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Network reporter Tom Villa sorrow Tampa Bay times NFL reporter Rick Strode Plus Co host of Good Morning Football Nate, Burleson and now. Rich. Paul Ryan everybody welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen, show we are live on the air fraud in Los Angeles California Week five is underway and we have a game from last night to discuss and then a game that's coming up this weekend that's now being threatened by a covert positive tests that needs to be checked on with the New York jets. That's the latest example of how week five and the NFL season is becoming the new normal and I guess I just want to start with that real quick that we all just have to understand that the way that we saw in the first three weeks of this season everything go. I think that let's hope that that proves to be the norm this year I think the last two weeks is going to be the norm for the NFL season and we all kind of have to get used to it, and if a team has to play on a Tuesday or a Monday and then move this game from year to they're. Going to have to be the case, and we'll all just have to roll with it, and honestly the only thing that I think that that concerns fans about that they might be wondering about it. is their fantasy teams me honest with you and wondered about. This person is going to be available for your fantasy team or not, and you know and. and and and I'm I'm. I'm just as guilty of any having Josh Allen, and Kyla Murray is my two starting quarterbacks in in or or two quarterbacks in one league right now one game. As. It was announced yesterday it appears titans bills. If no more positive tests from the titans are going to be popping up and today news is yesterday was a clean day which we're glad to hear that the titans and the bills will play Tuesday and Thursday night game that everybody thought. Was the issue in rescheduling tightened bills on Tuesday that's now been pushed to. Saturday. If everything goes according to plan the Patriots game that we heard that might not be played at all this week because to found Gilmore tested positive on Wednesday that's now slated a five o'clock eastern time kickoff. That's coming up on Monday night. Another Monday night doubleheader it's going to be Broncos at New England the rare five o'clock eastern Monday night stars. For a football game but guess what? Well we'll deal with it. Okay and then you know. We'll sit back hope that everything else goes according to plan on. Sunday. Tom. Pella Sarah my colleague from the NFL network WHO's completely on top of this story. I mean, it's amazing. He he he might have like the phone number of some lab and New Jersey to find things out himself waiting instead of waiting to hear from teams. He'll be joining us in about forty minutes time to make heads or tails on that nate burleson our friend from good morning football and the NFL Today on. CBS, he'll be joining us in the third hour of the program, and then right in the middle from the Tampa Bay. Times are Nick Stroud who covers the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Rick Stroud right in the middle of our show from the Tampa Bay Times will join us. and. There's lots to talk about right there. It's an interesting game. Okay. What's What's unpack this here? So. TAMPA BAY comes out rolling. You even texted that to the group buccaneers a Roland great with that goes well out and then mistakes begin to happen. From a fumble towards the end of the half. To defensive lapses and penalties all over the lot brady starts barking at. His teammates welcome to being Tom. Brady teammate Tampa Bay. This is what happens. And Nick foles looks as pedestrian as he looked in the first half of the game as he did in the second half of last week and then. The pig Saint Nick shows up. And to the first half takes advantage of the mistakes that the Tampa Bay buccaneers make and then all of a sudden it just becomes. A war of attrition I guess. From Vida they great run stopper and pass rusher of Tampa Bay going off on a cart I mean Tampa Bay. It's like a weekly current seeing somebody go off on A. Few days ago was OJ Howard last night it was via that's a broken ankle for Vida ton of. Season ending injuries that Tampa is going to have to be dealing with moving forward and I'm genuinely concerned about their viability to win it all certainly in an NFC that has green bay on a bi week playing as well as they've been playing in the NFC west looking has the way they look. And the New Orleans saints coming up on. Monday, night football having an opportunity to take over. First Place in this division unless Carolina. Takes out Atlanta and creates a whole bunch of problems for Atlanta. Possible you got three three and two teams by the end of the week. But you have to give it up. To the Chicago Bears It's not. Pretty I. Don't think we've seen anything in the standings however resembling a photograph or painting or a picture or a drawing style points but. They can rush the