Slate Money: Succession S2E1: "Silica Mud Treatment"


What if abby was investigative reporter. I'm charles to hit the author of the power of habits and the host of a new slate podcast how oh to and how to we answer your toughest questions. Like how do i fire about employees. Or how do i donate a kidney to my mom. Or how do i tell the perfect joke or how do i rob a bank to listen. Subscribe to how to on apple spotify or wherever were you get your favorite podcasts. Hello and welcome welcome to the thing which have been most excited about for about the past year which is slate money extra the succession recap cat mini season of monday morning slate money shows where you have all of course stayed up watching succession last night because what else is there to doing sunday except for watching the greatest television show on t._v. Right now and we are going to just recap the entire episode and talk about what's going on with some of the most interesting people in media. I need to say this right up front. If you haven't seen episode one don't listen to this show. Go and watch episode one. It's fabulous and then you can listen to the show. All of these shows are going to be filled with spoilers for all of the episodes so don't listen listen to the show unless and until you've watched the show now i am of course felix salmond of axios i am joined by emily pack of the huffington post who is also also a succession stan and fit this first episode of this little mini season. I cannot imagine anyone anyone better to come on this. Show join us then ed lee of the new york times a hoy ed you have been covering all things media forever and ever forever and ever. I think it started somewhere in the seventeenth century. He knows everything about everything and most importantly you've been just as obsessed about the show is anyone i have. I mean i i watched the first season as they aired as they came out and i for the most part liked it but i definitely had some issues. I mean when you cover an issue so in-depth for so long. You're like that's kind of outright. Were you worried some of it wasn't quite very similitude sadness and a but that's the thing i actually adore just how geeky a got about finance and media and corporate over full stack. Oh absolutely like this is kind of great but then when you get it wrong you're like. Why did you have to go do that now right. It's almost better sometimes if they didn't quite go that deep. He's you're like. I mean maybe i wouldn't be as interested. I bet yeah so the thing which i was obsessed by more than anything else is who are these characters because everyone obviously sees maddox. Oh yeah you know <hes> there are two sons who has sort of rivals as the door to who's kind of out of it but kind of not out of it but there's the older. There's older son who's like who sort of not really involved in the family. That's prudence right but there's overlap with the redstone is to the family that controls c._b._s. Viacom where there had been a succession about for so long it doesn't quite line up in terms of the structure with the kids because sherry redstone is really sort of the only sort of <hes> biological heir apparent. There's an older son brent who basically sumner bought him out right and so he lives in colorado and a ranch right so that's that is connor kind of melding. It's very smart sort of milange of like all of avenue i know people who spent a lot of time working for the dolan family and they see a whole bunch orlands in here as well before we get into the comparisons we should just lay out who the characters are on the show and hit me. Tell me who is logan roy so logan. Roy is the patriarch he is mike. Edmonds said he is basically the rupert bert murdoch. He's i think he's eighty five years old when the series starts and he has some kind of health episode is it a stroke or heart attack or something bad happens bins to him and he has four children the oldest connor from his first marriage and then the three other ones two boys two boys and a girl from the second marriage and the two guys are called kendall and <hes> what's the other one cal- in roman and ship those are like the three heirs battling for the company because roy runs the company etienne which is like this massive media company of the health code wasted kgo tv but there's the parent company waste our royko that like it just again like how geek out on little details like that. We're like well. Actually there's this aaron company called waste ourika which is clearly a bunch of a merger between royko which is roy's company which logan roy company which he founded which is the media company. I'm waste our. She's clearly some kind of telecom thing that wound right maybe bought decades exactly and then and then one of the great subplots of the first season is they put like the fuck up son roman woman in charge of like a satellite launch which is clearly proud of the that was great. <hes> there was definitely sort of an armando <unk> nucci flavor to that scene like it said that you i'm gonna. I'm going to bring this end like jesse armstrong the show writer he had worked with armando on the thick of it in the loop which are these these bbc or british series at these really clever satirical tirico takes on power and government and how did veep