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Hey welcome back to another producer's cut episode this week. It's setting yourself up for success and this is an episode. That felicia did with her men t and you literally get to sit in on a coaching session. That revolves around performance reviews expectations and objectives. And how to set yourself up for success even when your manager or boss isn't doing a good job on their end with the same work. The great thing about an episode like this is that you're literally sitting in on a coaching conversation. And so they're gonna be little things that they talk about that. You wouldn't necessarily get from a planned episode. I think because conversation yields nuances and offshoots to certain topics and stuff like that. So i think this is going to be invaluable and i hope you enjoy it. Welcome to the show. I in your adver now is different. I actually location in a booming topless show now being named and i have a special with me today. One of my men teas. We're going to keep this. Because jay leader going to talk about how he starts to work towards her promotion and she agreed to share this journey with everybody. Welcome to the show so we have been how we do on my job. Once i graduated college like yeah. And i do. And he moved far away from home. I did a doing very well but today we've connected to visit and talking about the feedback you got. How long ago was that. This was maybe it was very talents. Birla moment kind of to back when we did happen two months ago but it was very was very. It was so okay. So that's number one end formal. A your this is your bus. Yes okay moaning titles bus in. How can he put the time on. My calendar said a chat litter day informal performance. Talk by where you're doing good at doing okay. So what kind of look did i have a my face when you first told me this. Look of shock dino. Why look of shock. Because it's not typical process exactly so i'm shocked because wine as we've been talking organization that you're with currently had a lot of change was isn't a typical and fortune. Five hundred. this is your first premature. I like for Job out of college. So there's no we don't know right and you know what you don't know and so i was asking you. Hey when have you had your performance. Because you've been there at year now and i said well what did you hear. Your performance did performance review. I just think this big formal meeting with the should be some formality. Pro a big thing if fat huge thing. But there's definitely a pettah your calendar. I have a form or some sheet side. Give you some written thinks can give you anything written okay. So he didn't give you anything written. And then i will. Do you have ugly. Hr parole for performance in. You said we have online. I looked at it. The i league i started kind of their service and then i asked. Why did you put in the system. Do you know what your work for the year. You said work every day. Okay and i want. this is very important. I'll tell you this how they said for failure. So you have not been given formal objectives. They have not been put into the performance and then after ten months of working with the company your boss's boss who. How long has he been your boss's boss long. Has he been there in a row. Okay so you've been there seven months. He starts in january in windy. Meet two months ago. So it's june now so y'all met in april so gene Remarks insulin four months four months because your office to tell you what exactly progress your lack thereof after you get near four yes it just feels like there's so much and no one is everyone's just walking around the head comes in for warm. Is the kind of the last thing on her mind. I know when. I had my first being. Because i've had several is i've been in the first manager. Had he's great. And i know he's leaving and trying to get some nuggets that you advise talked and i was like you know. Look i kind of have speech and you know can try to get some nuggets or figure out. Can you have have you now look. I'm not going to blow smoke like you're not gonna get a good view but just a solid reviewing since leaving leaving gauges too much. They know we've never so we have to monday. I know but you didn't tell me that. That's what he's told you. Yeah because he was doing great. You get something. How does a mike. I don't think you're gonna get like. I'm leaving at like a former you process with my six months which usually happen in june. I don't so but his job fiscal year is the calendar give okay. When did you start. Started so familiar would have been right. But you don't even there must like that but in january right. You should've gotten you what you should look into year. And where tracking. Six months then didn't happen back. You have order right. I have either so now. Here comes new boy and he now does acting you. Call the opposite. Formally and i'm using air told because he did take note nuts level and says bullets were one of the bullet points was tied ears. You know sometimes things are as clean or looking at the email powerpoint would what in what medium excel errors where. It's not formatted correctly like he. He had example. Where like. I had something that was given to me. Maybe three hours before the day was doing today's rushing had done and it was several pages of all this data needed to be looked at and i did it. It's done done at seven thirty at night. Because he in the email that he pulled up russia me were where the issue was. time stamped. Seven thirty clearly. Stay late for it. But like they were instances. Where like i could hit like four matte painting income. Make everything so you get pretty in center. She would've liked. It was an error in the numbers or it wasn't at their with spelling errors spelling errors. This was a form editor for his. You know sometimes the the numbers from full number kind of had like a pleasant it'd expand on excels is pretty you know. Sometimes i'm doing a fifty page pl sometime. The margin is is incorrect. Or something like that. But for me at the errors tom when i have a short amount of time to get a when the van last. Did you tell him that. Yeah and when he say he said you know it's our will work on. He didn't make a big deal of