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Scott to the graphic nature listener discretion is advised. And the woody show. Flynn cover these. Woody show-me insensitively. Training back class is now in session. Good morning everybody. Good morning everybody. It is thursday three products three by two thousand nine hundred twenty one. Hello welcome to the woody show. Hey my name is woody. That is rabi. Low guy greg gordon. Good morning looking handsome as ever greg. Then there's menace. What is up with your social media director. You could find as you can. Follow his at the woody show on instagram and twitter or on facebook facebook dot com slash. The woody show. We've got seib ask. There's fake news dot cameras. Would bort nick sound wave. Are here you fellas. Randy is here today on the show. Fortunately we got to meet some people with the wooded show cross crap. You know there are enough good. People listened to show. We don't need the people who are trying to drag us down. You know what. I'm saying so If they can't make the decision for themselves we're gonna make the decision for them. They're being fired to that. Yup i it. It's always fun to see what people like to complain about where they've drawn their line. That's i've listened to you guys for many years. Now i'm out yup and this is also It's a throwback thursday. We're gonna play around of what's that throwback sound gravis got on the radar coming up for us this hour. Plus a brand new redneck news for you. Greg trending news headlines all that more for today here on the woody show. The phones are open. Eight seven seven. Forty four. Woody you attacks over two two two nine eight seven email sent to us email at the what he showed. Dot com fact Have a bunch of emails here right here guys following up some stuff that We've talked about how your recently on the show. This one is from guy. Know guy guy who writes in as far as the nuggets go. I tried the new popeye's chicken nuggets. So they're good but they're not the popeye standards. Okay no spicy choice available. So they're kind of bland. Oh weird well just let you guys know what. I've heard that a couple of times already. They're kind of bland. Bland arabia says that you know. There's the fried chicken it's got the right amount of spice cher cher. This is nuggets. Not do nuggets. I believe firmly our child while they're all saying order. Now get anywhere. they're meant to be dead. It's only a vessel for sauce much could do juicier which is kind of what i think what. He's leaving lean-to here well. He said he wants spice road that too. But yeah minnesota until you can dip it but it's all about a chicken. I prefer my chicken in strip form. Almost forgetting rabies Take on everything. Here's a things that are addressed to raise here all right. i one. this is from danielle. Who writes in rayvey. Please watch space. Jam l. no joke. This movie will tug at the heartstrings of these sports enthusiastic nerdy little kid in you. There are so many references from dc. To game of thrones to harry potter fair share. I am not a fan of lebron james but he really killed it in. This movie gave it a chance student aesthetic reasons since the original was one of my first dates in high school. I promise you will not be disappointed. Your fellow nerd. That is from danielle. I mean i could always give it a try on. Hbo max can always shut it off. Did some watching at the point where they were in the batmobile because heathrow references to stop point every person every friend on facebook man that. That really sucked. Yeah we'll turn it on and well What it's made for kids cartoons this next one is from john email at the what he showed. Dot com. i zoom rabies. Take on kevin. Smith's new he man show on. Netflix will be that. The woke mobs review bombed the season. Just because a woman character is the main vocal point. She would be wrong. And i'll hold a minute for rabies insult toward me. Fans go ahead. I think he's mischaracterizing the criticism. Yeah wasn't the woke mob. It was the anti war. Yeah for sure it was the troll. They said hey. This has got not enough. He goes into woke but that's not what he said there at the beginning right. He's an idiot and even paused and his email for the fans are pissed. Because they wanna see he-man kick ass the whole season. Obviously kevin shows a completely different road for the show. I'm not going to spoil the show. But i'll put it this way. What he loves frazier. And he's excited to see the new reboot right Now imagine frazier has very little camera time. Compared to the other characters in the whole show tells the story of daphne instead of frazier. He probably be bummed right. That's pretty much what kevin smith did with he man. It's not a woke people problem. It's a where the f. Is he man problem. Yes i know. it's just dumb. Show sorry for the long email. Greg is god. John so there's There's john i think what he's this. The point is being missed here. We can talk to our personal close friend. Kevin smith about this next time. He's in studio right is we've seen he-man kick the crap out of skeleton for for decades so this is just kind of taking a b. story and bringing that up there's still lots of he man. Yep tighter disliked takeover critter slash battle. Cat plays it fair amount of Fairmount him in there as well. I think this guy is missing. Some big store says they now. Oh that's right they in this thing -nificant he's fun- he's cool. What he showed dot com. This is from josh. Hoity-toity show you're talking about pre knobs. And i thought i'd share my experience my wife and i we don't have a pre-nup per se rather a sign documents stating what happens. If one of us cheats specifically before buying our house we talked about how a lot of marriages don't last and how many people do end up cheating and we came to an agreement that if one of us cheats the other person not only gets the house but they don't have to buy out the other person that's weight and i love the show. Keep up the good work. That is from josh. Interest free nope. I'm agreements agreement. He made before your souls right going into the. It doesn't have to cover like a bunch of different stuff. You can have a cover. Whatever it is. You're looking to protect or whatever agreement you want to have in place but that would be a pre-nup right. I mean i don't really know any thing about this kind of stuff with the cheating paperwork. Does that really hold up. I was. I was gonna ask you wrote. This is this on. The back of a napkin asked agreement. I mean you could say you could pull the argument. Oh we're taking a break at the time started dating somebody else inside to court and see what happens next email here. This is from brian. Email to what he showed dot com. Hey what he's show. Hey i heard you guys talking about the grammar police and difference between i feel bad versus i feel badly and i just thought i'd chime instance by background is in linguistics although i gotta give props to see baths for being right ninety nine percent of the time on this one. I have to disagree. Oh now the verb feel is the same as the verbs look taste smell and sound which described the five senses and which take adjectives as compliments rather than adverbs. I think we can all agree that things taste bad. They don't taste badly. Things look bad they don't look badly etc therefore things feel bad they don't feel badly anyway. Just give my two cents. You guys ruled that is from brian. And a menace very very confused. Yeah my head urged. The point. And i could see it both ways. Okay feel with those other verbs ways right ways wrong all right here. I'll give you one more. This is something we were wondering about and we got here. Thanks to todd sends us an email email. What he showed dot com subject mugshot. While back. y'all we're looking at someone's mugshot mentioned how he was wearing something. That looks like a barber's cape. Or like menaces here. Yeah as a retired police officer. I thought i will let you know that when detectives are putting photo lineups together they use photos of other arrestees and by covering the arrestees and suspects are wearing that way. It doesn't distract the witness. The witness can concentrate only on the face. Oh interesting hashtag all in hashtag you by d.'s. Are notoriously unreliable. Had this is where someone else somebody. I was out of the country finger in going on and kind of Some emails from the people. If you want to send an email hit us up. Email at the woody. Show dot com raising. Cane's chicken fingers unloved. Man yeah look you choose one thing do real well you know. And the case of raising cane's that would be chicken fingers. They use premium chicken breast tenderloins to make the most tender chicken fingers possible their special marinade that tend to rise the chicken loxton that moisture rabi elia adds that flavor and then for extra flavor. Got the cane sauce. Lie all you know what that's about. And it's tangy a little bit of spice full flavor. And they use their own blenda premium seasonings and spices in saw watching. Get some pringle putt fries. Of course they're big texas toast. Coleslaw your sweet tea or unsweetened tea decided role ribot get it all at raising cain. They're proud sponsor of the willie show. Podcast it's raising cane's chicken fingers. I don't know why you're not already out. The door has been maybe you art during the raising cane's find a location nearest you at raising cane's dot com raising cane's chicken fingers one love. This is the way show. Joe honey era. Forget the nice one. You still limber. She can say thursday morning. It's twenty nine twenty twenty one. We are the what he shall. We are into another new hour of insensitivity training. Free politically correct world on what he raving greg. Gory horn menace. He serves as our social media director. Woody could find it. You could follow as actively show on instagram twitter or on facebook facebook dot com slash show there are seaman fake news dot camera. Would and i- randy is here. Phones are open eight. Seven seven forty four. What are you taking your calls. Their tax over the two two nine eight seven borton excel waiver. Here coming up this hour. We're