and he did veep for which jesse was a writer had written a one or two and i have to say if we're talking thing about the first episode here there. There were definitely times like when candle you know turns around to his cousin greg. If my septum falls out i'm going to make you eat my except which which is just pure this and this is. You're talking about last night's episode. I episode the second season. There's a lot of great one one liners in there you can't i mean i have a whole list that is that that is everyone so before we get to the last episode we should say at the end of last season basically basically the sun kendall roy he tries to take over his father's company and then gets himself into this chappaquiddick scenario where he basically it gets this young waiter killed in a car accident and <hes> his whole project of taking over his father's company goes completely sideways and he winds up weeping weeping his father basically get him out of trouble and and that's kind of where we leave off with kendall roy going from about to become you know. The man took down his father to just this like broken. You know just mess of a human being the other thing which happened. It's all of this takes place at his sister's wedding. Yes breath the worst best wedding ever it ended up being a great finale that way where like this brutal kind of leveraging that the dad is on his son. Wow that's just so cold. You're taking advantage of this accident basically to like get over on his son who's been trying to take over the company and that bleeds into the first step is so we see the the the fallout from that and so we open this season with candle who is trying to break his drug habit and an and ice picks <hes> and i honestly say that this is not just my favorite line of the episode. I'm i have not seen the whole series as yet but i think it's my it's going to be my health. Favorite line avowals areas. I love this much which is when kendall gets pulled out of his spa and is told to go on the television to try and fight this takeover bid that he instigated and he looks kind of blankly at this icelandic apparatchik and he says i meant to have a silica mud treatment. I've only been here like forty eight hours and a meant to have a silica mud uh-huh treatment. Can i just i'm sorry sounds going to work the fact that you picked up up on that. It was iceland. I mean what's great. Is that it doesn't. It doesn't say they're a nice only if you had ever been there. Would you know that this is just the bleakness of it and the specific sorta setup of like being in that sauna in the middle of like this blank field right. We're just exactly how they do it. Over and also i mean just to your point at about like the the little title things on this being superfish silica mud treatment. I actually looked it up. It only exists in like the blue blue lagoon in iceland it apparently it is blue. Lagoon silica is a white mud known for strengthening the skin barrier skin newell and deep cleansing so i have actually been to the blue lagoon and i've actually put this silica on my body and it's great. It's brilliant so i totally get why he wanted. I'd like to have and i still have that please. He's so broken in this really the first few episodes. I don't wanna spoil anything going forward but he in that sort of reckoning that happened at the finale really plays into the start of the season and it works. It works really well. I think it's it's a really smart use where he's kind of. He's he's kind of on the sidelines but still a factor. There are so many lines where other people are describing candle as just utterly broken. <hes> shift calls him his sister historic sweaty corpse. Tom scams her new husband says he looks waxy like an unshaven candle which is one of my favorite lines another at another point. He's called a dead man. Walking his dad calls him mr potato head and my plastic adversary like he's just completely broken down like the sight of him dripping water being pulled out of that <hes> what is it feel like some kind of hot spring or something. I'm just dripping water and his white robe. He's just like he's like he's not even a person he's he's a wet rat and this is in stark contrast to season one episode one which opens with him psyching himself up in the back of a cub by you're listening to the beastie boys as he's going in to try and like do some deal with some hotshot tech company right and he's the man he's <hes> you know he's pumping himself up and he's also clean at that point and you know he's very proud of having you know concord his drug addiction demons but of course they come back. I mean my issue with that character. The way he sort of played out in the first season is that he was so stark where he was so the man all of a sudden like oh. I don't know what's happening next and then you you know my wife and i'm back on drugs and you know everything's falling apart well he. I just wish there were moments where he tried to fight back a little bit more and it didn't quite happen at least in this. I <hes> episode of the of of the second season you can. You totally get why he's broken right. You could see why he's just hollowed out and it's kind of interesting that way. It's just really kind of wow like this guy this is this is what a dead man walking really