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Well I guess we're back. Are we back our we just officially back now? Back right we're back. We don't know if it's physcially back. But I guess we're back over doing a podcast quarantine. Podcasts yeah maybe I think it can be the last one. I think it's going to end pretty soon Either to last podcast we do. Or it's a less podcasting Corinthian. Yeah because this way we can get other guests not that I don't love talking to you talking to me. There's so many things in anger that will never run out of things to talk about the highlight of my day. Sitting here with you talking. I know I know But not the way we have guests anyway. But we'RE WE'RE GONNA start joke. Hoyas called me as you're doing. I think he you know he was just killing it on tour. Can you imagine? He's at the height of his career. He's at like seven out of twenty thousand people in stadiums and all of a sudden. They said. You can't do that anymore. What I've only waited twenty five years for this. I know God bless they'll the fans will still be there back. Oh come back come back to lower ticket price for a little bit but then you know. Hopefully everything will be back to normal. So what are you what are you have? This is wanted to show you that I think this is Simon. Today's show's brought to you by this game. It's our new sponsor our new non-paid sponsor Simon. So I think there's a possibility that this Medical Marijuana and also of fifty plus years of abuse is affecting my says uh of the assignment just said let me again is affecting my brain. Everybody knows that sound so fine because we played this back in the unlike the eighties maybe seventies and I wanna see I wanna see how I know I can do a thousand four to three. I'll come back in like an hour so you. Maybe she'd go get launch or some killing to be here for like an hour. Wow Z. here comes this. This is the best I've ever done is you've ever done. I'm very very proud of you. Battling his the pressure's on the cameras on I know You're killing edge. Jinx me funding. How many how many get one two three four five six seven a nine ten? It's pretty good for me for somebody's you didn't break my record terrible. No you do it. Now come on do it. I did ten though. That's like amazing because I literally did like several force fours like in. I don't know I can't think of more than a because it's confusing because there's four different colors is there too many. And that's like you can't keep track of four. Four seconds to our brains are dead brain fried. I'm proud of you know I'm sick of brain problem when I'm proud that there was I attend. Yes which is like the most I've ever done I can't believe it okay so So that we've been playing that yes and And and this is a weak. What five of this I don't even know what they say they so he's twenty first okay because yesterday was like marijuana Monday. Oh because it was like a four hundred twenty. I don't know how that got like Earth Day and we day and converge to become like marijuana. Mondays was So what what did you bring up to Mr Schneider? Well I have been. I think it's There's a way to end this Because people starting to protest now people are saying enough. I want my life back. I Want My. Ruth's touch touched up. I want to go to the dentist and get my teeth clean. I need a haircut Yes you do shave. I heard that drake say there had the greatest joke about that. He said his girlfriend's at Let me give you a haircut because you do that is it. No but I've never done it before but I got some really good ideas and he said Oh. Yeah let me give you a PAP smear. I've never done it before but got some really good ideas too. Funny Comedian well. I I've given haircuts three kids. I know but this different like long flat hair and it grows like weeds. You're right Myers like parachuting off my head Vada enough and the ones that are staying are just like you know staying behind their degenerating there colors and they don't have enough energy to stay black so they're going they're going gray on me now. That's all right. I look distinguished. You look very distinguished so now what have you been doing during this thing now because I seem to see you cooking and cleaning now. That was tough right. Hasn't been tough the cleaning part. I got to tell you. I've never suspected our house helper more than I've always loved her and everything. Emily love you but like I don't know how she does like in day. She has a system. I mean it's like I swear you know what what what's part of a system. She doesn't get distracted by her phone. Is that what she does? What happens with us? I think we are like doing dishes. What are you into instagram? I'm into instagram. Yes now what? What specifically are you checking out on? Instagram is just the dumbest things like check like on my friends lay. What they're doing your friends. Yeah what are they doing by the way posting pictures of their children? I think there's