passer defend on the back end they can make you. Think twice before trump is a quarterback, they can make you. They can make you. Make mistakes. Have a problem with the run defense I'll tell you that we're seeing some people being able to run against him but. Right. Now, the Chicago bears are foreign one. And Right now Alan Robinson has been showing up since nick foles has been pulling the trigger is the God that. Is a number one receiver in this league? Khalil Mack Really. Got It. Done last night. And foles is. Moving the ball downfield field when you need him to and Cairo Santos did not doing it. I'll be honest with you is he was swinging his leg last night a couple of times lead. I thought could you imagine if he hits both uprights here? But Nagy made the decision last week it looked like a terrible one this week it looked like a great one and it looked like a great maneuver in second half and certainly in the fourth quarter when everything was going down. and. The conversation this morning is about Tom Brady in the final drive of the game. I thought. Just like the rest of America just like. Troy Aikman joke. That when Nagy decided to put it in the air on second down. And their final drive. Instead of running the ball forcing. The buccaneers to take their final timeout running the ball again, they get it down to about. Thirty seconds left and then bringing out your field goal kicker to give you the lead from right around the same spot that Santos did kick the game winner. I thought to myself just like the rest of America we've seen this movie before. The calls are coming from within house. It's like one of those harm that you watched through your fingers because you know. WHO's coming for you and you know? Those poor kids on the screen. Are About to get it. Because of what Tom Brady does when you give him the ball and the chance to win a game with. Ninety ticks on the clock you just don't do it. You shouldn't do it. You can't do it. You don't do it. And it doesn't matter how old. You shouldn't do it. Shirt off. It comes Brady on the field moving the ball down the field. They're clicking. They're clicking. fourth-down arrives and short I'm sitting there thinking no big deal. Five Year pass I doubt keep going Brady's done this before each not it before he usually finds someone on the old crossing route someone a dumping it off. On the rarest of occasions even pick it up with his feet I've seen this before then he just goes down the field. He targets some way down the field and I'm like what's up with that? and. Troy Aikman says in the booth it looks like, Brady, lost track of the downs. And you see a shot of the screen of Brady holding up the number four after it's all done. which leads you to believe he thought wait a minute. It's fourth down right now is everybody running off the field wise ICAGO celebrating it's. It's not like he's keeping track of the. Number of wins the bears now have right I mean it just makes no sense. Why would he hold up the number four? And when things that we see in life in general. Are Inexplicable, you always go to the conspiracy conspiratorial. Thirty seconds left in the game. He's not even saying put four seconds back on the clock I mean there's no there's no real rational explanation Ford and I know Bruce Arians said after the game that he knew track down and Brady said that he realized he should have gotten the first down instead of the chunk place I I know that. But it sure looks like Tom Brady forgot the downs there's just no way to put. There's really just from an observer outside observer it looks like he lost track of downs which leads to you know the whole conversation of Brady having a senior moment we all have it. Just not on now she's vision fourth quarter. And and we've never seen that before. I don't recall ever seeing that before I don't recall him ever losing track of downs at any point at any time in new. England. Regardless. Of whether it's the first quarter of the fourth quarter. I've never seen that before that's a I. That's a I. Know also. One thing that gets lost in this whole conversation to me. Was, the, quizzical decision earlier in the fourth quarter by a guy who's normally you know no risk it no biscuit. For Short in the Red Zone, they just kicked the field goal. I thought Brady was GONNA come out. They would go for it on fourth and one Ronald. Jones has got one hundred yards on the ground and go for their. Stick it in the end zone forcing foles and the bears to have to go the length of the field and score touchdown in order to win the game. When they settled for the field goal, I was kind of confused about that. Actually me too. and. That led to just needing only a field goal for the bears and there's only a field goal for. Tampa, which is now three into this is not. At all in my mind a terribly problematic loss for. Brady unless you're talking about. One day down the road wave a wand NFC west doesn't really exist bucks and bears dueling it out for the one seed who gets the