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Taste this parade. After Singing. INTO THE LOW Right. Back to heart but delivers the. Bid. Welcome to the radiant house show was Dr Christine. Corner. Your source of information will will help you to achieve extraordinary health and longevity each week we bring you a fascinating interview with the leader in natural health from practitioners in ancient systems of medicine, such as traditional, Chinese medicine and data to experts and the latest frontiers of complementary and alternative medicine. You'll be entertained in mesmerized. My guess we'll learning many tips on how you can reach no joy in extraordinary state of health simply, and naturally I'm your host Dr Christine. For surgeon and now an expert in natural health and the author of two award winning books the first waking the warrior goddess Dr. Christine. Horns. program. To protect against insight breast cancer and my most recent book, which is radiant health ageless duty a thirty day program for extrordinary health beauty and longevity. Today is Dr Steven, Sinatra, and this is actually the second part of the interview. So I could go back and listen to part one if you haven't listened to it yet. Foundation of our conversation but factor Sinatra's really fascinating individual. He was one of the most highly respected and sought after cardiologists on who has an integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease. So He's been working for decades and helping people to become healthier using nutrition and watch different forms of therapy that aren't normally done and and you know cardiology. So last week we started talking about the beloved corona virus and some of the issues that we see with the heart and just kind of generally I want to continue that conversation of this week and maybe branch out into talking about some other nutrients. So Dr Sinatra thanks so much for being back on my show. It's great to be here, Christine. So last week we. Kind of ended up, we were talking about some of the different nutrients that you recommend that can help people with their immune system and potentially you know decrease possibility of covert or the severity of it and improve survival if they do get it so I think the last thing we were talking about was, of course it tin and zinc So What other nutrients do you think would be important for somebody to take as a preventative? I mean I can tell you what I take. I mean maybe that's a good place to start I mean I always take a thousand milligrams of vitamin C. When I wake up in the morning with glutathione you know it's a combination and I just feel like we're all shortchanged on vitamin C And thousand milligrams isn't a lot but I take. I take other varietals as well. I happened electrolyte drink that I. Devised with Halle Directions. For example that contains. Thousands of see as well. So I do that every day and I and and it's endowed with minerals and I take potassium and magnesium and and I, and I think magnesium is important for covid nineteen as well. But there, I really good nutrients out there is virtual can have negative impact on the viral replication and the cell I like Kirkman, I think you know and virtual in Kirkman have like a synergistic response i. Really liked that you've heard knack right and they see an Acetyl Sistine that's broken down glutathione in the body and you know a a mere six, hundred, twelve, hundred milligrams a day can actually there's been studies to show where it can shorten viral pro- You know Pro Jerome and you know if people are infected with a virus like any of these respiratory viruses they don't have like long dreadful course. So I like. I like a straggling. This, that's an herb that I've been taking for years, and then I heard about a instances. Bright that's. Media Strategy. Yeah, oh. Yeah. It's in the protects the body against environmental even emotional stressors I mean I just like as know it balances the body and You know every day I, just take it and I've been taking it for twenty years. I just you know I mean this is what I do and then I take HCC I remember sitting in an audience the American College of nutrition couple years again years ago. I think I, heard the reticent speak in a neurologist and. He was talking about HCC and and I said Oh. My God. This is incredible nutrient because I've always believed the healing power of mushroom you know and I was Gonna I actually came out with a mushroom formula with Halle directions years ago because I believe in the supporting aspects of mushrooms but then the formulator always, I was gonNA use couldn't pass. California prop six five because you know mushrooms may contain some lead you know. So we never got this mushroom formula off the ground, but this HCC I like it because it stimulates natural killer cell activity and I know WanNa last broadcast, we talked about how blood sugar can stifle white blood cells. Well, the HCC makes these white blood cells we have into killer like cells and It makes them more violent. You know more engaged with a virus one neutralizing of the virus. So basically I think. Is something that we can take prophylactically I take only one capsule a day if I think I was exposed You know I would go to three capsules a day but right now I mean, I just feel like when capsule day is all I need in combination with my other nutrients and and again I take mega threes. I'm a big believer in co Q. Ten and I like chrome anex as well. I know I have a varietal with Heli directions and again if you can lower blood sugar I, think blood sugar as I said, last week is a major factor you know Christine. I came I came from a diabetic family. My Grandmother was diabetic and my mother was diabetic and I. always check my Hemoglobin A. One CS fortunately I'm still