actually you're bored. You really are bored. Yeah like important. Now I'm getting into tick tock finally like after all these years that going into the funny one the other day yes and it's fun and it's like five people talk. I don't even know what. Let me see call done. I think is the same Patricia. My Patricia My Patricia. A So my favorite thing in this hall quarantine is a rich celebrities rich celebrities saying hang in there people. We know what it's like. It's tough for us to and our Jacuzzi. Yeah it's hard for us. Sorry for us in our big gigantic house. It's hard for us because all of our are gone. And we'RE GOING TO SUFFER FOR WE'RE GONNA have to get our own food out of the other fridge risks. I know there was this terrible video that was put out yesterday by the Republican side of the politics is only we only get two sides in America for three hundred thirty million people you can only have two sides so anyway they put out this terrible video of like Nancy Pelosi eating ice cream. People are like she's like I have chocolate ice cream and I don't know what I'd do without chocolate mint ice cream till like a huge twenty four thousand dollar freeserve frigerator you know. She lives in San Francisco and it just like and then they showed like lines of people waiting for food and stuff. It's just a bad luck. It was a bad look but I don't think she saw where I don't know she's GonNa use it was going to use that video of hers for some fundraising for the Republicans but it was just it was just the versus Nasty Bell. It's very nasty nasty. I've never seen. That was the worst thing that someone can do like. I think if you want to go into politics you must be like a frigging saint. Almost because they're going to they're gonNA find shit. What Shit with the like the worst thing that they could find out probably for like for me? It would be like some like movie that fell apart in some lawsuit or whatever. You know some money that was you know that was brought over from some East Asian country that I had that I didn't know about did know about and didn't WanNa know about you know that's that's it. They'll be questioning. My citizenship ran for for office. Because you can't run for president because you know you're not born here so you you have to be over thirty five so you're in there. Come on guys but what fake. My documents pretend that I was born here and they've flying at you know like once. I'm getting really close out. Yeah I don't know if they kick you out. We did see that. Show the other night so that Netflix show. And we've been working out by the way and not every day I wanted to last night but it was one thirty in the morning and you said no of course not you have to come and workout without bothering me. Okay when I'm at the one thirty sleeping already just because you're cooking cleaning homeschooling and taking care of the kids giving them Bass and reading them stories you saying that. I can't interrupt your sleep. Yes that's correct workout at one thirty in the morning because I'm bored. What the story is the time that I have to work as I was working at midnight and one of her kids came because she had a nightmare and they do you think she had a really nine. She's like I wouldn't call her liar but I think this one was a little lie. What did you say the dream was I? She didn't tell me I didn't get into details. I was like getting bad. Is the bike. I like that guy in my office here. I got a text saying the panthers in bed with us now did you. Did you see panda alert? You didn't get enough. Did see that. Yeah thank you yes but I am writing some new jokes yes because I I need. New Jokes Yes you need a new act. The y'all ready. Yeah I have a comedy special talk about it. Yeah but that already. So you're GONNA be able to use all those jokes and so these are the some new ideas I've got here before I get into this though. I think we'll end this thing really quickly. Okay Quarantine tell me Mr expert because I think people on ending pandemics. I think it should be like you know the Greek story. Lis- LYSISTRATA okay. Yeah Yeah it's it's usually you know that very well. Yes because I remember from my From philosophy classes in the early eighties. The name of your teacher Dr Palmer. Thank you from Oxford. Yeah and I don't know what he was slumming in my junior college but he was there. Because it's beautiful the live in Kent and Ross California Marin County anyway the story I remember really well it was call lists and that's the Greek story where The Greek I guess it was a play. Yes play Greek. Play written when when was that written Like I don't know a couple thousand years ago maybe four hundred years before Christ exactly good. Yeah I gave you that these of information before starting to show. I'm glad you're retained it as good as you retain the thing I wanna see. You do. Tend before the end of the show you watch. I made a mistake at the end. Just so you wouldn't feel bad okay. So