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Hour 3 - Andrew Brandt and David Spade (07-30-19)


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Westbound that's A._D._T.. Real production brought to you by A._D._T.. D._T. we're here at circle. K witnessing legendary drink mix for seventy nine cents looks like he's going with red sports drink and now lemon lime soda the Chola Crosstrek top fuller POPs in fraudsters. They're only seventy nine cents each at Circle K at a time when we are participating locations broadcasting from the Mercedes Man Kei. Here's it's Dan Patrick Final hour on this Tuesday and in the Dan Patrick Show we touched on a variety of topics today if you're just joining US Jerry Jones talking about the whole down with Ezekiel Elliott saying you don't have to have a guy leads the league in rushing to win a super bowl man probably not but you do need Ezekiel Elliott if you're going to sniff a super bowl anytime soon in Dallas and we also talked about Aaron Rodgers. There was a article list that was put out by hi bucky Brooks former N._F._l.. Player now works for the N._F._l.. Network and he had Aaron Rodgers as overrated that was the headline there Aaron Rodgers not amongst the top five quarterbacks heading into the season according to Bucky and the clippers may be changing their nickname and some people have actually offered some reasonable legitimate intimate possible nicknames if that happens with the clippers so <hes> that's that's you're caught up. If you're just joining us now coming up this final hour David spade great comedian has a new show on comedy central. I think it's called lights out. It's after the daily show and David will join US coming up. He's always fun to have on a so sneaky snarky right up our alley. Also we'll talk to Andrew Brandt. He's a former packers. Executive wanted to get his thoughts on the earn Aaron Rodgers situation and also he is a columnist for the Q._B.. And former agent used to work at the mothership wanted to talk to him about what advice I would. He give Ezekiel Elliott like what is leverage here with the Dallas cowboys and if you're the cowboys I just think Zeke coming back. He'll get paid because Jerry Jones is not good poker player at this age. He really wants to win a super bowl not that the other teams donan owners don't want Jerry really not really wants to win eight seven seven three D._p.. Show email address DP Dan Patrick Dot Com poll question sponsored by man versus food on Cooking Channel mclovin eleven. I we still have would you rather have the best wide receiver or running back in the N._F._l.. Fifty nine percent now go running back okay. I would take running back doc. I think I need to have a great wide receiver. I think I need to have a couple of good wide receivers. I I need to have a capable tight end but I think I I have to have a running back. Who's able to beat you in a couple of different ways? Yeah like who's the Best Wide Receiver Julio Jones Antonio Brown the Andrea Hopkins how pretty pretty good teams and those guys won't have Super Bowl wins in their careers more than likely probably well who's going to win. Antonio Brown's winning the Super Bowl Julio's gotten close couple times. They're not even the best team in their own division. You never know what version of that team will show yeah. <hes> Hopkins is not winning Super Bowl not in that unless he goes to New England someone yeah at the end of his career. Maybe latch on but you know great wide receivers. I don't win super bowls isn't it where the steelers won their super bowls without their best wide receiver running back goes to show you now. I guess <hes> let me see anything else. We need to mention say good morning to our radio and T._v.. Partners Direct T._V. Audience Channel Two thirty nine and <hes> biard live dot com you can stream all three hours here in new man cave and a three hundred sixty radio affiliates around the country more phone calls coming up and then we'll check in with Andrew Brandt the former agent he was with the packers for a decade so we'll talk to him coming up couple of the things that I didn't mention the the <hes> extremely stable dolphins have fired their offensive line. Coach Pat flared. He was only there for a week I think and then they said he couldn't adopt or adapt to what we're doing or philosophy. It's still July in you. Just fired you. Offensive Line coach boy settle in their Josh Rosen should be a fun ride in Miami me yes and like what's happening at offensive line practice that you'd like. It's just been a terrible week. I'm sorry we gotta let you go yeah. This guy's not going to be able to cut it. I just don't see a future with you. Here just brought in a rookie head coach and then now was this offensive line coach. was he a holdover now he had been somewhere else yes it does he. He was with the giants before but I I don't. I don't know what happened. The