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Remembering Kobe


Welcome to high new. This is a really sad day as the world mourns the loss of Kobe Bryant the greatest and most popular athletes ever. Kobe was one of nine people killed in a helicopter. Crash crashed yesterday and his thirteen year. Old Daughter Giada was also one of the victims in so Bowen. I would like to devote today's show. All of it th remembering and honoring the life of an athlete who touched the lives of so many of our viewers and countless others around the world first person ever talked to in Locker Rooms Koby Bryant. He must have seen how scared I was is because he invited me to speak with them. Kind of stood out to me because fear didn't seem to be something. He could personally relate to the hallmark of his career and life was fearlessness. Most Jordan s quality he declared for the NBA draft at a time where perimeter players didn't make that leap. Those airballs in the ninety seven playoffs came because somebody had to shoot and the kid was mad enough to track. Ah Neil seemed silly. Kobe was too confident and ambitious to pretend to be second fiddle when he'd become a leading med to proceed as if he could not win a championship without the big big man. He dared to wrap as a kid from Italy. At a time when Alan Iverson look more like hip hop willing to battle in hotel lobbies at the first hint of a challenge. Dwight Howard was was related story about talking to Kobe about shooting. Free throws saying how he got nervous about missing Kobe's advice shoot a thousand free throws if you shoot it thousand free throws you're still gonNA missile. The failure was nothing to fear after. Retirement Kobe's fearlessness. Remain report himself into his daughters. AAU Basketball team. He won an Oscar as a film. Oh producer he became an unlikely sensation a young players looking for guidance he was prepared. Ford excited about whatever came next making it doubly tragic that there's nothing left Bubalo. How will you remember Kobe? Bryant as one of the greatest characters we've ever had in sports and we were talking about this yesterday texting each other. We were both shook up by this in ways. They were kind of jarring in for me. I would not consider myself a fan of Kobe Bryant. I appreciate it him but I was not a stand of his. Let's say that but what. Why do I miss him? That's kind of the question that's been echoing through my head and I realize it's because basketball is my favorite sport. It's basically my favorite TV show. And this guy I bo through all of the heroism and Villainy. I'm GonNa Miss Having him as the central character and I was expecting to have them for decades more. Yeah what a thing is easy to lose. Sight title is that he's been here forever man. I graduated from high school the year before I did to me. He was the first guy that was a high school player that we knew of as high school school player. We knew who he went to the problem with any gets drafted by his glamour franchise. He's immediately in the rotation on a team that matter shack just gotten there and so we grew up with him in a way that we didn't even really grow up with Lebron because there's a level of protection around the Brown. We're only going to find out of so much. We saw warts and flaws with Kobe in a way that made it such that we went through things with him like Lakers fans in particular. They went through ups and downs with him. The most people don't go through with a superstar in generally. Don't do it when a guy starts off as a kid. So what I realized in watching this was he had been such a part of my life without me even realizing me as somebody who was not at all a stay in the way that you described I realized though there was essential respect affect that I had for for watching him over this time because it was impossible to watch somebody go about their craft in the way they did. You may have criticized the way he did it at times but the intensity that went with that was something that you could knock. You wish that you could care enough about being good at something As much as Kobe Bryant cared about being good at basketball it was engaging on every level level as a player due to the artistry that you described due to the willpower you describe but also as a guy who just said stuff. He was hilarious. He was smart. He was someone when he stood up on a podium took a microphone and began to talk. I wanted to know what he was gonNA say. Not Because I was going to agree with all of it but simply because what came out out of his mouth tended to have a perspective and a world view that was quite honestly pretty unique and pretty defiant so those ingredients bowl plus the fact that he was the justice. Famous I mean one of the things that was weird yesterday was just walking through the street. And you'll have this experience very often but it felt like a natural disaster in the sense that everybody. He seemed to be talking about the same thing and communal experiences like that. They're just