week off you know what I'm saying like yeah. It may come home to roost in terms of potentially conference record tie-break you know of somebody's a difference between two three or four seed youth they've won the division or. Again Evans's on one leg Godwin's not even out there. They're beginning to get a considerable amount of injuries racking up a concern about Tampa on that front. Not Concerned about. Brady. Suddenly, losing it I mean he was zipping some passes in their his arm strength is not a question. We haven't even talked about while Brady won't even go downfield. He's going vertical and he's thinking vertical and the offense is about being vertical when it needs to be and he is the trigger man for the moment I am not concerned about that at all. I am concerned about the number of injuries being racked up and the number of mistakes that this team makes. And the bears Khalil. Mack is a bona fide top notch grade a potential future hall of Fame Game Wrecker. and. The bears have foles hopefully they get better. Hopefully, the run game gets a little bit more. In, line with the passing game, it does seem to be out of sync just. Again I'm not an all twenty two guy just see what I see and feel what I feel when I see it just looks like the passing game in the run game it doesn't seem like. Doesn't it seem like they're totally two different parts of the playbook that haven't really meshed together in a way that maybe you see on the chiefs of the rams, we're talking about, uh high flying offense but those are things that can be addressed. You saw foles wanting to go more UPTEMPO at one point being demonstrative about that on the sideline but chuck. Pagano as I mentioned yesterday the defensive coordinator there the guy who called Arian to make sure he and retire and bring the Indianapolis where he took over when Pagano got sick leading to the ascendancy of Bruce Arians as a head coach in this league of note. Good Chuck and good for the bears. Congratulations to those fans who thought that thing was toast and iced in the first half. So we'll talk about the buccaneers performance, the injuries, the eleven penalties that they racked up with Rick? Stroud. Who spoke Bruce Arians about an hour ago so we'll ask him to unload his notebook. On that front. When he joins us in the middle of this Friday show. That includes you eight, four, four, zero, four, rich. We're getting ready for two game fives evening. One. Again, game fives you know depending on the math. are either decisive. Pivotal Or in the case. Of Tonight's Yankees, rays game pivotal and designers of both double-dip. Lakers go for the ramp up. Lakers tried to close the NBA bubble in Orlando and set everybody to writing books and thirty for thirty documentaries about what happened. And, tonight should be the exclamation point. Everybody here in Los Angeles should get ready for the los. Lakers car flags to be seen all over the city are flags all clipper fans within. The sound of my voice whether in studio or on our terrestrial radio. Network including right here throughout southern California. On the mighty ten ninety should get ready, all clipper fans should get ready steal themselves. All laker haters all Lebron haters should steal themselves and get ready. To Watch he Anthony Davis celebrate together with Casey P. and Kuzma. WHO's been through a lot that kid? And Rondo get another one I think that happens tonight. Unless big face coffey. Gets highly caffeinated drops in a fifty point triple double. That would be. Tyler Heroes starts dropping in threes. He does look like rex. Chapman Donnie. Well. He does kind of have that. Rex. Look. So getting ready for that. Then the Yankees and the raise this evening. Little Bit of Television Conundrum for Dad this evening. And? Friday. Music Show. Oh, I'm sorry. I. Forgot to make that part of my lead the lead segment here on the program. As your is your. Are you going to be doing that? Block. Great. Double, box. I forget use them phrases like double boxes. that. do you have a poll question on lined up there Christopher I've gone a couple. Okay. Because we'd like to do is let's workshop on that. And then we've got our usual complement of Friday goodies. From Chris. Brockman. Sneaky Good Games trying to get you some hard American cash. To my games that are being overlooked under the radar games for the rest of the week five schedule I give you my unluckiest lock of the week where I got got I've got a feeling that there's an upset but don't take it to the bank. Is No bank that you should take it? And then high register where we have to. Go up here to try and convince you what we're actually believing even though we don't believe it, which is why we gotta go in this. Way. That High Register that I've. Fire, right. There was actually pretty good. And then. And then we we we take your calls at eight, four, four, zero, four rich. When we come back, we'll unpack the poll question get ready for Tom. To tell us what is going on in the NFL with the jets and other covert positive teams potentially. And then? We praise the dodgers when we come back. This season get football on your time. With NFL, Game Pass. 