I'm Thinking of Ending Things


it's just. There's just so much to talk about because it's been it's almost been like almost a year now since we at stopped recording. I think it's almost it's to the month. I don't know about the day really. Yeah there's i mean time. Flies man especially during covid. Yeah if you've made it this far though. Congratulations you've made it through the worst Chaos and i mean the pandemic. The the worst black lives matter. I mean it's it's been a hell of year. All came down at once in wine and One event after another after another. A home relating accumulating in just the series that happened at the beginning of the year that frankly just blows my deigned. Mind you know yes and all of it has brought you to this point. What's going on guys and welcome back to uncovered cinema. I'm brian a and i'm will and we are back at it again. I guess this is gonna be a. It could be our soft season too right. Because i mean we. It's it's amazing to me that we had started a podcast that reviews upcoming movies and production culture. And i would have thought that it'd be four proof right. We can however the industry four weeks after we started the entire industry shuts down. It's not one of those things that you ever think of. Happening not industry's been around. Since the you know the turn of the century just shutting down out. You don't expect that. It's just not something and i mean we didn't have it bad. I mean it's still a year later now and in some studios are not even making movies yet. They're still trying to navigate the the complexities of working with covert. I mean we're getting down to a point now. And there's there's this whole thing with with zones in different phases of stages if you will it's almost like the six rings of hell or something you need and the closer you get in the closer you get to people that are that are more exposed like actors. That don't wear masks and stuff. Yeah absolutely and i know of so many guys in the union. That are down here in florida. That still having gone work at all since covert has started one. Yeah they might be too afraid to go to set because you hear about whole entire set still being shut down to this day because cova breaks out on because they're not taking the proper procedures because some idiot isn't doing what he's supposed to be doing absolutely in you know it's not just the illusion of covid if you have one. Pa sneeze on the whole thing gets shut down for two weeks until and tell everybody can test negative again and they ensure that. Nothing's going on there. You know it's it's it's Were you we'll get into it. I mean we're i believe later in the in the in the shower episode. We're going to be talking about. Yeah news and what's what's going on but Welcome back to us. Yeah yeah welcome back. It's great to be back. It is great to be back. I tell you what absolutely after that just gauntlet that we ran through. It is great to be back. It was intense definitely. It was a mental challenge for for everybody In and the best we should have been there for it to to give you something to listen to during the times but That you weren't doing anything but it was also a challenge for us as well so Welcome back we. We have a a new format that we kind of want to present to you guys. We're we're trying to you know Rough everything in in kind of like Improve everybody's trying to improve themselves and we're trying to move forward and in ra What we wanna do yeah trying to create a more enjoyable in entertainment experience to have so we can listen to it and others can listen to it and have a really good time. That's that's a good point. That's because during cova. I went actually and was reviewing the things that we had recorded things and i i was. I was flabbergasted with how much cussing we in the first thirty seconds of one episode. There was probably twelve cuss words. That's yeah i noticed that cussing was a lot cousin was a big thing. So we're not. We're not doing you just by using adjectives. That don't don't that can be so interchanged without any meeting at all. They don't mean anything. We're just flopping them in there and and we want to be. Yeah we won't be able make this enjoyable that you can listen to with everybody in the car. Your kids your wife everybody right. You can't do that if the hosts are cussing every now and like every other word. That's not okay. That's not every then is okay every other word. That's not okay. Yeah yeah exactly so anyways. So we're moving on. We're moving forward and in movies are for everyone so hopefully. That's that's where we're going to be bringing to you inside your car with what i imagine as a baby strapped in the back seat and and and it's not going to be watching the movies because they're not making them still we're still. We're still countering those challenges now. The industry is coming back. It's coming back slowly though. A lot of the stuff that you're going to be seen opened up right now is a lot. More commercials specially local commercials. They're jumping on the bandwagon of having a lot of union. Guys not working at non union guys. Who would be working not working and not charging as much so. You're gonna see a lot of that work pop up But for the most part a lot of movies aren't filming and if they are not hiring as many crews they were for at least from what. I've noticed yeah. That's that's definite. I think we're seeing that a lot around all the different industries as well as a major cutback in the amount of staff that you do have which i guess is good. If you if you can't get hired. I'm you know i was looking up to to work on a set recently but yeah that's a good point because i was a the cinematographer as well as the sound guy and i was even touching up up here and there. So that's the only one that passed the covid so it's like welcome onset. That's what's gonna go in the features. The testing the kobe testing especially the the code The covid shot that they're giving out the Vaccine all the vaccine has got to get the vaccine. If you don't have the vaccine you're not gonna be able to work in. The industry like soon Just so many so many people willing to get it that why. Why even take the chance with the non-vaccinated personnel has to get tested. Every now and then when you can hire ten grips or ten of anybody in your department who is vaccinated so just something to think about going forward but one thing i have noticed ever since that covid has lifted off in this over this past year is the addition of cooed compliance. Officers onset if you guys haven't heard of that is a huge job right now. Covid compliance officer. It is your job to make sure that the set is staying compliant to the covid standards of where you're filming so make sure everything is sanitized. Make sure people are adhering to the masks mandate make sure Osha if they come through isn't gonna find you guys with a whole lotta money that right now as cool as you can get the certifications for that. You're almost guaranteed to find work. I didn't even think about that. And that's you're right. That is something that is popping up. I was working in burbank a few weeks ago and they did have a covert compliance officer. They were actually the ones that help. Take the tests as well and then you had to sign some paperwork and stuff. But i notice was kind of funny as is know some of old habits that i used to have pre covid. It was like it. I'm trying to sign the paper in the pens out of ink. You tap it to the tip of your tongue writing. And you're like i just again. It's one of those things that's gonna be a little hard to shake but we're working on it we're human beings and we're trying to improve it out going to be another thing we're gonna beep beep beep the hardest going forward. We did good. I made it almost ten minutes. Okay so what are we talking about today. We got a good one that you've been talking about it for a few weeks so excited about this movie. So we are changing the format of our podcast. A little bit. We are going to be announced talking about a little bit about us Recap the first. I just like we did. Then we're going to be going into a movie. That's readily available for the most part through one of the streaming devices whether that's netflix's disney plus something like that gas because we realized that it's also tough for you like we're talking about movies that are coming out and up and coming and you know that's ten twenty bucks throwing popcorn at a hundred and eighty bucks just too damn movie the movie theater and we're trying to make it something that's more accessible for for you guys now so you can. You can join in as well and listen and then watch the movie and analyze it with us and also this is now a forum for you to join in on your thoughts as well so we out there like larsen and you. You don't think he'd have different dropping. It's you can go back and check the other episodes if you know what we're talking about but we're we're moving on from that word a little more mature nowadays so you can actually join in on that and and just get back as well. Yeah thrown down the field and we want to hear your thoughts on anything that we're discussing here that's why we wanna make movies Or not make movies talked about movies that a lot easily accessible to everybody. We want you to join in the fun. What yeah we don't let we ought to be honest. We wanna make moody's don't have any money so after we explain what we were gonna watch where you guys can go. Join us and watch it at. We are going to break. Watch it ourselves than come back and discuss it now. We're going to be developing deep into this diving as deep as we can from initially watching Little bit of research on it. But then we're also opened up to discussion anything you guys want to tell us about two and then at the end we're gonna throw a little bit of a little bit ahead hidden trivia little bit of little bit a discussion in on on some stuff that may not necessarily be in the best lighting or may be in great lighting awards or things like that yet and you know me i love my simple ism so you're gonna get my my symbols symbolism and start copying them together