show that scrap the florida thing. We're talking right now because this is in real time right now my friend okay and drive and just just this do a practice right now. Let's see let's see where your wife is right now. Okay take take your hand and put your hand on her hand and see what's going on. She's resisting or or does she grab once. Let's let's see. Let's see where we at right now. Don't say a word game. We're nothing so you buy mega worse. Lead him along kenny. Put your hand on your wife hand and see what the reaction is. My friend you believe. Hello okay i'm doing. I'm doing that right now. Come up on the roof. Inform you make very good. Let's listen to what see that's the problem with us. She says she has forgiven by. Dow makes you wanna forgive him right this moment. True to work his way to forgive but and that saddam friends. You got to address the problem vying conservative. Can i put in your back on. Does he put gloves on. All right. we're talking about seasons. You go out to dinner tonight and much look yet. Journeys way home gila pandora grayson charms and some severe and you can you might have to change their profile pitcher kenny kenny. You might miss mississippi. Winning will make a low better if kennedy put that profile that couple profile picture up there. Mississippi winning is that a good start right there for that long care about the profile kinney may breakfast. On your way from breakfast you could slats of we knife. No peace right go. We know you know to have a look snuggle fast talking out which you have then more crime right with the foot rub and we saw flowers whenever to the house down beaten by the kidding with candy live barbie kenny. When all failed whoop that bible out my friend. Go wherever you who going. Who read. put the lights. Turn the lights down. we'd bible verse to your wife. Katie it works all the time. You know how to take advice right now. I got the right hold on. Hold on hold on mississippi without now mississippi winning our barbecue on his sean harvey doing the right thing with the advocation of trying to make this right. I mean i don't know. I don't know about all that kenny kenny. You losing right now whenever you kidding you. I guys got a very sincere. I'm sorry baby you gotta start. I'm sorry and you got to be sincere bobby along with. I don't even know why kinney is calling. I think is calling here you should. You should be reminiscent of the good times that you had. Which white rump. Yeah well you know. I i was. I was taking it to get some breakfast. And then i you know i heard your voice and then i saw the snow and i had to call the mess with you. I didn't know he was going to turn turn it into a Invention therapy sessions. Some that one. i'll take it though know. I think you could spare expensive. So i go. Why can't he did salary for whatever you did. I start question for me. I say sorry. But i i mean i say i'm sorry that she filled the ways you to read. That's not sorry didn't know you ain't you ain't you ain't so kinney but i'm wahid she's still mad because you tell me i'm sorry for how you feel policy day now. Now probably for sure in your lifetime as an adult. You've been in the same situation. Like mrs be winning right now. What is the appropriate way just to start the the sorry process to start that process on trying to get things back to normal. Obviously he's doing everything wrong right now so if what what a man should do kind kinda get you out of this. Sorry kinda mad. Phase was never ever hurt taylor female. I'm sorry pie. You feel because that's not telling me you are sorry. It's not telling me that you regret what you did. It's not telling me anything. That i'm rv for this. That and the third. I'm sorry for what i did. I apologize it will never happen again. Start from there. Are you listening to what she just said. Hey absolutely absolutely. You can't tell female. I'm sorry for how you feel. Wait a minute. My my valley cannot say. I'm sorry for the way. I made you feel that is yes. Yes that because you are acknowledging that you were wrong. Okay so can you right now. How far are you from the restaurants up you can you can you. Can you look at your wife just glance at and just say. I'm sorry for the way i made. You feel like we want to start with that. Well i'm driving. So i came through like sporadic. Can you just look at the roads. Say what away on the inside because it's not 'cause i'm only show. I'm sorry for the way they she's man she's pissed you know what i got that got you. Hurry hurry salads. Skull tech sometime okay. She heard you now. She got a processing and you know she got to go through emotions. She is entitled to feel exactly so it goes back to my suggestion. You gave great great show. That kennedy should say a word the rest of the day man. Just eat kenny hit. Just go kenny. I want you to shut your mouth rest of the day. Okay okay. you're not. You're not even kenny. You just you just can't engage tax. Kenny kenny. Be now you're not no-one morale mississippi winning is always going to be. Because she's winning. You can't be right now. Get the winning out. I want you to say a word recipe today and let this woman go to her process. Okay social media profile. Pitchy trying to hear it. She don't want you to touch her. Shane trying here it whatever she wants today. Digging that digging that eighteen wheeler truck wallet and get make it happy because she will watch whatever she wanted to watch tv. Tonight you make No we now just saying you know. I'm just yeah. I agree with you. I agree with ever. Mrs be winning. Wants to do today. Stay out of her way bro until she comes around and be like yeah dallas. This morning i and thank you know of until you get that response. I want you to stay out the way my friend really well. I got a good start. I'm going to get us for breakfast. I call the show got an intervention. I got a better understanding. So i think i'm on the right path and kenny. Get bible out. Get that bible umbrella. Get that by something out and get something out fast. Get out of the bible scriptures some. How's your poetry game you might wanna do. Barbara starr clapping this at that. Made me game to game down right. But portuguese is down but if i mean if you want to text me wanted to yours just definitely will use it. Just say i m sorry for the way i made you feel and win an out will let you go through your process my queen. You are my queen for today. I truly apologize. I will sit in the back and not say nothing. 'cause i feel i can just hang up. The phone can hang up the phone hang. Hang up the phone hang up before. Talk gosh yeah. I don't know yeah. Yeah he can. Still tuesday yeah. He's turned up with winning. Run out of there store right here. We are going to show up with the name here. They tripping it. Yeah it was like kenny. You just better hush and hang up the phone off. Can you just do the right thing. By auto show the chatan slugged. Yes through chaffee. Hey hey let's go to war. Hey wait a sec. Whoa hey hey hey win. Heart chat johnson. Hart fat barbie. Let's go hey wait wait wait. Hey wait a hey. Hey who out for away or forgot a boys in orlando florida march twentieth. Who's ever far komo see boy days out there when they come to work stone. Thank off jeez. Yes okay go we i gotta give very oh city. Say hey girl as you can't deny yes. We do miss him. Miss you girl. Thanks for all you do and behind the with. I think we definitely mission in question about. It's just weird gobert. Hold on. I'm gonna cut your microphone and say i'm going to cities by any yet city city by you. Stabby stamps about these. These men out here. I don't care about these meneses staff girl. The beautiful del andrews is in the building. Hey della good morning