gonna get a brand new redneck news for you. Once more funny than anything else. It involves no crime rating fun. Spotty and i got a little clip audio to sa. We're all going gonna make a trip to the crossroads or you're familiar with the idea that you can't please all the people all the time right so those people like despite the fact they've tuned in they hear something they don't like it they continue to listen and then they just continue to get upset and continue to send us. You know really a nasty text messages and emails or whatever about how unhappy they are probably just have to kind of cut ties. Unfortunately separate what we're talking about breakups and everything you know. Yeah to break up with funny redneck news but then you burn me with the crops. I love the crossroads building burn. I love across because we're the only radio station year-old in today's Crossroads that i'm looking through. Its individual people so it's not collectively as a show. It's like individually. We are losing listeners. Oca- on behalf of the show is fired that person. Then we'd fire everybody. I think we all a little bit in the In the greg's greg's got your news. Headlines all november rain news start. Now i'm waiting for the of your work here. The first time together respect respected respect on monday morning. Welcome back weekend. Can what's happening greg. We'll subway my favorite lettuce sandwich dispensary. That's right everything's a wet lettuce and tiny cheese sandwich shop They have asked a federal judge to toss out that lawsuit against them. The lawsuit filed by people in california. Who claimed that their tuna isn't actually tuna It looks like subway might win this time because tuna that has been cooked and then analyzed by a lab. That lab won't be able to identify tuna. Dna what has been saying. That's what the lawsuit says. And that's their entire claim as to. Why subways tuna isn't really tuna and subway says the suit has hurt sales and it hurt their pr and therefore the lawsuit is frivolous. It's in this arena. Got stuck with the big legal bill when they sued. Cbc for claiming that there is soy their chicken and the chicken is only fifty percent chicken. So this whole tuna isn't tuna lawsuit. Looks like it might get thrown out altogether again. My question is how dumb d have to be to believe all the stuff that you see about like. Oh yeah so. Have you seen the paste that they make the chicken nuggets with. I hadn't seen Arby's they get their roast beef and it's like a gel right and like doesn't matter live on for decades as you definitely will. Also the subway tune is not really tuna. Borough humam now. If i heard that i wouldn't consider you know lawsuits or whatever i would just go. Wow i think i'll just go to jersey. Mike offering sandwich shop the other eight hundred sandwich options. There are out there jimmy johns. Yeah but how dumb are you to believe in the first place right and becomes a part of belief. Yeah currently there's a moratorium on paying back. Student debt loans but that ends september thirtieth and a lot of democratic legislators are urging the president to extend that until at least march thirty first of next year and some people want to cancel student debt altogether but reality check. The president cannot do that even pain on that his campaign was all that he was gonna like at least wipe way some debt and but now while they like can't do it he can't do it. Counselor nancy pelosi. She was giving her weekly news conference yesterday. She reminded everybody that people think. The president of the united states has the power for debt forgiveness. But that would take an act of congress and that some people wouldn't even want debt forgiveness because she says a lot of people would be paying taxes to pay somebody else's obligation is part of my ignorance here. I never had a student loan so maybe a different. But if i take a loan out from like a bank or whatever it's the bank's money it's not it's not the government's money different bad federal back one because part of it was like okay. So how can you tell. I dunno wells fargo alone or what. Why would he campaigned on. And if you can't do that he campaigned on that. I thought that was a bernie bernie thing and everybody. Can't i remember like the kid that ran for student council or whatever he was saying there was. Give me no homework. Free pizza friday. I still have homework. Voters always think that the president has the power to do anything. That's just not the case at all. What biden does want is to see a ten thousand dollars in student. Loan cancel is looking for discussion on that You don't get it back but you get to pay for other people's ask you get out of nowhere. It comes from everybody. Joy at that. Kim nuxhall delete the current amount of americans that o. Student loan debt by the way. If you add it all up one point seven trillion dollars. I magical money sometimes. People just snap as we all know. Washington state thirty nine year old guy. He just been released from a psychiatric hospital which he clearly shouldn't have been after his release. He got all dressed up in this yellow dress and stole a school bus and then he led the cops on a chase but because of this new state law that they have their deputies had to stop the pursuit after a while and then in another county different deputies they started up the chase again but then they have to stop the chase after about ten minutes because that same state law why well because that law says if there was a violent crime that has already happened. Then they can continue the chase. Violent crime hadn't already happened. They have to call it off after a while. Stupa state law all right so he ditched. The bus ended up stealing. One of those front-load tractors fun and then he drove it to where his soon to be ex. Wife lives plowed it right into her house. You can flip the car over. She wasn't home at the time. So she was not hurt remodeling He was finally arrested there for vehicle theft and malicious mischief. He sent back to the same facility. Would think i probably got sent to jail. I right yeah going to jail. But i think they probably had to put the right hand stress to make sure he wasn't packing. I wanna know what he looked like in the draft picture online at the guy like behind the wheel the body high yellow dress. You got a beard saying really. Did he talk not super high farmer's tan all right. Oh are you looking at is shown instagram. Later today. make a look at your spice rack. Mccormick announced that they're doing. The recall of three popular spice blends that might be contaminated with salmonella. They include perfect pinch. Italian seasoning culinary. Italian seasoning and franks red hot. Buffalo ranch seasoning doesn't matter where he got them they were sold in grocery stores all across the country. Potential camp contamination discovered through routine testing. So far they haven't heard of anybody getting sick but just to be safe. If you do have any of those spice blends. They were shipped between june twentieth and july twenty. I just toss them in the track. What are the some diarrhea or losing weight. And there's been zero cases so far so far but actually sent him to me. I'll just lick them diarrhea all day on and then maybe you don't want to get a job at walmart but you wanna get college paid for speaking of college This is a huge incentive walmart announced that they're going to pay for full college tuition for their. Us workers her latest effort and the benefits for talent and job market. This get you back to walmart. No port this initiative because she's had a self imposed ban on for a long time any many years to the point where i'm kinda wondering like was she banned from walmart ever banned in scranton line. She's good she would never even step foot a walmart post. What was your issue in. The walmart was from china. I couldn't find anything that wasn't made in china from there. What do you care. And she was ford. America like the cereal stuff rayvey. What about all. The american jobs has the stuff that sold at walmart. We dig into walmart for like a few minutes to get red bull. And that is made in america and i needed to pay off. I think what he was. Technically the last person i was in walmart with and i still have that chair the chairs. Yeah okay. I remember that trip. I heard all about like how she hated walmart walmart. Sound like me. They also added four academic partners that brings the total options of colleges to ten in total and they dropped a one dollar a day fee that employees used to pay toward that college fund. And they're also going to cover the cost of books for some fantastic so they had about twenty eight thousand employees in that program before they were taken in twenty at granted. Day in that program but again. They're drawing that one dollar fee so college for walmart employees. Serve until new rollback deal son. You're all on board. Yeah so yeah. Red bull by the way all showing company. So you're right by last what's happening. One grigory we are going to meet some people at the crossroads. That is coming up next and Yeah like i said. We're going through. Some of these texan emails and stuff. That people have sent over Some people i think one person said or is it. Yeah i've reached my breaking point is the subject of the email. We'll start with that one actually next year on the woody show black. We're gonna take a little bit of a break in the meantime. Please lower your standards. Though as you guys rent might remember that guy boozy right. Little boozing formerly lil boosie bad at bat. He was the guy. I was talking about the popeye's chicken sandwich and i made because i've been booked up all these bitches ravelo be gone right now. Tell me does this. Sound like a guy who could possibly ever get kicked out of a theme park. Why why do you raise his bitches. Spaniel phase bit dirty waters de fleas in it anyway. Hey dirty water. You dirty raises white. Bitchy bitch aspin. You'll face hope away for while my beats our way. And this is after. He thrown out at six flags thrown at a six flags over georgia a- waterpark and now that was him telling he's gonna spit employees faces here. He is described