below five point eight but I watch my weight like a hawk in other words There's no doubt about it in the country today in America there's one hundred million diabetics pre diabetics. Now think about that the that's like one in three point four people is trying to forty million people in America today. So diabetes is taken down and you know I I worry about. You know every generation outlives the subsequent generation, right? I mean you know ever since the one thousand, nine, hundred, every generation has living longer and longer but now with one hundred, million diabetics in the country I'm wondering if this generation we have right now is going to outlive us because you know diabetes is a horrible comb ability and It's something. That we have to watch and unfortunately a lot of Americans. He too many hydrates too many simple sugars. We gain too much weight. We put too much strain on pancreas and genetically it's widespread in the population. So we have to be careful about diabetes and if we can coercion or if some of our listeners can take in, you know our advice A simple weight loss of five or ten or fifteen pounds can make all the difference in your blood sugar dynamic. So a moral in and and trying to keep blood sugars the normal range. Do you have a particular program that you like for people for weight loss. Well, I mean this supplements you can take the weight loss and but I think a simple walking cycling or cycling program where. You walk the beach walk outside or ride a bicycle. I mean I do that in my routine I. Also Lift Light Weights I used also use a foreign fridge so on you know what I like to sweat because I think sweating is one of the best ways of getting out a lot of toxins you know especially insecticides, pesticides, and Mercury remember mercury lies in the subcutaneous layer of your skin. So whenever you sweat, you'll you'll get out mercury and. Mercury like lead, very pervasive in the environment. So and we don't need these heavy metals for sure. So you know I try to do is you know a lot less sugars and eat a lot more complex carbohydrates I've taken a lot of fibers You know the average American only takes in about fifteen twenty grams of fiber a day, but we need forty grams a day we really need forty grams a day for not only bowel cleansing. For. Cholesterol dynamics and and helping to get rid of toxins in the gut and and I also worry about non alcoholic fatty liver disease This is something that is gaining more and more I would say predominance in the population you know it used to be that you know fatty liver was seen an alcoholic and stuff like that. But now seeing it, it's it's happening more and more and liver transplants are you know on the rise and I? Think COENZYME Q ten is instrumental in helping to prevent non alcoholic fatty liver. So all in on. Q On q ten for decades and I think co CO Q. Ten is my most miraculous neutral nutrient bowl. How much do you recommend people take does their brands that you like? Well. I used to help you directions brand because it's it's UBIQUONOL and it's a high quality went on I think the UBIQUONOL UBIQUONOL UBIQUONOL you pick one story is advertising hype. Any good high-quality you pick known is as good as any UBIQUONOL I can tell you that 'cause we've. Actually done blood study analysis myself on my patience and You know it's been published literature. So I only take about one hundred milligrams of of Ubiqu- known day you know and I have. The past I had decent blood levels. Now, if I feel that my immune system is needing a boost I'll go tournament grams a day for a couple of weeks, and then I'll go back to one hundred milligrams today. The younger you are the less co Q. Ten you need So let's say if you're fifty years old Hundred milligrams would be good if you less than fifty, maybe sixty milligrams would be good You're an older person, eighty years old or or above two hundred milligrams. Because remember this the older we get ourselves cannot make as much coq ten in the body as we get older and I learned that from call Fokkers And this happens more women than it does in men. So you know eighty year old women don't make as much as as much co Q. Ten is eighty year old men do. That okay. So thing I'm bouncing around here I just wanted to like for for HCC said he took one capsule. So are you talking about the five hundred? No. Yeah, the the I guess platinum doses the. Variety. Normally they say to take to UC. Four in the morning at night, and I've actually during this period I've doubled the dose. So I take two in the morning to night and and I've been taking HCC for. Know six seven years something like that. Longer than me my gosh, that's great i. Started taking it You know I fly used to fly. And you know the pilots. Yeah Right. So. Nice. To get a cold once or twice a year, and it's like I didn't have a single anything for years. You know you know taking it and I noticed that like you know if I start to feel like I'm getting something if I, just I take like capsule every hour on the hour for twenty four hours an unusually fine. So I would just you know emphasize I think that that is an extraordinary product is made from blend of talking mushrooms. But research on it is really extraordinary for all sorts of different things from lower risk of cancers to you know, but mostly really helping with your immune system. So I think that one's like the mostly should talkie or is there any mottaki mushroom and as well as blood? Let's say blend of should talk mushrooms and they collect the extract from the my sealions after the caps of it and so the molecules are. There Not Beta glue can their alphabet can and they're much smaller molecules so they actually get better absorption into the system you know because of that. So anyway, I I was a big proponent