04/24: The second federal trial has Christian Dawkins on video accusing Arizona coach Sean Miller of cheating to get players


There. It's scary. It's Wednesday, April twenty four two thousand nineteen welcome back to the CBS sports. I on college basketball podcast where we sometimes discuss camouflaging. An leaky black men norlander is here with me. We're recording this Wednesday night because norlander has been in federal court each day this week where the name of Arizona coach Shawn Miller was brought up and not in a positive way on Wednesday FBI recorded videos were played mardi blazer was on the stand. So there's a whole lot to get to as it relates to what's happening in this federal courtroom in lower Manhattan. But norlander, let's focus on the big headline right at the jump Christian doctrines on video talking with Marty blazer in to undercover FBI agents. He the subject of Shawn Miller comes up. How does it come up? What does it mean? For Shawn Miller. Is there any way it's not bad news for Sean Miller? There's a slight potential that it's not bad news. I mean, it's more negative headlines about Shawn Miller. I mean, they are his name is on multiple national major websites in relation to this. How does it come up? It comes up because Christian Dawkins is trying to get his management business off the ground this June six two thousand seventeen he is on a yacht. In New York's battery park does not have any idea. What is actually happening here, obviously? And he starts talking about Sean Miller because as he's trying to get this money, and he is going to get the money from these angel investors who are undercover FBI agents. He is explaining how he is develop relationships with college coaches, primarily a lot of assistance, but in doing that and using former South Carolina system in Oklahoma state assistant Lamont Evans, who has pleaded guilty in this case and was formerly charged interested. Then starts to getting into how bigger schools, bigger coaches are really the ones that if you're going to be paying monthly stipends, if that's even the proper term here to these coaches, you need to have guys that are bringing in NBA type players annually. And so then that's how he gets into the Shawn Miller stuff the book Richardson's stuff, and where he darkens again, speaking on this video not from the stand. But on the video starts talking about Sean Miller, and how he needs to be involved with everything in the program how he's talked to Shawn Miller. And then although there is no explicit statements that tie Shawn Miller to paying his players. It is in any common sense interpretation of what he is talking about. It is Miller being involved as far as dockings is concerned with some illegalities when it comes to recruiting the big question that lingers parish. And I'll toss it back to you right now is whether this was dock ins, saying some true. All truths half truths. Or if a lot of it just wound up being bluster as in this moment, he is meeting people for the first time, the undercover officers who thinks are real investors for his company and trying to just present himself to be larger than he actually is within the world of college basketball. So at one point on video Christian dock and says Shawn Miller called me a week and a half ago and said I'm taking care of everything myself that is in relation to the recruitment of de'andre eight, and according to Christian darkens on this video again, he is retelling the story. But he says Shawn Miller told me cold, I wanna bring you in. I'll turn everything over to you. And then Martin Blaser who was on the stand subsequently testifies that he understood that to mean that Shawn Miller had been taking care of payments for Andrea Rayton. Shawn Miller was taken care of everything. Christian dockings, go. Goes on to say, Shawn Miller has to know everything that goes on. I can call Sean and have a conversation. Like, this is what's needing to be done? He'll talk on the phone about stuff. He shouldn't talk on the phone about. So. That's obviously all interesting. And if you want to say that dockings is just lying. I guess you can say that. It's not something a reasonable person would think, but if you wanna think it it's fine because. Whatever we'll get into that momentarily. But. Is it clear to you? Now, Sean, Sean Miller might come out and subsequently say, I never told Christian Dawkins that I was taking care of everything as a related to be Andrea Aden or that. I was doing anything improper as it relates to Andrea hidden or any other player, he simply not telling the truth and as long as John's not on a wiretap. Stating otherwise that might be a story that at least AirAsia fans will believe and that at least it will allow him to keep his job. But if we are to accept what Christian doctrines on video said as the truth is it clear to you that at the very least Christian dock ins was operating under the idea that Shawn Miller had told him. Yes, I've done a deal for de'andre eight. Is there any doubt near mind that that's what Christian if we accept his story as the truth? That's what he that's the idea. He was operated. Yeah. There's no other interpretation of that is interpreted as long as you. Now, some will not accept it. Because they'll they can easily point to his lack of credibility the reasons that he was fired from Andy Miller sports as. Racking up just thousands of dollars in Uber debts and getting booted out from from that company to begin with. But yes, there is no other way to interpret that. And also I have to include here that amid all this testimony. It was all, you know, blazer also testified and to be clear he is he has been working with the attorney's office for. Is more than I mean, it's been it's more than three years at this point. They more four years and been working with the FBI for a little less than that is facing sixty-seven like he is not a reputable guy either the stuff that he is he's got himself into but he is facing sixty seven years in prison as a MAC sentence. If he violates any part of his agreement, which includes not only lying here, but ever lying or misleading in the course of this investigation. And he said book Richardson, and we booked pleaded guilty. So all all this stuff is basically accepted as fact to this point, but booker's took thousands of dollars over multiple meetings and agreed to to help align Arizona prospects with Kristin Dawkins in his company and the financial advisors attached to that thereafter. So as a mere state of fact, there was an is a former Arizona coach who has been connected to this in in the ferris way. Yes. That's not Shawn Miller. But it has been people who are on Sean who were on Shawn Miller staff, and what makes it even more interesting real quick. I'll throw it back to you is like dockings is caught talking about the nature of book Richardson, and Shaun Miller's working relationship how