Episode 161: Who were the Black Panthers?


Hi, this is Asha and Gloom are the closest welcome free. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning into 160 first episode of low-wage. If you've been tuning in every week for we open for Wednesday, you know, that will country is all about being real and honest with each other and you we talk about everything and anything important to us off you the world and nothing is off the table this week. We're discussing who were the Black Panthers. But before we dive deep into the subject, it is your favorite time of the day off monologue. So without further Ado, I'm just going to jump in if you are if you've downloaded this episode by going to welcome., and proceeding to the Pod being off you deserve Applause. That is fantastic. Why because that's how you show the ultimate support for the show. 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Yes Tik Tok and Pinterest at woken free and guys, there's some fun content on there. So make sure that you log Are checking us out and you're engaging with us there with that scene end. Each week. We like to share a little bit about us before we dive into the topic for the episode last week. We asked which famous calling. Do you prefer Donkey Kong or King Kong this week. We're asking wage to shake off that trust. How would you rather relax drinking chai tea or doing t'ai Chi you think you're funny, huh? That's about my joke. That's not mine. Yeah, you know one wants to claim that one now. No, well, I don't know who claims it. Well, my answer to that interesting question is definitely T, but I'm not going to get siteid. I'm going over Jamaican mint tea or just regular peppermint. Tea turn regular peppermint tea. That's a regular I think black tea is regular. Yeah peppermint. All right, see that's pretty good to know green tea for you. I mean not a student try like well if I'm trying to you know kind of start a party in my stomach sure. Oh, wow, right? Yeah. No. Okay. Maybe you should do like wage and probably try to learn t'ai chi I think that would get your Center in order doing that. I didn't start doing it, but it was good thing you look into. Yeah, if I learned it it would make me very centered as a being so I think I'm I need to look into that. That's what I'm going to choose. I'm going to choose Tai Chi even though right now I do drink the tea. I would like to do Chinese Tai Chi thought the chod. Gotcha. Yeah, I guess that would be my preference and I don't know what other preferences other people would have like groups. You know, what they want to be centered that themselves if they were like wage political organizations like the Black Panthers. Maybe I don't know. Would that be a group that would want to send her their holes or how about just find out more about them, huh? Well, maybe we should discuss them. Like or who were the Black Panthers clever glamour a very nice answer. So according to history.com. There's quite a bit of information out there. And so, let's get everyone on the same page. So they claim or not claim but they report that the Black Panthers also known as Black Panther Party was a political organization. It was founded in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby seale to challenge police brutality against African American Community. They dressed in black barrettes and black leather jackets, the Black Panthers organized and armed citizen patrols of England and other US citizen cities. And at its peak in 1968 the Black Panther Party had approximately a roughly 2000 numbers the organization later declined as a result of internal tensions deadly shootouts and FBI counterintelligence activities aimed at weakening the organization. Now the kind of the reasoning behind the fountain Foundation of this organization, but by Huey Newton and off Seal was when they met in nineteen sixty-one, they were students at Merritt College in Oakland, California. They both protested the college has pioneered a celebration which honored the Pioneers who came to California in the eighteen hundreds, but omitted the role of African Americans in settling the American West Seal and Newton formed the Negro history fat Group, which called on the schools offer classes black history. Well, then history.com goes on to say that they founded the Black Panthers in the wake of the assassination of black nationalists Malcolm X and after after, Police in San Francisco shot and killed an unarmed black teen named Matthew Johnson sounds like today's climate interesting and then originally the black party Black Panthers party for Doug the Black Panther Party for self-defense. The organization was founded then in October 1966 and there early activities primarily involved monitoring like that like earlier like history.com said earlier rather police activities in the black communities in Oakland and other cities and then they grew it wasn't just in California. They grew Across the Nation they let's see they were I think about they were in about 70 cities across the United States, which is pretty cool when they also had this thing called the ten point program which called for an immediate end to police brutality employment for African-Americans and land housing and justice for all and then what else did I thought was interesting the Black Panthers? The the article goes on to say the Black Panthers often