Marlins Offseason Special 2019-20 Edition with Ethan Budowsky (Fish Stripes/Earning Your Stripes Podcast)


Even without the straps joins us to talk about this exciting Marlins rebuil- we've Kinda talk about everything from every single trade in the outfield to pretty much every single trade that's been made so far We kind of go over everything as far as this team this position. We're going to break it down position by position for you just like always in hope you enjoy welcome to painting corners your weekly broadcast or all things baseball now. Now here are your host Austin Hartsfield and Dave Witkowski all right so oh time for the Marlins off-season Preview Ethan marlins finished fifty seven and one hundred and five. They finished with the third overall. Pick back to back in last place finishes in the National League. What are your what? Were your thoughts on this season. As a whole I thought overall a good year for the Marlins it a good year too two they put a really really nice draft glass together that I'm sure we'll get to at some point here and I think that was the most positive sign I thought the trade deadline was a huge huge win for them bringing in some big additions to their system. Like Jesus Sanchez and Jazz. Chisholm I thought they did a really great job with some of the moves they made and there are some positive developments on the field was nice. To see is on his way up to the majors he had an absolutely massive season. Down in triple A.. It was nice to see him. Get some Reps. Even though he struggled a bit at the end of the year he came up just after the trade deadline really some exciting moments with him but overall growth year for the franchise just taking another step forward after obviously the big tear down that came before the twenty eighteen eighteen season. So I just thought it was a good step in the right direction. You know you're not gonNA take much from the day to day results that the marlins are putting out there because this team name isn't on the roster the way it was constructed isn't the way it's going to be constructed in the future but I think overall there is a lot of good positive growth. Out of this franchise this past season. You know mattingly gets his extension and I think it kind of shocked everybody. It felt like it felt like it shocked. Everybody know what was kind of the reaction from the fan base. And you know what does this mean. For the direction of franchise interest. I definitely thought it was a surprise. I kinda thought that Donnie was just a sitting duck. And you know I'm not GonNa say that I was the proponent of him coming back I thought it would be better to move in another direction at manager position. One guy that I really wanted was Beltran Beltran. When the mets got him I tweeted out that I would have really loved to have seen the marlins go after him had he had? We decided to go in a different direction from mattingly. But I think at some point you got to have some stability in this organization you gotTa have something carryover. They kind of did that when they held onto Mike Hill who's the GM they held onto him from the Loria era and we didn't expect anybody from that area to stick around but I just think that jeeter and and the front office or kind of on the same page with mattingly like he's started to go kind of more towards this metric based way of thinking that is just taking obviously taking the League League by storm now. I I think it's a it's a good move for stability. It wouldn't have been my personal baseball choice. But I I kind of see where the organization was coming from in terms of just trying to keep the same hell of voice at the helm and I think he really is excited about the project. That's going on in Miami and I think think you can tell he's really buying into it with the way that he got really excited about some of the young guys you could see him paying attention to what was going on at the lower levels which you don't often seattle managers really at least for my perspective so I thought that was really exciting and I think overall it's a good move to bring manningly back all right so jumping into the positions wins. Let's start at catcher and you really can't go any start anywhere else other than let's touch on. Jt Royal Muto traded the best catcher in baseball. He wasn't open to a contract extension attention before we get into the contents of the deal. This deal had to be done no matter what right absolutely no this was the one deal besides maybe Yelich that had to get done He just had too much value. With how much control he had left and how good of a player he is how hard it is to find that talented of an offensive catcher. that deal. Oh had to be had to get done for sure. Yeah I totally agree so jumping into the deal itself and the contents. What were your thoughts on the return for Real Moto? Well to be honest with you I had just seen six stow. Sanchez's name out there on twitter. I didn't know a ton about him and then when he jumped into the system on I mean I absolutely fell in love with the guy I mean. He's just we'll talk about him later but he's just probably I mean he's the number one prospect in the system He's the most exciting pitching prospect that we've had since the late Great Jose Fernandez. I mean that's you know that's a bold statement but it's not really hard back up This guy's fantastic absolutely electric. He lit up Jacksonville. This year. it seemed like every night That he was out on the mound he was just a a dominating and and then I really like an he so he's just really exciting but I really liked the acquisition because there's not really a lot of risk involved in in it I would say he's a pretty good offense catcher. He's got a drop the strikeouts lot. strikeout numbers are really high but I thought he had a nice year and I was pretty impressed by his hitting ability this year and I think he's a nice piece moving forward. I mean right now. There's not a whole lot at catcher. So you gotta a hang on to Al far hope that he pans out and then we'll start to nice little back end of the top thirty piece. Nice lefty arm adds some good starts. Had some really bad starts. He went like deep with no hitters. A couple of times this year. So it's a nice piece. I thought overall the trade was a huge roaring success for the Marlins Al Foro I feel as a guy that will be around for a while and six though is the future of the franchise so I think they did a pretty good job. All things considered so many of the guys that we talk to with the podcast. I think pretty much everyone that we talked to was acquired in one of the deals that we made in the last two years. So there has been there's so many new faces in this organization and and those are two of the most exciting ones without a doubt especially six to ours so jumping back advocate after catch catcher position so obviously the offensive production. OJT was missed and Utah are a little bit. What does the farm look like behind him? Banfield down there struggling. Yeah he's pretty young so so what's the outlook at catch your Below Alfonzo not. There's not there's not a big one at all I mean Banfield is is really right now. What the MARLINS are banking on? He's the only catching prospect in the top thirty and he's the only one on really of note down there Hit a really tough year at the plate I mean it. There's no other way to put it. He really struggled at the plate but his defense is this absolutely electric from all counseling reports. I mean the kid has a Canon for an arm. He was thrown out. baserunners seemed like left and right every time we had a show. It felt like we were talking about him. Thrown out three or four guys so he he has all the makings of an elite defensive catcher. The only problem is you know. Can he ever put it together. Gather with Bat. I mean he hit one nine nine five sixty two. Yeah five sixty two S I mean. They had a really really tough year at the plate. And you know you're never gonNA replace that kind of offensive production out of JT. Real Mutoko behind the plate. He's the best offensive catcher in the league. I would say So that's never going to happen overnight but I mean you gotta get a little bit of something out of him so He in yeah. That's like I said that's really all there is down there I mean there are a couple of guys that were out of position. Playing catcher like Nick Ready. Who who had a really nice year he was one of the mid round draft picks out of one of the service academies but I mean yeah other than that and he was playing a lot of third and I so behind besides how far like it's Banfield in and and whatever else so the marlins really have to hope for a quick turnaround from Enfield in an increase in his development next year or else they're going to have to do some soul searching for at the catcher position for sure? So who makes more starts at first base next year Austin Dean Garrett Eric Cooper Lou Garrick Cooper Coop had a really fun year. He really kind of caught the heart like heart strings of the Marlin of Marlins it's fans everywhere He they really love him and he had a really funny area. It's really big