Ep 159 | The Hodgetwins Have Said 'Eff the Left'


Yeah it's party time mom you know what time it is is always party. Time in the mothership studio twenty two. Welcome to another episode of the Chad Raiders. Show hanging out here with all the family not the least of which. Here's The guy who drives this vehicle into the cyber regions which is the puppet master Mark Tate looking all the catch with those headphones on handsome and beautiful wonderful and sexy and mark. o'meara you know. I think my mom has a crush on you. Mark you know why she likes the strong silent type. Don't say anything ruin it okay. Candy see the Queen of the opium's sitting over there keeping mark straight. She is the filter for all all things. That are my brain and every thought that I have. You know the you know. She's quiet everybody's like she's so sweet and innocent and I'm like now all the dirty stuff I think and say it comes from yes. Let me ask you a question cans. Do your parents watched the show. They do they do. Yeah I Apologize I apologize right now. MR and Mrs Ortiz forever referring to us being Ethiopia not that. There's anything wrong with Ethiopian. I love him. God bless them but I just. It's no you aren't one y'all are black Venezuelan or something not even close but you know again twenty three and me Phil let me ask you a question because I know you from somewhere down south hit your house when you wipe your buddy l.. Put it in the toilet or do you put the paper like in the corner. Those Mexican excellent restaurants. What the Hell is wrong with people down and turning all the recording devices off and we're going home Mexicans don't quit early listen to me listen to me stop wiping your ass and put it in a corner of the stall dude? If you're a Mexican I understand that. You don't have close septic systems with a lot of power down there in your country and you're used to Lupin a gallon bucket but let me tell you something here. The flushing works. Don't I can't go into a Mexican restaurant. And you know after eating a hot fired up to luke that I gotta go put it back so now wipe the Poo poo paper and put it in a corner. The style you're an American now okay. Assimilate similar assimilate this somewhere in the constitution. Itution you gotta do that. Oh Hot News Natalie. How do you wipe your Butt Front Back Back Front? You stand into it. How do you do it? I like bunch it up. Don't fold it. Yeah a little tissue carnation. Yeah I don't don't tell me that that's not clean mm-hmm clean a folded all up. No yeah you gotta get. You gotta get more surface areas for the traction Natalie. Carnation Allows House more surface area. It's like putting a sponge in your ass. Okay demonstrated stand up on the bar. I wouldn't be the first. Yeah okay so so. I made a comment on a show a couple of weeks ago about if I ever build a house I'm putting today. I'm going to get totally European right. I'm GonNa Epstein that. I should've said that. So somebody sent me a link to one of these little day deals that you hook into your waterline. It goes on your toilet. But here's the thing. Once the waterline goes to that there's no actual water in the toilet bowl so you're pooping on dry porcelain which is not good. Because I don't think people understand how much the water really hills the scent of the Poo- When you go in there and you're like thank thank God it's underwater because when he's sitting on bare white porcelain it comes back. Catch it so you would have to turn this thing on and so I thought I wouldn't mind having roses. I wouldn't mind that but I'm sure my wife does. My wife doesn't one day right and if we use the same toilet like if she happens to come in my bathroom she probably don't want to the cold blast of water dinner. Why are you you just shaking your head? Does this sound like you don't want to be everybody's hitting Paula's right now because they gotta go poop everybody in this room's gotta go poop because you here's the facts. These are just biological physiological factors. Think too right now is squeezing you baptist watching this thing. I know y'alls buttonholes or pucker. So look I I. Everybody's got to put them at any given time right. Yeah Mya. I'm confused what another day what you're party. I love obviously party. We got Chris hanging out. Chris travels with my buddies. Right here. The hajj twin's coming in here. Keith and Kevin Kevin having a key that don't even care which one you are. I mean literally. This is the first time I could say to black man yell at the same to me for third sir. I'm sure that was too easy. I appreciate you guys. I appreciate what you do. Appreciate your comedy appreciate your social media but I got questions just because I because obviously I do this thing to an and I'm always fascinated with people's methods first of all. We'll get into that in a minute. First of all. How did you get started doing it? Was It on purpose or was was it accident accident really because I'm in my very first. Will we finally came out of the closet. He was kice ideal right right. It was about to key in San Antonio. Who's wearing a magazine that got attacked butter