let's Estrada was the Greek Play about Women being tired of their men going off to war. And these these futile bloody wars. And so they said they're going to do a sex strike and so they're not going to have sex until this war ends. Yes and then did end. And the POI- Yes. It didn't but it wasn't that easy. Because man were forcing their women to have sex and they were beating them six in the way or to listen strep in real life so nice to mighty you by the way. Oh I'm just saying in general now you try your dry ones and see what happens. So what LYSISTRATA was you know helping out with? This is the part that you're gonNA love. Can't wait for like if women were beaten. Well we're encouraged to to cut the knicks off of so. See How nice. I empty your very nice I appreciate. I do every day shave everyday. Wake up and still have something standing between my legs. I appreciate that every time I go. Thank you even more so but that. Don't you think that if there was a sex strike Corentin Yeah the the governor's wife said that's it no more well but they would have to be like the wife and their ten lovers. That's more to the S. All right you're right about that. So what what was that noise kind of weird thing? Maybe we gotta be phone. Maybe your phone now zapped by the Mayor Happen Again. Turn your phone off mine. It's all mine is like the FBI GONNA cut the. That was like my favorite noise during game shows. When I was a kid he knows like had like match. Game Seventy Five. That's all I am. I come home from school. And you'd watch it'd be like on. Cbs there would be like A game show that he the date d they have like the very thin little microphones doing well now that I like to ask Nipsy Russell. If there was a lake that had some whoopie was always like whippings that same sex. What would that Lake be wearing? Something like that Ngong Milan. But he does some kind of Ram valid we lag wherein something went if you know what I'm saying and they'll be like ha ha and then they would have if he was and then they'd have to match. The person would have to guess what he was going to say and they wrote it down and it was wrong. You'd hear that noise. A universal sound for being wrong right like they say they agreed in all contexts. That's going to be the in Mexico's the same sound. It is the same exact sound so we'll be like an example of something like a game. Show that sound would be used for. We had a couple of good ones. We have like the good ones for kids. There's this show cello and it's an old show in poor guy. They always make fun of live. You're making what is because I've even heard that joke many times you know. What is the joke? Explain well is just. Torello has been around for a long time. Thank God you know. He's a long life and And he started his career young with the same character. The characters Chubby law is supposed to be a boy a young boy and they said that the only boy with Barak Asus does that. Funny Dance Right. No no no. That's the other Guy Kiko. No he's still alive. I think I don't know I don't know but anyway cello had a contest for kits and A game show and he had this this Lather those suspended ladders wasn't even what you have to like. Kind of like balancing them and he would ask you like. So what are you one? You once islands. Are you in noise? Interview said silence so you can get concentrated. Qb Good like all right so we're GONNA saw a lot of noise using the wartime winds money. Will you yeah when you fell? And then they also did the other one unlike ank- An and what is that one. It was more for like a musical game shows if got kicked off at like They had that This one where you can kind of Before the talent shows there was this really crappy talent show. There used to be like a real talent show. Which is like Ed Sullivan? Back in the fifties and sixties. Right and ED ran for like for years and years and years allows a variety show. And then they had like A really crappy one where they would like the Gong show and then if some guy would come out and you could be like literally like juggling spoons raking catching forks with your forehead or something and then if if you got. They'd have three goofy gene. Shalit was one of the he was like. You know one of the judges. He was like a critic. Movie critic Big Mustache us. That's what he's more famous for. Being critic was his big Bushy Amazing Mustache. She had and then if if they didn't like the person they take the. Gong this big Gong they go over to the Gong and they would like while you're still performing you're looking at them going going gone. They go. Maybe I am and then going. And then you'd hear a an an and you might. They might also just throw in just to be mean now. Well there's something similar that There was a show Several he gump. Oh Yeah of course. I'm I'm pretty sure they took from you guys do that. Sometimes you guys take your ideas. We take your idea sometimes too so in this case they have. We took your idea