coach had all spring floors at all spring. The was a be able able to implement a system so it's so complicated I guess so I mean they're going to have to block. It looks like the old man is going to be behind center. Did you see this headline. The head coach Bryan floors says Ryan Fitzpatrick Right now is your is your quarterback who is leading to star Gimpo. This is the dumbest of the entire N._F._l.. Season hasn't started yet. Here's why because they'll bring in Patrick Fits Ryan Fitzpatrick. He'll go three and one on be player of the month in September. He'll take the dolphins right out of contention for a spot in the top of the draft and then it will delay putting Josh Rosen and test driving Josh Rosen and find out what you got there and they won't get to a or whoever is the quarterback because they're gonNA be. They'll probably six ten with Ryan Pitz yeah you don't WanNa be six into. That's what they're going to do it right with Red Nelson if I'm dolphins management and somebody makes the decision the head coach makes the decision to start Ryan Fitzpatrick. I immediately fire him him and right away fire everybody Blau all we'll just take it over. Forget it but does Josh Rosen. Give you a better chance to win and that's what you don't want. Josh Rosen may give view a better chance to lose because he's inexperienced. Ryan Fitzpatrick went pull a few games out of his you know what but Josh Rosen you you stole him. You got him for nothing. Gamma Test Drive Sixteen Sixteen Games. Let and see if you got an effort sixteen games. You'll know we've seen this story a thousand times already at least three times. We've seen this story. Let me bring an Andrew brant columnist at 'em Q._B.. Former packers executive former agents. What do you think of what we're saying for the Miami Dolphins in what they should do? Oh It's good to be with you Dan. You know I look at these two quarterbacks as one two of the more interesting business of football stories of the year it's Patrick's the business of Football Hall of Famer. I mean he keeps making money. He keeps getting multiple millions from these teams. Just want him as a stopgap yet. He you know he finds a way and Josh Rosen gets picked number. Ten in the draft gets the huge bonus from Arizona gets millions and millions from them and they don't even use them after a year so I just think this is always the dilemma so Josh Rosen's like a first round pick. Even though he's a year removed and do you have the stopgap or do you not last year. Baker Mayfield sits behind tyrod Taylor Josh mccown the head of Sam darnold Lamar Jackson behind Joe FLACCO. All these guys are just kinda waiting so this is the question you just debating lading why wait why wait because the guy's GonNa growing pains at some point so get rid of them. Get rid of the growing pains as soon as possible. I don't understand the signing of these ten to fifteen million dollar stopgaps every year. I'll get your thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott and his agent. What would your leverage bridge be? I don't know if you saw bookie. Brooks is <hes> article his list of the top quarterbacks five quarterbacks going into this season but Aaron Rodgers was not on the the top five list and the headline was Aaron Rodgers is overrated. What do you make of that former packers executive yeah? The Guy was in the room drafting after Aaron Rodgers. You're not gonNA get a good response out of me. I mean I think he's the most talented quarterback in the league. I just don't you know I would put him up there with Mahomes in that category. I just don't understand better now can you can you answer this as a guy who was maybe you can't do it objectively because you you you know you bought into Aaron Rodgers instead drafting when you were with the packers but he's the most talented. We all talk about that. That's what we always start with with Aaron Rodgers. He's the most talented on it okay. Is he the best quarterback I mean listen. I'm GONNA say yes. I do do understand looking at the recent sample size. It wasn't good you know but again defending him. I guess last year her game one knee injury lingers all year by the way a game. They beat the bears <hes>. I just think that it got still with Mike. I've talked about that before I hired Mike Thirteen years ago thirteen years with Aaron Rodgers got stale and you could tell l. it in the offense nothing against either of them. No one's fault relationships get that way so I think we'll see a different Aaron Rodgers with the new coach. Do you think that he if I said you can have Patrick. Mahomes who Aaron Rodgers this season yeah getting my bias is showing. I'll take on the season you tell me five seasons of course I'm taking homes all right. If you're Zeke Elliott's agent yeah. What is Your Strategy here in what leveraged you have? Well your hoping you're hoping hoping that there's a realization