big Mexican so Keesa? Let's do a video by man is coming neutral neutral right. He's coming news. Let's just say nobody should be attacked win. The HAND SM- ideal. It was his idea. Give them all the credit did video. Put it up on instagram. Like two hours later we lost. Like fifteen thousand really. Sounds like a great adia megahertz. Well we might as well align ourselves. Yeah but we kept doing it village because we believe in. I mean these people in Hollywood can talk the talk. We're going to use our platform for some good as well. Yeah and you guys have caught it. A A lot of folks have caught it. You know I look at friends like terrance and David David Harris and Brand tatum and these guys are obviously can't but I'm talking about guys go out and have a little fun with it. Catch it pretty hard for being one person of color to a conservative. But you guys don't come at it in an attacking way you come at it from in common sense because my videos you could send them all up with one question. I'm just going really and Y'all are doing that in a funny way playing off of each other being able to do that. But what kind of flack if you call for doing oh man I tell you what I mean. A majority of fans I've lost was was black people. Of course so I lost a lot of black fans. I lost a lot of Muslim fish. But mostly Lost a lot of black fans in our whole thing who is coming out. Conservative that was genuinely China. Help Black folks always trying to do before we did that. A comedy shows used to have a whole lot more color to it right KNOSSOS. Dan Van halen concert. What to to black people? It was four black people in my show last night. And that's to minimum woman every business. y'All three has have any of them come back though where there. They loved their pissed. But then they're back. I can think go but I'll tell you what I've had a huge impact on white liberals. Yeah a huge impact and we come from a common sense approach but being conservative is common sense those Ding Batswana left now those dudes of crates which are pushing on they actually running on all. The Democratic candidates is running on taking away your rights. Yeah They WanNa take something from you. Raise your taxes. I mean what was it. Andrew Yang tweeted. The the other day said I'm just trying to give everybody. I'm trying to keep MONDRO bankroll. I don't think you get three hundred thirty. uh-huh million people in this country aliens. He's pandering to people knew pendrey. He's not GonNa do that. You can't do that. We get all that money from thousand in dollars to work. Yeah I mean it sounds great. But who's GonNa pay came. Somebody tweeted yesterday Sunday. I saw saw the somebody tweeted and said that. If they pass reparations bill that they will allow people to identify as black and I said Oh. I'm getting paid. Yeah I definitely GONNA get on a Bar Komo tissue coronation that black hand can. Are you talking like Tanya and church. Geez they took over these Natalie. That's funny But I'm with you on that because over the years I've been attacked by anybody. That's all kind of folks be. Lmu they came after me for a while it's funny IBM just disappeared. Last Matter Day or a big joke about black people do be marching down the streets in Chicago. Oh yeah or they'd be in Tex- when I was trying to pull it black girl off life support you'll be up front of that hospital or you will be in front of planned. Parenthood Really Gable the black folks. But they're only here for one reason as to be divisive. Wasn't you got eighty five percent of planned. Parenthood facilities that are within walking distance of urban communities. I don't know exactly what their mission is still eugenics deal. Nobody says about women's health. No woman is going in and trying to get mammograms at Eh planned parenthood. Right you're not getting pap smears or you smear pap or whatever you do you. Girls are not doing that. s what they as all about women's health. No you if you you was all about just women's health. If abortion was banned you would still be embarrassed if they ban abortion planned. Parenthood is gone. Yeah you're talking about four billion dollars a year. Steve lost his hat in Ireland. Last week he had on the Houston Astros hat in at blew off in. He was walking over a bridge and a Canyon on the game of thrones tour and he took the saddest. Addis picture is a river a hundred feet down and I laughed my ass on instagram. You did cry just a little bit. That has bin- gone nothing. You could do a new Houston Astros because that cartoon caricature of you on the beer for Brunch. But he doesn't need to hack us. Look at all this hair. Look at all the here. You Got Steve. Oh man how much say you. Don't be fun Komo pavee where you get a perm like Kike Perm Komo picky for me. I'm GONNA PAY EH. Here's the deal folks capitals. That makes him as being a bit in that. Listen losing your hair sucks it sucks. It sucks how about I help you with that. Look what what you may not know. Is that the cause of your hair loss could be a hormone called D. H.. T. You losing your. DHT The older you get guys talk to you about a solution because FDA approved a a couple of different hair treatment products in the past. Help Control The D. H. T. loss which would help prevent your hair loss. The problem is that D. H. T.. 