called. America exactly California. That was your best idea yet. Texas was that hours Generalissimo Francisco. Franco should not have hung those guys. You should let them rotten prison. At the Alamo. Nobody would have gave me shit but because he I'm they gave them an excuse to invade but anyway go on. Darling. What's this show? This is the Gong show version. Did they have a gong? No they had this guy. What is the name of the guy that Ho said? He used to the capitated people back in God thing on their hats executioner okay so they had an execute take so if you had an executioner. I mean that seems like a lot. Well if you're not a good bit of win something good before you're gonNA get executed. You lose get more than like five hundred bucks. If you'RE GONNA get your head cut off the executioner do he would have come up with. An executioner was like death was he. Like mortis was. He wasn't no actually no no no. I'm getting the big the big trumpet trumpet. Oh God I don't like your brain. Sex wasn't executioner but I don't remember he would come with that thing and dance. I or if trump at the beginning I don't remember I was a kid but he would be also like around you and then he would try to distract you when you were singing. And then he didn't think that you had a good voice he would. He would play the trumpet through through through it. Did it did it? And I'm telling you it was hysterical people. Which is there like one line in there sung. It would be like a starting their son and he was like. Oh God that was the fun the misery and people would yell like go. Really Fun Dad. Mom of that show. We would all watch it. That was the chauffeur Saturdays. Oh at night or during the day I think it was during the day but again team that we can watch their kids. Well I mean now. They have America's got talent. I know but they changed it. It's really shows used to be a lot more fun though when when like American idol American idol mirror. It was a lot more phone with people who are allowed to be mean. Make Fun of the people like the scare really thinks he can sing and he can't really say Had the time of my life and older you and then the judges go. That's amazing. Do you know any other songs. And HE GOES NO SING. That one again. I had time of my La and then it was hilarious right. Yes I think it was Rosie O'Donnell who complained and said you're just making fun of Mentally Handicapped people and she was right but there was no more fun after that and now everyone had to be like cheering for them. Like oh God I gotTa Cheer for you like Oh no no but they don't really do that as much like no no my mom. She's sick she's got to infection and it went to her brain and her I fell out And like okay this is for my mother's eyeball and everyone goes on. Yeah good for your mother's eyeball if she wins the pop it back in there or what he did. But that's all that this but you're talking about the executioner. I remember like some one of my favorite scenes in every scene blazing Saddles Mel Brooks movie. So funny but he's about to hang this guy. He's the executioner and he says and and Harvey Korman the mayor. Who is actually supposed to be gene wilder is supposed to be the mayor but gene wilder really wanted to play the Drunken Gun gunslinger which is a better role. It's a Harvey Korman and it's an amazing movie. I want to watch it but anyway so Harvest is I've got could you get can you? Can you get another killing? Can you get another hanging and the executions both hired harm completely packed? Har- possibly get somebody kill another person to next Tuesday at the earliest. So the minute shows like that kind of stuff anyway. I don't know I brought that up. Okay so going back. To Quarantine Quarantine Yeah. Expert is ending them Ex. My expertise yet is to get the sex strike. I think that would work. I think enough people say I know what I'd rather risk rather risk death than not outside. Most married couples already leaving to a sex strike. I agree with that. Okay so Our daughter Yes what we have a daughter and she had to let me remind you too. Okay when did this happen well a couple of years ago? Okay well our oldest daughter. Yes we can't go to the dentist and she's had like we've she had like a loose tooth for a long time. Yes she even named. Yes over Toys Lucy. Liu and she just refused to eat out of that side of her mouth and for how long. How long has it been like six months so six months? And then she got another coming in. It's like doesn't have the room because that one's way Yup come out. Yes so what exactly happened the other night were you and I decided this is coming up. I decided that it had to come. Then I just I was just stuck with doing the job. Yeah I actually did it. Well Yeah I usually. If you haven't noticed the pattern that you usually get an idea and then somebody has to execute the idea and then I'm the execute execute her executor executioner executioner. Okay of the idea so if I get hungry and