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Look DC W legend. Tommy Dreamer look back on the territories and delve into Georgia championship wrestling. This busted opens remembering the territory special. Welcome to busted open remembering the territory's Georgia championship wrestling. And my tag team partner for all of the remembering the territory shows the innovator of violence the landlord of the House of hardcore himself the one and only Tommy Dreamer. Tommy how are you man? I'm Dune Great. This has been the hardest and be the best one ever hardest because I'm having communication problems with my stupidity Internet. I think Vincent Man is trying to buy my house and Black Black Whatever they were recording this because we want to talk about drudge championship wrestling Dave. I was also thinking about some of the things that we have been talking about. Have probably been the most dramatic things in mind and your life. When it comes to professional wrestling we talked about For me it would be closing. Vc W being number one the John. Stahl twenty twenty documentary. Black Saturday and the undertaker's streak losing and we've been covering a lot of this up until the undertaker streak and we're bringing back memories man I love it. Yeah and I think when you think of the territories especially Georgia championship wrestling a lot of memories. Come TO MIND. Georgia championship wrestling having a lot of advantages over the other territories. Tommy because as of hundred seventy two they were on W. TBS now is a different name at that point it was w t cj but superstation w TBS even though it was a regional territory. The show is seen nationwide for me. I remember like I before there was wrestling in my life. It was star wars and baseball the New York Yankees then Georgia Championship. Wrestling ruined my baseball career. Because I could care less about baseball because I had to watch wrestling and my Saturdays were now consumed with professional wrestling and for a regional territory. It blew up because of this vision of Ted Turner and his superstation. And you know it. It sucks that we don't have a lot of this footage because back in the day they would tape over the Beta tapes and the VCR tapes. You would just take over it because they cost money so it's almost like lost footage. The only way he could really really talking about ww has popped up with some of it. It's through the wrestling magazines and through crazy us or youtube where you watch it and it's just like man it was it was so simplistic in its form but everyone who was anyone went through there and you became a national star it was like going to the wwe. Today you could do. Indeed you can do other wrestling companies but once you set foot on the main stage of Georgia championship wrestling was getting push. You became an international recognized superstar and so much again into Anna comes to Georgia championship wrestling last week. We did mid south wrestling and I think a lot of people would say that was probably the best territory. I don't agree with that. I love mid South but it was not my favorite to watch people would say mid South but when you look at Georgia championship wrestling Tommy. It did give you that national exposure and as I mentioned you know going. Tv In one thousand nine hundred. Seventy two nineteen seventy six is when it became. Wcbs at the Georgia championship wrestling went to satellite and was the first NWEA promotion to go national. And it's and it's crazy to think about it. Dan because all promotions are national the way that TV is but you gotta think of a time when there was no cable TV and all everything was was your regional television. You know like if you lived in New Jersey. You only got stations around. That area thinks change throughout the seventies obviously in the eighties with cable. Tv But when you talk about a national product like Georgia championship wrestling and you look at TBS. You know one of the first faces I ever saw as a professional wrestling fan and somebody who is for a long time. The greatest voice and the face of professional wrestling to me was hall of Famer Gordon Solely Gordon solely was the storyteller Gordon solely was the rock of that promotion. I don't mean Dwayne Johnson. I meant he was the storyteller he was. You thought he was the biggest fixture of professional wrestling. He garnered those emotions with his Walter. Cronkite ask delivery of all this chaos. That was going on. He sold the stories to the viewer and I mean he was the voice of so many generations of wrestling. Until I WANNA say Jim Ross and Jim Ross has been the only person comparable to that Gordon solely was that voice in your right if I was gonna say the greatest voice in the history of pro wrestling. I would say Jim. Ross but Gordon solely was really Iraq and the foundation. And I'm sure in a lot of ways Jim. Ross would give a lot of credit to somebody like Gordon solely and I love what you said. That Gordon was A Storyteller Gordon Solely did sports play by play before getting involved in pro wrestling so he really brought that credibility and that's sports feel to his commentary and he called it like it was a real professional wrestling match. This was before the Times of you know twitter and social media and pay per views. You know he didn't even really promote those shows that the Omni that would be Freddie Miller that did that coming out or going in to commercials. Gordon solely did a wonderful job of bringing credibility to every single match. He talked about you. Know what