looks like so the the first season. Did this really quite clever thing where they set it up in the opening episode inside of logan roy has stroke the name of the show is succession which of his kids it's going to take over from him and then weirdly really you know that entire plotline gets resolved in episode four of season one and then it starts getting interesting. That was one of the things i loved about season one. It was the the thing that you thought would be the big driving plotline for the whole season is the internal infighting between the kids did not actually become that driving line in this season again. What we wind up with is this kind of. We'll start one hitchcock ian word for mcgovern. It's a macguffin win that you get this wonderful. Macguffin introduced the very beginning where logan roy of if i'm gonna fight back i'm gonna have to name a successor and like why no no one ever explains why he needs to name of success in order to fight back. I have a feeling this is also going to be one of those things. That gets resolved by about well i think i think there's more this idea that what you want. The the season needs to propel right so i think the idea of logan roy sort of jangling succession throughout the season i think is sort of a key driving force for like all the drama yeah that takes place. I would say the last episode what was really really smartly done. Was that whole setup around like well look. Are you going to sell like detect companies acquiring after you like it. It really captures what's been happening with in the real world what happened with rupert murdoch's company twenty first century factories sold the disney with all these other merger happening. It's because of big tech coming in and kind of stealing your son okay so this is why we invited you on you. Actually understand this stuff and you can explain it. There is this another line in the in the show is like tech has its hands around your throat says the banker to the patriarch so can you explain what that means and why why why is tech like an existential risk to media companies so i think that's what you're talking about really really vividly captures the state of play which is you're or a big media company that means you movie studios and cable networks and maybe some broadcast networks maybe some newspapers. We know what's happened in newspapers right. No one's reading print. That's die hi t._v. People are still watching but not the way they used to so there are fewer people paying cable bill now right that cuts into twentieth century fox and disney to some degree and a bunch of these other media. Why is that happening because everyone's on facebook and instagram and tech talking doing that thing so in terms of entertainment where you're distractions are cable is losing thing movie. Theaters are losing despite a few outliers like marvel and that hold media infrastructures just dying dying a slow death. That's what makes it sort of frustrating right. It's it's not a clear break. It's just every quarter. There's fewer people paying for television. Fewer people going to movie theaters and guys like rupert. Murdoch are like what the hell right so him selling out as surprising thing as it was for a lot of murdoch watchers just from a rational perspective like make complete sense and that was actually almost directly referenced in this episode owed when logan roy gets his family around the table and says late we can sell that you know his his adversaries this guy sandy he's overpaying. I'm for royko wasthe we will get ten billion dollars if we sell right now and that's clearly setting up at some point and what's great about zero great. That's a great deal ten billion. Guess what what did the murdoch family get out of that. Is he sale. They got twelve billion right sort of like this perfect like if you really wanna read deeply deeply into it like yeah. That's exactly that situation. Here's the thing though as we saw at the end of episode one what was a resolution skirt. We're going to stick with it so it departs from reality in that really specific molecules because if you just decide to sell the end of episode one that there's that we're over right like a clear departure from what's happened in real life but it's done in a in a smart way where the acknowledge what's going on in the world right. That's what's so smartly done about that terrible sweaty corpse yeah and it's like an unshaven candle but i mean you know the long the short of it is i saw their plan. 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Thanks so before we get to the end. We should say where kendall went. We should talk about his t._v. Appearance briefly if not to just mention his talking point which comes up several several times of oh my god it's so awesome he gets passed a little like four by six cod in the back of the car in iceland and what does the cat ed say emily. I saw their plan. My dad's plan was better over pizza to everybody like he's automaton right to why am laid out. He can't say the truth which is like oh. I accidentally did a murder good idea for me and my dad covered it up for me so no i said no. I own everything. I'm like yeah. I'm basically his bitch and i can't do anything so that's why i say any of that so he says i saw their plan and my dad's plan