I see something then next thing you do is sit down to the couch and then I'm in the kitchen cooking. Something great person. Thank you for that. Yeah I was wondering who was bringing me food all this time. I'm glad I found out who so anyway so I just said hey listen this has got to come out. Yes and you like kind of little surprise that you were like yeah. It's coming out now no it. It had to yeah being a longtime. The problem is like the tooth was also stuck between the other the other two. Yeah so it didn't really have a lot of room for her to push with her tongue. Yes it was literally for months and months and we needed to come out and do so what we did. Because we're good. Parents were responsible. Parents waited six months. No we watched a youtube video on how to take the because that's what a good. Yeah this where you're supposed to do. Good parenting is all about listening to remove it from your kids Matt. What did this other person who we can't? We can't sue if something goes wrong. What did they do so they? We found one video. Does the only one we watched this one. We don't need more information than one stranger one Asian stranger so she recommended she's Asian first of all. Look I'm agent? You GotTa know that like Asian people have a higher tolerance of pain so like you know. You don't have a high tolerance. Well no you're right. I don't know how many times you had hit your pinky till I don't even feel it anymore. I believe just going like I share the the hit complaining or anything anymore. You don't WanNa show you pain that okay so when we come back to a break we'll continue with the story about the tooth and and they'll tell you how we took it out. We took it out. Yeah that was a painful it was. It was kind a little scary but it cost me a night's sleep last night and I'll explain that when we come back in a minute on. See what happens please. If you've enjoyed the podcast please leave a review and subscribe. Why not subscribe? We'll get this beautiful wonderful talented funny Larry's Miami and I subscribe please leave a review in a good one enjoyed Anyway thanks for listening to stick around and say what happens and we are back and side people get a hold of you patrice. You can find me on Instagram at I empty and also antique talk. I'm going to start making Videos you first of all tell them what that about. I'd say You can watch it actually. You should watch it. It's it's about those kids trying to tell you something. It's so hard for them to say it mom. I'm Oh it's funny just socializing in my daughter's face. That sounds Nice okay. So so we're talking about the tooth really. Yes so I had said like this is coming out because I felt I'll Lusa was and I felt I'll lose it was Vermont's but I said for some reason then I said this has got to come out and said we're taking it out. So how do you want to do this? And we looked it up online and he said you can you can just Yank it. Yeah with the with And she said the easiest way was with threat. Thread better than dental floss. Yes because it's a slippery gets slippery with the saliva. What does both actually sort of the fingers? Yeah it's really what's so I went and I got pink which I think's a nice color to rip a tooth out of somebody's effing head and so I know we. We tried the pink and we tied it around there and when I did I watched. I watched you tie. It took credit for it later. You've got the string by the way you wouldn't have had a chance to tight around to if you wouldn't have had it and I walked thirty feet into another room and got you absolutely right. I apologize in front of everyone. Credit is due for getting the threat. Yeah and then yeah you can get it okay. All right she she how does she know where the snacks her figure it out right? That was smart smart. Okay so anyway. I got you the thread. You were nice enough to do something. Finally you tight around tooth. Yes and then pull it out. I pull up a little bit in right off. Useless yes you're saying. That information on Youtube is unreliable. Yes because this is a big deal. I'm GonNa say something nobody knows. Don't believe everything you watch and you do but I saw the tooth come out of her head though well because then I use flaws dental and it was actually. It wasn't like a little one. It was like a front tooth at one on the Internet is like well tough. Yeah you can have. You can have the some crackers. Just be less excited about initially love that we'd better get this over with and get out there before they eat the whole box of the Annie's Today's episode brought to you by any fish cheese crackers So anyway so it slipped right off. Yes which is frustrating. Yes because she didn't she wasn't excited about the whole ripped off she was. She was very scared and nervous and I was over nervous. I've never done this before. Pretty good though. Yeah of course yeah. I had to be older brother that just said let me just do this and I want to what. He's trying to come out