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They're going to ship it to you so if you're tired of this and your hair I got you a free online Dr Concert and fifty percent off your first order. That's right. Fifty percent offs go to keeps dot com slash loss keep stock on keeps dot com slash loss. Go there right now. Hodge twins sitting sitting here hanging out having a good time. I'm worried 'cause we might go long today. I'm enjoying it if you had to look at. Let's talk about. Let's talk about candidates because in my opinion there's really only three candidates that is Joe Biden. Corn Pop I wish called beat his ass. He came matal twitter the other day. Talking about trump shouldn't have gotten himself involved in these military matters by by granting 'cause he gave Eddie Gallagher a friend at a gallery reinstated stadium in the military and gave him back his full rank and the whole thing so he had no bins doing that. But you had his administration with the Obama Administration Releasing Gitmo detainee terrorists. In order gotta get trader Bo. Bergdahl back in and you got Chelsea manning and all this stuff and I'm like I wish cauda kicked his ass because binds complaining about trump saying he needs to stay out of it. So then you got Elizabeth Warren. Who I think's probably GONNA wind up being the being the candidate? But you know what's going to be funny. If impeachment thing goes to the Senate guess what she not won't be able to go campaign in Iowa because she going to be stuck on that Senate jury trying to decide whether or not to impeach. They say they don't think ahead. Like this stupid liberals or brain did the problem is that constituency is stupid. Yeah Yeah Constituents Constituents as the walking dead yeah and you Bernie Sanders. Who I think is the Third Guy GonNa die? And he's he's out Birdie will never get elected he will never get nominated. They'll the find a way to buy them off again. He'll get him before th house on a beach somewhere. You know forget global warming. These guys are buying houses on the coast. So I look at this stuff but when you you look at folks like Kamla Harris You look at folks like Cory Booker Pete Buddhism and those guys and you just pulling a ignorance in my opinion overall overall. What's your thoughts and do you have an opinion on anybody as an individual? That's running. I think they're all great. They're amazingly great. And I I agree with you and I know why you say jobs. So easy. Man Deals special like she's back telling everybody she's black now. I'm probably going to be like you shouldn't be talking. I look like a Mexican right but anyway like her her mom's from India. I'm talking Red Dot India right and her dad looks like me right now. Main Kevin we got our DNA check fifty percent black. We just made the cut right. Just made it. It's not black on a good day. She's might be about thirty percent black. She's lucky yeah and I think even her dad came amount. Sent me She's she's saying this stuff in his ain't right when your daddy says it Chris. We're your daddy comes out trying to run for president. And he said no no no no not now when one ten twenty four th came back. DNA for Elizabeth Foca hokey. Warren came back on her. I was laying there in the bed. And I thought I'm ordering me. DNA DNA test today. Because I guarantee got more in me as are ordered one I did. It came back on one hundred percent white like eastern European White White House. Stupid is Hillary yes. She is stupid trump actually cokes during the doing it I mean Dallas and she went out and did stupid SUPICCI mirror with blonde hair and blue eyes. And tell you about native American. Yeah you always notice. She's kind of leaned forward with her hand up running somewhere like she's always running late and just waving running away it's it is. It's funny to wash these folks. I'd give her Tomahawk Chop heartbeat and Nancy. Pelosi's has so many damn yes. I'm I'm going to do. A spoof. Characters National League can fake not talk about. How did you should tragedy for a how impeach the president? She's when she's talking she's got like a cough drop in well that Chan is actually her naval already already facelift. One more stretched out like she has one more facelift. She's going to be the only congressperson this person. DC wearing a goatee. She veered haired lady on the good for Arthritis Karen. Nancy okay. She's hammer do but you have been doing the Uh Uh y'all are doing the videos people ask me this all the time like are you scripted or are you just playing off each other we just turn on a camera and we feed it off of each other. Yeah we have a a brief little idea but when you get a camera on it's just whatever happens happens. Yeah all this stuff comes in here like are hear him say something is I have an idea pop on my head. We just feed off each other here. I can remember the first time I was watching videos. And you guys ashtray. Look at each other. He's always killing. Ah I told him. I