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REShow: Jeff Darlington. Hour 1 (03-19-20)


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Del tufo Yes sir. Mike Celebrating Four Annual Fiftieth Birthday. Today it actually is the Fourth Annual Fiftieth Birthday fifty four. What's what's the situation supposed hygroscopic. Rich Rich Rich. I'm sorry I'm it's okay. You've been locked up locked up on a condo in really locked up so it's like I've been watching movies left and right which has been what you've been watching like. I'm going crazy like I got shawshank which I've never watched waiting. I've started never seen Shawshank redemption. I got a lot of movies on deck. What no I never Chris. We've been I know I it's a worm of we talked about it ever. I got. Movies ravages three weeks. I know and it's like I feel bad because I can't relate. I got him as I'm doing all the wormhole movies. I okay now which I loved. I'd never ever seen who only through I never watched. I'm talking about fully through bits and pieces occasionally of the never liked backing so we gotta get you goonies for rich now. We're not now we're talking to say welcome to this show We are our first full day in the new league year in the NFL. And everybody from what? I'm hearing Tom Brady's GONNA sign today. He's going to get that physical and New York City apparently he and a box of greed. That there's a doctor in New York City that it's cool with the box. Cool Tom the that. That the physical the Tom's GonNa get is fine for the For the bucks to go ahead. And Have Tom put his. Tb twelve on a contract with TB and make this thing official. Wow apparently that's happening today. Still can't but we'll see hold on. Here's what I should do. I should say This Plans to expect back. Did I need to infuse this language? Jeff Darlington he's been all over the Tom Brady Story Since jump is going to be our first guest in about Sixteen minutes time right here to have the conversation and Pat. Mcafee will be here and I'll say this normally I send out a text to friends and Who are on the show and say hey just a friendly reminder. I'm calling you and I'm like an calling it. One twenty eastern time. He wrote back boss man. Aj Hawkins will both be on the phone. We talk to each other. Is that right right? Sweet I mean as long as we can hear them and understand them both absolutely. It looks like we're it. Looks like we got two for the price of one coming up so long story. Short is Mcafee is going to be joining us with Jay Hawk and And I will confirm that with pat in our first commercial break and then Willie mcginest and our three our a walk off the NFL network said yesterday after another three hours of free agency frenzy. And I walk into honestly. I've been in there now three straight days. Yeah I may you know you're you're not supposed to be in a room with more than ten people I may have interacted with fewer than ten humans. I mean they had it all up. I walked into. They have it all worked out the entrance. No no yeah actually. It's really odd. I've been walking in the same entrance for sixteen years and they stopped me and he told me to go. Two blocks around was Kevin. Don't don't Spike Lee. Here man died street. Now Chris That was a good one. No I went into the same entrance and then I get ready. Go into It's the room that was built for Dion Sanders to do his twenty first in prime show or The game prime show that he's he. You know if you ball you get a call from him and it's just me in the room and they shut the door and I walked in the room and it was as if I was taking a headfirst dive into a bottle of bleach. I mean it just the whole thing had been totally disinfected makes I leave and I see in the in the Green Room When him against unlike hey willy you free tomorrow yes done so the. Look Willie was the first guy along with I. Guess bledsoe right. It was him and bledsoe defense and offense that started the whole thing off in New England that led to eventually check coming that led to Brady in twenty years. That has now. I mean this is it. This is now over a whole brave new world in New England and William Lee joining us an hour number. Three's keeping our eye on everything Two items in the NFL world of note here one. It looks like Todd. Gurley might be on to move here now. Mike Silver mentioned this on. Nfl Network on Monday. That Gurley was on the trading block and I would love to know which team that would be. You know which team would be if I if I if I if I was todd. Gurley and if I was this team the box I would say the Tampa Bay bucks would be and if on the box and I have this to three year window at Tom. Brady and I've got Ronald Jones also to make sure that girl he doesn't have to be the bell cow and I got Ronald Jones and Got Todd. Gurley and I've got Tom Brady. And I've got Mike Evans and got Chris Godwin my God. I'm going to work right. So if girly can't be the bell cow and can't go all sixteen games can't go more than I guess. Twelve Games if that's it. Ronald Jones was becoming quite the back to. That's a hell of a one two punch. Ronald Jones had a thousand yards. Total offense and six touchdowns last. Oj Howard is the is the guy there to just draft some offensive line. Help Gore. Yeah you can get a great offensive lineman right in the middle of the draft fourteen. He's got to take on. Todd's big huge cronk contract and and but but you've