body part a wrestler was was using. You know how is going to hurt that particular body part? How was GONNA wear that wrestler down you know leading up to the finish in a finisher at the end of that match and the best person I could kind of compare him to? Tommy was he was kind of like the PAT summerall of professional wrestling. You Know Pat summerall. Had that kind of just like kind of dry delivery. He told you what was going on. Didn't show any really over the top excitement because hey that was John Madden job in the case of Gordon solely. It was the wrestlers job. Show that passion and to show that excitement. That's why he was such a great interviewer too. But Gordon solely to me was the master. And that's going back and at the time Tommy when you only had the one commentator in Gord solely did a better than anyone else and that one man booth but as you said before Tommy it was also about the superstars that were in the ring as well and like every other regional promotion. There were stars that went in an out of Georgia championship wrestling but there was some mainstay stars. There was some stars. Tommy that when you think of Georgia championship wrestling if think particular wrestlers absolutely I mean you summarized it so well where all this chaos is going on and you had the calming voice. The I can relate to what I went through with Joey styles and Joey was never touched. Neither Gordon solely was touched. Once it turns one of the top heels baby face and was an amazing angle like and when you said the way he would invite all the other wrestlers in and there'd be fights going on around him and he wait a minute. I rather like all these like chaos and all this stuff going. You could always rely on Gordon to be the face slash the rock group all together for you as a young viewer or as even as an older viewer and when you think it a superstars like for you. Tommy as a fan of what? We're going to start that you think of when you think of Georgia championship wrestling. I mean right away. Tommy Rich The Road Warriors. The Armstrong's precious Paul Ella Ring so many people cut their teeth their early days the fabulous free birds Jimmy Snuka. The list goes on and on. Yeah and you know the one you mentioned Tommy Rich. That's who I think of. I talked about it so many times on busted open. Tommy the first wrestler. I ever seen the first time I ever watched pro wrestling. Was Tommy Wildfire Rich. The first feud I fell in love with was Tommy rich and Buzz Sawyer and again that goes back to that satellite and goes back to the exposure of Georgia championship wrestling at the time of those regional promotions living in New Jersey. Wwf should've been the promotion that I watched on a weekly basis but because of the power of WCBS and the power of Cable TV here Am Jersey Kid watching Georgia championship wrestling. But it really was about feuds it really was about the wrestlers and when you go back and watch Georgia championship wrestling from the late seventies and early eighties. You can see the differences in the crowd of those people that went to the. I'm the each and every week. It was an older crowd because once again you know we grow up in a time where it's gauged towards a younger audience but back at that time it definitely skewed older when you look at the audience. Tommy absolutely in the Omni was the Madison Square Garden. I didn't know anywhere growing up as a kid. I don't know anything about Atlantic's for the Atlanta braves and the Omni and the Omni was bigger to me and if you watch that program it was all infomercial for what was going to happen at the Omni or what was going to happen in Columbus. What was going to happen. And all those feuds and stuff the guys who go and do television and then go out there on the road and put asses in the seats and how you put us in the seats. Good wrestling storytelling and feuds and angles and we talked about how Georgia championship wrestling started in about them. Going the satellite in one thousand nine hundred seventy six in nineteen eighty two. They changed the name because of that national exposure even though is still regional Georgia championship wrestling. They changed the name of the show on TBS from Georgia Championship wrestling to world championship wrestling. And that's very very significant. When WE COME BACK TOMMY? Let's get into world championship wrestling. What happened in nineteen eighty eighty-two what happened in nineteen eighty three and what happened ultimately in one thousand nine hundred eighty four? We'll do all that when Tommy and I are back at remembering the territory's right here I'm busted open. You're listening to bust. It opens remembering the territories Georgia championship wrestling special only on Sirius. Xm Fight Nation Channel. 