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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Jack Speer. Former White House communications director and longtime Trump confidante hope Hicks has agreed to sit down with the House Judiciary committee next week. The White House had previously sought to block Hicks. Testimony, claiming documents she held were subject to executive privilege NPR's Tim Mack has the story. The interview will take place behind closed doors. But House Judiciary committee. Chairman Jerry Nadler, said that the panel plans to make the transcript public promptly after the interview is conducted Nadler, who described Hicks as a key witness for special counsel. Robert Muller said that no topics would be off limits. This means that members of the committee can ask Hicks about her time in the Trump organization on the Trump campaign, and in the Trump White House. The House Judiciary committee is currently investigating Trump and his administration on a variety of issues, including alleged, abuse of power corruption, and obstruction of Justice. Tim Mack, NPR news, Washington. A former Stanford sailing coach, the first to be sensed in a wide ranging college cheating scandal will avoid serving time in prison US district judge riot Zobel sentencing Forty-one-year-old, John van damore in Boston. He received just one day in prison deemed served. He's also sentenced to two years of supervised. Release it will pay a ten thousand dollar fine van damore admitted he took more than six hundred thousand dollars in bribes from wealthy. Parents of hope to get their children into Stanford money. He says he gave to the schools sailing program. He's among fifty people charged in the college admission scandal. Others include actresses Lori Laughlin, and Felicity Huffman, Louisiana, man faces hate crime charges. That's in connection with church burnings earlier this year. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports, a federal indictment was unsealed today, the indictment charges. Holden Matthews with three counts of using fire to commit a foul, any and three counts of intentional damage to religious property classified as a hey. It crime under the US church arson Prevention Act. Matthews is the twenty one year old white son of a sheriff's deputy. He's accused of setting fires that destroyed three African American churches in and around appaloosas Louisiana over a span of ten days in late March and early April and a statement US attorney David Joseph said attacks against a group because of their religious beliefs will not be tolerated. Matthews also faces state arson charges. Debbie Elliott NPR news governments pool of reading continued to rise in may reaching two hundred seven point eight billion dollars up forty one and a half percent from year ago where we're much of that rise apparently reflects calendar quirks. There was all didn't fifty five billion in June benefit payments being shifted into may that's because June. I fell on a Saturday stocks closed lower today. The Dow Jones industrial average was down forty three points. The NASDAQ fell twenty nine points. This is NPR. Hong Kong's chief executive is blaming protesters for what she called a politically motivated, riot after police moved in on demonstrators opposing a proposal that would allow for extradition to the Chinese mainland in certain kinds of court cases, chief executive carry lamb, noting, some young people express their views peacefully, but she says, others resorted to what she called dangerous and life threatening acts, right? Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in Hong Kong pro as protesters swarmed the legislature, their points of the extradition proposal fear will lead to erosion of civil liberties. In the former British colony scientists have found some of the earliest evidence of people smoking cannabis as a drug. They found traces of pot smoke on artifacts from ancient Chinese tombs and PR's ping, Huang reports. People have been smoking pot to get high for twenty five hundred years. Chinese archaeologists studied the char and a set of wooden containers from an agent cemetery in western China. Young Eamon, the lead investigator tested for chemical signs or biomarkers of cannabis who are such moment. We haven't to five biomarkers of calories, and this is among the earliest chemical evidence of kalpa smoking. They figured out that it was marijuana with elevated, THC content almost certainly us for getting high young says it was probably used in funeral rituals to help communicate with nature spirits, and maybe the dead, the paper comes that today in science advances ping pong NPR news oil fell four percent to fifty one fourteen barrel. I'm Jack Speer NPR news in Washington. Support for this podcast and the following message come from Chow Chow powers online ordering systems for local independent restaurants, supporting their courage, and creativity by putting more money back into the restaurants hands. Chow dot com slash NPR, local flavor rules.

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