HR 2: Are the Dodgers the Best Team in Baseball?


All right time for fast. Track ramona's information michael thompson hanging around. We always start with the ceremonial coin. Flip ramona tonight. Believe it or not. The knicks are two point. Favorites over my lakers. Call it in the air heads. My lakers win tails ben. Lyons knicks win your lakers win. John here lakers win. Sorry ben nine tonight. Sorry okay we're gonna you get a choice you can go first or you can. Defer what do you wanna do. I'm gonna go i i. Hey john you know what your game that you guys were playing the other day. Got me interested in the masters you pick to is going to win. I don't know if any of you won by the way no we didn't want somebody had zander. Shafi right may not choked up that choke job on sixteen. So that's my question. Did did not see the key. Matsuyama did he win the masters or did everybody else lose. Michael i think everybody. I think shaath lost it now. Yama was trying to give it away up. sharply has never taken a triple. Bogey in three years on the tour and he took a six on a par three. Yeah i agree. I lots yama might might of held on by one. But once he saw what Shafi did on sixteen and he could act say on. Just relax on. The way and that was one of them was almost greg. Norman issue is brutal to watch live. And i was like. Oh yeah well in two thousand nine hundred ninety one. The field gist crumbled around him. Yeah right on right on number twelve last year a couple of years ago. Jordan speeds eric's kapka voluntary all went in the water on an easy shot and maybe tiger keys in his backpack amazing because they were playing together shuffling playing final group and Softly birdied four in a rows putting the pressure on them. And you could feel it like. Oh we're going to have a good finish year. Meanwhile the young kids alatorre was amazing. He was a great play. Great that it's going to be around. Michael and i were texting yesterday. That kids going to be around for a long time. Imagine how much money was going to make off this masters winner japan alone at least fifty million more in endorsements i'm getting. I actually have two masters class. I'll i'll follow that up next. Oh i have a master's went to Okay when matuyama surprised everybody by winning the masters. He became the first japanese man to win at augusta in kind of touching moment after his last hole. I don't know if you saw this. But his caddie walked back to the eighteen th hole and did a to the flax to thank the people at the masters. of course. Yeah michael and i. Ramona have been arguing that since the start of the pandemic. the handshake is dead. People aren't going to shake hands anymore. We think michael. And i think momo that it should be replaced by the bow. There's an important part of the bow that needs to occur if we go this way. I'm gonna leave it to the great. Larry david once learned about this on. Curb your enthusiasm to explain it larry's walking in a park and he sees two japanese men one guy excellent bentley knocks over the other guys ice cream cone. And here's what happened next. Yes i noticed that when you apologize to this man you gave him a rather deep bow. Almost ninety degrees yes. I spilled ice cream. So i started so i apologize to heap. Yes the other night. A japanese fellow apologize to me as he only went down a few degrees kind of like. Oh these not to you know he was not saudi at all. He did dismissive of you. This is yes. I got a dismissive. Yes Thousand bow got no abou- would be better than that so lona as long as we commit to a deep bow. Not a dismissive bow. Do you believe that the bow could replace the handshake as a greeting a first of all. It's really funny. Have you ever seen that. I have if i started watching good. That's actually one of the shows. I started watching the pandemic some kind of catching up. Everybody but i actually love the idea of the bowery placing. The i started to do that before we all shut down the virus. I think thomas day like you put your hands together. You gonna nominate k. That's a cool. That's a yoga class. Thing that i do right but i actually think that what's going to end up happening is the elbow. You gotta touch. People by touchy joe. Gaffney fans coming back to staple center on thursday. You and i've got a start this bow. Yes we we're gonna michael going to try to head not at the head of the nama. Stay bauer you. Put your hands in front and bow. Judge is also very good all right so we'll work on that memo to you okay. john. I'm gonna do another master's theme question. Hey from the new york times Benjamin duly from the tokyo bureau has it says that news reports have speculated that matsuyama decky. Matsuyama will be drafted to light. The olympic cauldron at the games this july but this morning amateur for anybody who was on his flight caught him on a six forty five. Am flight from atlanta to chicago where he was expected to connect and fly back to tokyo. He was sitting all by himself. There's a photo that's going around the internet. it's great. I'll show it to you. Michael studio where he's sitting by himself in the green jacket just draped right on the airport like he's like commercials right there closet the green that's awesome and share share that you're in the atlanta talking to. Nobody was talking to him. He's just sitting there all by himself. I think he understands english. Yeah oh yeah. He said it in the interview afterwards. He was talking. I'm really happy right now. What is the i. Don't want to blame this on him. But i don't