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Twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg take. This is Bloomberg radio. From Bloomberg World Headquarters I'm Charlie Pellett we moved into the final hour of trading on this Thursday September tenth with the Dow the S&P Nasdaq all declining off session lows but a fresh selloff in mega cap tech shares sent stocks to the fourth loss in five days. Investors remain worried the valuations stretched too far in a five-month rally the SNP Laura now by thirty eight points down one point one percent the Dow is down two hundred, sixty, nine points down one percent Nasdaq Laura by a hundred and fifty five down one point four percent keep in mind that at the best level of the day Nasdaq. had been up one hundred, Fifty, seven points up one point, four percent but again, losses right now but the Nasdaq one hundred index down one point six, percent ten year yield point six, eight, percent gold up two tenths of one percent nineteen, fifty, the arms and West Texas intermediate crude lower by two and a half percent thirty, seven, zero, nine of barrel for West Texas Intermediate crude the European Central Bank has kept its emergency monetary stimulus unchanged. The region enters a critical phase in its recovery from the corona virus crisis. Here's ECB president Christine Lagarde increases in coronavirus infection rates during the summer months constitute headwinds. To the short-term outlook. Looking, ahead, further sustained recovery remains highly dependent on the evolution of the pandemic and the success of containment measures Citigroup was.

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