that led up to we got fifteen flav page skipping here in the land. Go suck some slack. Go give them away. Who won't six six has a flash past so he had a bunch of flu passes away. He's saying that they were upset. Because like every different everybody in the line. I says you have these flash flashbacks. You say well put your money. Spend money like he did to get the flash passes and then you could do. The same way pool performed sexual. Who's that i get that right. Yea okay who would fly off the chain. I get kicked out of a theme park. You don't need to see the situation to fascist terrorist organization. Show everybody we say it all the time man. We appreciate you guys. Thank you for listening to the show and check out our podcast following us on social media showing to events and telling people about the show and all that awesome thank you you know what is the missed. Appreciate you hanging in there and just decided to join. That's what we're trying to do every morning. We're just trying to have a little bit of fun. Not take anything seriously. Get to the morning as quickly as we can make the morning. Part of everybody including ours was while people. And i've done this before i'll hate watch something or all hate. Listen to something over schefter and at some point it just gets to be unhealthy right where you have to and i had to do this with a couple of people. Recently i did follow on social. Because i always do is aggravating. Yeah you know. But i couldn't help it. Are you down to the following through you. You'll now known getting getting but sometimes like you know you can't make that decision on your own. Somebody has to do it for you. And that's what we're dealing with some of these people who have They've drawn line. In fact is i wanna have says I've reached my breaking point. Is the subject of the email in this edition of the woody. Show crossroads unfortunate but it has to be done this. I was an email that was sent to us. Email to what his show dot com from some casey against subject. I've reached my breaking point despite my pin of cbs. But i consider myself to be a fan of the show. But i never got the impression that his obnoxious teen boy like behavior has ever been appreciated by the rest of the show until now so now. I blame you all decide. That can't support the show any longer. The other morning. I heard the bit where he goes into taco bells begging for free tacos first of it goes without saying that it's insensitive to our un housed neighbors meaning. I'm a homeless people. That's a new term by the way for yes homeless reach casey. This is what they had to survive. Secondly funded this here mouth. What is funny about making life more complicated for the employees. It's been a long eighteen months for the frontline workers who put their lives at risk on the daily to fee are stupid condescending balding. Ask not work. The day will come when he catches a fist to his face. But unfortunately i won't be here for pussy. You never throw it happen. We've lost casey. Every perhaps said loser mildly employees. It is complicated the most interesting thing you know. They don't go home every day and say guess what happened. Yeah i guarantee. That's signing dave cohen and the jackass guys and eric andre. Get this crap. I hope not all right here. Probably this next one is from andrew subject. Why does menace think. He's a celebrity. What he show andrew had using the celebrity. Oh wade my recently went to an event that menace said he would be quote hosting my wife and i got there early. Had great food played some games etc. I was anxiously awaiting for medicine randy to show up. Because i had been a longtime listener and i was excited to finally meet a couple of people from the show in person medicine randy show up. I was nervous. Because i am socially awkward but i wanted to meet and get a picture with them. Can i approach them in the photo area. That was set up in manisco's hold up okay. He stopped interacting with everyone gets on his phone calls in his words. Quote my assistant to get someone. That's the of him and randy with listeners. Now that kind of makes sense looking in from the outside that he would want someone helping to take pictures for them however the way he was talking to his quote assistant was out of line for somebody who can't spell ninety five percent of words in the english language correctly. I was deeply saddened. Menace was on the phone with his assistant randy. Although dressed like a giant seventh grade was very courteous professional and sweet to my wife and our randy and my wife bonded over. A conversation about sunglasses was very nice overall. So thank you randy off the phone with his assistant and was finally ready for a picture. I asked if we were going to do the menace posed which you cross your arms and stand straight up and menace scoffed at me and then continued to smile in the picture. Attached a copy all disappointed that he thinks he is all that and a box of chocolate but in reality he just ate the box of chocolate and was mean therefore has demoted from number. Four on my woody. Show power rankings to ninth. That's all i got about now Not in with menace. Randy's hairs crazy tower bass rayvey greg's temper tantrums. Then greg o. Random civilian is the movie the day after tomorrow cameron then minutes now. Andrew looks nicer assistant. Yeah i have one. I don't do you got all the photos that day. I've wiling and seems like a typical minutes picture. His mouth sought in randy was. Yeah i gotta call my sister description. Randy is that's no lie next up to show crossroads This one was sent to the radio station feedback email address. Which by the way we get copied on so when they think they're writing us out to management or whatever We also get copied because it goes to people in the program department. This is from zoe. It always asked me phillies out reply requested. Yes yes back. Yeah dear manager. Just want to let you know that you have just lost a listener. It's you're not listening to your dj's or maybe you are and you are just as openly homophobic as they are wrong. I tuned in against my better judgment as your morning team was doing something. They called the gay report or something like that report address. What did they talk about. Because i stopped there. I didn't i hadn't read. I read ford yet. It was greg's investigation report peabody award winning report This is on the public airwaves. He was going through a bunch of lgbtq plus terminology on the air and he tried to guess as to why quote most male flight attendants are gay stereotype much and what was happening while he did this quote report. The rest of the morons were straight up ripping the community to pieces. I know i was what was that. What makes you think it's okay for a straight six gender and no doubt white male talk about such things. The world would be a better place when moore queer and people of color reps take over the airwaves and end this rule of the straight white male from yunan right away under male and that was the number one thing. We learned from greg's investigation. Is that most planet. Tenants are actually straight the albright fascinating study and it was the gay report and lgbtq plus it was only g. g had nothing to do with els. Here's another one that you're gonna love. What is your crossroads Email mail show dot com this bryce bright sushi name mega news usually tells us about the name a subject what is called an uncaring. Okay all right. Not true. At all i gotta say i am more than a lot disappointed. You aren't using your platform for good. Instead of high fiving. Vigilante justice the other morning. I heard a story talked about where a guy in texas came to a party pulled. A gun started shooting and when the crowd came after him he started running and when they caught up to them they repeatedly hit the shooter with the brick until he died. Woody said and i quote good. He'd got what he deserved. Even said quote. I love that absolutely accurate. Also then he went on to say the family of the person he shot at the party. Who also died should be given the brick that killed the shooter that they could keep as a souvenir. That is so safe. No empathy at all. There are two sides to every story. Why i'm not condoning him. Shooting people he clearly was going through something and at least in the moment couldn't see any other way out of it. Did you consider that at all. No nope because that's a lie This would have been the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for mental health. Or maybe you could have taken the time to point out. Why guns are the problem in america and how this could have been avoided altogether bricking guy to death do better click cal radio off four good. We lost bryce better way better. You didn't know the shooter story. It was the john that went to the party. I had no shows gone or not. It was the gun that got a little beyond beyond went to the party. Ended the nineteen eighty-four radio that you had it so clicks yes click here. I'll give you. i'll give you one more just because it's very topical. I lowered the antenna on my radio. Yeah this one's more anger. Yeah so it's more appropriate music ears. Go with this one all right email from anonymous hero. Okay and begins attention fat ass. Woody dude you're not fooling anybody. Yeah we get. You've lost a bunch of weight. You think you're better than everyone. Now including simone biles off. She buster ass accomplishing way. More than you could especially physically then when it becomes too much and she steps down setting a good example for young people you call her a quitter you think you could do better. Give me a break looking out for yourself. Even when the expectations are high as bad getting down to a normal weight. Like every other person equals. Oh my god. You're such a hero. You should get the gold medal. Woody whatever dude. I hope you've hit your galway. Still die of a heart attack loser. Chance that is from bonita. Harry hateful put right right. Remind there you go there. Show crossroads scribe matter as actually real quick. Oh it was a tax for the three one seven. I'm gonna read it verbatim. Y'all was talking about that. The baby drama and really