were portrayed as a gang their leadership saw the organization as a political party whose goal was getting more African-Americans elected into political office off but by the early 1970s FBI counter-intelligence efforts and all of you know, the kind of internal unrest kind of broke the party apart. But yeah, there's more I think to to share there but that's kind of like a summary. Okay. That's very that's a that's a good summary from the institution. I mean, it's not bad thoughts on some of the good stuff. So the I think a really good book to read goes against like the mainstream as this book called black against Empire and it details the like the true history of a black panther party and some of the turmoil that they went through so people probably don't even know that the Black Panther Party was actually made up of a bunch of different parties and I dead So I don't have the names or right now offhand, but the book does mention all the parties that were going by different names and actually kind of grew into the Black Panther Party name of the book the name of the book jet black against Empire. Yes. Okay. So and then we have the you know, we'll have like the authors and are now that's an arm no free.com. Yeah, so you can see that there but this is a good book to read cuz it'll really detail. How long came to be in which parties came together to form the Black Panther Party as we like know it today and so unlike this the whole this is an excerpt from the book like a little summer. I'm like the civil rights movement that called for full set instant citizenship rights for blacks within the US the Black Panther Party rejected the legitimacy of the US government and positioned itself is kind of a global struggle against American imperialism and the face of intense repression the party flourished becoming the center of a revolutionary movement with powerful allies around the world including China wage. So that very much sound symbolic of what we saw saw in Star Wars Rebels standing against the imperialist forces off India that's going to be really similar there. It's very interesting. It's similar. Definitely what are things that people typically don't know or even change and maybe misconstrue about the Black Panther Party know the thing I never knew was that they started the first program dedicated to feeding underserved children wage, which part the government to start somewhere programs where they get started giving out the free lunches the children, but that wasn't a government initiative that came from the Black Panther Party. Nobody ever mentioned that to me while I was in school. Like I've never heard anything about that. That was crazy me. I didn't know black panthers did any social reform programs? I didn't know that I just yeah, that wasn't one of the things I knew then like I mentioned earlier. There were multiple groups that called themselves the Black Panthers, but they're actually some that weren't even affiliated with the main group. So they would go on to do things that maybe people saw that was you know, kind of like I'm going against the law but that wasn't actually the Black Panthers that was just a group that called himself the Black Panther that was like the anarchists going out and protesting are not protesting the wrong kind of making a right, right? Yeah. We're actually doing the protesting recently for the George Floyd situation. Yeah. It's interesting. Yeah a very similar thing to that and then another thing and I mean conspiracist probably knew this but the the federal government they hired people to pose as members to gain insight into the group and cause internal conflict. Well, it's you mentioned a little bit off from your article and article history.com. That's not the article you wrote. All right. I don't know. Okay. Yeah good point and then another thing I never, New Jersey. They were negotiating connections with China as you renewing a founding member of the party met with Tsao and lie as told by an article on radar. So I didn't know that they went over to China and yeah, he was for me connections. I didn't know about that and it was cuz they they both had the common kind of goal of fighting in. Lism off. It was a very bonding thing that at the time us didn't have great relations with China pretty well and I said at the time but we know how it is right now. Yeah. So similar to some of those facts are also shared you can see link on welcome free.com including a link to insider.com which has a really in-depth article kind of things people do not did not know about the Black Panther Party. So they the party opened Liberation schools where children learned black history and political science, they practice penmanship by writing letters to incarcerated members and at its height the Black Panther Party had thousands of members and nearly seventy cities, which I said before which is pretty cool and pretty impressive. Also, what was funny or interesting I thought was like kind of if you ever thought about their uniform like why did they decide the Black Beret and the black jacket on insider.com have an kind of quote from Stanley Nelson director of the Black Panthers Vanguard of the Revolution who is Huey Newton and Bobby seale chose the the Panthers look because it was something that everybody had. Their closet they said, you know, every young black man has a black