that as good as they can be they could be a lot better with Elliot. They know that you're hearing all the devaluation of running back stories. You're hearing about you know todd girlies replaced by Now rather than waiting until more situated contract wise to do that but he's got two years left on this deal. It's so it's not even like Dak Prescott Amari Cooper they're coming coming up sooner than him and it would feel like in the locker room. Take care of the guys who were up sooner than Zeke Elliott but can I can. I give him a contract contract. That does give him money extends him but it's also team friendly yeah. I think that's what's going to happen now. Everything I was just saying <music>. I'm putting on my packers hat my executive Hatton. I've arguments to refute that couple of which you just mentioned here's the problem not only do you have devaluation of running backs but you just mentioned star players closer to the end of their contract and everything you do as a team executive. Everything you do is judged by the rest of the team so you're gonNA have a line at your door to someone with two years left and that's always the case. The problem for Elliot is he might do a contract correct and the reason I say that is I'm sure with Gordon and Elliott they've put out some offers and they can look at themselves and say you know what this guy's got. Two years left after option option for Gordon but we're we're gonNA offer something but it's not good. It's not good. It's not anywhere near what they want now if they turn that down the team you can say oh wow well. We did something we didn't want to do and you still don't want it. I just think here's the contracts that Gordon and Elliot are GonNa get obviously guaranteed this year. 'cause they're going to play this year guarantee next year and then it's Kinda. We'll see after that no matter how much money they get the next two years these these teams are going to guarantee beyond twenty twenty. It's just for running back. Just don't do that and you know Levian Bill. Everything's been proven that there's not it's GonNa be a lot of guaranteed money sucked into these running back contracts two years Max. Wow and you know what Jerry Jones is such a bad poker player now that right this isn't Jerry Jones from the early nineties this different Jerry Jones and everybody knows it. You know you can say what you want want. Jerry's GonNa cave here at some point. Would you sense that. If you were Zeke's agent it you would say to your client. Hey you know what he's GonNa. Give you what what is great market value they need you. He needs to win a super bowl. He's desperate to win a super bowl. We're going to get paid. I think caves going to be an operative word. Listen and here's what I here's what I did then. I had a few of these you know Giovane Walker and Mike McKenzie Donald driver in my day and there's three things you can do one you can totally ignore him. Say Show up twin you show up to you can rip up their contract. Amir brand spanking new top of the market deal teams. Don't WanNa do that and sort of the middle ground is Kinda. Throw them some extra money that what I call earn ables like some workout money some performance incentives some extra per game roster bonuses bonuses but bring it up millions of dollars without you can face your team and say hey. I didn't tear that up. I'm not doing that so I think cave in the fact fact that I think he'll get a new deal but I think Elliot will quote Unquote Cave that he won't get this top of the market major guaranteed Todd Gurley forty five million plus guarantee deal. I just don't take it'll happen but I also look at this and the leverage the cowboys may have is you know what we're going to give you less guaranteed money money because look at the way you've acted off the field off you know right. We're sorry we can't give you that guaranteed money that you think. What do you think that that is going to be used in this situation? I thought I saw a quote from Stephen Jones talking about telling his own kids. You know everything's judged your your your facebook posts. You know the whole body of work is judge which is kind of a subtle not so subtle and that yes that's part of the equation and when negotiated contracts I didn't hit it over the head with a hammer to the agent but they knew you know someone had off the field problems. Someone had character issues well documented and that affects the whole thing just like good character adds value to contract negotiations when I was representing players that teams love for their work ethic pick it all it all goes in there. It's all part of the mix. If we talk in a month which the situation in Dallas my guess is Elliott's in and with a contract guaranteeing twenty five to thirty million over the next two years and nothing thank guaranteed after that and then back is Dak signed Murray Cooper sign yeah I think Cooper's