kind of rare at this point. But this is the sort of magnitude of the figure who can bring everybody kind of together thing is when you demand in La your man to the people that are demand to you. Your Heroes Wind of viewing somebody like Kobe as a hero because the one unifying thing and they're fractured place is the Lakers. Right and this guy is Mr Laker in a way that is different than Magic Johnson. Anybody else because of the length of time because of the way wit so it all winds a then be magnified to where everybody looks up and says Damn Kobe. Bryant is not here anymore it would be easier easier to eulogize him as a myth by the way because Kobe had spent his life becoming exactly that he studied the story of Achilles the ancient Greek warrior you're faded to die young but be celebrated forever and so while Jordan will always have one more ring only Koby will have an ethos this obsessive almost immigrant mentality of hard work at all costs that was adopted by so many athletes and non athletes who mourns their teacher yesterday between those five. AM workouts and unrelenting jumpers and post NBA ambitions. It's actually pretty hard to think of a human being wasted less of the time they were given in this world but we should think of Kobe Bryant as a human being as hard as that is right now to mention his flaws is not to dilute his myth breath swift knowledge his sexual assault case in Colorado for instance is not to dishonor his greatness. It is merely to complicate it because I do believe. They should rename staple center after Kobe. Bryant that is how much he meant and just like that building and just like the rest of us he contain multitudes. Bo what do you think Kobe's legacy is going to be well. His legacy will primarily be five-time. NBA Champion and he like looking in the NBA in just in terms of basketball stuff. He becomes interesting because he is the distillation of the idea that the champion is the supreme being above all right he won the MVP one one time so this is not just about individual greatness above all else his hallmark is my team's worn mit. One A lot. And you will love me if you are going into love winning. Because that was the thing that he loved above all that was that was the thing about Jordan as we saw theirs level of competition but what he wound up being for the NBA was the bridge between between the Jordan era. And what we have. Now you gotTa Remember Ninety six when he shows up. This is the beginning of the return of Michael Jordan right. The second three peat is when it begins by the time. Tom Kobe's really ascending. Michael Jordan has gone. We tried to make grant hill into the next Jordan needed. All this looking and then Kobe Bryant was like no. I'm right here in every way I kick it like him. If you're in the distance you might think I look like him and he took on the mantle in challenge of doing that in a way that honestly nobody else has. All the other guys are kind of like well. They're only be Michael Ankle Jordan. Kobe Bryant saw so when we're done the way we're gonNA look at him as he is the first superstar of the New Millennium Right and then he also became a twenty year veteran. Uh where he has all those old school hallmarks while bringing us into what the new school the basketball is. Yeah and you mentioned that bridge and it's worth noting how many people who are deeply relevant today. Hey crossed it who seemed to want to remain on top of that bridge even as its crumbling underneath them because yesterday we saw the NBA go forward with their games and that that was a tricky thing to me. I don't know if I would have gone in that direction. But would it allowed was grieving in public and is invasive as this felt a lot of the time it allowed allowed others to grieve along with them. And so you have guys like Bradley. Beal and Isaiah Thomas in trae young and James Harden and Paul George Russell Westbrook you go down the list. This was there guy. He was the face and the icon of generation and that's the generation. That's curly in the League today. So it's fascinating man when I've interviewed players NBA. Hey guys in specific as we watched Lebron Cross tarmac again invasive but also powerful they point to Coby as their guy he's the one they modeled themselves after even as he modeled himself after George. But what I think is interesting is is not just the guys that have come after because the thing that Jordan had in common with Kobe was that's different from the broad. You might want to be Lebron but you can't do that. There's no level of practicing that you're going to get you to that point body type and all of that is going to get you out of there. But somebody like Kobe Jordan. Most people feel like not only would you. Could you be like that player. But that's a player that you want to be like but what I find to be interesting. Is Kobe Bryant. Is your ultimate bourgeois. Child playing basketball with a background. That is not easy. I would imagine agent for most of the guys that played with him at the same