george henry. Hey is end the building herro good morning to you. tanya lee is here Yet and say don't touch my mom mathis here. Hey girl shots jackson. Thomas king in the bill dillard sean hayes. Jones is here a good morning. The sean blonde. E w twenty sixteen. Join over here in aggie. Hey girl. Audrey johnson is here. Hey audrey kennedy winning but not winning right now is here was skinny. Be these craziness on crazy crazy. You're kenny come on man. We rooting for you. But bobby could miss b when being on because listen depends on the she's taking it'd be mad for a minute at at your significant other or do you think that we have the luxury to be mad doing. Cove it anytime. I can be dying. It's still come. See me up bit. Look we modify our feelings. It's selectively doing covy like secret. Be mad today and get over tomorrow. When i get over it because i am human and i still have feel and my feelings are very violent of ballot like mrs mississippi winning. If you still listening. I listen to me this kobe out here. People are still sick. And i know you're mad at at at kennedy. Be with your husband. Can you cut them some slack. I mean get be mad at him today and get. Can we back normal tomorrow with the world my in next week. We don't have no time hold onto this misplace in kenny. Do the right thing but Mississippi winner as come slide. Please we live in this new world order right now. Particle can you please. I mean i don't know what he did. I hope he do not horrific. But i'm just saying if he did something that's normal light please today and then tomorrow back to this listen she going to be made what till she not period. Hey kenny better. Some of us men who we want to limit it. Put a limit on you. Women feelings being crazy pushing. It'll be made until i'm not i can just to deal with it until i'm not kenny. If you're what if your wife is still mad tonight by six. Pm foot down brother. Show kenny do when the local news come on the local news. Put your foot down about five more a couple more days. You'll be i go. I go spend five hundred on your day. Eight o'clock be tissue. Not what did he spend six hundred. Okay audrey though sometime on page on the infraction gives them always cover. And i agree with you it may. It may make me feel a little bit. Is this a little bit. You know the pin on how experts but you know the president. When should be seen again. You know listen to me. i'm saying to you. This a minor infraction minor minor. I don't know what happened. I don't know and it's none of our business but if it's a minor we need this done by seven o'clock spend five hundred we with this but so you cannot put his hand frame if he wanted my feeling but if he did something sort of like domestically like in the house he didn't clean up he's doing dropping stuff and she's just pissed because she's done because something else that he did fifteen years ago. I seven o'clock done with this. Six hundred dollars seventy things back to normal you best set appear put your foot down brock. Don't listen to show on kenny. He go have you with the dad. Got divorced court. Don't list who else we have in the debate makeup turn. We can't play like i watch. my work. correct was right off the air right changing products in the bill. Hey buddy you've been hiding being the building more six point seven seven imu okay. Ooh did jokes the whole nine. Nellie right is here. Hey nelly good morning to you who else we have here. Net net net. Rhino is in the bill. The girl go there you go. Hey jesse macgyver sealer rony. hey krystal. Good morning girl. Prentice cats in the bill. So i didn't notice that veneta draft henry of her last name she. Yeah she said. Ain't i dropped a let me see here. I just happened to look at it as she says. That may just data george. I'm so used to george henry. I didn't even see you. Everybody this is breaking right breaking news. Veneta we're happy. Who's henry draft anger and carlin. Let us know let jackson might want to share your story. I don't know why did she drop. George it's having job henry Princess exact baby and good morning. Mr robinson hopeless battle up. I'm sorry baby maybe bleed though levy please. Maybe they bleed. That happened to me. Younger nuts com on me up. Everything was gone. Qila everything just like paper now. Remember that video total when he came home and that was beaten out for the weekend. I came back to the crash. She did the dog. She likes those he lied. She said she caught a solis. He used to love you at. Oh look in a closet was day. who's gone then. Shady abo- both Dan took everything. He's took me two weeks to get in contact. I would need ten thousand of sunrise of dinosaur get through that. Well everybody george. Full time. George today guy. Name yellow hilarious kenny. Be winning is loser. Right now is low. Yup he is really losing losing like you say. Listen everybody. I'm gonna call them after after talk to you and we won't keep checking on while we shout out all now that's what i say. Just let them birkenhead. Leave it alone. Leave it alone. They they follow through something. And you don't really. Is this going this time. We can't take anything for granted. You know so my advice that i put an chat was that you know they have to communicate and have that transparency and try to work through it but yeah so a lot of famous take up too much space and time right said she did. This is something might not horrific. You know what. I'm talking about everybody but if this is something minor he spent three hundred today. And then let's get back to our regular life tonight by the time jeopardy comes on the money and they have nothing to do with the money. And how much spend that does. That doesn't mean that that's gonna validate what she's failing right now do you. Do you think the veneta tiny really. I mean panetta. George really believes same so barbie. I've got really great. I've gotten dime. It is there was pissed off because it was with my night. what about what about. What about forty k. k. For the money. And i'm still mad. Kate you just say my desk all day for my because right because if the amount of like buying and stuff that's going to again balanced eight those feelings that you feel inside. That's something you have to work in a lot of takes the bait. 'cause trust me i've been there too. You know yeah kenny seven. Pm bro. you don't listen to show and he's gonna have yo ass divorced now. Veneta wisconsin with what happened with the barbie cologne veneta. George henry was sort of like a staple that it's like it's like an institution you know what i mean panetta george henry of the put it down put at that. It wasn't yeah. Put it back to make you feel that. A- girl is part of that was very weird. Turn on tuesday what happened. Why did you get rid of the henry and this way. Let's go with the henry. History might was henry. Who's that okay. Henry is married name. So yeah i. I have three further. Yeah the henry is my married name. Okay right so you. By legal. Legal name that's Manziel name is hyphenated. Also my legal type in my soul so was was should name like your mom and dad was george. Yes my dad's name is george. He my mom's a of course 'cause she was like that. Who incidentally enough her maiden name was francis so we have a history of carbs as his last night section fissile larry's right so is this like did you just take this offer social media or is this something that's permanent like with the law you know it's it's just off of social media because like my passport so all that stuff be you a different circumstance change my pack for my vacation has a hyphenated name and i can go cause new york state you could even you. I had selected the option to use. Jeff my maiden name or ten re or both