like a monkey and we're gonna be also addressing the upcoming production information and news that that we normally address as well we just want to make it more inclusive like i said so so we'll be adding all the industry news just like we always did But we're going to be adding it towards the end of the podcast and we're going to be making it more center towards Pretty much anything in the movie industry the more and more towards the streaming stuff in the movie side not necessarily the tv show side all right. So what are we going to be watching today in dissecting afterwards so when i was on netflix the other day just chilling. I ran across this one movie. I've been meaning to watch for dude ever since it came out it's called. I'm thinking about ending things by charlie kaufman you may recognize. His name may not He's a director of a little known movie. Called turtle sunshine of the spotless. Mind movie crazy deep movie. So when i saw that i was like you know what let's check this out nice i'm thinking about ending things. It sounds a little suicide he to me but it does. Do we have a synopsis of this. One what is the synopsis to. I'm thinking about anything is full of misgivings. A young woman travels with her boyfriend whose parents secluded farm upon arriving. She comes to question everything she thought she knew about him and herself. So this is a adaptation from a book that was written by in read It took him three years to make any purposely left the book open to interpretations so he can see what other people's thoughts and the way they took the book in the way. They understood the book because he said basically. Everybody's is valid now. The director of this movie basically took that and ran with it and this movie is what we got out of it. I i see. I'm looking at the from your description. Initially this sounds like this could be like a horror. Movie or a thriller is that it's it's a suspenseful movie. Yes it's a It's two hours and fourteen minutes long Suspense it's a little bit of a slow burn. But trust me when i tell you it's worth it pay attention all i'm gonna say because get ready for trip. My man get ready for trip. Yes going down symbolism at my my that's my forte so i'll be on my diet a comeback and dissect every single thing. That's going on there. But already i'm the kinda sing a lot with the names here. I'm thinking about ending things. And then and then what we have here. Is this kind of the description like you said it sound. It sounds open ended. it could be. It could be something for pitch to lifetime almost something. That is a happy comedy. I don't know where to go with this. So i'm i'm already a loss of words of what i'm expecting. I don't really know. And i love that when i don't know what i'm yeah. Expect began as working in production. Both of us. We've seen that following that three act structure can get a little bit triton overdone because we just see you can. Yeah you can predict what's going to happen and it's almost it's almost like a bar trick that it's become more i've where i can tell people. Oh i know it's going to happen because it's got to follow a three act structure dark and especially american cinema a american cinema storytelling. Yeah i it. Follows a narrower a guide As far as how the story is told taking like you know avengers in the The captain america all the marvel movies. They all come out with the hero. Wins on the top. You know as we've seen with with trained to bussan in in parasite movies like the the main character never doesn't always yet doesn't always win. And that's one thing that's really started crossing borders with Within the entertainment sectors well is the whole Heroes story and it's been said and it's been used so much in cinema. It's been being pulled over into video games. Just about every single video game follows a hero's journey to dane team works you know. And that's that's one thing about this movie. That really strikes me as does it. Follow the typical hero's journey or not right and i think Something that we've touched on before is that it's it's there is this kind of like Identification in in america cinema that we. They are kind of getting tired of that. Because we're having this. Embrace of asian cinema wins worrying african american female leads. We're seeing a lot of that coming around now within this last year and it creates a much more interesting storytelling as well as offers a different perspective from What's you say on a non white cast because we day worth of that. Nowadays zidane recent movie for instance. My god it was beautiful. The lighting on her made herk low. It really made her stand out. But you wouldn't see that you know ten fifteen years ago not at all. That's why i really enjoy about today's cinemas. Everybody is able to make movies. I love that. Yes yeah even if you got a reasonable qualities us mark phone. It actually takes very good video and you can. You can get away with quite a even a lot of these. add apple commercials are filmed with guns. That are stock. I think it's it's pretty amazing quality. Now we're getting nowadays. Yeah absolutely The quality of the Iphone twelve is insane. You add just any Filming pro apt to it. Which is a twenty dollar app that you can get in the app store and you put that baby on. Am a tripod with a ball head. And my god. Did you can film anything that you want to. Yeah exactly and you know coming from the photography side my gun. We can do raw video now. Rob rob pictures Wow that's amazing that that we can do that. Ask phone now and you can shoot an apple progress which is basically raw. And it's very it's very well is very easy to edit on is very easy to use. It's a wonderful kodak Right there the iphone literally all you need is a professional tool like filming pro that shoots out that allows you to film in the different formats at different speeds in the different qualities. Black white. Whatever you wanna do and your phone is just as good if not better than a low end. Dsl our camera. It really is whether you wanna believe it or not just depends on how you shoot is not necessarily what you have in your hands guys. It's who amera you know we're going to get back into this and a little bit later as well. But that's that's also the benefit of having all these niche media's come out that the paramount plus everything's plus nowadays disney plus god. Yeah we're gonna be talking about disney plus later hold onto your bridgestone that it's all over the place but It's it's also allowing people to tell their story in a more and get their story out in a in a more easier way now So yeah. I'm looking looking forward to this the the movie that we're going to be watching. This is available on netflix. Right now and it's i'm thinking about ending things about and Seems to be about a perspective centered around the woman which is which is again gonna be refreshing to to see that and didn't wanna this a movie come out. Let's take a look at this is just a few months ago Came out in twenty twenty. It has the leading by jesse plymouth. Who's playing Jake one of. I love him in everything he's done so i was very excited to see him Jessie buckley i wasn't too familiar with her However after watching this movie. I'm going to specifically hunt her movies down to watch him because my god anyways I don't want to put my personal feelings about this movie out there before you see you. I don't want to spoil your judgment on wants you to watch it and get an honest feedback from you. So i'm trying your opinion. Because i follow the script and having watched the movie yet so return i just see. I wasn't supposed to watch the movie. But i did so. Yeah well we should also touch on this as well. No this was one of the Ideas of of doing uncovered cinema is actually finding movies. That are not as popular to uncover for you and and we really can't do that unless one of us watches the movie. But you're still going to have that fresh perspective. Because i haven't yet seen it because there's just so much to filter through that we have to go through and i don't want to. I don't want to waste time. Waste your time by bicycle through and not good because some of them are just bad and that is also the drawback of having all these various medias that we can watch the stream things on nowadays. So i'm thinking about anything. I'm about anything's right here. So that i can watch. I'm thinking about it and and it seems that when we come back we're going to break down in and kind kinda give it to all in one in one sitting right here so if you haven't seen it you're welcome to posit and and come back and we'll we'll be with you again right after this break okay. So we're coming back now. Welcome back to us. Welcome back did you. Were you guys able to re watch it again. Well or did you We took a yeah. We took a skim over reviewed. It and Caught a lot of stuff that i wasn't expecting to catch but then again really is a movie that you have to watch multiple times and i think even then after like we were just talking about that once you once we uncover all these things that we noticed there you may want to go back and read and watch it again yourself because it's one of those first of all. I'm kind of like mind psyched out. Because of everything. I just watched fill a little like of. I don't know about you but for me it felt like a little bit of like a College art film but once he learned about it. it's different as a stronger impact. It definitely has that like film student vibe where cinematography is the main. The main thing in story. I take second place until you start realizing that the entire stories so elegantly woven into every single shot that you realize it goes far far far beyond what you initially like. Yeah he you know. Oh my god. Can you do we by chance. Have the this synopsis again. Let me read this. I got it right here. Let me read the synopsis. Because i that it itself as a total yeah. It's a mind it puts for children but to a certain mindset before you even walk movie if it's crazy everything down to even the synopsis. The littlest details in this movie had thought about. There's not a single thing that happens in this movie