NLU Podcast, Episode 334: 3M Open Recap


Peter Right Club today. That's. Better than most. About. It is better than most. Ladies and gentlemen we're back. Welcome back to the laying podcast and the PGA tour is officially back after this past weekend. We didn't really go anywhere ties here. Hey, how are you? Tron is here I? Do feel like golf is. That was the one that was like. Come on Michael, Thompson played well. We're going to talk about it and he's on finish. Not Hate no Michael Thompson. That just was like Oh. Yeah, I have to watch this. That's why we're watching this. Let me be the first thing I. Thank you for your service you are. You are welcome. We're here to talk about everything that transpired at the three. M I. also recognize an event that finish mid week the sixth. Rose Ladies Series Event Shout Justin Rose for nearly single handling providing some playing opportunities for women during the cove at times, proud partner with the European tour Georgia Hall Pass Champion of the Women's British Open. She took home the trophy at bear with lakes bag full of calloway clubs, and of course an Odyssey putter odyssey number one putter on tour. They recently launched a line of stroke lab putters specifically designed for female golfers now. What does that mean? There have a lot more options in shorter links They have slimmer grips, but as TC might might say are resident gearhead. They can be. Those parts can be used for either gender. Yeah, actually. My Ma bought one so that doesn't support jets carpet. At actually my dad's like wait. Why don't I? Like actually dad you. You wanted another one last year, and also you just said spinal fusion, so you shouldn't be playing golf. He seems like he should get the longest thickest putter he. Should quit the. So. If you or someone you know, is a fan of the two ball, the number seven number one the or if you're interested in additional shorter length options, take a look at the new stroke lab. Women's models at Odyssey Golf Dot Com. It's Odyssey Golf Dot com also. Renato Parador sweet name. He won on the European tour with an odyssey number, seven chrome soft x Golf, all in a maverick driver number seven. That's a good one that's that's like the. That's what I'm gaming and have been for quite some time. Does your mom of the Golf Bug right now? Oh my gosh man! Yes, she's playing all the time playing like crazy. Walking like crazy to. She's joined the push Karpov a huge. Yeah. She's out there probably three times a week. Michael Thomson is the winner of the three m classic. We're open. Open Yeah. Three M stands for I don't learn. Oh Gosh I feel like I. Did know this at one point? Four H. I. That I I definitely knew that I was in four H. at one point. Three M, no, don't been prime for some good jokes. If really brought the energy any guesses, I mean they're. They're based in Minnesota. Is. One Minnesota, yes, is one manufacturing yes, and is one Minneapolis Matthew Wolf. Lining really yeah, reminding company, or they were founded up on up in two harbors Minnesota. Near where I was areas where. Up in Duluth. Do you WanNa? Talk about your your. Golf! Career very cool of you to further floor to the PJ twitter this week. Career earnings for Michael Thompson. Out The Fourteen million I would say sixteen million eight point nine. I would have thought it would've been a lot more with that in mind. Is it easier to be happy for a guy like Michael Thompson who? Hasn't made that much money on the colluding this week. Don't believe it is. That's up to today. So a little over ten million would be now. I believe but four straight years playing out of the one twenty six to one fifty category. That's a grind. That's a topsy that is so you're getting twenty one twenty two starts, not at the most premium events kind of really live in weeks to win. You're going to be playing. A lot of golf made the playoffs last year. So has full status for this current year, and it came out in the interview afterwards and I kind of joked after the travelers like. Wow, it's just so cool to see a life changing. Changing moment for somebody like Dustin Johnson to win the tournament, and while it's not as exciting you know on the surface for fans. When a guy who Michael Thomson wins at the same time, they did a great job. You know the interview and Michael Thompson himself of hammering home. It's like this matters a lot to someone, so it was awesome. Shoutout to Amanda with great. Interview there yeah I think Michael. Thompson has been the possibly unfairly. the punchline of many ubiquitous boring vanilla tour player jokes over the last few years. I've made four of them this week. And it's nothing against him it just. It looks like if you were in. A video game and you designed. Generic Alabama player. That's like you got the Peter Villar sponsorship. You know. He was a two lane player. Then Katrina came to shut down the program, so he transferred. Alabama wears his pants up. Really really really high I think that is might be a big hips. I think that's all that is I don't know. It doesn't look right. Randy said that he's lexi Thompson older brother or yet to. Look into that. It was for I. Don't know man tweeted something like I've never felt anything towards Michael Thompson positive or negative, but watching that the last few holes especially when he kind of like Max was going to be one or two short and watching that post around interview, of course like yeah, it's easy to get sucked in. And it was good for him, and he was fucking nails coming down the stretch their. Correct myself on this is from Alabama pro updates as well. He went back to the Web Dot COM tour playoffs twice to regain stout eighteen he he went back to finals and sixteen. Any one in a Web playoff in two thousand, sixteen and his last PGA, Tour Win was twenty thirteen Honda Classic That was one hundred sixty eight starts ago and had not even had a top three cents to twenty fifteen. Saint Jude, classic. That's a little bit misleading. Though because he played well in, he played wall memorial last year. He didn't have a great year last year, but twenty eighteen seemed like he was t seven at Genesis. T sixteen at Honda he's. He's one of those guys that you could have told me you could have started this podcast like Oh, he's you know. He's finished seventy seventh on the fedexcup every year, the last eight years I'm like Oh yeah. That sounds believable, or you could tell me like Oh. Yeah, he hasn't really kept his card and he's had to grind every year, but I well, that makes sense well. This'll probably be his third best performance. Oh, Wjr, wise runner up at the US Open's. Man we can I forgot about that. He got second in two thousand twelve Olympics. Olympic. Birdman won the. Bird. Bands and artists and then the third. Was Solo third the mcgladdery right before that so a really good twenty eleven. What would if anything stood out to you about his his golf game this week? As somebody who was not rooting for him I had a fee now interest and a Max Homa interest for different reasons like you were rooting for female. draftkings points on the line here. You got to set that aside. I wanted to. Play I wasn't jumped the gun. We're getting. We're going to get to fee now. I wanted to rub it all over. You guys which in turn going to? ME, which is part of the deal? As somebody that was not rooting for him at no point in today, today's rounded. I feel like Michael Thomson was not. GonNa win exactly I didn't feel like he was gonNA make. He started a little I think he's one over three three and both him and we're ski. who were the two co leaders going in both looked a little like okay. These guys are going to get blown out to sea especially. This was like fool me once twice, Fumi eight thousand times when female came out guns blazing rolling along pot, cockeyed Shit, this might be. This might be the day on. was already prepping. All my like. This is such bullshit golf course. is so boring. This was this was a korn ferry event, and which that was another. It was Kinda funny. Thompson win because you tell me good cop or bad cop. This is like a very soft diet, PJ, national! This week. Water everywhere water everywhere. A lot of kind of drives sorta boring holes, but kind of exciting. If you know if the wind gets up or something happens, but just the PD James Bite, though because it's firm when the hell and also. It's a lot colder the first. National to its cooler it is, that's a that's a big thing. That's the part that's what I'm saying yeah. Sugar free sugar for no ASPARTAME PJ national speedy national zero were. Bone away by first of all the lead. The field instructs gain putting I. think that's a rarity for him. Would you believe I? was kind of blown away watching him hit iron shots. He's one hundred twenty six this year in stroke approach. He looks like he hits it flush and dead straight every single time I was distance control out the yeah I was blown away that he has been that nobody know this year. That's probably why he's. One! Hundred Fifty! I remember Exco well. That's just washing today. I said to like I just can't believe he hasn't won more I mean. We're really been the topic of conversation because I get it just had no point. Did it feel like? It was gonNA, be was GONNA. Give shots away and yeah. It was complete controls. Golf Ball. I would like to what well. Careful what I say because I don't know that I would actually like to watch this Week like he'd be interesting to watch for nine holes on a week where he really doesn't have it to see how different looks signing up to watch because. Mostly in person like I does he hit clanking? Does he like I? Don't know what I don't know what could be wrong. I like it looks so good. Yeah, it's. It's super straight that he was fourth strokes gained approach this week. I stroke putting. I think the golf course contributed to me feeling like he wasn't GonNa Slip Up. There wasn't yes. You had to make your own mistakes come. Shot on sixteen to be I don't know, but then he had a great bunker. There were a couple of holes, so I'm just clarify. Wanted me my make your own mistakes like you had to. It was unforced errors. Anybody down the stretch totally and the golf. Course is not forcing you into certain scenarios, so Max was on PG to the first two days. Chat out to PG A so I. Watch a ton of the golf course and what you could see. See A lot of for my very amateur armchair analysis. Here was some of those back pains. If you're really going at the pins like you were just toast, if you missed in the wrong spot and it didn't seem like there were very many. There are some tucked pins today, but there weren't many back pins where you are really going to make double, and even even like I. I was talking to earlier this week and he was kind of saying the same thing. where it's like man, there's a that's a place to really really easy Pars and real easy birdies on the par fives in the short fours and that stuff, but if you try to make Birdie on some of the wrong holes, you can like fall asleep and make a double fairlie easier than. Than you would think and today, I didn't really see any of that like to your point like I I didn't nobody was making a double coming down the stretch? So you end up with a nine way tie for third. Yeah, exactly a super bunch leaderboard, which as it turns out not a great formula for CBS. which we'll get to that, but sit turns out they struggle to. Balance a lot of golf shots in there. Do you feel now? Do we want to Adam, long? With, Michael Thompson No I. Don't think I mean good win. Let me let me I. Guess Maybe ask you this. So the biggest thing and I think Amanda touched on this in her interview is basically locks up job security. Do we think that's a good thing or a bad for for