leather jacket or can get one or can borrow one if they can't buy one. He told fresh Air's Terry Gross. Everybody could get a Brett everybody could get some sunglasses and get the panther. Look the uniform was also calculated to be distinct from the suit and tie look favored more traditional civil rights activists. Oh, that's nice, you know a little bit of a tidbit as to why the look of the Black Panthers came to be so that was interesting also in 1969 the Black Panther Party began serving free hot breakfast to kids in Oakland wage listening food from local Grocers and Consulting a nutritionist on healthy and filling recipes the schools and parents praised it but the police and FBI spread rumors that the party was actually using the meals to indoctrinate or even poison kids smart and then in nineteen seventy-five just as the parties breakfast program were being shut down the USDA permanent permanently authorized the Nationwide School breakfast program, which fed more than birth. 14 million children in 20. I don't know if that year is correct. That can't be. Oh, yeah that was before before that. So but nonetheless actually so what's interesting is incentives, suggesting that the Black Panther Party created a free food system similar to what you're saying. They have like they did something and then the government then indoctrinated that action or that wage initiative under their own system. And so if the party was so right like out there then why would why did they adopt the same system? That's interesting. You have no credit. Also the article goes on to talking about they created the first Nationwide testing and screening program for sickle cell anemia. The Panthers established a national screening program training volunteers to walk door-to-door and predominantly black neighborhoods and give free finger stick tests follow-up care for anyone who tested positive was arranged with local hospitals and that's super like off. Super super forward also, they mentioned article mentioned that they help migrant the Black Panther Party help migrant workers organized against Safeway. So in early 1960s Cesar Chavez United Farm Workers Union boycotted Safeway in California for selling grapes picked by non-union workers Safeway coincidentally was one of the few markets to refuse Thursday 8 to the Panthers free breakfast program seizing the opportunity the party began ferrying Shoppers to competing lucky supermarkets free of charge. The boycott was successful enough that at least one Safeway in Oakland forced to close. So that's super super interesting. They also inside our common goes on to suggest to share that the party taught self-defense classes to senior citizens, the Black Panthers launch seniors against a fearful environment safe after a group of older Oakland residents asked them to teach them self defense to fend off muggers. The seniors had originally approached the police for help, but were told Just walk close to the curb according to the and a black star and so the safe program also provided free transportation to older locals could posit their social security and pension checks out. All right. So yeah, just even more that they even talked about as well. But yeah, so, you know those were all like brand spanking new bits of information for me. So that's why I thought that would be really cool to share here with local free Nation because who knew the Black Panthers did all of that amazement. I mean, that's something yeah, they have a lot of things under their belt that we want to know how long they're not we just always see that there are some type of militant group but there's a lot more to the Black Panthers than we knew definitely what should people take away from what the Black Panthers stood for equality isn't reserved for a specific race gender Creed or age as we talked about some of the phenomenal initiatives at the party not only in English. Editing created but implemented right? Cuz it's one thing to have an idea and it's quite another to actually execute and they they actually executed and they actually helped other people's lives right whether the party was you know, nothing in life is without fault. Nothing in life is without needing of change. But yeah here I think in this conversation the focus is really thinking about some of the positive things that they did and ultimately there's a lot of negative stuff that you can find on the internet yourself. So we definitely were not looking to have a conversation to bash the group. I think having you know, generally not knowing kind of some of their own initiatives I think is great insight for not only us but anyone listening here because if you didn't know this you now know and now you can make your own judgment call about the party home and if you want to learn more, this is a good starting point to learn more. I think that's why I love our conversations because it's usually just like a really great starting point to say. Hey, I want to look into this more. I want to suck. And a little bit more so that that I think is something to take away is it like you should listen to this and say I want to know more and then you should also listen to this and say I need to have an open mind about all things that I'm educating myself on definitely that makes sense and think yeah, there's just a big misconception about the Black Panthers that they took