owner at all and he rip it out of my head and I don't remember I don't remember screaming or if it was painful or not but I remember not liking. That whole idea. Was you know she wasn't happy about it? Made the mistake. What as many mistakes you have made. I don't even remember out of the million mistakes. What her that if she if she led me pull out the tooth she could sleep in our bed anytime and it started last night. I know that was a mistake. I slept in her bed last night but I I kept my word for one night so far. I'm GonNa tell her not but anyway so she was not digging like please. I'm tired I don't WanNa do this. And then and then you said let's. Let's not listen to the Youtube video and I'm going to go get some dental floss. Dental floss other type of dental floss. Which is what I recommend which was don used. A thin one. Luckily rob is addicted to buy Dental floss we have many different types. And there's one specific type that is very thick and it's called everytime you raw thing you feel like you're and that's the one that I thought. Wait a minute we have one. That actually can work. Yeah so I put it around the suit. She passed out and that she woke up. We both passed out then. You tried it around because I ripped because like you tied tied at the threat again and I and I when she wasn't looking I tried to pull it slip. Read off of course but then you got in there got in there and you pulled out well no I pull hearth because it was really in there that too and I saw blood coming out of her mouth almost almost president. I surely going remember. No no no. I couldn't and she told me you made it Super Louis. So it was not Lucy Liu anymore. It was Super Lucia Euros. Ready to come out very brave. She she said I know what to do now so she got up she said let me do it with her to get out and I just said who is this. Who is this child? Who ripped her own tooth out of her own head. And I've been telling to that and I said if you ever have problems in life just go. What are you talking about? Don't mess with me. I ripped my own two thousand my head. I took my own to that. What did you do so that was a tough one? One of the toughest things that I've done in my to him. We did it like one thirty in the morning. Yes it was too late. Yeah it was late. We let them stay up. You know why because. We're a quarantine. What the hell else are we going to do? Of course we let the kids they. We've got to get through the emergency. Food is getting low though. Yeah I will say I did buy a ton of toilet paper in the beginning just like everybody else was and the woman at Albertson's recognize me. She said Yeah you can buy more than one she did. Yes I bought like four big packs and I gotta say there's none left hand yet but then people started make a run early people knew like hey this is going to be next to really hard like there are people that are potato chips. We're going to need this toilet paper There are people. That are really hoarding. They have like hundreds of yeah. We need to find that people. We have enough for another for for three weeks. We've got enough according to like what? What with calculations according to the What I see so far a happening. Zambrano stocking up each bathroom. You know what we haven't had for a month and maybe we can use the extra toilet paper. No we're saving that paper. Okay good good so anyway. What's going to happen more Discontinues by the way? What was your favorite meal? So far to the quarantine quarantine meal like emergency food or whatever like we've cooks for 'cause I gotta say quarantine that's a tough thing to make. That was a good one. Your that came up pretty good. Yeah I think I made a really good lemon Brad. Yes came really good. Your cooking is amazing. Is some good cookies to address your desserts. Cookies were monster. I think my favorite thing cooks I guess would be. I don't know guess. Guess one the Barbecue. You did I like to barbecue. We did finally neighbors Barbecue filling. Our our house was smoke and I said Revenge where I can do the same thing. No Kim a pretty good but then the wind blew the other way. Yes but no my favorite meal that you cooked you cooked. I guess free call compatible. Free should do that one again. Yeah beans and I made that one the first week of Warrenton forgo what? I don't know the bone broth. Oh Yeah you're five bowls of over two days. I was beautiful first of all. You know. That's a really good thing and it just is really good for you. I'm not a big meat eater anymore but like my goodness when you cook that one. It's really good. That was really good. Beef stew often bones bones. Where'd you get those buffalo bones? I dig in the backyard found. What is this buffalo combined? The neighborhood excuse me of your bones grocery store but had this technique what I think it worked really well for us like so far. Which is we're freezing stuff. I'm freezing stuff. Cook like a large amount of beans Then we eat whatever we're