that shown in this movie ever. That wasn't planned out by the director. It's insane right. It's also important to note that. I'm the one that always says this as well but that this is that way with with every single movie like that is what makes movies so beautiful that his people have months and months to plan these things out and and we're talking people that are the peak of their game. They've been doing this for years and years and they can think they have the opportunity to think of. What's the mind of this character. And how are they thinking and what would be in their bedroom and what would be on their nightstand and and put those things in there. So that's what makes it. So beautiful is that you can go back and analyze all these things that this character of lyndon because it's at the end of the day it's all fabricated. It's completely made up. It's all done set in every little thing that is on frame is in there for a purpose in the way that they frame it. And the way that the the Build the atmosphere. It all tells the story of this person's life absolutely for good movie. That's absolutely what happens but more often than not. We have bad movies. That were watching. That don't necessarily have someone who thought all the way through like other actually very rare that we get a movie that is this thought out. You know i mean every should be this thought how but then again we get you know and so seemingly all over the place when you watch it without. Yeah without knowing about what's going on in in in how the way the story is being told it's you're just you're on a rollercoaster ride and you're being taken all over the place and seemingly a scatter of like some things don't even make sense like the the the gender scenes until the very end didn't even make sense or like what. What does this guy have to do with the movie because we just have random jump cuts to a janitor sweeping floors and i. I will admit this is the first movie in a long time. That made me physically exhausted. It's uncomfortable the whole movie. It portrays a to the audience. It makes us very uncomfortable. It puts them in situations. The the cast are put into situations that are very uncomfortable to watch And and it doesn't let up the entire time. So i agree. I definitely makes you like exhausted afterwards. Because you're like you're making like i. I caught myself making faces that i would make if i was put in that situation. But i'm just watching it so it was like. Why would i be doing that. You know yeah. I love i love so many different parts about this movie but one of the significant points that really stands out is when she starts talking like i said no. I didn't have to give my number. Like i should have ended things with him awhile ago. Like all these things like. I shouldn't be in this situation here. And i just love that she points it out but yeah it's like it's interesting because it's it's like something an audience member would watch going into a horror movie. I'm not saying this is a horror movie. But they would say. Oh no don't do that. Don't don't go up them stairs when someone when someone a mass murderers chasing you and they do it but in this case she was like oh. I know but i'm still doing it. Which i actually find is a really. I think more realistic idea about how they would behave. Just because of social norms this is the way like. I would probably act that way around a weird person anyways because just going with the flow and stuff because that's how our social behaviors are wired. And you don't wanna like upset a person that you're with that you care about but at the same time everything inside of you is telling you know don't don't go I thought it was kind of like. I almost me the killer. The the kidnapper mentality you don't get in the van and find their puppy but they do it anyways. And it's not always because of smarts it's because of social faux pas you know yeah it really begs. The question of at what point in time is enough enough. Like when is it going beyond being polite and saying yes. I will give you my number. Yes i will go out with you to like okay now. We're now we've crossed the you know. Okay so we might be dating. Whatever i wanna. I wanna jump into it. But i wanna like like formal here so just in case. You haven't seen it. I know we've already been talking about your coming midway in the show. I'm thinking about anything's if you haven't watched it. Check it out on netflix. Right now and then you can come back to us or because there will be spoilers. We're gonna tear it apart right now because that's what we do. So i want to go back over the synopsis that we originally read and and then we can start from there and we'll say going before going into it. I feel like this movie is just way too much for us to touch This is a really beautiful movie. It's really well thought out and there's also so many complicated ideas that they are trying to unravel in touch within this movie and there's just not enough time and we're not gonna hit everything but that's also why we're asking you to to let us know also any major points that we might miss some of the things. Yeah absolutely the poems and stuff are just way over my head. There so complicated but i can i can. I can see how they tied into the character. So yeah and i have Some theories in some suggestions along with those later but regarding the we'll let me go into the synopsis really quick here more misgivings. A young woman travels with her new boyfriend to her parents. Secluded farm upon arriving. She comes to question everything she thought she knew about him and herself. Now if having seen it. I think it's pretty awesome that the synopsis of this movie focuses on the perspective of a woman which is something i thought would be more interesting At the start before having seen it but really it's as we know now it's the focus is actually on the the man himself so some of the questions i have wrote down during the movie was It becomes very apparent with the jump cuts that we are not in the present world. We're not in the real world. So i'm thinking are we in the mind of a schizophrenic. Are we in her mind. Are we in his mind. The janitors mind. Is this the whole figment of his imagination. Because there's these random cuts to a seemingly unconnected story with janitor but as we find out. Now it's it's what i'm believing. It is because this book is fairly open to interpretation and that is exactly how they wanted it It seems that the the boyfriend is the real person and everything is if figment of his imagination. Because the whole world surrounds him. We're going to the farm to see his parents to see his family. He's presenting his new girlfriend to the family and everything is around his mind. I believe in. Yeah go ahead yeah yeah exactly. Everything is centered around him. Everything is focused on him even the beginning with the girl. Everything she is saying is about him. She doesn't have a single thought that has to do about her. She doesn't think about friends. She doesn't think about her job. She barely mentions that she has a study for school. And with that even keeps changing. She is so focused on him. We don't really ties into like everything that this movie is about. You know right so and it's what what what is happening is so. This girl is a figment of his imagination. He's dreamed her up in his head. And just like we can have these grandiose dreams about the perfect woman we also have the The self conscious that maybe. I'm not enough to hold onto the perfect woman and maybe there's things that are. I'm broken about me that that things that she wouldn't like you know maybe i'm too fat or too. There's things that she wouldn't like about me and as he's thinking of these thoughts she is changing herself so the it's more of a realistic dream of his ideal girl because he's thinking he's thinking about the things that she would not necessarily like about him as well and the judgment and all that is there but you're right her things about her the clues to this. That things about her are constantly changing throughout the movie. she was a student of physicists. A waiter a poet and an artist and she changes between all these different things throughout throughout the movie as well as most notably like the things that start messing me up and the mind is or parents like are his parents they. They start changing getting older. Yeah as as she walks into a room. There are different age. There's definitely a lot of our questions in his though. But the that was the most notable that we weren't in the real world as the parents were changing from room to room. Yeah and even littler smaller things than that Her makeup would be different from one scene going into the next same with her Jewelry one seen. She'll be wearing nothing than very next. Seen the very next time you see her she is death out in beautiful pearl necklace. Yeah it's just the little things that every time. He thinks he needs to make a change to make her just that much. Better mind he does that right and like you pointed out with the age of the parents. If you ever noticed that the parents rarely there only on the same age weight age wonk. What once when first entered in the apartment but right after that initial drink dinner everything just goes haywire. Right and their ages are jumping from super young to super old depending on what he thought was the best representation of his ideal parents so he wasn't just trying to push off his ideal girlfriend. Used trying to push off his ideal parents. Well he's trying to feel avoid that he obviously has from his childhood all the way up to adult it would so i think real about that is Striking about that is that that is how i think about my parents as well. You know. it's like my parents are now in their sixties. But i still see them as the parents they were when i was six years old. It's they're still that same image to me and it's kind like i get our perspectives of our family change. And and maybe i am. I have blinders over me. And i don't see the way my parents are necessarily now and sometimes i noticed that when maybe they're trying to stand up or something in there