know if you can really celebrate these days. I think the lakers had a little celebration in the bubble. But have you ever had something where you want something really big and you had incredibly disappointing celebration. It's a good question michael. What did you do when you won your titles in the eighties. Big parades man. Me was huge huge rallies and everything around the farm so it was cool are so i can't believe matsuyama -mercial going there and rebels twitter. Send it to you if you wanted to fly. Take a g six from atlanta tokyo. You're talking about probably one hundred thousand dollars city one like one point. Eight million. yeah and he's probably mak- tens of millions off the course you afford that on some of rich dude at augusta didn't offer his some of the sponsors you know i'm sure he's got some very rich sponsors over in japan him in airline. The airline could have been like won the masters. Sir you get a free up. He was probably the first first class. We talk about client flying private lindsay on g six all the way back to tokyo. I think it has to range. Yeah muscles golfers like phil. Mickelson has his own plane. Yeah yeah. I mean yeah. They'll flies his own jet. Yeah but that's cool. So yeah he's who's the biggest star in japan right now. I mean Ramona and lindsay ladies mona's panel hideaki on the Or naomi osaka which was bigger paris. That's close. I still soccer soccer bigger than me. And she's wait a minute. It's a golf more popular japan attending evening in popularity. Golf really thought it was more popular. It's been it's it's gaining supposedly. He's matsuyama is a really interesting guy. He won the amateur title like ten years ago or something. I don is going to be this. Big guy it's taken until now to finally win it. He's got a cap off this year by winning the gold medal in tokyo. Wouldn't that be cool. I'm sure he's on the team to you all right. It's to me. Okay momo michael doyle is a red sox fan who lives in wells suburb just outside of boston. Back in nineteen seventy five. When he was a kid he was lucky enough to get a ticket to the american league championship series. A game he went to and the red sox won the pitcher. That day was louis who doyle new lived outside of boston. So doyle has been carrying the ticket stub around in his wallet for forty six years just in case he ever ran into tian. He thought he could get him to sign the stub so fast forward to last friday. Doyle is getting his covid vaccine shot and looks over and notices the guy next to him in the vaccination clinic is louie. Tia al scientists ticket. They took a picture together. It's all gone viral. And now doyle is going to frame the ticket stub so this is a long way of me asking. Do you own any sports memorabilia. Like what i own very little. What is the coolest thing you own from a memorabilia standpoint so mine would be like i usually will pick up something from a championship celebration whenever i'm like if i'm there when a team wins the nba finals. I'll pick up like a cork from the champagne bottles. That's on the locker room after. yeah just saving. That's kind of cool. I would say probably my the one. I'll always keep is the The ticket to kobe's memorial. Keep that one. Well michael you your house you. It's not necessarily yours claes but he keeps it at. Your house signed jersey from kobe georgia from kobe framed in his room. I've got koreans last pair goggles. He wore. that's cool. Go on a magic last road uniform. See war did you shit. I don't think so. I just like the sniff who raw exactly and let's see. What else do i have Let's say you want to smell a sweat. That magic was still like thirty years later. So right before. He died kobe ramona. You've been to my house. If you come in my house you wouldn't know i'm a sportscaster. There's no like sports memorabilia. Lisa like wouldn't let me put it up anyway. But i have right about a year before he died. Kobe did a book with andy burn fat and they needed somebody to do a q. And a. and they asked me to do it. And i did it so koby signed a book to me and gave it to me and i think i've got that and a bunch of pictures in andy gave me of me and kobe doing interviews on the court and i think one day. I'm going to put them all together. That and my son. I bought it in auction one day back when they were both in very good spirits. And now it's probably worth somethin'. I have a mini basketball. Signed by two people kobe and check. That's it. yeah and that's a frame lane. I had a dollar. Bill signed by muhammad ali. Nine hundred sixty eight right. There's a great michael. There's that great picture. I sent on twitter. That when you have a picture of the day you met mohamed. Have you ever seen that picture. Momo i haven't awesome. I was thirteen years of age. Sixty dollars was when he was thirteen. I was a little michael one. Cool thing that i have is. I don't know what the name of it is. But you know how. Jim brown used to wear those those african hats. Yeah i have one of those. That has his salt room from his sweat zone school. You said whereabout sleeping now. wear that. It's one of those like enclosed plastic cases of all time favorite football. One night miami. Right you'd have. I'm gonna watch michael put it on dvd. Add mail it to you so you can still make those players. Yeah well apparently. You don't know how to work the amazon prime momo. He'd julian edelman was put on the nfl transaction wire today. He had his contract terminated by the patriots and the expectation is that it's a technicality. Because