156 here from the biggest names around the League on NBA insiders. It's the head coach of the Golden State. Warriors Steve Kerr. The climb is in many ways the most fun part of the ride before you've ever been there. The climate itself has you for it and the energy that you feel every day. Nobody can touch here. Jason Jackson and Amino acid every Sunday morning at ten am eastern on Sirius XM radio series two seven x eighty six. This is busted opens remembering the territories Georgia Championship special. Here's Dave Greco in DC W legend Tommy Dreamer welcome back to bust it. Open the territory's the golden era of professional wrestling in today Tommy. We're talking about Georgia championship wrestling. And we talked about the beginnings. We talked about some of the wrestlers. We obviously talked about the face and voice behind Georgia Championship Wrestling Gordon solely. Let's get into the eighties as I said in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. They changed the name from Georgia Championship wrestling to world championship wrestling. Since it did have that satellite and that national exposure but in hundred eighty three something significant happened that would change the course and again would even change it more a year later but in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. Jim Barnett was forced out so the controllers came to Georgia championship wrestling or the briscoes and only Anderson and a lot change. Come one thousand nine hundred eighty four July fourteenth black Saturday. Tommy was a significant moment and significant day in the history of pro wrestling. I remember it like it was yesterday tuning in and being like where's Gordon solely. What is going on and I I was straight up fan man. I'm probably one thousand nine three well. Today three was barn. It was forced out. Output was July fourteenth nineteen eighty four when we had black Saturday. Okay so I'm thirteen years old. I don't know what you know. There is no Internet. There are no wrestling sheets. I knew something was wrong. I also knew this wasn't George Championship. Breslin thing that I loved. Where was Mr Wrestling number two? Whereas Gordon solely whereas timers wears all these guys to think about the significance where. I'm that young that naive and I realized. Wow this is something wrong and different. I mean it's as I don't WanNa say traumatic but like I remember when Thurman Munson passed away I was like I realized that at such a young age like wow this is traumatic. This is what a lot of people went with with Kobe Bryant but for wrestling being a wrestling fan. You're like wait. What is going on? This is different and it was different and the best part about it was. It wasn't the first time it wasn't really successful with. I'm guessing the W we trying to take over territory. Well let's get the behind the scenes. Because I mentioned Jim Burnett was forced out then the briscoes and all the Anderson had controlling interest of Georgia championship wrestling and the Briscoe sold their stake in Georgia championship wrestling. To Vince McMahon. And it allowed. Vince McMahon to get that timeslot on W. TBS at six o five on Saturdays and you're right July fourteenth nineteen eighty-four fans turned on the what they thought was going to be Gordon solely but instead you saw Freddie Miller who by the way Freddie Miller was the only person on staff either not get fired or just quit on their own so you actually stayed to be with the WWF. And Vince McMahon Freddie Miller introducing Vince McMahon to a TV audience. That did not WANNA see. Vince McMahon and it got worse from there because with Georgia championship wrestling world championship wrestling. You saw A weekly show that gave you content. That was live from the studios. You know so you saw matchups main event match ups that were there from the WCBS. St Is that was not the case with the WWF. They showed you matches that you had already seen on their other shows. It was almost like six. Oh five on. Saturdays became a best of for the WWF and very cartoonish unlike that hard core style of wrassling that you saw with the southern style of Georgia championship wrestling so immediately the letter started the flood. Tbs offices because hey you can watch WF anywhere else. You did not want to watch it on. Tbs Five and I think that the ratings right away started to drop and then they tried to change it a little bit. Freddie Miller and gorilla monsoon hosted the show and they tried to have some exclusive content from the TBS studios but they were never to gain those ratings and they lost a lot of viewers. Starting on that Black Saturday Tommy Day. I was Doing research like you did and they lost three times the amount of viewership when you talk about like an Ted Turner has gone on the record and you know when he has said if it was a professional wrestling his enterprise business enterprise would not have started without professional wrestling and this had a dramatic effect. And you said the best southern wrassling versus the Derby Torri. You could totally see. There was a difference and the fans Accept IT. They actually rejected it which was able to have only Anderson who was a very very small owner. Come back and another thing and I always talk about this with you. It's history history repeats itself Georgia Championship wrestling. When it first started had two different owners there was a split. The one guy had passed away and they tried screwing over his wife and some wrestler stayed. Some wrestlers didn't the ones that stayed actually. Were able to stay in business because Georgia Championship. Wrestling can so just funny. How these things continue to happen At times I'm for wrestlers. They'll say it's like a. That's a southern thing. When you have a like a small ownership those little caveats or these little switches where you like. wait a minute but at least it worked out for the wrestling. Fans benefit. Because Hey were able to get Georgia championship wrestling. Different style back. And You you mentioned like a ray gun and then an uncle taken over and and that power struggle but with with black Saturday July fourteenth nineteen eighty-four say Vince McMahon on your TV screen. Vince McMahon bought the Briscoe steak for nine hundred thousand dollars and gave the briscoes job for life. And as far as I