said if I looked like y'all as if I had a twin I'd have somebody to spot me to work out but I got party. Fouls Steve so you just start looking like the people you hang out the exact. The hair mullet after left. I came up with that. You don't need to buy that go to shop dot blaze blaze media DOT COM F. The left it means forgive. The left is what that means. Yeah but y'all have a good time. I'm assuming you do because you can keep doing it. Yeah Yeah I mean this is fun man. I mean you get like Corbo comments on facebook. These black woman sent me this mess. You said you guys are some boot-licking uncle toms us like. What can I just bill uncle Tom? Liquor Damn boots to just the hate that we get. This is from black people in E. Coli sellouts may actually trying to help you and you call me a sellout to real sell allows your your famous. Rapper Comedian Those are sellers selling your soul to Hollywood. Yeah they're not China benefit black communities. I mean you look at every a majority of all the rappers. Their glow Arroz de Glorifying crime and violence and drugs. You look at all the movies. It's based dead. This changed the perception. What it is to be black in America and I'm trying to show you that you need to listen to both sides not tell anybody if you set down you you talk to an expert from the left in from the right nobody would ever be a Democrat because everything they say doesn't make no sense? Yeah none is is true. And that's the thing people say. Oh well you just pandering. You're just pandering pander panel. You don't be. I get accused of that as I'm trying to capitalize off of a trump presidency residency or something of that nature. No look always been conservative right always. I've I've always. I've never been registered with any political party But I've always been conservative in my thought Socially I'm probably more liberal. I don't care who you sleep with what you do I smoke. I don't care I really. It's not I don't care. I'm not a fan W. aborting babies. I'm fighting against that but late term abortions woman big fat ass in the planned parenthood and who is nine months all damn stretch marks lactate ardy swollen ankles your your blood pressure through the aisle that ankles swollen so bad go have a late term abortion you still gotta gotTa have the baby. Yeah Yeah they're not gonNA give you appeal and the baby is going to dissolve push the bay. People still still notice Selim. People's Melanin motion in starts granted. Yeah this is great now Chris. What's your thousand dollars? And and that's it is absolutely that's that's straight up murder not gonNA stand you just you just you just find somebody that you just woke up like who the fuck is this and one time I take a damn you know. Take a pail. D- Weird morning. I'll take a pill deemed nine months because his poor planning you have unprotected unprotected sex. You didn't tell Lagat pull out you didn't take the morning after pill waited. You didn't go to the doctor doctor right away with these six months ago. Some movie like songs veer check on later so yeah but to have it okay. Let's indices start feeling moving you at the prom democratic kegs like yes late-term abortions. Yeah you got around black black-faced northern that talking about okay. It's a sensitive issue between the doctor and his in his patient like everybody leaves the room and the mother and the physician. I'm like this lady is sitting up here. She's delivered a child. How do you go non months? You have carried this child. This child is barbaric and I understand because people go come at it. It's rare cases. That's going to happen but the fact that you're willing to legitimize that two or legalize that is asinine tonight. I mean that's how far and demonic thing was on the. What's the breakfast club and he was using the Bible to legitimize abortion Shen? I was like shut up your gate. You don't even have sex with women getting their periods. Now you gotta say Ralph Northern they call them what What was this nicknamed coon? coon main Kelsey knows pictures. Him black-faced Y'all got to do make a damn good looking cool. It was this magazine that looks looks like he was like like the really look transplant. A black face and I've been trying to find this picture and I can't find it this somewhere social media so you trolls go out there and find it for me but a few two years ago after they killed Osama bin Laden I went as dead Osama for Halloween to a party in a towel. Myself up dark in my my face and I met a really good bullet wound to make your Yanni's go back. Look at my Glenn Beck special wherever tended to be Glenn Beck. Lotta people saw it and thought I was actually Glenn Beck. They put me a bullet wound right here in wrapped up put on the address like Osama right and I went out and like I remember doing it. I remember what it looked like. I know pitches look like I wanna find these pictures. I don't deny Ralph northerns like well. I don't know if that's me in that picture or not. You know you know no because it took a lot of time to pull you know if you put all that on Mexico Long. It took them to recall minutes. That's why I