GONNA eat and then phrase the rest that's good that way then. I'll take him out eventually and I make something else. This is what I've been doing with the with the bones. We have those wounds for for a couple of weeks and then same thing that once held on make breath that was I mean. I really enjoyed the US as a sub order. But what do you cook it with people? Know what the flavor is because estimates tastes? Amazing What you can you can just put like make your regular beef stew. Whatever you make it I make it with a piece of Ikea like half of an onion and I put it in there. I probably like three garlic's yeah the whole Is the whole guarded? The garlic clove. Yeah Yeah and I add salt black pepper. I liked to have Cilantro to just give the flavor of the support. Yes and then what else and in that same pepper garlic salt only got. No you already put the garlic's that so that's it. That's it because so much flavor though I know he's just it's it's the bone chilling interesting that the volume and you take the marrow. Kitazawa keep those are of that. Yeah I thirteen and the kids love it. You love it. I'm smarter. Who Clock your arteries? He didn't ones in a while. Yeah I did feel like my Hands where'd good because sometimes you have some dry handsome those amazing it's just it's just fix it overnight. Okay so what? What are we going to do for the rest of this thing for the rest of this to I think we're just gonNA keep surviving it and eating an emergency food that we We should also that I made those Turkey meatballs yes those give it that. Arabia sauce. How do you tell people how to make an Arabia? These notes stewed tomatoes. And it's Basil Sweet Basil and and you can get like just some chill Chili flakes was good enough. Any that you know hot chili flakes and it's pretty easy and just do it and then and then you put the some input you put it right on the Spaghetti. Its Good Arabia. ha that. Add some basil top beautiful with sheep cheese at the top PU. Forget about it and the Turkey meatballs. Incredible so good. So we'll do this again and And just it's everybody out there hanging there we're going gets roots together and I just want to say to the Chinese people started this whole virus. see what happened. See what happens in your lab and your gene your lab over there when you don't take precautions. Abe at a lot of people that's nice. A lot of people have being attacked like Chinese people. It was their fault not not every Chinese person fall. It's definitely one guy. One Guy in China probably talking about him now. But I'm not blaming all chinese-speaking Josh people say like whoever is blaming Chinese people. Don't blame them be nice. You assholes. Isn't that first of all? It's not their fault. Not Their fault. Find the real guy Making me like bad soup or something. Yeah yes make him go to the fish market and Wuhan but no racists. No don't don't blame all Chinese people for something that is bankrupting our entire economy. Just blame the one Chinese guy who did it. Yes and then blamed. Chinese officials were lied at that. There's also I don't know it could easily become the United States also helping that You know funding that Wuhan Place according to the according to the reports You know so this is what I would say just for some sunshine too because Florida. Florida doesn't as cal. I mean New York has the worst hit really hard. Florida has eight hundred and fifty deaths less than a thousand and they have a lot more sunshine there so get out in the sun thing. Yeah get out. In the sun in exercise take your vitamins vitamin C. Take magnesium and ASEEL SISTINE and And be well and and and and be good and be blamer. Us Do your thing do your surviving and get out get stronger. Yes so the next time. See what happened before we don't want to happen again. All right so how did he wait? Let's get out of this one. Let's let's get. How do we get Like you thought he was a good idea to bring a parakeet the house. Yes I thought it would be good for the kids to have another animal for you to take care of. Yes thank you. How's that going so far? I think that poor animal is terrified. I know a little tiny three year old hands reaching gauge huma time. But these cute he'll get used to. It Peres very cute very because I had one named cliff They say they say this supposed to be your porn. Name is your first pet and the name. The street the lived on we lived on Nelson Avenue. So my guess my porn name would be cliff Nelson. It's a good name. It's a solid like cliff Nelson. Am I have to use that? For something. You said cliff Nelson Cliff Nelson has said that it would be like a porn porn star name. You just said it would be a good foreign funding no that. That's supposedly that before Noah by everyone would be a good. Everyone in America knows that you're supposed to take your first pet's name. Everyone Americanism everyone in America. Yeah you where you weren't born from trying to educate you now. This is an