got your window right now. He got Tom Brady till doesn't play anymore. And Bruce Arians you got this whole setup when you do that if you're Tampa one one thousand percent also. Todd Gurley two years younger than Ronald Jones. We think about grow is having all these issues injury. Wisey does still younger than who they have now. Oh my word now. I'm just throwing that I'm really. I'm just throwing that out there. I don't know if Tampa's even in the market or wants to do or has the ability to do it or not. Adam schefters twitter this morning. Then that is what Adam Schefter said. They're going to do it as Kellyanne. Oh schefter Brockman just reading Avenue Brockman reading Kellyanne. Oh God bless. Him is destroying the video. The Guy was Who put his bare butt up against a hundred and he called it a summer all madden. That literally made me laugh out loud. Adam Schefter tweeting out this morning since word surfaced at Brady is expected to land in Tampa. Yes an unexpected high number of players have reached out to the buccaneers to let them know they want join. Please take me. The New England quarterback Brahma Valley's take me. Please take me I mean yeah. Yeah Pied Piper Super Team. You started the super team Bro. Right through Dream Team Dom boy. My coordinating producer saying They after the Brady deal. They got thirty million capital Kota work. Jason Pass Melvin Gordon out there too. Yep Now they do need to protect Brady but what better? Way To protect and with the run game right man. Who's better than the quick short passes in the slot? Then Tom Brady. Eight four four zero four rich number dial you WANNA call Darius Slay. It's traded and the eagles swoop and manage to three and five and you know in coughing up What seventeen million per for one of the top corners in the League? Who's got a really good track. Record Against Mario Cooper particularly good against Amari Cooper Great. Move Twenty nine years old and you know. I really amazing really amazing and Detroit. Lions fans probably wondering what the Hell's going on over there but sleigh gets the exit visas he's been wanting Ever since Middle of last year and the eagles getting terrific player terrific player just to three and a five. That's all man three straight pro bowls led the NFL with eight interceptions and twenty six passes defense than twenty seventeen. That's some big news and here's the other one too. Did you hear who the Miami Dolphins according to? My compadres the NFL Media Group. The Miami Dolphins apparently reached out to before the corona virus shut down Visits in House. But you cannot have any visits in house because of the corona virus of draft. I did see this. Did you see this report that according to Ian rapoport before it was all shut down the first phone? Call the dolphins make but first phone call. Dolphins made to get a player in two. Now boy you could knock me over with a feather you could knock me over with the proverbial feather I thought that they were like you know. Let's go in the direction of Justin her. Everybody Yeah I'm GonNa take that that's odd dumb. That's really strange to the guy who they who had them at. Hello when he looked off the safety to beat the Georgia bulldogs in the National Championship. Game and he came into the middle of the game. It's just a couple of years ago telling you now. The Lions Trading Sleigh. Put these pieces together. Clearly it would be good for them to draft. Jeff Okuda atop the draft number three overall but I would prefer to say they could get Mr Okuda at fifth overall where the dolphins currently reside and the bengals going to take borough. The redskins can sit there and say you know. Let's kick the tires on on to a little bit. See what's what GonNa take show. Just take a look everybody at the free agency frenzy if you are a human being large enough fast enough and talented enough to stop a run or Russia passer from four point stance if you are. Somebody plays defensive line and are good at it. You are making serious cash and cloudy still out there. He either must be asking for way too much. Just biding his time to see. Who's left I dunno or Seattle's just biding their time. I don't know so this way. It's going people. Everybody just wants four five six guys who can go hunt. They're fast. They're young. They can be interchangeable. You can move them along. The line you can interchange them sideline to game and keep them all fresh chase young going to and then at three. There's two lines won't go in that direction. But who does want him? We all know who wants. Is Anyone GonNa jump Miami though? That's the quite well. That's the whole thing. And that's why lines are going to sit back. Lines or any great spot over the next five weeks draft is GONNA go down as as as scripted twenty thirty twenty fifth and unless some something seriously seriously seriously as we hope not clearly goes wrong in this country with our battle against corona virus or the novel Corona Virus Cove in Nineteen. So because you where to look good. He's not going into way. Hit No ten here in Los Angeles now. I know the chargers are going to really be trying to go all in too. That's the lines are sitting back. Who WANTS TO CAUSE? The chargers are sitting there. Saying we're not taken cam. We're not taking Janus we tried for Brady. That was the only way that we would get off our plan of staying with tyrod Taylor and then drafting young kid sixth overall to look great here. Two lines are in a great spot just playing against each other and sit back and pull the trigger. Get a ton of draft picks and stay at five or six and maybe get a coup to anyway. 