he is mulling retirement. That's according to. Mike reese who covers the patriots for us on espn. John michael. Do believe that we have seen the last of julian edelman. He's he had knee surgery about five months. Thirty one thirty two and a bunch of concussions. Or is he the tape. Who end up playing in tampa bay. Yeah that makes us that. They have room for them that he can end up in tampa bay. You know tom loves him. And that's what he could end up. But i've always thought he had several concussions and a bunch of injuries. So maybe he's thinking it's time to hang it up as thirty four thirty thirty. Yeah there is no way that he doesn't end up data about it. You guys have. That's gronk is that's where brady is retired. Came back right. Yeah that that there's just it's too obvious. There's no way that he doesn't end up on the brady wants some. He'll be there. It's to me all right. Mojo patrick beverley has a fractured hand. And we'll be out indefinitely for the clippers. Beverly only played in three games since the all-star break in two of those games he suffered what turned out to be a long-term injury. The team will have to rely on reggie jackson as a starter and the newly acquired john rondo and they'll probably extend the minutes of terrence mann and luke kennard off the bench. Now i never like to see a player get hurt ever. So i'm i feel bad for beverley but i'm not so sure. This isn't a good thing for the clippers as a laker fan. All of those other guys. Rhonda jackson man and canard scare me more than beverly does. Is it something or nothing that the clips may not have patrick. Beverley its something. I'm with you but on on beverly's impact. Because i think that the reason they were looking for an upgraded point guard right. It's not imposed on your offense offensive guard who can hassle players on the other team. But he's pretty good at that. I remember last year when that in that turnover the lebron that you know that was another replay issue on lebron touch allows patrick touch but still the fact he forced that situation gets in there. Look better agitator instigative rondo or beverly. Oh beverly beverly is rondo. To me is like the instigator. But he doesn't really wanna fight. You don't fight you. Patrick actually wants to get in there. I think they lose something there. I do think parents man is going to be a good player. He's he's been getting better all year. Long luke kennard has been getting better all year long. The development of those two young players is why they felt. Okay about trading the williams. Yeah of course. I better just say the picture ramona michael. Thirty year old hamad ali thirteen year. It will allow which is one of the great picks of wake one of the great picks of all time league. Chevy look by dole is looking at but if i can figure it out i'll reach tweet it to all right momo it's to you one more all right John michael. I have been catching up. First on curb your enthusiasm breaking bad and and now better call saul. But i'm so many years behind everybody else. I have no one to talk about with nobody. So great have you. What is your best experience watching an older. Tv show that is a classic but you binged three years. After everybody else. I was three years. Late game of thrones. Oh and i eventually caught up in time for the last season so i could watch the last season and so people would say to me all the time. Have you gotten to the red wedding yet. Have you gotten to ramsay bolton yet. Have you gotten to aria and the guys with no faces yet. And i'm like no no no shut up. Quit telling me stuff. A game of thrones was terrible thing to be behind the people on but But that would be the one that jumps out. I was i was behind on. Game of thrones. I i never got into game of thrones when when you see flying dragons by zombies. I can't get it to that. Curb your enthusiasm and the sopranos the will hooked on. Yeah that's that's about by the way watching curb. Ramona you about ready to laugh harder than i mean. They're they're so mainland great politically incorrect. The fun of watching those shows is that everybody seems to be watching it at the same time so few event shows now like when like we all watched the meghan and harry interview right so we all watched that night. Okay michael did you watch that night no. I don't wanna see that you watch that night. I'm a of queens. Yeah me too me too. I even a royal family okay. Not they help people a lot. And i don't want to see anybody anyway. I guess but that was part of it is that everybody was watching it. And then you can have an opinion. You could talk about it like that night. There's very few event programs now like part of the fun getting into curb. Is that everybody's watching each night. Or better call saul at breaking bad if four about the royal family when there weren't wondering what color maga's baby was gonna guess. What else did that me. Why would why would. I wonder about that because in a racial kid right i said i wonder if he's gonna be lighter or darker like my family thought i wondered. Is that racist perspective. So why is that a racist thing. If you wonder what color the baby's interracial interracial marriage i mean and clay of course came out colored mother. Michael campbell watercolor on me. Which is cole either way. I just was wondering who was going to look like her family on mine would have been cool if he was darker. Skin in a way. Revolutionary you the way he could come out looking like wesley snipes. We'll come out looking like michael rapaport. I