breeze the hell over it. What's up with that pretty racist to straight up clown one of the most important black artists in the game. Give the guy the airtime. He deserved to explain themselves instead of so much time. Trashing a guy who a lot of us out here agree with the baby could blow yo ass out the water. I did kill someone. They won't kill walmart's right there. You go that was about how his his gave fans aren't dirty and have hiv. Even elton john's now speaking out about that. I want to reset that same message elton. John was likely yeah. All right what would he show is next all right hang on hang tag gross radio on the internet. Check it out more. Would he show next okay placate. La city council passed an ordinance that some are calling the anti camping ordinance. They were expected to pass it and they did. Hopefully it will make a difference in la as to where people set up homeless encampments that ordinance leaping and homeless and cabinets in certain areas of the city so many places in so many restrictions in this proposal right. Who's the if it happens enforce them. We already have these laws on the books Not technically this includes within five hundred feet of schools daycare centers parks and libraries. I thought this was an effect already. This is going to go to mayor. Garcetti for final approval. Look if he signs it. It'll go into effect thirty days later. Now here's what the ordinance will do. It will prohibit sitting sleeping lying or storing personal property and obstructing the right of way in lots of areas of the city including your fire hydrants loading docks within five hundred feet of schools parks libraries plus anywhere with industry or a bike path. How was that not already should be easy. Also up to five hundred feet of a designated overpass underpass. Freeway ramp ridge or subway are good luck with that also allows the city to prevent encampments from existing for longer than a year if they're deemed a public threat or safety hazard or firearms. Okay and the list goes on and on. There are more details to it. Councilman mike bonding and councilwoman nydia. Rahman they voted against the order. No they did they did. Mike bond had been homeless in the past so he says he knows how demoralizing the ordinance. I lived in a car. And i support this orient. Thank you know you you were living in a mercedes though right. It was awesome loved. That's the in the car. Make sure you so much better than any other right. If you're going to get out of your car do a number two on the street. Sure sadie out of mercedes so comfortable and then starting tomorrow you should know. Disney is going to require all guests regardless of vaccination status to wear face masks at all indoor locations. The only exemptions are going to be for children to an under that policy change comes as cova cases surge and the cdc recommended that even fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors again. That's especially in crowded places of course and places where cova transmission rates are high. And that's what's happening one. I think very much. Greg gory shaw back. Every day people love the crossroads man. Oh my god today was done in the air. Right up yeah. I'm not a generation shaming after the crossroads segment. Man the somethings really need to get down off the cross somebody needs. That would do just offended by everything but it doesn't matter what the second is guys. That doesn't matter what the story that we cover is. There's always somebody that complains about something. This is zero to political. Came from the other game that we play ya. I posted that video because said a number of times the show. About how a sucker for a lemonade stand And so i turned the corner coming home from the store one day last week and like i passed up this lemonade stand. They had the signs up there. And i was in a rush but then i turned around and went back right and so of course like you know. I just made a point to the alexey. Like told you. I'm into these. Lemonade stands yes and like Talk about complaining about everything like this. One woman on twitter now My twitter at woody s. h. w. and Just you hate follow you. I think she does. Okay yeah and somebody said. Did you really give him a hundred. I made a joke. I hope they can break one hundred. It's a lemonade. stand okay. I didn't get one hundred game a five dollar bill on two dollars cup of lemonade. I told the chair. Yeah right and somebody knows a five bucks. If dollar bills while on brand he was rude to the kids yet. Rude turned around. Came to your lemonade. Stand made them run across an effing street by the way. There's nobody ever going up and down the street. They don't really know and then gave him a five gay. Goodness if a lebanon stands so freeway stopping at a kids lemonade stand. We'll have reaction from people or have a negative this. This is why the crossroads works so well. Because there's something for everything that we do every can't do anything well. We talked about this all the time. We don't even know truly offended. It's just their identity. Gives it a part of a group. Are there any affordable islands. That i could buy a brand new redneck news for you. So what do you show. Your dental plan is a piece of string. Tattoo the exhaust pipe of the not doing for me. That that is in fact redneck news and today's redneck. News for mama louisiana. Oh louisiana louisiana louisiana jonah. Where this fella named david aucoin. He is a big believer in the. If you build it they will come in. This case is a trailer park for swingers arith- for now it's just an empty lot of lands about eighty miles west of baton rouge but he's got a big sign up on the side of an old rusted out metal structure alongside the road and it says coming soon t- boys swingers trailer parks rookie locked. There's a rusty shack. Yeah okay there's a phone number to call for info and the motto. Bring your house and share your spouse pretty good sign also says you have to send a picture of your spouse to get approved which he claims which he claims is just a joke. I was fine discriminate. People from all over the country have been already sending in the pictures in wait. He's planning on opening around memorial day of twenty twenty. Two jan says is going to be a nude pool anew yoga studio we a poker hall for strip poker on key party cabana now. The news they sent reporter down there to talk to them. And here's what he had to say on news about the new trailer park. There's a big community of it. I think a bunch of shot. One shot them pro. It's good thing compared to most things in putting up this sign. Oakland gotten called and swingers across the country most of them call or text just to see if israel get on facebook go. It's not a real number. I got on there. I said i'd be a fat broke. Motive is not a real number and go. Hey what's your address. Where's it is this mom. Where's this at an open. Dad's the haters so to be them no reason to be mad at anybody their preference not hurt. Nobody don't let us down drugs here. People know nothing to have a good time. It kind of sounds. Like what man trove margaret to oakland. That is from louisiana. That is david aucoin who opening new trailer park for swingers. If you build it they will come see what you did. That is today nick. We've got some more willing show for your next hang on show traffic stuff. Whatever you talk about things that are annoying. People carton arcs you know. We talked about because people don't like it when people don't turn the shopping carts to the corral Then you get into arguments about you know what people do on the roads and so like The the other day man. I was just on the freeway. And this person was just cruising four miles in the left hand lane. Just keeping pace with me It's like a robot just like slow down or go so it was really weird. I'm like are they checking me out that they probably want want. Your bod is read about this new Law and arkansas and so they're tightening up the rules on left lane driving. And so the law has stated that cars can't stay in the left lane of a multi lane roadway whenever it impedes the flow of other traffic. Make sense now. Will they enforce this. I don't know right right. I mean the speed limit is whatever it is but there's usually like a buffer. The cops aren't pulling over people for one mile over the speed limit. Unless you're gregory would do. And then he got that Calm demeanor right instant ticket. Yeah but they're saying it also requires all drivers to go slower than the speed limit. Even when passing on the left lane is not like a fast lane or speeding lane. You're not going to get a break on that. You can't drive so slow that you're impeding. The normal and reasonable movement of traffic. See this is. This is what we should be spending time. Yeah actually oil fact people and make lives better right. Not half the stuff. They're sitting in their arguing about all the time. Totally shot out to arkansas do work. I'm back missing out into another new hour of insensitivity trading free politically correct world. It is thursday morning. It's july the twenty ninth month is what he is raving. Hello there there's greg gory menace is here. What is what. He is our social media director. You could find follows the show on instagram twitter or on facebook facebook dot com slash talk show. Cbs we got fake news. Di camera morning. We got bored and got nick sound. Wave in the production studio. Good morning to you fellas. Randy is here that big ass hair. His phones are open at eight. Seven seven forty four. That's eight seven seven. Forty four. Woody you can also send us a tax to over two to ninety seven including those check ins tell tells what part of town you're listening to the show with anything or anyone else would like to have as mentioned we get your text that check into two nine eight seven coming up this hour since a throwback thursday we're gonna play what's that throwback been a moments of done that and then arabia has an update of what's on the radar would show the latest in entertainment and sports as far as rabies concern read. Well we're starting out this report with couple of deaths dusty hill the bearded basis from z. Z. top