it now but which is good. He just wanted you to be aware he feels like you know this is kind of a learning urban did call he knew of my career is her second piece of the second piece of feedback was my follow up and i was like what does that does that mean yes. My dive is is super busy. I managed i think he gave me the dollar amount of the action. the portfolio. Yeah okay get sixty four million okay. Match took a turn for someone pretty new in there for so. I'm pretty busy day to day right. So what did you. That's what i asked him. And and and there are things maybe is. I have to privatize entire. If i can't necessarily don't have time do adnan tasks that some ask for have to privatize it in the left of the sixteen million customers to the tube for the game so he had understood that and i told them you know i have to push back on worth in our out and he he refer me the most part i think when i asked him about the follow. He's in this report and trying to learn looked around. And i just he was always like learning the same thing but if i assure to right so did he now want you to lean on cross functional teams to get information. Maybe look he was hinting at. He didn't say it like that occur that his example was that he looks around. And does things okay so my suggestion. There's make sure you get clear To understand exactly with them because even though this was quote unquote using air quotes again informal. Best believe he expecting to see progress or for you to come back and say hey you this and this is what i'm doing work twists am i. This is becka gave you two months ago right so yet. Another conversation about a sense on have been trying to cut the mistakes in adams had congress has been my actions of Had have you had a foul musee. Here's the things that i've done to address. The feedback engage me. Oh no okay. We're gonna talk about that to do that. And then what was the third third one he felt like my manager was speak for a lot or kaz yet your manual. If he wants to see take more ownership. Yes so i really hate that too because your managers i'll new. She started where she started before you owe me. He's been at the company november. Yeah director i okay. A lot of change how. You're feeling i. Honestly you've had a bunch manages. So how does that make you feel. I feel for awhile while and look. It's better now okay. While i just felt very unsupported unstable kind of running into now offer. I don't i. I don't know what my roles responsibilities are often doing too much or not enough where slack push back and say. Hey you busted should do that. Or mating may make direct focuses on the right thing some sort of that learning curve. i felt unsupported berbers. Several months you know exactly hours addre- spinning my wheels. And i think once my now director stepped into the role. He's kinda processed ability to what. I'm doing just helpful for a while. I'm doing things that are not understanding what i'm doing. I'm just doing it to do because hey a need you to do this. Okay figure out and he did do okay. I'll do that. And there's no guidance no leadership training just three in the water six. Well it says like what. I first started commission. Apple say okay. Cool the instruction god was. Put this number here for this number year. Smells like why gross margin offer today coming so took by now director coming in at to give them credit because he has his team and he made a surprise at how little a new i explain him branca past three months right. Experience and channing has been. It's been a challenge. Feel like it's kind of a map elite shopping hurting you had any experience or have you seen anybody else that maybe you're here that you feel like has been supported in the organization. Do you feel like overall organization justices. This is nuts. Well and i look forward with michael Wall i'm the only person on my level stealing i neutral level work. You have your own portfolio business and everyone else on high level. There's reporting manager. Kinda right but does your. Did you talk to your boss about that yet is she is she. You'll like. I do too much and i advocate. She's actually talked to mike This issue much level. It's just not fair so had recently. Russell yeah okay split. So i feel like now good. I have an appropriate level of work by role ray. I'm still kind of not good. That i kind of feel like it's like a demotion because now i mean the questions. Are you saying for success but yet vision for success. It sounds like the organization has not said success. Is they have fun in ocean and said hey swam the love. Oh by the way we know. You don't know how to swim. So good luck. Yeah that feels really shitty but happens to all of us a lot as black women in corporate america. And so the reason why i went to have this conversation is i hope this resonates with somebody and now let's talk about how even in an environment that has said he would for failure. You can set yourself up for success. So let's talk about how we attack this key that okay so what i want you to do is tomorrow and you get to work you to her early. I want you to block off some time at thirty four minutes. And i want you to sit down in bullet point right out that the back right in an email and i want you to write the email say hey such and such. I was reflecting because a couple of months i was reflecting on the feedback that you gave me in our when we had our conversation on x. day and i wanted to go back and look at the date this so this is called documentation. Oh i wanted to make sure that you knew. I heard you and i wanted to make sure that i didn't miss anything. Here is the feedback. I heard you believe quite the feedback. You hurt and then i want you talk about. We'll strange i haven't were okay. Perfect so go back and say this is what i heard another two bullet point one two three four and in say over the past two months. This is how i worked to address your feedback allergy to bullet point some of the things that you've done give their polls I really believe this is a great development opportunity. And i'd like to set up a time on your calendar to talk about my progress on tomorrow and then i need you to schedule time with him for like next week or the week after right and i want you