time to relate to. But it's the Stephen Jackson's Iran are tests of the world. That really really really love this. Do Right because they love their spirit of competition competition. That's within them any assumption that you might have about the class disconnects that might exist there. No go check on instagram. and See with those dudes are saying about him and they his contemporaries prairies looked up to him in that way and it's important to note he had this philosophy of hard work. It was the ultimate like all the cliches about grinding and stuff. He was about that he lived up to it. It was not fake. Everybody has stories about seeing Kobe. Bryant at the end of the night or the beginning of a morning being in the gym and so while Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan Jordan. Kobe Bryant has this religion of hard work. That other people believed them all right coming up next week got moral Kobe. Bryant's life and legacy ever been knocked. It down you know suffered a setback fired left out it happens. It happens a Mike. Bloomberg Middle Class Kid works his way through college. Got A job started a a family boom fired at thirty nine. Would it mike do or STU. We got backup dove back in. He had an idea design a new computer table to crunch data and process information in a unique wit. He built it he sold at. He built more. He sold more. He built a team he built a company created. Twenty eight thousand jobs. Bloomberg is a doer. This is Michael Douglas. I played president and movies. This is real world. This is our World Mike. Mike Bloomberg has what it takes to win unite the country find some common ground between Democrats and Republicans and then lead the way a leadership. Mike Mike will get it done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve. This message paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty all right. We'll show you guys has a clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show. This is twenty eighteen. This is Kobe Bryant talking about his daughter Jonah areas in your life. Your daughter Might WanNa play in the WNBA. She does for sure in this kid man. Happy Great man showing the best thing. The best thing that happens is go out and Infanta come up to me. And she'll be standing next to me. It'd be like you gotTa have a bore. You GotTa have a boy may have somebody carry on a tradition. The legacy just like. Oh I got this this got this. I love that he loved the competitive streak in her in the way that he would if it was anybody else. Yeah and I feel so weird talking about like man what did we lose. ATHLETICALLY IN G G in Jonah but a man Kobe's daughter was going to go to Uconn and then become a WNBA superstar and among all of the other tragedies in this story. I can't stop thinking about what she would have been because she was so promising got quotes though boom and the first one one of the more impressive things that I've ever her witnesses when he ruptured his Achilles and he went to the foul line made his shots said Tiger Woods yesterday at the farmers insurance open at Torrey Pines so Bo. So how do you remember the moment. Kobe shot free throws after rough during his Achilles John. Henry stuff like the thing we got to remember about. This is the way that sees a win this year. They asked nasty ad. Dwight Howard it is not going the way it's supposed to. Kobe looked around and all those deals was like fine. I'll do it myself. What's it everything to the point? where he tears his Achilles here on this place and we know this is the this is the shutdown injury right like this is a wrap? This comes out here and shoots the free throw got always thought this is the way to end it all literally really win to. You couldn't give it any more than you still may defeat. The they went over there and as Gary V to wrap it up into game now. This is the myth. He did stuff that we did not see from anybody else and it was on the one hand like the performance of toughness absolutely. There's a theater to this a sense for the moment that he was clearly indulging in playing to you he was so good at that better than anybody else at that may be but then there's just the biology of it the physiology of it. How did he do this? How could he actually tolerate this stuff because all all of his life lecturing about how to be the Black Mamba Mamba mentality? This was real next quote. He was like a little brother to me. Say Michael Jordan in a statement Kobe pattern so much after Jordan from his internalizing slice through the fadeaway jumper Pablo. How do you compare are contrasted in the Jordan? He was clearly molded in his image. That's obvious right down to everything about them. How they carry themselves ultimately going with all of the look and feel of him but to me? It's amazing that Kobe Bryant carved out a niche that was so unique despite that kind of heritage he it was somebody who was unlike Mike and Enough ways a guy who leaned into being the villain as well as the hero right the whole Black Mamba think post