highs in some some down for sure but I mean there was one stretch where he was Crushing the ball every night and I think he made himself into a possibility of A. I don't think he's the first Baseman of the future. I'd not sure that the the first basement of the futures in the organization now if it's anybody it is Lewin But I mean he earned himself another year at starting at first base. Ace unless the Marlins go out and make play for like an eric themes or something. But I don't really see that happening Lewin should be up by the end of the year. Though I mean he had a great great year ear down on the farm and and he kinda struggled a little bit When he came to Jacksonville but he hit for Tana power and he's been hitting for power in the Dominican in league urged a winner league as well so hopefully he's up in September by the late of the season. I think if he has another good year he will be so. So he'll make some starch. But Yeah Cooper is probably the opening day first Baseman at this point and the behind Lou. India's is pretty thin. Yeah it's pretty. It's pretty thin. There's this Kid Evan Edwards that I really like he plays in Clinton he finished the season with Clinton he was one of the other draft picks. I can't remember which round he was in. But maybe like five or something but he had a really nice year and he plays first base and just solid production first basis where. We're really dry. where the MARLINS are really dry in the system? There's not a ton Lewin was when we acquired Lewin. It was huge huge because he is now the premier first base prospect in the system whereas we didn't really have won all a lot of it before that was moving. One of these outfielders wanted this. We just the outfield is just loaded in Miami and the thought was moving a guy like Gerard Incur Nazione or Tristan Pompeii. Or somebody else to who isn't as strong defensively in the outfield to first base. That was kind of like the project going forward kind of like what happened with Austin Austin Dean. It's the same thing so But yeah other than Lou and there's not really a true first base prospect out there. I mean let's just go and hop on a second base. You know we keep talking about all of these trades and you know one of the big pieces of one of these big trades just decline was his option just got declined kind of what's achier retrospective on you. Know Stalling. Castro's Miami career. Did it go how you know. I thought he would be gone and by the first deadline to be honest with you. I thought that he was a guy that had. He had a first good for season. What she had a pretty good year? I think the first year would have been flipped for a return and so we were all kind of surprised when he stuck through the first trade. Deadline And then we were definitely all surprised when he made it through this year The reason he made it through this year is because he didn't get hot until right right before the deadline and it was it was too little too late. The marlins couldn't swing any value for him at that point. I wrote an article around that time that they just had to get him out just so that they could get Issan in Because he was just wasting away in AAA at that point with the way he was hitting down there. But yeah you know it was just kind of it's one of those rebuild careers with the Marlins you know he's here and yes some really great moments moments. He had a really great second half this year which will probably get him paid again and and you know he was good to the fans in and and always a pleasure was starling so and he left with grace so you can't really complain about that from a fan perspective but yeah I mean in on the field you know it was. It was a roller coaster and I expected the Marlins to not let him walk like the way they did. But that's kind of how the cards got played out here. Don't WANNA dump jump into that That trade just yet because what was once we get to the field. We're GONNA go for all three of them you authoring big ones obviously If we look back at that Dee Gordon Trade though you know same position here I mean obviously being played everywhere. What's kind kind of the outlook on that day? Gordon trait can back. We Got Neider in the Dee Gordon Trade which was just just an absolute steel in my mind. Neither it is possibly our top pitching prospect. Well besides sixto. Obviously you could argue. He's maybe the next best pitching prospect. Like personally I would say. It's Edward Cabrera. He had a huge jump. This year just leapt off the page. But yeah neither it's really stellar. He was hurt all year but he had a really really nice fall he went out to Arizona and had a really great fall and so him and Duggar made some starts in the league this year. Here and he's another guy that project to be kind of a you know an arm that comes up and down every now and then and he made some good starts so I definitely think the outlook on Gordon Trade was pretty good. All things considered I mean. I'm the eternal optimist but I thought that swinging night out of that was pretty good but yeah I mean you definitely blue you know. There was a huge hole at second base left by and there was a huge hole in the locker room that was left by D.. But hopefully hopefully. Hopefully Sean can be what we think he is in. He can fill that void Assan. Oh man where do I start He had such a good year in AAA. I mean every night. He was just launching the ball. I think he hit near around. Thirty home runs this year He was really just spectacular to watch this year And his defense is something that surprised me but yeah it seemed like every night at one point point in the summer. It just seemed like every night he was just hitting a home run or go and two for four with a double or making us. We play out at second base so the kid hits for a ton of power he hit. He slugged five seventy eight in AAA this year. Obviously we saw what happened with the offense and AAA this year so those numbers might be inflated. Just a little bit but his slash was three zero five. Three Ninety five five seventy eight. He had a one thirty two runs created plus so just an absolutely spectacular occular year. He draws a lot of walks. Which is what I absolutely love about? Him is really great approach and and you saw that when he came up to the minor when he came up to the major she walked almost ten percent clip and was striking out under thirty percent And even though the numbers might not reflect how good he looked his his approach looked really advance for a young kid his age and he always kind of takes time at the new level to adjust like when he got to Jacksonville when he first got into the system he started really slow out of the gates and got really hot to the point where they sent him to a a New Orleans at the end of his first year with us in the same thing happened this year where he kinda struggled out of the gates was hitting under the Mendoza line in like May and then just it came out swinging and started touring the cover off the ball and put up those numbers that I just read also Really just an exciting prospect of left handed swinging swinging. Everybody says that the swing kind of looks like Robbie Canot and if you look at it it really does look like Robbie Canot I'm not sure he'll I think that's pretty much the ceiling for him. Put I think another a good comparison. my buddy on the podcast in Smith made was he said in Kinzler and I think that's probably the most likely scenario. I would say if it doesn't completely go south but I. The comparison comparison the ultimate comparison for this kid is Robbie Casino and just swinging left handed hitter that can get on base in play really good defense offense out second base. I think anybody you know growing up in Texas good. We'll tell you the income pretty damn good comfort. Yeah for sure her. If that's how it works out if that's your worst case scenario then you've got a really nice player with the song but you know he's going to have to take some strides because he did struggle to make contact in the bigs But he's so he's going to have to take some stride snakes sheer but I'm not worried about him because like I said he takes a while to adjust at new levels is usually so all right so moving to shore up the Marlins Twenty nineteen heart and Hustle Award winner. Miguel row house that sticks out to me when looking at his was defensive war stat which was in twelve six which is Top Ten in baseball. And Yeah just give me your thoughts on his this season. I love Meguro. He is the heart and soul of the team he really is and when we extended him. I was just really happy happy because he is the perfect guy. From this era marlins baseball that should carry over into the next one. When all these young guys come up? He'll be the perfect kind of veteran Brin leader in the clubhouse he can play all around the infield and like you said I mean he plays Gold Glove. Defense out you know. He'll never get the recognition for it but he plays really stellar defense at shortstop and he had some really nice moments with the bat this year. Really some good stretches so I'll make bureau. I'm glad we kept him around. I