'cause there's GonNa be a is as simmons giants are going to go for somebody to protect annual Jones at fourth overall Italian fun draft deep draft but hearing the dolphins reaching out to Baby what a shocker again knocked me over with a feather phone calls at eight four four two zero four rich happy to take them all show. Pat McAfee is gonNA join us with. Aj Hawk. I guess they'll be speaker phone us. We'll see how it works Willie mcginest. We'll be joining us at in the middle of our third our Jeff Darlington's Kinda come up next. What of Brady's decision making How how he did come about all that. What is going on at the top of the draft Todd Gurley and so much more happening in the new league year in the NFL. Also you've got Brockman. You WanNa talk about this so soon. As Center March madness bracket do that bears sports media to seed in the in the Bouillon vision. We have the boot region I have a correction to make here about this game now. They spelled about the. I've got a correction to make this. I have some thoughts on this subject. Filling up my timeline. It's pretty awesome. Willie mcginest Pat McAfee. Jeff Darlington you at eight. Four four zero four rich number to dial. That's how it rolling here on this Thursday edition of the rich. Eisen show on this loyal rich. Eisen show radio affiliates as well as YouTube dot com slash. Rich Eisen show on the next episode of expeditiously. Please everybody welcome miss. The title appear was was going home. Bro You're meteoric rise. Man To success has not come with at some level the criticism. You be polite. The next episode expeditiously sacrifice comes on in. Because as part of my catalog okay. So that's where my value is. It's not I'm not making the money upfront. It's in the long hair so if you go in and you're looking for the bag great you go buy your belly eurozone scrape. That's also with as one of them but but then what you've done it signed it all away and it never gonNa give you an opportunity to be in that position again. Don't miss the next episode of expeditiously with Special Guest Tyler. Perry drops Thursday march nineteenth expeditiously with Ti podcast. One Apple Pie. God back to the rich Eisen show he is our Honda insider Joining us here from ESPN now. Before bring him in on just want to quickly say this. We in the business of information and disseminating information would prefer to be accurate. More than right that makes sense. We're not in this business to be right or I were in the business to be accurate. Yes there's a difference because you just want to say yes. I was accurate. Not like yeah I was right but in a situation where you can say yeah. I was kind of want to spike the football. Jeff Darlington did exactly that when Tom Brady decided to leave the Patriots to go to the buccaneers Jeff Charleston's ESPN joins us in our Honda insider. Report how Jeff. I'm fine you know what I mean. You're not in this business to be right. You're in this business to be accurate. I've never actually heard that before. They kinda like it's true. It's true though. Credibility is very important. Yes it is sure yes it is and I don't know what's more disturbing is the amount of grief that you took for reporting what you you had or the fact that most people didn't understand your animal house reference when you said the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor on your twitter account. I know it's more disturbing quite honestly. That sounds like the perfect way to end that whole sequences to to to mention that the Germans are bombed Pearl Harbor and just extol the people who are very very adamant about their opinion. So let's pull on that Strand. Let's pull on that strand that that Of reporting that that you had How far back does the notion that your reporting about Brady You'd be shocked if he was returning to New England. How far back does that go? 'cause we're hearing you is so upset about everything in the last training camp and so on and so forth how. How far back does that does that? Go well you know. I think that comes in stages and one of the kind of elements to to what was tricky about reporting Throughout this scenario was the fact that like things do change right like if in. Let's say after the loss to the titans. Yes it felt at that moment like Tom was resigned. To the fact that you believing that that was the end but you still in so many situations like that. I mean you technically. As soon as the saints lost. You could have reported at that point. That drew brees was was really edging toward retirement and you actually would have been accurate but ultimately proven to be wrong to kind of use your phrasing before and in this sequence. I think that when I finally said that I would be stunned returned to New England. I was supremely confident. I knew that he wasn't going to New England and it got to the point where not only was. He resigned to leaving comfortable with the notion of leaving but he also understood that he knew that they were going to be a market. Even though you couldn't get into really talking he understood that the options we're going to exist and that ultimately he would have been comfortable with at