Colorado it was messy messy and kind of hard to talk about still today but what was the legacy of that. He became a guy who was unrepentant in terms of. You don't like me. I don't care that was Michael Jordan in that way you look at their games and obviously you see what it is and they're competitive streaks are a little different because one thing that is fascinating is there. Kobe Bryant looked to be very very happy without NBA basketball. And Mike. Still trying to find something. That's the same as that. There was a big shock about a difference between the two of them through. That is what it would probably be. But he's he's the guy in that mold right. He's the only one to dare and try to climb that mountain in that way and at times it made things kind of a joke right. You're just like you are trying to be somebody else but I do think with a measure of distance you look at it and say it's not like he was out here trying to be some average dude is just trying to be as POPs. He was trying to be the guy at the top. The Guy who said that a perimeter player can't be the dominant guy. You build a team around which we never really seen before that happened. And then we wound up with number two last quote aw. I've shot too much from the time I was eight years old but too much is a matter of perspective. Some people thought Mozart had too many notes in his compositions said Kobe. The G. Q.. Magazine in two thousand fifteen so Bo. This is important question. Do you think Kobe shot too much. I wish he would told that too. Many notes thing to my face so I can look back. It'd be like that that's how we do now. Did he shoot too much shot a lot. We all know he shot a light on the basis of him. Shooting a lot was us. I have more faith in me than I have in anybody else at his believe that everybody else had more faith in him than they had in themselves which in many cases as you may have proven to be true was this was what it was and there was not a single shot that this do not think that he could make no matter how difficult it was. It was his admirable able as it was at times ridiculous so in short to me. Yes he shot way too much but also I am glad that he did. I am so glad that he never apologized. Is once for doing all the things that would drive me crazy if I was rooting for him and he was on my basketball team. And that's simply because the guy who references Mozart is the same guy who in his his office. Post retirement has portrait of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs and all of these luminaries. This guy who knows how to build a myth but also believes in it when he compares himself to Mozart and sees the entertainment angle of it. That's obviously hyper up hyperbolic kind of speech. But it's also so real to him and I loved that was. Yeah yeah the Watson of shoot all the time though. I don't know the gladness of it it was all this is happening. Maybe tobacco like what it was for me to watch him because the thing about him shooting too much. I don't think we talk about him shooting so much if it weren't in the context of having shocked the thing about having shack though that's interesting to look back on. It is by the time you get to two thousand and one I could argue shack had a better two thousand one finals. Kobe had a two thousand. Two thousand. One postseason you get to. Oh two or three. What we realized was he was actually passing shack? At that time he was becoming that dude. This'll some of those shots that look at him taking and I was like yeah. Why don't you throw the ball into the big man? I got a much better understanding. Now what it is like. You'll you'll realize the big man is right. You're working as hard as me. And it's like okay. Even if I don't agree I get all right coming up next. We've got more memories Koby we had to run with this one. Yup this is Matt Barnes and Kobe. NBA going to bump into each other thing this is also very nba but still fairly impressive. Here we go right there. I mean Kobe styles himself like a character out of kill bill sort of gunslinger character through to tough to brave. But this is it only. He behaves like that in front of Matt. Barnes right the first number one one fifteen to twenty seven. That was the final score of the game last year which Koby coaches daughters. AAU team running up the score after losing to the same team by one point two years. Prior Bob'll oh what. Was it like to see Kobe Himself and he goes in his daughters. Ut so on the one hand this is the caricature this is Kobe. Bryant preaching merciless. nece preaching ruthlessness the celebrating a ninety. Some odd point win but on the other hand Bo. This was humanizing in spite of all of that we got to see Kobe. The Dad we got to meet his family. We got not to have wrinkles into our understanding of a guy who was merciless and ruthless. Because he loved his kids that much or love winning that much. I don't look if you look at this baby. That's how much I love you. We're going to beat them by a hundred points. No this is how I am