know you know that has been kept true you know for the surviving Briscoe brother. And then Freddie Miller as I mentioned was the only on air cast that did not either quit or get fired and Ted Turner himself. We talked about the fans but Ted. Turner himself was pissed. Because as I said there were all recap batches you know there were recap matches and squash matches where Georgia championship wrestling. It was original matches from the studios and you were able to get some main event matches so not only were the fans were pissed but Ted. Turner was pissed and then by the end or not even the end soon into nineteen eighty five McMahon sold his stake to the Crockett's and then Georgia championship wrestling changed. Its face because as you remember Tommy once the move was made to Saturdays with. Wwf program. Only Anderson then tried to start Georgia championship wrestling very early. Saturday mornings almost immediately. But it didn't even last year before that folded so that pretty much was the end of Georgia championship wrestling. Yeah and I remember that part to where there was a nine o'clock nine five show and a spics so five show and they too had different fields and remember early Anderson. And here's like Jimmy Hart and fundable. Patterson they brought back a soup retire they had all these different things. You know if it didn't feel the same Buzz Sawyer was still there who to me is should be on the the George Oppressing Mount Rushmore. Because he was such a big he was a bad guy though. He was there for a baby face a first but he was the perfect foil for Tommy Rich. It did not have the feel and Yeah Georgia championship wrestling. Sadly went away but the good thing came apart that little studio that little set that they did with gorilla monsoon and Freddie Miller that became the staple for world championship wrestling with Tony. Shivani and Kraken. Yeah definitely expanded into that with the Crockett's but Georgia championship wrestling definitely definitely in the history of pro wrestling is something that is still talked about today. And you mentioned thunderbolt. Patterson Thunderbolt Patterson being one of the biggest baby faces of all time on Georgia championship wrestling. We're going to have him on exclusively right when we return remembering the territory's the golden era of pro wrestling right here. I'm busted open. You're listening to bust. It opens remembering the territory's Georgia championship wrestling special only on Sirius. Xm Fight Nation Channel. One fifty-six your home for all things calm as sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Start Your Day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted open. We spent these men and women build the business. Then the Aachen Barranco keeps you up to date on all things. Boxing boxing the fear of young expect and Gary Loop. Thomas has you covered for mixed martial. Art Hogan is the most important is loan serving all the fight name broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm CHANNEL ONE FIFTY SIX DIV look record D. C. W LEGEND. Tommy Dreamer look back on the territories and delve into Georgia championship wrestling. This busted opens remembering the territory special. Welcome back to busted open remembering the territory's talking Georgia championship myself. And Tommy Dreamer and Tommy. It's an absolute pleasure to introduce this next legend Bro Wrestling Hall of Famer Mark. Henry and I did our show a couple months back of the top ten greatest African American wrestlers of all time. This man was on that list. And it's the one and only Thunderbolt Patterson sir how are you union in you? Kevin? Hi everyone out there even all her brace all glory. It wasn't me was God. We absolutely a great message sir. We'RE TALKING ABOUT GEORGIA. Championship wrestling For a lot of the fans that are are listening Do Do you remember your travel schedule? Like your weekly schedule that you would. Do you know just because a lot of the boys would talk about. Georgia was a more travel friendly. As OPPOSED TO BILL. Watts territory or world causing no conveyors. Yes yes just a Monday. Night was Scheming Augusta Tuesday was Making Wendy was Columbus. Thursday was either. Aston or wrong. Friday was Atlanta certainly were CV either here in Columbus and son. New Marietta Georgia. Wow that is a. That is a great Driving schedule could basically be home every single night. Oh Yes oh yes. Yeah or known. Sweet little jared and Sir like one thing that we talk about when it comes to Georgia championship wrestling. That was unlike a lot of the other territories is that you had the power of the superstation. Tbs Behind you so even though you're in a local area at that time you were a national superstar. Do you agree ensure do Tbs of general. Jean made most of the wrestlers out during the day and back then was such a different art because only where you had to be a great worker. You also had a talk that people and get the people invested in to your angles and you were also known as such a great talker. Do you have a favorite angle or something that you felt? Pop The territory or the most. Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no you know it was no angle. I mean as Ms Patti Labelle says Her voice is our voice and she does what she do. And this is my this me absolutely no. Oh you wish me Zehra Lotte ones behind me but I would never harm to any town that we're going down or going closing down enough. John I in good. We went to the top while and so he talked about. There was no angle though story. I think a big reason. Why a lot of fans related to you and a lot of fans loved you as a performer is because of the realism in your emotion and the realism on the microphone. Would you agree with that or certainly? Certainly I mean you so you saw for yourself so many people trying to do it or whatever you know that was me. You know and remain dusty. Rhodes American dream. Was that a home in a job. Okay and I mean so many other guys they had doing trying to have some which you know I mean you gotta be still you know. That's what I thought absolutely I stay about a Lotta. I've been wrestling for thirty year. Sir and I say a lot today what people lose their own credibility because a lot of wrestlers are playing wrestler as opposed to being one or not being themself but It's it's definitely a lost art form. I wish it wasn't that way. Well you know this is a this is a law. I hear your story bring down. I mean where's came from an hide. Broke down I on all of it. You know because that was the whole the whole thing is is more people in wrestling. That don't know nothing. My wrestling okay. Or I didn't go to college. Didn't get done but I had the opportunity to wrestle some of the greatest any reasons that can russell and thank God I failed and I love how to wrestle real good and and I know that was it that that's that's kind of when they you know friendship over ability and I get into the race card you know is traditionally man right saying things. I Never Change. Never Change You Amarjit Racial Party. I said your generation how to listen to the crowd and knew what to make the crowd. The crowd is one and pay bills. Yup spoiled to pay you pay but the crowd is one. That's what whatever you do if you drive a car you've got to do it if you re. I mean to Tennis Baseball. Whatever you do. The crowd is into you and invest in better. Who train you? How did you get into pro? Glad you told me he lives out. She lives is Pat. O'connor train me but that was a lot. No well I I started wrestling. My mom sent me a YMCA. When I was alluding being six years old and I started reading a little bit and I wrestle on up and then I I think it was the ninth grade. I gotTA call version car. I got beat me six seconds and I'll say hey what's going on here and Then then I realized I uh I looked his wrestling and I knew it was always just I of mine. You know and That's where I'm wanting to do but Jack Crawford they can't wire-to-wire Win Newport. Little Rain about that though at the pack animals and Docks Bigger and. I come out same home oxygen from Evansdale Iowa Waterloo. Thirty miles apart. Gus Cares and Bob Gale was responsible for it when it comes to Georgia championship wrestling. You know the face and voice was a lot of ways Gordon solely soda third and solely and and and how is it working with Gordon? Solely a great one is best. This great never had no nothing. No kind of one was as I would say the man. I really enjoyed working with him. You mentioned about some of the wrestlers that you're able to make money with and that you were successful with when I when I think of Georgia championship wrestling both good and bad. Is your relationship with Oli Anderson. Obviously a tag team best of friends and then things went awry. Talk a little bit about only Anderson and about what's you know and also talk about like what we saw weekly on TV only only would would lease is the only in usual Robert Fuller. We give me a job and It was all about as his seats. I mean I you know well. We're not as big as New York with we were selling out every week and everything and only was a real good booker and he was He's own to and I never had no problem. I he was a fellow worker. You're not and never had to. I don't know how his wrestling because you never didn't go that for you or I never did have no problem. I always made money with him. Money stayed made minded willing more than what it should have been now right now with you know your career behind you. Please tell our audience what you're working on now. What you're doing and how they can get in touch with you. I'm working with a guy out of Marion Ohio. His name is Scott Spears. Debbie Debbie Eight. One Oh seven point one. Fm and Ohio and our. I'm Jerry ready to when once is out the door. I'm going to work a little bitter along these jerry to his opening up this church or Georgia again. I I had a group called to test damone. Testimonies Estimates Gospel testimony. And we're going to travel a little bit and we put on wrestling shows. All Right Thunderball. Thank you so much for the time. We really appreciate it. Thank you thank you you too thank you bye. All Patterson joining us on busted open all react when Tommy Dreamer Nyerere back on a hall of Fame Edition. Right here. I'm busted open listening to bust. It opens remembering the territory's Georgia championship wrestling special only on Sirius. Xm fight nations channel. One fifty-six soccer is a passion that goes beyond the sport and Sirius. Xm FCC podcast more than a game brings that passion to you. You any episode. Fc's panel of experts take a deep dive into club mysteries. Iconic GROUNDS TRINITA rivalries and so much more nothing like adobe diametric new episodes are available weekly by downloading the Pandora and searching more than a game this busted opens remembering the territory's Georgia Championship special. Here's Dave Greco and EC W legend Tommy Dreamer welcome back to busted open remembering the territory's talk in Georgia championship wrestling with tag team partner. The innovator of the landlord of the House of Hardcore Tommy