long they've known each other. He says it's weird. It's like a bad marriage. I happen to share this intimate with with a high profile coach afterward on Wednesday. And he said his college basketball baby, which is which was his way of saying a lot of times, these these these head coach and sister relationships can almost get rocky as as as as a byproduct of the actual business there. So I think some people picked up on that Paris don't necessarily mean if that's anything detrimental to dockings was claiming there. But it was it was it was interesting and the way that this all came up. I mean, I didn't enter that courtroom on Wednesday thinking that we were gonna get stuff on Shawn Miller for sure I mean, if you would maybe. A yes, or no, I said, I wouldn't think so because the prosecution doesn't want Miller to even testify and yet here it is presenting video, which I don't think necessarily helps its case. But within the context of the conversation dockings was having his talking about a lot of stuff. That's where the prosecution was trying to establish the conspiracy in the bribery that dockings was setting out to to snare a lot of college coaches with. Well, let me explain why asked the question to you the way ask the question because earlier today while following you and Nicolau back, and Dan, Wetzel and Adams, the Goria on Twitter, all of you. I assume all of you were there because you're all tweeting about it. You know, I tweeted like go check their fees. They got all the details plot. The biggest development seems to be that Christian Dawkins is on video saying that Shawn Miller told him he had done a deal for. For de'andre Aidan and Samara's Zona fans in like the clowns who run some of the Zona websites the fan sites. They're like, oh, that's not what Quinn dock and said, I mean, there's two camps. Right. It's one is like you can't believe Christian doctrines. And the other one is like that's not even what he said. If you want to say, you don't believe Christian Dawkins. I can't make you believe Christian dockets. He has credibility problems. He is a convicted felon, Shaun Miller's best chance at surviving. This is probably rooted in the fact that the guy who can most easily bring him down best. We know has massive credibility problems. He's a convicted felon, and there's no evidence that suggest Erazo ONA or the NCWA is going to be able to or even willing to accept simply Christian Dawkins word as the gospel as it relates to Shawn Miller, it is possible that the way this forever goes down is Christian dock and says this is what was happening. And Shawn Miller says no it wasn't. And that's just where we're at totally. He said he said forever. So if that's where you're at a can't can't move you to the other side, I'm not even gonna try to. But that is what he's on the video saying now, he Christian darkens believes that Shawn Miller told him that John Miller did a deal for Dion. Great. And the quote, I think is very important to focus on what Christian Dhaka's actually said. Because he's Shawn Miller said I've been taking care of everything. But I will turn it over to you. The only thing that could possibly mean is I've been taking care of family. But eventually, I'm happy to turn it over to you. Let you start taking care of. I took care of him to get him on campus. You can take care of them to get them with your company. I'll turn this thing over to you. There's nothing else to turn over to Christian Dawkins. Like, some Zona fans tweeted me like, well, you know, also Miller was I've taken the lead role in the recruitment of de'andre. That's only mitt. That he was it wasn't book recruiting him. It wasn't past recruiting him. It was just Sean. That's what he meant. Well, then what does it mean when he says, I'll hand it over to you. You're going to hand over the lead recruiting role. What does that mean except for? I've been taking care of the family. I'm going to hand that over to you. I got I had to take care of onto them on campus. You can start taking care of them to get them with your company like honest to God. I don't ask this. So that you don't push back. If you have another way to interpret those words, please enlighten me there. There's not an at this point. Remember like just to crystallize the time line here Aden's he is scheduled to get to campus as a student at the university of Arizona. So if we to believe Dawkins in what he's passing along here again, it is him saying he talked to Shawn Miller, and he is he is putting on the table a scenario in which all things to take care of Deandra eight and. Don't he's not a coach doesn't work for the Zona under what other circumstances could Christian doctrines be dealing with deonte Eytan than than to. I mean. I mean, the verbiage cannot be interpreted and any other way to take. And I should say this. It's not all fans. Just like it's never all Kentucky fans, and it's never all vans or whatever is not only zone offense. But it is some of them and a couple of who work for these sites and what they think these zone related size, and what this happens in. It's not unique. There is things I should say ole miss fan site, reporters and alums did it with the Hugh free stuff. You do these mental gymnastics, and you somehow convince yourself because you're blinded by fandom you convince yourself that something that is clear day right in front of you. If an actually what it is. And that you're the only one who can see at the proper way everybody else's dumb. No. It's always you. It's always you. That's the dumb one like if you want to as an Zona fan. I let me say this. Again. Shawn Miller says. I've been taking care of everything. But I'm going to turn it over to you. That's according to Christian doctrines. There's nothing else turning over to you could mean except for something improper. There's nothing that could mean accept something improper. So like, if you if you start suggesting, otherwise, you just sound dumb, the other thing, I've heard from some Arizona fans is two things one is will you you you? You you can't believe oh, Christian doctrines? Is sounds like a guy who's just trying to keep stay out of jail. So he'll say anything he's got to say to stay out of jail. You have to understand the time line Christian Dawkins when he's recorded again, June two thousand seventeen saying these things on a yacht to undercover agents, he is does it. He does the concept of jail is not even thing. He can't even imagine go into judo for any of this stuff. So he's not saying anything to try to stay at a jail. He's not even been accused of anything charged with anything gel is not his in his world. So that if you tweeted that you're you're getting you don't know what you're talking about the other thing, you hear is well Christian doctrines that sounds to me like a guy who's just trying to make him sound self sound like a big shot to a couple investors. Like, I