wouldn't have before that's it for fasttrack coming up next. The dodgers have the best record in baseball. And they're doing it without mukhi beds and cody bellinger. We'll get into it next. Mason and ireland. Espn la today. It's momo in ireland ramon in for macy's on another vacation and the dodgers are anything but vacationing. They are rolling through the rest of major league. Baseball they are eight and two ramona. The best record in the major leagues. And here's the thing. Mookie betts and cody. Bellinger are both out and having been laying. Is it hyperbole for me to suggest this might be the best dodgers team ever now. I think this is better than last year. Even i mean they went out and trevor bauer. But that's that's a really good team. I know they lost key hernandez and they lost some of their organizational depth. And some other guy jack peterson's in chicago now but to me this group with the depth on the pitching staff the depth up and down the lineup. I mean the other night kenley. Jansen didn't say right and i and i was checking. Okay is this thing is going to be able is going to be closer kenley replaced. No they're just giving a day off. Can you come and get to save next night. Kelly goes back out there and he gets to save like they have so much that they have three guys that can close. They have three guys. Who'd be aces on any other staff. Welker bueller clayton kershaw. Trevor bauer aureus could be at as on another staff. I mean this team. Is that loaded. I you know this weekend. They're going to play the padres. Who have the second best record in. They're going to be in san diego. That's going to be a huge series. But i don't think bellinger will be back for that but i think bets could be. I just wonder what's a realistic expectation ramona for this team. I mean i think they're almost like the lakers in the sense that you say just make it to the postseason healthy just cute. Just have all your guys as you can get them. And it's healthy as you can be in gets the postseason but the injury to tease in san diego. That that kinda takes a little of the luster off this matchup This weekend this weekend. San diego right Right it this. This would have been like you know whatever you say about the great yankees red sox series years ago when they were both good this would have been on that level out here on the west coast but i think juniors out for a little bit with that shoulder injury i. It's just the dodgers should own that. I'm wondering if doesn't come back healthy. Most people think the padres are the dodgers biggest competition if it's not them if san diego stumbles who else they need to look out for atlanta. Yeah i don't think it but for some reason if you guys noticed what cincinnati's doing they're like three in their plus twenty seven in run differential. It's ridiculous but i don't think they'll be in the long haul. Cincinnati has got some good young players. But it's that young players don't necessarily translate to postseason success right away. Yeah i and i wonder like the mets. i think eventually will be good but probably atlanta wins division. Don't you think they should be. They should win at the atlanta. Had great pitching remember. The dodgers had a tough time with the brace. Well they're down three one time with him they had to rally and they had. I mean they have the pitching staff that atlanta has in addition to the depth. They have plus the stars and a kunia. Albee's and freddie freeman like that's that's a legitimate sooner is a good player. They're like i. I think that the the braves are probably i in my mind even more so than the padres a threat to what the die to doing just because of the the pitching depth the padres the way they got suggest but they're not they're not the same. Did you guys see that really. Cool moment with freddie freeman over the weekend with. Yeah so some kid is in the outfield and freeman hits a home run and it hits it hits it right to the kid kids like ten and he drops it and it goes down underneath the stands so one of the maintenance guys goes and gets the ball and throws it up to him and he drops it him into the throw is kind of bad but so you know in the canvas love on the kid just kind of goes. Oh well you know. I guess it wasn't my name. And then the maintenance guy like found the ball and came up and gave it walked into the stands and gave it to the kid and he took it and gave it to another little kid in a freddie freeman. Jersey and freeman was touched by it. I don't know how they found him but they went and found the kid and and brought him to the game the next day and brought him on the field and freeman gave him a ball. He was a phillies fan. The kid and he wanted to give the ball to kid. That was a freeman fan. So freeman walked over to bryce harper. Had bryce harper sign it. Freeman signed it and then they gave it to the kid who was nice enough to give the ball up to the other kid. It was just a moment of by ramona. Very very very neither south. Wait wait. I was looking at mike. A mock draft here. John attaway pretty accurate on my drive up here. She was right. Wasn't wrong when you asked guard and anthony and the brown right. Yeah you're right about that. They're going to be there. Unstoppable but unfortunately the nets have three unstoppable players to the lakers to unstoppable players. So stop the nets big three. Well lebron guard one of them. You think bronco guard. Kevin durant i. Do you remember the eighteen in seventeen and eighteen finals in the katie hours. Thirty five game