turned down being on the blue man every day. Nine won't be the bunch of pipe homeless day. Justin Mr Trudeau. Who who who black-faced twenty five times in his life we only five of them and a little girl in a kindergarten teacher? You put black on your face ideas and it hurt people and I'm sorry for it it you put it on your hands to put this man miseration. Yeah if that was trump. Oh my magic scandal in history you can ask a question about black face and it hurts the go ahead. Meghan Kelly lack of ice. This going back. Never tell one of my friends Johnson went she is. She was a massive flava Flav Fan. This was years ago so she dresses. FLAVA flav actually met FLAVA Flav a few years showed it to them and think twice about it. He loved it he she sincerely had i. I wasn't theater. I know black face. I know what it was. But also the intent of their heart Um So just because I'm white. It's not okay so I'm asking you guys if you knew if I was a big fan and I'm asking the fifty five percent percents the both of you which is over one hundred percent together so it's okay that's right right now. You're too serious. Yes I mean are assuming you're black committee five you don't assume but I'm just asking because everybody nobody so fired up about point fingers and Hayden and I feel like it's gone over the top again now. There's an intent of hatred in there. I get it. She didn't have having intent of hatred. She really loved Flava Flav in his clock. Let me it didn't hurt. Well it did hurt her because he's like one of the black his black person I've ever seen. She probably should've started off. Low like Colin Powell's talking comedy how many rows mandate said. He looks like a skeleton wrapped in black electrocuted. Mike was done. Oh man that is to say he's under the bed black. He's gotTa wear that big clock. The only reason well black face step. That was messed up a black muscle sensitive now because Democrats have made them that way that one even though there's no intent there year just because you have it you're done you like underline whatsoever about black faces data. This went win because now like just enough I get it like you know you get what and it wasn't like that but Gucci with the black face like Hornets. Yeah that's offensive like you come near had dressed up with a strong hand like Raymond. Some I'm fine with that. I I like. I was talking about Whoopi Goldberg Man and she was like but dance jokes room like don't try to act by defendants Like come on. I think it's all about intent if they'll ted Danson who is literally one of the nicest guys in the Hollywood have bad intent and doing woman but I mean these are different times. He's going to tell junior the other day on the view. Like Oh you question my character. That'd be like our question. Your character am no problem questioning your character. Let's talk about this being a black thanks. I'm excited the welcome black rifle coffee company as our new sponsor to the podcast. I Love I love coffee and look veteran. On operated operated premium. Small batch rose to order Coffee Company for people who love America. They import only the highest quality beans from around the world. I guess what they always rose to order order so that means that when you order it then they wrote your beans Mitch guarantees you can receive the fresh coffee available. They develop their explosive roasts profiles with the same mission focus. They learned as military members. 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Carl coffee is where it's at black rifle coffee dot com slash. Watch Chad black rifle. COFFEE DOT com slash watch chat entered the discount code. Watch jet you twenty twenty percent off your first order of any coffee products and that includes if you joined the Black Rifle Coffee Club all right. That's a good segue right there. Kesselman and reorder order it and the deal. I love those guys man. What was the name of? It wasn't even the here product. Keep GEICO DOT COM or visit. Does it do anything for white here because my my white here is to find a reason to rain on back here. Moving up town uh-huh -cation. Hey Steve Steve's Mama's OBGYN OBGYN pulled him out by his hair like we don't need legislature. Natalie you're so cute candidacy. You're so cute marker so cute do you remember the asked you to have. We could have them on a probably a few months ago. Because I I saw you just I probably running in the same crowd on social media and I became a fan really quickly and started following then also had a little bit of a crash. uh-huh we'll tell watch out. They wearing sweatpants. How do you feel about services nine? I personally like they have giant hat rallies. We we lost something we we need to have more skin Dan rallies turtlenecks pulled over our heads. Look good on all hit people that never use keep dot com turtleneck rallies. I'm going to do it. I don't know what will protest but we'll come up with something hey vagina hat rallies. A hard place to pick up chicks man a bit. We're we're Grand Junction Colorado. We wound up in a women's March. I was walking. We were walking and they had this this big rally down there