to sit in the by into this week. It's been two months as a. Hey how's it all on this day. We had this conversation. Just want you to know that. What does two things one is shows journey because nobody really likes this feedback right. But you don't want into seem my you don't care to show that you're being proactive thoughtful about it. And then three it shows that you want to be developing. He wants to get better. And those are the people you work with so you want it. That's you're gonna show that to him in that year awesome then. Did you talk with your boss at the feedback. Choose that oh oh. Both of their. You've felt needed useful. Emmy she didn't say anything separable to make the was informal. Has this make you feel again. Been there berry but too hot and you don't feel you feel like did. Yeah yeah yeah okay. So mason nets them adjusted to you. She your manager up next. Look at this. And i know you guys can't own younger dispatch every fortune. Five hundred pretty much and be surprised if there's one that doesn't them if there's one that does it email me about it and actually calm but every company company has a performance or they have a performance development. Puerto where you officially go in your info is in There's a company office actors in san francisco a lot of times. They're the company that runs us for mini. I got this whole thing like the talent management system for companies like your company is. Abc company will say my eggs or mark conformance or something like that. Usually something really super generic. This has performance in their little logo. That was my old company. So let's talk about how you derogate satin okay so you orces firs active over this team did have any other courses will Plank trouser performance. And how you define employee performance o. K. this is interesting this loose just except for right here. It would say objectives. And so so there's be something here okay see has is your goal. So her clicking around in the same rate now and says wants to take more responsibility and ownership of your career sets manages your performance goals for the year. What did you do you. do you see this process. You emphasize her personal accountability for our growth aid blah blah blah blah blah blah. Okay now get this issue. So the same. I january fifteen years supposed to complete your urine performance evaluation and meet with your manages discuss and then between j. rey. Fifteen jimmy twenty. He was supposed to set your goals in two thousand eighteen in your manager to discuss. And you didn't do any of this one they'll make that bay okay. This is really important performance. Evaluations going forward into two thousand eighteen. There will not be any formal performance rating. We are ever asking you to evaluate for us for two thousand seventeen goals for two thousand eighteen. Dick both oh okay. Listen even though as as that's fine however still use these things because even there might be formal in the system. there's still an informal process. Couldn't rate you and they're gonna they're going to determine who is higher potential talent people who wanna keep they wanna put in. How high apply to groom. I always want to be in that number because you get the best projects you get promoted worded so even though they're not gonna do this from the ask to use these tools and even those are formal. I will put some for valley with your manager and your vantage dancer. I will do process anyway so you still have all this stuff out. Thank yous if you that. Yes there was your individual goals for two thousand seventeen. Please do so now. Air a nigger performance brain and or. Ridden me your feedback. No checking conversations. Oh this is setting you up for failure can update my goals throughout the year. We'll yes you can either in your breaks. Know how determined without ratings so interesting. Though this pales eligible will be based on shared business performance metrics. Oh that's pretty cool. What is the purpose of the ongoing checking conversations regular checking. There's allow you your progress today. In union individual goals align our priorities for the remainder of the year. Discussion ensure alignment in our driving our growth redon case this proprietary. They also provide you with insights about individual goals to be ingested personal strengths to continue demonstrating and personal development areas. To our tad's okay. So please contact your. Hr is further questions. Okay here's what i want you to do me with four manager and y'all have this thing i want you to print out understanding in but this is the so hold you understand the big picture. This is the big picture. Need to understand that you need to know how gore this has changed does really still. Okay zeno your hr business partners no okay. So contact persons. Eighty accused business burners but see here is says things. I can't re- sorry with me. See this right here so the must this must still be good to go. This strategy that they're using soon must be good to go. I can't see changing because it was late that year so it was close so i would use our our this out and i go back to the there were our do. This clarify provide down dacian. How contribute the this is what you wanna do. And then you wanna set smart goals now. Everybody uses this. Let's talk about the smart smart goal. Is you to set goals. That are s. Specific measurable achievable are relevant. And time down. So the time out is looking you get done between now and the end of your years. Which is the end of the year. Specifically what are the tasks and they have to be measurable and achievable and say i can really get is done by the end of the year. Yeah and they relevant means they have tied to the overall this strategy and and so you need to understand it because he's saying you're not your boss talking for you. You're you're not being proactive about things like well. How can you be proactive. You know damn bowls. What are you going to be proactive about. What waited right your company. So you have to put their feet to the fire and the beautiful thing is once you have your specific like these are the three things three or four or five aims to work on the rest of the year knocked out anything above and beyond that