someone? WHO's kind of bill? That's. Going to bang on this a little bit later in the episode, but this was like the death panel open. Explain that a little bit for guys just hang around on tour. In Yeah. I mean it's. It's hard to get on tour and it's hard to keep your. Ostensibly, yes, but also like. If you're going to be on tour capturing Golly, if you're going to be on tour for ten or eleven years, you better have something to show for it. He's got a few solo seconds. He's got A. But. He won the Franklin Templeton shootout. Caridi, San Antonio. Okay number one. That's wild, and so you know it's like you got him. I mean Shit look at Charles. How the third careful! He's got an incredible career. He's got a fascinating career. I would. I would take his career in a heartbeat, but it's. It might be the greatest career to have of anyone. I'm saying he's. He's the perfect intersection. You would trade our lives. Famous like extremely extremely successful Golfer without being famous really at all almost never get stuff. Yeah, nicest people ever. You've got Ritchie were Eski. You've got Bo hoke. You've got cameron. Davis you've got Taylor. Goot like you've got a bunch is it's just like norlander norlander? We played with them in the pro-am. Here in Jackson couple of years ago, some spicy takes yeah, but it was. It was a lot of guys that. You know it's like hey, like shit or get off the pot. Could you to do you wanNA explain what the death panel part of this is maybe. A deal detail with death panel this legislation that we've been trying to get some. Stuff and all sorts of all sorts of wacky ideas. We have, but basically. Know if you have your card for three or four years in a row, and you don't really do anything. You finish in that hundred through one twenty five. Oh, I wouldn't even put on it. Some guys are just just test you're not you? You're not bringing anything to table. There should be should be a panel. Possibly myself and I forget who some of the other people that were on their. Rotates Brando on random. Revisited that some of his equipment equipment stuff, but yeah and the panel. If the panel decides like Hey, and it's nothing personal, but like you don't have a tour card and you're you're you're not? You're not providing. Value. You seem like a great guy. He was. There's no room for you anymore, man. Where's this getting held up in court the court system system. The pack is GonNa vote well, but they won't give a meeting. They don't take us seriously before we get any further I, mentioned there was some draft kings points at stake draftkings has brought their expertise to legal sports betting legitimate sportsbook based right here in the US your funds are safe and totally secure. T see we don't have to. 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A five hundred dollars deposit bonus requires twenty five times. playthrough restrictions apply see draftkings dot com slash sports book for details gambling problem, call one, eight, hundred gambler or Indiana one eight, hundred nine with it. I even need to read that anymore. Quick note on NBA. I LOVE BETTY GOING TO BE A. Totally throwing my MBA strategy this whole quarantine bubble thing. Since they're not traveling. All I do is just bad on the back half of A. Of A back to back, and it's like proof if you follow teams and losing streaks and all that stuff. Sure enough. They're not traveling. Then you listen. Everybody's hurting DC surveys. Here but in by the way next week I'm you guys aren't even going to believe what I'm about to do next week. It's going to be a cut for time, etc.. Behind fifty on just. Leave it at that. Can we do the female I feel like it's kind of like that You know if you give somebody wants to get. Permission to punch you within the next hour waiting for it is the worst start with this because I. I'm kind of answered this conversation. This is mainly you re Andy Neil kind of these. Ask you know being good. You're the bag. I'm just GONNA. Say you're more in the fight you even. You're. So female yesterday Saturday third, round. When? The wind kicked up there on sixteen. The the what drives someone called? For, one of the few, just a great travel scored whole which I think. The scoring average was below the par-three that followed at one point. Saturday not finish this way. But the the two hundred eighty three yard, sixteen sixteenth hole had a lower scoring average than like the hundred eighty yard par three seventeenth hole with. Credit is irrelevant, but yes continue so wind kicks up a little bit. Females got buoyed summer haze on the bag. Obviously wearing a really bad hat as DJ always likes to point out, it's a whole situation with monitoring the summer as with the oversized Nike Hat. I don't I. Don't get it so wind kicks up there between three would and driver. Tony ends up pulling a driver and tries to play like this'll squeeze cut thing with like a little bundt driver. Terrible shot up. The right side almost goes in the water. And? Thankfully there's a strip of there exactly which? We we won't even go there, but as soon as you hit that shot. He's not GonNa win like that's he. He showed his ass right there. You know. How first of all they move for both the last two rounds guess how many balls went in the water, sixty eight sixty eight players two rounds, so whatever sixty eight times two. Is that somebody guys tried to drive that Green. Get somebody balls went in the water. To One. One Ball on Sunday you see. It's risk reward. It's such. So. Let me start all right Let Me Start I. Don't want to inject my own. Criticism I want I don't WanNA put words in your mouth. Shut up Ritchie Wenski only all water continue. List. We'll get. Import in your mouth you tell me, how are you feeling man? Another t three finished gotta be feeling good as someone who had draftkings points on top ten finish. Out Today That was easy money. We were sitting. There was a winning week for us and Don't filibuster the question. Today. You know it's just another ski reopening the same wound scar, tissue, glass, half, full or glass half empty. This is the definition of it great. I mean I guess because I feel like he's getting more shit right now for him. Having finished in the top five and then if you would have missed the cut I year, and that's where I net out on is like. Do you think it's an overall positive? For sure like one hundred million percent. That's not where you're going to win this argument, but you can stand on like he's never going to win forever. If you want, but is not better to have missed the cut then to be honest, not even necessarily what I'm saying. No you go is at bell. I'm not saying Mr Cot I'm saying like if you just had a solid week and finished fifteenth and was never in the hunt. Is that better than like you know you better go win. There's a lot of like no names around you right now like you're expected to win, go do it. It's a golf course. It's fifty really well and just. Like back-nine, completely anonymous. What do you think so? Here's what I stand on this all right winning from. It's really hard. Ball all that stuff. Almost every time you get in contention close to lead coming down the stretch of any kind, you are still at less than like a fifty percent odds of winning right, so you do enough times, you would think somebody would turn out to be the winner, and it keeps not happening thirty times for instance. Since twenty six times, but It's still like what do you think is best odds? Percentage chance of winning was. Talking about this, no, because the odds are pretending that he's Michael Thompson or he's Taylor. He know the odds factor. No listen this. We're GONNA. Get their data, Gulf, okay, this is factoring in the talent level of everyone. That's chasing him his his level. His strokes gained. Is this factoring in the golf? Courses is a algorithm that. If you WANNA poke holes in the algorithm. Can I tend to rely on it? Like? What do you think that going for you, but? It's going great. Okay, so his at one point today. When he was briefly, fifteen under Thompson, was by putting for Birdie, and he was fourteen hundred females. Chances of winning were forty percent as soon as Thompson made that Birdie. It went back down to like thirty and never got above that the rest of the day. So in theory, but it felt like didn't win. It felt like with female. Though so you're saying he's. He's actually proving the math, not winning. You. No. That's what I'm saying. I many times in a row. You look at the sum of all this. Of course, it's damning like we went over all the stats last week top landed footer that he missed on thirteen today. That didn't sniff the whole. But not only that, so that was okay, also had to snake burt ten foot Birdie putts that rolled over the edge. He had said some. Very badly. He had one. Yes should have been more around actually. I was shocked missed. Short along when that he made you I was shocked Faldo. Was Right they were. Whatever you're gonNA finished with I was not shocked with with shadow kept saying the numbers say now numbers but Faldo. He had like a down I. Think it was on eighteen yesterday a downhill. Left to right. Swinging Putt in the in the wind was coming hard off the right, and so it was like all right ball's GonNa counteract fellas. He's he's. He's aimed way too far. Left waits for left here. And can't remember who it was on the ground. No I. Think it's going to break this way sure enough. He misses like a foot outside left unlike a twelve foot PUTT. Dude like you're not even in the realm here when it counts. It's hard to argue that. His final round scoring average, not good his play today I mean he shot sixty eight. That felt very pedestrian. Sixty eight was the author it's it was scoring average. Today was sixty eight point three, so if you want to win, golf tournaments got beat the field scoring average even in a final round, so listen. Was that the performance that I thought he should have won. I didn't look like he was GonNa win that at any point I two days. I. That's the point, but he hasn't strung it out for four days. Do I think that he will I do? I don't think he's getting robbed I. Don't think this is not in the category of like. The waste management this is very different. Definitely, did you had you had a point today? We were sitting there, watching it on number nine. He's when three forty down the right he's got one hundred forty eight yards to the whole. Hits forty seven feet. Benign shot and it's like all right. Well that was you in this kind of exactly so China I, were talking earlier I'm like well. What's what's the deal like what happens says because it doesn't seem to me like he gets to eighteen with a one shot lead dumps in the bunker and he misses a short pot, and like it's not that evaporates. It's just a slow slow bleed so like today. I think he would do. Birdie ten to get to sixteen right, so you've got to par fives coming up. You've gotTA reachable par for like that's where you need to be right. Eleven from the just in the left kind of I cut hits at Sixty, feet From one forty. Twelve, missing the wrong spot with his second shot on the par-five, didn't get up and down the par-three. That was one where it's like just goes a flag already just was not even close dumpster, the bunker which I guess a lot of guys. Did that very close on that one hit the lip of the bunker now. Yes why to he went flag hunting if he did the middle of the green you to criticized for playing too safe. You're looking for stuff to fit the narrative here. He just assured. That point he's, he's right in the mix, and he makes a careless bogey on A. Trying to wrap my head and why it's not happening and it, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me anymore. It doesn't I