was better. I think he says that at least three times he says and that woman has who issued that p._r. Communicate she's a communications person she has. She's sort of like this very ansel eric eric but just i president enough that like it's this believable structure of like this big corporate behemoth that has all these different facto dems going around so all these people around that sort sort of no more and that are just smarter obviously than any of the roy's that sort of no are competent actually that layer beneath them. There's the colin the the body man who basically helps cover up kendall's crime you know and these c._e._o.'s guys like murdoch have body. They've got these like sort of people who work for them security currency for like years and years and years. I'm not saying they're doing cover ups like that. I'm just saying like they're closing out saying that either but that that's an essential part of like this whole the mythos around these families and how they operate yet and i wanna get into that too because the way logan roy talks to his son candle about will little murder thing he did. It just really seems it's like he has so much empathy for him and i know that strategic but i also wonder like has he kills anyone. Maybe this is my question for you emily in season one famously well famously to me. I'm not sure how many other people picks up on this logan roy go swimming in a pool and you see that there's a whole bunch of just like scars on his back and i was like wow nets clearly gonna this means something at some point the the first thing i thought of when i saw the scars on logan noise back with actually sumner redstone hanging off the ledge of the hotel so austin some nurses sufficiency survived this hotel fire where he was you know gripping like and he was already an elderly man using the sixties and he was. There's a hotel fire. He went to the window. He opened it up and he sort hung off the ledge of the window for like a long time. Apparently until the the fire trucks came and rescued suffer dreadful bands he was in the hotel room with his mistress which makes it even better and his hand handed turned into a claw like he he there was some part of his hand he can really use ever for you know after bet that moment but yeah logan definitely has a moment like that or more in his background ground. I'm hoping that at some point we we get more of a taste of because there is that one scene where he tells the sun. It's natural that you're going to think about what happened but you just can't think about it. You can't think about it very much like you. Gotta put that to the side and it's clear kendall really can't do that and he's just gonna take the drugs tonight. It sounds like the data speaking from some kind of experience. It's right in their son yeah. Yes it's all very dark. I need to geek out just a little bit about this episode on the very very small little stock price subplot because in season one there was a whole bunch of people worrying about the share price jason wearing that it was going to go to low and if it went below a certain level and that would cause a whole bunch of chaos to the capital stack and the balance she blah blah blah blah blah and the loans that took out against his stock and all of this stuff and so people worried about the chef rice being look you come in season two episode one and everyone is worried about about the stock price for the opposite reason they're worried that it's too high and logan actually goes up to kendall his son and gives him an instruction to quote pour a bucket of cold old shit on the bid. That's on my list for me some pockets of cultured on the bit alright and like the idea of people judge the success of kendall's taylor parents based on if he was successful than the share price would have gone down and they're like well it went down from it and then it went back up again and so he wasn't successful for an opponent of course is that the bid that he's fighting off is at a high price and so if the share price goes up towards the bid price that means people think that the bed what is gonna happen if the share price fools down below the bit rice that means they think the logan roy is going to win so we're in this weird sort of bizarro world where everyone in the company wants to chef to be low. What's great also says they never explain it. They never get into like here's why like mostly. There's all this exposition when you see some kind and of movie or a d._v._d. Show this is like no. We're not gonna explain. All you have to do is read the emotions on their faces like yeah. This sucks right so like but that's a great geeky moment. Well you know for listeners who care about that stuff. You know that sort of risk arbitrage whenever deal is announced deal is in play between two companies. <hes> you know there are investors. Make bets are like you know. I think this deal is going to happen or is not going to happen and the price goes up or down accordingly. That's another great. I think this second season really really crackles with like business. Sophistication does a really really good job harking back to the first season that you mentioned. I did have an issue with that whole the macguffin in the first season which was like oh my god like he's is in the hospital and