thought he had really nice season. And he earned himself the extension and he earned himself a chance to be like I said the the the carryover from this age of Marlins baseball to what is coming and what we all expect to be. Just the next grade age of the franchise here so looking in under him in the farm. Obviously you got jazz. Chisel the prospect acquired on the gallon trade so we can jump into that real. Quick Gallon was Pretty good around the time of the trade how did you how did you feel about the trade and compared to how do you feel now. I'll tell you exactly where I was. I was in the online at PD Q.. And it was I was going into work and it was probably like what two thirty three o'clock on deadline headline day. And so I'm waiting for the Marlins to do something waiting and waiting and waiting and then I see that gallon to the d backs and I just felt betrayed almost honestly it felt like what was starting. You know what everybody said. The marlins which we're going to we're going to do which is all these guys are gonNA come. I'm up and then they're just going to ship them off and you know fire sale in the whole thing that Loria did and he really broke. This broke this fan base and it kind of felt that way the optics of the trade were really bad but then I kind of took a second to look at it and I realized what the Marlins did which is they used their pitching surplus which they had a tawny of arms. I mean they still have some. Their system is loaded with arms and they use that surplus to go out and fill a void in the system which which is power and they got this kid. Jazz who was really struggling with in the Arizona system was hitting two or four and then had an seven thirty two in his was through the roof. I mean at one hundred twenty three strikeouts over thirty percent k rate but then he came to to Jacksonville and was awesome and had put together eight. Seventy seven s was hitting for power all over the place taking walks and he really kind of cut the strikeouts outstanding so all of a sudden. Now you're looking at a top. He's rated fifty four on pipeline right. Now you're looking at top sixty prospect for a guy that falls in line even though he was awesome a loved watching gallon pitch. He was awesome when he came up to the majors. When you look deeper down the system he probably fell in line find somewhere around four or five six and you think that he might be the next guy out and you look at what you got for him and it looks a lot more positive so I thought the Marlins as frustrating it was to watch gallon go? I thought they did a really good job at that. Trade and all the traits that they made the deadline really because they had a huge problem with the lack of power in the system. And that has been in completely solved with the acquisitions of guys like Sanchez and Chisholm Diaz. So it gets a lot better when you look at jazz and then another guy. I don't if you guys want to talk about him. But is Jose Denver's at shortstop and yeah. Yeah this guy is fun man. I mean he came over in the sand trade and plays great great defense and can hit the ball. I mean he missed a lot of the year But you can really put the bat on the ball all across in forty seven games period. Three twenty two with a seven eighty one. PS and he is nineteen years old. He is younger than I am almost a year younger than I am. And so this kid is really really really really exciting. And the way he plays defense in the way that he can hit at such an advanced. He's in high and he's putting those numbers together is really impressive. Impressive so I thought the Marlins did that Stanton trade obviously decastro thing didn't work out and it was more money than anything but divers was the real gem of that trade for sure her he kind of went from jump back home for a second. He went from the Jackson sons. The Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp like our friend. Tommy I'm sure we'll talk later Interesting character yeah. I sure I'm just trying to you. Know who sticks at shortstop is can both of these guys guys play short or do you think that somebody like jazz. Winds up playing second. If anybody you know if you're telling me okay only one of are these two guys six at short from a defensive side. It's gotta be diverse. He's a little more advanced defensively. He's supposedly one of the best defensive defensive prospect if not the best in the system but don't sell jazz short on his defense either. I mean he's pretty solid defender out there from all accounts so I think those both of those guys really have a good shot at staying at short. I'm trying to look down. Oh Cyrus is another exciting shortstop prospect. Don't even get me started on Naseem noon. Yeah I love that kid and then Jose Solace is a kid. That's a little bit farther away Ed shortstop from the International Free Agency market. Who you know? We'll see coming slowly coming up the tracks in the next next few years here but the future at shortstops pretty bright for the marlins but I mean at the end of the day right now because of what you gave up to get him in because of his stature. It sure is a top sixty prospect. You have to hope that jazz is the guy just from an optics standpoint. You have to and don't be surprised if a short shortstop stop when the MARLINS are ready to go out and get a big name. If shortstop is the position that they go after you know get not saying they're gonNA get Franscisco in door but really trust in Marlins beat reporter Craig Misha's always Kinda hinted that not. It's not going to happen. But it's it's something that the marlins would consider down the road. But I'm not going to speculate on that at all but I'm just saying that shortstop is a position because of the way that the roster construction currently breaks down that the marlins could look into making a huge acquisition at two or three years from now. Where does New Year's here's fallen your favorite marlins prospects and kind of? Why is he one of those guys is right up there? He's just lovable man. I mean he just came in and young kid just has like bright is that just. He looked shell shocked every time. He walks in the ballpark. And he's got this swagger about him that will really excites you. As a marlins fan I mean he just has this like he's got like drip. Almost you know every time he walks around and his instagram is really is a fun follow and him in and the boys down in the cellar just always chopping it up and looking like they're having a good time and just looks like a kid that enjoys the game and just does it for the love of the pure passionate a game and he's he's really good at it I love slick fielding shortstops. And he didn't end up is numbers. Don't look great at the end of the year but he started out hitting pretty pretty well for an eighteen year old out just outta high school. So he's really an exciting prospect of the Marlins have and you know he's weighs eighteen years old. He just got did. He hasn't even reached four season ball yet. But he's a guy that definitely plays into the cards at shortstop in the future for the Marlins but yeah that's three to four years from now I would say I have a feeling of this. Is everybody like a probably fifty percent. Marlins fans favourite player. So we're going to the corner. How good was Brian this year? Good good Goo- really good. I mean he sold me like I always kind of thought that third base was the biggest hole. Because there's not a true third baseman like if you look at our top thirty there's not third baseman listed on here and I was kind of afraid about third base position and Anderson's ability to stick their now. I'm not GonNa say this is like a championship winning third baseman. I still believe in the concept that you have to have you know. A- no-one Aaron Auto Kris Bryant type pregnant at third bit. Yeah Bregman rent down. You know what I mean at third base to win to win a championship I still think third base is one of the most important offensive positions out there and I don't think Brian Anderson is the championship winning third baseman necessarily. But he's a guy that can hold over that third that hot corner for The next few years until you know maybe the MARLINS are ready to make a jump. People get mad at me on twitter all the time for saying that won't be on this team if when they went championship but he definitely earned himself the right to get a shot at being the third basement of the future. I'm still still not one hundred percent sold but I mean he's going to play third base for the next probably three to five years for the marlins unless they go out and third base is where they acquire a big name You know what I mean so he. He's the guy going forward right now because they're like I said there is nothing behind him. In the system there are a few fringe draft prospects that just came up that play third base but nothing really serious yet in in terms of a guy. That's GONNA come up and take his spot because there's just nothing in the system right now. USA looks very different than it did three years ago. Yeah the three now. We two three years now Yada got traded before the twenty seventeen