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Episode 00: Introducing Podsass


<music> sas pot. This is some pot sas about podcasts. Hello fellow pod sasser is i'm your host. Leah and i'm here with my fellow deejay deejay sassy pants and this podcast is essentially about podcasts about everything from launching your podcast whether you're an amateur doing this as a hobby or whether you're trying to build one for a client or a brand. This is gonna be your one. Stop shop for all things about what to do. You and what not to do to get started and get going all the good stuff so my first question is actually d._j. Sassy pants d._j. Sassy pants do oh you know what to do to get started with podcasting <hes> <hes> no already guys from the source from d._j. Sassy opinions he along with. I'm assuming many others do not know what to do. When it comes to podcasting it's a crazy world that sprung upon us you know in two thousand we now have seven hundred thousand active podcasts and over two million ryan. I believe episodes so it's a big crazy rolled in a lot of people are listening on their daily commute on a daily basis as definitely growing place that a lot of people i wanna be a part of so this is just going to dive into that and get into the nitty gritty in an excited to have you all here with me. <hes> as i said i'm leah masasi person and getting getting into all these things i'm actually using this first overview episode as kind of an example of what not to do just so. You can hear difference what i'm talking about. Some of the things you'll need aid versus not needing to get started for example. A lot of people preach that you need microphones that is so true. I am doing my first podcast on an iphone my phone right now and i'm sure you guys can hear audio difference. I have a dog you never know if you could hear my dog in the background or people walking by or making a perfect creeks and all the good stuff <hes> you know you just don't know what's gonna happen based on where you're recording and i'm doing this <hes> you know with with no <hes> studio podcasting and no proper equipment for acoustics and not even a podcast book which will definitely get into which is definitely more affordable way way to produce <hes> studio quality sound for podcasts <hes> on a budget <hes> and i'm also not doing any audio editing which is another thing. We'll get into <hes> so i'm doing this all in one take including chosen altos which is why d._j. Sassy pants and i have done this four times now <hes> but again it's just a show you'll hear the difference between people who take the time with podcast and people who were rushing to get them out. I think a really important message for this. First podcast is just taking taking your time learning everything that you need to a lot of research before you get started. It's so easy to be like okay. I'm going to record an episode and get it out there. I'm gonna have a famous podcast and that's going to be it. That is not realistic so make sure you're setting real realistic expectations both with yourself whether again it's for hobby be or with your brand or client or company or whoever you're looking to create podcasts for i think realistic expectations a lot of background research and just budget <hes> is going to be really important and are going to be really important aspects to gather before getting started so like i said i'm really excited to get going with you. All all this is just a quick overview of what's to come and is is i and as i said i am lia. <hes> with my fellow host and intro were <unk> d._j. Sassy pants <hes> and stay tuned for more including guest speakers <hes> different segments and all the good stuff like i've said so. Thank thank you so much guys for tuning in and cenex time sas.

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