got a relationship with Shawn Miller, I got a really just trying to make himself bigger than a years. So that he can make sure to secure relationships with these business people, and I won't concede. Perhaps that's true lots of probably done that. But why is he not talking crazy about anybody else? Why why why is it only on Miller? He's talking about in this way. Yeah. I know it's not only Shawn Miller. But like why if he's really trying to make himself sound like a big shot to these investors? Why didn't he have stories exactly? Like, the Shawn Miller story with seven other head coaches across the country. I can answer that question for you. Exactly. Because this is something that didn't get tweeted about didn't land in the stories the specific thing. But the reason why he doesn't is as he is. In a separate part of the testimony today. GP scanning through my notes here. He is talking. He's talking to them about the assistant coaches being the ones that he has access to the ones who are dealing with these recruits on an intimate basis. And like doc ins, even says, the head coaches are not the one. I'm I'm paraphrasing here the head coach like most head coaches. I don't have access to he mentions Miller he mentions Izzo because he has known since he was just a little boy. And in fact, a quick sidetrack. This one of his brothers younger brothers actually collapsed and died at a Tom Izzo camp. It is tremendously sad story. And there's there's kind of a story behind all the story that we've seen here with this and said, it's kind of remarkable. But my point is that he he was not saying. The way that TJ gas in the first trial admitted on the stand to goosing up his juice and relevance with Rick Pitino and the recruitment of Brian Bowen dockings is not putting forth his position with a lot of big name coaches to the investors into blazer. He is with Miller assessing noses, which is absolutely true. And I don't even think he gets to deep into the repetition of stuff. In fact, he oddly. I don't know if this is good or bad for Patino because it makes Patino clueless. But he Patino, he says doesn't even know anything. He says a lot of big boys. Do know what's happening Tino just has has no idea what's happening with this program. So I know the point you're making there, but they're just to give you some more perspective on that. Like dockings does just to say, I will have access to a lot of guys a lot of assistance, and then maybe by proxy, the head coaches. But most major head coaches, I'm not close with right? Well, you're underlining my point what what a what did illogical? Arizona fan would would tell you is that Christian dockings is just out there. Throwing around Shaun. Miller's name to try to make himself sound big these investors like why nobody else then why is he actually telling the investors? I don't really know John Kerry like that, you know, I don't really know. Bill self like that the only one he's like. My point is simple. If if he was really if the goal of these comments was to make himself appear bigger than he is then he would've like went way more than just show Miller like he illogical to think he's making up all these wild things about Shawn Miller, but doesn't make up these wild things about these other people does that make do you see what I'm saying? It makes sense. And plus context here helps in that like. Well before this ever came out. All I can say is like the scuttle butt in rumor mongering about the fact that the Andrea eight and got to AirAsia under unusual if not illegal pretenses when it came to recruiting. This was a commonly discussed thing behind the scenes, so when you combine that with what dockings is talking about here within the context of being the year twenty seventeen it makes a lot of senses to why he would say the things that he was saying like again, and that should never be forgotten by the way, like we know that because TJ guests testified to it. And there's text messages, we know TJ guests Nola on behalf of a deed as was trying to buy de'andre eight and for Keynes's, we know that we know Kansas was trying Kansas would deny this. But we know that a deed is was trying to cheat on behalf of whether Kansas was involved. Not is a point of contention even though like get outta my face the GP. Never forget that Kansas victim right there. So we what we know as as a matter of fact is that a Dita's was trying to buy Andrea trying to buy the. And we know that t take has Nola gave fifteen thousand dollars to the home alarm now, we know that. And so the zone for nothing. What like even if we didn't have any of this other stuff once we know that we know something went down, and according to Christian Dawkins who was being recorded. He didn't even know he was being recorded. Here's what window shell Miller did a deal and was very comfortable talking about the deal, and is so much. So that a hustler like Christian dockets, somebody is reckless as Christian doctrines is caught on video saying man, Sean talked wild on the phone ways that he shouldn't be like when Christian dockets thinks you're reckless. With your words say about you. Obviously not good things that we've got. To assistance that have been at least linked to inappropriate stuff, book Richardson guilty. Joe pastor next name has popped up several times throughout this stuff. And then the another assistant fired for improper STA. So like. I've had other coaches. Power five coaches say how can you run a program that is tied to all this stuff. Every one of your system. It's at least there's allegations tied to every one of them. And you're still the coach like, it's crazy. And I don't say any of this with joy like I don't Sean for a long time. I like show Miller. But like like it is what it is. I mean at some point you have to like, not be blinded by phantom or just ignorant to reality. Like, I don't think Arizona was the only has been the only program at there cheating. But there is no way reasonable person could think anything other than Arizona's been cheating, given everything that we now know been connected that program. You're hitting on obvious talking points. I've heard the same thing. There are many a coach who wonder how the hell Shawn Miller still has his shop, frankly. And now have become all the more cynical to it. Just because of the circumstances and facts, and the trial stuff that is surrounded the program today, just really really amplified it. I know you got more GP, I will mention real quick after all the stuff happens. It's dockings his father who is. Was dream on Green's former high school coach. And now is college basketball assistant a longtime coach they're both standing outside the courthouse along with Steve Haney their lawyer. And Dan, what's went up to Haney? I as I was composing, my notes, and I came to realize that he asked Haney told him that on on Thursday morning. He is going to see