and air all the bones are creaking. Because they're they're older now are they. Yeah they go on a walk and they're sore for two and a half weeks. Because i see that side of i don't know that side of my parents and they exist and every age in my mind and is i think kind of what they are trying to trying to show. Is that the that maybe also that wind is the perfect age range to shut like to show your family to your your your girls exactly so changing and his mind. Yeah win is that ideal time. It's all about that ideal time you know the one award that he got in the real world that we're able to at least determine that was from the real world wasn't the best award and he's mentioned that like. Oh you know. My dignity was dignitary award Yeah yeah. I got the dignitary award. But i didn't get the best award but he got the second best award but he couldn't look at that and see accomplishment now that he only saw the negative fact that he didn't get something better yes Believe in that diligence that they was in diligence diligence award diligent But if you also noticed during that his mom always d- talk down to always talk down to him right. Did it in a nice way like we talk to- dogs when they do like. Aren't you just little doggy. That doesn't order thousand. Basically how she was talking to him the entire movie right and i. He's not that we can create monsters in our own head like the you know. Monsters don't exist in real life but we can. We can project the the negative things that people that have happened. And we can create real real world monsters in our in our heads. And i feel like that was kind of weird moment which i thought why. Why are they if this is something he chooses to imagine. Why is he imagining. What might have been a real relationship with them which is like when She the mother leans into kiss him he he pulls away from it and the father won't even look him in the is if you notice that at the beginning when they meet not a single time in the entire movie the father look. Yeah so it's a an obviously in this house. There's a lot of unanswered questions that we didn't get to address in the in exploring this movie but For example the the basement which you can you can write a whole friggin Thesis paper on this movie called all the stuff aid they hidden side every other word. And what's important. I think as well to to note is that this is just our perspective on and they even make mention of this in the in the film when they're talking about The diagnosis of a movie that they had watched mutually and they both have different perspectives on it. And you know what they're both right. It's it's that's kind of with this world is it's a perspective of what you think it might have been. And that's exactly what the director and writer wanted. They wanted to leave everything up to interpretation and have it make it more of an experience for a personal experience for the audience that they can interpret for themselves so we are trying to be a little bit more general and read and possibly interpret what they were trying to do in this film though because that again was also another story that the director had from the writer was to interpret it. The way he felt that that they wanted But i feel like one of the major representations of this and it's also reinforced through repetition. Several times throughout the film is this notion of That we all do with our deal with ourselves is dealing with age but not necessarily death. I didn't feel like death. Was the major focus. It was more about age in it was reinforced through the metaphor of a train for us at the beginning. They're talking about a train. That's going fast and you can't get off of it and itself as a care is an engine for age because it's only moving forward and then again the mother Also mentions the train to other times in the film and Even says that it's a train taking us to hell because Age only moves forward So yeah yeah. It definitely looked at it definitely pushes the fact that it is trying to say that this individual is thinking back on. You know his life his time wasted like i just lost my train of thought trains. You lost your train of thought on trains of great but this movie is really trying to push the fact that it's time time is being messed with the parents getting older and younger with the train. in the very beginning even with the poem of coming home to an empty house with nobody there the fact that i hate coming home loneliness. We talk when they're talking about the loan that prelude the holy whole movie. Yeah do foreshadowing. Kenyan man got so dr. That's what i love to. It's so morbid. And darn like she just with right down at really dark alley when they were talking about a homecoming and i was like gosh. You must not be very excited to hear. Your boyfriend's parents be passed because it was so how and he loved it. Yeah yeah and even in the beginning is like that. That poem was about me. You it sounds like you wrote that about me. Ed with what was man. What's cool too. is that this. This whole film is a engine for representations of age moving forward and so everything in the story line for this character has to proceed forward and everything one of the things that that they had. Did this two major scenes of driving a lot of the movie takes place of driving and the had the way that they'd filmed that they created this. This sense that we're in a car driving but we're not going anywhere if you notice there's no other cars there's no the background is is partially escaped us except for the day scene and even then while the day scene is moving. We're not getting the sense of movement that you would normally get in film if they were driving in a car. We'd get the feeling that you know. There's there's things happening but in this. In both these scenes there was no movement no movement going forward so the character just stayed stagnant and stuck in the timeframe that that the the the user wanted them to stay in. I'm possibly the boyfriend. I guess in this case would be talking about. Yeah and that was definitely done on purpose to show that because everybody knows will at least us in the film industry knows that establishing shots are used primarily. When people aren't vehicles show that the vehicles moving that it's going to the next location they didn't use any establishing shots and they did that on purpose. They wanted us to feel like we're not doing anything or going anywhere. Yeah yeah it was great and and so. Now that we're moving into like the shots. I think One of the most apparent abundant use that they did in this one. And i think they did really well is the use of negative space and even just showing the title. It's so anybody on the screen you can barely see. It's all black screen. And just this itty bitty title it just just gives us feeling of insignificance in in in visibility. It's just we're not even worth looking at the title of your movie because that's all you know it's almost fine print and again sorry going to beat me on that one but it's powerful powerful when you don't show things and a lot of the the shots used a lot of this negative space and also helps contribute to that mine trip Was that when you when you build a shot. You like to create nice symmetric Scenes nice leading lines. You make them nice and symmetrical one character on one side one or the other and it's it's and even almost always in this one almost all the shots were asymmetric and it kind of hurts your brain a little bit to watch it because the shot always just seemed a little bit often framing so that could utilize that negative space in most the one i noticed it most was for the car scenes when they would do them both head on they would both be at the very bottom third of the screen and everything about it. The two thirds above it was just snow falling in black sky. Yeah and then it counterpart to that. I'm sorry to interrupt you but important on the same thought anytime we moved into the girl speaking. I'm most of the shots in the movie. Anytime we move to her thought process or voiceover or her speaking we created a very chaotic clustered shot. It wasn't it wasn't a simple shot to show her. So it just stood out very very noticeably from this empty space in one shot. and then we'd moved to her thoughts and it would be so busy. I instead of using a traditional side shot in through the front window to get the character they would use the a column the column of both vehicle of both sides of the vehicle and framer in this almost through a dirty window. Even of like of maybe not dirty Snowed frosted window where she's just a small figure. And all this mess of lines from the car from the cars pillars and it wasn't clean but it created a sense of chaos in our mind and that's kind of what i felt like a lot of her thought process was was undoing in making sense of all the the mess that's going on which which i can relate to a ourselves because that's that's a lot of what we do when we get stuck into our brains. Yeah and yeah. They really chose different shots especially with her coming from any time that she was talking. Just like you're saying going away from the talking when they showed the next character More times than you realize. They are showing the next character as like. They are entire face filled. the whole frame. It was shocking is comfortable like the. I was uncomfortable the first time it happened and i started noticing that it was only happening either right before she spoke or right after she spoke bows just a way to like shock. Everybody but it didn't happen with. Jake only happened with his parents when his parents were looking at her right. And yes so. It is just the the director in the Cinematographer really used the shots in the film to Bring out just the sense of smallness and insignificant yes and may even us as the viewers feel like ooh. Yes i feel like i matter very much right now he there. Jeez so one. The things that i saw. I didn't interrupt you. I'm sorry but one and he did other things that i was curious about too is is. There's this obvious. Use of one of the first scenes in this movie is. The wallpaper is beautifully decorated wallpaper. All