wish I could make sense of it. I think what you're talking about on thirteen. Yeah, he lost almost half shot with his approach shot lost almost a half shot with his approach into one is still, and then gained on pretty much all of his other approaches for the back half of the day. Because He. Post Ron Interview. On channels said they don't give out second and third place trophies out here. I'm learning out the hard way and just to be clear and just that people don't think we're being mean spirited, and all this stuff Tony seems like an exceptional guy I've literally never heard one bad thing about him from a player. Everybody him I would love to see him as I said last week as I. I said the last. You know the time before that. When he was close would love to see him become like a force on the PGA tour, but absent of that like do there's really not much else to keep my attention on a Sunday afternoon when it's you know Michael Thompson Battling Ritchie were empty. It's like dude. I got to have something to go off of and so I guess. into some of the broadcast stuff well can I. Ask you a question. This is a there's no formula one race to discuss this. But why wouldn't we all watch Formula One? Are we way into who finishes second third fourth, and all that the points that come with the story that comes with that, and why is no one care about it in golf? I? Don't know the answer. That I'm not saying like I care so much about who finishes third, fourth fifth. Off It seems like it's way bigger deal in the field of one hundred fifty six guys versus twenty well, I think I think because there's only twenty and Formula One. There's a distinct pecking order right where I was going to say we'll get out outside of their tier outside of their pecking order. That's one thing, and then also like it's just been so unfair. says. It's almost more like watching tennis. I would guess where it's like okay. Well, you know the top three are going to. They're going to exactly exactly. Formula One. Thing is much more like well. These guys are supposed to finish seventeenth, and they might finish eleventh like holy. Shit that's isn't that like Michael Thompson. Gas But I think that that's the game within the game a little bit, but they do such a poor job of covering. That's what I'm saying is the story that I feel golf? Fans and networks and everyone has done is become like sports. Talk Radio, and it's just about who wins a tournament at the end and them, showing a brief highlight of Milan agree low, putting to tie the lead on the last hole, but like not even telling the story of finishing third this week. Is That's where I'm? A they'd haven't given us a reason to care about who finishes third and now that leads us to being like looking poorly upon somebody like female who finishes close to but no cigar. Almost that's the ultimate Trojan horse to get us to give a shit about the F. Fedex exactly they're giving a shitload of points for these finishes like I finish I. Don't mean to put you on the spot. But like what do you suggest because they give? Give. fedexcup updates constantly and they do try to do this and like I. Don't know what you can do to make care about the very simple. GR- simple for casual fans. Show me how much money is on the line for a final PUTT well, you don't care about the final points. That's fine. Shall we both show me the the points that are on the line and what that could mean in the final standings, which is just my. Points are just money. That's all it. Is it just a a? The very end of the year, but you show on the screen like hey. This putt that Schwartz will has on on eighteen today was to get out of a tie for third into a tie for second. How much was that? I don't WanNa. Do the math. They're not playing for the money. They're playing for the prestige of the exactly. Put that up on the screen then we wouldn't pretend that it's a really good point. I I do I wonder if the fact that golf schedule and priority ranking, and all that shit is so convoluted that it would be so hard to do it in real time. You know what? What I mean where it's like you got categories. Yeah, it's just all of a sudden like finished third which gets him that moves them here in the fedexcup, which then once the next reshuffle happens, that means he's then going to get into this tournament, which means he could be potentially earned this much like all right. We're already like. Why are you now? Get onto the next guy. is taking over, but otherwise he can rely on past champs, status race, and it gets so that I don't block that out. That's not that's. A little bit, too exactly thin the herd a little bit but I. don't I don't think you can do one without the other I? Think they go hand in hand I guess is my point is like I think you. It's really hard. I will give them a bit of a pass like if I was in charge of. Hailing make people really really care about Emiliano Grillo finishing third like. I don't really know how I would do that though it is kind of hard. To play us out on pheno. I have a all right, so I have a question for you. Come going back to question encouraged female, GOING INTO MEMPHIS and. Harding Park should set a fantastic foreign. So what would it take for you to to be discouraged? I mean if his putting was really bad for four days because he hasn't really putted well enough to win like you as much as I get the PGA tour is about ball striking. You need good putting weeks to separate yourself at the very top. I mean you don't. If you're outside the top twenty and strokes game putting you don't win very often. The winners and just the numbers rule that out, so we really discouraged. If it was a great week of ball striking, he didn't Putt Great. I think he's number. One in strokes can't approach this week number thirty six and twenty. Yeah, that's not good enough to win. I mean it's it's GonNa. Put you right there and so the point is I think he's GonNa. Keep putting himself spots. I think he's GonNa. Have a hot putting weekend win on the PGA tour several times in his career, because the craziest part about the whole thing is like, keep proved the Ryder Cup that he can play under pressure and he can. It's exactly the case I was making for him to be on. The team was like he's constantly. Constantly beating the best players in the world, he's not beating all of them at once for match play. You don't need to be the best. You don't need to beat all the players in the field. You need to be really good and really hard to get around, so I wouldn't even say I think he sets up great for Major. I. Just think his style of play for the PGA tour. Super Long, good iron player. That combination is gonNA, leave him a ton of Birdie chances, and he's going to fill it out. He's GonNa. Play win like four at a certain point. You can do. The victory lap doesn't win, but I think I'd like I said. Does. What was the bet though there's no badge? So it's always said he was GonNa win like three times this year, which obviously that? You do covert. I said boldly. He's GonNa. Win Two times this season, which would have been like twenty four more starts. Probably maybe twenty starts. What so we'll say any more say allie starts. Who February like management. How about this? How about this? We'll give you to the end of the West. Coast swing next year and just basically pro rate this out. Sure, he'll have the whole. He'll have the whole fall series, silly season, and then all the West Coast Win to win two times now through. Yeah, but yeah I mean. We're starting from zero anyway, so he's. Trying to the math. Should be three times, but. Software. They were. It was like three months, so I said to time so did you can't just say you're so basically. He missed. Let's say at the most. He missed. Ten starts out of twelve events, which is being generous. And now you're adding another ten on top of that. Yeah he missed ten starts. You said Okay Yeah so okay. Yeah all right, are you? Are you riding with that? Not In my favor on this one. Fifty fifty. I have a stat for you. Most official money earned in a single season without a victory. You told me earlier, but I thought it was being yeah, but he's close. Is Counting fedexcup money. Official money so whatever they know don't okay. Fedex money's official I don't know the answer. Jim furic two thousand, fourteen, almost six million five point, nine, eight seven million females second. Oh, twenty, eighteen, five point six, million Sergio's third, two, thousand, fourteen. Ricky's fourth twenty fourteen. Fourteen. Somebody. Was the REV was just. All! Over the winds. That's interesting, so none of that what is next? Should we talk about Max Chur. Listen. We said in the in the drafting segment. We knew he was close. He was hitting the ball. Awesome just couldn't reports and I think maybe that caught up with him a little bit. Maybe he made more putts put. He'd made a lot more plus this week leading up to getting himself. In the penultimate group, and then just a couple mrs today. That would have been cool to have, but. Massive step forward. The one on seventeen was a little rush. He flagged that ball allegedly, finding on eight as well to eight inches, which we didn't see the dotty master about six times, but nobody loves my maximum than me. This is not a shot at Max but let me just say if he'd lost. Tony would've lost two point three strokes on the Greens today. How hard you would have been, you'd be roasting Tony Female for that or more. Yeah. The the PUTTS he had a couple looks. Like that eight foot range that you know. If you win tournaments, you make any Higashi. It's so good. It's kind of all around today. That is a coverage taking safely classify that it was he got dropped way too early and The you know the playing through while he's chipping out of the hazard to feed afoot whatever it was on sixteen. We just do answered him now. Sure I'm ready. Just going that much to say I, can kick it off other than like this just reminded me of why I'm utterly defeated watching golf all the time where it's like. Especially, the golf channel stuff was like lead. Install one to the one to two thirty miserable, and it's like I. Don't really know why why I'm watching. This is this week. was totally that affect these guys the watch. and. Counterbalance, that with is like maybe a lot of players in the field. Maybe that puts more stress on an already small crew, fewer cameras, fewer graphics people. Replay! Replay people all that stuff, so maybe that was part of it, but the golf channel aspect of it for sure was exceedingly unwise for is for his unlikable I feel like Nance's at this point when he's not there. It feels so downmarket and it's like. Yeah, we true like we truly don't give a shit this week. Well a couple of things here first of all the dottie pepper you know diapers talking about. How he's pretty self deprecating on twitter, and then they said I think we CBS we, we excel in the self deprecating department. I was like Oh my God. That is not what I would say here. They lost track amount wolf today, which defending champ, and with with how rabbit ears CVs clearly is hello CBS as you're I. Know You're listening. Yeah, they kind of reminded me of the Bryson. I would say I'm actually pretty good, dude. It was not bad, actually not a bad guy that was very CBS. I've actually a very fun network fucking. Relax and watch DJ I. Have a question for either. Do you know to cameras? Yeah, exactly Kyle Rudolph okay. That was the thing sure which I think. That was the seven for the three I think. It was sponsor interview Red Zone Reindeer. Charles Schwab. Round was the most important round in the history of Golf. which was great I, think it was an ode to his former countrymen, course, rory Trevor immelman colleagues sixteen, a fantastic