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Just, like you're totally right, I mean Miami Clemson this weekend Eagles steelers Vikings, seahawks bills tightens those huge games. Okay which two and two team you like to make the playoffs to and to there are six to into inert down to four. Forty Niners, cardinals, patriots saints. And kind of on a sad note, but still an interesting question. Why Ford passed away this morning age ninety, one, we lost now three all time greats in the last six Gibson Whitey Ford Gale Sayers Tom. COM Steven turns a baseball. Okay. Who Do you give the ball to in a game seven? seaver Gibson Whitey Ford here. What's called the two and two teams in the NFL let's do that. We'll do that. I think we will. You Know I. Think we all agree. I mean you hit a game did did any of them? I'm sure why do you pitch in a game seven that seaver pitch in a game seven? mean he was only. Wasn't a Lotta playoffs. But still has one of the all time. Great I of course. I'm not denying that. Do not deny that. Okay let's do the to and to. Do that. Team of you're with US teams listings. We're back here on the rich Eisen show on the rich. Eisen. Show terrestrial radio network and we say Hulo especially again to our friends at the mightier ten ninety in southern California we say, congratulations to all dodger fans listening to us on the mightier ten ninety and we. Send our our tip of the CAP. To the highly entertaining and dynamic. Sky's the limit. There's much. Bright light at the end of the twenty twenty tunnel in the San. Diego Padres fant. But I'll tell you what man Day what man did the dodgers and I stopped watching when it was like nine hundred, ninety to whatever finished twelfth three K. did the dodgers hit a home run last night? I don't think they did. Request think they put up a dozen run without leaving the yard? They, just put the bat on the ball and day just hit line drives and they find gaps and they put pressure on you and they are really tough. I mean they've got generational talented players in bets and Bellinger, and then other players you know like will Smith. Who are Ab- supremely talented that you know have names. That, invoke other famous people you know what I mean Chris Taylor and then Justin Turner is just Is One of the best is easy Julian Edelman of baseball interesting where are you going with that that that? A. Self made. Man Like not a huge prospect correct and a lot of fanfare coming into the league. Regular season numbers that are. I don't WANNA say solid. Solid solid, but good. Good. Bye in the. Playoffs impose the hall of fame. Yeah wins the game for you makes the power that a by that. The Justin Turner is Julian Edelman of Major League Baseball. Yup. And that when the chips are down. There's not more of a money player in the entire sport whether they're. Decorated with all stars pro bowls or whatever. This guy just gets on base and moves runners along and plays defense and Glue Guy. The players player glues guy the solid of compliments in baseball and sports glue. Guy, you're a glue guy. presence, you connect pimples, parts together. You're that guy who? To stick it. You Know Albers. where I'm going with all of it or you're going. In the pitching it's going to be looked at the back end of that Penn.. Is the. shakiest part of of. Of Dodger Town right now twenty twenty yeah. But they just. Absolutely looked the San Diego padres in the face. And said not now. Not Now Not Now, not saying not ever not now. Did you see when bellinger and tatty met at second base when bellinger reached second. I think they had some sort of exchange laugh in about sorry I robbed your home. Coverage and. I think that's what they're exchange was. And they had like a good laugh over it. But there's no laughing matter that the Los Angeles dodgers are coming for you and they're coming for the braves. Next is the braves. Just are just bagel their way into the next round and they got they got a ton of young talented players to that'll be an interesting series. I'll tell you that pretty fun. And then the Astros advance in dodger stadium of all places. Homerun Derby that series was man it was fun and they have advanced. Sitting back waiting for. Either the Tampa Bay rays. Or a rematch of last year's American League Championship series. If the Yankees advanced tonight now Garrett Cole is starting for the Yankees this evening. And I have learned this is rich Eisen show exclusive. Oh. Garrett Cole. The Yankees have plans. To pitch him in the second inning tonight. What about the third? They have plans. They're expected to whatever. Information. Man Slash Woman in sports language you want to get their plans they are expected to Pitch Garrett Cole. For as long as Garrett Cole is affected. Oh. That's So. Cole is tonight's starting pitcher. Now then. The Tampa Bay rays. Are Starting to