but i can actually use different things. We have option in new york but nothing. You know prolific happened. I just decided to drop it. You know that was a different part of my life. And i moved past that season so it was not that i'm you know. Oh i don't want that name attached to me. No because my kids have that last day but it was just something is is decided to do is not it really. Wasn't that serious right. See the kids have the last name. She doesn't need this last night. The kids need the last name. Obviously you don't need you. Don't need the henry thing more for sure. Barbeque alone is a lot of henry added. Yeah if she wished she chose she she she go with your george right. That's j. all. I love my jaw dropped it the same growing. That's all you father's name so the fbi only to be a july. And and you guys know how i feel about this whole situation there'd be no hyphenated nothing you rock with harvey had done and it's to be a harvey that shit. If you and i got married at it'd be veneta. Harvey trust me on that. George all cologne of you. And i got married to be barbie barbie harvey doing none of that. I'm doing one when i get married again. I made this is just paying off as new last name. I may decide that exactly. No maybe like much on a right. Here's how fast drop that damn game you know. If you're in there in your hyphenated out yeah like war nothing hyphenated out thinking your big data hyphenated out in your glory thinking you big and bad. You're not yes we are playing yourself now your daily if your family name you have a thousand members in and you already went through this we name. They don't need it this about twenty seven thousand of you out there. Whatever your last name is well. Actually there's not there's not. We have a lot of females in the family and then of course. My father has six sisters so of course when they got married they didn't take their maiden name. But it's actually not that georgia's fiat. It's why i decided to keep my last name. Or they're more than five georgia's the file. Yeah there is some didn't let it matvey so they had baby daddy just gave their child made a name will good everybody. Harvey's talking right now the ladies the hyphenated applaud you Veneta georgia 'cause you know why you you you see the light. You see the light at the end of the tunnel. Attornal covert does a for folks of making decisions. The world's coming to an end soon. And why would the world come to and why she in. All of us are died. A fiery death. Why would she still be on that. You're not gonna again and comes as a fryer. We deaf down here you henry. Do you want to be a george. You can't have both short. Exactly the way exact george all the way exactly right. Well we applaud you now. Jackson did the same thing right. Yeah i wish how her last name was. That jackson daniels in that was her name. Okay okay. I couldn't remember clear so we was married named deora dear. I think jackson was very name. I think so. Her name is she was saying you got married. She got rid of her family name. So okay okay. Well okay god god bless you have an ad never george you did the right thing you now please left. Let's not allow or the negative things to take a face. I wouldn't be in his life Yup oh kenny omega now. Let's get past whatever it is just gonna be angry bed and they're gonna talk and go work it out. You see. she says she has forgiven her. And that's why they part of the reason they've been together for over fifteen years said she hasn't forgive heart so i think i'm sure they're going to get past. It's gonna take a days pass it. They go right on out of barbarian. Veneta that'd be fired tonight at seven about tonight because the way she was found hunting when we were talking about the to do she was like she would have no question that nonsense. It's a habit. And i think it was mad that he recorded many whole looking ahead. Live area really do right now. She probably offer so they have phone. Your call visit right. Yeah so we can only be discussed so if that was the case in your man was driving new to this diner and he called a radio show to share was going on would be more upset but you know that he loves the show. It's you know who i am. So private don't put my business for national people they found. Can't go ahead panetta now. In a sense i what kind of be upset but then on the other hand you know i would say well if he's being vulnerable and that transparent with these people you know maybe he is trying to you know correcting that he's done when you see honestly a lot of a lot of men have kind of speaker tests you know on. They don't really light for necessarily expressed they that actually a like that. They don't necessarily look at it and that way that he's willing to be vulnerable you know. Let's have another discussion now. Now listen boy. You have attained a tremendous amount of clarity since you drop that henry. You are absolutely right young lady and show. You are absolutely right young lady a list. He caught some place that he loves that she knows though she's pissed but she know that he loves the show. Yeah so he's calling in for this sanctuary to try to make things right with his wife ryan by he gave up they just now chabrol. He said we are elliott. Talked depend where she that and huck grow depends where she's at they don't know it depends. It depends on where she's at in her own growth. He said we have to hold onto things and stuff like that is a whole thing. But i got to a point that i knew me being holding onto those things with me in the face. And we're trying to do that. Exactly the worst minded the work on my cell and it took me a couple of years. Work myself to get to where i'm at. Now let me tell you something. Veneta sounds real different. Drop that henry. You are absolutely right. Goodness calling calling another half hour. No kidding corvette yeah. Don't come back. don't this goes back in twenty minutes. Now she dropped husband's name all and they still married only facebook. She said in her name is the daniels on instagram shocking news. I wasn't right from chat room. I don't think we got. We even halfway. They are saying no no calling. That's right kitty. Don't stay where yet. Talk to your wife and keep it pushing. Listen showing he have you in divorce call it. I didn't say i was a relationship expert. I i've been divorced. And i got three baby mothers. I'm not no relation. But i do know a few things can get this seven o'clock nosair word back. The terrible lease got us here. Good morning lee. How are you this morning. Richard i may may end over there. Wolf nation check payroll or wolf nation. Me my for princess shahnaz part. Is jessica wilcox this here. Hey jessica diane. How are we saying that. Diana good morning nicole harris is here. See alexandra alexandria thompson is here. Are you walk. Because i remember. Call see name before if you are new. Welcome to the show. We appreciate you watching. Please tune in and share our business page and join the group room and just auto show when you all we appreciate you. Let us know where you where you are listening from from it. How did you hear about the show. Please and thank you Who else we have here jacksonville. Koto what's in the bill discipline law. Marcus mr johnson. Mr brown is here. letitia briscoe was in the building. Julius dillashaw tena graham. The godmother comedy is here. Hey good morning beautiful fabulous fabulous building. He said no he was just asking for everybody. 