sees. Yeah when he eighteen. This'll be the third year. That was definitely the birds. So let's kind of walk through some of these trades real quick before we get into the current one. We're GONNA leave the yellow trade last because I hate Lewis Brinson Princeton. So that's the primary we'll get we'll talk about Zona. I yeah the album Tara back likely. You know a big pitching prospect for this as he was pretty good like I I could Sierra. Then you get gallant. Who Wind up training any partic- home? Then you guys Don Oh. How did you feel about that trait? Initially and how do we feel about it now. It wasn't the headliner. It is the third one is Kinda the one. Yeah it was definitely kind of the one that flew under the radar even though maybe besides stanton probably the best to what so loved here. He was so loved love to we'd loved Osuna. We were so sad to see him go and he left with so much grace but the the Sierra thing like went south really fast like we were all really excited about mags and then he just kinda turned into like he would be so good in two thousand seven. You know what I mean what. He's just it's not like he he's not the kind of player that is really successful in the MLB today because he doesn't hit for power and he doesn't take a lot of walks but but when he gets on base you can use the speed so well he's such a tremendous base runner Santa talk about in a second gallon we touched on. I don't know too much about Costano to be honest with you but gallon. I mean you flip you turn into jazz which is great and so ultimately the trade is Sierra Sierra Jazz and sandy for Ozouni who's probably GONNA be out of Saint Louis. I don't is free actor. He's yeah he's gone so overall I mean you know that's not too bad CD is just electric. I mean he really is and you know all the talk was the stuff and can he put it altogether and he didn't really strike out a ton of guys this year and which was really kind of weird considering how electric is stuff is but he just got the job done like he threw a matic's this year. He he had like a complete game in eighty. Something eighty nine pitches maybe fullest. Baseball will appreciate you so much for that. He was he was great man. I mean he just like I said just got to job. Donnie pitched a full year which was huge because he was not healthy the year before he had trouble awesome injury but he played himself into a rotation spot in the future. Because all everybody Eh. That was Kinda down on Sandy. said that you know he'll be seventh-inning guy in eighth inning guy but I mean he just was tremendous this year and so I'm really really excited about Sandy. I think he can totally put it all together and still be that two or that to so you know maybe I mean with six coming. It's hard to say that anybody besides him will be the ace in the system but yeah he can definitely play himself back into reaching his ceiling fan. Graphs put out this article about his sinker. I don't know if you've read it. But he started using his sinker more in July he really went away from the fast fastball and started using the sinker and his F- Ip was great and his strikeout rate was up six percent and the sinker the pitch shape keeping everything that they talked about was just so much better than the fastball. And that's when he really started. Finding his success was down the stretch so excited for year. Three of Sandy. I'm looking forward to seeing another. Hopefully another full year out of him and watching him continue to develop. So you know if he turns into that too and Zuma's not in Saint Louis anymore all the sudden you wizard about either yeah. Exactly true. Doesn't look too bad either. So it's it's hard to say that you want to trade if you don't get a title out of it if you're the contending Fisher for sure sure no it is especially with what the cardinals tried to do. They tried they needed a power bad and they brought in Osuna and you know he was great. There don't get me wrong. I Love Marcel. I've rooted for Marcel the entire way even though I absolutely despise yeah he is. He's just like Grizzly bear. But you just goes out there and he just has fun enjoys the game and makes a fool out of themselves sometimes in left field but I mean the kid you know. He hits her Tana Power and he's a good solid hitter you you nobody can underestimate how much of an impact Barry Bonds had on him. That was his breakout. Season was when bonds was the hitting coach here and I was twenty sixteen and and since then he's just been a completely different ball player and so it was definitely sad to see him go and it would be awesome. It's not going to happen but free agent. Everybody wants to bring us this unit back. It's not going to happen. But you know I- success the rest of the way and I think the Marlins ultimately did a pretty good job with that deal despite the criticism you know. Yeah yeah well. It's funny because bats. I feel like that's always going to be known as the third deal absolutely. Yeah Yeah I mean. Let's go to. Let's go to the first deal. Let's talk about the I. Guess what everybody thought was the biggest one at the time which I think might actually provide maybe the worst return maybe out of all. Let's talk about the stanton deal because I mean Castro's who for the Marlins or for the Yank over the yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah for the Yankees. I mean he's like the most hated man in New York. And that's saying something really upsetting. Boy I love jeep but anyway you were saying let's go we've already talked about Castro's you just talked about Sandy. Somebody they'll as somebody else that's probably GONNA wind up in this rotation is horrid Guzman. WHO's in steel deal already? Touched on Denver's kind of walk us through Guzman and like what he means this organization right now flame thrower. I mean this is straight heat at all times flame thrower and the secondary stuff kind of came along this year and the numbers got a lot better He's still walking a ton of guys but he really cleaned up at the end of the year like his end of the year was really really nice. Actually which which is really just kind of you know bodes well like I. I always kept saying he is going to do everything he can to try. And prove to the Marlins Orleans that he can be a starter in the majors Because that's all he knows how to do is just pitch and be a starter. I mean he put together some really nice starts at the the end of the year and he spent the four year in Jacksonville. I would expect him to be up in New Orleans next year. The walks have come down the walks to come down he or else because he just kind of like explodes. He'll be having a great outing through four or five and then he'll we'll just kind of have one inning. Were blow up. You know what I mean. And if he doesn't have that inning where he blows up then he's absolutely fantastic but if he does then it it gets tough with him. So that's why I still kinda think that he plays a reliever and I think that's there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Like the hundred mile on our fastball. And pretty good secondary's ice slider and a changeup. That's coming along. Well I'M GONNA play tremendously out of the bullpen. So worst case scenario for the Marlins they've found their closer the future he's totally a guy that could be just an elite closer because like I said he can be really really good in short bursts. I and that's all you need out of closer. Really is one inning five out sometimes and if he can do that consistently but he but like. I said. We shouldn't be talking about this because George will tell you and he switched from George this year. He'll tell you you probably that he's going to do everything he can't be starter and he showed that in his performance at the end of the year so this is the beer for him. This coming year is the year for him. It's either he pitches really well at the next level or if he stays in Jacksonville or he struggles and he will know this year whether he's going to be projects to be in the rotation station for the Marlins to in the future or whether he's going to be there closer of the future. He told me that two people it change there to help people say their names the same deal. Yeah I know right right at the beginning of the year he was like oh by the way. My name is George not whore. Yup I did it I did it I said. Hey on the podcast. The whole sees early like how people people like how people still call the chargers. The San Diego chargers fill call the Marlins the Florida Marlins. I still call him all the time. So you're not the first person. Listen to make that mistake for sure. How often does a trade go down in the centerpiece of the trade is the worst player in the train? When it comes comes down like I'm filling e you're calling sanders player? No no no. We're going into the yellow trade because I'm about to shit on those Brinson. There is a reason that he's been traded at times. Feels like five times. At least it doesn't happen very often and it really doesn't it really doesn't it. So it's so upsetting because I love L B A love him. He's doesn't the beginning of the year he