of it is kind of vintage right and so every time. We're in sight of a house inside of a any building. There's this intricate vintage wallpaper. Being shown in all the rooms with the exception because it stands out very prominent when i don't see it of the stairs in the hallway where it was just painted bright green color What do you. What do you make of that. I have a couple ideas. But i wanted to ask you about the use of that wallpaper. You know the use of the wallpaper just like everything else that he or is shown in this film just really radiant radiates being stuck in the past the shows that he's watching The wallpaper is all old from the sixties. The shows are definitely from when he was a kid. Everything even the music he listens to is all from the past. He has not been able to go anywhere he's not been able to move on. That's at least what i'm getting from. The side piece especially when his character was first introduced. Yeah or the old man was first introduced. I that's something. I'm still thinking about after watching it. It's obviously it makes it more visually interesting to see this decorated wallpaper in the vintage style then just painted wall but when those painted walls are shown stood out so prominent and i notice when she was walking down she went upstairs was like a faux pas. Like don't do that. You know it was. It seemed it wasn't actually said but it seemed like it was like not a thing to do and again going back to age though it might be something in his mind of like being a child and not being allowed to be upstairs or something and when when she did go upstairs and We're seeing all these green walls going up the stairs. And when she was coming down she came down about five or six different flights of stairs. It seemed it seemed to not match the the going upstairs like there. Was this like a sense of like being in purgatory like she was stuck in a pile of endless stairs. Going down and down and down into maybe the the more complex issues in remind because if you notice she was also stuck in thought while she was going downstairs or or again i get the sense of purgatory. That's that's kind of being like. They're almost like you know. I have a different way of units high. Your thing going. The multiple trips haven't down the stairs What happens at the end. But i'm gonna. I'm gonna hold that theory off for just a little bit i'm going to Talk about it a little bit later. Wants to get through the rest. I but i do have. I do have an idea that touches back on that. Okay so i wanted to talk about some of the things that stood out like fire in this film and which i felt was actually refreshing because in this day and age we so prominently use phones in. It's just like a way of life at it. Kills me. And i want to throw my phone in the ocean but we didn't see any phones in this movie right away and when we when we did it was shown in hurt our eyes to see this because of the use of colors so things that weren't Supposed to be in this world or super vibrant colors if you notice. The whole palette of this movie is very neutral and in without color. There's no like all looks like old vintage everything is just. It's faded and everything is a natural colors except for these things that shouldn't be there like when she pulls out her phone. It's vibrant color and it's it's screaming at you and the throughout the movie. She answers and her friends. Keep calling her. Who's lucy lucy. Gala keeps calling her over and over again almost as if to warn her not to go on this trip. Which says it up as a horror film for me at first until we get into it in and it's weird because we're setting. The whole thing is built as a horse. Seen a horror movie but i. I don't know what i'm still trying to make sense of what these vibrant things that stand out are were. There's also a a lot of repetition from the use of the Mugs there's thermoses place thrown for example. The back of his car so Inside his house throughout the on the counters thermoses. At one moment he opens up a door and it's full of thermoses that were vibrant colors of red in and strong white colors and it just stood down. And i again. I don't know these are things that like that as we grow up we see things from our past that flashes back to that moment that was growing up You know like like cookie or a certain thing that you know like a blanket that you grew up with the cnn. Thursday back to. I don't know if that was the use of that of those. The from the theory brings later. Actually i'll bring it up now because it fits really well. Is i believe this whole movie from start to finish happened in the span of vat old man. Janitors afternoon okay. So the reason. I say that is every time. She's moving up and down stairs every time. Her clothes are changing everything right. It's always to fit his idea of what the perfect person is. his idea of. The perfect meeting of his family is however everything alludes to this man being stuck in time you know. How long has it been since he saw that woman. Holy shit will you just put it that. You just blew my mind. And i'm going to tell you why i you just put this whole movie in perspective for me. I believe it does happen over the course of the day and at the end of the day this man dies it's a recounting of his life. Right and it's we're getting lost in his his mind and the reason. I think that this is the way it is is because the very first sequence in this movie is we open up on this red headed girl outside in the beautiful son getting on her phone waiting for this card to pick her up and then we pan over and see this old man. Who's a janitor looking out the window staring at her and this was probably the only part that was that was real before we went into his mind. He's sitting out there getting ready to go to work and he sees this girl on the sidewalk going about her business and he builds this perfect girl inside his head in the perfect time in his life when he was in his twenties and thirties and and thinks about how would be introducing her to his family. Who's probably long deceased. And it's all happening through the day while he's working and cleaning the school as a janitor both yeah or even more depressing and i hate to say it is. He's been thinking about this girl for last forty years. Okay and i say that because when you're when lucy's entering the school at the movie She looks down into the trash candidate. She sees a trash can full of the cup. Yeah completely to the brim. Full of the cups that she just threw in all right. Yeah how many times has this man thought about introducing this woman to his family. There looks down in the win when she finally goes downstairs. Everywhere is pictures of her. Yeah that's right. She says that's a fixture of for the place. Yup the franken The books and stuff were the books that are poetry talking about the entire time her poetry her drawings are everything she is him yes she is him she the knee i think he saw her at one point in time in the past and he may have tried to talk to him he may have been too scared to talk to her and then he just obsessed over what could have happened in his life just like he obsessed over what could have happened with everything else being a physicist bean a poet you know wanna do all these crazy interesting things in his life and yet he dropped out of school and became a janitor. Ya and my question which i just asked is. Why do we have the use of this phone in wire friends keep calling her to seemingly tell her to get out of this situation and if we are going on the off the concept that he is in his head what is our biggest factors that we have nowadays in the world as the goddamn ringing phone. That's in our pocket all the time and i think that this is why that that moment stood out so much for me and why i felt that this i wrote this in my notes that this shouldn't be there. Why is this phone there. Why are these people calling her. Because it's it's glowing him out of his thought process. It's trying to call him a way back into the real world so to speak even though arguably going into your phone as getting out of the real world. But i think it's speaking about that use of use of technology as well. Yeah it's definitely showing that just like the phone like you were saying. The phone was points out of the real world. That phone was pulling him out of his dreamworld rhianna. Maybe the phone represents something. He had to do a work that was taken his mind away. Or you know maybe it was his inner thoughts saying hey enough of this freaking dreamworld dude. Wait the free cup man. You've been dreaming for fifty years dude. He her up. And yeah you're janitor. These phone calls are telling her to get out and even yeah might be voices from like from at the shake shop of this girl telling her get out. You don't have to stay in this time and yet you're telling him to move on. I give me you can move on. You can be something else. You can finally get it. You can finally grab a hold of your life and i think that's what happened at the end. I don't think he went crazy. Which is why again now. This is making sense which is why anytime there in the car. You don't get the sense of moving forward. were stuck. Yeah that's great exactly. We're stuck and also think about the pig. Do you remember the pig from the beginning of the year. Not remember the big. They're eating the pig. Oh my god. Yeah the pig. Oh dear god. The pig in the beginning of the movie was left out. He told a lucy the story of how a pig was left out by his father and died so the headlines on fire right he is the exact same way that pig died alone frozen to death naked. He dies the exact same way that pig. Does i get it. Because there's there's a sequence at the end with the magical pig cartoon finger and what we never see a pig in real life. We just see the ashes of the week. So i'm kind of putting it together as this is that moment. That all happens to us where where it's the process of growing up. We see something words most to something that we shouldn't be seeing as a child but it's also natural at the same time for a child to get these experiences and there's this moment that is happens and oliver our