Dreamer and Tommy. We got into the politics of things. We got until Black Saturday. We talked about the power struggle with you. Know the briscoes and and all the Anderson and bar net but when you think of Georgia championship wrestling more than all of that is the wrestlers themselves and the great matches. And the great feuds. I talked about you know Buzz Sawyer and Tommy wildfire rich. A few that went on for almost two years And for a long time the holy grail of pro wrestling was that final battle of Atlanta. Which was the blow off match for that few? That's still talked about today. What are you most remember about the wrestlers the matches in the feuds when it came to Georgia Championship Wrestling For me you know. It's time you're rich Buzz Sawyer. I two was the biggest tom rich in Buzz Sawyer Fan. I remember the free birds. Few remember when the free birds you know and Terry Gordy joined with Jimmy Snuka and they turned on Michael Hayes and Michael. Hayes became a baby face ted debate. And you know when he did the thing with We discussed it with him with. Miss are and who we all thought it was going to be a Tommy rich and it turns out that it's a Brad Armstrong. He wins the title it. I hate that bullet. Bob Armstrong doesn't get enough conversation and talk and play because he was such a big deal and he was. You know I remember the firemen for Marietta Georgia which was right up the road and him always being like a main event in every territory he he was in and like you know. I remember his accident that he got in into working out crushed his face and like everything that happened in real life. They would put on the television show or to me. It was the first time I got to see the brilliance of Roddy Piper and Roddy Piper as Gordon's Co host and so over the top. And like I was like wise's bad guy like talking number one because he could. But then you also had like the ric flair's in the dusty roads or or all the special enforcers I remember you know when the andersons turned on dusty in the cage. I loved I mean loved still to This Day. I watch it on Youtube. Where it's they go to the Omni Ellen they show you clips an Omni. Every show felt special And like I said a lot I think Paul for EC w took where it was all building towards specific events. 'cause that's how we fed our families and you heard that with thunderbolt. Patterson you know it was the angles and stuff that you ran the the wrestling matches. Were what Fed your family and you knew what was working. What wasn't working. Because if something wasn't a sellout so when they would go to The Omni I knew I was watching stuff. That was special. That's why and if you think of how I was. I asked that for Christmas from my parents. That's all I wanted that year. We were just to go see that less that last match I know where Atlanta was but I knew I had to be there because they always made it feel so special and just the wrestling and the chaos the road warriors. I mean the first time we see these gigantic muscular men with face paint Mohawks and destroying opponents. Coming in that was we never saw that. I know I never did. And it was like where the first part was like. I hated bad guys but these guys were cool. And you know that Whole Legion of doom having this manager I mean I remember when the spoiler in King Kong Bundy were part of that. And Jake the snake but everything they did when you listen to it now. You know we're both kind of historians it pieces all the pieces together but back then if somebody just left. You wouldn't understand it but the fact that you had Gordon solely or people just disappeared and they just went on as usual and you're just like Oh okay. Now it's such. It's such a more complicated time where you know. There's speculation about Roman reigns you know. Oh He's taken off with everything. Wb hates Romanov's no who knows what's going on but back then we didn't care. We just knew that we had the stability because we're going to see awesome wrestling. When I always say wrestling is the name of the game. Old School will never die And I'm going back to I just I'm having all these memories. Come back to me. As we're talking. I remember a super shredded Kevin Sullivan With these stupid dreadlocks as a baby face then. He turned heel Later on a young Terry Taylor. All these guys are cutting their teeth through this company. And it's just no matter what they presented to you. You knew special. Yeah and you mentioned some of these wrestlers and the road warriors. Obviously you know we could spend hours talking about the road warriors and you're right a lot of people forget that they were popular would did. There're probably the first popular heels and when I say by that is that even though they were hated and they were presented on your TV as heels you fell in love with the road warriors. Because like you said you just never saw wrestlers like that before and also to and it's very significant. I don't WanNa just gloss over. It is the Legion of doom. That Legion of doom was a stable at oiling managed. It was the spoiler and it was jake. The Snake Roberts and for a brief period of time it was King Kong Bundy and the Road Warriors. They went on to use that moniker when they went to the WWF but the Legion of doom was just bad ass. He'll group on Georgia championship wrestling. And Tommy not too long ago. I gave you a one thousand nine hundred eighty three Georgia championship wrestling counter in. It's amazing when you look at that calendar and you go through the pages of the wrestlers that were a part of Georgia