he did it did he was hitting three hundred after like two or three weeks. And I'm like finally like please Louis like I'm sick of entire of people just shitting all over you. You know what I mean like I you know I get it yellow pages and every candidate. You know he's going to be a parental. MVP PECAN it. I get it just put it together. And it's so upsetting me like he's seems like such a great guy and I. I tried to speak with him this year but we never got the chance to and he was really good but for a while in New Orleans and he still there are still Moments where you're like God that guy can do it man. But he's just you know it just seems like another boxed in or Braxton. It's just the same same kind of thing. This athletic freak. That has all the tools to be a great baseball player and he gets the major leagues. And you can't hit a curveball. So yeah it's it's crazy how that happened right away where you got this kid coming in. And he's your opening day center. Fielder replacing You know one of the new faces of the League in Christian Yelich and he just doesn't work out But the rest of it is great. Yeah the rest of it is great and what I will say is it was really bad. It was really really bad until the trade deadline this year because there of what the marlins did did to make up for the fact that LBJ isn't going to pan out and the depth that they added to this outfield in the depth that they added to the system especially with the draft and the deadline and like the one two punch of the draft and the deadline that they had the marlins are going to be all right and as sad as it is to say. Lewis Brinson. Doesn't it seemed to be part of the plants of the future in this franchise. which if you told me that two years ago I would have thought you crazy? Yeah he was good in. I know how it panned out. He was good enough to be in deals for Jonathan Lacroix who contributed to that Texas team at the time when he got traded in Milwaukee and Christian Yelich. So you're not a bad. You know you fool to different organizations joe into thinking that you were good sure did and and the other thing is like the brewers saw something Y- you know because the marlins went after flatter Bouchette. This is what is reported. Is that the Marlins when after flatter bullshit because they knew what they had with Yelich but the blue jays wouldn't budge so they you know they went after a Kunia and the braves when Bush and all credit to the Blue Jays and the braves. No matter how good Christian Yelich for not putting a On a Kunia and on Vladi and on shut because those guys are going to be tremendous three of the faces of this new era a baseball but credit to the brewers. For for saying you know what this is. This guy is somebody that we need. We need to go after Christian Yelich. He can take the next step here he he can become that thirty POW thirty home. Run hitter that a lot of people saw he. Can you know I'm not saying I thought he was going to be an MVP perennial MVP VP candidate and hit three twenty and slugged. Seven hundred every year. Because I didn't I can't believe it's the case but I knew he had thirty home. Run potential every marlins fan that watched him. We'll tell you that he had thirty home. Run potential and you know and now all of a sudden you know Lewis Brinson is what you get back. It's tough but from the Abreu standpoint. It's great because you took that risk. You said Yeah we might be giving up on this on this Brinson guy and maybe he turns out to be great but our guy the guy that we want. It's going to be better and look at how that worked out for him to playoff appearances because of him. In a row for franchise that was just kind of wiggling in mediocrity for a long time. Yes so we already talked about Brenston. We've already talked about D.. As Monte Harrison is the four pieces. How could this is my guy right here? Like number one guy. We spoke to him at the beginning of the season before all the injuries went down when when he was he was hot he was on fire when we talked to him and he is just the most down to Earth Guy that you could ever talk to you all about faith. All about family family His brother Shack Harrison who's in the NBA. And you just comes. He's just got athlete in his blood and deuce appear athletes dog. He played high school He played football in high school. I think he was like hi recruit in high school and the kids. Just baller swaggie. Where's the chain? One buttons unbuttoned. He's got the white arm sleeve in white cleats and he just has the makings of a ball player. You know and really kind of had a tough year in Jacksonville. When he first came into the system and kate a ton and in that kind of suggested to me all right they'll just run it back and you no have him go to Jacksonville but clearly the marlins saw something in him because they sent him up to New Orleans this year and he tore the cover up the ball? Put together a really really nice year. with an opium right around eight hundred hit for power and he kind of had this new approach that he implemented in the fall league last last year when he went to Arizona and there wasn't a ton of power coming from it so coming into the year we will Monte tap back into that power we all know he has any did he hits nine. Home runs in fifty six games this year. So the kids really good. He is going going to have to cut the strikeouts. He's going to struggle with strikeouts early in his career but if he can hit the ball hard which is all he does when he puts on the ball he hits the ball hard and it goes really far and he's a good defender because he's so athletic and he's got a great arm he's going to be really good ball player from the Marlins and I am so so excited I cannot. I'm drooling over Monte. I cannot wait until he gets up to the big because I will be at his debut and albeit a Monte Harrison Jersey. So Oh I love this kid I can talk about all day. I talked about them all year on the POD and like I said just a great kid. That's easy to root for which is what a lot what what's happening a lot around this marlins organization right now is good kids. That are just easy root for and I think you know. Obviously Brinson was the face of the deal will and has emerged. and Yom's will get sick is awesome but Montes the jam of the deal. No doubt about it. Just because of the president said he'll bring and also because I just think he's going to be a good ballplayer. AM's great first half and how to see project. I was so surprised with his performance when he came up. Because I knew I knew that was good but he was he dealt. Last year he had a great great year last year and then struggled a little bit in Jacksonville. This year he's like he's he's kind of Hendrix. I mean not. He's not as is good. Kyle Hendricks don't get me wrong. It's similar you know. The Cup is similar. Just not going to blow the fastball by you but he's GonNa put it in a spot where you just simply. We can't hit it and the change is great. The curveball is great. It's wicked and he's just got the stuff that can just play. You know he's not going to overpower you. Like so. Many pitchers nowadays are in in the Marlins have a lot of those guys in the system. But he's just going to. You know pitches ways. He's just a a good pitcher does he. Project as the as the to even the three no probably not you know. Some people like ally who's is our editor at fish. Stripes is Kinda lower on him than I am. He thinks he kind of plays. Like journeyman arm you know back and forth between AAA and you know. But I think he's I think he can play in the rotation very well at the back end. I think he's got a future in the Organization for sure because he's just got its pitch ability not with him like he didn't just throw his pitches where he wants to strike you out and I was impressed with the strikeout numbers when he got up to the big starting out a ton of guys so I think you can play. Say He's not going to be the number one and number two but I think he's a guy that can definitely hang around in this rotation for a long time but with with the arms that are down there you know he is a guy that could definitely get passed over. Just because of the amount of talent that's still yet to come up to the bigs for the Marlins I mean and we kind of hit all those trades. Now those pretty ex- pretty fun it. Those deals crazy man. I mean when that was all going down it was just like learning new names. You know figuring out how were sky slots into the organization you know is this. Is this one of the guys of the future you know is here. Is he a top hundred prospects. You know what I mean like and and it was so tough because of the noise. That was all around. And you know I was obviously always a big proponent of this rebuild re-build so I kinda had to play you know that just relax. Just do that with padres twitter all the time. Yeah no it's tough. Man is so hard hard because people get so angry and and like I said earlier like Lauria really broke this fan base. I mean he really did. Nobody trusts this team anymore. You're coming back. It's starting to happen again. People are starting to kind of see. What's going on down