if because of what the prosecution brought into evidence today, if Shawn Miller can be used as a witness for the defense because if the prosecution is bringing about this video, and what doctors were relying regarded Shawn Miller, the prosecution seizes relevant than why is it not equally as relevant for the defense to be able to use Miller on the stand. The question becomes a will the judge who said he was open to reconsidering actually do that. And again, what dock ins was talking about is not actual evidence. It is. In his here say it is conjecture. And so that the the judge could still say, no, this doesn't this doesn't fall within the realm of what I want here. But that we will probably an answer to that on Thursday. But that's kinda you know, as the story lingers here, we talk about what happened with Miller and a few more things you want to get to. I wanted to give a heads up to listeners whenever you might be checking this podcast. Maybe we'll have an update by by by noon. My guest though, by the way, is that. I still don't think that Miller is going to testify if he did it is is it is a seat change in the case for many, obvious reasons. The last thing I would say is that 'cause I soon we'll have a lot of Arizona fans who are listening to this because it's a podcast primarily about Arizona, or at least Arizona's coach, and I guess my message would be this. If you want to say, hey, listen other programs cheat, we know we believe Nike's by players for. Some of the bluest blood programs could America, we know that is was working for Kansas. So like, yeah, this is about us now. But don't make it out. Like, we're the only ones fine with me. I'll not I'm not an agreement. And if you wanna say. Hey, listen. I don't even care whatever watching the under eight was fond. So like, maybe we have to vacate stuff someday. Maybe it ultimately cost our coach's job. But I don't care. That's fun. We've been we've been good for a while. It's been fun. That's a reasonable position to take as well. If you want to say, all right. We did it, but we might get away with it. Because if all you got Christian Dawkins word and a whole bunch of circumstantial evidence, then that's all you got. And I don't think we're going to get hammered over Christian word in a bunch of circles circumstantial evidence who that sell. Celebrate it. That's fine. That's what fans do all over the country. The only thing I object to is trying to pretend that this isn't as it is that this isn't what it is same thing with LSU fans, if you wanna be excited about the idea that you really might get away with it. Okay. Like, it is it is this is college athletics. But just don't be dumb about it. Don't pretend that it's not exactly as it appears because no reasonable person could read or listen to everything we've read or heard about wiretaps text messages emails under oath testimony documents. Nobody could could digest all of this stuff over the past couple years and reach any conclusion other than. At was on. They were operating way outside of the rule book for a significant period of time. That's very hard to disagree with and we've gone way too long without a disagreement. Hopefully, we'll have something soon here. The question will become as to what you're getting with their parish. How soon the instable actually choose to do something about this with everything we've we've had attached to the university at this point. I find it hard to believe that the answer will not make it a point to come down on Miller and Arizona at some point. I just don't know when that will be and again, we we could still we are going to still hear more with this. We are still going to hear more to trial comes out and continues with blazers testimony Thursday and Friday at the he's going till Friday. The at the earliest he's going to he's going to set the record for the longest day over day. Testimony of anyone in either the first two cases, we're gonna find out more about book Richardson's involvement with all of this again Richardson has pled guilty as Tony bland as Lamont Evans in this specific case, but there is still more to come out with zone. And and there was plenty that came out with other schools, by the way. But obviously, you get to Sean Miller what talking saying, that's that's the headline from from Wednesday. One more thing before we move onto actual basketball stuff you mentioned in passing. But I think it's worth pointing out because it is kind of hilarious. One of these Christian doctrines is also in video saying is that Rick got no idea what's going on. You know, most most of the big guys do, but Rick Pitino really has no idea what's going on inside of his program. And what's interesting about that is because that is a centrally what Rick Pitino said this entire like, hey, maybe I should have known. Not really sure how I should've known. But maybe I should have known an ultimately, it's my responsibility. I get it. But I did not know about the stripper parties. And I did not know about Brian Bowen and still to this day as I pointed out previously on podcast. There's never been one bit of evidence that actually tied Patino to Brian Bowen or to the stripper parties, not wiretap. Not a text message on E mail, not even testimony. From anybody saying, oh, yes. Of course, Rick Pitino new and now we get Christian Dawkins on video FBI surveillance saying it's wild, but rip potato does not know. And I because when I tweeted this today. Thousand people anxious to tell me, well, it is job to no no shit. I know it's his job to right? Like, I understand. There are actually rolls that the installation put in place to hold head coach accountable for things that happened on their watch. I'm not sitting here and telling you Rick Pitino was wrong to lose his job at Louisville. All I'm saying is that if you are somebody who found it just impossible to believe that Rick Pitino really was in the dark about this stuff. Well, at the very least Christian Dawkins who clearly has no hesitation telling you about what college basketball coaches do know most notably Shawn Miller, here's Christian Dawkins on video saying, you know, what it's actually true Rick Pitino does not have any idea what's going on in his program. And I would say that I always believed that about the stripper parties. And I've made that case a million times. I think I've always thought you'd have to be really like cover your is yet to be really naive to the point of being foolish. Tha. Not understand something was fishy. With the Brian Bowen deal, like just falls in your lap. And so I don't accept that. As like like, if you didn't know what was going on there. You didn't. You just didn't ask any questions you weren't as suspicious as you should have been. But I think today with a day for Rick Pitino because at the very least the one thing he's consistently said is backed up on video by somebody who if they had