'cause kinney corden where we started just started this whole discussion and it was very interesting. I mean turned up tuesday and we tacked up a live show. So you know you know gets in the morning buzz and everything is combined so you know how now know how we get down. Here's some time you don't have to go right like i said i don't know why you're drinking coffee. Half you on the glass of wine. Let all right. We'll ever since the small abc. Just say it in barbies looking for noise or blizzard like blizzard nor easters. I'm looking for a rainstorm. Look for rainy days. Wannabe rain dawn alike to do. The reigning fiance of rain rain tonight. Any rain free daily. Hey free to good morning bar goggles on. I wanna get rained on. He ain't that while the blizzard. You know you wanna blizzard. I want my galoshes eddie. Cash at the age ages joy though idea he likes oh my god what did walk in. Who who said the emoji. When you put the guy with low. Hannah anthony guys. They're on instagram. Elect to get ranked on. 'cause i do has put a number one in a chat room. If you like that rain the losses galoshes right so that god get rained on little goat cheese. Her sean my lashes come off from lowland. Rain wapner wide. You could pee on me pee on me. Pr pee on everything. Yeah would've range. He lied his listen. We like rain. Robinson about men wanna be rain. One no rain gear straight. Oh my god. What is this show today back. Good the job. My family is our number. Like oh my goodness okay. Free to daily if he thompson lois in is in the building. The beautiful watt santa iago chev- that bothers told us at the last time i got radar. She put a diaper on me. That's right guys got me is right your needs. You have my damn lands table for cheekbones. Rain on me. I'm nasty. I'm nasty just straight nasty this to fill snow you like a blizzard. We like rainstorms. Shelby you came at the right time girl. Shelby harris chevy shall be as in the building and good morning show The godfather solo tracy radius here hatred morning. The beautiful seattle shepherd. It's in the building. Hey wanda a good morning to you natalie. Turner is here. Hi natalie more than a ram mr cessation. New is in the building good on rail ranked on pets look lashes. Roma says we talked about the weather right the weather now. It's only we strictly talking about the weather about no east as we talk about it with john. Talk about for a nor'easter blizzards. Yeah not prefer rain strang belt yet. I'm saying pout. Just say talking about your mind that okay. We talked about the weather outside right. Okay absurd shahi josh. Good boy shy gets away. Who pays yes we you get there. You like to pay to kick me though sack no sir. We don't do go yeah. No ma'am me saying though shine show where i wanna pay. No ma'am keep that. No no no no no. that's like. Hey i'm shy joshua's here hacia he. Good morning Willie rose is here. Hello willie i'm your name doesn't seem familiar to me. Are you new to the show. You are welcome to the show. Welcome to the party. Have you know. Welcome to the family. Welcome to the foolishness. Okay sit down. Don't ask no questions. Just just enjoy the right okay. That's no how'd you hear about us in please alike and share this show too on a pd minutes here. Sharon sharon bellas czars in the building. D'eylau hegg are good morning. Tenure washington is here in the building a town and then we had a good morning then. Assan avis denise. In the building georgia peaches here. Tiffany thompson yours. Give say hello to the queen because she is here. Diane only good one girlfriend gablers. Tricky low s in the building hatred. Deep nathan pay. You jones is here hating fan. You should make love girlfriend who else we have. Johnny whip is the building. Hey johnny good morning to you train. A pinkerton hair beautiful robin andrew jacob poems. Hey jacob longtime oh see. What you've been had danielle williams is here. I'm glad you girl never had a chance to catch you up. You know the trade talks going on this morning about the weather. You know what it's been great. You know where you had. Just get caught the reins act. Somebody mentioned p. Yeah will know where her mind was peeing on people shelby. You are dismissed girl by gosh. Rational harvey is here looking. Not no but if so. I dunno original harvey no okay. Well we'll do. We appreciate you and say hello uncle. Yoga's i could be your brother right. Right was if i had. My father has few kids out there but back in those days it like you was hard to detect the. I got a brother somewhere out there. So yeah he went out this he did something. Why no you're doing things got fourteen but the your father in mind like my father ticket to the grave. He could have just say well. He couldn't because they was in the same day. You got this dame as a couple of weeks the pot you know. You can't take that to the grave because especially when you walk down the street they look at you like you can't so to sell jars here. What i'm showing a good morning. See lenny in the building. Hey charles trap. Comedy is over here. And i g with up comedy i am. Td mcgee's here hello at aggie land. those are the real sakina. Scotus here hake sakina. Those other things that i have seen today if you are here thank you and we will get your next one. We'd be back from page news. Cine j bobby cologne addition right now morning. Drowsy not here. Here's do my mind. They just keep bothering me just trying to figure out. What are these big special victims every towel around. Got to sit down with a piece of the puzzle together on a new way. You wear your hair out close. You smell is so contagious. Smile is so again. Joe mama and when we come with me a the make like want special come see come on what you need is inaugurated sharon on those going on in there but Barbie princess cox no pause blackheart man mess. God is a hold. That just won't my heart will laugh. I love to laugh at this. I and i can actually pitch at mentally stand. Tuesday tuesday february nine. All right this is god. Bless everybody sean. Seaborg you with back. Tuesday february nine twenty twenty. One nine minutes at the going to do is a front. Page news yeah. I think we'll do that. We've probably leave a little earlier today. Because you know we safety. I wanna make sure you know. Barbie gets home safe You said fifteen minutes usually but how much time did you have the add on. Today's like twenty two or three minutes or so took you maybe ten minutes more than than we to definitely leave ten minutes earlier today because right so it's a straight when you when you leave you go up the road like do you go. Like william penn way or do you. So you go. That's the little. Do you go down a hill thirsty. Sixth street like is it. How many hills are you driving down Just like i think maybe one hill but usually you gotta be careful. I know. I know i'm very careful. I drive slow. Why don't you just drop straight straight. Bow nishimoto because the folks have this particular road that we see every day. This role will literally take barbie straighter house. It's just a long way yes along. This is super long way. But bobby's there's no hills and nothing like that right but it's only one hill and it should be by now. I should be clear. So the hill is like a steep hill. We'll barbie please be careful. I will We got cj. We appreciate so much. Thank you shop. Hey why you. Can't you got the phone. Pay jason page into camping. Page news joe oud colonial. God bless you yes. Tennessee man shot. He was killed at a youtube video. Prank goes wrong. A man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a nashville business. Friday night after robbery prank for youtube channel went terribly wrong. According to police officers got to the urban area in the city of hermitage neighborhood about nine twenty pm they learn tiffany Timothy wilkes twenty years old and a friend approached a group of people including david star junior with a butcher knife as part of a prank starnes. Twenty three then