driver for was the last little nugget ahead. They're just like I. learned just because it's a drivable for its fit. I learned Trevor Remark Bark probably learned three times today that This weekend I think Michael. Thomson Marxist Ball with the nineteen thousand five quarter Yep. I sort of get why they do that. It's like you don't expect somebody to watch a ton of coverage I. Get I get what you're going. They kept mentioning the same guilt like the first time. You said it wasn't interested is really not and then the. Supposed to be tight long this week is not. They showed a lot of this long. They showed a ton of this long, but this long schlongs posted on an interview. Over around three scope. It looks like. Maybe he was a little, caught off guard. Dude, what! was then. This fits in here, but people were. The reviews were in for Matt Wolf's be miked up for the first round. They were not strong which to those people I would say. You deserve to listen to dl three because I don't like I don't get if the takeaway. You're annoyed by Matt. Whatever it is, that's still better than hearing. Announcers Talk I hear. A player talked through his shots. His whole round and be like I thought that was going to break left more. Yes, chatterbox, but that's that's the reason you put a microphone to hear that. No, you will definitely from this corner of the world. You will not hear like man. That player talks way too much, yeah! Do you just give improvement? This is the. Wolf as like defending champion was on PJ. Live and like you know agreeing to be miked up I. think that's the point. Is the Thursday Friday coverage of the three M open needs. Exactly like watching of course I'm biased because we watching Max, but like PGA Tour Live was awesome to watch, and that very much shows like when you guys are on there and you've got some players. You Really WanNa. Watch or someone's got a great round like it is really hard to beat that I just can't stand the people that are clamoring for different Shit on the cast, and they get mad about that Wolf. You know being talked too much. They had to be few, and far between which get that Wednesday was maybe different than Thursday. People were saying on the. Charity thing, but it was actually the first week. That I I missed fans a little bit. I've been missing fans on Sunday. It's like it's for big moment. It's like Oh yeah. The wolf to t twelve, yeah, starting to show a little bit more consistency or a little bit more also was Max like. was there a discussion between like like northern? Really fucking? Cool to hear, it is to hear men like this is a crucial moment in the tournament. Again and Daddy and Daddy said that he was thinking about for it. And then he lays up to one hundred, eighty, nine, hundred out like that. That's a little off in her defense. You also screwed up what he laid up to one, hundred, seventy one, but yeah I. Don't quite see how they thought he was. The discussion had to be like avoiding all. All of the bunkers have to avoid lying up again. Just like Dow would have been. If you're going to hear one conversation between Academy and player all week, that probably would have been one of it, and of course a shout out to our Guy Joe Greiner, not whatever they call them Nikola integrator on the telecast Max caddy those two IB, have A. Clarify clarified okay I miss that, but hearing hearing those pg toward live Joe's awesome man. He's extremely extremely committed on like he's direct he's. He's got. Mega Alpha tendencies so I would have of course love to hear more of that on the broadcast as well. The. I think. Got Shaimaa. The golf channel like that was that was the worst today they was commercial, commercial commercial, and then which in their defensive is a CBS production on Golf Channel Yeah, so here's what I'll what I'll rehash on. That note is to me today like it's awesome that Michael Thompson and Ritchie were scaring the lead going into the final round, but to me like the story that ninety percent. PERCENT OF GOLF. Fans are GONNA care about watching today is like all right casino win or not, like he's our biggest star. That's kind of in the field here. He's the biggest guy that's in the second last group like we ought to be following him I. WanNa see him like when he just dumped into the bunker like stick on him. Like what's he set the stage? Feeling and there's a lot of guys to follow, but it just it. The commercials is what kills it and that's not CBS's fault. That's not golf channel. The PG tours fault words. It's like dude this is. This is. watchable where it's just constantly alright females, the only guy I care about watching here. Are you'RE GONNA? See One shot of his. Then we're going to sprinkle in a couple of other nebulous random putz. Now we're going to commercial and the worst part was the volume of unsold spots which turn into them. PGA Tour commercials was seemed to be. At an all time high this week until I don't know how I bet, the ratings are going to be not good I have a question for you. Guys is live under part did yes, is it gone? It is officially or Unofficially dead, but it has been. It's been placed on life support by big. Jack. It's possible on the PG twitter account anymore. They don't Hashtag it anymore. I don't see any commercials for a possible return. Golf was just a smokescreen to kill live under par. Back on the T.. Stop that commercial now, too, but now it's guys story of the week. Story the week. Somebody shot sixty sixty six this weekend. Who Wasn't? Alexander nor. Here we got we got a question. Killer I've been getting rid of I've been working in the questions but Johnny Rosalie asked what happens if Alex wins a PGA tour event before female Oh God, that'd be sick well, so that was the craziest part today was if I thought for a moment that it was going to be Charles out of the Third Nora. Beating female, and that would have been like I. Love I love Charles. He's like I love watching him. I feel like it's a kinship with him when he's trying to close out because it's like. Yeah, it's fucking hard man like. Leaving the Eagle Eagle Short on eight thousand. and. That's so fitting. It was perfect in a chef's kiss. Sorry, add one more thing. I forgot to work in Nick. Faldo Professional Golfer in his own right six champion, according to Andrew Kettle under has been doing. CBS broadcast for fourteen years now is amazed that Matt Wolf hits six iron two hundred yards. There are six handicaps that can cover that can hit a six iron and Matt Wolf is one of the longest players angle. Thank you for telling people that I could do yet. Can you carry a six hundred? To Brag about things like that is confused by the number. But like I, just can't I so over these announcers being stunned by how far these guys are hitting the golf ball, especially somebody like Matt Wolf I bet betty at seven hundred two hundred yards, not six iron and one. How is that amazing anyway? Also Chase Kappa low key beating brooks this week and shooting sixty three, including a final nine twenty nine today. No mentioned that there was a lot of fedexcup stuff going on this week was hogue. He had bogeyed. Straka you had I'll be Shelton Shelton. Cashew else was up there Yeah, can we talk about Shelton? He's I. Mean Even before this week he was. He's had a pretty good season. Thus far are Shuffler and Shelton the same guy. No. Shuffler went to Texas Shelton, she'll a children's got so much game. chills Alabama F yeah okay. Funny How you? Now. You Guys WanNa Talk Fedex. Cup this week, said. Run away. He was ninety I in in the fedexcup going into this week. That's I think that's the angle for this week. Is the fedexcup guys trying to get in the top one? Twenty five doesn't have the same byte when there's no cards on the line for me Lisa's. Decided officially that all for us. For, like yeah guys making the playoffs keeping their status fedexcup. Gerrymander at Harvey wherever. You want to thank you. Grillo statistically. Worst putter on tour. We didn't even. He'd be feeling. That was sick. It was so jarring when they finally showed him on one of the. Female birdied eighteen took A. Needlessly very not needless. He was out of the tournament, started flagging the ball. I don't know if you noticed that. Tributes Mackenzie Hughes the only shot I remember him all day was on the par-three where I mean he hits that sawed off. They were just puts the club in the ground, and then it, and then it's like a half swing puts the club in the ground, and just it's like his whole thing leans for whole body leans right like his whole shot shape is like trying to work. It left to right so what I aspire to. Watch! Exactly watching him chip at the players is what's screwed me up for like two years. That's what I need to start. Doing is what I need to start picture. I don't think. I'm at the point at really thick it is. Do talk about TVs you've ever twin cities, just being Minnesota is amazing. How little respect it gets you from the people of Minnesota it's it's a disgrace. They're having the tournament. They're stinks. It's a bad look for a minute. Because this odors almost golf rich, it's like a poor man's Ohio as far as. You know it's wild scene. People can even fast forward through this part if they want because it's so unrealistic, but listening with with no fans, it's too bad that like almost didn't have more of a heads up on the no fans or like you could knew A. Everybody knows wishes. They knew how long this was going to ask, but you could really go to like some much cooler golf course when you didn't have to worry about the infrastructure to fans, but Too hard to change things around. Are we ready for We've got several questions I. DIDN'T I didn't save any of them? Put because a lot of them were very leading questions. I would say but to discuss Richie. Wherein Ski Sheriff, who was made some waves on social media on Gulf Week. Dot Com about the blue lives matter bracelet that he was wearing. Dj Pie after a brief stint in political twitter to. Feel Yeah. I can't imagine how first of all let me clarify what I was trying to say is that I hate police officers escort. I have no respect for any government institutions. Much less people put their lives on the line for our safety. No of course. A great great place for this twitter's place. It Yeah I. Don't know why. I was really trying to further the conversation there, but okay. Couple things one thousand risky for a great week. That was impressive. Many people don't know this first golf story I ever wrote in my whole life was about ritual renske when he was like a fourteen year old kid at the International. Junior Golf! Academy so I've always wanted Hilton head, no, I might be the tournament that they're playing was in Orlando so I don't actually where it was but anyways. That was one thing that like got zoomed in on and people could see with all the high def. Cameras was that he's wearing. This blue lives matter bracelet. In a vacuum, of course that to a very casual golf fan. Even to someone like myself, who's not a very casual golf fan? That looks really fucking weird, because it is a tournament in Minnesota the epicenter of like the racial tensions that everybody in the country has been talking about for the last. Three months do that. In the final group on TV in a vacuum is like a very weird, seemingly tone-deaf to large group of people who apparently don't follow me on twitter thing to do. Now, of course, the flip side of that is a what what's so controversial about him. Supporting Police, had you. Don't you're saying? Blue lives don't matter. It's all the shit that like and that he wears the brace. He's one of the race for three years. Apparently, yes, and apparently it has a number of police officers in his family, and so what I