least one of those options. In at that point it was pretty clear that he was gone. Okay and in the narrative that we've heard about the reason why he was not returning to New England or was adamant about overs resolved. Let's put it that way Would it would. It would have been. Let's just use another example in the NFL event of a goat quarterback with a goat statistics. And a first ballot hall of Famer. That's coming albeit. He's five super bowl championships. Shy of Tommy Tying Tom Brady. You've got drew brees in New Orleans. Which one would have been made Brady less at Adamant the relationship. That breeze clearly has with Peyton that he did not have brady with Bela. Check or the weaponry. That breeze clearly has around him in New Orleans that Brady did not have in New England. Which one do you think played a bigger part for Tom? Very good question. I would say both and I would say from the aspect that Phil Bella. Checks is a little different than Sean Payton. And the fact that he is both the head coach and general manager in in those you know maybe not by title but the tower so when you at both of those things together when they're this dynamic that exists well maybe the friction with spellcheck has deteriorated deteriorated to resignation. Like it was what was once a marriage that might have had some arguments had turned into a marriage that we simply together for comfort. Just let each other to do their thing coupled with the fact that it was very clear that that coach who has the power to pick the players was not really interested in loading up. Wasn't really looking to say you know what time you got a couple more years. Let's get one more together. That just wasn't got wasn't the way it was ever presented to Tom. And as a result I would argue that That that Brady felt more comfortable than ever with those things considered leaving Jeff Darlington here from ESPN on the rich. Eisen show in our Honda insider report. So let's answer. The question that I think is burning in the minds of so many Patriot fans why Tampa off. I think if Brady somehow engineered away to San Francisco Patriots. Fans would understand it if you will. If it was Los Angeles they would understand it. 'cause it's L. A. and a new spot and the new stadium and it's La and and the chargers could use somebody like Brady in that regard The Tampa of it all. I think his patriot fans difficult to swallow. Why Tampa? Yeah and I think that that's that's An important point from the standpoint that like it was really not going to be the Patriots at the point. When I was saying that I would be son so so as Patriots. Fans and a lot of the reporting that started to generate out there was. It's either the forty niners of the Patriots. It's either the titans are the Patriots either the thirteen charges or the Patriots or the Patriots and So so that's the first important ingredient for patriots understand pitcher sandstone understand but beyond that The four things that when he knew he wasn't going back to the Patriots. Tom Brady was covering his. I understand them to be was kind of said this a little bit. So I'm sorry if I'm just repeating myself number. One was going to be a coach. Who was looking to collaborate to a roster that didn't have to be on the cost of the Super Bowl but one that was very well built third was actually surprisingly warm weather for a dome if not perfect weather and and force was going to be Proximity to New York City and to which a lot of pitcher insane said to me when I say the New York City boss closer but but that wasn't one of the teams that he was coveting so when you compare the chargers to the bucks You understand why that east coast accents. So why the bucks I mean when you look at the things that he covets. Even though maybe the sticker on the side of the helmet doesn't come with the historical significance of of forty niners or Or the friendship that he has with variable with the titans. It's still had all the things Tom Brady ultimately wanted. Is it true about this dinner with the Brady and Bill Gates and Derek jeter and the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning Jeff Vinik Was now that didn't happen as far as I understand it. Tom Brady was flying from Costa Rica to New York at that point. Thanks to throw that out there. What about the What about the Jeff Darlington Honda insider report here on the rich Eisen show. What about Adding in Tampa is in the fact that Girlie is on the market is there. Is there a market for girly in Tampa or because we're hearing about the if you will gold rush that? The buccaneers are feeling right. Now people calling him up saying. Please pick me for your championship. Run with Tom. I think. Early certainly I think the rams are certainly interested in in filling out that market for early and also the bucks certainly in the market for running back right now nothing is imminent when it comes to that potential trade and one thing. I would point to that that could be tricky for any trade with girly at this point is the NFL regulations right now when it comes to the inability to really perform a physical with your team doctors and given all this kind of gone some of the mystery surrounding girly It's going to be very difficult for a team to commit to that person at this point without physical not saying eventually happen but for now. I don't think so but you're right about the