like what seems to be wild about that and then look on her face right. There were assist. You realize. Wait a minute. She's just like him on this kick. He happened to have a child who at the same competitive instinct that he had was had to make life a a whole lot easier. Because I had always imagined that playing on my dad's team if it's Kobe Bryant would be the most miserable experience in the world to somebody else but it was not to hurt his. Do who was out here. Coaching children to run the triangle. All she seemed to love every minute of it. It was as a doorbell as it would seem to be observed from here except as is there. Get down the next number two thousand because that's when Kobe through this iconic alleyoop to shack and game seven of the two thousand Western Conference Finals House against the trailblazers sending the Lakers to the NBA finals so Bo. What did the Lakers come back in this game representing Kobe's career as a couple of things one between the two of them? It may not have Ever better than this moment because if you think about this this is probably the most memorable moment of the Shad Kobe era and what is somewhat. Ironically it's Koby passing the ball all the shack the thing that we say that they would fight the fight against for the longest but this is where the wrong you start if they were down by eighteen late in this game and came roaring back the whole experiment seemed like it is failing until they made that moment happened. That's with this thing got real and after that moment happened. They were Sasha. Steamroller and it's to to the point where I look back now and I wonder. Do you think they got enough out of that. Pairing because so much was left on the table because of obviously shack leaving and all that controversy diversity behind the scenes but was it enough if it got left on the table is not about what happened after. It's about what happened before you hire Phil Jackson a year earlier rather than keeping dill Harrison bringing on curve ramp. Maybe you win a championship there. It's hard to say because Jack's body started breaking down. Now the thing to me is less about the feud breaking them up with the issue. It is the basis of it. Kobe looked at shack. was like you don't work hard enough if you worked as hard as me looking at where we would be if shack and worked harder in that way maybe his body holds up. Maybe that whole the thing goes but in the end that do had a level of ambition that was never going to work as being the second. Dude it's something I didn't appreciate at the time but now when I look back on it I'm like I see why it had to be that way numbers sixty. That's how many points. Kobe scored in the final game. His career win over the jazz. I feel watching Kobi's he's last game. It was on the one hand a perversion of basketball and on the other hand. Exactly exactly what I wanted. We talk all the time bowe about how we need to give people their roses while they can still smell them and this game was the end of the farewell tour that seemed to stretch on for years and Kobe. Bryant knew exactly how much everybody loved him and in return. What did he give us? He gave us another game where he took every shot. And that's what I wanted to think. He gave a damn about how much you loved him. Jimenez moment you think Coby was picking you right now. Kobe was like getting up last shots to get up. Because I came here to give bucket what I've always this. Come here to do is get buckets in the end. This is going to be some situation. We're Kobe was operating from the High Post and getting bug as everybody else. I don't even feel like they need to come up with a game plan before afford gay the Bay Area Academy was going to be in full effect for one last night he was gonna be the fresh prince. Yeah and there was no thought in my mind that even had to do with like field goal percentage because obviously like look at the numbers man. Okay not quite so accurate but the point is that there was a showmanship and whether he wanted to do it for me or not I was listened to Keanu Reeves. Talk to Stephen Colbert about death. And he said his thought about death was when people die those who loved love them. We'll miss them and that's all. There is with Kobe Bryant. I didn't love him as a dude by loved watching him. I loved this. And that's what's GonNa leave a big hole in in terms of my day to day life as words of wisdom from Keanu Reeves really. Yes I did not see that coming now for me. This is is just a big part of a lot of our lives. I think really in particular for people who are my age. This is stunning and humbling. Sort of mortality to the idea that this guy of all of us would have been a lot of people when Michael Jackson died. This had to be feeling. This is something that you had the ideas but for exceed says that Bill Russell to- Kobe Bryant rest in peace. ooh Didn't see their carbon. Thanks for joining US highly questionable as next rest in peace to Kobe Bryant.

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