closer you know I know Joel Joel's at the camp these days Joel Joel Siegal is agent Prescott is going to be a big deal. We'll just see where that is. I can criticize the cowboys for this. Dan and my last thing is that you gotta stagger these you know when I had a quarterback starbucks I mean you gotta staggered and gotTa get one done last year you you can't be let all these guys come at the same time now. Maybe they didn't plan on Elliott obviously but that's the problem here. What's the craziest negotiation you ever had? You don't know names James craziest well. I'll give you name isn't well. I'm not gonNA give you a lot of details but the Niagara I'd rather you didn't give me the name but gave me all the details well. I had a player that I was star player for us but I just could not get to focus on his deals so I flew due to him went to his place where shows up every day for lunch. He looks walks in the door. Looks Andrew what the blank are you doing here not sit. We gotta get your deal done. He's an relaxed you know and play golf so I'm not a good Golfer. He's a scratch Golfer. We played and I tried to get it done that trying to get the next day caught and finally got him to focus ins agent flew down and we signed a huge deal on a golf course somewhere so that was Mississippi. You were in Kiln Mississippi. I'm not talking about that did did the the guy you were sitting down with playing golf. How did he sound anything like this course deal of course Brett farve impersonation? I spent three years managing <hes> managing uh-huh and Erin who you know it was it was you had one guy. WHO's not you know it's not great to walk in every day and see your replacement sitting there and don't air inside? It's not great walking every day and not knowing if you'll ever play but when did you know that Rogers could be as good if not better than so far. I'm GonNa say I practice. I mini camp. I mean this guy you knew that he was as good as it's going around and Oh my God <hes> The guy takes the ball movement and all drivers sixty yards on a rope and Ted Thompson never ever showed emotion S. but I somehow I locked eyes with him when that happened and he gave me a look like we just solved our future by it did did people WANNA move farve earlier than what happened no but I think you saw towards the end. I think everyone everyone saw it was not the recruitment in southern Mississippi like it had been every year it was more okay you decide and that's when he retired and we turn the keys over to Erin of course and then I think in retrospect and what we should have done. It would have been a very hard conversation but I knew in the back of my mind. He'd get the rich again and you know maybe we should have had a tough conversation sation that you know if you WANNA come back. Just let me know. We're turning this over. You know this this is Aaron 'cause when he did come comeback as everyone knows it was messy was ugly and I you know I heard Mike McCarthy telling those three words that no one ever wants to hear which are we've moved on and that's tough for anyone especially such a great player like Brett such such the face of the franchise for two decades. If you had one game to win then you could have rogers or far at their peak yeah. You're killing me here at my job <hes> <hes>. I guess I'll say bright because he's done you know. Errands cut more to come so it's GonNa be a tougher question. Obviously when we look back on both by the slightest of you know one of those Tour de France finishes. Is there Andrew Great to talk to. You hopefully got you in trouble with somebody and we appreciate your time. I'll be back soon grill. You Dan all right. Andrew Brandt rant used to be with the packers now columnist for the Q._B.. Yeah I think the Zeke deal gets done but I do think it's not going to be as lucrative live as he's hoping for Adam schefter reporting tyreek hill bruised his quad expected to be fine. I saw where the headline came over an email mill carted off the field tyreek Hill and I went oh and then just got an update. It's a bruised quad. Yes boy he was technically on a cart writing off-the-field over to the medical area but he wasn't caring wasn't loaded onto a car on a stretcher. He was sitting comfortably like like you'd be a passenger in a golf cart. I'm looking at the picture right now. He was comfortably sitting. He's fine okay. It's better if you say carted off chiefs in Journal all right twenty one after the Hour David spade will join us more of is your phone calls coming up and <hes> some tweets here that I want to get to twenty two after the hour here Dan Patrick show okay. This is just a thirty second commercial and I'M GONNA throw a lot of numbers that you please please stay with me. 