the goods to bring him down could bring him down fair guy said Rick Pitino really did not know. Yeah. I mean, so totally. And to those who will pick sides of this. Are you going to believe Dawkins with one thing and not believe him with the other? Are you going to believe him or not believe him with both as you believe him on both parts, I know you, but I'm just saying, and I believe he really believed that Rick Pitino did not know. I just think that you know. You know, it's a little bit. Like if I walked into my sixteen year olds room right now. And he on the bed counting thirty two hundred dollars out. I'd be like, yeah. What? Where'd you where this thirty two hundred dollars? Come from. He'd be like, oh, well, you know, I've been I've been working after school. You got thirty two hundred dollars cash in your bedroom. Okay. Okay. We'll keep walking hard. But that doesn't make any sense. Like, you're you're you're up to something. If you've got thirty two hundred dollars cash in your bedroom at sixteen years old doing something, you probably are doing. And if I don't want to know just gotta stop asking the questions and accept your story. I believe that's what Rick Pitino did with Brian Bowen. There's no way that five star prospect just falls into your lap in a matter of weeks and something weird didn't go on. If you did not know, it means, you just stopped asking questions, and you accepted the version of events that made it in your best interest. So that's what I've always thought about it. But again that doesn't mean he didn't. That doesn't mean he wasn't really in the dark, just I think the most reasonable thing you can say is he chose to be in the dark. Yeah. I think it was as good as it was bad for Patino here. I check the time difference. So it would have been if Patino happen to be in touch with his Twitter account, Greece seven hours ahead from from New York Times. So this sort of about a little shy of ten o'clock where he is at would have loved to have seen Pitino's reaction in real time. When the when all of this went down and the text messages on undoubtedly came flooding in. There's plenty of skepticism with Patino with Miller, and that known as maybe the biggest micromanager of his staff and his program in college basketball. Even if you didn't know it was a willing knowing this there, and that's not acceptable or excusable either. I don't disagree with that at all. But I did think it interesting that Patino was dropped and particularly in the tones, the one thing that pairs I can't totally invoked to use the tone in which Dawkins was talking about this. And it was just almost sympathetic that he was talking about Tino. And how much did not know when it came to all that stuff. Can I just tick off like four or five real quick things here before we move on about the trial, just in general things that aren't religious Miller and Makino? Yeah. Go I'll be quick first and foremost, the judge in this case, I find him to be much. I won't say the previous judge Lewis. Kaplan was unreasonable because he wasn't. He was just a stern bad ass. Septuagenarian and wasn't gonna take anything from anyone. At Gardo Ramos is the judge here. I'd say he's maybe fifteen to twenty years younger a little more soft-spoken a little more reasonable. There have been objections from. The prosecution in some cross by the defense that have been overruled in in my estimation. Had this been Kaplan they would have been sustained the defense was allowed to tip toe into the NC double A realities of cheating in college basketball, a little bit on Tuesday that came with Jackson's that were overruled, although Rama's did gently after the jury left. I have a direct quote here. I do not want to put the defense on notice. But I will say we will not be trying the AA in this case. So keep that in mind a similar theme to the first case overall. And that might ultimately be one of the big reasons why Shawn Miller might not be testifying. I gotta talk real quick about mardi blazer 'cause. I mean, he's forty nine went to Carnegie Mellon get into that school. You gotta be you. Gotta be a smart guy. He straight out of Pittsburgh. Which is a coincidental connection that Shawn Miller. Played at Pitt from Pitt in here, you have a guy a self made financial advisor, so get this just real quick his backstory as to why he even gets into this stuff because he had to talk about it. He so he was a financial visor for regular people in retirees, and then he gets into advising NFL players, and that actually leads to him pain college football players for more than a decade. So that he would be their financial advisor when they went to the NFL. And this this worked like he had a lot of clients. But the reason why he gets busted is in two thousand ten he met a movie producer from Pittsburgh. Apparently he wanted to be involved in the movie business and completely flamed out in failed. All right. He gets approached about this mafia movie, starring Ving rains with one million dollar price tag. And so, you know, blazer gets. Surreptitiously a few of his clients to to agree to this. Eventually he quote, I knew I wasn't going to get there. The investments were nowhere near one billion. So the guy panics moves the money without his clients knowledge some of NFL players, and then there was a second movie project. Tell me you wouldn't want to see this movie. It was a it was a horror movie starring Michael Clarke, Duncan, Dunkin and Michel Barton. For some for some hundreds of thousands of dollars. He needed to move eventually one of his clients. We don't know the identity of this person. But it's an NFL player. I love to know who it was. And what he threatened to do to to mardi blazer because he finds out blazer moves that money back takes it from another client and soon enough the securities exchange commissions all over this guy's rear. He's going through this from two thousand ten to two thousand thirteen. Through all this, by the way, how he meets Mooney suit who gets caught up in the college basketball conspiracy. He gets busted. And then when he gets busted he is talking with the thirties. They're telling them, listen, we got you. And you've gotta tell us everything you've ever done that's been wrong ever. And so that's when he gets into telling him about paying college football players that was the story of Tuesday, by the way. Bama, Michigan Notre Dame Penn State. I mean this caused you know, some ripples within that community was complete non story Wednesday at the trial, by the way, but he has got a bizarre buzzed haircut. Slick BAC I can't even describe this haircut. But he he absolutely fits the part. And. I he's just he is he is an intriguing witness. Sometimes looks a little bit nervous has admitted. He's like I'm up here because I don't want to want to wanna go to prison for sixty seven years, and I cannot lie. So a lot of what he says actually