pitcher. Glass now. Right, game one was last now. By the way he's got a hose that guy's really good. And but he pitched just two days ago. He's on two days rest. Because we all know baseball just according accordion ing everything together shoving it together. To get. October, done with. So five straight days. It's just a sprint. And I think the LCS's are the same thing. It's a seven day sprint for as long as that is. and. So. Game One and game five starters nationally our full complement of rest. Right. Right. But not this time. Game One was Monday game five is tonight Friday game too was Tuesday. You don't start a star Tuesday to Friday unless he's not a starter. That Guy, you call an opener now it's game five. So it's truly like all hands on deck. There is no tomorrow for the loser. Loser goes home winner advances to take on the Houston Astros. So. I'm imagining this kid glass goes a couple of innings and then Snell comes in to. pull the old Hamburg on any lefties that are put in the starting lineup thinking that glass no is going to be the guy for a few innings and then all of a sudden. Oh Here comes the lefty. We're playing a little bit of cat and mouse as Michael. Kay. Pointed out yesterday. The whole theory of an opener only works if everybody buys into it from the Pitcher who comes in the second guy in or any of the batter's that no, they're only in the lineup once or or you're just assuming the other team doesn't see through this ploy. And stacks the lineup filled with lefties. Is What I hate about baseball right now it's just it's just such nonsense. No Gut no field. No Nah that's shift here. Let's shift they're. Fifty two percent of the time this is supposed to happen unless twenty percent of the time occurs. In the eightieth percentile of a chats. Six pather. It's funny when Whitey Ford S to use everything Ford rest his soul passed away today at the age of ninety one? You know. When he started with the Yankees. Casey stangl. Kind of kept his statistics down because he they would hold him out to wait for the toughest competition. He would pitch widely. In situations where it was best for the Yankees because they knew that whitey would be the stop or they would hold them out say, no, you're not GonNa Pitch on your usual complement of rest. Against this crappy team, we're GONNA hold you out for another two days, and then when Ralph how to in the sixties he told Wadih screw that you're going every fourth day. And that's when Whitey. Started winning. The Most He ever did in his career. By the way still the winningest pitcher in the history of the new. York Yankees. Two hundred thirty and change. With the the all time record for world series wins and he is. But again, it's just a different era man. So I'll sit back and I'll just. Root for my home team that's bubbled up in and you. Send out shirtless video tonight Nicotera if something goes wrong you know what? Here's my ultimate conundrum Because we have a Friday night. Ritual and the rich is suzy shuster household. Whatever it is so doesn't happen. It doesn't happen. Sorry his game five. I'm aware of that. But. The Great British Bake Show has returned on. Netflix. We Have A. We have a family. Date. It's so rare and my house. When we all? Have time to sit around and kids are not complaining or moaning or doing something who I adore. Love Them. But when it is time to like, Hey, let's all sit down and watch them. Let's all spend time as a family together. That's not a meal or not. Something other than just sitting around like a family getting everyone agree on something is truly. A Rubik's cube. Of A conundrum. So when we're it's great British bake show. It's like we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do this three letters rich. What is it d. the or I know that it's on Netflix On demand as it gets tomorrow. postponed. Its on demand as it gets the kids will they all crazy if you don't watch it like I mean, is it like? I know I would have been It's possible that we could push it like if if this game gets done crisply is, what's what's first pitch four or five o'clock tonight and Pacific four, four, ten percent. Okay. Shot you got shot. I. Would have gone. A Rare Garrett Cole Paul Hollywood double dip tonight on the Isan Schuster household like when emergency was on and I was a kid. I was previous. showed any rate. Yes I'll just sit back tonight. and see how it all plays out and hope that. Garrett Cole puts me in a rocking chair this evening. That won't happen. I don't think that's going to be on the edge of the Rock and care no no no no of rocking chair like Yanks get banks get up to three enough in coal the Gary Cole-. Shows up that the Garrett Cole that the Yankees purchase for all that money? That guy. Because I don't think a game one performance. Twenty for the. Same thing for the race amid. Say. Good luck you don't mean that. Not, all my Gosh, not even. When I wish you guys get out even that's good. High. Register should look sure is that is that your high register