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Not with everything from video doorbells indoor A._D._T.. Real prediction brought to you by A._D._T.. We're here at circle. K witnessing legendary drink mix for seventy nine cents looks like he's going with red sports drink and now lemon lime soda from the Chola Crosstrek. Topo POPs and fraudsters are only seventy nine cents each at Circle K at a time when we are participating locations at a tweet tweet from a Z thirty to Jerry Jones is to blame for the cowboys current situation had he not forced Romo out when he had plenty left in the tank. Would we be even even talking about Dak Prescott innomax contract right now. I don't know how much Tony Romo had left. I don't think he had a lot left in the tank is pretty banged up so jerry. I give Jerry credit now. He accidentally fell into Dak Prescott because didn't he want the Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook look that's who they wanted and then I think Oakland to go all right well. We'll take dot Prescott their member. They were going to take Johnny Manziel in the first round and then they took an offensive lineman who's probably going to the hall of fame so sometimes Jerry gets credit for things that he shouldn't but you know and they took Ezekiel. Elliott and people wondered you take a running back that high. They need Zeke Elliott. They need their running back more than any other team needs. They're running back back to be successful. David Spade has a new show boy. They're handing them out lights out with David Spade made its debut last night. Comedy Central Airs every Monday through Thursday eleven thirty eastern David Welcome to the program and congrats on your new show well. They're handing them out. Apparently apparently that's nice. Are you a Cardinal Fan Arizona Kordofan you know Dan this is a great question and I am from Scottsdale and I grew up there. They weren't there as I recall so I go on and on to the Miami Dolphins as as a kid 'cause 'cause they were winning and they were undefeated and I loved you know like Larry. CZANKA came to my show once I couldn't believe <hes> I love the Song Song I love Mercury Morris then <hes> we had the same dealer. No I loved mercury more and then I and then they started losing so I switched to the steelers and I had a good run with them. I realized I just was loyal to winning. I dislike the steelers no rhyme or reason just because they started winning a lot and then I realized I don't even know what loyal means. I just like the teams that win are you. A Patriots Patriots Fan. Yeah I go into heat is man. What would've fans say to you when they see you on the street they say enough with the Adam Sandler stuff now they say <hes> David thank you for your service and show-business <hes> you've done you've done right by? Everyone and I know I can always count on seeing you it on T._v.. As at three PM on something are you okay warmers are you. Do you find that that you gotta be funny. When you see they expect you to be funny or do they give you the benefit of the doubt no matter what you say that it's funnier coming from a comedian well well? I think there's a couple levels that first of all I do when I meet people and I know they're just GonNa meet me once in their life as sometimes I say something thing goofy. You're funny because that's it for life. If you meet someone famous and you're out of town that's the store you have for twenty years and you want it to be a pleasant experience just even if it is nice when I take a picture or something because I feel like I've done that growing up and I just remembered forever with people and <hes> if they're nice you just happy about but sometimes like waiters and some of them they will laugh extra hard when I say anything and then my girl I'm with always I it's so gross <music> how your little fee plus jokes should be bombing and this guy's like Oh. They're not in a joke. I go. I don't care I love it yeah but you've been tricking them for a long time David. Oh Yeah it's been I've got it wired now but I just <hes> I try to be okay. Real life and I know on T._v.. I come across like a tough guy hard ass athlete but in real life. I'm actually like sort of a nice guy kind of oppose and and so you have a lot of guys treat me like it's all joe dirt like slapping on the back like I'm like on there little buddy and I'm like a frat brother and they're like idiot this guy breaking headlock. I'm like all right relaxed and then I'm with Sean Penn and they're like Mr Penn.. I'm like give me me some of that. And what is the deal about. Act You know the actor Sean Penn.. Did he give you your I tend to yes he did. I think I'M GONNA ask him to another the other one. The new show her steeler thirsty thirsty <hes> yeah because I want <hes> that was a fun one on concern live. I was just such a dumb idea only done it on up. Hey does so he gives you attach. You were okay signing off on that so the real heel deal you your tattoo is Sean. Penn Avenue real deal is I ran into him at a party. I didn't know I heard him talking