he was seventy two years old. The other guys in the band. Billy gibbons and frank beard released a statement saying we're saddened by the news today that are compadres. Dusty hill has passed away in his sleep in houston texas inducted in the rock hall of fame around. Wasn't it really about that yesterday. I'm like oh that's man because that's coming up did come up in two thousand four inducted. We along with the legions of z. Top fans around the world will miss your steadfast presence. You're good nature and enduring commitment to providing that moment monumental bottom to the top Bands has been around since nineteen sixty nine. Joined up with them. He's been for two years. Yeah there's some old photo floating around if they played. They played their own prom or whatever it was and one of my favorite king of the hill episodes featured z. Top with dusty hill being heels and the man who basically invented the infomercial ron pope. He'll has died at eighty six appeal and his ronco company. We're a fixture on late night. Tv beginning with the and nineteen fifty only. Because i thought he was already dead man in the world. Cbs him to die. He also sold the venture matic. Mr microphone the pocket fisherman. The inside the shell eggs scrambler. His family says he passed away. Suddenly and peacefully after a medical emergency is commercials spawned catch phrases. Like but wait. There's more or as seen on tv or set it and forget it. That's the slogan for the showtime rotisserie and barbecue. And if you're familiar with mr microphone commercials back in the seventies guys will pull up two chicks and say. Hey good looking. We'll be back to pick you up later. Yes you broadcast from mr Two hundred million awesome We talked yesterday about bob odenkirk collapsing on the set of better call saul in new mexico. And it's pretty serious. It's being described as a heart related incident. He was unconscious for a longtime. But he's now awake in the albuquerque hospital where he is in stable condition. His rep released a statement saying bob and his family would like to express gratitude for the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him as well as his cast. Crew and producers who have stayed inside djelic variety and a couple of other places reporting heart attack and. I'm not sure if it was heart related. There's another skinny guy. Heart attack story. Yeah you know get. I saw another headline. he's my friends. People people get They trick themselves into thinking that they're totally fine for on the outside. Yes they're skinny but lake there are mess based on their diet. Or whatever you know. Their arteries are all clogged up. They all know because they figure you know not that stressed. Meanwhile other guys rolling around who never heart attack right for. Maybe he's weird. I did see another guy saying that. Audibly time he was unconscious but awake. Well he is glad. Yeah a long time. He has since woken up. So this is good for throwback. Thursday one of the worst movies of all time is celebrating. Its thirty fifth anniversary from one thousand nine hundred eighty six howard. The duck and so ship zane was talking about it. He's a name he's the one that actually voiced howard the duck. But it was originally conceived that robin williams would voice howard n robin tried it for three days but got really frustrated because it couldn't match his voice up with that animatronic beak that they were using on howard so according to chip williams told producers. He was being confined and handcuffed by that week so he quit and at that point in his career he was really only known as a comic and for more committee. And that's all people were familiar and then it was the following year that they did good morning. Vietnam laughed howard the duck that could have sunk his career. Look what did for chip zane. James good as a kid tap out. i'm arabia. That's what's on the radar all right. Thanks very much able gonna take the break. We'll come back we're gonna play. What's that throwback. Sound next on the woody show denver smoke break that cigarette smoking hams your returns and a second greg glory and i want to tell you about keeps the stress free to keep your hair because i have first hand experience with it. I have two friends who use keeps one of them. I hadn't seen in a long time. And i almost didn't recognize him. His hair was so receding so thin and now all had a hair. It's incredible. I also know somebody who needs to use keeps if you know what. I'm talking about super convenient with a virtual doctor. Consultation and medication sent straight to your door. Every three months low cost treatment starts at just ten bucks a month. You know. I love a good deal. Discreet packaging to. Nobody needs to get up in your business. They just need to see these great results and results can take four to six months so go ahead and get started with keeps so if you're ready to take action and prevent hair loss. Go to keep dot com slash forty to receive your first month of treatment for free that's k. e. e. p. s. dot com slash. Woody again your first month is gonna be free. Keeps dot com. That's k. e. t. s. dot com slash wooding. Who's my little pumpkin princess. The baby girl. Little pumpkin mouse little known fact menace started on the show many many years. Go talk to him i. It was still new and exciting to come in the morning talking about here. I know who's my little baby girl back. Then and then one time she tried we throw a window right. Show how far we've come up when we first started doing the show together and They we really had not much to work with and It was to the point. Where rayvey and menace. Believe it or not. I had to share a microphone. Right breath days to there. Was it enough microphones in the studio to go around so it sit in a chair like right next time because there's a height differential Can you imagine if that had to happen now. Like anybody even sat that close to you for whatever reason breath rain down. That's why. I tried to throw them out the window we played. What's that throwback sound and so Cameron has all the sounds of. He's together and some kind of you know throwback noise or part of maybe like a theme song. Whatever movies could be a soundtrack from something like a toy or computer program. Yeah right and so we have to try and identify. What's that throw back sound. Give it your best shot. Okay all right you guys ready for sound number one here. We go ahead. Oh okay i would have accepted this. The first couple notes to i would not have got it. Yep and got there as written down nippy. This is still working. There was like some wax on my food pen wax pen. What do you use it to dig in your ears. Now it's a brand new policy and yes it does all stopper at tip. Yeah okay might stab yourself. All right I wrote down mentos test. Then toss yep are we right. It is mentor. Fresh beggar from nineteen ninety-two luther. With the nothing that you stay with manta fresh off old school like seventy sitcom the freeze frame it again. He's holding up the top the later and the theme all commercials mentos you get away with anything like steal a car. Thank pothole mentos. People buy more mentos to put it in soda. Reason probably right true use. it are play. What's that throwback. Sound sound number two. Oh and really slaps wet. Anybody have any guesses. I guess is donkey kong jungle donkey call only to john goal. I had that game. They had the tune inches in it. I was gonna say mortal kombat guidance. There didn't you guide. And that's what i was thinking of right menace. I said mortal combat My guess is that's the music that plays as you're walking into japan at epcot. You have a theme to the adult movie. Rayvey rides randy mobile rise to write more konczal. Mortal person won nineteen eighty two because they've been playing a lot actual video game themes for tokyo olympics. That's japan music. All right What's that throwback. Sound this to sound number. Three weeks wanna hear that wartime. Yeah are stinks Take chances make mistakes get messy. Oh i didn't oak. Seo May ask is part of a theme song or just a clip from disappearing orchestra clip. Okay stupid name of eclipse franz basically what is it. I'm completely lost this one. Uh magic rule bus will say it's part of a hype video to nambla meaning the crowds pumped wanted to welcome video nabala. Mistakes welcome. asset is what i wrote down. Was the magic school bus. Okay magic school bus. I put strawberry shortcake some kind of commercial for like a whiteboard that you could wipe off and you know again. Is the magic school. Baugh miss frizzle signature catchphrase. And i've only watched one episode of vitamins today. I guess and the episode of the school. Which i watch they like shrunk down and went inside. Somebody's intestine poop. Were only episode. Iv everyone i it really stuck. Yeah as the to figure out that That theme nice all right. What's that throwback sound saw Sound number four o'clock make the faction racing the clock. Oh got it okay. Ooh guesses right here. We got pop. Goes perfection damn right menace awhile. I played the hell out of it. Perfection i thought they were called slot. Racers racers was like. I didn't even have a guest. Could even couldn't even get a gift to push the board down different different shapes bikes section racing. The clock originally last time like in the nineties all toy commercials were just absolutely bonkers game. Super perfection on which i believe i even played more than perfect doors so our good buddy mark. Mcgrath from sugar ray. He posted something yesterday on his instagram. That i thought you guys might be interested. It's a series It's called dark side of the nineties and it's gonna be thursdays. Ten pm on vice. Tv so it's basically all about like you know television and so it will depress you about your childhood. No dark dr. On the school bus television was forever changed. When an up and coming network fox began catering to an underserved audience. So it's like all about like those old school fox shows beverly hills not. Oh two one. Oh party of five melrose players married with children so yeah so like marva. Graphic gust like a bunch of odd narration. And whatever on a bunch of