told police. He was unaware of the prank and chat wilkes in self-defense. The metropolitan nashville police department said sat in a statement. Stars has not been charged in connection with the incident report. The remains under investigation In the nashville police could not have been reached for A comment Incl- they say that Wilkes at the time of his death and whether stars had had a gun permit they trying to figure out if he had a gun permit or not but he hasn't been charged yet with death of this young man weeklong. Adc's kicking we thank you of we. We always find it funny when we see the youtube. The video guys the youtubers. Instagram guys go into the supermarket and smack. People take groceries out the car noise and it's funny but we all know in the backhoe online. There's something could terribly go wrong. It will it will be a little bit me and and guess what all you pranksters out there. You've been put on alert because when a your beloved workers is dead now on the go so the next time your run into a supermarket or you scream behind. Somebody's ear or you take some food out of a shopping hard or you do anything funny for the views for the likes right. No that these likes him. Us can put you six feet under the ground. Yeah i don't find too funny. You know certain prices funny but Young people air. You know trying to scare them too much or the approach. Somebody with a knife or a gun with me. Yeah that's i'm be. I'm ahead of san reaction is Starnes guy's name again. The video guy timothy timothy You were you're enrolled place at the wrong time and you dealt with this with the wrong person and now look at you. There's no more likes for you. My friend does no more of you. There's you will have one viewing my friend. You get the ultimate view and a couple of monet's there's rite aid when everybody walking by the casket by french and ice cold. Like steve austin. And they're gonna be. Why are you sitting in that. Cassocks cast is stiff as a board more. Your buddies and you like you went out. Don't do that. Y'all like a straight fool and if this guy who killed killed him yeah has his paperwork together. That's going to be even worse now. If he don't have his paperwork together meaning his a permit to carry a firearm. Yeah they still going to give him leniency. Because he doesn't have any like record or anything like that. They might throw him in jail for ninety days. Even if if he gets that my he'd probably get probation beijing but notice or your you pranksters. You might be next on the list. You got best out and we don't and honestly like nobody's sympathizing with this. This is i think for prankster. This is part of a days work. Maybe is maybe. His glory for the prankster killed pranking. Somebody right maybe. This is the ultimate. Go like the one guy they make. It might be about the guy. Remember the funny youtube videos and and he would have on a clown mask he was chasing and and we thought that was funny. Whoever you are sir you're notice. Yeah you via hot one. Yes can be down. Mandel seven thirty. And there'd be no apology like kenny williams. Wynn is trying to do to his wife my friend. This is it so to this young man. My condolences to the family. Because i know the fan is hurting man. Like but for him. No pass from harvey you. Shouldn't we will the knife out of guy. Yeah he wanted. You know like china attack. But it's probably a fate. And i tom you don't know is a fake. And if i got gun you never bring a knife to a gunfight. We i'm pop you too right. And then if you justify exactly and how thick that league baby mr mr princeton. You don't think that there's no collateral damage with this. God damn come from me you. You man died in the worst way you. If you're committed suicide by prank a prank as neighbor you get no sympathy from harby. Take a knife in and try to tax somebody on a prank in a supermarket at night. They go yeah. That's what you get from. plan them. Great game playing with the raw sugar for short did by goodbye. Any pop that ass and now look now. Look at your now you instagram and your youtube videos are going to go up tremendously. You wanted to be famous nag. Got it which you not gonna know nothing about. 'cause they got you in the hot box cold box box and your toes. The code got the tag on. Your big toe lease guy tried if you let these. He's barbara you ain't you ain't gonna pull the trigger. What yeah don't let these was volume four. Okay time to pull a li. I wouldn't i wouldn't. I wouldn't challenge or anybody that that's experienced. That has a lot of time with a firearm. And i'm just saying like this guy. Did the right thing. I swear i could be. I'm not even mad at mad at this guy for shooting his guy in the parking lot like that just can't not at all and take note is like playing. I wouldn't print your loved ones at home. That's my funding. That's not like they had the pranks where the dude is. Simulating sex with the doll and the girl come home and she jumps into bed. And there's a doll and we're all going to happen to you my friend. That's the bad side. You heat your lady. Go come in there. You're gonna have this doll that you get sex having sex where she's gonna shoot you well and you're gonna die you're gonna be dead and guess what you're going to jail this views. Maybe don't don't do it to me. I'm not that person you want to prank like that ex husband and my nephew got hit in the head with a bat. One task leeann house fascinated by myself. So they wanna mocking the front door and then one of them knocked on the back door and then they ran to the side wins. All right. i'm like what the hell is going on. So they wanna keep playing knocking on doors knocking on okay. So then they want to. It was really late at night so they wanna be you know. How do you try to do a handle eck trying to scare somebody so me and my crazy mind and you walk in my house like a little small war when you open the door so you can have behind right so i moved myself back and i always used to keep bad right next to my phone this before i got my gun so i'm standing here with like soon as they come up here and i like doing purpose so the way he hoped i was like what i don't do you notice a fight or flight fight right and everybody. Is you grew. thank you grown. stop again. you're all it goes back to what i always say. Always that chatterbox chatting away. You know you're on the internet nut. Half of this stuff is not even real land. You're losing your mind down prank me. I'm not going to use one word. A lot of propaganda. She'll call cynical the cdc propaganda. We'll take was outrageous to say. I mean know. A lot of a lot of internet is propaganda and then a lot of it is a lot of a lot of narcissism. Everybody gotta be seen you get an. You need the attention sir. William what's his name again timothy wilkes timothy wilkes. Are you in your nor qiwei. Got all the attention. My friends all you got a bullet in. Yes yep no hat now you gotta tag on youtube big toe tag as neighbor so that's not nice but i'm not here to be nice then. Barbecue collosal loved ones. You would have got band gas to stop it. Don't play with me. This is funny you can put on. I'm not the one that. Try to scare jeff. We your is running. Says it's turkey tuesday. We got story for our we as they jamaica is running low on marijuana. What not marijuana. Capital you serious. Kingston jamaica jamaica is running low on gandara. Your heavy rains followed by an extended drought an increase in local cousultation. And a drop in. The number of marijuana farmers have caused a shortage in the islands of fame but largely illegal market the experts. That is the worst they've ever seen. That's tomorrow west indian friends my jamaica's blood file. It probably gonna