right. But i don't think anybody can guard. Kevin during just lebron can but lebron can make it as hard on him as possible. I think lebron is a michael. You're gonna laugh at me and call me. I think the branch should before he got hurt. He should have been considered for all defense chart. He's a great defensive player. But it's nothing to do with the brian that he doesn't know he always saves his energy and that's been so amazing about him. This the past two years is he. He's not saving it. He's the guy who. I don't think anybody can guard is agree. And what about harden guard. Yeah well hardens gonna try all that crap where he tries to get your thing he does he get your shooters for. Isn't that what dentistry he's supposed dennis. The small to light Curse oh okay. Yeah caruso can stay in front of him. So michael to the nets met the lakers. You would favor. The net gotten lakers winning but l. Tough tough tough. Six seventy just hope we get it. Can you imagine the star power the healthy we will get it. If everybody's healthy be unbelievable and the fans will be backed by then late july. I would say. I would say at least half at least that'd be awesome. Yeah all right coming up next. Lindsey scott radio tinder all right. It's time for radio tender. That's when lindsay throws a bunch of stuff at us lindsay. What do you got wellness. Start off with new orleans saints. Head coach sean. Payton getting the netflix's treatment the streaming platform is making a movie about payton's time coaching his son. Sixth grade football team in two thousand twelve when he was suspended from the league for his role in the bountygate scandal. The movie is going to be called home team. And we also know who's going to be playing paint in the movie and its kevin james yes. That's kevin game tv show king of queens and movies like grown-ups and paul mall cop. Personal favourite of mine is kevin james good choice to play. Sean payton swipe left or swipe right i. I'll swipe rate only because. How can i put this nicely. Isn't kevin james portly. He's a husky. Or guy sean. Payton relatively skinny. Yeah really but he got a little pudgy in his cheeks. So yes there you go like from the neck up. I think they look but from the neck down. who knows. maybe he'll he'll get ripped for the for the movie for the show. He'll train them. Maybe he's willing to kevin james a great guy we've had him on the show and we had them and this is. How long ago was we had them in the show. We had them in the shirt promote hitch. Remember the movie asked smith. Yeah he came in studio. It's mason and i when we were in burbank and could not have been nicer. Just a really good dude. So good for him by the way. This movie lindsay is about the year that peyton was suspended for his role in bountygate member. The nfl made him take a euro. Since exactly what. I just said. Yeah what did he go do coach his sixth grade. Sons football team. Yeah i thought the better movie would have been about bountygate. Yeah so that's really interesting. They're starting to make more limited series or movies about things that happened in sports like stories. That happened like true-to-life sports stories. So i think it's gonna be fun because i like. There's so many of it. Like i think bountygate would have been a better story but could you get that through the nfl. Like wh- you. Could you get a lot of those people who are still in the league. Coaching in some capacity to talk about it could if it was scripted. But if it's accurate a little harder The other thing was like. There's there's i think there's two aaron hernandez things that there was one on netflix. There's another one coming out somewhere else. So there's there's going to be more and more these that That you know. But i think a lot of good books that you've read sports. Books are going to start. Getting adapted and made into limited series like there is a You know the lakers. The the jeff pearlman book is going to be the showtime thing on. Hbo so this is going to be a fun. New era because a little while ago it was like cop shows and then it was a special victims unit that it was lawyer shows. Doctor shows maybe sports is next Will remember this show. You make remember the show playmakers. Espn it had a whole bunch of storylines that everybody knows are true yet based on true events right but the nfl hated that those stories were being highlighted and so they got the show cancelled so that maybe that's why there isn't a bad. I gotta be honest. I actually think this is good for sports. We're in a different era. Where ratings for live games are down ratings for shows talk about it etc. Maybe it's a little harder to keep. It is but you know what people watch right now streaming they watch on netflix. They watch on apple. Tv so have you. Have you seen lasso yet. Lost it so good. Yeah okay so whenever you have a hit show like that. Everybody wants to make the next head lasso. Yeah and by the idea for ted last so you never thought would have worked is just completely different than what you thought it would be all right lindsay. What's neck way. Now that you say that ramona. That sounds like maybe a little bit what they were thinking with this movie. Because it's interesting that they would pick kevin james. It's like sean payton and a comedic actor as well. So maybe that's the type of spin they're going to put on it. Yeah yeah you got to have a little a point of view. Because i got to have a point of view on on on how. You're going to tell the story that everybody know or actually