like you need to take over to tell you something. There's a debt situation that no one knows about what here's the thing. Though is that historically that kind of stuff does does happen. There was an example with <hes> national amusements sumner redstone parent company that owns c._b._s. Viacom where he took out loans apparent company took out loans against the price of c._b._s. Viacom and he kind of hit it and so when investors found out there like what the fuck and so he's like no it'll be fine. Don't worry so that scenario. Scenario has happened the thing that didn't quite ring true from the fictionalized version. Is that somehow. The debt exists on the public companies books. We're getting really geeky that would never ever happened. You would never happen in real life that if anything would have been better if like the debt holders actually owned the shares are holding onto them and they had a covenant to sell at a certain price which if they did like the family would start to lose control. There was a great phone call in the first season where like bet on the phone where candles is it. Kendall thinks can lease on the bank is like fuck off yeah i have. I have your nuts in advice. I can do whatever you want your gun. Talk yourself out of this. This is a running theme. I think in the whole show so it's kendall a really wants to be tough and he can act tough but like no one takes him. Seriously the setup is also sort of like as much as you might sort of despise the dad for whatever the reason shareholders believe in him. That's what they're buying into the him as much as the fundamentals of the company and like when there's a moment where can takes over there. Is this sort of. I don't know who who is this kid. Do i trust him as you're going to be a good leader and i think that sort of reverberates through the whole season which is like are the kids good enough not just in the eyes of the dad but like in the eyes of the world i i mean the kids are terrible. I think we need to talk about is the set piece of this episode. Yes so this is amanda innogy dna show we means the every single character is terrible and that kind of goes without saying but yeah if if you're talking about what i think you're talking about emily the best seen i think the <hes> succession has ever done is the scene between logan and chevron in the summer house in the hamptons. This is the moment let's talk about how we get to that moment so they all go go out to the hamptons to the summer palace or the shit pit as running calls it and when they get there you know it's just this like what's great right about succession. Is you know it's like this kind of its wealth porn but it's all kind of twisted and ugly looking so you know you have this beautiful. I think at one point point logan says it's like a two hundred million dollar house or something and it's really beautiful and you see everyone like unloading these gigantic stakes these lobsters and then everyone who walks into the mansions like oh what's that smell right and the smell turns out to be literally a bag of raccoons sti- wait wait can i mentioned another great line from the episode where logan in walks in to the to the house and he says it smells like the cheese manga died and left his dick in the yes that was on my list. Take the bag of raccoons. There's a bag of raccoons stuffed up the chimney so and that kind of hangs over everything and then when they finally find find the raccoons logan then makes them throw out all the beautiful food because it sat in the stink and then there's the shot where kendall is smoking outside and then behind him <hes> all these you know wait staff throwing out lobster steak shrimp. It's just like disgusting and they're getting. They're getting pizza to be fuck this shit. I just want the unchivalrous as chevanton roman start walking into the dining room and then talking about what's going to happen and she was like oh. Maybe we kill and eat kendall the pizza topic that was great yeah but no one needs even a bite of the food which i thought was hilarious like there's all this attention and money spent on all this food. It gets thrown away. They replace it with more stuff. Known needs any of it because no one actually cares about what money can buy. They just wanna they just during powerplays with each other nothing else even matters like all. This wealth is nothing. They're afraid to eat and they're afraid to talk right. That's the whole point of that. He gathers them razek isaac. What do you think i should do. Should i sell because he's responding to his banker sort of urging him. Look you should just sell like the smart place to sell and it's a serious it's it's not just some kind and if political moment it's like an actual here's what's happening in the real world if you don't sell now than your company is going to be worth much less than four or five years time so the smart move is to sell now exactly so he's earnestly asking the kids and the few executives in the room. What should i do and no one wants us to tell them what they really think. He's afraid of him right because there's this line for a moment where he's like. I like money and i'm afraid of you. I'm like that's it. That's that's all show and so then we get to the point where ah he'd has this sort of one