brains where we learn to process accept the fact that maybe death happens or something more natural And and we all grow up but at the same time we remember the fact that we were scared of it as children and so this might have been. That moment happened on the farm. He explained they use this freezing Quite a lot. I think three or four times in the film different people say this and the phrases life can be difficult on a farm and they keep saying that over and over again. Life is difficult on a farm. And i think that this was one of those moments. That may have happened when he was young. That's why he imagines the pig as a cartoon and yet it's just one of those things that's been burned into his mind but he himself has been able to process it because that's what he tells her but her as him. So it's there's a. It's that inner child that stuck in his head. Yeah an-and also explains the most confusing frequent seen in the entire show when they go to that ice cream parlor On the way back at the end of the movie and they stopping at the to fro- Freezer frozen up. whatever. I'm still thinking. This was a horror movie at this point. Yeah yeah me too. I had to watch this movie through the second time. Because at the end of the first time i legitimately thought we watched a movie about being in the in the mind of a serial okay and had the second time is the brilliance of jessie buckley. Though he's from breaking bad is one of the one of the big shows that he became super popular on. And he's just got this this mine thing that spent sends chills up the back of your spine about a serial killer. He's just like like yeah. He's good he does it in just his demeanor. It's mundane attitudes the way he talks very with without Toned it's all very bland even and just the way he pauses in between his words it. Yeah he plays the serial killer. No yeah you're absolutely right His name is jesse plame. Oh clean monds the jesse bucks which is also another actress. Yeah the actress which is also another interesting thing that they're both named jesse yeah. I don't know something director had a little story. No one like both are stars were jesse. Yeah yeah okay go back to the. Let's go back to the shake shack. Because i thought that was kind of so Going to shake shack. I think okay so for one. The two girls are being overly nice in giggling and stuff are the same two girls that the janitor passes in the beginning of the movie that are mean to mow making fun of him and stuff when he passes him right. But i think that that third girl is a reflection of himself from when he was younger like his insecurities and everything. He's trying to hide away right because he says i'm sorry about that. Smell where varnishing shells right okay. Last time i checked you don't varnish your universe shit inside is shop. Dangerous people are gonna die. So i'm thinking that was the excuse that he was given by his father when his father killed the pick like maybe he started smelling it because he said The pig started getting maggots and stuff like that. Maybe it started stinking. He asked his dad what that smell was in this. Data's like oh it's nothing i'm varnishing. But he knew in his mind. It's not varnish varnishing the shells okay that makes sense because that's the only thing that fits that entire scene into anywhere. I feel like this is a mix of a illusion. That's made up in his brain a reflection of that Of these different things that he encountered growing up in high school. Because there's the typical you know high school girls. That are too cool for school. Type thing mean girls. Exactly the mean girls and And then there's the always the ones that you make friends with the ones that are more honest and open. And she's throwing compliments at him. But then i also feel like it's more like us speaking out to any generic local town. Insert the little town here. And it's also like this is the this is the spot to go. This is the thing that creates this little town and makes it so wonderful but also there's the different generations of of kids that would've worked in their and their high school years and moved on and and we're just seeing these different Generations of a people that have might have worked there All in this one scene coming out. Yeah and If you noticed one the reasons. I think that this girl and jake one in the same is that when jake is paying one they don't touch he just throws money down grabs but if you notice their hands the have the same bruises or rash. Something on their hands. And jake does not have a rash on his hand at all. They're in the rest of the movie the only time. His hand changes in fact when it goes older because he goes to switch the music the channel. The song he has old man's hand for in on the real world pleading through exact on the car that was in the car before going into the highest as he gets closer to himself he becomes more like himself and like and then we another fun. Part was that the. I thought it was fun. The janitor is sitting there watching a movie on his lunch. Break inside the classrooms. It's you know he's he's utilizing the public services of the school and in a different way but he's watching this movie about dance routine i. I believe it's robert zemeckis movie. And and it he at the end when they meet when his characters in his mind meet him the turns into this ballet almost that matches this movie that he was watching so his mind kind of leads through into that that scene and they have this whole love scene almost live their whole world and die in in this one ballet saying which i think is kind of beautiful that the way it plays out even the blood is of man after he stabbed him as being the little flags at the askew. But yeah dude. I like up until this point in the movie. Also again the movies okay. Ah literally the entire reason. I wanted you to watch. This movie was the ending. I have never been more impressed by ending to a movie in my entire life. That ending pulled everything together. It made me question literally everything. I just watched. It may tear up and give me goosebumps. A how beautiful the ballet was. Oh my god. Whoever was doing the dancing at the end. The judge gorgeous gorgeous. Their routine was amazing. But if you notice the movie the movie that you brought up earlier old movie old yeah yeah and so. It fits his old aged times stuck in the past man. He can't move and then so then. We go to this. Which i've seen this this play out several times before so i i had to. It's not original. Had to have been a nod to other movies that were playing but even Now thinking just. I've talked to my mind. American horror story the the show season where at the end the the old haggard actress. Who's playing the the the keeper of the freak show. She passes on and dies and as a performer. She she gets to do the one thing she loves and perform in front of all the people she. She admires in one last. Act on her deathbed in. That's playing in her mind is this is this performance. And he gets to do that as well. It builds up to this. And that's how i knew he was dead at this. Point is at this. He's crossed because he's performing oklahoma a play that he loved and singing in front of everybody who was in the movie and and performing for them as they are all in. It's it's not. it's not an old old. It's it's obviously. It's obviously a old which i don't. I'm trying to decipher still what that what that means. Why maybe that our ages a perception. It's it's just. It's just something we we i know. Em if you notice the everywhere in the movie of regarding ages done beautifully right the anytime that any of the actors were Created older it was top of the line up right in until he's dead at at that point in time everybody has bared like this face paint stuff to make him look old. It's just just really bad. It's like a high school rendition of trying to make somebody older right right. Yes and if you listen to the speech that was giving it was also the same speech from a beautiful mind. Yes yeah so it was. It was a nod to that to the movie actor. I don't understand. But that's what also made me think that because the movie itself is about it's a schizophrenic person. Right yep it's about schizophrenic. And how everything in the movie pretty much happens in his mind and win he Nonce to that when he brings up the For delusions part. It looks over at lucy. They have like a a. Hey a wink wink moment. Going on you know just to show just the further show us that this was all in his head in god. It was well. We knew that by this time because this was after he received his nobel peace prize before hebron foggin dancing. Yeah at this point. In time. I figured he was dead. Okay so the first time. I watched through it. I thought he was dead and each one of these people that was in the audience. Was somebody killed. Yeah yeah he's a serial killer. And yeah i think it might be downfall. I think he's a great actor. But maybe jesse plumbing. Of course the name now. I corrected myself on that one. But yeah it's Yeah he's a great serial but also yeah. Maybe that was what they wanted. Maybe they wanted us to. Because there's definitely like this this horror movie aspect feeling to it and it turns out it wasn't i guess unless you you count the horrors that are in our mind and in that case the maybe you can think it was because everyone's once we get really deep north thought. It could be a little scary. I think for everybody. So yeah maybe that was the the decision they were trying to make. Yeah once once it breaks out in song and dance with won't be surprised. It's yeah it's game over. Let's it's definitely worth the watch. The oh man if nothing else in. The movie was worth watching. The ending made the entire film worth it. It was still. I still think was on the best endings. I've seen very long absolutely and so you can you touch on it to the these the speech from a beautiful mind those given by russell crowe and and all these pop culture references there. There was even this one instance where they're in the car and the girl breaks out into this this dialing in everything that is the. We don't know. We need to know dialing i. It's too awful you