of of one three Beta glue. Can you know I think I the glue cans again are good for immune system support. Take. That means ago. Yeah Now, I did have one question about like I had heard that there was something with blood tight 'cause I've always been like, wow, you know I don't know about blood type diets and that kind of thing but is there there's something in relationship to cove it as far as certain types of. Others. Yeah actually, there was an article in the new. England. Journal medicine about this only recently and they. They looked at the experience of Italy and Spain with Covid, and they looked at like sixteen hundred cases with Kovin versus twenty, two hundred controls and what they found was that if you did have blood type, O? you a thirty five percent reduced risk of complications from the virus as opposed to blood type. A. You had about a forty five percent increased risk. So. Could blood type O the a favorable? You Know Co Morbidity Situation. Yes. and you know I think this is going to be studied in more detail. Now, this doesn't mean that if you have blood type A, you know your own doesn't mean that at all I would just tell listen if you do have blood type a well, maybe you want to be a little more. Cautious you know about this virus maybe You know you you WANNA wave where face mass more maybe You know you don't want to go into crowds away. You want to eat a lot less sugars and stuff like that. So you know something sometimes these little comb abilities that we have a can be gift because it can get people to be more cautious and. you know, and then do something that can overall support their immune system health. You know 'cause on a large scale on a on a large scale I think the strong of the immune system going into this virus, the better I really do. Now, just because I have you here I wanted to mention something about cholesterol too because I know you wrote kind of ground breaking book awhile ago about coming out of new edition is coming out I. Cover. Yeah. Yeah. Johnny boating and I spent a long time on it again because you know we we needed to add some new stuff too it but I still follow the advice that I gave him. The first edition that you know like you know it's not cholesterol that gives you heart disease bring something to the table a little something to the table I. Think L. P. Little Lay is really the main risk factor for heart disease not harder cholesterol. LP. Little A. It's a very, very small cholesterol particle can run in families You can see any any. lab can do it I mean and if you have high levels of L. P. Little A, that's a very, very small cholesterol particle that not only is thrown botic because it's blood clotting, but it causes inflammation But again, you know if you have, let's say, HDL, of fifty to sixty you have triglycerides of one hundred and you have a level the ratio less than two I think that is that's nirvana that's great to have You know I don't treat numbers when it comes to cholesterol and remember this. Never in a pandemic, right, you know with cove in nineteen You know the Framingham study where you know it started in New England and that's where I was a cardiologist and and both in Hartford and Manchester Connecticut, and I was very familiar with the Framingham study and. Let's face it. The highest cholesterol's the longer you lived. Now, this drove a lot of scientists and doctors crazy because they had the belief that the higher. The. Higher Cholesterol. The more stroke and heart attack you would get but it the converse and now what we're seeing with infections, which is a very unusual. You you're familiar with Mr Essay. Staff Right. You. Know this could be disastrous especially in children but what they find in children. The higher, the cholesterol, a child, the more resistant we are to 'em are essay staff and that's pretty cool. So there's something about cholesterol that protects us from infection. Now somebody's going to do the research. Could hire cholesterol be a factor in covid nineteen I. Don't know I mean could have an cholesterol of two fifty the favourable co mobility have in other words that's something that can protect us going forward just like it protects us and Maresca staff and remember. The higher your cholesterol, the less gastrointestinal. Illnesses. We get as well. So does something about cholesterol that can be protective in the body and I? Think a lot of people worry about cholesterol in the heart I just worry about LP little a, and now look if you have familial hypercholesterolemia I mean you're familiar with that one where you know you have to genes so to speak and it cannot cholesterol of five, six, seven, hundred. The these people I worry about because when cholesterol's of that high sure. You can get premature aging from it and I've seen patience. You know young people with heart disease. You know who had cholesterol's a five, six, seven, hundred because you know they had. This familial type of hypercholesterolemia and and again I think lowering of cholesterol with certain. Low Dose Statin drugs you know we'll have an advantage in these people. Thought it was more of a like you know as far as heart disease the cholesterol I thought it was actually more having to do with inflammation So you'll be looking at things like c reactive protein or whatever. Is that. An inflammation is is the great source of heart disease infections. Hi, C reactive protein I. mean these are factors that he can sink your teeth into I mean and again cholesterol May. You from infections. So that's the interesting data. In fact, you know they've done that data if you have a very very high cholesterol versus I and they looked at this, if you have low CRP but cholesterol, which is which is worse well, high cholesterol is worse but if you have high cholesterol