like a hate group that promote it Supremacy over others and that's just not the case as we saw from some of our examples. They were social justice group that stood up for the disenfranchised and they believed in defending oneself against abuse and domestic Terror. They weren't people just to sit back and turn the other cheek. They said hey, you know, we have the right to bear arms. So we will wage this battle was it was definitely part of their belief, but it wasn't just the main thing. They didn't go around saying hey, we're in a threatened you with this. They just said we'll defend ourselves and people didn't like that dead. Even though they're Second Amendment is a second amendment lovers who they definitely yeah offend categorize in a way that you know, they didn't get categories like them and even even even now phone number we have people going out against the protesters armed with their rifles and shooting protestors and no one and there's no big stance against them. There's no FBI investigation into these groups and militias that we publicly know. Oh, yeah. I mean, hopefully there are but we don't publicly know about that. I mean, yeah, we don't know at least we've never witnessed that yeah, maybe years from now, we'll find out right as of now just seems like they're kind of like going about their business doing what they want. There's no public kind of like dismissal of what they're doing Behavior. Yeah. There's nothing nothing's being said publicly about that's not weird. We don't stand for that. I think people do like some our leadership is doing that not leadership other type of people in the media not everyone stands behind birth. Type of behavior. There are people who are like that's not acceptable but it's like yeah, our leadership has made that clearer shipped there. There's a lot of things that could be said. Yeah, it is a lot but I just think that's interesting. But as of now we have these people that are coming out against protesters armed and there's the leadership isn't taking a stance on that but it's an interesting thing right here compared to a black panthers that many people took stands. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they yeah FBI and all that. Yeah. Yeah. They I think they were just trying to make Society Equitable and I thought they were about empowerment for blacks that little to no support at the time. They weren't trying to hurt anybody else. They actually just wanted to help people which is a great thing to do in that a good moral standing Point actually, which I wouldn't have known when I was a kid. I didn't yeah black you're black panther and you thought who percent of people was there some just yep. You do not really tough and just do whatever they want to get their get what they want but they are more they're so much more than have. There's so much more to the Black Panthers the biggest takeaways that people don't understand that there was so much more that they yeah and and then in the open minded to hearing about them as well and like I said, there was a lot of perpetrators in the group who were made to make them out as the bad guys and young people don't want to talk about it or trade it by yeah. They were they were paid by federal government to do this. That's interesting and the US government's been caught doing this before for other groups. So it's like what's life, I mean they did it for the Black Panthers as well. We have to we have to be honest and honest with ourselves. Yeah. Our government will fund certain things that go against parties that are actually doing good things for the community. They they do that. It happens. Well, there's no there's different initiatives that are maybe more radical in nature and that Doe not necessarily stand like a dog Of us as American people are all of us in this country may or may not agree with that stance. But you know more more I think at least we should just be the problem with Pop-Pop public life around that like not just be like, oh that happened like but we should say like we should have accountability and we should we should say what actually happened though too. Right? Yeah and what actually just say that was their first job like a national issue with that. You know, there's a lot of it's it's challenging life is very sticky. Oh, yeah, but that but it's just good to know don't just have a one-sided view of these groups. I want to say that group evil know they should never exist. No, that's not what they were about let's get real people sure. You are now listening to walking free walking free walking free month free and free podcast about being real and honest. Here we go. Yo, here we go. Yo, so what so what so what's the scenario? It's scenario time guys. Scenario one Ferry and heard that the Black Panthers used to carry concealed firearms whenever they were meetings. Does this mean the Black Panthers were a pro violence militia? That's an interesting question. So especially living here in Arizona. I would say she carrying around a concealed weapon is not necessarily mean whether you're for party or not or whether you're like Pro violence or not. It just means you have an affinity for guns off. So easily forgotten. Do you have your about life at least? I guess but yeah, you'd have to and also you can't assume based on people's names if that's the type of Association affiliation