comes off as believable because you you absolutely believe that the feds got this guy pinned to the wall. He has not been sentenced, by the way whenever he does. Whenever all this concludes. He's doing this in hopes that it greatly reduces to sentence the same exact way that that TJ SNL hopes that it will for him ton other stuff that I'm not going to get to. But I will say the one random side funny note of this was as Dawkins is talking. And if you wanna connect us to the Miller stuff, you can, but as Dawkins is kind of talking about these in a car ride the writing back, it's him and blazer and sued the writing back from South Carolina, Georgia after having met with Lamont Evans. They have the whole conversation about how Evans is going to get paid. And how a player like PJ dosier can change the outcome and trajectory. A program at cetera et cetera. Doc ins is talking about his relationship with with Izzo. And he goes and pardon my language here. But I'm gonna quote directly here. He goes like Tommaso been in my fucking house crying and ship before when my dad didn't give him on end quote side note, so darkens his father coach Draymond green and high school. What I related this quote on Twitter. What I didn't realize was apparently at the time when Draymond green committed to Kentucky GP, you might remember this. But this is right before it got CBS. Oh, I had no recollection this. But Draymond committed to Kentucky before he even had an offer from Michigan state. So darkens his story as he is telling it isn't even Kentucky factually, correct? Why would Izzo be all upset at not getting dream on? Apparently at that time. Michigan state didn't even think Jerry mom was worth a scholarship anyway, I'll finish up the quote, real quick here. He was well at first he didn't give him de. Here's going to Kentucky. It I them do to have known me since I was a little kid, and then the younger systems all came. You know, we all came up in the business together he's referring to to Michigan state there. But the idea that Tom Izzo allegedly bawling his eyes out at Christian at the dockets home over not getting dream on was. Almost as random Shawn Miller popping in out of nowhere. But that was kind of a common theme with a lot of with a lot of dock and stuff there's a ton there. I can't get to it. I'll tell you what I'd say of everything that's been talked about tweeted about written about it's maybe ten percent of what's happened in the first few days. A lot of Lamont Evans, even some stuff about other agents, similar to Andy Miller, and how they had their hands in the in the pockets coaches, namely Bill Duffy, well-known MB agent was accused by dockings of having Syracuse on the payroll, no other schools, specifically remission there. But there's some there's some intriguing stuff and stuff that I'm not going to get onto on this podcast GP that could come into play Thursday Friday or even next week. We'll wait and see where we go with further testimony. Art is that it from lower Manhattan, you think? Yeah. That's that's that's about it. We actually have some interesting college hoops stuff on court news that we should get to here. And we know that there's an audience that cares. More about that than even the trial stuff. So let's give it to them with the biggest news of the week is on the recruiting front and that his cO Anthony consensus top five player in the class of two thousand nineteen publicly committed to North Carolina. We'll talk about that. And just a second. I check this out. I want to remind you that this episode of the CBS sports. College basketball podcast is brought to you by seek where the promo code college BB will get you ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase, as you know, the ticket industry hasn't changed in a long time. There are bunch of becomes that have been around forever. But they don't really care about making the experience easier for customers, but seek is unlike that seek is a ticket company where the customer comes first with more than fifty thousand five-star reviews in the app store. Seek pulls in millions of tickets from all over the web rates each deal on a scale of one to ten and displays them on inter. Active seat map. So it simplify what you're looking for green dot to good deals red dots are overpriced and yes every purchase fully guaranteed. So you can shop for tickets with confidence hand to heart. I have the Sieg app on my phone when I need tickets. 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Football fans will breads pick six podcast the NFL season maybe over, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop doing daily NFL shows, contrary, my friend, we're taking a deep dive into all covered right now bring you the latest news and notes from around the league and even breaking down mock draft once a week with college football writer, chip Patterson and NFL draft expert ride Wilson, plus a rotating cast of characters may stop by occasionally prospect positional dies team by team downplaying the pick six five cash your one stop off season shop for NFL draft information. All you gotta do is bang that subscribe button in your favorite podcast app. At a new episode of dropped to your phone every morning, come hang. So co Anthony committed North Carolina earlier this week. He's a consensus top five player in the class of two thousand nineteen a combo guard. Obviously the son of UNLV lead, Greg Anthony. And what was most interesting about it to me is that he's the second five star prospect in the class of two thousand nineteen to commit to North Carolina that might not sound like a big deal, but it is a bit of a stretch from where North Carolina was just a few years ago. Because last year they got to five stars Nassir little Koby white this year to more Cohen and our men are Mondo bay cut. And this is the first two year stretch where they've secured commitments from multiple five star players since two thousand ten in two thousand eleven and obviously the biggest problem in preventing this in recent years was the case that hung above the program, you know, in two thousand fifteen sixteen. Seventeen so three recruiting classes, and this basically coverage the span of when the instantly relaunched investigation in North Carolina. And then ended its investigation North Carolina. They only got one five star player. Tony, Bradley, according to twenty four seven fifteen sixteen seventeen. So they got one in three years. Now, they've got four in two years. Bottom line. It looks like with that instability, cloud, remove North Carolina is now back to recruiting like North Carolina. Tony Bradley mentioned gosh, I had not thought last time you thought about Tony Bradley later yesterday. When I when his name's the one that popped up when I was that. Maybe a time. Yes, right now is he in the NBA? I am looking. Peers that he's not okay. Was he in the NBA as recently