and telling someone else he's he's trying to do tattoos just for some time to kill or some sort of drunk talk and I did on a potato and then I was out of ideas immediately on S._N._l.. About a week later called him and said would you come to S._N._l.. When you're doing letterman would you run over and give me a tattoo and he said Yeah Okay and it was very not thought through? I can tell you that and then I I picked one that Steven Tyler had I- Steven Tyler for this one and he has his arm nice enough told me how to get it. Whatever I show up at the tattoo shop to Hells Angels Sean Strong and <hes> and then he goes ah I can't do that one of them to goes? Oh yeah this is what you meant he can't do they can't do anything so we had to pick something on the newspaper which was Kelvin and Hobbs because I didn't want and I go well here. We go. Let's this'll be fun bit for the rest of my life and <hes> he did it and I interviewed him and just add some dumb questions and and then at the end I I was allergic to every color and the whole thing and then I said who was that Jews are horrible. I it's no fun on at all and <hes> and I'm trying to do it again with him. He's David Spade. He has a new show debuted last night on comedy central and this is after the daily show. Is this after trevor. Oh yeah I know what's on your V._C._R.. But maybe the next month or two you should try to people a few minutes of it all right so that's eleven thirty thirty eastern Monday through Thursday. GimMe your guest who is the ideal guest. Oh <hes> I do WANNA quit levy on bell about fantasy last year. I don't think he'll be my I guess but I'm still stewing about it and I'm glad he made a statement pointed at me because I drafted him first last year and now I'm still I've scared to draft him again. I remember when we had you on your really angered. Oh steaming and I apologize as I was really in a tizzy but this year I feel like we'll be once shame on you if I do it again. I I'm going yeah I gotta say fraught with Zico. Will you take lady on Bell. If you have a chance. Dan these are the tough questions. What does it sixty minutes? Yes <hes> <hes> I I think I will because now Ezekiel is. I don't know what he's he's playing grab ass. He's down in Kabul. Come on here heading a game. I need guys that want to be there. I know I know practicing my speeds for my writers. How good are you at fantasy football? Oh I don't know I wanted wanted one league that good. It's such a crapshoot though I think I'm good and then I get like last the next year I go. What am I doing wrong but you know it's just fun? I do it with some guys and happy Madison and then I have another one with some light idiot friends around here but they always hate. If I'm winning. They're like okay and he gets it all do but you know what they probably think. You get inside information because you're David Spade. Can you not good call Adam schefter somebody I do. I Call Glazer sometimes really like he's like hey. Did you get that Solo Flex. I sent you like I guess the other question but are the Danettes mics off. I don't hear any there. <hes> you know what we put in a laugh track after the interview. Oh please God help me. I don't want to bomb them. Pushing a show yeah I could you guys open up your microphones a little bit. Oh Okay David you do a line and then I'll give you some fake laughter here. You got a joke that you can say all right yeah go o j just joined twitter. I hope he knows how to not yet okay. I hope he knows how to post pictures. Here's and he doesn't just keep cutting people's heads up. That's actually not bad ah laughing. You're not over. What what is your demo? I don't know bench warmers. We dominated in that movie didn't we would. I'm telling you I hear about bench warmers as much as almost any movie not not as much as Joe dirt or Tommy boy no but I'm telling you it's jody and Tommy boy which is too good guesses because those are one and two and then I'm I'm telling you bench. warmers is a real sleeper because I hear on twitter almost every day. It's just a good little fun baseball movie that had some dumb lines in it and <hes> I I so appreciate you being in it and I'm glad you're in a lot of those movies and <hes> you're sort of a lucky charm. Are you is twitter nice to you overall. Yes <hes> overall except about once a week I get. I wish you died instead of Farley. I swear I get that from more than I should and now it's turning into like a sample of a song where you go. I've heard that so much come up with some new stuff but the truth is that's they can be mean. Dan and I don't want you to get on twitter if you're not ready. I'm not on twitter. I don't want to and I am sorry. They said such a mean thing like that nice to you but I'm like what am I area. Guerande leave me alone. You know I already I thirty eight myself. You don't have to type in on it and you both dated Pete Davidson so <hes> there