this when they probably don't already know ted lasso changed the way i think about sports yami shows because i was expecting it to be one thing and it was completely different than what it thought it would be. Yeah it was a classic fish out of water story. Which i think is what the sean payton story will be fish out of water like you coach in the nfl. You get knocked down. You're suspended for a year. You gotta go coach the pop warner football team or whatever it is and how do you adjust to that level. But i bet if it's done well if i was executive producing that one i would say well. It's got to have a depth to it so it's gotta be about. His change is a man and what he's learned from going through bountygate right the shame that he brought on himself and taking his punishment. What did he. How does the character change. Which is that's ted lasso to right. There's a whole this whole dynamic to that and if you do that if you have a funny guy and you acted out that way but you also have a depth to it if you have a great human storyline. That can be a great hit or lindsey. What's next the la times published an editorial over the weekend titled after the pandemic outdoor dining and slow. Streets should live on the time. Dettori board is advocating to keep the pandemic inspired changes to many streetscape in returning every inch of asphalt to motor vehicles. It says quote we can take away street lanes and parking spots to create lively communal open spaces we can doubts dine outside under the stars. We could walk by and scoop more safely. We can allow kids to ride and play in the public realm with confidence. Let's not rollback progress towards safer healthier cities. Do you agree with this point of view. Swipe left swipe right. So swipe right. I can't like. I don't know if you've been to manhattan beach since the pandemic the they've reinvented the city. Every restaurant has outdoor tables lining out into the street. And it's really fun and everybody's doing it. These outdoor dining areas are all packed. And it also bring back the lift in uber guys because people there's a park never was bright and so now more maybe uber and lifted. Get back on their feet because people have and which is smarter anyway. Because everybody's drinking. But i love eating outside. I hope i get to do it forever. yeah it it's like europe when you go. I mean i know john. You don't like to go leave this country. Correct when you go to your. That's what you do. Just you get off in the middle of town and you walk around and find a restaurant outdoors like going to south beach the same kind of thing. Everything's out on the sidewalk all the time. But i think the key to it and this is one of the things. I'm i'm bummed out because traffic is starting to come back. I don't know if you've been out a lot lately but that was one of the very nice things about shutdown right. It was like there wasn't as much traffic and then all of a sudden now my my commute is gone bad news back especially when we get out of here at two fifty five. I'm running. I'm going as fast as possible. I don't want to give that afternoon traffic But we didn't use his opportunity to to to do. Our public transportation system here in los angeles is woefully underfunded and underdone. If you've been anywhere else around the world or the country. It's it's embarrassing to me that we don't have a public transportation system that links to the airport or that links to third street promenade. Santa monica we should have everywhere. If you wanna have true outdoor pedestrian malls and things like that then you have to make it not a car culture which means you have to have public transportation that works everywhere would have been a great time to do it too late traffic back. We missed our minute to last one. Really quick here Justin timberlake where. He reportedly set up janet jackson wardrobe malfunction at the two thousand four super bowl to upstage his ex girlfriend. Britney spears a stylist has claimed timberlake with open part of jackson's costume exposing her breast to the world. It's scandalized the us with jackson songs and videos being pulled from radio stations and tv channels as the backlash focused almost entirely on her. It took timberlake seventeen years to apologize the jackson on instagram last month. If justin timberlake would've taken more responsibility for his part in the scandal and you know especially if it was completely his idea. Do you think his career would have been the same. This is a great question lands. I'm sorry i'm jumping in. Because i just watched that britney spears documentary so late everything watch that forever but like justin timberlake is like the villain of that britney spears documentary and this just adds more fuel. The fire man. Like britney got all the flack for their breakup and it was really just him setting her up that video that he made. And then general. Jackson look this to to pop star to a huge music icons careers that he because he couldn't get over the break-up or he put it all on them somehow. Yeah i'm justin on this. Of course you are. You're a man Because i didn't they break up because she cheated supposedly the he all he leaked that we don't know if that's true. Yeah even earned said even really happen. You watch dr. Yeah he said would not he did yeah to make everybody think that he never actually came out and said that just made a video. No flies think all the paparazzi. That was around her if she cheated on him. Don't you think the paparazzi that would've caught it. yes