and I was like hey girl what you doing. Angry Angry Little Elm Berggruen travels though Because y'all crisscrossing the country doing a comedy tour new and you guys just have date after date after date which is awesome and I love the success. I love that y'all have crowds. That are showing up. You having a good time doing it. Bless bless you wives. I was like go get out. No It'd be like it'd be like tagging along. Sometimes they come came here. Yeah it is like my wife. Don't WanNa go to Toledo Chicago to Vegas that kind of thing. She's going to San Diego or you. You know that kind of deal. But she don't travel with me man. It's amazing it's like meeting all these different people there so happy to see us so it's like man. I'm somebody no Luis take. Let's like Artemije. We came to shows there and people gave a standing ovation coming out and he wouldn't say is it's like okay. Sit The you money to tickets. There's so happy man. It's so gratifying. Yeah keeps us going because you like like we say we get a lot of the negative so when we go to shows and meet people who actually watch videos and and support us. Yeah well and and you can probably attest to this stuff. I do online. People think that they're gonNA come to one of my shows and they're going to get that same thing they're not we're GONNA do a comedy show. Let's say stores metairie jokes. We're GONNA laugh. You're going to relate to it in an hour half later. You'RE GONNA be happy that you came. You'RE GONNA walk out telling the stories yourself so oh shows. I'm sure are different from what they're seeing online because it's different format you have to do. Some politics worked in there. But it's like you you know. Conservatives are a lot of conservative really Christian so after me so sometimes we get emails. Am A Christian Academy show brought my daughter and what not good. Yeah I can't please everybody try but it's like it's a comedy show shows thirty Eh thirty minutes standup minutes still stand up. It's politics fifty. So yeah I get those emails to because my philosophy is always been. I'll show you the edge edge. I'm not gonNA push you over the edge but sometimes I hit mood and just kind of getting feel like the Galley. I mean if I say in an hour and a half I use the word penis in a joke. I've getty in those emails and I can't believe I have this about you for all these years. You were so filthy talked about miss your penis. The pain is one time that was in the context of a medical perceived. Right one of the hottest professions to have comedian. Yeah especially especially today so so did you guys check out Chapelle burs new special those seen bits and clips. I haven't seen haven't had the time. Yeah I don't really want to watch because a lot of conservatives old man he killed it he didn't know anybody ember I S. I saw burr personally personally here in Irving Texas od. I saw personally in the I. I the second half of his special at already heard because at seen him first half is solid. He comes out and The other day on his podcast he was talking about that. Remy robot girl with ABC who turned down the three years ago the Epstein Stories. He gave them down a road man and Shannon it. Oh Wow he let him up talking about you know you go cover up so so you can. You can get your frayed. You're going to lose the interview with Harry and his celebrity wise put a hit. Don't Bill Burr funny calling him racist he's like did they realise I'm wearing married to a black woman. It's so funny when he called Racist Aces they don't even know you don't even know you don't know these Muratore blackmore. It's crazy. Yeah longtime they've been together long term like sixteen seventeen years and Ti Joke Man. I've seen about what people being at this. It was so funny like don't crack. I love you got I want you to keep having fun. I want you to be encouraged by what you do. In because laying. I read something that Shapiro said and he took it from Breitbart years ago talking about the art of debate and in it he said it's not about who you're debating is. WHO's listening to the debate? I posted a thing on there about don. Juniors new book triggered And it's a funny book like if you don't have a sense of humor it's just like don senior if you don't have a sense of humor you're going to be offended by his speeches. I mean the president is a great comedian right. People don't get that though. The Presidential Angela G. Rice's book and say you know all you love trope They're Yanni to read this book and maybe row chain from the basement and Mamata go Baia. Do you copy and wrote down there. And do you really think you're influencing people positively by saying things like that and I'm like I really don't care if you don't get that we're having a good time. Yes you're hopeless. You people are off the radar man off the reservation. Your your platform. All three of you guys are well known because people are paying attention saying what people some a lot of people either. Don't have time to say or they're too afraid to say that. That is why you guys are all where you are right now. I mean leaky crump when he He gave a speech when he