in Miami and I think this next year will kind of be when it all starts to really really show the major league Cool thing about like we've already talked about all five trades that I wanted to talk about now I was doing the research on it and I figured out that. What chagas data this right was your one four five ten eleven sixteen twenty three twenty six rank prospects right? Yes and that doesn't even include k the international bonus money that you y'all got in those deals to acquire thirteen and twenty seven being the Mesa's watch out for twenty seven watch out for gene. I love junior junior junior way more than I like. Victor E. Yeah I still think victor can kind of put something together. Because he's such such a great defender. I mean just going to be like if he makes it to the majors and makes it easy going to lead defensive center fielder no doubt deal with its. Yeah Yeah put that junior kidman brings the swag. He hit two eighty four with a seven sixty four. He just turned eighteen. He turned eighteen the two months ago. The kid him in Naseem or like buddy buddy like they had this little romance that followed all year and and Dared Fun to watch. And Yeah that kid I mean he's got the swagger he's got the confidence and he plays well. I mean we didn't even talk about the the deadline online deals. The deadline deals. Were so fantastic. Lisa suck bottoms. Yeah let's do it. We we didn't even talk about Jesus. Yeah let's talk about Sanchez. Yeah so so. We got him for Anderson and who have been was really good in the playoffs. By the last the numbers Anderson was great down the stretch for the race and it was betrayed. Richards was Richard But Anyway J.. J. Chases is just like that power void from the left side of the plate that the marlins needed to fill they used Trevor Richards who was good young arm that a lot of people really liked because he had that sick change of his change. It's disgusting but like I said earlier with with what they did gallant. They use the surplus of arms arms to go out in a choir a need which was power from the left side of the plate and they did it with Lewin and they did with jazz all three power hitting lefties that they acquired wired at the deadline and that that deal that they made with Minnesota where they traded. They did it again. They use valmont. Chris Valmont who was a really nice pitching prospect prospect. I really liked valmont. I think he's in the twins top thirty. They used him and who else in Romo right and Romo to go out and and get D. S.. Because we needed a power hitting first baseman and we got a power hitting first baseman and then we use gallon to get jazz so this organization. This front office knows what they're doing. They know the system really well. I talked about this all you on the podcast that they have like this. Really good organizational awareness that you're you know reflects as well on how on the roster construction their ability because instructors Rosser that they know where there are voids and talent and they plugged them right away. They went right after him. Attacked Him with Blah Day and with Jason Jazz in with Lewin and burdock is a really exciting prospect out of the stress so You know they got going going on man. Tomorrow's really got it going on. I'm telling you we were talking about before how we were actually excited to do this preview these last year when we did it with Louisa was Kinda barebones like you know in a lot of great But you know it's just it was just like kind of the things we gotta do. The marlins this year it was like we get to do the MARLINS. Yeah and I've been so fat. It happened so fast man I mean all even this year the box scores were so boring. It was all about out. The pitchers was all about the pitchers. And then it was gone and Monte and and that's it and like Gerard Nazione was having a great it agree you're all year I loved your outfields loaded in Miami but anyway and then all of a sudden the draft draft comes in and burdock search sent in the world on fire and Meissner has a good year and Evan Edwards who nobody will talk about is having a great year. You don't on having a nick ready who nobody knows about is having a great year and then day comes in and struggles a little bit but then you start to see that pure hitter that you know that everybody knew was there with day and so all of a sudden. These boxers started lighten up to one games. became six five games became eight seven games. You know what I mean so it happened so fast and then the trade deadline happen and all the sudden had Jesus hitting a home run every night jazz hidden homerun every night Lewin hit home run every night and and the it it really liked the narrative kind of this was the year that the script kind flipped on the marlins in terms of everybody just kind of down on them and now they're rated as a top number four on pipelines. Thirty four four in two years are unbelievable. What what this what this organization has done and to you know? It's time to stop selling them short. It's time to move up saying the same old marlins because it's not the same old marlins jeeter in these guys came in and they had a plan and so far you know I wanna be like you know not say that they want every deal that they made and that this worked out so well and it just seemed like I'm just a homer but if you really look at it and it's really worked out for the Marlins really well and and you know they got the boys on the move. They definitely got the boys on the move down here to pressure. They literally took like what normal people do onto cade where like they take a team and they just completely trade everything Yup Yup and or you know what you do on the show and rebuild it from there. I've done that a million times and the marlins just did it. It is flat out in real life. And I'm telling you it was. It was a month that all the sudden it really took shape. It all came together when the draft tappin because the draft like if you look at that draft gorgeous it's beautiful. It's beautiful. They signed Federer. They signed Moquegua. They used used all this all these seniors. You know what I mean these guys they could sign for really cheap so that they could go out and use their bonus pool money to sign the the fitter than the seem. You know what I mean. All these guys that they felt they wanted to lock down. It's a lot of college bats which is what was needed was really good hitters. Just pure baseball players bure hitters. Guys that are GONNA hit two seventy to eighty with four fifty plus slugging percentages and and and then they got their high school guys. You know there are three main high. School is that they got this seam and Federer. They're all in the top thirty ready and they all locked them. They locked all of them down which I thought was so impressive and then the trade deadline happened and obviously seeing gallon go was was bad bad but all you know after after the deadline they ranked number four in the system. And that's when I realized that people poor finally taking notice of what's going down in Miami and all the work that I've been doing for this season number three three three and a half. It really started when we treated like D. and Phelps and got Pablo back and. That's when it really started and then and then since then I've been putting in the work covering these guys and trying to make people aware of what was happening. One the rumors of jeeter. You're buying the team or out there. And the work is finally paying off man and the work of the Marlins organization most importantly finding finally paying off because people are finally realizing that this isn't the same old marlins but the field shape up to look like on opening day. Do you think this year opening outfield. We we think birdie maybe I mean he was. He's he's almost. Two Warp had a pretty good year. I got to imagine. You know they're gonNA put prints out there and raise obligation after they have to. God bless maybe Sierra makes the opening day roster just to give him a shot to fill the roster spot I imagine like they got to spend some money because they have to fill it a roster and they have to raise the payroll little bit. We're going to maybe maybe put put better like Colquhoun is a guy that some people say we should go after expensive verdict already could plant. Yeah by by September. Hopefully it looks like Maude. Tae J. Zeus Plan and Brinson. Now hopefully as much as I love you know what hopefully day honestly I don't think thinks. Oh Eddie if the day comes up in September like this kids can start the year in Jacksonville right. I think he had six ninety. S and the only the reason it was only six ninety s because he kind of started slow. Well he's a guy that you can trust them Dave right they love this kid. They love this kid and he'll probably be with the team in in spring so if he's with the team in spring and he has a nice spring and they like what they see from him. I think he'll be in Jacksonville. And if he goes to Jacksonville and tears to cover off the ball. You know that's where you're gonNA see your best pitching so why why go to AAA. I mean I guess he kind of has