don. I'm like who. Is she shading into a different character but that that itself was was taken from another pop culture reference of within that time that would have been for for this janitor at his at his age. And so there's just a lot of it's true. I think our world is kind of guided by. We live by pop culture references. Even his bedroom was full of movies and magazines and things from from his his childhood but one of the wall which i thought that was interesting to. Maybe you know. The dad had alzheimer's and dementia. I wonder if he himself was the one falling to dementia. And that's why there needed to be labels on everything throughout the house. Because that was his house is his mind and he's navigating the the complexities of it in going into these different rooms but having them labelled helped him find it in his mind. Maybe that that is why we're getting all these random jump cuts that seemingly push us around at different times in different and decade everything very confusing. Yeah yeah but one of the things that he did he did touch on that. I i liked and there was also another comparison again through use of repetition inside. This movie was at the beginning. They talked about A films you know the the train. Oh if the train was going you could just jump off the train no You can't just jump off a train because in the real world if you jump off a train you die. And he says well. Maybe i'm just being fed lies from movies and in and it's true in in a sense because that's the essence of hollywood is is building. These lies to tell a story but also it shapes perspective. And i think that was the kind of important note that he had and also relayed throughout the movie through those use of repetitious Devices that that we form our perspectives based off of the different media that we bring in there in the things that we see in expose ourselves to which kind of makes it a little bit. Scary nowadays is that we have so much niche media. Because if you wanna be like you know Cunanan or something and go really right wing you can think the world is flat and you can find as much medias you want to support the fact that they world is flat or or that trump is a superior being brought here by the devil or something you know. There's there's there's plenty of evidence online to support all those things but then we have this this This moment where they're again. They're talking about farm animals and how how farm animals are without conscious thought and that humans are the only ones that have evolved to find this this ability to know who we are but Our our brains are filled with this perspective and filled with lies from the things that we consume so she kind of she kind of hints that we are actually just like animals that we haven't found are conscious thoughts. We haven't found herself conscious and she even offers the the the the. I see it as a scapegoat that maybe hope the only thing that humans have evolved to hold onto and not so much conscious thought but but she goes back to say like. We're basically just like the animals like the her argument was because of the things we choose to consume in in media and education. Wise were were were just as good as animals. And we don't yeah. And i think that's very powerful especially in today's day and age where a lot of people believe you know. Basically whatever's put in front of him look for opposing thoughts. They just look for more media that supports their thought. Exactly so i think when a movie points this out and tries to bring attention to it. I really appreciate that personally. Yeah yeah so i. I don't know if i had to sum up this movie it was. It was awkward and uncomfortable but veto a exhausting exhausting. Yes and if you out there know who lucy was and how she fits in there and why she keeps calling then. Please let us know. Because i'm still trying to trying to grasp on that one. That's one of my questions. That i felt wasn't answered in this session today. I i'm trying to figure out. Who is lucy satisfying result. I i have an idea about that. Okay if you notice every time her name change every time the person callings name was the name of her. You know so the first time it was lucie that was calling right. Her name's lucy. Then her name would change. The parents would call her different things. Yeah right and then whatever her calling her then you would look down and win the next time. She looked at her phone. She had a bunch of miss calls from other people. You positive that you noticed all the other calls. Were from what her parents were calling her. That's right yeah so it was. Lucy amy ames. I believe agnes might have been one of the other names I was writing them down as they were calling different names than i was it was. It was like what's going on here. Why is her name. Changing aims in the they are still serial killer about. I'm like this is a horror movies chopper head off. He's calling it a degrading into like what he wants her to be. You know but that's exactly what he's doing is he's he's turning into one. He wants to be a perfect woman. Yeah literally change her. Your wasn't a serial killer. China force her to change she literally physically change inner in his mind. Okay last question why We have a scene where she goes to show the parents her artwork which is really beautiful and i think it speaks to the movie industry again as well as like the the effort you have to go to build a scene and then we see all this use of negative space and how it creates an emotion for us to feel oh and then there was also the argument of with her. The father of i need to feel like somebody is in this picture so that i can experience the emotion through them and the storytelling and she's like well. Maybe you can just imagine that you yourself are standing here and this is through your perspective and that this thing that i've created for you to look at is the thing i want you to experience which goes back to this movie itself. Were supposed to experience it as us from our perspective and not from her perspective as her being in the movie is what the doctors telling us but then she looks down at the mother's foot and it's like it's like rotten and what do you think that is this. An indication that she herself has is realizing that she is not real or So the paintings that She showed were actually real paintings done by an artist back in eighteen forty seven to nineteen nineteen by ralph albert blacklock sherifi buttered that. He was an american painter. Who painted landscapes related to the Totalism tuna liz. Yeah totalism movement and So it's definit- definitely for sure all those places he painted. There's now a walmart there. Oh absolutely sad to think about that show absolutely but i think that this time that the father was talking bad about her painting. This was the only time that the father wasn't supportive. In whatever job she was doing right this is the time. Like i don't understand it like why are you. Why are you doing this right. I think that's because Jake had such a negative response may be with trying to paint because when you go down into the basement. He has those paintings that she showed off his. Yeah oh and then so okay. So is this why he doesn't wanna go in the basement. These are the things that he has tried to forget and shove into a little corner inside of his brain. It's those things that we don't want to remember about our lives. That's why the the aso scary to go into. it's his it's real life you know Down the washing machine had his janet. Close yeah right you know down. There balked behind the door. That's where the pictures of lucy were. That's where his other paintings were. That's where his books and his physics books in his philosophy books and his poetry in everything was stuffed so like i think that in his younger age maybe he was or stay down there by his parents maybe who has just spent all his time down there because his parents do that a few times by saying he spends all his time down there or Something along those. yeah yeah. that's that's interesting. okay. I think Yeah def different answered. Another answered question for me was the I i didn't think know if they're using this door to the basement to sell it as a horror movie or had a stronger. Now that we're kind of talking it. Over i i feel like we're we're hitting those those corners a little bit more so yeah definitely a good movie. I think it definitely deserves watching it. Multiple times to understand and decipher the various meanings. That that happened there which is perfectly okay to be different from our own. Because that is what they're saying is the beauty of this is that it's it's experience for the individual to have not for us to consume as a whole in and spit out pop culture and live by this. Were were supposed to have an individual moment to ourselves in really find out what this means to us. Yeah absolutely and if you guys have any if you agree with us if you disagree with us let us know if you guys have any other Suggestions or theories or alternate theories. Like i would love to hear other people's ideas on this everything i've looked up And how i think about. It is one way but i would love to hear what everybody else has to think. Yeah yeah indefinitely all the different things that we may have missed as well. I'm sure there's there's there's again this movie we missed a lot but It's it's it's just how it is we. We have to focus some time to to speak about the more obvious things and build a foundation for this. This wonderful film that we watched. And hopefully we've uncovered it for you to watch and and experience as well. Check it out all right so going onto more pressing concerns for our listeners. Disney plus is going to be increasing their subscription prices again. This month come on. it's not yet. This is bound to be expected though all the different streaming devices the more content. They put out the more expensive. It's going to get. I mean look at net flicks. Netflix has gone up from what seven dollars when they first came out. Two now. fifteen dollars and Yeah so disney. Here's the thing. I i really don't like though about disney. Plus i feel like i