on one with the kids right to see like where we're getting to this moment now like well fine. If we're gonna stick with it. How do we do that right right so succession is a part of that question and so yeah and so like he decided festival he brings in roman who act you know in classic roman airman fashion like talking about a bunch of words which he doesn't really know what they mean like <hes> sounding vaguely desperately trying to sound like he has a clue what business his dad is in and roman leaves incomes vaughn n._s. This unbelievable sort of game of catherine mouse between logan schivonne where logan basically kholsa beloved loved by threatening to tweet and this is the other thing which i love about this episode is the or the season even is. I think they're going to stop taking tiny. Little nods at the trump was very trumpy episode. There's a scene where logan roy kind of he stiffs the contractor. Dr that is out of donald trump's playbook one hundred percent where he says. I'm only going to pay you one hundred thousand but he owes more than twice that much yeah and he says just sue me my lawyers lawyers work for the justice department lawyers were right. Yes and the tweet thing is both a reference to trump also on musk right. Who like he's you know he's he basically got himself in a hot water like he actually had to pay a fine for tweeting things that weren't quite so but yeah so chevanton basically says yes sell you. You know honestly just do it just sell and he's okay and he's like if you don't want to take over. I'm going to fail and you can see this moment where she's just like no don't do it. It's this great great emotional moment. Where you exceeded our is our. She's like man. I want this. I do what i want. What i've decided i'd like to do is to formally ask you to come in and be the next chief executive of this company. I don't think i'm the right person. Will you know i'm pretty smart and i think you are you harsh. If you're the one sarah snook is the actor who plays vaasie. He's an osce. She's amazing. I think she's the ought to be the best actor on the show. She's so good. She's the most compelling character for sure because she's both awful but human right and is certainly the one you relate to the most in the sense that like oh you kind of you get where she's she's coming from and she seems to more or less down earth with the only exception if the one question which everyone has about she wanted to say. Why did she marry that guy. She's the only she's the only sibling that appears to be intelligent and knows what she's doing and competent at all so when he says she's the natural successor. It's actually pretty believable believable you like she's also the only sibling who's ever had a job for anyone of roy so yeah exactly talking about real world sort of muses or examples. I mean elizabeth murdoch who is the daughter of rupert murdoch for years and years and years media observers were always playing guessing game like who's is gonna who's going to win that one and she was always sort of put forth as she's the one most like her dad in that the smartest and most capable also did not work for her gag for for the longest time also worked at you know sort of in politics and sort of an appeal. She was famously married to matthew freud who is late p._r. Guy hang of p._r. Okay okay so he's dopey like the way tom moms gams dopey. Is that piece definitely a power player like he's not how yeah i think it's a sort of this sort of funny character. I think the guy who plays him. He's so brilliant. It's so it's not humid fagging. Oh my god it's just he's so like awful in this kind kind of obsequious way yeah so thomas definitely a character out veep. He's one of those character characters whose great for comic relief and for bringing a bunch of just sheer entertainment value into the show and like he's the guy he's wonderfully craven swallowing his own semen but yeah the the way they get him into the show is by getting him to marry cheval in the nap. It just doesn't really ring true. It doesn't but it's also kind of like he's such a known quantity to her that she knows she can control and that they have this open marriage and everything. I think it feels like you know it's more more of a control moved in it. Is i love this man kind of thing so yeah i think she she wants someone who can actually have power over like. She's so clearly in the pole position and doc. He doesn't mind what he does mind. I mean he's not he won't. He can't genuinely thinks that he is in line to become c._e._o. Oh like somewhere in that like mush of a brain of his is like this tiny little glimmer of ambition saying i want to be the c._e._o. Of voiced <hes> waco <hes> and anyone with the slightest glimmer self-awareness with no that was like zero possibility but he is so delusional so delusional but also because chevron herself sort of playing up to him to a little bit she has throughout the whole season and you can see in this one up until that moment that scene with her and her dad where she's like on the verge of tears like wait a minute. I think i want it but she doesn't want to want it. That's the thing you could eat interfaces like. Why do i want to want this kind of thing. Oh kokai also mentioned my other favorite here at little grace note about