championship wrestling in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty three fast a year later probably ninety percent of calendar that that could have been a wwf nineteen eighty-four calendar when you look at that counter from Georgia championship wrestling from one thousand. Nine hundred eighty three absolutely you know and were also about The be in special they would build up. Lake Abdul the butcher coming into town or I remember and not knowing his life job like it was an entire episode of. Who's dust these off partner? GonNa be and it was George the Animal Steele and this wild man but dusty is gonNA control him. Does he's going to contain him. And like I never knew that like George Animal Steeles a schoolteacher and he only wrestled on the summers and for some reason he wasn't working for w that night but he was gonna come in and recycle Four drudge champs depressing and it made him even bigger. They're the Christmas Day. Spectacular thanksgiving night spectacular was was would have just was spectacular and thunderbolt. Patterson was talking about some of the stuff. He kind of veered off the path at times but it it was a great territory if you live there but it was also a working man's territory when I say working man I mean in the ring For Awhile Memphis was the shorter guy territory but it was also a working man's territory and No WWF or wwe. They were a territory but they were the bigger man territory and it was the slower style more plotting their. Tv's I go back. I watch the Zoltan. They're boring but Georgia Championship. Wrestling was excitement all the time. And it's just I wish I could go back. I mean we saw a little bit with studio wrestling with the NWEA. We're really seeing a lot of that now. With W W with impact wrestling with a e w wrestling. 'cause there's no fans there because if you think about look at that studio go back and look how many people were there. It wasn't a lot but on television. It seemed like it was the big thing happening at the time. And it was because you look at the ratings. And it's funny we're talking about what's going on right now on our world and wrestling can have audiences out there but you know when you go back to Georgia championship wrestling or even mid Atlantic wrestling. Or you know I show you know for a short time. Awa like it was studio wrestling. There'd be fifty people you know. May maybe seventy five people in that audience. It didn't really matter because they grabbed. Your attention was so captivating what was going on in the ring and Gordon solely was such a great soundtrack going on in a ring. Tommy you need that audience that was in the studio. No not at all if soaks diagnosing liked it. But I can't say enough for and I said it earlier old school. Never die if you're a wrestler. You need to go back and watch the territories you go back and watch mid south wrestling. You need to go back and watch specifically Georgia championship wrestling. That's where you had. They did everything kind of pitcher perfect. Where your work rate told where you how you're going to get pushed how you're going to succeed and then if you could do it on the microphone. It's the same exact. The premise of what we're living in now and you should watch this because like I remember You know before he became a hall of Famer. Tito Santana was injured. Tim Pressing for a long time. Rick Martel this is where the good guys were. Good guys and the bad guys were bad. Guys bad guys cheated guys. Follow the rules but do guys would kick the asses of the bad guys in the cheaters and tag-team resume tune the Andersons You know where you saw Oli and gene and then young Arn It's just I. I'm marking out and I can't wait to get finish this so I can go back and watch some Georgia championship wrestling and why to me. It's so special is because you can't find it you're only GonNa see bits and pieces of it from Georgia championship wrestling. But then there's also like names who like Mike Jackson. We just used them an impact wrestling and every start talking about. But here's a guy who was an enhancement. Talent paid to make others look better but because he's on that TV every single week people know who he is and people knew who wrestlers like that were because of the power of that though whatever they went through like. I said when your livelihood when your families are on the line and you're not just getting money from somebody else from a company your company lives in is by the fans we're experiencing today you can go back and see how I would is why back then but how you're going to see for the future of the business going forward and you and I are fans but still talking about something that happened in the eighties because it's so relevant today well because they continuity bullying I talk about it all the time on the show you know not to knock it but the a lot of times. The wwe doesn't give continuity from week to week or month to month From event to event you know if you go back go to youtube but watching episode of Georgia championship wrestling. You'RE GONNA WANNA watch the next episode. Because you're GONNA WANNA find out what happens you. WanNa you WANNA find out if there's going to be a conclusion to this story to this feud you WanNa find out those Ronnie Garvin get his revenge as Tommy Rich. Get his revenge. You know you know what happened at the Omni at the end of December. You know I need to watch the next episode the to see you know if if you know if we got a new champion crown. These are things that were important. There was emotional