you go that Guy <hes> all right well <hes> wait and you have a beef beef with Pete Davidson. No no it's more with Ariana Grande as Ponytail <hes> listen <hes> Dan is yes. I gotTA run. I got a million things going okay. Wait let lately say it again. Say it again and then I'm going to get a real laugh from from my guys. Hey I gotta go. Go ahead. Okay all right David. Well wait. What's what's the setup? I didn't have one you were going to you. Just take it. You were running with it. Okay <hes> guys. I gotTA run. <hes> I've got a I uh-huh force strained but I'll take okay you guys okay David Okay okay. I can't miss you. If you don't leave. Thank you David. That's David Spade. He has a new and a new T._v.. Show gone lights out with David Spade that debuted last night and it's Monday through Thursday eleven thirty eastern yes well. Darius Rucker is laugh. Maybe the most recognizable denies it in the business. He can always make you feel better about your sense of humor your jokes Ah I don't think we edited that. That's just a real laugh from Darius Rucker and they're doing well on the road. I guess everybody's playing Nice with Hootie and the blowfish. I'd be laughing too yeah. They're they're killing it and I laugh into the you know where the bank but you know they are claimed they sold out the garden back to back night. Wasn't that funny. It's kind of funny. I don't think so we're we're proud of who you ah Koy blow Johnson being a blonde. She's of Joe Johnson. Oh that was joe not quite why I love it. There's just like all of these a million soundbites of of people laughing yeah but that's what we love Mike Tyson and Tyson there are certain people who laugh at times when it's it's not funny and that always makes me nervous Tyson. I don't even know if what I said was funny. anyways I got got no car. Accident totaled my car. You're you're laughing at my misery. My Fame Darius is who's that way way. We that's Troy Aikman. Yes got nailed it joy nice all right. We'll take a break last call for phone polls <hes> what we learn. What's tomorrow all of that good stuff right after this Dan Patrick show this summer? There's only one trusted place that lets you get in on all your favorite sports. It's betting action that online A._G.. Sign up today for a free account at bet online dot A._G.. and Use Promo Code podcast one for your fifty percent off welcome bonus or texts Tibet now two two three eight six six nine. That's B. E. N. O. W. 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Thank you for downloading subscribing of course supporting and now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds of AMY news headlines Right after this podcast at this day sports history for you coming up on the results of the poll question brought to you by man versus food on Cooking Channel mclovin final tabulations you want the best running back or the best wide receiver up to sixty three percent best running back. Yeah it's harder to take him out of the game and as we talked before and Jerry Jones brought this up you've had three four situations where a runner has led the League in rushing and won a super bowl three of those times with Emmett Smith breath and the other one was with Terrell Davis. I think Shaun Alexander may be came. The closest with winning the rushing title was Seattle and then they lost to the steelers super bowl yeah then you know all these guys are like Ladainian Tomlinson won some buddy. He couldn't get over there Curtis Martin one one can get their stuff and the wide receivers even worse <hes>. Let's see nick in Arizona joins us on that topic nick DP big fan six feet two hundred hundred so wanted to weigh in on the receiver talk the last time a top five receiver won the superbowl was Marvin Harrison person in two thousand six eighty two reception one thousand one zero one hundred forty six yards and twelve touchdowns at the age of thirty three backrow all righty all right. Thank you nick and I don't know if people looked at Marvin Harrison as this elite wide receiver a hall of Famer but I don't think when when you when you start to run down the list of great receivers in the history of the game it takes a little while to get to Marvin Harrison so I don't see more like productive without hoping spectacular very productive played with Peyton so Peyton is going to help any wide receivers numbers any by the way this kid that Ohio Ohio from Ohio state to coach Scott Pairs Campbell lookout for him lookout for him and you know what if you get that book in for T. Y.. Hilton man that is going to be some fun fun games to watch with the colts but Campbell Campbell way you know I I said this before about Dwayne Haskins and it wasn't a knock even know people looked at it that way. When I watched the Michigan game and I watched I watched games? I do watch highlights but I watch games. You get a better sense of somebody in the flow what they're