found out. Al Baghdadi what he said he was whimpering screaming. Yeah how do you screaming at the same time they want. And I know that wasn't on his prompting editors and people don't understand that that's the that's the whole shtick at all. These guys like Jim Acosta tweet and the dog all I have it from a White House. Resource of source. The dog is not at the White House. When he got a photoshop deal of input on dunk? That's insane I might Jemma Emma costume from CNN. A major media voice is say I like can we go back to just worrying about what Anderson Cooper. I don't care I don't care about these guys absolutely nuts. Good stuff they as insane and don't make any sense man. He's search hypocrites. Yeah is dumb you guys got to go find the hajj twins out on the road go to one of their shows. Keep twisting their arm. They don't need me and I don't need them but I want to go do shows together. I like I said I I'm telling you I. I think we could really mess. Wasn't people really and like do less work and make more money capitalist. Yes I'm a capitalist yet doing a lot of shows. I'm doing a lot of shows that we could do a lot of ood. My agents watching this work it out in Hollywood the interview longtime ago man. Who Was it turned out to be a damn it was stakeholders they want us to host his TV show? We get this one camera. And it's that couch couching her house like Cena's meet these flaming gay guys. These are so gay day was floating had pink peak properties or around the whole time state. My crunch yeah. I haven't stopped Keith retail it gets he started to gain supposedly we had in mind for his TV show to host turns out we wasn't even a tax to the show and then after Lewis Enemies they may what are you doing after member. Go grab some drinks. I in two thousand dollars I was going to build. TV got millions damn gay casting in your little aroused know about this big man all Titus Hale Pizza you go out there to Hollywood and always stay in West Hollywood and my agent. He's like why are you stay there in Hollywood I wear. This cowboy hat is like a revival of village paper. It got a little going a little this bartender. He's like how are you on Grindr. Got To get out of here. I I don't. I don't sleep face-down Chris Chris. I don't sleep as down Pico pillow. You know that. They've been revenue. Also man. You gotta get that day by day. Uh that did not come in my trailer that I grew up in. Oh you ain't going ain't your family's a brush pile family trees and brush you'll get above your raisin but you have look man. It was getting more than everyday man. Man You gotta you gotTa come and hose it down dry. Probe in the. Don't use baby wipes still little bristle thing that you clean it flicks back up Morale Morality picks tissue on wanted to audit how we were to make us made she. It was up in his house with his made. Busted nuts. Shallow kind on a daily flex and looking into merv. Okay let me tell you so Schwarzenegger aca which by the way Johnny Carson back. The knows it was Leno and I asked him if he knew what his name. Mitch Vodson Neka in Austria for black. Plowman was black the anyway he said he was talking about. He was Stern Howard Stern and he was talking about how he built his house. kind of like a like a Greek temple or whatever with the columns and all this stuff and he used to have all these male bodybuilders which is walk around and there's like their bombs and stuff like that and they would just you know muscling up maybe other serving drinks or whatever. It was like a Greek Pantheon of just weird weird sex stuff and he said these guys. How's this work out? And you know their penis look small in the little the little thing and so they would take like ten pound weights and ties to there and let it hang stretch it out and he said guys were hurting themselves and this is sports talking about this stuff so if he's got that kind of kink show going on you know he's not gonNA maids. I mean here's a dude who's open you. Read stuff and he talks about and he talks about a me do was living living for sex back when he was doing Venice. Beach scuff. Yeah he left at all to gay sex on a bunch of big only means Hey tennis slow kicking. Well make just just just let me stick it in around. Get up on a bar Natalie. Come out torque any kind. Yeah book not this one. I know. Hey We make this two part episode. We're GONNA do an off the rails so come back come back. We don't do it tomorrow night tomorrow. Night Comeback We send out and we're going to be wearing the same clothes and everything with the highest wins. If you're not offended yet we go fully offend you. Tamar check them out. Hajj twins Dot Com. The hawks twins tour dot com to dot com. I knew there was something else. The twins tour dot Com van amount on the road. Go see him. They're all across America and check these out of you not following him on instagram. Then you just ain't on instagram. Graham follow official hawks twins. Your justice Jesse Jesse like Jesse. Just hire more people than a Casio Courtney right. We can see you tomorrow and I love God. Bless you back

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