you're going there you have to ask people and or if people say something some type of rhetoric that speaks to a certain party organization, then you could maybe start to ask questions or make deductions around that but one person and and just there's no tie like for me I at least that's not a clear deduction I would make but okay we have for me this this is crazy to ask just cuz you have a firearm warn you that doesn't mean you're Pro violence and you're part of your what I would go by did you use that gun? Like how often do you pull out that gun and shoot somebody if you like if you're shooting people on a daily basis then yeah, you're there's something I think your pro violence. I mean if you're okay with in writing reading laws, not necessarily what if yourself defending yourself every day. I mean, yeah, you speak with an attorney. Yeah, but you can't log But in terms of really bizarre, but I'm sure there's people that they pulled out their gun more than once though. I don't know speak with him about her. Now. I'm just saying there might be people that did that like there's public streets. You mean? Yeah, defending themselves though. Always had the best number you can well, I mean, well, yeah, that's that's a stickier situation. I mean, I don't know how it's coming about. But either way if this if this people are not pulling out the Gun and shooting people, I don't think they're Pro violence. That's all I'm I mean, that's my yeah. I think that I think a probe violence person is somebody who goes to protest and shoots the protesters that's problem Islands which has happened only recent recent times. So that's that to me is the pro violence not black panthers. They were doing that. They weren't going and shooting all these people probably thought were happened. They had very few incidents where there were few. Maybe not act in the best intention of the party and or were and maybe that was perfect. There. Were there were there were some perpetrators. Yeah, there were some perpetrators who just did stuff where it was. Like that was not a black panther affiliate. Well, you know, it's kind of like it's like let's say I'm a Democrat and then I get in a scuffle with somebody is that because I was a Democrat or is that because I'm just did ask up on my own such an interesting time now where it seems like you're going to play anybody by any Democrat you wouldn't want to but people are very tribalistic now in nature and and so for instance if you continuously see Dem like one political party in media being like really hyped up and and aggressive to another but maybe there becomes this like this song Asian and people's minds at like, oh that party does they tend towards the violence, but I don't know why people are I guess it's just that like indoctrination because certain media Outlets are more media will do that page report on party over another so then but just think of it what the media does they love to paint a picture of this person and their stories that are going to say, yes, it was this young black Democrat who was dead. Out of the Black Panthers like they would say something like that compared to this person was prone to violence, you know, hey, what would tell you focusing on the facts are like painting they've paid their own narratives and it's like, oh yeah, you know, this is part of their background maybe that's everybody and that background has the same views. No, that's not what the Black Panthers were about. No scenario to rovina is a college student that caught wind of a new group that said they were the resurrection of the true Black Panther Party. She got Shivers thinking that this group may cause civil unrest on her campus because of their probe Mantra. Is it possible to be pro-black and not racist? What an interesting great question? Yeah. So we definitely I think planned to talk about the the fact that you can love your race and not be anti other races on the show. So that's definitely to come in this scenario, you know again. And so her frame of reference here is that she she just I guess is maybe thinking on maybe some of the media or other types of narrative of what black panther Fairy Tail dead. So he's heard and it's his kind of is unnerved by that and and as thinking wow is this going to be an issue? And so it needs to be said that yeah, you can be a Warrior Race and love being a black person and love your black community and that not mean that as the antithesis and or hatred and or disdain aunt or and or attack of others to be pro-black has to be pro-black. It is not in any way have anything to do with anyone else as the same way. You would say for any other community of someone was Pro Native American. I mean they're in anyway talking about anything else or just saying I love my people you can love your people and love your culture and love your community without harming and or hurting and or wanting that intentions for anyone else. Yeah. Yep. This person needs to open up their minds to the idea that this that the the party starting could be for the empowerment of the black people present which is not to the office and or harm of any other community, but just to ensure that black people feel represented on campus at the black people feel like they have a voice and that if they are disenfranchised in any way or form that that is appropriately addressed by this