want to clarify is like of course I'm not saying that like you know what he knew he was going to be on TV. He's tries got an axe to grind with these like you know self-righteous protesters in Minnesota. He's going to really show them. On TV. Now what I'm trying to say when I'm trying to say, is that like for those who don't understand it, which are apparently a very large group of people, those three words, and like a counter movement to the black lives matter something that was started indirect. The black lives matter. This is not even like an opinion. This is just stating the fact that like Hey Fyi y that means something drastically different. Too Large. Group of people and there are probably a lot of people who think like. Oh No, what's the big deal like? I'm just I support police. That's why I'm wearing this. Don't look. into it any more than that. It's like man. Look at the history of this movement like you can't really. Assign, your own meaning, and like people are to see that and it's going to mean a lot of different things that a lot of. Explosive things. To a big group of people, and so the whole point of the last three months, at least my biggest takeaway of the last three months is like. People who are in vulnerable positions, people whose voices have not been heard in this country going on, you know literally hundreds of years I think the point is like to really listen to try to put yourself in somebody else's shoes, and so all I'm saying by like bringing that up and where I think people are upset about that is like that's a very. Potent thing to do in a very impactful thing to do whether you know it or not, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that like that's not what he meant, but the point is i. think when you see stuff like that. It's probably high time to kind of be like. Hey, maybe we should talk about that. We should think about what that means part of it was. I'm not even talking about like my tweets. That's not that Oh exactly so I think that's said, but I think part of the with your tweet was Ritchie. renske canceled. It was quo tweeting something that satellite virtue excuse canceled, which is the whole canceled culture thing? Yes, and of course that in like that's the problem with talking about this. fucking stuff on twitter is everything gets wrapped. Everybody's coming at it. It with their own context, everybody's coming at it with like you know their own mind already made up myself included probably is coming up. These things with their own mind made up, but like the the problem in what I wish, you could scream on twitter, but you can't. Because it's not a podcast, so I will say it on the podcast is like if it's a bracelet that says I support police. I'd be like dude. That's sick I wear one of those bracelets like I have many police officer friends who I love and support, and who I hope people respected who I worry about when they go to work. I massively support police. The fact that instead what it says is like my movement is a direct opposition to your movement. That's what people are upset about, and if you don't get that, it's because you're not listening or you don't WanNA listen. It's like do that's the whole point. Nobody's calling you racist. Nobody's calling you. Anything, nobody's saying you like. Get rid of all the police like dude like just listened to the other side for a second and think about how this might look to somebody else. There are a lot of groups and this wildly unfair, but like this is what happens with some of these movements is like there's a lot of groups that have used that flag, the Thin Blue Line flag that phrase and all those things to justify some really shitty shit if you don't at least like. That, that's part of what's going on there like dude. It's just ignorance and that's why I didn't want to. Even bring it up at back at Torrey Pines. The PGA tour has, tiger, Woods Like Blue Lives Matter Thin Blue Line pin flag and that was before all this stuff like. Went down if that happened today like that would be the massive national news and people will say like that's canceled culture, and whatever, but you know it's Kinda like maybe hopefully kind of people are. Starting to listen to why that stuff matters to other people, and why other people can have can interpret your your actions differently than you might intend. I guess Dj if you're having problems with twitter and stuff I would say you should start tweeting more about strategy and Statistics. I don't have any time because most keeping stats while I'm playing. Sure actually in your tendencies. Boy on a golf course time to tweet about it. That was I. don't know hopefully that's that makes. Then, where I was going on twitter, but and also any of the people who are butthurt about were saying aren't listening to the podcast anyway, so that's fun, probably accurate bearing the lead for this week. Really Martin trainer got smoked by his caddy. Tore. Off which is a tough scene, the? Europe, you WANNA do a little European tour. To Emilian Grio of they've updated the stats, he's now to fourteenth to six. Strokes can't putting. He's. He's losing almost a stroke per round through. You've got fifty seven counting rounds and so. It good. PUTTS even average. He's inside the top twenty like he's unbelievable as far as ball striking, he just can't. He can't make any pucks ever. But last place in strokes gained putting. It's got to be frustrating to be a player of the PGA Tour Knob. Make any PUTTS I'm asking you last-place. Oh, sorry, what last place Strokes buttock! For this season, Martin Trainer Bill Haas Really Yeah. Two, hundred twelfth to fit to last place see pan. That's shot which blows my I I've always pictured him. As unbelievable potter is tough, did not hit it far and also pot well. Of course is to five now of course. Answers Never Surprised that I had never made A. He's never made a PUTT. You guys watch. Watch much of the European tour this week. Didn't they ended on Saturday? So yeah, it was that close house. which is Lee, Westwood's home course a believer. Where's the Li Li? Li must have tied one on Saturday and Friday night because. He he made the cut and then shot seventy nine or eighty in today did I see somewhere that the person this week on the euro tour was like one in pounds a million pounds. That's not good. No, it's not which the the Korn ferry purses were like six hundred k. us I just give a huge shoutout to the European tour of course for a still awarding twenty four first-place official World Golf ranking points. This week the. WanNa guess what the string field was at the Bet Fred British masters hosted by Lee Westwood. Sixty to forty two. So but the for all the whingeing. That's been going on for from the folk. From the likes of off guard, Andy Sullivan. He finished tied for fourth in gained five point nine two points. If the the strength of field again for back to the conversation, European tour has and the PGA tour for that matter have a minimum number of points that have to be available for every event in that is twenty four, so even it takes us a strength of field of at least one of six to get above twenty four points, so anything under that doesn't matter how the field is you get twenty four finishing first so even in a field that has say three top one hundred players. You get twenty four points for first place. If you have eleven or I'm sorry. Seventeen top one hundred players like there was at the three M. You are given the the winner gets thirty eight points so long finished solo second seventeen under with beating seventeen, a top one hundred players. He got twenty two point eight points. When on European tour I'm sorry. The price fund was this week one point two five million euros next week. The hero open, which is the forest of Arden Marriott Hotel and Country Club in Birmingham Beautiful Birmingham. England Alabama. Is One million euros meanwhile that same week? The WGC Fedex Saint Jude Invitational is ten point five million US dollars. In everybody that missed. The cut got fifteen hundred euro this past week on the Euro Tour So that's included in that one point two five. I think which I guess. That's tough man. Are we ready to talk some PG l.? Sure. Hit Me Baby! You hit US man. Some. The PG L. is dead. Tell us oh the PG. been rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated the jails in a better position than they were three months ago and quietly making moves, and trying not to, but but at the same time trying not to be. Dick Ish about stunting on anybody during pandemic, but yeah some news. was you and Murray The Guardian Yep? Yeah, he which I better better. That's his newspaper not, nickname. It was. Okay, because there's there's. There's a you and Murray skysports. Writes, for the Guardian I. Do not work for sky. Sports. Not right headlines is his okay twitter profile, but he said have which I'll disagree with a couple of the things in his article, but what are the broad strokes are nine or ten guys that have gotten letters. Offer letters and that they're in touch with Keith don't call me Scott, pelley. Jay Monahan. What is an offer letter? So yeah, just going by some of the reaction that we saw I think it's important to clarify. A couple points one like you mentioned sally. This is theoretically. We would assume from everything. We've heard. What they're gonNA try to lockdown I. is kind of who the player owners of these teams would be and for people who haven't been following and have no idea what the premier league. The proposed premier. Golf, league is it would basically be twelve teams, four and kind of run like franchises run like teams, and another league and I think their goal is probably to start with a player owners, and so a lot of the names that were named which I don't know that I've really seen names named before. Skewed Mike much older and much more Kinda. I think there were some kind of uninteresting uninspiring names on there. Do you have the list you've got this on you and Murray's list? You Got Phil Mickelson. Adam Scott Henrik, Stenson, Brooks Koepka Justin Rose Rickie Fowler and Paul Casey, that's the first I've heard Paul Casey, and that one kind of made me scratch my head a little bit, and then also he you know, he said quote you know. Know they had talked to the European tour and you know just a little bit about this. At least infers an increased willingness to involve golf's existing stakeholders in the PG L. Plan and euro tour spokesperson said for the last couple of years we have been proactively sought out by by a number of private equity companies, all of whom recognize the strength and influence European tour across golf's global ecosystem. And so I think the thing to keep in mind or the thing to take away from this news at least for me was. Trying to get those player owners locked in and I think some of the reaction I saw was kind of will. Those guys are like old? They're wash. They're all washed up and they're not interesting I. Don't think that the point of story like this is like. Yeah, we're going to start a tour with with eight guys, and these are the guys I I don't think that's what they're saying. I think what they're coming at. This with is like these are. Rumored proposed kind of franchise owners, and then they would fill out teams of four, so you'd have another you know whatever another forty guys that would fill out. The rest of the team. I would I mean I've through different circles. I've heard different name I mean I think we've all heard different names. Every time we talk to people we, we hear different as but bottom line. It's not going away and I think. Influx like the reason here different names change if it doesn't happen now. It's going to happen in two years, or it's going