no. i think there's a lot more cheating going on in hollywood than you guys know. Anyway doesn't give you licensed to the flack that she caught for that afterwards. I thought very sorry for her. After watching that and i thought that that the fact that someone is arguing that cheese still under a conservatorship people that are way worse than her. That aren't under a conservatorship. Because that whole thing needs to go away but you know that was a life altering day for me lindsey. You know why so. I know this one okay. Earlier in the day the lakers played in. Toronto is a close game recheck. After the game he completely ignored my question and basically swore twice. Live on the air. And you'd find like five hundred thousand dollars each time you swear and i just. I knew as soon as the interview was over that i was in huge trouble. 'cause we're gonna cost my station a million dollars and they didn't find us at all and it's because we were a cbs station and later that day was the wardrobe malfunction and they find us for that instead so they didn't feel like it was necessary to hit him twice for the same day. So i got off the hook shack. Of course got find. You missed get suspended for a game and got fined. The lakers ended up winning the title. And i think that you're anyway. So i think refined all right coming up next game of games. It's my game today. Michael lindsay horsera- and ramona will compete That's next seven to ten. Espn all right. It's time for games. We do this every day. Lindsay and i are tied in game games Mason never wins. Ramona's gotta win. Michaels gotta win. I do yeah whore. Hey i believe has a win michael. You don't have a win. i thought you had one. I thought i thought i did hor. He's got to win texas siesta. So games a sponsored by power pro plumbing heating and air powerful professional affordable to they are. It's in their name their my plumber and they want to be yours to call eight hundred five eight four four one one six or visit power pro plumbing dot com all right so on saturday night. The lakers played the nets in a in a matchup. Many people feel is a potential preview of the nba finals if both teams are healthy when the playoffs start michael you think it'll be the lakers and nets in the finals this year. That guy do right. Okay doubt about it now in honor that i have an nba finals quiz. It's multiple choice. Let's see how you guys do. It's lindsey whore. Hey ramona and michael michael. I'm gonna make you go last because you've actually played in the nba finals right Here's question number one. Most people know that the lakers and celtics have appeared in the most nba finals. The lakers have been in thirty two finals. The celtics appeared in twenty one. Which team is third on. That list is at a the sixers. Be the warriors or see the bulls lindsay sixers warriors bulls. Let me go sir. Okay ogle bulls ramona. I will also go both. Michael start the balls. They've only been two six six hundred michael jordan. So i'm going to go warriors because you've got to remember the philadelphia warriors and rick barry's warriors and lindsay the warriors appearing. Eleven times. More than eight and bulls. Michael was right. It was only six. Okay which player has appeared in the most. Nba finals games gains it. Is it a bill. Russell kareem abdul-jabbar or see lebron james russell kareem or lebron. I'll say lebron okay a ramona. I think it's a brand okay. Great lindsay karimun and rosie kareem and lebron Bill russell all right. Michael scott russell. You went to thirteen. Finals days russell. Seventy finals game. Lebron lebron spend ten final. they average about five game. Susan fifty and sixty four. Yeah okay. I am more seven games. Okay so lindsay to michael to horn ramona. Bring stay sorry. I got one of these teams has never appeared in an nba finals. Is it a utah. Be oklahoma city or see denver. Ramona utah okay. So you're denver. I think it's denver lindsay utah go denver michael lindsay. How could you forget. Talk to them alone. Okay so yeah so. I'm not perfect. Michael sorts denver denver and michael takes the lead Denver's never been okay. See went one yes. You don't count the sonics times which don't and then utah. Went twice okay. Michael three lindsay to or hand ramona one. Each which player holds the record for most career points scored in the nba finals. Total points scored in the finals. Is it a kareem. Be jerry west or see lebron oh lindsay cream jabbar. Jerry wester lebron. I think this one has to be great. Okay horry corinne ramona. Kareem jerry wester lebrun jerry. A lot they lost they. They finally won and that seventy two year. I'm jerry west michael. I'll say jerry west to because he had to score points. Yes the correct answer. Is jerry west. Six hundred seventy nine point michael's four for four. Yes ramona's to linda's has all right. Who has averaged the highest average points per game in the final minimum of ten games played. All right is it. A rick berry. Be steph curry. See michael jordan ooh whore. Hey rick perry steph curry or michael jordan staff ramona. I'm going to say rick. Perry michael or lindsey. Sorry i'm gonna go steph curry as well michael. No it's not steph lick struggles in the finals as definitely jordan. The correct answer is rick. Berry lloyd's game and ramona's zanu shuffling right now. The head of mike michael shafi. He averaged thirty six points a game in his finals games. I think jordan is just a kick polo. That rick. Perry thirty six game okay. Who has the most total career steals. Ooh in the