community. Yeah, I mean, I think she's jumping the gun to just think that just she's going off the past things that she sort of the Black Panther Party and assuming that the same things are going to happen in today's day and age. I don't know. I mean if of a new Black Panther Party came up today, I think right now would actually not be the worst time to be honest. I think they could actually do pretty well now something about that where that they were saying that it was like a hate group. Oh, they're already trying to put well, well my truck roll party the new party might be we don't know they may just be I know I saw rhetoric saying that it is a hate group and but you know, I'd have to do more research, but that was I mean whether it is yeah cuz it's like who was saying that it was was it coming from a conservative side of the field or two? No two on it, but that's just one has information on that guys, but that in the comments, please because loved if you want to, you know, kind of talk about the new age Black Panther Party if that is a conversation people want to have put in the comments about yeah and about being pro black and I racist. Yeah, definitely agree just because you're Pro and I don't even want to think I mean races are fake. So I want to go beyond that and just say life and culture. So it's like I love my culture. That doesn't mean I hate you or it's like I can see your culture. I can bring in parts of your culture, but I don't hate yours. I just love mine a lot. Like that's fine. I'm promoting my new age. Trying to destroy you or so don't worry about that. I'm not so now if I try to do something where I said, mine is supreme. Yeah, not now now that's insane. Not the same Minds know exist know any of those words. That's that's when you get in trouble. Yeah, because now you're trying to say why you're better than one another and this is totally subjective. But yeah always subject of conversation their line of thinking with if you're pro-women, right? That means you have to be anti man. Yeah people think that too. Yeah, you can love the community that you're in with an apart separate from any of their feelings on anything else or anyone else like so you can be a feminist and not be an time an innocent man and Mystic Let's not even take ourselves seriously at all. Well, we do there's no real term for it. But that at least kind of goes hand-in-hand have everything but you know need something else wrong like a young to your yang know you gotta have like some kind of but it's a down versus Anna nothing know. Well, the universe is made for all the universe is all in everything will be good to see how that gets played out. Well, it's playing out as we speak. Well things need to change change takes time. People are impatient who you telling me. It's the real truth choir. Yeah. It's it's a hard truth. Yeah, most people they say we haven't seen enough change will do, you know, the people has not been around that long. I know people will say maybe it's years and years and years like it shouldn't be moving a bit faster this stage of the game, but maybe that is blow, you know where something that's well cuz our technology is moving faster than our social progress birth. Donna like that. Yeah. Our technology moves a lot faster is incredible technological enhancements in our society yet. Socially we're not that far off from throwing rocks at each other. So it's nice. It's just like, you know get by so like what happened? Yeah. It seems very confusing. Scenario three, but Sarah's grandfather was part of the Black Panther Party which inspired listeria to join the black lives movement a few weeks later. She was contacted by federal agents told her not to attend a political National Convention as she would be labeled a black identity extremist and possibly detained for questioning should listeria quit BLM and just focus on her day job because of these new threats. Oh, wow. That's a really profound question. So hmm. Solace Aries grandfather was a part of the Black Panthers and then that inspired licera to join the black lives matter movement. And then she was contacted with this is a real contact not like a fake person know this is definitely real federal agents not fake saying that this person is going to be identified as an extremist and probably black nationalist or something like that. Yeah off and you know, possibly her career and life consequences could be quite severe. What should lasserre do I guess at this moment unless there's going to have to have to weigh the the consequence how much juice does it matter to this person to move forward with the social justice active activity that lives there wants to do comparatively to the impact on that person's life. There's career unless there's a wife every choice you make in life has a consequence good or bad and again good and bad is our subjective terms. It's all really just contrast right so long Loser has to make that decision my decision would I I would tend to how I grew up in my lifestyle choices. I will I would choose to keep the job and identify alternative methods of activism, but that's just because I also have a Virgo and I'm a rule-follower and so you're not going to attend the National Convention might be said they told you. To do it. And you said okay, you could pick up the phone and they're like, hey, you can't attend this, you know, we're