with a high cr, if you have a low cholesterol or or cholesterol with a high with a low CRP, you'd better off with low CRP. Because low CRP's less than one are very favorable in not getting an inflammatory conditions which can lead to inflammation and heart disease. So I believe in the CRP. Test I like and by the way coenzyme q ten lowest CRPF's well. Okay. That's good. So You talked about how you did you know a form of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy so What I mean right now, people obviously are having severe fear anxiety the reactions. With this covid nineteen and financially and everything like that. So You know what? What's your advice for people to help you know with their mental emotional issues during this time? That's a great question. Now, you're getting into my book heartbreaking heart disease. You Know Christina wrote books early forties when I finished my bio energetic training and it was my best book gotTa Tell You and I would say this you know let's reframe this virus people are going to have more panic more anxiety more depression and and those are certainly more suicides I mean it's going to happen. It's IT'S A it's a nature of human life but I want to give a reframe to your to your listeners. If you. Are, sad and you're depressed. And you feeling low I, want you to feel those feelings I want you to get in. I. I want you to experience you deep sorrow I want you to experience tears I want you to cry. I mean I've done research on this. The more people cry the more. It releases the heartbreak that we all have had its children and the more we cry the more we free ourselves up from the situation of getting heart disease in. Other. Words crying alleviates the heartbreak that can lead to heart disease, and again as children we all have had heartbreak. So member Norman cousins lapsed his way through ankylosing spondylitis and he showed that by laughing you improve what we call natural endorphins in the body was same thing is true of tears. So it's going to be hard to laugh about you know the coronavirus virus and stuff like that because there's a lot of tragic situations people have lost. Loved ones. And people are in panic in your in fear. But if they can let down into the deep sorrow, let down into their sadness giving themselves permission to cry the dividend will be in your own heart because whenever you do cry, not only going to free up those endorphins. But you're also going to make your blood thinner because the throne boxing a to that is formed in the lung can can be actually neutralized by crying. So I just feel that crying brings a lot to the table You know people can do it in by themselves they can do it with a loved one I can tell you the best place to cry in a movie theater. You can watch it on Netflix. Yeah. I'll tell you the story Christine. I was paying a psychotherapist over a hundred and eighty dollars an hour. This is years ago because I couldn't cry as an adult I I heard the words. So my dad, you know if you don't stop crying something to cry about and cut off my tears and when I realized that the heart specialist I that wasn't having my sadness, it was a great risk factor for heart disease. I wanted to psychotherapy trying to cry and I couldn't cry and I worked with the world's best therapist and then they and they became certified as a therapist. So I saw a movie, it was called Hoosiers ever see the movie hoosiers Gene Hackman. It was about a basketball team about the David and Goliath situation. But he reminded me of my high school wrestling coach and As soon as I saw the movie I started to cry and my eight year old son he's next to me and he says, Dad you crying that goes through I need to cry I need to cry and and I'll never forget it. I saw the movie five times it was the most. It was it was the best movie. I've ever could have seen because it gave me a catharsis and it it it. It allowed me to get in touch with my sadness and sorrow that was blocked for years and I made myself healthier because again, I I got into deep sobbing, which I think is vital for any of us were whether you're a male or. SECURITY OUT CALCUTT, go out and get some more tissues here. Believe it or not. We're like completely out of time. So if you want to go ahead and get your contact information and what sites. Yeah I mean if people are interested in great supplements you know working with directions for twenty five plus years and I I believe in these supplements and give me the permission to develop them with a team and I, and I put my input in. So hats off to them and and then my healthy you know food websites vervoordt dot com, ageless pause dot com those. I love bringing healthy co Q. Ten treats the pets I think pets need co Q. Ten especially dogs and I just feel that as a hot specialist if I can give something back to the Animal Kingdom would like to do that as well. So. That's where I am in my life right now and trying to give back and support the animals that I think of really saved a lot of my patients by the way that data about coming home to a dog after a heart attack is so strong it's it's it's vitally strong and I I just feel that people If they do have a catastrophic illness in their family themselves, a loving dog can help heal that person through unconditional love. Kitty. Right well, thanks so much for being on our show. This is just absolutely great information. All Right Christine that was great. So if you ever want to do it again, you can interview my son drew. He's a great natural path and he can bring something to the table. He really likes lyme disease and have health and He works for helping directions as well and lives in California spills so. Probably catch him on. Yeah. That'll be good. All right. 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