makes you a garage star. You went above and beyond but it. You're just running running. You said just any and everything telling you do any and everything you just doing any and everything supposed to be doing and then how. How can they stayed. You're feeling where you even have goals. Yeah so you have to make the frame up. And and i would also take you were You said you now have a job description yet from the started. Okay take that job description and say what are the england around actually doing day to day. And what are the things that i'm not doing. Also take the judges fish in talk to you about the. What's the priority in my job in this job description and now let's make some specific goals. What's the move. The needle for the rest of the year was gonna make us successful questions. Do man i think all of these are really. I don't see in our conversation that i don't ask specific goals in guy open to that conversation. Striving boards right. Once you get what's going on. I'm half that the now i have to reach certain goals. I can't just doing the day to day. Like i need to make bigger picture exactly and you need to search yourself so one thing every company toppers giveaway agriculture. Ecommerce a said that. Feel push in the company so as you were working towards building your resume ganging experience you know express that you have an interest in that there is been with after you figure out what your goals are. If there's been with you to be exposed to that experience right have in this year. You might not have been with your goals but you but you gotta let that be known you have to couple things that need to come out of this and i hope people are taking those one you have to take control of your career and it's funny to the senate right your all. You gotta do this. And now they're having no formal rating system and making all kinds of racism. Rolling my eyes to that. Because how do you evaluate town in how you create a talent. I would also say msci. Cincinnati going to say never your hr business areas. Go make friends. Don't make waves. Don't tell me don't tell me your business. Just say hey. I'm curious about the process. Now understand they may know jack shit right by but at least you know when they know what they are but i would go set up thirty minutes to say. Hey i want to introduce myself. I've been here year. I don't think i've ever met you. He knew tony what. The process is for building town pipeline. Because now you have reform ratings And i just want to always make sure that. I'm tracking on searching myself in our setting myself process and any advice. You can give me how to navigate in this organization. We'll be right and ask them for their expertise and their advice. Just be your lovely bubbly south. No you're not making waves. Don't complain dumb. Point thing on the farm fall. Don't even mention that she don't even have goals. Don't mention net to say. Hey this assad this. I just want to learn more batted. My mentor told me that was interesting. We didn't have rating anymore and touch base with you introduced. Just ask you about the process to make sure that you know i'm tracking then always say my goal is to be a mask starring this organization and just smiled cute member positivie non-threatening black woman. We have to be to survive right now and you're gonna make it afoul call and to see so was your tayo is where you're supposed to do your homework. Homework is first thing tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow is to go find. The notes took things everywhere. Good finals notes provider. Recap say these are. These are notes that i took from our conversation to tracked towards the nuggets. Now asked for follow up meeting contract right to this conversation to say hey discussing you guys in person and then make sure you put the date of last meeting so you have that the this because this is how. Make this situation work for you. And you're not in a bad spy means and don't want to out there feeling like omar guard. They see themselves in your story be like. Oh my god. I'm being so fulfil earlier. Not necessarily but i definitely can't say you've been thrown the lay of shot of the final and that's not where you're at but if you do these things you will be because you're smart. You're sharp the next time we talk and get the update. We'll talk about you. Know you really working to find those advocates in sponsors in your organization which is difficult to do but we will have more prepared. Approach that next time but for now that step one step two is a separate meeting with a manager take a look at the job description and figure out where our ties and then sit down and get some smart lulls exactly for the rest of the year right. Because you're halfway through the year yet. So that would be like next week. Yeah do that next week and then with third homework assignment data yes to check. Abou- just had navigate this process. Now we don't care ratings. Yeah how. I know gators i just wanna make sure organization sees years rockstar and ads like point blank you know. Is there any advice. You can give me if i'm not already ear because i won't get just seems super happy and eager. I really love the organization. Put on your best days lie. You have to all of the well. Thank you ms. He one of minorities are out here doing it. Surviving and maher. I'm so excited for you. See things in your future here and let's just make sure your you know and make sure that you are getting support from your leadership that you need and it's going to be you have to ask for and there's nothing wrong with that. Don't be afraid but then also understand. You don't know what you don't know. Yeah so that's why you're exactly so you guys. This has been a y a mentoring session with the chosen. Ba will ever know and one of my name jeeze if you have questions that need answers hit us up at asked as a s k at to via dot com. That's t. r. I l. l. Mba dot com and here answered questions health. So that will shovel until we're out human. Surely the true mba show is a fair world corp llc production executive produced by felicia and rose eight new heart. Music is kick push by ryan little. Keep it trill everyday on.

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