going to label like, oh, yes, I have you officers. Yes, I will not be attending now. I will he going right back to my day job you'd have yourself a fine day sir off the phone. Like yes, I am a boy not a conflict and I'm doing well, you know again do I want to deal with the I mean, it's it's a challenging situation cuz you all suck. Look into you know, did you collect the the federal agents information? And did you verify that the people speaking to you were not like you can do all that? Yeah that they were real and if they were real and this was a legitimate inquiries same to you or and or warning telling you kind of your life is about to go down a whole new brick a roads that you might not want. You have to make that decision. Not everyone's Malcolm X right not every that's true is is I you know guns blazing I I think for me I like to live between the line of wanting to pursue certain lifestyle decisions life and and and and start to build a platform for myself where if traditionalism isn't necessary at some point in my life cool, but it depends on where the Sarazen in that person's life. That's a challenging question that that's something that can be debated for hours really? Well for me this is no debate, but it's going to be something that you don't like and it's because her grandfather her grandfather was part of the Black Panthers. A party I think that obligate serve to actually continue on our movement because it's kind of like the Legacy she got to keep it going and I know you don't I know you don't cuz we're Side by that that's what it's but it's kind of know but it's kind of like I say the grandfather instilled in heard like all this knowledge. You can't just let that knowledge died. She can use that in a new party write a book know you gotta be in the trainings. She can do she's gotta be going to win it. You gotta be full in it. She can she could do quite a bit of sick. She can finalize the content. You can have a wildly successful blog. She well, you know what I would say, but I know you hated social media. Yeah, but I know I don't think you would like this but I would think that she should put this on social media that she was contacted. So it depends on what I know. He's the like a place I would want her to say. I want her to let people know what's happening to her and that she's been challenged. You know, there's You have to you really have to think about the concept actually, you know what you technically should talk with a lawyer too though, correct? I think I think that's the first step is helpful to be honest. Like I would say I would recommend taking the rights attorney. See what yeah what see what you're right, especially now identify. Like I said definitely verify the colors and get their contact information whenever someone that represents a part of the government getting their information and verify that who you think you're speaking to is what you think you're speaking to it's it's a tricky. Like I said, that's a tricky question but obligation that that part I disagree. I think I know you would disagree, you know, you you can come from a lineage of doing whatever you are your own person and you have to make your own decisions and just because you know ten Generations before you did something doesn't mean you have to just do that. Like that's I don't know not ten Generations, but a couple of generations careful about putting the type of pressure on people because it's you know, it's not fair to that person at the end of the line who's like, you know, what I don't want to do this job. But you're you're the continuation of your old Generations into the future. So you need to keep that Spirit Alive and you can do that in books and in blogs and in Social year and in trainings and you can find a way you can find a way but you don't have to make someone you don't have to obligate someone to it's the same thing. Right? I come from a family of doctors office and they don't give you a doctor. I just felt like being a street artist, you know, like that's unfair to tell someone that they can't live they can but they should draw hearts and they should draw a lungs and they should draw off human anatomy. And then that would be fine doctors patients that they are performing. I mean, well the patients are the canvases then yeah. I'm just saying they can be a street artist and just draw off me draw organs. That's fine. You're you're kind of doing medical doctor for your joint parts and but if you draw or go like realistic-looking versions, not an MD. Yeah, but at least you're home. It's in the vein same vein. I say definitely not it's not even if they draw veins on the heart come on down and you don't you don't take it as your separate. All right, you don't take us an artist that draws medical or not of them D. But something even greater. I would definitely not. Oh, yeah. Well, you know why because they're the Medical Art therapy kind of thing. You can do art therapy. Yes, but again, our therapists are not you know surgeons they're absurd but I think can they be doctors? I think they can get a doctorate in art therapy look into all that. Yeah. I'm not sure on the accreditation. Yeah same but all I'm suggesting and you're laughing so you understand that like, you know audiences laughing here. Yeah exactly. I'm hearing them right now. If you hear of the VIN your head you like I