but Monte is going to be in the show at some point this year Jay. Zeus is going to be in the show at some point this year. And there's got to be somebody. Who am I missing? Know Scoops going to play first base riot prior to Anderson's can play third base. Dean doesn't play appeal. Ms Right they and can we end the dean thing. I mean people tried to do it for so long. And it's just it's just not gonNA happen but yeah print since going to see a bunch of time out there and you know who knows what can happen with that. I mean he's still you you know talent doesn't just go away. I mean athletes where he finally figures it out. Yeah but not really seems seems look a lot different than I think. I mean the Infield is GonNa look pretty similar. You know you'll go like I base probably Cooper second base issan shorts dot. Aw Ro third base be a and I'll follow behind the plate put. The outfield is work. It's really interesting it's work. It's really interesting for the future because there are are so many guys. We didn't even mention camera advisor. Connor Scott is had a great year. Totally changed my mind on him. This this year Gerard. Encarnacion is the most underrated prospect in this system hands. My hands are on the table. He had a great year he had a great rape fall. burdock is a guy that toilet cover off the ball in Clinton issued her a hit nine forty nine in sixty nine games in the minors. This year hit three. Oh eight with a five forty two. Slugging percentage scene there are so many options and then obviously the big one is it. It's all about this kid. I'm I love this. Pick an SEC guy. Through through. So I loved this pick and it it it. He is intimately what it comes down to. I'd say in the outfield. So I think if you look at the future what you really want is you want day Monte and cheese and I think that's about as good as it gets with Monay either Montier Day Center and right and then Jason Left. We're just starting pitching now and forty. Ask you this question once. Whose idea was the Detroit Crisp Addict Fernando Rodney David Sampson? The troll man. That guy on twitter. That wants you to know that he screwed up the marlins future and he thinks he did a great job but he did a actually a WanNa put the sunny I want to put the sunny song. The troll Sung in there now for some reason. You gotta pay the trump. No I was talking about this with a friend bovine last night we were talking about survivor. And how David Samson was on survivor and he was the first person voted off season. And it brought me so much joy day to watch. Geoff say David. The tribe is spoken at butterflies. Torch you have no idea Guys I mean like I said like that Paddock in Rodney thing. That's just your typical and for one. It's just your typical marlins deal that went down back in the day where it's just shortsighted and it's just. That's the kind of deals that the marlins were making back in the day. The the gallon thing. Yeah I understand. Gallon was great while he was here. But it's so much different than the paddock thing. You know what I mean and Louis Casteel. And Domingo Herrmann forgivable so many marlins around the league that I mean back to Biggie. An Andrew Miller Miller and Oh my God it's the list goes on and on you know Kiki Hernandez fucking marines nick. You you know what I mean like riddled around the League got all these traits came from. It's different now. You know the trade so we talked about like look at the results that have come out of all those traits are completely different than the jared cozart trade and the Mark Burleigh trade. And I mean you know. The the Dontrelle Willis in the Josh Beckett in the dishwasher sworn in and out one and that was all done by Laurie and his minions so going to sixto. Let's get in the exciting stuff. Now is the one that we've kind of avoided talking talking about so far. Yeah how good is six. Good Good Ian my coast on the podcast. I want to see him and he said Johnny Cueto through a lot. Yeah and that's scout guys. That's that's is the number one so that's high as it goes. That's the ceiling thrown out. There I mean it's like it's like how I've been comparing borough to college football reference here Pairing Joke Brady. You know what I mean. It's like it's so dangerous to do but when you do it he he just wins but when you when you look at it it kind of makes sense put six though I mean he looks like Cueto on the mound like he just Kinda got that same same kind of motion and he's just flame the flame thrower and his slider so disgusting and he. His numbers weren't great to start the year but the problem with him him was he was literally throwing too many strikes like just leaving the ball in the strike zone too often and because he rose it so hard he was getting hit Hard right back at him and then he just put it all together like in May and June he just put it all together and his numbers are so fantastic let me look at this him and Louis Keno are the only two people right now because I I think you're right on Cueto because I think I think he reminds me more quote. I think senior reminds me more of Pedro just like the way he care. I mean I don't know how six Oh carries herself but the teen wire. Yeah no he. He's alive wire and he has that like cocked back when he throws back through. The fastball. Isn't aw it's electric fastballs. Electric this slider is discussing. The change up is really what kind of put him over the edge this year and said is that his changeup age of really came along and was really good but I mean in in eighteen games they kinda limited he only one hundred and three innings in eighteen games this year. Two you point five. Three era onepointoh three whip. Let me put up his F- Ip for a second. But I mean it just got better every every week with six every time time out on the mound. It's just got better and better and better and you saw. He had a two six nine F. I. P. compared to a two five three year so his results were legit. You know it was just him just going out there and just being better than everybody in double A. and that's a pretty talented league that southernly. So he's better. He's spider than everybody else in. He's going to be a UP BY HSUN next year. He's going to be in the moral more he's going to be on the MARLINS next year. If it should be by June the guy's amazing and yeah I think he's quite. Oh good like if you Ask how good he is. I think it's Cueto. I mean that's super high praise. You know I mean yeah I like that for you got you got him for like talent. You know. It's not like you got out of nowhere you know you acquired him and had to press really hard to acquire him. Yeah yeah he you know giving up mm. Jt wasn't easy but he's going to make it worthwhile little bitty we didn't have the ace. We had a ton of arms and we had a lot of like how I mentioned. Net like yams is kind of has the makeup of Karl Hendricks with a lot of those guys control Kinda finesse kind of pictures but this guy is just power power power and he can control it as good as anybody so I mean. This is the headline arm. We had a ton of arms. It was a surplus of arms. We didn't have that headline guy until this guy came into the system and this year he pitched like the ace of the future. And that's why you can't say anybody else. But him is the ace of the future and you can't say he's not because he is he. Is You know this is so tough for me to say. Because I'm such a Jose guy I love him so much and I miss awesome so much. But he is the most exciting pitching prospect in the MARLINS organization since Jose without a doubt and East GonNa hopefully live up to you. You Got Sandy Sixto Cabrera Gutman all nighter. Like who are we missing here. who are you missing steward not Stewart Garrett and rogers especially Rogers Dude. I was so low on Trevor Rogers because kind of bias gator. I wanted FIDO that year. Really really bad and there's been tremendous. Don't get me wrong. And it was just as pick of the era. That was their last first round pick and it was your typical Loria pick prep guy from New Mexico Co with not a ton of project ability you know like for whatever reason. He's a high prospect but I mean this guy's put it all together and he had a great year ear he. He walked twenty four guys this year. Compared to one hundred and twenty two strikeouts this is at high in eighteen games in one one hundred ten innings one hundred and twenty two strikeouts twenty four walks a two point five three era and a one point one zero whip. He was just fantastic. He was just absolutely absolutely fantastic. His sliders get better is changed. Up is what everybody was worried about. It's getting better the slow the fastballs really good. He's got more velocity. I saw him at the All Star game this year and he was sitting he was getting up towards ninety four and ninety five which is not something that we expected from him and then Brax. Finally we got a full season Braxton Garrett which is what we've been looking for forever he pitched twenty games in in Jupiter this year and he was really good to one hundred and five innings hundred eighteen strikeouts. Three seven walks one point two three whip