was kind of like stabbed in the heart with him because i was really excited to see all the disney stuff be released especially the older things and when they came out with with the announcement that they were gonna start releasing their movies on disney plus wasn't with that that that specification that it's going to be through another service you have to go get the disney plus subscription and then you have to get another subscription just to watch the movies that are coming out and i felt like i'll you know like why did you trick me into getting disney plus when i'm just going to have to get another subscription to watch the movies that are coming out like it's so dishonest. Let me yes. Only explain this feature for those of you. Who haven't heard about it before so disney plus is a subscription service that you can get for nine dollars a month now and they have an optional Additional fee that you can pay for twenty nine ninety nine per movie that they're releasing now to the general public so like gum Milan for instance. When that came out and was released. You could either go to the theater and pay you know ten or fifteen dollars. No actually you couldn't at that time because of covid theater but the only way to watch it was to basically buy it from disney plus now after twenty nine ninety nine fee. It's unlocked for the length of time. You have the subscription okay. So if you cancel your subscription you come back. I don't know if you get the movie back but you definitely can't watch it. Probably subscription bats. That's the evolution of these things before it was like apple. You could download the movie and you own. It's yours but now you have to subscribe and continually do it to watch the movies. And it's a bunch of stuff so with going to that disney plus is now gonna be or disney announced that Black widow basically all their future Content is gonna be coming out on disney plus at the same time as theaters. I i don't know how. I feel about this Box office wise. People think milan was a failure. Because they'll only made seventy million dollars to two hundred million dollar budget however however the massive amount of money disney plus may during that time for people that bought the movie to download it hundred and ninety three percent money increased during that time hundred ninety three percent. Then basically means as mayor free buddy. Exactly that means that that pretty much shows that the vast majority of people who have at disney plus subscription bought lawn. Yeah okay so. They made jewelry rastogi more money because they cut out the theaters right in. And that's another thing that we're not going to see go away. I think they're studios are starting to see that they can make money on their own without a distributor so We're we're going to start seeing releases straight I believe it's called home streaming releases or straight to home release and yeah which also kind of tastes magical way of going to the movies. Because it's like i'm paying all this money for movie theater ticket when i know it's sitting right at home i didn't have to go anywhere but going is nice too and i guess it's considerate for the people that are still concerned about you. Know the world and the way it is. Yeah cova and everything. Yeah but i feel like it also takes a little bit of the magic away so it's one of those things that yes the industry is going to survive if the theater's go down however the lower the smart people aren't gonna have as good as a physician back in the Early forties. there was a mass thing were only studios held control the film industry in and rescue worked with the studio or the studio owned your project. If you couldn't make it wasn't being released he could not get released. How long are we going to go down this route before. We're right back at the studio system. Where the government's going to have to step in and say. Hey look you guys can't control who gets to see what literally the studio system is the streaming system but then right. The only smoothies that were played at feeders were movies. That studio who owned that theater plate does that. Sound like something. That's happening right now. The only movies being played on disney plus our movies at disney is making its modernizing laws and personnel. Leave it right to your door. You don't have to do anything to pay that monthly fee. It's a monopoly man. And now that they passed the law in california saying that the gig workers have to be Have to be employees of the companies. How long until we're back at a studio system where you're paying grip twelve dollars an hour for eighteen hour shift. you know. Barely minimum wage to do what dude like how hung until we're back at their five years. Ten years tyler. Perry studios was already doing during covid locking all their employees down to where they can't see their family friends. Yeah at all the housing while you're working on the movie. Last time i checked. That's like not kumon locked up dude locked up to make movies do this. How do you think that movie theater system is going to become extinct as that is just gonna be another mervyn's someday the movie theater system before we know it is gonna be the drive in theaters again. Yeah i'm actually happy that that has kind of made a comeback and as well. It's one movie. Come on and throw the kids in the trunk. Great you know they all have to. You don't have to pay for it. You don't know you let him out of the trunk and you kind of get to live with a little bit of a serial murderer life second and you get to go over the speed bumps a little bit faster when they're in the. It's all good fun count. Yeah exactly so no. I think it's it's and we're even seeing that now. I think it was like a regal that has declared bankruptcy. I don't actually don't have any movie theaters in my city anymore. Because they've all closed down there all regals and on bye-bye it's the awful. Maybe they'll become gyms or something in the future knows i. It's just before we know at the theater system is gonna go the way of the driving system and the problem that we're gonna have in. The future is a problem that we had in the past and government's going to have to step in and stop a monopoly from owning an entire industry right but we can't let can't argue that. The movie theaters themselves were built on eggshells. Because i mean we are going and paying you know twenty thirty bucks for a bag of popcorn and ten ten bucks for a soda. The prices were ridiculous already so we staples know how much the studios were taken to even allow the theaters to show their films. It's everything saying dude. It's just saying they had to charge an arm and leg for drinks because they just they didn't make any money off the ticket right literally nothing. Yeah everything went to the studios or went to their upkeep of the systems and the person at the top makes all the money. Yeah so it just with them announcing that black widow is also coming to streaming services than pretty much all the mcu as well as the same time. Theaters it just. It puts a dark shadow over the future of the industry. But that's not the only news. I wanted to bring up a network on a bad note. No of course. Not i got in on a lovely creative note art so as a kid when you're watching shows at like two o'clock in the morning right. What was always on infamous. Yeah infomercials about everything and promotions about a pillow or a chop matic or something. Well rope which has fifty million current subscribers by was creating a creative How did they put it a creative showcase for products to be like basically they're going to be creek shows for products that are creative right a fancy super fancy infomercials home shopping network on roku. Do they're going to make the first remain home shopping network frigging genius dude like they can just buy it from the tv. How many people would just sit at home. Watch this imblack. y'all want that yoho. That sounds good order. Just pick up. Come nearer metal and hit by an it's automatically to amazon account or whatever and just ships out and that's we're going to spend so much money doing that. I i hate to say it but their best customers are going to be my grandma if she figures out how to use the remote and my god she's going to spend so much money on this on roku not even funny because every Regular four k tv for like three or four hundred bucks at you can get up. The store has roku built in the smart app. That actually works right because android. Smart tv doesn't actually work that well on a lower end models you have to have a really processor to actually make it work so a lot of the roku one works wonderful. So since that's already put into everybody's tv. Now they're coming up with a home shopping network. Oh my god roku is about to make bang i. I'll tell you. I can't wait for hbo to come out with the The late night infomercials all the adult toys and stuff that you could buy with. Just one click all. The sales are going to go through the roof. Now that we That you don't even have to get on your phone to look up those type of things to buy anymore. You just click it with your remote in. Oh yeah even. I could imagine the kids are going to try to watch it through fuzzy screen at two o'clock in the morning just just like like like well we we better and i drove no corner on that one. I'm just saying. I spent many a night looking into the foggy screen nights for five boob. Yeah we just for sometime and it was always a letdown. Because it was softcore so it's always a letdown. Come on man anyways so we're going to go ahead and wrap it up from there. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of uncovered cinema. I think it was a good one. We there was a lot to unpack. And it's going to be a little bit longer because of it but hopefully the i liked this new format and we hope you like to let us know your comments or things we might have missed and and you can check us at uncovered cinema at all the social handles that you need fine and were there and we'll be back next week yet. Thank you guys so much for joining us and we will see you next time gay.

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