hear the I hear all the dead. Blades right now, correct. I'm ready for my anything. That's good. I know my speech will be fire. That's all I know. Oh, yeah, I you know my you've been practicing it with your monologue practice in my entire life. I've never will be fire without a single. Is that what it's all about, correct? It's challenging to make someone feel obligated to live a life just because of their history. That's all I'm going to say on that. But I'm giving you freedom in terms of not you don't have to do one space in the career, but you just gotta kind of keep true to your heritage. That's what I say. Just keep that Heritage alive. I agree to disagree. I know. Yeah, I know you want to go for but I go for people have to be free. I just think it's too much you people put so much pressure on people and it just seems so unfair and I just think there has to be another way. I think that people have a right to determine who they are before this preconceived notion of who they should be based on what where they come so you're saying or so you're saying let's say even a president's son can be become a Turfgrass major thoughts are you being so no, I'm not. I'm just saying like you just for one thing you're again if that person if that's their dream then yes, that's their drink. So that's what they decided to do. How we can improve the fields of all the you don't know what's going to happen to that for all we know that. the grass that's going to because we're going to Of grass. They're like you never know what's going to happen and what they should do is just suggest that oh, I'm my father was President. So I have to go study political science and I have to go to law school and then I need to go run for Senator and not necessarily that would be president at once what we can become a community leader or something. He wanted to be, you know, a a drag queen host or something. Like do you like live your best life always and it doesn't matter what the history dictates before you because you are you're unique person and we have to be true to ourselves even when you have a legacy, but then the trash says it's not in the trash man, if that's your legacy. You'll never disavowed that like it is what it is like but it doesn't mean that you're obligated to continue it. That's what I'm suggesting that it can stop at you. It doesn't have to continue through you cuz guess what maybe you don't want to but then you decide to have a child and that child wants it and it continues that way like dead. But you can't say that I mean in your history in your life. Do you feel you follow through on your legacies gotta know enough money? Well, technically. Yeah, I well. I mean only immediately but I don't know enough of my like super past Legacy. Yeah, I can't go back three generations and now all right. That's what they were doing. So I do this African-American. Yeah off not knowing where you come from. It's such a challenging question. Yeah, that's what makes it a little tougher. I it's hard to have that Legacy cuz then maybe I would have done the other stuff. I don't know. I might have been like a lighting expert off figure out. What's the perfect lighting for different rooms? I don't know. So you're not taking this conversation. Seriously at all might be saying that I'm just telling you about different ways. You can go I mean I could have been a political activist too long to say that I don't think that was part of my legacy, but it could have been yes. I see it now the man formerly known as K. That's what I would be Game Over song. That's what that would be my political name game over. Well not that would be my rap name. Probably a hundred percent a hundred. Thank God we are I think the universe is this page here at the time coming to the end of our hundred and sixty first episode of well M free. What was that a ritual know that was the wrong self-defense voice? Oh, yeah. See the year that that sounds kind of like tough and like you can't mess with this person. You don't shrink if you have to explain to the voice sound stuff off. Tough though. It's not I mean, I'm trying to like improve the voice acting a little bit. Okay. He said every time they know not each and every time. Why not but this was one of the times one of the few times. Yeah. I yeah I try. I mean that's pretty close though. He's got in there. Yeah. Love the ego. Nice big brother good progress pretty do you yeah from self judging off. That's one of the best judges self-correct know thyself episodes and discussing who were the Black Panthers will we leave you hanging for? What our next episode will be about drum roll, please own our next episode. We will be discussing his coffee good or bad for your help. Make sure you follow us on social media to follow along with the conversation and make sure you tune in next week for welcome very Wednesday to join the conversation at woken free.com. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, please submit a topic for an upcoming episode right now. We're definitely scheduling into twenty. Twenty-One 20/20 is pretty much wrapped up guys. I know that that sounds scary to hear but it just is off now. Where do you know our contact us page at woken free.com. That is W. Okay e n f r e e. I've definitely been paying Don social hitting me up people's time. 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