bucks feels like the two areas that that they will be seeking employment from some somebody would be running back and kind of bolstering that offense line. Tom Brady and to your point. The urgency immediately shifts towards. We're not trying to make the playoffs anymore. We're trying to win the same because Todd Bowles really had one of the best. Run Defenses in the game last year. Obviously getting some sort of pass defense and helping out with that pass rush. You Know Pierre Paul and and Shaq Barrett being being Retained you know NASA going. That might be another thing for the hit but I'm just trying to see that. Running back market with girly again Brady and the bucks came to. Some sort of agreement is to a more geographically. Sound doctor for Brady to see And get this. They're signed right. That's what happened right as I understand it He's able to take that physical today in New York again. It's interesting time. Y You know. It's it's nothing very out of the ordinary food because at the time much that's going on people trying to get these situations but From the standpoint that everybody within the box and Brady are all on the team pitcher just a matter of really navigating these kinds of regulations. But I I think we're getting very close abuse and then what about. Melvin Gordon Obviously everybody needs physicals but he. What's his market looking? Like best you can tell as we're talking. I feel like when it comes to to featured docs right now. Just as divisive and getting around the League is that there's really not a ton of teacher back openings So so I think he's GonNa depend a lot on what Goldens Gordon Gordons market is and how much money Whether he wants to go to a team like Tampa perhaps potentially take a little less to play on that that Lebron style team where they start to load up guys or if he wants to go somewhere else and potentially be a back by committee situation right or Kinda hold out and really see maybe one of those features those few feature jobs pull the trigger on a few more minutes left with the ESPN NFL insider. Jeff Darlington here on the Honda insider report on the rich Eisen. Show Let's Let's hit on the dolphins a little bit here Kyle Van Noy Byron Jones. They've made some interesting maneuvers. They've had that they had the most cap space coming in. And now report from your former colleague in my current Ian rapoport saying that the dolphins first guy that they reached out to for in in in in-house visit Clearly is not going to happen because of the new regulations involving the fight against covert nineteen to about them apples. You could not be over the federal on that one right. Jeff Oh yeah I see. I definitely a fascinating and intriguing stock for the the most interesting part about the idea of two at Miami. Is that like? It's so funny because a year ago it was like. Oh thanks to you. We're going to have to have the number one pick. The dolphins seem very much on track to have out and all of a sudden. The question becomes okay. The dolphins didn't exactly succeed in their tanking into action. Unforeseen circumstances marriage still take place. I still think it's GONNA require getting to three and I look. I don't know this but it feels to me like if you've got the chargers at sitting at six and they're a team in Anthony Lynn. The now didn't get Tom Brady and seemingly even before the Brady stuff was going on. Coveted a quarterback to escape ability If I'm the dolphins I'm a little nervous about the chargers trying to make that move to number three or even number two even though it feels like I still feel like the pressure. Point is going to be that third tickets right exactly. But at least you've got the draft capital you didn't. You didn't tank hard enough to even Ryan Fitzpatrick the anti tanker I mean he's the ultimate anti tanker right and and it was exciting and they still. They still had enough losses for the lack of a better phrase to be sitting there at five but they still have enough. There's no way. The chargers could compete with career and company for the most attractive package. That the lions can can receive and also. Miami's one step closer so if they want a Kudos to fill the hole that clearly the acquisition of Darius late from From them to Philadelphia today. That's the one that kind of makes sense. The question is though is weird is Washington play in all of this because they could trump the lions right now and say look We've got a lot of holes to fill to We'll drop down to five will forfeit our ability to get chase young but we could get a whole bunch of draft choices and some other talented kids in this deep draft. Where what do you think? Washington's mindset is right now Jeff. I mean if you if you look at that like normally I would say look. If he's got convictions. Junk you go get him but at this stage if two medicals continue to come back clean out they had so far. And you've got the most valuable position In the draft with the player of the greatest value and a quarterback that people know tortoise overpay for you listen to offers and you know if the dolphins and the chargers are two teams trying to leverage against you know trying to get up there and then throw in maybe another team somewhere in there all of a sudden. Not only do you have. Are you in a position that's coveted but you've got the potential to just take a team to the bath and I think that