stuff from ninety. I thought it'd be cool. That's cool watch. That could break more when he shows next hanging. They're gonna scan all away for free food real quick. Then we'll be right back. You mentioned the anti camping ordinance. That was passed by the la city council. Check this one out for about a year. There's a stretch berendo street near hollywood boulevard in los feels. It was nothing but a homeless encampment filled with tents and tarps took up the entire sidewalk. The lapd themselves. They called it. A gang. Run drug-dealing hub and neighbors. On the block. Had their homes vandalized. They had knives pulled on them if they talk to police gunshots. Were common sound there. So in a nutshell. Total mass right. We'll after a year it has just completely cleared out with all. The homeless finally getting moved out and into indoor facilities and neighbors now have put up these concrete planters in place where tents and tarps used to be. They want it to look nice. They want it to look good and they wanna make it difficult for any future. Encampments sounds nice. Well no the city of la has issued a citation out and they are threatening to haul these planters. Away they say they obstruct the sidewalk even though they take up. Far less space than these drug dealing tarps intense took up but the department of public works says these planters aren't permited and all communications are now being forwarded to the sanitation bureau so they might get hauled away planters. Are the problem problem out all problem. It's the planters. Waste money exactly There's kobe one thousand nine outbreak in santa cruz county. And that's linked to a concert by la based band called grateful shred. Hell yeah dude. Had an indoor show on july eighteen credits then nearly all the ban crew have tested positive. Concert goers in at least one staff member at that concert have also tested positive. So the band oops. They specialize in covering grateful. Dead song really. They're now asking anybody who attended the show at the felton music hall to get tests are blaming the band for concert. None of them are vaccinated. Sounds that way that should be the blame. Legislative band get vaccinated. Hey you're just making grateful shred. Did your board loser. Welcome back to the what show up results here from yesterday's vote playoff round for the freak of the week be winner for the month of july moving on into the off round was nominee number. One widower widow are turned fister. Oh yeah he deserves it. Yeah it was close. Forty eight percent of over that one forty three percent of the vote for the guy who found that woman's purse at denny's and kept leaving manly deposits right in the purse all. Yeah but thank you very much. For your votes. Everybody said nominee number one will be representing the month of july freak of the year. Competition deserves that one of the couple more sounds from what set for the break so these are sounds jingle sound effects. Whatever something throwback related yeah and ten years or older. Yes so cameron put these together. She's the only one who's not trying to guess but menace did a really good job best to surprisingly this game. Yeah we found something that actually out here. Why not so. you're you're on. How many what. Three four four. Am you can't even keep track of. How many gun. I got one i. We're up to what's throwback sound number. Five thanks man. Three of bread. I can cycle like squeak guitar. An owner is no. I know the song. That's one of the greatest of all time. What is it. Greg magnum magnum magnum premium. Been grip and flip splice wifi. I've a lot like the eighteenth to initially eighteen. Genera down wifi that killer ferrari labral rib and he's turned out to be the bad guy. All your name on his friend was the back of his butler. Guy ended up being like he wasn't the bad guy. He was the guy that pretended the workforce excellence. Is yeah bad man. It nine minutes. Yeah i think the magnum. Pi woman's a minute and a half was just so long so now theme songs are like bump off. Well now they don't even have them all right. The number six who also supported. You're not alone. i know exactly what. Let me know any ready to guess. Is the theme song to dr dre. Cereal commercials. all right go ahead. Grand theft auto grand theft auto. I put theme to nothing opening theme for foot freaks. Incorporators foot freaks inc while the correct guesses that's rabies ringtone for when her boyfriend call actually that's incorrect. Federal grand theft auto. Damn killing it all right there you go welcome san andreas. That's right. what's up throwback. Once again hot performance at my part definitely dog borrowed heavily from dr dre. Yeah of course well means san. Andreas gotta go gotta go west coast hip mama. I think thinking break more. What he showed next this diving headfirst into another hour of insensitivity training free politically correct world. We out your name is rabi. Good morning there's greg gory menace. He is our social media director. As you might have heard. Good morning. Woody encourage people to finest follow us at the woody show on instagram and twitter or on facebook facebook dot com slash. To what he show we've got. We've got fake news. Dot cameron was born and nick sound. Wave are here. One you fellows randy's ear phones open at eight seven seven. Forty four what he does. Eight seven seven forty four woody. No we haven't done in quite a while we haven't done the menace word of the day and the last time. Yeah because we got a bunch of this stuff administered. I believe they Interviewer let's through and he did Higher education and then been reading the classics. Yeah so like there were. We had things going on these different weeks where it's like you know. We don't wanna dump on him too hard. What is his celebration of edge against. Yes yeah this is how it is. That'd be primarily as a tribute to school system that is pushed you right on. I know no child left behind. Indeed we're just gonna keep pushing this one right. So we have a awarded. The day counter may take the page from the calendar. Give it to menace and has the word it has the definition and Sea bass usually has created a sentence. You're right those right on the page. Right official count. Yeah search the word of the new young. We absolutely don't have one that we put together for mess at all because medicine always lie cry. I should say oh. No i find it. And then we've added another layer because everybody loves mattis trying to spell stuff and so not only the have to give us the word that he has to also spell it for us. I'm gonna let him try to to To pronounce it. I pronouncing okay. Yeah i when. I know this valley. Oh i bet you you don't so he's gonna look at it and that's why i think this is going to be more fun very close close. Look even look at it. I don't like that idea all right arm. What's the what's the word menace calligraphy. Carry can be one of those words that he wouldn't be able to spit out to kelly. Grammy cava graphic calligraphy. Ryan all right. Can you spell it. The a. l. l. i. g. r. a. p. h. y. Damn girl fee crowd. All right. what is going on you not just seen it. Would you have been able to other probably be missing one of the else. Okay wow look yeah all right nearly as fun as i thought it was going to the test ryan well we still have the definition always make on their show. Someone said administer. I never heard of it. What's the legacy. Yeah i was thinking. Maybe i was asking to explain what calligraphy was probably read. The definitions help us here. All right all right calligraphy. Fancy penmanship especially high highly. Decorative handwriting as with a great many flourishes number two a script you script using only curse. Usually curses are usually cursor. Although sometimes angular produce she chiefly by brush especially chinese japanese and arab or writing or high authentic value. Noah saw sell clothes or yeah. What is it or air because he went back went. Sorry chinese japanese arabic writing of high a value ascent nope artistic value static aesthetic value sends when discovering whether you're not discovered okay when discussing whether bowling was a sport. Woody mentioned that yes it it it. It takes skill but skilfulness alone does not make something a sport for instance. Calligraphy requires a skill immunise skill. Eminence right i don't know M m e n s. But where does that immunised kill about. Should we the word of the day all right next time. That's scary to this menace replied. I don't even know what this is. So what eminence. Mean in this context then men. Miss of minimalist skill in calligraphy requires a minimal skill. I don't know i mean are you. Are you in question. What are you trying to help out. So are you clear as to what calligraphy is this point after reading the definition. Would you recognize it if you saw calligraphy. It's just. I dunno it's hype writing or style sil- writing. Yeah yeah. What kind of scale would that take. Because it's like extra m highly decorative. I'm in measurable skill measurable immense like a lot of skill. God immense skill events. Have you heard immense before you've heard it coming out of i. Well there's the menace word of the day. Yeah no fun about it. No no newer. I don't understand if you're asking questions we're trying to know. I'm kind of stumped. Because like i thought he would put your calligraphy and then you know like you. It happens that way. Simpler nails the word and then definitions. We get hung up hung up on of of his Of or could be or this list. I thought you might be interested for all the kids of the nineties. It's a list of ten nostalgic snacks from the ninety s. You can still buy on amazon now. Some stuff i'm like. Yeah like big league chew. i've seen that. Yeah places like a like yeah like a bed bath and beyond type place. I mean why not necessarily look in a grocery store. But i'll see like in some odd location on the spy ring pops. Oh those yeah you can get twenty dollars for seven bucks. Airheads remember earlier Near had those the last one was on this. Whatever doors that Chicken sandwich bun was made. It was national fried chicken day. I was more recent moorehead's now those sour. Yeah they'll