to happen and I think a lot of the backlash initially was the Saudi stuff which I think at least personally hand-raised of like I was not nearly as informed when this came out as I think, we are now and was kind of like. This is a dirty. This seems scammy. We've probably helped fan the flames on that sentiment more than we probably should have and I would say yeah. I mean the Saudi stuff like rain groups on. That's putting this together doing homework on rain group. They've done a number of like massive deals like Manchester. City when they sold that English premier league franchise. They've part of drought-like draftkings. They're they're very. Like they're. They're the largest kind of merchant bank for Sports, and like media transactions in the world, so which I would think that they could probably raise a billion dollars without the Saudis too. So you know if push came to shove, and that was too big of a hurdle for some of these players. Would thank you know what hey guys? If this can happen without the Saudis, we can probably do that, too. And hearing a little bit more about like you said rang, group it's I. Think some people kind of have a vision of this league as like a couple of guys driving around Arizona and their van like pitching like no, it's going to be sick man. It's a totally different tour and. Now this is a pretty pretty buttoned up entity Yeah David Levy. The Guy that they've brought on used to run Turner sports like pro. I think it's you know there are a lot of reaction to that. Like I thought this was dead. I thought Brooks and rory had killed this in whatever and I was kind of my big takeaway from this. This week's news is like Oh. Shit, this is. This is still very very much here and I. Don't think that I don't know I mean first of all I didn't hear. Any of those players deny being involved this week. which maybe they did, maybe they did. Maybe they weren't show for comment I'm not sure but like it would be. PGA Tour media was asking any of these people that question. I? Guess. The none of the guy played this week. I mean I'm trying to think of a good example of of someone on there I mean. Phil! I don't think anybody really doubts that like he's involved but like. I mean re read the names time Mickelson. Scott stents and kept good rose Fowler. Kept going rose. There's two good examples of like. You know is brooks or Justin rose. If they're not involved in this and they're super loyal to the PGA tour in someone. There's a report that like Oh these guys. Are you know entertaining offer letters to go join? Another league seems like if that was totally false that we would have some some statements issue, that's the other thing is the fact that to your point I think the PGA tour would issue statement of act that the tour. Basically, the euro tour acknowledged that they've met with them in PGA tour. Confirmed with several people. Closest situations said Yeah like we've. We've met with them, too so I would imagine the PGA tours. Fear before was like. Don't you know let's not meet with these guys because it's going to legitimize them well. That's out the window now. So, now it's at the very least it's players trying to play the two entities off of each other and forcing the tour to figure out how to sweeten the pot for the top ten or fifteen players, and that's and that's the thing that's interesting about it especially is this kind of? Fighter. Flight is the word here. The Mo- more like foam o of for the players. It's if you are offered a franchise like right now. If you were offered a stake in this league, that might not be there in two years. You might not be the guy if they circle back in this starts gathering, and you need to join it in two years, but you're not. One of the guys calling the shot exactly so for a lot of these top guys. It's kind of like hey, are we all jump in on this or I? Don't WanNa be left holding the bag of not very much money here anymore on their Aga tour if I'm one of the guys. That's not making this leap, so that's the part that may really interesting to me, is hey we? For, the top players question you have to ask yourself am I going to miss the boat on this? Because everyone else seems to be talking about the right place at the right time kind of thing and also I think. From the perspective of if anything all right, let's say let's say this does materialize. Like the people that? I like the PGA tour like the way things are. All right. What do you liked about the PGA Tour Wall? The top players only play against each other a couple times a year outside of the majors, and so i. just like all this you know it. It's like a proving ground. It's going to be even more of that if it's a feeder system or if it's well so that there's a couple of things to go in and I think all of this. I mean correct me if anybody has anything more concrete. This is all kind of gathered from like a couple of conversations, and basically what the PG L. had rolled out as their proposed kind of. Here's what we want the structure to be. But for people who are not familiar with anything that we're talking about here, do you WanNa talk like a little bit about the structure that's proposed in how the PGA tour could or would potentially fit into this? If everything goes the way that like the PG, l. says that it's going to so so basically what they had said was and. I think part of this was our impetus for getting so deep Formula One and. Now, but it has made. This idea makes so much more sense to me. So. You'd have twelve teams four. forty-eight guys playing around the world. You know we're a shitload of for every week ton of money for a much bigger than they're playing for. It's going to get their attention every week. Yeah, so basically you have a third of the players in the field playing for probably twice as much money. We tweak more at mathworks. Also fifty four holes, so it's less golf. Team and so some people have said all right. It's guaranteed money and all that all right at the end of the day like guaranteed money for if you finished forty eighth every week, you're still pulling down. Hundred Grand. Right, I'm a caddy or something like that did sign me up eighteen events like I'm still. We're still making two million dollars. These guys don't say no out of principle like just just to be like. No, that doesn't seem right. I. Don't want to get paid I. Don't want to get paid by finishing last place. That is not how these guys operate so. Some people have said all right well. That turns into a WGC. Well, even before we get there so a couple more like structural things, so there were basically be a like a individual component. So forty guys teamed up together every you know eighteen events schedule so not every week, but you know every couple of weeks all around the world. There would also be to there being individual components like ethylene. You'd have your you know your your champion driver of the year. Whatever whatever's called? World Champ world champion. Champion champion Golfer the years that they can. But you have that you'd also have a team component, so you'd have to the very beginning of this podcast. Like why is it more fun to see what's going on in f? One downfield like what's going on with the race for seventh twelfth, and I think having a team like a big component of that right because there's team standings. trump talked about a bunch where it's like a week like WGC like there's no context when I don't know Jon Rahm is out of the tournament and he can either finished thirty seventh or forty second like you absolutely don't care because you don't care about the fedexcup, because you really not GonNa Affect his world ranking. It's not gonNA affect really anything. It's all completely arbitrary, and it's just to kind of fill up the field right and it's kind of divide money that like nobody ever sees thinks about. Whereas when there's a team component I think that makes the whole feel a lot more interesting right like I. I was imagining cat was wearing an earpiece. Even like when you have. A- also, I think downfield at the WGC's. You have not to pick on Contingent from Japan or the Korean tour, any of those guys, but who saw he would call the the world ranking manipulators who get into those deputy ladies me. They finish thirty five shots out of the lead, and they're like never relevant like instead you'd have the top forty eight like there's a big difference between forty eight and seventy eight, I think as far as kind of like the meat of an event goes I. Doubt it would follow the W. The world golf rankings because there's no way suck. Dad. But, also because that's just a snapshot in time, guys was. Yeah, there's a whole component, but I guess the point is like which is way more interesting. Follow with with F. One less players means more familiarity means you care more about where they are I think. Very simple, but I think that's kind of the point. Right relegation, and there's potentially relegation, pitched actual drama with. All of the bottom of it means almost more than the top. It someplace where it's like all right. You know what like so and so's finished in the bottom. Five players of of the last. Six events like he's, he's clearly going to get relegated. This year is in doubt because so and so Christopher. Ventura's tearing up on the wall. And that brings me to the final point, which is exactly why it's important to like set the context of what this thing could be is because I think. Like I, don't think the PGA, Tour Wood frame it this way right now while the conversations are going on, but if the PG succeeds in the way that like they're pitching that they're going to. Like the PGA tour would then become kind of like the feeder system for it right like how you tour and the euro tour. Like how would that go like? And that's what kind of made it click for me. A little bit was the more I thought about it. The more on like the PGA tour is not going away like they're. They're taking forty guys from the. The tour and from Europe right, but there's a ton of golfers Atanas a ton of sponsors. There's like we'll get back to being more the Torah. It was back in the seventies eight. Exactly that and that's where it's like man. If you like the not to Shit on Michael Thomson, but it's like if you like the these kinds of weeks where it's like you hey. Here's a journeyman who's like going out and getting it and improving his life like that kind of seems like what it would make the PGA tour into because we've talked about like the weeks like this or more similar to. A top Tier Korn ferry event in terms of field in terms of excitement level and all that, but if you're the tour, you can easily see why this freaks you the Oh. Sure. You're kind of saying that as if. You beat your doors. ME, at, that way, people who say like this soulless cash grab, what the Fuck do you think? Right like serious, and this I promise you're not GonNa have picture in picture of small golfing played while commercial for the PG. Messed up the. Aspect of the teacher has showed their cards in their cards. Say That like we do not care about the fans guess we do not care about the viewers we do not care about our product or to give them the benefit of the doubt. No. Hear me out or to give them the benefit of the doubt like our structure. Like doesn't really allow us to change because like they. They can't players all other car. The players hold all the cards in like they can't show the way they show. Favoritism is through things like the WGC's in through things like the massive cash disbursement of the fedexcup like they can't. The player run organization stuff is makes it really really hard for them, but they that's the crazy part to me. Is I? Tore wants to espouse themselves to be this independent