that's that's where they've got a you know. I I respect when Ron Rivera and says we're looking at your overlooking. You know doing all of our homework. I mean like you can talk about chase young and you can talk about two third option and not work for the redskins which is to get a hold of picks. I mean I think you cannot disregard that if you're Washington I know right I hear you. I mean I think we were right now. Jeff having the conversations going to be hot over the next five weeks I mean in. This thing's only gonNA hang up anymore. So let's let's just raise the roof then and say what about the Bengals Is it possible that they don't take borough they take two instead like at? What point do we hear that part of the conversation? If at all right. I'm sure we'll have it. The only thing I'd say is just talking to people and I I mean this is how long it goes meetings go with the columbine like fifteen minutes or something Talking to people somebody who is in? They're not meeting Just sounded so impressed by him and shuts it. The Room was so impressed by borough Lying that he gave he was. He was like a fifteen year veteran their use exceptional. So it's certainly felt like it was trending as if there was a chemistry that existed between borough and the bengals that maybe we didn't expect early on just because of the the bengals history. It feels like it's trending toward borough to the bengals but like hey man crazy crazy things have happened and I will. I will certainly Treasure the moment when you are sitting behind desks comes in if it is something other than joker. I'll buy now that would be. That'd be quite the stunner all right before before I let you go jeff so the next domino to drop would be would be. Who IS THERE? Is there a big is? Is it the girly trade? Is there anything else out there that we should keep an eye on on now that the new league year is fully up and running? Jeff Darling I would. I would say the girl trade if not for these regulations so really the the tricky thing. Here is a lot of the quarterback domino's with fallen right Jalen I mean you got Jamison Cam Right Chicago to if you're so Chicago brings in foles and if you're a team though like you would that camp gotta be the next big shoe right but if you're a team and you got some pretty polarizing forces in Cam Newton and Jameis Winston and you can't even bring those guys to get to know them or are you willing to to to make that move yet and I there's one person one player in the NFL NFL regulations who probably Sam It's gotTa be the early or Janus for reason cam to the cameras. Well Right Cam. It's not like if you bring him in and it's not as your starter. You're clear starter. Like he's got a little bit of that. Tito element where you're going to disrupt some things in your locker room. If you bring in there and create that competition some people cherish that competition and some people coveted. Some people want nothing to do with it. So that's GonNa be very interesting to see how he's navigate Cam Newton Winston. Yeah 'cause Cam also you gotta look at his shoulder. You've gotta look at his foot to a great point. I mean you got to look at those aspects as well so tepper. The owner of the panthers is willing to go on record and say we don't know if he's our quarterback right you don't know if he's healthy. What's he gonNA jump at that? You know that's the scary. The the panthers did not to can't do any favors on his way out the door on. And then there's the last one for you. I mean what does falls presence really mean in Chicago? That means that they've admitted that there is an issue with trubisky. Correct flat out at a hundred percent which you know thank God. They admitted it. Because it's obvious. Is there to immediately supplant fifty or there's going to be one of those legitimate head to head competitions All I know is when you've got Nick Foles as your backup quarterback to starter It seems like teams end up tearing pretty well in that scenario so right. I know it's funny. You're Brockman laughing. You're right I mean because you we'll find out which type route trubisky is wants. The wants the competition or doesn't or you know can handle it. We'll find out which one he is out. You know we know what happens when fold. That's putting out situation so he doesn't let go. Thanks for the call. Jeff Hope you in your Your your young kids and your wife are all well and happy and healthy and stay that way. Okay brother. We're staying healthy happy different stories. This is confined quarters. In the Darlington. Most is bad and I appreciate Your family Sparing you a call and be the Honda insider for the segment. Thanks for the call center. You the bag the man. 