for the Third Hour? No no no I've got a particularly spicy one. You know who? I really feel bad for the night. No Pittsburgh pirate fans. Okay. I'll bite two, thousand, sixteen and Seventeen. You know who they had on their. On their pitching staff Col. in Tyler. Glasnost. And now they get to watch these two guys. Heart ban you know coming from Pittsburgh it's like that team really wants a winning baseball team in it's. It doesn't seem like it's going to have ever beautiful. Ballpark. ballpark is amazing. Beautiful you know think about you had those two guys on they were teammates. The lockers were probably right next to each other. Coz. pry teaching him pitcher to, and now they as a pirate Fan GonNa turn on your TV and watch this tonight like and I guess to bring this full circle. The conundrum in my house is we we are family. I like your style. Wow. My. Sons. have their sisters in me. But, it's a nineteen seventy-nine pop culture references. That song tonight. Excuse me the kids rich. Skew for the kids skew. Sister Sledge even for the kids with birds. will say this though. The dodgers look pretty damn on beatable right now. Yeah. Yeah. Because they can beat you any way that you. They, have more ways to beat you than anybody else right now. But no one's talking about the braves and I think that's how they fans wanted while I mean that's just the way it works for all Atlanta sports and that's not a slight. Yeah. So. Out of the by the way, we were talking about this last night on on kneeled. Poker's. When the dodgers won the photograph. What was what was the photograph? Thank Yeah you want a divisional series. Main. Role but. Taking photographs for and I, just think every milestone in covid nineteen world is just celebrated a little bit more of a probably what it is. That they've gotten there. And the fact that again that the LCS is going down. And the braves and the dodgers are there. And Baseball has made it to the LCS run. Because I saw my friend John Hayman who covers baseball tweeted out early, this morning that all covert tests have come back negative. So when the Yankees and raise finish up tonight. Baseball will make it to the LCS rounds in bubble cities with teams, bubbled up, in hotels. So, they're getting their tonight. It appears the Larry O'Brien trophy will indeed be given out to the Lakers. And then when the I I would just love to see a shot. Of Adam silver. I'm assuming he's Deir. Yassin Museum trophy. Assume right there because I don't think he's been there for I don't know but I'm assuming he's there I just WanNa see a shot him. When it's all over Everybody's done. A shot of him on his couch. That, the bubble is relax shot down the. The minute. The last person leaves the bubble. In the NBA. I just want to shout at him. Glass of Wine Yeah. To the on the couch literally like Luke Cohiba that. Afford all. They're so close and. The reason for it but because the dodgers are like. Some of the guys were watching it there. It's it's like the equivalent of those AFC southbounders that everyone used to make fun of the RCA. Dome. But every every step of the way they do the champagne and everything and no no. But every step of the way I has more significant way out for divisional series when. Although. We'll. I would sign for that right now that the NFL gets to the point where baseball is right now and basketball is right now and the NHL in the clubhouse. I'd signed for that right now don't forget the WNBA. WNBA as complete completed, there's in the wobble. Let's take a break. So when we come back my colleague Tom Pella, Sarah from NFL network will join us and tell us everything. He knows about what's going on with the Titans and the Patriots, and now the jets my Gosh Tom will join us when we come back. Sports keep coming back. So does your chance to bid on them with our exclusive wagering partner Ben Online Major League Baseball is now in full swing and the NBA has also began. There's no shortage of ways to get in on the action. Belen has all the odds, futures and props for you to bet on this a bit online today to check out all the odds and up-to-date sports news. Don't forget to sign up and take advantage of all the welcome back to sports bonuses bet online your online wagering. Visitor Franson exclusive partner at podcast. 