doing when they're doing it how they're doing. It and I was watching the Michigan game in person I said I don't know how good Haskins this is. All I know is these wide receivers at Ohio. State are blowing by Michigan's defense and Peres Campbell is one of those kids he's really talented did and they may have gotten a steel with Pairs Campbell just a little intel this day in Sports History Paulie. What do you have for me not a big one this day in sports history England England's soccer team when the World Cup in nineteen sixty six and two thousand one Lance Armstrong became the first American to win three consecutive toward a Francis or Tours de France? He's always different shorter Francis not towards the Francis mclovin would know this why I think you're right but it shouldn't be it should be tours France. Yeah that's like R._B._I.. That's that's weird. I have this movie history toward a Francis one of the great months in movie history July one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Dan in a two week period. These three movies were released released diehard while that's alone good enough. That's good a week later midnight. Run is released. I think it's the best buddy movie of her and you're right and then not maybe a great movie but it was very very big at the time a week. Later cocktail was released and why why did they release Steinhardt a Christmas movie in July. That's weird die hard at midnight Ryan cocktail in three straight weeks. Those are all the same age those movies yep say month. Oh that's it over self cocktail by way Paulie yet. Is it made it made eighty million dollars at the time. It was a very big movie. Well just because Tom Cruise he looked great. He's a bartender doesn't hold up. I know that what I mean as far as I've ever watched video hold on I watch to watch of Tom. Cruise is bartending now. Oh my God it's hilarious. She's like dancing and like he's got. This big puffy shirt on it is hilarious aw it's like what the Internet was invented for Modern Day. It's so perfect are you. Are you all in on top. Gun The remake or whatever this is Poli only <hes> like I'm a little nervous about it it. It seems like they're sticking to the script as if they're basically do every bit over I even saw guys playing volleyball jeans and the turing so they're going to try to make fun of what people were making fun of when they did this movies and what they're GonNa do Mike. I'm I'm a little nervous with Tom. Cruise appears to be call a lifetime naval aviator but he never makes it to be now. He's the boss he's probably got guys underneath them or knuckleheads and then he's got to do what was done to him. Got Him Rascal. Be the new hot pilot continental tire the exclusive tire the Dan Patrick Show and no matter what you drive where you drive how you drive drive. They have a tire for you. Tom Ritchey will explore the trade deadline and that'll be coming up tomorrow and maybe the mets have made a smart move with Marcus stroman. Maybe they've cornered the market on pitching and AL everybody wants to talk to the mets about pitching. Maybe todd would you learned today. Then it's paid was a dolphins fan as a kid and then once they started losing he switched to the winning Pittsburgh steelers as addicted to winning mclovin Russell Wilson does not care about your quarterback raking no he does not Seton O'Connor O'Connor Paris Campbell player to watch Yep Yeah. I think he could be special Paulie. What'd you learn Russell Wilson works out with Reno Williams as he calls yeah always nice play tennis whether fritzy wanted I learned to learn that Russell Wilson is ranked second all time and T._D.'s to interception ratio behind Aaron Rodgers? Yes indeedy what we learned brought to you by Truecar car shopping can be confusing terms like dealer price list price invoice truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want so you can recognize a good price when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecar and enjoy more confident car buying experience. Thanks for the phone calls emails tweets the all around support. Let's Funday. Good guests good calls. We'll try to replicate that tomorrow till then Patrick when your favorite show ends Rob Sister Nino is just getting started with post show recaps podcast one sign me up join him for live interactive podcasts right after episodes of your favorite shows like big little lies in Star Trek Trek discovery plus Netflix original shows like stranger things and so much more. I WanNa see stranger things in the big city. I want some Chicago Rhythm. 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I'm Rita Foley with an A._p.. News minute capital one says it's continuing to investigate a massive hack attack hat according to capital one the data breach affected about one hundred million people in the United States and six million in

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