this episode about tom. In particular when the episode begins thomas honeymoon on that like two hundred and fifty foot yacht what in some lake glamorous location or something and the only people we ever see on this yard is chevron and tom and tom is getting i see the curtains are drawn on this boat. This beautiful view of the sea curtains trying to trying to watch candle on the ipad and she's very very bad wifi. We tried to go somewhere with that wifi but the thing which struck me about that scene is that tom on his honeymoon on the york in the middle of no way which doesn't even have wifi is wearing an absolutely immaculate seersucker suit. I feel you have a whole iraq. Come on late. You know you see suits of what you wet like in cities in the this is not on a yacht yachting wear crazy but he's from ohio like middle class tom who like you know this is how you do it like. He's this is outrageous era vs type who's just like this is this is the role we play right right exactly so yeah so so chevron gone finally allows herself to admit that she really wants to be the c._e._o. She accepts logan's. Obviously is this field she awesome. Is this real like eighteen meantime. See like this israel. He's like remember this launch of the light. This is the moment and that's like the emotional hot of the episode. It's just an absolutely beautifully shot and directed acted acted scene. I love that. I think that's really makes it. It makes you want more and i think you kind of get the sense that like you don't even believe it fully. You're so you're just like he's gonna dangle this he's going to do he's gonna please come in mass. You comes out first thing. She says to husband always like logan roy mind games. Even she on some level doesn't really believe right exactly but that was the you guys believe it. I don't believe i don't believe it either. I if anything it's like also come on. We need more show right to be a possibility of flexor over fox fox over the kids. He does the whole thing on some level. If you're logan roy you know that the sensible thing to do is to sell your logan roy so you can't sell an also you have an entire a season to fail so yukon you he is smart but he is in full possession of all his faculties the beginning of at this season as none of this whole like he's a you know vegetable kind of having a stroke steph he is he's in control of everything and he knows the chevron is is of all of his children the only one who could credibly take over the company and she has she's believable that way too because the way she talks about the show like why she really knows what she's talking about. She has in fact that in that moment and that's where he asked her. What would you do and she lays it all out. I'm like that's exactly right. You know it's almost like if you were in that real business those insteps you attend the big difference between what she wants to do. And what roman wants to do is the she wants to get rid of the news operation she he says it's a distraction. It's noise. It's a pain in the ass and let let's just kill news. Go big on like theme parks and blockbusters killer indie films everything that isn't massive. That's exactly right now. That's lohman meanwhile when he comes in he like we double down on us because that's where all of our political power comes from and there's is an interesting difference between them to feel like logan ultimately is always going to want to be an important player and therefore he's he's gonna want to keep the news of ration- this of course is a direct that's murtaugh jerry murdock talks to trump every day on the phone and the reason he talks trump every day on the phone and it's not because he's a media billionaires because he owns fox news right and so i think that's right. That's things. Which interesting is that murdoch innocence. We're using him. Mm-hmm is is a primer for a lot of this. If you look closely. He's actually very unsentimental. He's very very sort rigorous business mind the only time he becomes sentimental is when it comes to news he can't can't not own that that that's the one thing that like hil- pay for he'll just own it and eat it because he'll pay five billion dollars to the wall street journal and half of it your later or he'll continue to fund the new york post forty million dollar annual loss just because he needs to have it right. It's not clear how far that parallel is going to go like whoa whoa that different cell news or keep news. It's not clear to me which side logan will be on before. He gets anywhere near that he needs to festival. Have this a big fight with sandy and i'm curious when who savvy i think i have an idea whose handy dandy fairness is john malone on my. I was totally going to say that he's for listeners who may not know or care but you should care john. Malone basically invented the cable industry in the united states and is probably probably the most feared media executive on the planet al gore once referred to him as darth vader. That's how and there is a historical truth around this. Where there's a moment around early two thousands where he was quietly buying up shares of newscorp rupert murdoch's company to the point ain't where he actually threatened murdoch's ownership stake over controlling stake over the business and murdoch didn't