contractors, and then as soon as these guys sniff around and say hey, you know what I could go. Play eighteen events and I'll still play. Some of these guys would still come back and play a few PGA tour events, and all that like essentially what guys do on the euro tore now they they come back. They play six to eight events and keep their membership there towards basically said no, absolutely not. You can't do that well, which one is? Are you an independent contractor or you like kind of an employee of the tour and you have an anti. You have a non compete. Yeah, it's it's a really weird situation and I. I I don't know man. I don't know that like. We know where it's going to shake out or I don't know if. We've definitely no. We haven't thought of everything on what goes into this, but I guess my massive kind of takeaway or where I'm at right now is like. Don't fall asleep on this. Because it's not gone and it could, it could legitimately like shakeup all of golf and it doesn't really seem like. People are taking it all that seriously. No, I mean I've just kind of googling articles about like Oh yeah Monahan shut down the PG I'll talk like no, no, no! They, none of this is shutdown and people thought when the PG came out like when news came out about it, in January February whatever it was, and that it didn't happen within a month that men was dead like this has been in the works for six seven years. Something like that, and it wasn't their intention necessarily for it to come out right then, and it wasn't like. do or die right now, and the we fail, it is a it doesn't happen in the next month or year. That doesn't mean it's over either. In a better spot now than he was five months ago Ellie for that for that basically bleeding, you know bleeding the the coffers of probably be you know probably John Down there coffee, two hundred fifty million dollar offer behalf. They've still have to pay for that brand new headquarters on the street from us. And I know the big TV contract is what it is, but. At the same time like. We'll see. I mean they can't do. They can't offer what the PGA can offer. These top guys like PGA tour still has to be. The way that I view there's no more growth in the PGA tour. They go international. That's what I struggle with. And this is where the I. Really don't mean to shit on the PGA tour or anything like loved the PGA tour it. It's a great place, but it's like. That's why I was so fascinated to see what would happen with. The TV ratings in the hash return to golf is like do there's nothing else there's nothing else on, and you have all your players playing except for tiger, which is a massive asterisk. Admittedly, they're back. They're back. So you have these two massive massive things working for you like unprecedented things you have all your best players at the Charles Schwab Challenge. You have all your players at the heritage like the shit has not happened for ever, and you have no competition. And that's why like hearing some of the talking heads on the golf channel or radio, or whatever Oh my God these briefings. They're gonNA. They're going to be massive. No, they're not because it's so unwatchable. It's so hard to figure out. It's so hard to have two hundred favorite player just like all right. A root for ratings were up double over last year. All Right? Cool ratings were down eighteen percent last year, right? Before that know what hurts was with MLB starting back up all of the sports, people being finally sports exactly exactly dude a sport, and that's where it's like. If you'RE GONNA grow. If you're GONNA Hashtag grow the game, and you want like if top players and golf courses and equipment companies and fans to an extent, everyone except for big randy wants to like make the game of golf, bigger and bigger deal and more of a priority in people's lives around the world. I don't see how you can do that with like. The PGA tour model where everything is very safe, everything has to be approved by the players. There's too many players. There's too many events. There's too many weird. It's like dude. If kind of seems like you've maxed out like what this is. Unless you, go to, basically unless they start making inroads into Asia. Right, but then I don't think the tours cogent enough with their COMMS and marketing to. Bridge those two gaps in the two spheres. Even right, it's just it's hard man looking at like the I mean I. Know. Everything comes back to the structure of the tour. Any conversation and you pull in the string long enough. It comes back to the fact that it's a charitable organization and you can't undo that you undo that like you that I could be. More generalizing than it is, but you have to. Basically you would owe taxes on every. Member it's it's best interests of the members. Yeah, but I'm saying for not having paid taxes on all the money. That's come in if that changed decided to. Tax. Back tax. Is I think it goes all the way back to inception. So that gets completely not an option, so that's why it just seems like this whole band-aid on band aid on band now WGC FEDEX now. We kind of are funneling sponsors to guys to get you some extra money resort. To optimum. kind of stuff like how that works, and it's all this band-aid which I recognize those efforts in their smart efforts. I think to get your top players legally like you can't. You're not supposed to treat one player we have. Preferential Treatment over another, so rory versus Michael Thompson, and that's where listen. Maybe people are saying the same thing about US listening to this, but like I feel like there's a lot of people that just haven't grasped. How potentially seismic of a shift this is I think going back to. Grow the game element in divorce that a little bit from like your like. Let's just make something that's really entertaining to watch on TV to that though I would say that shows you how strong or I guess how far the tours reaches over media, partners and networks. There's a reason why no one else is about it is. The tour doesn't want people talking about it. They golf channels talk. About. This is fucking wild to think about think about like who would potentially talk about this story right like I'm just rattling off like the biggest names in like PG or in. Golf media that come to mind in the in the states I should say. Oh, just say that that's why you got the Guardian. Exactly so like. PGA Tour Media Channels, obviously not golf channel, obviously not as proven time and time again that it's just like becoming more and more of a puppet for like whatever the tours looking to do golf digest's now indirectly, no owned by the tour I don't really know how that Works Golf TV. They have a massive. Are they owned by discovery which owns golf TV which is a massive partner. The tour like point being like I. Don't know if they're doing a big expose on this. Again ESPN NOW ESPN plus going to be the streaming provider for the BJ. Too, so there's one. Kind of. Golf DOT COM which has. I, don't see they have their own issues, but I don't see any like real. You know tour issues there and golf week. Golf weeks dabbled into it a little bit, but I think and other than that. It's kind of like kind of limited with rogue renegade. Yeah, Shitty podcasts like this. Yeah, it's just it's it's feels really weird. And and like the more I think about it in the more it clicks, and again I'm happy to concede that. Maybe we've got something wrong here or we're reading. The tea leaves wrong, or or whatever, but manages the more you think about it. The more it's like Yo- people should be shouting from the rooftops well. This is a massive deal going back I. Think like we're not going to go hop in a Formula One car next week. They're not trying to grow. The Game Formula One grow the game of driving. They're just trying to put a good product out on TV, so people watch it. Yeah, and then at that point you know so I think at some point like it comes back to that like yeah, let's just start. Let's let's divorce this whole grow the game thing is nobody's going to watch this tournament this past weekend and say you know what I'm GonNa go start playing golf this way. They're going to do that because they have cool affordable municipal course down the street from them and their friends play I also don't think they're gonNA do that because they're not watching this week. But so let's start from square one. Divorcing it from the game completely just saying hey, let's just put a good product out there and so speaking to those people I think this is kind of like the last thing on my list. As far as PG goes is we haven't talked about the majors at all yet? And what's wild about? This is that I don't think the majors would change. Change at all better like I think they'd be better because you'd have the PG l., guys coming into play against the tour. Guys have all this like inherent friction between these two things and it just like that part blows. My mind is like from a casual fans perspective. It's like Oh shit, like the masters is still the masters and like the stew. Of the US Open. Any winds. Does he go the PG? Oh? Hey. I think you'd have so much interesting stuff there, but I think from like the very casual fan that you're talking about like I. Don't think the US Open looks at a lot different. No matter what happened with the P. Jail I don't think the masters. I don't think the British Open I. Don't think any of that stuff looks looks very different, which feels like an even easier sell, because then all you're changing kind of the three m opens and the. The WGC Memphis and all of those things last thing somebody brought up. Hey, haven't seen this before and through Indian cart I think Colorado so. Kyle sorry I'm Aaron Y'all like this, but it was a shitty take. Because basically like yeah, we did have IRO and cart and NASCAR same time, but you know what else we had. Formula One and it was above that the whole fucking time. You know what I mean so. It's like that's kind of an irrelevant. Argument. Segments. God I get fired up when I talked about the Fiji Al.. You hate to see it. Who wants to go first I'll concede back some of my time I. Admittedly I didn't have too many things hated to see this week, so I'll give up. My spot trends GonNa take three of them got three. First of all we've got llanto Griffin before. The dust settled this week. He was tenth in the fedexcup, but he can't even get a start in the WGC this week. Really Yeah. OB- source! Hate to see that. Meanwhile, you got Jason Coke rackets. How does he not get in? They don't have fedexcup exemption now. It's just like straight up and the MA. Didn't they make the field in? The field and he still isn't in. He's he's like. Alternate right now. How did Fan Kim I alternate? Meanwhile Jason Kodak is all in. Twenty pocket aces chances in Sebastian Soderbergh. Who I've never once heard of before Kevin, Shulman and and then all right so my second one. US, junior am was supposed to be this past week got cancelled. Poor went for all the kids. hate seeing that is supposed to be a bit hazeltine. Anarchy there really do just. Generally hate to see that and then lastly. Tony Romo. Shame on. You gets an exemption into Korn ferry event withdraws after how many holes or holes or holes, somebody said seven somebody's said four, but get the fuck out of here after he withdrew from tournament a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. OUTTA here if you're in doubt for your health, and you're getting an unrestricted sponsor's exemption. You got to give that up and let somebody else in the field I. Don't have a problem taking the exemption. You're not taking up a spot from somebody you better. Damn will be playing well. It'd be healthy. Yeah, big deal when it's on TV, it's