three point three four. Era So those through the two guys that we have six top one hundred prospects in the moreland system right now. Those are the next to their day are going to be in this year and as long as they pitch you know. Continue to pitch the way they did this year. But Edie Edie is the hidden gem in this system electric stuff electric fastball. A little more control than a sandy or a whore. Hey not as much as six though but he had such a good year. It was just so so good and he was him and Gerardi encarnacion. We're probably the two guys that made the big sleeps in the entire system this year. Two to point two yard and Jupiter in eleven starts point nine five whip. I thought there was no way. This kid got to Aa this year and he did did and he was good when he got to AA eight starts two point five six. Era One point zero six whip forty three point two innings and he really brought the walks down this year so that kids can be really good and he earned his way onto the top one hundred lists he made it and I'm really happy for him. Seems like another one. That's a great kid and he's GonNa be really really really good and He played himself into you. Know really being a part of the future of the rotation tation here all right so time to close it out with the bullpen. How will the state of the bullpen look next year and will uranium be a bullpen peace? Now to be honest I don't know a ton about the bullpen. I feel like the the bullpen arms. That will be here. This year are going to come from free agency. But why Kiwi missed. We didn't touch on his Jordan Holloway. Holloway he's going to be able to me he just doesn't have the control but he's got the stuff and it. It flashed at times this year. so I think like him and and we talked about this earlier. Guzman can be an absolutely elite reliever if he doesn't stick in in the rotation which this year whether we find out whether that happens or not I think good rain eventually gets skipped. I don't know if it's this year but there's there's just too much talent in the farm for him to stick in the rotation. It would be inexcusable to leave him in the rotation considering that there. Are you know you can put together rotation right now just in the farm system of Sixto. Eddie Brax Rogers and Nick Neider and that's your five five right there and I think they are all have better career than Radia and that doesn't even mention Yams Pablo Lopez or Sandy. Who are all at the big league level right now so The marlins have too many good starters and rainy has the stuff to play out of the pen. So Yeah Yeah I think that eventually we see him in the pen here. Let's go to the draft are so oh Bowden said that he thinks that this is you know. Probably the best draft of any team so far this year right. Yeah A- About strategy I mean Gush on it man. Let's talk about today. I will kind of go from there. Yeah put days days just as solid as it gets in terms over prospect Hit at the. SEC level showed in advance approach at the SEC C. C. Level and the SEC is as good as you're going to get in you know they say it's basically comparable comparible to like low a high a level pitching and he went to high and at first wasn't great. He played a tawny baseball this year. I mean clearly some some exhaustion and showed but put together six ninety Oh. ps it. Three home runs walked. Eleven Times K Twenty nine times in one hundred and forty Eh. Bats kids good. I mean you know it's like the numbers. Don't jump off the page at you this year like we kind of expected him to like I expect him to just come in and hit it. Three hundred four hundred five hundred slash line kinda something like that. The numbers don't jump off the page. But it shows that I mean he's GonNa you know kind of break out next. Sure I think Jacksonville is reasonable for him. I think he can make the majors. Maybe next year if it really all comes together but the guy that really we need to talk about is Berbick. He had such a good year. He had nine forty nine great across two levels this year and this kid is just so exciting. I mean he just stares cover off the ball three. Oh eight four. Zero seven five forty two a slash. Josh Line Snuck into the top thirty list at the end of the year Who else can he just going to be? He played himself into the discussion of outfielder. The future I mean the draft Federer hat was pretty good in the G. C. L.. MOCHA was pretty good in the Al.. I mean Meisner. We didn't even talk about Meisner. Some people think pipeline said that Meissner might have the best tools in the draft draft and we got him with our third pick. No we took him in the competitive balanced round. Yeah yeah he was our second pick and uh he put together across two levels of seven fifty s and hit two seventy and got on base. It three eight clip would like to see a little more power but that'll come with just an adjustment to the new pitching but you know he kinda struggled at Mizzou in his senior season but has all the tools to put it all together and there are these all these guys that flew under the radar. Nick Ready Evan Edwards words that just kind of a J. D. or that's another guy he was the batting champion in the New York. Penn league this this year with Batavia all he does is get on base in steel basis. let me pull up these numbers right now. He's a guy him and burdock I came amount a right state and everybody was like where the hell did these guys come from. He had three fifty to four. sixty-nine four twenty three this year with a one seventy two weighted runs unscreened plus and only struck out eleven and a half percent of the time and stole twenty nine basis in sixty four games. So there are all these is young guys that nobody talks about because they're not popping up on the top thirty list yet but they will be eventually and this this draft is just stellar and like like we were talking about Austin like we were talking about how it happened with the draft where it just all came together so quickly weeks yes literally dude like literally like the box. Scores just started shopping off the page at you because all this offense came in that we needed needed and we were so depleted of hitting in this in this System that guys like Thomas Jones and Bryson Bregman and Chris Torres in I mean you know I can go on and on. We're still in the top thirty and then they just got lapped By all the guys that came into this system draft and with the trade deadline so yeah I mean the Marlins put together in their strategy was just fantastic and I love their strategy of really knowing the system well and saying okay. We're missing power so let's go after power. Let's go after advanced college bats that have been able the show to hit at the highest level. And they're gonNA come right into the miners and hit and that's exactly what happened and it's it's working you know. We usually close out with some some bold predictions. What are your predictions for the Miami? Marlins four twenty twenty. Let's say they get to seventy wins seventy said why not what I mean. I see I think we see five or six of these top fifteen guys make the majors by the end of the year. You're talk in day by September. You're talking a sixto by Jesus Neider Lewin. That sounds like sounds all guys that have a legitimate chance in my other. Bold prediction is that Giradi encarnacion is the best player in the MARLINS system next year. That guy is going to be fantastic on her. Love Him love him. He was a guy that like when we did our our our season preview on the podcast that I just Kinda like mentioned in passing like when we were going down all the rosters I was like. Oh this young guys kind of intriguing and then had a great year ear. Went to Jupiter went to high able and had a nice year went to the league had a put together a pretty nice fall Kids really exciting. He's just another guy that you add into the recipe and yeah and then I'll say that six does up by June six. So it's going to be there by June he's going to have like a Jordan. CAMMO type call up where they need somebody. And he's right there and and he'll stick with it and that'll be the last time he sees the miners. I think you're GONNA eat in joining us as we can talk. And marlins be sure to check out Ethan on this drives podcast. Earning your stripes next last week next week. We're going onto the Tigers Brandon Day. We'll be back just like last year to talk about the Detroit Tigers and we are going to have a blast that is a long the episode and I hope you guys enjoy it. Hey guys if you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to a coordinator Gordon. Any of your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts many other platforms. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum animal listeners. And it's everything you need to make a podcast when David started this podcast. We definitely didn't think that it would be this. Easy and anchor has made it just that you know we picked gave up belong the way. We're having fun doing this but we're also making a little bit of cash. You can to download the free anchor APP or go to Anchor F._M.. 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