they'll take a layer of skin. Wrap your tongue. Those little hug fruit barrels. I remember those as a kid. But i haven't seen those in ever one hundred percent sugar but there's little grenade shaped juices rink. Things are like a hundred percent sugar. Yeah so good. Pixie sticks those thousand percent sugar powdered candy. Strong pop rocks. I've seen those. Everyone's gushers technically fruit gushers And most people just said gushers. Gosh shoes they have fun. Did nine referencing the song love. I don't know the last time i saw funded fun. Dip were those like candy. Stick sugar that couches of different orange grape or whatever and so you would lick the stick in dip it into the powdered pixie. Pixie sticks type players. Yeah i'm sure parents love back. That didn't get all over. Also like the top of the package get all gummed up. Menace also on the list which are very much aware of how available dunk of ruse dunk rook larussa. Which had disappeared for a while. But tell you back drew back. You can find all amazon recently. I thought for sure they did not sell these anymore candy cigarettes. I can't believe they actually still have those people Itsel candy vapes break more. Show them back to the woody. Show guys want to go through some of the month in audio of july. We're into the final couple days here of the month and so linked up high see bassey is the curator for this segment Just reminding us of some of the great audio that That we found in the month of july and What's the first one. well obviously. The beginning of the month is july fourth time and some folks. They just can't wait until the fourth to set off their fireworks so this one guy in cape coral florida was super pisses neighbors because they were just shoot fireworks all willy nilly before july fourth so he decided to go out and verse. Verbally can make firework noise. How annoying it is when they do. It seemed to be upset that people were celebrating early rock. Yeah he's not wrong. That's why my wife and kids with all the time. Because like i go to bed earlier than they do because of the schedule and i'm like can you guys do favor and like when you're going to bed. Can you have the same courtesy that i do for you. When i get up in the middle of the night and try to stay quiet. You don't wake up in the morning. Yeah why that is yeah. It's because i'm courteous. Said next time. You do something like that when i go to work. I'm just gonna come in here. And just like pull the covers off the lights on or and i know yeah not. Would you like this guy. Is teaching the lesson kind of appreciate this. Oil has been leaking brain leaking into patrick mahomes. Brain was in a lake tahoe at the championship and he was a a heckler was about justin. Herbert and the upcoming season at patrick mahomes had this to say without processing verdict. I'll tell you what i believe. That's menace classic. Yeah and that phrase own normal to me. Now i always say we don't even say i'll believe it when i see it back when you say that. Yeah what yeah. What did you listen to the show. Thanks for being fan. I believe we're looking back at the month of july. This month audio. How people still aren't getting the vaccine when there are catchy songs like this one from juvenile and act called vacs fang up a whole lot. Dates mates opened up. Okay some i said before you find data you gotta wake st the two facts the facts. That thing friend rabi was very antibac- heard that my venture couldn't wait. She got she wants to be okay dating and not until you get that vaccine girl. I'll tell you wanna smash scott. Because i've seen that day right. Yes she wanted scott. Did you see what. I believe all right so this month in audio did a great interview with a ufo slash bible expert. Oh by the way. His book came in. Oh conspiracy like forty dollars. It's the biggest was like four hundred pages. This guy's world the noun. He went a bunch of places down. He's been around the world. And the reason is is almost three hundred pages long greg because he knows a lot of this has been around for years and in fact. This is the final edition that came out in two thousand ten. But i was going back account skimming through this this cosmic conspiracy book. And he's got like he's been writing since the eighties and he was quoting some guy. Like yeah. so and so blah blah blah. Afo expert believes that you oppose will land by nineteen ninety-three that says been updated so scott standing. I should say this is not even a question. Anyone wrote for menace. This is just menace trying to read the guy's bio a right. I'm here with stand day. Oh he's an expert on atlantis. The garden of eden. Ufo's anti gravity in proficiency. I'm sorry what would you say. Proficiency prophecy prophecy. Sorry long after segue. Because i heard i heard that clip again. I'm like it wasn't even i've had a long. Dan was the other day the other day. Domino impact i interview roulette. Usually everyone else writes questioned people who are interviewing this one. We allowed menace. Write his own question for this. Ufo experts. Do you think people just get too much information from tv. Shows for instance. When i was a kid. I believed x-files was real and i still swear to this day that sarah parker is illegal. Horse his horse. Yeah tv just feeding too much information. You know yeah it confuses people nearly just wonder away. I'll legal that's called. Wow this month in audio all right This is actually quite easily. I don't like these little remix things but they released the seinfeld soundtrack this month. So all the little pops in baselines and so because you have the clean audio. That's out there uh some dj's ripple remix it into hit songs that were number one hits the years that seinfeld tv. It's pretty. it was like eighty eight eighty nine right for and then they put it in clips from the show at the desert song roll ball. Poison is the one song. I don't know what it is. You a good This month in audio actually. The base slapping really reminded me of another clip. That we had this is an animal. Cliff the these shoe built. Stork this this incredible that store that giant like it looks like like a shoe clog more like it. Yeah and when it actually. I didn't realize this when it collapsed it to say hello or in this case to have an orgasm. It's an insane sound. Yeah it sounds like a machine gun. Yeah you would. you would think this is a machine. This is a this. is the store just snapping. Its bill sounds like a scene in the movie. Like where the The guy comes around the corner to try to shoot the hero of the movie and he's got the machine gun going as he's getting filled with led by the good guy finishing at the machine gun still going off as fall into the ground. Oh storks can mate with elephants seals but might sound like this easiest way. She'll right. I that's the alaska. Gutting zoo orgy very rare rare. I really go back through more of this month in audio right after the break here. What he's sh l. u. s. adult baby duty show to what he show. We got some more of this month and audio going back to the month. July twenty twenty one between the issue billed stork crazy jaws. Sexiness does the The elephants steeles steele alathea seal sneezing. Thanks for bringing back so much hot. We got another another animal making a noise. Well not really in this case. This is a human being. He's been lifted up on slide in what you do is you hang onto this poli. It takes up the side gently at the side of a wall. And then you gently slide down. But this guy doesn't like heights and fairly hasn't realized the only way to get the only way to get out of his predicament to let go of the bard slide down but he does not want to do it go. Nothing better than grown adults total puss. What else you got here. Speaking of someone acting like an animal we had the story out of nbc in indianapolis where the lady the jogger was running. Pooping and people's yards the mad cooper. And this is emily qatar. Long necker reporting neighbors know the signs even beyond the obvious one or two week colored the pooper. We have found her droppings and our yards she carries around toilet paper and she leaves the toilet paper behind with our dropping they're dropping. I mean good job on. Emily getting the poop joke in there one or two so getting death penalty another this month and audio news. We had a lady who goes on a different kind of walk a walk to the grocery store while she's very drunk and she called nine nine. Drunk vm are drunk. Dial hotline when she got home to tell us about her little trip to the store. The grocery store i walked just absolutely. I can dong and i went there. I was like. Hey it'd be heard it Carparks and they shouldn't be you know you just gotta put 'em baxter's common decency and the guy next to me was like. Hey yeah i never. And i was like yeah. It is 'cause we will shoot. Of course it is the dude. This is bash. Oh okay all right. I wonder how that felt. The next day is pretty terrible. Pretty bad she went to the grocery store she added food. Oh yeah this month and audio. I speaking of somebody who is celebrating. That is jaanus phantom tomko. He went on his instagram live after winning the finals. Mvp i finals First nba championship milwaukee. One food some forty-five whatever years it was and he showed off a present. He got from his girlfriend which was a bell ding ding bell. But on it said. Bj sexual staff. Yeah so little literally called a service bell right exactly. Yeah here showing off in front of his girlfriend. She bought me this to is he could be on the court a number shades. It's also he ordered like fifty nuggets earlier that day. So she can actually. This is not this month audio clips specifically but it's a clip the whole point of this month and audio so we don't lose audio clips into another regions right and this is where we're gonna lose it right. What did you say do we forget about. Our p holds digital sa- clip. That i know we reference on the show all the time but it's not being played and that is the news report about a sexual threesome sexual freedom. Rayvey says this russia's free society sexual sexual all sexual free so yeah i guess in that spirit of another club that we have in played