a bigger deal when fans can show up all those things yeah. I get it trying to get it out, but that's a tough scene. You hate to see it. I T of the Jacksonville City and this week. Tournament I've been prepping for for for quite some time couple of weeks. It's the highlight of my summer schedule. trying to peek this week I was trying to. Peek is just like the right size tournament for me. You know really good players I'm far from of course home course from being one of the top ten players in the field, but like I could compete with this group, I had committed to iron off the ten thirty, which was my first whole. Win was good supposed to be down the left. It starts raining right before my shot. It starts shifting direction so I didn't WanNa hit the to iron all in two I wanted. I wanted to a driver. This could be the rub of the Green and the we spray it. No. That's a replica creed. Spray Oh be first ball of the week. Hit My next one down. The bank tried to hit a gap wedge from Balba my feet. It goes in the water. Hit the next one on to put for Quad Open the week with the quad. Behind the eight ball, I'm out of the tournament from before. It even starts, and that's just something you hate to see that end up finishing t thirty one. It didn't cost me the tournament. I didn't play great anyways, but that's just. Just the worst feeling walking off the screen making a quad after you're really trying to give a shout out to the finish of that tournament, you and I were having a beers walking around watching the end of the Golf Tournament Jack Speech of course, the eighteenth hole, a the vaunted par-five, which we can discuss one under this actually we should give a shout out to our crash podcast after this eighteenth all coming down to man horse race between two guys whose names I forgot, Carol, cody, Carol or Villanova. Ray Or. Even led a French guy into the jets city. We don't actually know if he's French. His name is his name was Pierre. He's though he's A. Code, he's got a two shot. Lead hits it in the in the shit left. Blah Blah. Blah anyways peers got a chip in for Eagle to even make this interesting. Does it like the very small crowd is Kinda go nuts and then Cody has to make Birdie on the difficult kind of weird gimmicky. Some would say eighteenth hole and does it to win so that was that was a stick in the eighteenth hole provided some by disagree drama. and I played I played seventeen eighteen, both one hundred this week. Go Smart, so rub of the Green. Go ahead each. I mean I. Don't have a good one Murph, our guy who lives on sixteen turns out. He wasn't home, so we're able to sneak into his mini fridge and grab some beers during the. Do not do that, so you're playing Jack. Speech people don't know which housed in an undisclosed. go to everything breaks to US pool of. Figured out. Rub of the Green. This is actually from from Zach Blair. He sent voice memo this week. He was playing know he played. He skipped three M he played probably eleven times. This week was playing out at somewhere up in park. City I believe. There some power lines run to the course right so this is a potential rubber. The green could have been the Megara Green of the century. It was just a slight rub the. Ends up hitting the power line on the par-three. Hits below the power lines tablet ball, but It was kind of blow spinner. Balki spin and go straight almost holdout. Almost, Ace, the powerline and would have had to retailers say. It's that's a rule. He, said it was, it was about an inch was about an inch away ruled about a foot past, and he was like you know what I wouldn't read it. I would have just walked off. For sure. My Reverend Green the week was of course Max spraying one right on the six, th beautiful drivable sixteen coal sprang right, but thank God. There's a strip of rough there in the hazard that kept his ball up. We wouldn't want to balls to go in the water there for this week, but that was. That's the rabbit agreement stayed up Egypt up close and made Birdie and my backup. The green was me having to Putts in the tournament that got hit the Cup liner thing the little lift or cup thing the cove protector in pop. Right out of the whole, which is really fun. That happened Gabby ruffles. This week did tough. Going back to Max shot out to him for. knock calling and rules official today taking his own dry eighteen, his own draw. Maybe things you love to see yeah. I did have a soapbox on the go ahead, so let me preface this with I know that he w from the tournament with the apparent back injury, and that could possibly sum up what we saw last week with the eighty, but I want to talk about doesn't Johnson. Specifically want to talk about the fact that. Dustin. Can go out and shoot eighty eighty and nobody pretends like it's the end of the world. And if that was Jordan Spieth, like people would be absolutely dancing on his grave, it would be his career would be over. It would be an absolute nightmare scenario, but with dust and everyone's like. Oh, wow. Yeah just one but like I. Don't know I. Guess he stinks now. That's that's weird anyways. What else is going on that blows? My mind that there's so many players in that category I think. That I think Justin rose is like that or it's like he can just stink for six months and everyone's like. Oh, Weird Rosie doesn't have it. Roy's even got a bit that to I think he does to think that. Roy Shot Eighty Eighty people have been freaking out. MORE WOULD'VE J. Brooks is playing like s exactly. Brooks is I. Think is in that category, and I think if speed one two weeks ago and then eighty eighty. It would be different than if he did it right now. It would be different, but I also think like. Actually. I don't know. I think he would get a minor pass if he had just one I. Think Right now. It would be like Oh my God his career. I'm saying Dj just one so I. I, serve, but. It's just it's weird to me and makes me think that like I. Don't know if it's that people just don't have an appetite to like I. Think people can only fit. A certain number of like golf passion like Professional. Golf Passion in their brains at any one time. I got listen man. Tiger I gotta live and die with every shot of his rory, Kinda tune extent and speed I ride for really hard, but like I don't really have room for anybody else, and that feels really weird for one of the. Five. Biggest Stars in golf. Let's stars in golf that feels like he gets a mega pass. And all that said you know hopefully the back injuries. A A real thing be not to debilitating because it'd be fun to see him. Play well the major. If you win two weeks ago and then you should come. Eighties. It has to be something going on there, so it's. Kinda going to bifurcated here first of all I want to say shame on Reynaud. This protests they're gonNA protest every week. This season I guess racing points stakes. No, no, you've been no. Reynard talked about it. Listen to trap draw this week raining. I brought in aren't Memphis. Expert talk about Memphis so listen to trap jaw shameless plug for the chapter on this week. Lot of MEA culpas well, but shame on Reynaud racing point. They're digging it out of the dirt. They're doing good things. People are saying that they're copying the brakes from Mercedes. Or whatever toto said no such thing as occurred right so. Fast Fastest Shit they're fast because they're copy Mercedes. Toes even saying that they're they're. They're faster through some corners then Mercedes is. People don't WanNa see Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez team nephew will disgusting, and now we're hearing the Federal Mike Their next year. Kick Peres out of his spot. Got My. Soapbox Sunday. Every two lane brings you home. Luke Bryan. To Lane, beer. Every two lane brings you. Home is there. Is there slug so every two lane road in the world brings you home, and that's their officials. Two Lane roads in the world. There's a lot of them. You say you know every Tulane brings you farther from home as well if you're a pessimist, that's what I'm getting at here. So if you're going to advertise in the last hour of the broadcast, every time with were makes you. Come on, say every two lane brings you home. I'm just what about you? West? The dumbest Tagline for instance live under par every two lane brings you home. Yeah. I don't know I'm heavily jaundiced against all the date rape country stuff anyway, so that's that's not my thing. Can I do a little quiz with you guys shirt before we close out. Through go through Sonata add. That go through some fedexcup stuff. This was prior to this week finishing rejected fedexcup or Prior to the week Adam Scott part of this week were standing. Eighty fifth. Thirty one really didn't stop by golf. I didn't Kevin Stroman. He's higher. Twenty-seventh that's a good guest here. Nineteen Yeah. Bob. Fifty eighth. That's a good guess, too. Yeah, I was GONNA. Say right around fifty fifty eight. I swear I'm not looking at it. Hatton desire. One thirty one. No, he's like. He's forty two, really one six. I'm feeling. Alex. Female prior to this week. Thirty nine now higher than that. One thirty, two really touch on that the out Scott Shuffler. Forty, nine fifteen. Twenty seven. So kind of in the middle now and get a shout out to. He's he's listening. LPGA's back this week at. Inverness. Sal. Commercial like brought my eyes to the screen. They showed at one time in the toward dumb ass. PGA Tour commercials are so bad and the Jalen was like Oh fuck yet. It gets me excited. Yeah, well, it makes a big difference when it's advertising an event. You're not already watching. Very. Top One hundred courses in the country. That's awesome and then. We got to Reno to. Reno fields going to be wild. And also like you mentioned show up to our new podcast. If you're listening to this foreign, you're still craving golf podcasts. We have a new podcast called crash. Course It's kind of a sister. Act Two I'm going to you. Take it from here. As soon as you said Sister Act I was thinking about sister two. Sister Yeah I was a sister podcast. Sister Act if you will to our. Video series your video series. Sorry I didn't know where you're going with that, so we just published the first three episodes. They're Jack Speech Pine Valley and What was the third one I forget, but you'll see when you get an exactly. It's a basically we. We do a lot of. We get a lot of golf courses. We don't always sit down to talk about him. It doesn't fit our podcast structure on this feed, and it's time consuming, and we don't take cameras with us to turn them into videos or necessarily posting website, so it's kind of our brain dump for golf courses. Courses, in it's I wouldn't say you're meant to listen to all of them. It's kind of like. If you're interested in this place in here in about it, we're going to tell you about it, so we're GONNA release for the near future three a week on Monday mornings, and hopefully just build up that database of golf courses across the world, really as we as time goes along, so check that out. If you're craving, some more golf content, or and hopefully you know if you want to come back in a couple of months and see what the library looks like that would be. You're taking a trip somewhere. It's a repository of. TV, Sawgrass was the other one. That's right. That's right. which we got into sewer system. Interesting things. That one so without you guys, good rapid goodness all right, thank you everybody for tune in a little bit long for kind of a somewhat boring week, but Let's talk about still so thank you for listening and we'll see you back here again next week. Do. Fetal Right Club today. I mean that's. Better than most. About. It is better than most. Expecting thing.

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