know this is happening until it's too late what malone was trying to do and there's a there's a phrase in the first episode that you might have heard asset swap right. That's sort of interesting is exactly what meadow malone where basically malone said. You know what l. sell your shares back but i want direct t._v. Which murdoch had a significant stake murdoch was trying to turn he owned or once upon a time owned sky in the u._k. Okay which is a satellite tv service there. He tried to replicate that idea in the u._s. Through direct t._v. took a little bit longer. Malone spoiled his plans and they did this great assets what were based malone got control direct t._v. and that murdoch was able to buy shares back and afterwards like murdoch learned his lesson like he put poison pill in the company charter where you can do that. There are these like grand end figures of documents like john malone to a certain extent. Maybe charlie again as well and yeah. He's everyone is sort of like a mixture of characters but i think the closest first handy for john malone and the way that that first episode ends where you know we're kendall comes into deliver the message this is one of my i have a whole list of one of my favorite lines comes at the very end where he's just delivering this message but if properly done you know he aims to kill you. He's talking about logan to sandy's that he will go back up or go to jail before he lets you beat him. He will send meant to kill to your pets and fuck your wives and it will never be over so that's the message sandy fornesco. Let's get on with that process. Yes that's towers so well. It's a great final line. Yeah it really is. I think i really give the writers credit because i think especially in this episode there so many great details financially are the arcane of how financial deals work and boardroom procedures that like date they'd really nailed it but they also depart far enough from reality that like it's this escape that it's this fun thing that you would like it to happen that way kind of thing that he wanted me to tell you to say yeah. Obviously our public line will be that. We are considering the offer but it doesn't matter what you offer. He'll never recommend this to the board. You're going to bleed cash ashes. He's gonna lead cash. He will never end and maybe you'll kill him but if you don't he aims to kill you he will go bankrupt or go to jail before he lets you beat him. He will kill you on on the business and if that doesn't work he will send people around he will send men to kill your pets and fuck your wives and it will never be over so that's the message good well. Let's move ahead with that process. Shall we so that was episode episode one. We have nine months ago. This is going to be a roller coaster. I'm absolutely sure let's just end this without one favorite line. I'm from the house show emily. What was your one favorite line from the house. This is so hard to have so many written down. I'm gonna go with greg housing greg who didn't really talk about very much but he's in kendall's apartment. He's looking around and to greg's is this is an amazing amazing apartment to my eyes as well and and then he complimented and kendall's like couldn't get anything better. It's fashion week all the good penthouses. Take good governorship and does it yeah yeah he said oh. Oh yeah it could be way better. I just don't know how which to me is says everything about these vis grade yeah. If i need to come up with the line we haven't mentioned all say when kendall goes was into the meeting with andy and says his dad isn't coming in because he had to take a cool. That's like a nine thousand nine hundred eighty seven power move dude that was on my list line that was on my list. Nineteen eighty-seven is so true. It is true like we at the end of season one. Does this scene at logan is like keeping the president of the united states on hold and it's just like he does have this nineteen. The power moved thing when she can't quite become part of the twenty first century but that's exactly what trump does to you know. He still plays that old powerbook but that's exactly. I can follow that up my favorite line if i had to pick one. There's so many there's so many but it's in that same scene where again there's this great human moment where this is the the guy the private equity guy who is friends with kendall who when they first set this up the guy who's standing in front of the sandy unfairness character stealing. I'm human. I'm human being here. If you need a human being i'm here for what is going on right. There's this moment of like you could talk to me. Dude and i looked at the plan and my dad's plan is better than everything and he goes fuck you and he goes fuck you to you pulse ameinias piece of fool's gold fucking silver spoon fucking asshole like okay. That's yeah yeah. There's no. I'm an personally. I am always going to be a fan of any t._v. Show which uses piece of land mass oh because lee is one of my favorite right there in that first episode right <hes> in episode one so thanks staying with us through the episode one cat we will be back same time same channel next week with episode two and free much for listening to slate money extra <music>.

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