investment in it. And I think that's a big reason. Why the territories were so successful. And you're seeing a lot of nationals. Shows Right now. Kind of fall by the wayside. Because when you have three hours you can't fill it and you have filler and people. Don't WanNa Watch filler when you go back and watch those territories shows whether there were an hour long or ninety minutes long. There was no filler because everybody took their segment like it had to be a grand slam. Had to be all run and you see the proof is in the pudding. Go back and watch these shows from the late seventies and early eighties. And you'll know what I'm talking about Dave if you talk about it's like I said in it's most simplistic form. If you think about it you close your eyes and if your listener please do this and you and you watch Georgia championship wrestling. You Close Your Eyes. You Open your brain. You'll see one camera shot pretty much like if you were standing at the ring you would see the Ring Apron. You would see Georgia championship wrestling. And that's how you viewed almost two hours of your Concentration that way. It wasn't overproduced. You maybe had another camera angle when stuff went to the left not so much when it went to the right because there was nothing there and then when you went back to Gordon solely sitting at that podium you knew the camera would turn to the left almost like your point of view. Because here's Gordon. Sometimes you wouldn't even be prepared. Sometimes you go back and watch it. See a puff of smoke as he's smoking during the broadcast. But and then wait for you know at this time. I'm joined by and the guys would walk in. They'd walk across the camera shot. It was so beautiful and simplistic in its form of what professional wrestling and I keep saying this what we're watching it. But when it's a polished product like it is today the biggest element missing and we've discussed this. It's the fans and if there was thirty to fifty fans they're going nuts for this. You have to understand how many people are going nuts for it at home and you're captivating your audience by this most simplistic form. I always say like professional wrestling. We're not splitting the atom cure cancer. We're just out there and perform and whoever's walking in or walking out. They did it. They took their time Human era or union stalling. It takes awhile from you know. Here's Gordon Sola. I'm waiting time for my next guest. Here comes bobby. Heenan and Bobby. Heenan will start talking about Blah Blah Blah. There was no mess ups. There was no edits. And if there were Gordon would wrangle you back in but when you talk about continuity I never saw the Bobby Heenan. I read all his books. I Love Bobby. Heenan a great dude but he talked about the simple thing of every time he won he would light a cigar sometimes he lit cigar prematurely in that cost him where he would jump up in the air because he knew this guy was going to win or he would take up that cigar. Not all the time when that cigar came out and somebody used it as a weapon and stuck in somebody's eye and you saw the baby face screaming around like it was Tommy Rich. You did not then see Tommy rich for three weeks you heard from Tommy. Rich may be the next week. Where you heard from Tommy Rich's friends and then two weeks later. You heard from Tommy Rich but if you think about ratings Oh my God I just saw my favorite wrestler get hurt. I gotta tune in next week to see what happens to him. I don't I have not seen what happened to him. But this friend told me he's GonNa be Okay and say next week you're going to hear from time. You're rich but and then when Tom rich the next week you open the show Tom. Rich and Gordon solely tells you we're GonNa talk. We're going to hear from Tom. You rich then you had his friend. Show a picture of Tommy Rich. This is his eye and then they would do the remote like a call in who knows he could have been behind the literally behind that screen like with a microphone but for television and and the purposes it got it over and you know trust me I I deal with a lot were you know. I don't people don't see things like how I see them but when I explain them and I know it's right because I have stuff like that to remind me because all those guys and all those wrestlers were working seven nights a week sometimes twice on Sunday because it was working. 'cause fans paid to see them and that was before ratings and before that stuff but I wanNA say before ratings ratings. Were already there. Your show was hot because it was just that simple breakdown of doing it that way where it worked and again Georgia championship wrestling more than any other promotion was able to do that with what they had behind it which was superstation WTVN. Tommy this was absolutely awesome. It's not on the network so you can only see it on youtube or if you're lucky like me kept my vhs tapes and diverted them you know to dvr my compact this my dvd tax okay my DVD's that's just a mental APPs. Yeah I'll I'll You can't watch it on the network but you can watch it on Youtube or if you're lucky enough to convert your VHS to DVD. Tommy awesome talking George J. chip wrestling with you. This was another presentation of remembering the territory's right here. I'm busted open. Be there be there. This has been busted opens remembering the territories Georgia championship wrestling Special Sirius. Xm On demand for more Sirius XM fight nation. Content can follow us on twitter at busted open radio.

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