throw it over the fire. The bond randy trucks boyega bongbong of on the left hand side. I said let me tell you something you talk about this marijuana's from the earth grow some more. But i'm glad that you have a shortage of this may talk. Zombie exodus outta your jamaica. Friends the word of god see jobs like my friends. Dear says sini born at all. Did you buy on the my west indian buddies. Shame on you. Everything is a lot of conspiracies. Out in your world and jamaica jamaica. Prime minister said they now. They don't even want the vaccine in the country. He said he went three hundred million for you. Bring it the problem is you. Don't have no we. What a governor. You gotta wait now. You don't have no. We can't draw the tourists in. They want the we gotta do now. They want them herbals. I'm glad i'm happy that my jamaican friends don't have enough weed in jamaica and that's nice. What did you make a few years. Ago as bobby. I didn't even get off the plane. Get i had one foot on the ground. Gets one hundred dollars worth of weed in my pocket i. They forced me to buy two week. Oh goodness and i bought the week that it would get beat up. Yeah like talking to you or something. Like that. And i went to the store and i went to buy some deodorant. The door was twelve dollars. C pack which. I forgot it. That was a fatal mistake. yes My friends from jamaica. I'm happy that you don't have enough weed. I hope you suffer. I hope you stay sober. That's your problem you run around there with the goat's out there looking like dogs feed you. Goats chickens look crazy out there till it's a widower club out. There was a hood said. I'm out of here to resolve the look downtown. Saigon a regular black tea should but. I love my jamaican. But you'd think sean harvey have enough. We in the we going through is showing they going through it over there. They want they they need. They the focus survive. What you maine's everything is not alright. There's no self creation for you my friends you better chopper some of your dreadlocks and smoke. That that's nasty. Showing was smoking is going to be a shortage neck. That's gonna be. The next thing is going to be a shortage of dreadlocks. Latched pull dreads. Harvey doesn't sympathize with you grow. We are friends. Where did he get it from now to continue. What's what's a show. Have you morning show city barbeque good morning. Good morning it's shelley. Hey do mind was that i had to call. I talked to john Where chatted with john. The other day was going to call yesterday. I actually sleep for a change for. I'm up this one and enjoying the show. But i called the sheriff. Lose you guys. That i haven't even shared on my facebook page and i told shawn because you guys been instrumental at my prayer warriors but I found out last week end of the week that i am in complete remission. Yes three months. Twenty three twenty thirty minutes. This is great. No she box me. This wonderful news last week Barbie cologne and she says she's going to call in one day and i said just would a great announcement We are so happy for you and and the thing is with shelly. She's always been transparent on this show. She practice that and she shares honestly what she goes on. I give you that will give you so much respect for that but this is tremendous news. Today she's in remission after twenty three months and got let's club more more time and what's she's getting some sleep eternal sleep. Well yeah 'cause you know she don't have that That that that you know that weight on her show that she is. She finally breathe a little bit and get some rest true term barbie do do you have a strong desire to out in jamaica. Smoke sweet. I don't know what i can smell of it okay. The entire time. I was going through treatment ahead. Doctors trying to give me a prescription. I told me late. In my my seven eleven slurpee with vvd oil. I'm like you did what you were dragging me. That's probably why you ever mentioned you get that week. Well celie everybody please. Let's show shelley news that we need to hear on going through in this world today to hear these types of stories and your journey which we've been following your journey because you allowed us india life this grand new amazing you guys. I tell you Shine harboring sharon harvey morning. Show the chat family. You guys have been instrumental and being my prayer warriors. And i can't tell you enough how much that is so deeply appreciate you know when people who i thought were close as teammates care. Didn't when i didn't have that support from my soon to be ex spouse. You guys were there for me even through that and i was battling both at the same time you know though in the battle that much worse but coming here to kelly. It was kind of cathartic east coast talked with also baffi on now. I think this is making that 'cause it's like everybody degree black from the day sunshine sunshine but no one likes to brag girl. You are come back there before the end of the month and see my Clinical trial college team on just what they can get their numbers into play. Doh being maybe stop dirty. They hello again. Of course. you're more than welcome to stop him anytime. Yeah not necessarily You've been listening to the show today and everybody please a show our beloved. You know whole lot of love and you always so happy for you that you're in remission but Can you be went into. Wife is upset and I'm saying like if it's something minor under saying and catastrophic kin. Can she get back to being regular about seven o'clock tonight or why. Why are we dragging whole thing. My question to you is this shelley. How wish that anger period for women line. I mean veneta said no money. That has nothing to do with it. If it's something minor let's let's say let's say kenny was something minor like he keep. He doesn't wash dishes. he'd just diseases just a mess in the house and she just frustrated how things that are going on and she just like doing it on him because he's just a freaking idiot at the moment show. It was the time period for you that that's minor so the way to clean that up is do your chores or make me happy. You know i. I can smile about later. I might even fix your dinner. But it like barbie said it depends on faction now you know she. Something was mentioned about facebook profile. Or whatever profile picture you know you out. You're doing your little side cocoa. Loman they booked holt win. You know the world we gobi speaking puree being all that that right there. That's a major fraction though right now it's like it wouldn't be it might've been know we as women we put up with other. We really do you know we. We are expected to be for givers. And sometimes you just can't especially on the died because it's comfortable for you know there's got to be comfortable for me 'cause you you messed up. Let me process might and let me let me guy best my energy and then we can come to a mutual place and you know maybe we can just write it off to conserve time. You know maybe it's mean for conversation that a mediator who knows you know it. It'd be going for a couple of days at a time. Look better hope. I don't go into the kitchen to feed him down. Farberware dialyzers chicago cutlery. Knives i well there you go. Kenney goes some more perspective well anyway. Thank you so much Form a chat room week. She's in remission and thanks for sharing this beautiful news with us this morning shelly. God bless you and again thank you sound. Like on leggy guys. We're going to get back. We'll get back to everybody to show you. Are we going to a get back to the news jamaica. I'm sorry i am so. So how short would let me go back to this story because this is serious serious for them for us. 