as two thousand seventeen it appears that he was he played let me guess. Like give me three guesses at franchises. These are going to be complete guesses. I guess the hawks of course, now I did not play for the okay second. Guess is the wizards. Nope. Third guests. I can't even envision Tony Bradley in an MBA uniform. I will say. I mean, come also the Mavericks. I have no idea he was drafted by and has been a member of the Utah Jazz. But he has how many games in the NBA. Do you think Tony Bradley has played the fact that you ask me that makes me think it's no more than eighteen? So I will say thirty seven according to Wikipedia, it's twelve. He's played twelve NBA games. And he is currently a member of the Salt Lake City stars that G league franchise of the Utah Jazz poor guy now shots, the Tony, Bradley, regardless and. Yeah. Well, let me see here. It looks like. Maybe he played twenty four minutes in the regular season finale against the clippers got call up. He might actually be on the roster right now, though, he has played zero minutes. I doubt that doubt that I don't think that is going to be the case they're good turn of events here for ROY Williams. Although. Cole Anthony committed. I was like in the courtroom. I didn't find out until whenever I check my phone hours later there. Although I thought it was gonna be Carolina. I'd love to so quick analysis. Quick thought uncle Anthony from me analysis when I saw him playing person. I definitely thought this is one of the five best players in his class. I really like but don't necessarily love his game. It was I mean Carolina from I wanna say like last September was considered the leader. So I'd love to know from coal Anthony, like were you really truly two weeks ago a month ago, debating, Georgetown, and Oregon like where you really or was this was it Carolina for like, six months. And if so why with as long, I'm just I'm curious when you know, the thinking behind that a lot of people thought that it was going to be Carolina at winds up being Carolina, you often we'll see this like guys that are top fifteen top twenty players. There will be a school that is considered a clear front runner for months. If not years, they nevertheless up to side in the late signing period for one reason or another and then lo and behold, it's Carolina good for ROY Williams. I'll tell you this. If he did debate it Kobe white season was the clincher coal. Anthony is not the exact kind of player as Kobe white. I might even venture to say that. Cole will be hard pressed at times to be as entertaining. And as productive. Kobe was this past season. But he is going to have his chance UNC still has three scholarships open for next season. They need to still get some more dudes that they got a nice, incoming freshman class and. For the first time in I don't know how long I know Duke has the number one class, and if you want to get to that in a little bit we can't e but Carolina has the bigger name of the two among all freshmen. And I'm guessing the last time that was actually the case was Harrison Barnes. Yeah. Carolina's class in twenty four seven sports is up to six in the country because they didn't just get a commitment from Cohen thirty on whatever day it was two. They also got a commitment from Anthony Harris top sixty five combo guard from Fairfax Virginia and that pushed their class up to six in the country. But as you point out Duke has the number one class in the country. Even if do you think do you think do you think coincidence, a bigger name the Vernon Carey I do because because because let's because of his father in part because. Even if he's not rated higher. He's a card balls in his hands more and his dad. Listen, his dad was first round NFL draft pick and his dad's no stranger at all. But I do think coal Anthony is a bigger name. I think the only big name in the classes Weisman. The wise men's probably the biggest name in the closet. He is by the way. Jonathan Vanni and Sam Seaney people people forget that have seen. It used to be on this podcast. He's on the spot cast right now actually on the tuchus right now. What if I told people that we actually still have save on the cast every every episode? He just does not even try to talk. He's gave up. That's right. Yeah. Right. Sam we love you. Hanging there. So they built this is what I'm saying. They both updated their twenty twenty NBA mock draft. So that's the one that's going to evolve players who are in college next year. And they both have Jim Wiseman going number one. He by all accounts is been super impressive over the past month on the all star circuit. So that is that. But as you point out dukes got the number one class in the country. It's headlined by Vernon Carey. But it also includes Matthew hurt who committed last week. And it also includes cash Stanley who committed earlier this week. So it is a five player class with one two three four five top thirty five players to top ten players. And I now got Duke number two in the CBS sports top twenty thousand one am I crazy. I think a little crazy. I do this is what I keep running into people. Like, there's no way that team should be there who should be higher viscous states one who should be higher. I read me first of all. I quit site thought. And this is great for Duke. Like, this is what it should be doing. But I'm almost a little bored by this like another like just one after another after another. I think Stanley is gonna be really fun to watch. I think he's got a chance of being a two year player who's really really good in year. Two almost like the next coming trade Jones, even though don't play the same position. All right. Read me, read me, your one to ten and I'll I'm gonna try to get to. I just I can't put him there. I go ahead remained who got one to ten right now. Michigan state at one number two. Number three is Kentucky. Number four is Louisville. The other one pushed back on number five is Maryland number six is North Carolina number seven canes. Number eight is Gonzaga. This is also a big development from this week number nine is for Jinya. Yeah. Because they're losing cow guy now too. So they're definitely losing tiger de'andre hunter and cow guy. Top three scores. Now, God if anybody can still be really good without the top three scores. It's Tony Bennett Virginia because each of the past six years they finished in the top twelve at Kim palm average, finish a four point eight doesn't matter who's coming who's going there. Always good. So I kept them in the top ten, but I got for genius nine. Seton Hall at ten. I I've run into this every April perish like. I stand on the top ten to somebody else to be number two. Who is it? My gosh. Like, if you if you don't think it should be Duke. Okay. I'm listening who's who's got a bit roster. Who's going to have a better team? I mean, that's just. That Michigan state