so far in the month of july but if you have a dog like Every animal out there has the one thing that it will be like your your cats one thing. They're not psyched about having to do like i'll get their nails clipped their nails clipped right For my dog she. She's got a lot better. Ever since i started buying like a pooled rotisserie chicken from the store the deli section. She loves that. That's the right out the house for that But for this particular dog in this video. This dog looks. He is about to kill somebody. It's angry growling. Rottweiler does not like his bath new. Listen this and the guys like oh come on come down the owner giving them a bath dodges sitting there but his past about every moment of this bath bear terrifying and this dog is just solid. You look at it like roy. Schneider looking for win. This is like like you that dog down for a couple of feet away right and it said like a little baby. Paul newman bear bearish. Oh hell no. It also sounds like menace when he walks in the studio in the morning. A- menace battling. His dogs for the last hard is arnie creating between uber drivers in their customers since two thousand fourteen right back on what he show. We'll be right back. One of the many reasons i love. Blue shoe dot com. They have a sense of humor. Here is their new They say ad copy for the season it summer camping season. Let's talk about pitching tips. That's right separate. So of podcast is sponsored by blue out funds. And that's what blew does so for me why i use blue before. They're even sponsored. Your podcast is because you know what. You're getting with loops you you're getting an actual prescription for you written by a doctor since you from. Us pharmacy right to your door for the same active ingredient or cialis that we always say easier faster and cheaper. It's literally the best of all worlds and then you can say much like he man and we'll make it easier for you drive routes you or free when you use our promo code woody at checkout. Pay five bucks for shipping. That's flu chew dot com. promo code. What he to receive your first month free the other questions visit blue shoe dot com for more details and of course importance eighty and we thank you for sponsoring the podcast show on the radar entertainment and sports according to rayvey. What's happened over there rave will on the right is being brought to you by manscaping. We'll tell you how to save twenty percent at the end of this reports. The this story is getting a lot of play ashton kutcher meal coon on with deck shepherd on his podcast is gross revealing. They don't pay very much. Neil didn't have hot water growing up so she didn't shower much anyway. Water yeah but. Her family owned a pharmacy that she worked at. Yeah okay you they got. They got pharmacy money Saying no hot. But no hot. Water ashton shower law. Today joking joking. How all these headlines get out there because they'll be sarcastic in audio form and people in text form. I mean ashton. Kutcher looks dirty. She did. She looks like she smells. Labelle they'd run with it and then there's a reef you know. Another article are co that there were joking all signed in with. I wash my armpits and crotch daily but nothing else ever got a bar of lever. Two thousand that delivers every time. He said he will watch his face after a workout. To get the salts out and melissa. She washes her face twice a day and they said the philosophy extends to their kids to mainly said. I wasn't that parent that bathed my newborns ever in ashes and if you see dirt on them clean them otherwise there's no point it doesn't have to be perfect in every way except for the fact that maybe she smells earns. I'm not buying it. Just joking around joking around i again. I maybe would buy that. He doesn't i don't think she. She washes her faced daily. And that's what you see. She doesn't shower right you. You were going through that phase where you would go like three days without weekend. So that's just the weekend talking about think she doesn't say never she just doesn't say often. I think you're right in that. Category traffic lavar burton is in the middle of his guest hosting jeopardy gigi. Got off to a memorable start. In his first game there was a record set for the lowest ever jeopardy score. Give it for contestant. Patrick peers from fountain valley california who posted a score of negative. Seventy four hundred nice dude. I watched some of it in. Whoever's the current winner this guy is crazy. He's beeping in every single answer answering it almost a media. He's got one hundred thousand dollars. He's a machine but lavar really really good The previous record was a negative sixty eight hundred and that was back in two thousand fifteen brand new wreck. We talked recently about how gillian anderson. It's done with bras and she doesn't care for boobs. Meet her belly button. she's not wearing them. We'll zoe kravitz. Went to lunch recently. And the headline. On just jared and the daily mail zoe kravitz. Went to lunch with a friend rawlins so she tagged both news outlets on her instagram with those headline saying Time to evolve. How is this headline okay. Now it works. For just jared who pulled out brawlers from their headline I'm not sure that daily mail. But who cares. Loves them clicks. They're going to leave that so on disney plus they have disney galleria making another man delorean and one of the big things they're doing is talking. About how luke skywalker showed up in the finale of season two and how it's a super cool moment but it just looked so damn was off. Why yeah i mean. It was cool but it was not cool. So industrial light and magic is addressing that and they hired a youtube dude chinook. Who is an expert at deep fakes. And if you look at his youtube channel he did a deep fake scene in the mandal. Laurean better so much better. He inserted harrison ford into solo a star wars story and then he did a better deep fake on target and laya in rogue one so now. There's some random guys on like instagram. That are just way better than the movie is bain. Well that's why. I l m is hired this guy to use some deep fake technology so if luke is coming back in the mand laurien season three. It'll be less awkward. It's so weird that some random person who might not do it professionally is better than the you know taking all the time like what's your day job. The man gave engineering team has confirmed that they have successfully created the lawnmower four point oh trimmer manscaping or international leaders in below the waist grooming. Right now get twenty percent off and free shipping with code at manscaping dot com. That's twenty percent off and free shipping and manscaping dot com code woody arabian. That's what's on the radar hard. Thanks very much labels for your birthday is we. Don't shiver starting with these. Celebrities are close personal friend. We'll sweeten forty nine years old today. Got josh radnor brother. He's forty seven. Tim gunn project. Runway is sixty eight next. Give you a real sex. He has the new show called making the cut on amazon. It's really good. Dak prescott the quarterback. The cowboys is twenty eight wayne. Morris from boys demand is forty eight martina mcbride is fifty five and getty lee. Rush is sixty eight another sexy traffic coming up next year to yeah and today's porno birthday. Girl is cherry torn. Today's girl she's had more sex than redneck at a family reunion in. Four hundred and sixty one. Fine pudding pegging for mercy. She was in unplanned orgies volume as they are but that's not enough for issue is also foot fetish daily volume nine. She was fantastic in from my be whole with love. Cussing loving also. Toss my salad volume three hundred. Who can forget her unforgettable role. You guys attack of the sporting suck you bud word sure who is thirty five years old today and that is your birthday your celebrity birthdays and that is he thursday morning. Look what's on the radar. We're gonna take a quick break more. What show for you next thing more fun than gonorrhea i mean. I've had goner a few times. I haven't had gonorrhea gordon show. I welcome back time to wrap up. Get outta here. Thursday in the books and let me tell you what you can find on today's podcast. And fortunately we had to meet some folks at the woody show. Ross perot unabomber now by. You always say that. I know love. My feelings were hurt. I love stuff like that. i love it. I know you do a lot. I don't know something about just knowing that someone got so upset about whatever dumping. It took time out of their life to send an email to a radio station about a show that it didn't pay for yeah true. passion completely. Dismissive of i'm sensitive Also played what says throwback sounds impossible rayvey. She was on the radar the world of entertainment sports. There's a brand new redneck news and therefore you covered news headlines and more on today's podcast which you can find on the iheartradio app. The best news. I've had all week tomorrow is friday. We'll be trying to get through the morning and into the weekend as quickly as possible. We're going to have your friday fail stories the dui q. Of course your chance to win some stuff. The redneck news story the week. That's all the standard stuff. But tomorrow it's another round of woody show carton arcs Just trying to get people to do the right thing. The thing when a favorite segments carton that egmore tomorrow friday. That can be friday. You did up here on the woody show raves. Got a new nerd now. Yep it's the nerd now. Marvel cast and re re watched captain america civil war. That's all i've got cameron. Thank you for your show. Thank you for your show. What bass anthony like to add that. Is it grigory parting. Words of wisdom. Yeah the older you get more exercise you get from shaking your head in disbelief. Strong so strong neck is always. It should be nice and loose gavino. Yes why because. I keep putting my head down and greg. Gory jia woody. Thank you so much for listening to show this morning. We love it appreciate you for that. We will catch back here tomorrow morning. Management willing have a great day s. Md wm quit is v h.

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