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Today that's Geiko DOT COM G. I. C. O. DOT COM. Hey listeners. Just wanted to take a minute to thank all of migrate sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you and I want to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast. One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast button and there. You'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show. We're back here on the rich. Eisen show Do we have a poll question over there? Christopher Rochman do you have one over there? You get an issue all right. It's in our rundown right there. Apparently I've been told Don Bowie says it's in the rundown you want to check that one out. And it's brought to you by our friends in capital one which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts or no fees or minimum and one of the nation's best savings rates capital one. What's in your Wallet Approval? Required capital one. Na member FDIC. I see we have it over there. Christopher would available player available quarterback will put available on quotes available quarterback. Would you want to be your team starting? Qb If it needed one okay. So we got Winston New in Winston Cam Joe flacco Andy Dalton okay. Average hasn't show on twitter here is A best fit that Mariucci came up with. This is a great conversation. I re tweeted it out. It was me Mooch and Joe Thomas yesterday in the middle of which Joe Thomas. Who has this? I guess for his podcast in his house as this huge microphone. That makes look small huge. Put a sign on it yesterday. Mike you know whatever Mike. Don't care at one point during the conversation you know. They took the three shot. Joe Thought he was off. Camera is taking a sip of water. From what looked like the container for the microphone. Or something you would put flowers in like it's a monster you know vase or vase and look by the way. Look at the photograph. We have up on OUR YOUTUBE DOT COM slash richeisenshow. Mooch like scrunching. His face. And I'm stunned. I'm like totally stunned by. This is a great moment at any rate Mikey merge came up with a good spot for Cam Washington Hook up with the guy who was coach of the year two times with Cam Hook up with a guy that knows cam inside and out and can potentially if Dwayne Haskins. Isn't the guy yet. Tell Dwayne what's up how you doing. Give them a one year deal. Phillip see how his foot is holding up interesting and go to work. I have not heard that I hadn't heard of that. Okay so that means you choose chase young bring Cam in right and go to work. And either he beats out Haskins because he's Cam and healthy enough or he's not healthy enough and Haskins this guy and if proves he's still not ready yet then cam sitting there and you can maybe win the division with Cam Newton. Have you heard that anywhere else? I've not like Mooch about that. I've Knob just thinking about what they have for weapons. Terry McLaren had a great year while aging Peterson and rookie. Dairy guys grow. Adrian Peterson disguises healthy. You know let's see how you can go to work eight four four two awful rich number. Dial let's take connor and Denver's phone call. You're here on the rich Eisen show. What's up? Connor rich has always wanted to call in. And say what's up to you guys. Happy Birthday del Tufo. Thank you thank you. Yeah I was just going to pick your brain on what we're thinking in. The next couple of months is going to happen with this bucks off their ribbon. Nfl overall fan but just to kind of analyze and see the landscape of thanks and really with the caps situation is about to take on his Brady contract With other people that are going to be looking to be resigned in the next future years with their top overall picks vita yet devon white last year. I think they're going to obviously go all in to try and get that championship for Tom. What do you guys think about? You know instead of girly coming over and waiting down with the massive contract. I think somebody like. They're going to prioritize the pass blocking has one of the number one assets of the running back as well as power back and maybe it's JK Dobbins McGrath around. Maybe it's quite Edward Layer the second round. I don't know if you're going to adopt by the way great choices right there and thank you for the call and then for Giving a shout out to del Tufo Dobbins. I'm so happy I'm not going to see him in the big ten anymore. I don't think Dobbins is going to be available in the second round of this draft at all and I don't think Edwards air will but those are not bad ideas or you just load up I know girlies contract so what you got thirty million under the CAP right now. You've got Brady right now. Dan The torpedoes or to use another vote phrase because they got one in their end zone fire. The cannons no risk. It no biscuit. That's IT Aaron's no risk it no biscuit. The bucks fired the canons. Let's go let's go. Let's go go. Get go get girly. If you think you're going to be healthy. Now that's the whole thing to as how do you get these guys a physical and a doctor that you trust to say all right? I'll I'll I'll put all my millions in eggs in that basket have brady send his guide to them. Our number two coming up PAT McAfee America's sweetheart joining us and he said Jay Hawk will be on the phone to. That'll be fun. That's in the middle of the next hour. When we come back this whole craziness about using your favorite sportscenter anchor seating and ranking and all that stuff coming up podcast. One has some exciting news. It's official our shows are now available on spotify and it's free. We want to make it super easy for you and your friends to listen to our podcast and joining spotify allows us to be an even more places for fans to find it. If you're listening to music on spotify you can. Now listen to our podcast in the same place. If you're not on spotify yet all you have to do is download the free APP. That's right no credit card necessary and simply search for our shows to start listening.

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