Duke Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland Carolina, Kansas Gonzaga, Virginia, Seton Hall, man, Virginia. Why couldn't you just make it easy guy ties, Rome? Why couldn't you just come back easy pick there? For Jinya could have won national championship and only lost Jekyll. I know. What's while? All right. I would first of all. Trey Jones, I think you do. I really do. I mean bowl than you are suing coming back to Delara your Suming is coming back. Then you add in some big time prospects like Vernon Carey Matthew hurt. I I don't know who else to put there. I think they do have to be too. I mean, this is. Kentucky three. I don't know. And like Louisville probably has top five claim, and I don't even like them as a top five team right now. Maryland, Maryland is v. With losing Bruno Fernando, but they bring basically everything else. Jalen, I I think that Carolina Kansas. Gonzaga will be better. Virginia might be man. How about that? This is a gross. And then of course, by the time, we get November. I will just have convinced myself. This is how it should be. But that is just I don't know man like to me, and I am I alone here. Like this just feels like a weird undeserving top ten at the moment. But we also got to see like. We know gentleman who's going to say is going to we still got decisions like that's still gonna come in terms of who's coming college basketball once rosters like thicken up and fill out and transfers make decisions grad transfer. That'll also that will play a part there. Because like we don't know where blacks here is going to go you can have an impact within the top ten or outside of it. But. RJ Hamptons probably going to reclassify and enroll somewhere. That's also true. Yeah. I can just tell you at Memphis. They think they're getting our to Hampton. Not. Memphis ranked yet you don't do have them nineteenth. But based on them also get in addition to what they already have getting precious to and Lester Jonas because they're predicted by twenty four seven sports to get both of they gotta be. Yeah. They gotta be tapped twenty they do if you have precious chew and James Wiseman, that's two top ten picks. Yeah. You you have to penny was good enough in year one where that where you have to do that. There was a lot of questions about what whether he'd be able to coach, and I'm not going to sit here and calling Brad Stevens. But I will tell you somebody who watch basically every game they played. He was never really he never looked at a place. He was never overwhelmed. The team was limited from talent perspective because of what tubby Smith left him. But I think he he he did a lot of good in terms of. Making it clear that he is not just outclassed the way a quote, unquote, high school coach might be right? I will say this. Topic on this podcast. If all stays in place. I think Arizona might have an outside shot up in a top ten team because you'll bring in Josh green Nico minion big time players. I think Dylan Smith will make a jump. You have chased Jeter who will be back both Brandon's Randolph Williams. We'll be back. Maybe they can even add another piece. There wouldn't shock me. If AirAsia really made a strong boomerang back granted. Shawn Miller is still there don't necessarily discount their their viability there. But yeah, I don't know, man. I I can't disagree. Michigan state one Duke to Michigan by the way, plummets like Jordan pools leave and he's gone for good. They lose they're going to lose three. They're gonna lose their top three scores. I dropped on a fifteen that's fair. One of the points. I made is that last year they lost three of their top four scorers and still finished with two seed in the tournament. So be lines a little bit like Tony Bennett. Like, you'll probably. Figure this out, although I will say the difference between that and this is that he was getting ready to enroll. Brick brass Davis. And Iggy breath Dake is and I I don't think they're enrolling that kinda guy this year. Yeah. I agree. Okay. Well, we'll see. I mean, good on Carolina. They they definitely I remember when you sent me your originalist. I looked at it at the final four, and I thought Carolina was too high. But I think they have to be a preseason top ten team. And I would think they're going to add one Greg transfer of real impact there. We'll see if that transfer actually, you know, winds up being a key piece, but they have needs to fill. But but UNC, well, you know to circle back. Your UNC will be very fun to watch with coal Anthony, he will be ball dominant, high usage, high volume kind of player we'll see if that is a winning strategy for ROY Williams or not it was with Kobe white. They're not the exact kind of player, but the both going to watch. And then the Duke is once again it's going to finish with everyone play remember on class in the country for the fourth straight year. And that I mean, that's yeah. That's gotta volt to preseason. Number two. So we'll have no shortage do topics in the off season. I know, but I know those were the two big. I I mean, those really were the two biggest recruiting headlines of the week here. As by the way, Friday will resume the alive. Periods of coach will be on the road Friday watching players and continuing to recruit. You wanna call it a podcast? He L. Let's call. It a podcast. I got it. I mean, I gotta get up. You gotta grain, right? This trains man from Connecticut down into down to the city. It's from door to door for me like walking out my door to step in onto into the courthouse. It's it's about two hours twenty minutes or so like, it's a real commute there. I don't know how people do this every single day. But that is that is the northeast grind of life. So many people live in Connecticut and commute down to the city, but the trial actually has turned into a little more interesting than I thought it would. And as stuff progresses will continue to update I'll have stories everyday from there. And this is like, I mean, I understand some people might have tea with it. But it's more. Frankly, it's way more interesting than than committing to North Carolina for me. So as we as we learn more, we'll continue to update you, and I do think that trial will wrap within two weeks of recording this podcast. Shouts Devon down. Shasta Justice, South Carolina shells to cherry in that Diglis leg shows to learn now, please goes from the island college basketball podcast, if you haven't already done it while you there rated favourably five stars. Nice comments. It really does help us. We really do. Appreciate it. So you guys knock that out? And at the very least we'll be back next week. And if something happens that makes us feel like we need to be back sooner than that. We will be the best way to make sure you don't miss anything again. Subscribe. That way the episode goes right to your phone ASAP. We'll talk to you. Sing.

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