'cause Over here in america they are right. I guess because you know we heard about shortage you talk. Exodus listened to going. Thank gone with bob off accidents existed. You're listening to jobs light. My friends top state. Everything's not going to be all right. My west indian friends more rain. It's going to have on Tristan thompson who is the chief opportunistic. Opportunity explorer forty kanye said is a culture embarrassment he jamaica which Foreigners have long associated with pot reggae rastafarians authorized and a regulated medical marijuana in street and decriminalized small amounts of we in two thousand fifteen People caught with two ounces or less of candidates are supposed to pay a small fine and face no arrests with kim. Oh about what the criminal offense. Let's see if i blame the government of jamaica for this for you know trying to regulate we'd in the motherland it's counterproductive is actually part of the economy. Matters legal ad. Let's just yes and they would have the we'd play at jamaica. I don't know maybe veneta. George can call in with the gpa jamaica. I'm for sure that this country on his own is worth of a few billion dollars naval is or what's the next country that has we'd because now you have to input your weed and that's a sad day my my jamaican friends that you have to have wheat imported into jamaica because you smoke did not smoke and is now growing. They had a heavy rain. he's doing lashes. Hurricane season pummel. Marijuana feels that were later. Scorch in a drought that followed 'cause out causing tens of thousands of law supporters to farmers who cultivated pa outside of the legal system. So they've rain and then the drought destroyed everything. That's why they don't have we showing it's now growing. It is smoking. Well you say that. Smoking is contributing factor to it as maybe thanks for the story. Okay god did this. Your your god job k. Bob marley's is looking down that you people and he doesn't like what's going on with the jamaicans. And i love jamaica folks dated jamaican bagging a day me to once. It was a very weird experience. There wasn't a positive experience was. She was always pissed. He was crazy as hell. Your god above molly job. He instructed the ultimate guide not to let it rain a little. The little trout little heavy. Rainstorms for you just to keep things in perspective my friends. You don't run things jace. He said no rain and get a drought there. Slota's marijuana production down a bit. Maybe they we function sean. I sympathize with my jamaican friend. You need a unique. John your life now. Maybe you need to refocus job back in your life without the turbulence of the we in your mind maybe you need to sober up a little bit more friends and connect to your god. You don't have no. We have no we make nine and not good for. You didn't call vague. Slow them down to because they had curfew and the farmers couldn't ten fields so One farmer said he lost than eighteen thousand dollars within the recent months. Because somebody scott yes. Bob molly is their god. I'm not a chat room. I see pop right up here. The jamaicans god is bob molly. He's the job. He's continue. kenneth wallace. I'm sorry kendrick. Wallace twenty nine He has about two acres of land and he has you know he's a for a farmer. He said he lost over. Eighteen thousand dollars in recent months because he only cultivated only three hundred pounds compared to the average of seven hundred eight hundred pounds but he'd nominee produces. He said it's been worse. She episode eappen far. That's five hundred. Pass this mine god. So he needs money showing them kobe right. You know since they have such strict curfew and they can't really be there cultivate and they've they land on you know and tendency farm. Hey they lost they. Coins drought gotta do certain things and try to get. You know you saw you tilled. or whatever. They couldn't do it because there's a lot them. Well then i think the government is jamaica. New stimulus check from the united states to stimulate the economy. Now that we not we know we grow our over here. Don't be trying to make that stuff. Are you serious. But but that's the motherland. No they my mom and land jamaica is all as the motherland but we stopped in jamaica. Then we came here here. Some of the fast track to america l. but most of us stop the motherland responsibility now. United states go. Now there's a there's a responsibility was that of the united states government bailout the motherland which is jamaica. Which the true. God is bob. Marley his job in the united states to go down there new funnel billions on natuna. Now now because it's no revised down there. I could see if a witness agassi grow food. That's different yeah helped him out but because we we. We won national. Turn your device now. Hello hello hello down. Yeah you gotta turn turn down refresh. How sean sean. Turn it all the way down. God bless you now here you go on now. Now now barbie. The job about molly has come from the heavens and said we're going to stop production of weed with a dab of cove it. The united states government needs to bailout out jamaica. Show have you wanted to show. Cinnabar guys never listened to god was in it as you angle. This would that is they They need a we that is part of how they survive around there. They could smoke at work at the same time. Some of us can multitask the now we everybody knows. What did you take i. Did you take medication yet. This one. i'm a joint right now. okay see. that's the first problem to sober calling the show you. I don't ever want you to see me. I don't want you to call the show ever again sober. I need you know to confess. I got exercise class. I gotta wake up everybody seventy. Am exercise class. I started so up and moving around chapman russia. You know. we need to introduce a net to freddie x. The same energy that goes on. They both want you again. You we love you to death. Thank you for being a part of this show. All did you make me too. I want you to make sure you smoking weed when you call this show. I don't want you call it in show. So now the united states government needs to go to jamaica the motherland bobby with the technology that this country has to help ensure to help the the the land. Whatever you wanna call it to get this. We pop again now that if they want if they don't know how you know you know recall rate they. They landed whatever. I agree with you going to somebody can go over there. Show them how to do it. But giving him millions and millions of dollars they look. We govern billions of dollars to countries for arms so while rami while we can't get jamaica by now a net. You said you was single. I got somebody for you. That lives in. He said he lives in faith. Detrimental no he does. He lives outside of sacramento. He lives in fairview. Very pill fairfield vip. How far is that from you. Downs beat round the counter. Now now have somebody for you. His name is fred. His name is fred x. Fred jenkins oh. Look i'm all ears. I'm going to link up. You and fred days my twelve year anniversary of homeownership who alleged. Today i'm gonna try to get you a smash today. I think i think he's married. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna get you a smash for your anniversary of your home ownership. Thank you sure. I'm gonna make sure that. I'm going to get somebody out there sacramento to come out there and give you a nice mashing. I think you need that. Would you agree. I showed you 'cause. I'm trying to get this weight back. I'm trying to be back right at twelve pounds. That's been five years of being sober liquor. So i'm not too bad. Haven't drank and five months so that you know putting them no twelve pounds on angle. Hurt myself too. And i'm all right then. Okay sean. harvey is dedicating the rest of his day. To make sure barbie clones and net gets a smash. I will have you sweat. i'm gonna. I'm going to have somebody smash you within the next seventy two hours. They're gonna come over there. And then that that is that okay. Sh nationally we beg you in social distancing. She ain't got covy. Okay no s. But i agree what the hell is smashing. You got what you can't smash showing just put your s on of now. It's not there's no you know little everything can't smash with a mass on. Somebody's gotta smash couldn't exactly. I need day to get some. May i'm gonna get somebody over there to you because you need you need. You need a smash you need. You need an emergency smash. I'm gonna get somebody 'cause we got so much respect for you. You want convergency smashed. Don't get me started get. Don't get well folks. Because i'm gonna tell you hi Smash about how do you smash. Because i'll tell you how i smash. I gotta take medication as match. Now how do you smash shower smash show. Ns shine for mayor came over there. And he needs to put on his reign suit in galoshes for smash that again. The those start could get this. This g rated. Show the but talk to talk about the weather. Well congratulations on your twelve. We gotta give freddie calling freddie x. Call in fairfield. Come on down in sacramento. Visit the lady. Pull a drive by. We can sit out on my porch. And do a little social distancing talk about a few things. He got on his mind. His minds right. Could you what you want to see if somebody else's mind that's hilarious. Be crazy. would they got a little crazy. If you will to shit you to hang up the phone real quick. I'm gonna find freddy's number calling okay. I'm quoting you just have to call nine one. Six four seven zero one three one seven and the name this and net. Let's just do it like that. Everybody got something going on in his life. Because i got something going on in my life it maybe we can get something going on together if he's about doing right. Don't don't don't don't don't have nobody calling me. Got they mind right. Like i said well he probably somebody that brings something to the table as you can see. That's something i'm bringing something to the table. And i want somebody that gus grissom to the table to every had low late. This is a grown ass. Women boy you. You have a lot of clarity with you. Want something done. Well defined freddie's number. Because i want 'cause you're in smashed season i'm gonna make sure accommodate you. She said fair fill is right down the block deal that ain't number down the street Audit five minute drive to work. But i make i made ride on his little john. Hang up hang up the phone point right back take a break. We got i got. I got a fight. Brady's number we're gonna take a break. Everybody only we sean work. She said chess like what we're going to find me. Start my wake up everybody things each yet. I got a plan. I'm getting ready dot my wake up. Everybody dance classes. Seven o'clock so i'll be wait brandon tartikoff just trying to figure out what it is. Speak suspicion mickey one advan- every time i'm around lace. Set down with the piece of the puzzle together. Oh you'll head of close you close. You contagious not bad. Joe mama you okay. Solis barbies in the bathroom. Bought bobby everybody. We got the world. Famous fredericks on the phone. Anybody hey so what's going on today. Freddie i got some interest in news for you we have a was. Ns lessening and at cox. She's not sox nox she lives in sacramento. And we mentioned okay. We mentioned you and she said that's right down the block mankind. Okay now. i don't know what your marriage data says. I don't know what's going on with you. But she's a woman very attractive. Young lady she's out of a mind just like you and just like me. She's looking for love. She's a part of this show. I'm sorry 'cause i'm my own sweet man. I'm merryman days. Okay okay. hockey delayed sleep which yellen like well. My no sleet and saturday. He's going to say you know waited on janet frail. If you know you do you have any friends. The whole on a net is she. She smashed to meet somebody she. she's got. She's only concerned about kobe. But we can get around that. She's in sacramento. She just celebrated her twelve years of homeownership. She's over there. She smokes a lot of weed and she wants to get down right now. This is a grown ass. The izzo freddie freddie. I need you to get one of your boys together. Just crazy as you freddie. And i wanna i wanna link-up and net will one of your boys can you. Can you help us out with that charter. Help let me see Wants you to call of you. But this one when he got his stuff together but she says she doesn't have to go. She doesn't have to have anything to freddie. Don't don't don't wake up your lady. Don't wake up fridge. Lots going on over there freddie. I'm gonna call you tomorrow morning. I got something. I need you to do today. And you you doing this for the show. You ain't even doing it for sean harvey. Alright we need you. I need you to get two or three candidates or whatever that single that lives in your area because sean harvey winning hook up our beloved one of your crazy as friends. I need help me with this my friend. Can you go. I got you baby excited. So we're gonna we're gonna let you go. Everybody of he knew people did drought. Whatever to say like oh according to recap of any more people get backs name. Just drop right in front of him because he said five last time has one no so so thick we moving here a little bit argument touch with freddie and we'll see freddy has any friends because rephrasing gave to be married so he's optimist but maybe we can have something somebody for a quarterback quick on price smoking. She laughed and yucca horrible. I'm horrible at matchmaking. I just want to say that. I appreciate wait a minute. Wait a minute. We spoke to freddie writing. Freddie's lined up a few guys yet right and he's going to call tomorrow. We're going to have the guys calling. And we try to set up a like a sean harvey connor like the bachelor kind of thing right. Okay ooh just for me. Just ask for you. Yeah yeah lose we call you tomorrow and we're gonna set this up okay. Yeah sounds like a plan. Be ready young lady. God bless you. I'm so excited. I can't wait. God bless you should get a smash whereabout. Yeah all right yeah. We're out here tom. Go this is tonico gray show. Was it this a cycle center. A gotta know crazy to be been here and we need to update from tomorrow. We get an update from kenny. Yeah why he did today. He said they were talking at least talking. He said that he can sometimes be a little incentive. But he's working on it tomorrow. It's the ready freddie. If you don't do by your wife it's not going to be off. Seen freddie cygnus to your wife tonight got five facebook. jay The is three snapchat. One you gotta catch me Barbie barbie cologne designed barbagallo stylus or instagram and vine obame four one. Facebook meeting saw his point ramp. We've got head over to the group. Have fun the rest of the day. Got listen guys. We go see you guys tomorrow. Great show today be freddie. Houghton must've said the along meal. Matter by freddie go up in there put some peas man see scott As a being his this now you guys have a great day was gone so ran a way that was what you had been told one was gonna have up it so it was kennedy wiki. Sarah kenny canada. Know much off with that okay Dj in aids. Sean harvey beach. Missed any along with alcohols. Bobby on comedy. World net radio the sean monitoring accountable radio. This is any jay from the morning show featuring the wakeup of pain catch on comedy world radio.

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