expert to everyone born in America in the seventy s or what era because I grew up in the in the in the seventies and eighties. Okay there you go lanes at all battling maybe early nineties would know that this was a thing. I don't think he early nineties. You're lying already right. Maybe late late eighties. It stopped but listen. So what was your pet? And what was the street that you lived in well? I don't remember the first the very first pat accepting. We had a dog before we had the other. But Tracy Tracy Tracy would name Tracy and we'll do a bit Tracy Tracy Hoochie. Ton sounds exotic right. Like you don't know where she's released from Tracy's she you know she could be hotan like it could be. She could be like the one that started the whole coronavirus which fan like Spanish last one. Who'd you tell from? Tau Like Brazilian. Which now has so many options. You're right 'cause goodman. Yeah my dog. Tracy lead a long life. She she lived eighteen years. How did you live that long? She was fed. Chicken Soup and tortillas every day of millions and that can navigate for a long life. She was a big dog. She was like a big dogs. Don't live eighteen What is the name of this police? Dogs like that size. Ymer egner German shepherd German shepherd. Never there's never been a German shepherd eighteen years don't feed them chicken soup and thirty s and that was must have been some some great in there. It was amazing. It was so good that at the end of her life gave her a massive tumor in her chest. Line now but She eighteen years up for big dog. That's usually like a little tiny dog like you fit in your purse. You know I know this was a big dog. She was a great dog Eighteen years as a big does all right. We'll are we going to get another dog for the kids because they've been talking about I don't want to I don't want to either. We're GONNA have to though because you make this promise you over. Promised thing. Yeah I promise that she ripped her own tooth out of her head and the sleep in the bed last night. She was made she didn't but I didn't think you'd actually take your thugs. I thought you know she just hasn't done it. She did it. That's how much she doesn't she wants. She doesn't want me to get a good night's sleep that's how much she hates my sleep. Yes so she slept and I slept in her bed last night which is not comfortable for a man. Yeah Yeah it's not very comfortable. It's not cut. Our weather's not comfortable either. Oh yeah it is complaining. I Don that crazy organic mattress inorganic mattress. We had put together by Green. The've I mean come on? Now there's a lot of toxins in in mattresses and stuff like that and we don't have those. A lot of. We had a very nice comfortable the most toxic toxic comfortable mattress. That's what love that mattress comfortable toxins. But we don't have it in this uncomfortable wonder was so happy back then with that with those toxins. Because I was getting Miami. You can buy the new bed okay. I'll do it all right all right. Okay all right by the new mattress delivered by Amazon Prime. Three days of all the crap you've been ordering from Amazon. What was it like the stuff that you realize you didn't need. What's your favorite thing? You've ordered so far from Amazon during this quarantine. 'cause there thank God there's still ordering on essential crap because that's all this stuff you get things for the kids well. Yeah I bought some of the non non essentials. I bought the Soap dispenser or yeah. We knew that those. That's like the best thing you've ever ordered from Amazon. I ordered the bath for the Liberte using it as a toilet. The birds using the Byrd bath isn't toilet. The white himself washes up. Yes okay I got the garbage Max. I got the floor cleaner things. I'm still getting good. I give you credit. I take back all the horrible things I've seen about your okay. Good Okay Theresa Future Tom. Yes Clip Nelson Cliff Nelson here and we'll come back and going to thank our listeners and our watchers on Youtube and Hang in there. We're going to have some fun things to announce pretty soon about the TV show and about some other stuff which will be fun. But let's let it happen first and then we'll We'll let you know about by the way That whole list strata. We talked about earlier. The Greek story The great animator who passed away last month. Richard Williams was lucky to meet one time. He's an animator did Roger Rabbit. He did the Pink Panther. Incredible animated monks many things that he did. He was working for many many many many many many many years and it was his dream to finish a animated story about this Astrada. Wow and I would love to find out if he ever got close finishing I never saw. So that's it then that's for us. See what happens so join us next time. Find out then see what happens and you take care of yourselves be safe and hopefully this'll disappointing be over before you all take care.

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