finals okay. Is it a scottie. Pippen be run harper or sea magic. Johnson momo pippen harper or manny obviously ron harper. Okay lindy i think. It's ron harper too. Because we had this question. Go with the crowd ron harper. I want to try to win. Michael scottie pippen. The correct answer. Believe it or not is magic. John really is all too clear steals in the finals. You know the play defense. You did take that back. He's gonna ask that jersey back from la only wants us. This is the last question and ramona. You need it to catch all right so we got to answer different. We have to answer differently. Who also record for most points scored in any one finals game. Who is it a elgin. Baylor be kareem abdul-jabbar. See michael jordan lindsey brandon and option No elgin baylor kareem abdul-jabbar michael jordan all right horrid ramona Oh wait a minute. Ramona mike look and then you can go less michael seventy-one elgin baylor ramona. Tell i guess it go with wrong thing. It is l. Elgin you miss it because you add too much of an answer. It's sixty one. Seventy one seventy one in a regular right sixty one in the finals incorrect tiebreaker. Letting ramon reagan elgin. We broke the jeopardy rule. Yeah to right here to me. It's just. I'm gonna do like the free throw we're in studio. I'm gonna like wave. Ou know googling. U2 the lakers that michael the lakers have played an nba record. One hundred eighty five finals games. How many of those games of they won so so number yet and you can go over if you want michael. How many of one hundred and eighty five have the lakers. One take a shot. That's a one hundred and nineteen. Okay ramona you've got what i would do. What is it closer without going over no also closest closest so if i were you if you think they more they want more than one nineteen guess one twenty and if you think they won less gas when eighteen michael give you a very hard one. Eighteen ramona's going with one eight. I'm going less. Michael is going with one. Nineteen the lakers in the nba finals. All time are ninety. Three and ninety comes from behind me. I got it right. You said i was wrong. Well you said seventy one. Yeah but you said who not how many. But you shouldn't. But i had the who right flexing but you. You tried to flex. And they're part of your he's really gonna do so. This is now xantia flee. Who's come back to be matsuyama in the in the master's and everybody was saying that if zander had one gymnasts could've pulled all and paid a little shoutout to mx and said exco give right. You know what's interesting about this is can you get that. Can you hold on. Hold on Jim nance is being accused of playing it safe with matsuyama. Have the final call of of the masters from jim. Nansen what he said what you normally jim nance michael's you know creates all these like very corny sayings like. I don't know what he would say about matsuyama. But here's what he actually said masters for hideki matsuyama from five feet. Greatest moment his professional career slides behind it. No this is this a wrong one is is that the only call you have. That was the radio and you didn't get the tv call. We'll be bill simmons or simmons. Hori i don't worry about it. We were hoping for one you do or you. Don't we have it. We haven't heard to play. Here's what bill simmons said about. Jim nance call right so nance we were hoping for one of his Class sick prebaked. One liners when matsuyama when the masters. I think he was scared off. He felt nervous to me. The last twenty minutes cancel culture. I don't think nancy wanted to go near anything. He can kinda thrown into faldo and then when my ziama hit the first law. He missed the par. Putt if the little two footer come back he made it. He wins and nance basically said and ceo heke matsuyama the first japanese golfer to win the masters. I've never heard him put less thought. Energy creativity anything into one of his calls and It was a scare gymnasts. Let's let's be honest all right so michael. Do you agree with bill. That was on bill. Simmons podcast that. Jim nance played it safe. No current something clever from the japanese culture. That have been cool. I see would it be offensive in any. would it be offensive in any way to say a domo. ara gatto. doesn't that mean thank you. Thank you very much right now. That joe jomar gato decks and then you can get that shot of his caddie whatever. Oh how about this one said that you know. Why would you be. Why would he be killed. Lindsey because people would find it offensive and he said thank you in japanese. I'm just saying that's what i think. I'm not saying. I've a problem with. But i'm not japanese so i don't know how about this. This is gonna work from the land of the rising sun. He is now japan's favorite son. That's that's by the way. That's that's perfect. Jim nance been nance. Yeah do you think he would have been killed. If he would've said dole moral he might for that one yet because it would cultural misappropriation. I don't know what that's the only thing you know. But michaels is well thought out now in a worked. A where's my. Hey where's my idea mexico. Because i wanted zander. And i did what he could not do on sixteen when he is for people. That don't been gymnast. He really would've next passed away. Which is bringing. Imagine gymnast saying x gonna give. It is coming up next spock. Jock ramona lakers knicks. Pregame starts now tip at four thirty. Ramon and i are back tomorrow. Mason ireland seven ten years yet.

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