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As, well as our guest line, my colleague from NFL Network Nfl Media Group has been a top this story of what's going on with so many teams in. COVID. Nineteen world in the two thousand twenty NFL season Tom Pella Sarah joining me how you doing Thomas. Just swimming in the covid nineteen waters once again, it's that. So what's the? What's the what's right now at the top of the list is at the jets one player testing, positive today or presumptive positive. What what, what are you telling me on that? What can you tell me here, Tom? Was the jet situation it's important. Understand the process that goes into when you get a presumptive positive. So as I understand, the timeline here is this is from yesterday's round of the normal daily ptr testing that everybody in the league undergoes every day those results come back late at night or early in the morning So when the results came back, three things happened under the protocols they rerun the original sample, they give a rapid result POC tests and they do a new. Test out to a lab while if the POC test and the PR rerun agree then it's either confirmed as a positive or confirmed as a negative. In this case, they did not agree which is now why they have to wait for this additional PCR test to confirm whether or not. This actually is a a real positive I know that's a lot of acronyms in a short period of time and I've learned just to kind of throw them around a little bit too liberally. But point being there are many of these put it. That way that happened within the league some of them end up being confirmed there are many end up not actually being confirmed the. Process to sort that out is a lot faster because of what happened with Matthew Stafford back in training camp accelerated this process you no longer go on the Reserve Kobe nineteen lifts in your name is out there as having Kobe before The test is confirmed all of which is to say the jets are operating the phrase that we've used a lot which is an abundance of caution by sending everybody home. If in fact, though this is going to be a false positive to team and the player could be back to work later today, and so we wait right and then you know we had Dr Allen Sills on yesterday the chief medical officer of the NFL. There's videos that you can see and watch and see who this player was around as well as the tracer that every player wears to know who the player was around and where and who is masked up and who might not be. We'll get to the titans in a second. So there's a lot of ways that you go. You check the tape check this you check that, and then you mentioned that you rerun attest that's already been. Ron as well. POC meaning point of care. It's done right there and then you re run then you take a whole fresh new test of the PR test right now that's the highly sensitive tests that Sills said we'll pick up pretty much any particle that might be considered Cova D-. So that's all put together and that's why the cardinals are still right now planning on getting on a plane right for this game we're currently talking. Right and that's just kind of the the world that we're living I. mean there's been a believe the numbers released by the NFL earlier this week is there's been free hundred, seventy thousand or so tests run since camps began and you're talking about like eighty four total new positive cases that have taken place over the past couple of months dating to the middle of August I mean these are these are low numbers you have to take each one. Seriously there have been sixty different examples this season in which there was a positive test within a building and it. Did not spread to anyone else and I remember an executive for a team telling me very early in this process that the greatest evidence that the protocols work is not when nobody gets it that might just mean nobody was exposed. It's when one person gets it and no one else gets it. I spoke to Falcons coach Dan Quinn last Saturday, and I asked him because that was the same day that Cam Newton's positive test came to light. There was changes to the Patriots Chiefs Game I ask when what did you learn from the situation with Aj terrel who the previous? Saturday at had a positive test the ice elated as you under the protocols no other falcons players had tested positive and they played their game without issue and Quinn said, it was two things. One AJ was really diligent with wearing his mask and to he had no violations on the traffic report because every team every day your trainer, whoever it is is communicating with the company. The reads the tracking devices that can actually on tracking devices and the data's those put out of were you within some six feet of somebody for fifteen consecutive minutes if you were then you that is. Flagged as Utero didn't have anything I mean. It's it's an oversimplification on some level, but it really can be that simple at a very base level, which is wear a mask and keep your distance and you're not going to infect other people. Even if you yourself end up getting infected Tom, pillow Sarah my colleague from the NFL Network Nfl Media Group, joining me here on the rich Eisen show to discuss Let's move on right now to the Tennessee titans where things stand on on the titans playing their next game and also the investigation as to why. It. the titans players decided to hold their own practices after being told to go home Tom. Well, that's what the NFL in the NFL. PA. have been looking into and they. reviewed surveillance video they have conducted interviews I can tell you that with people in the organization as well as with players trying to get to the bottom of you know, how did those unauthorized offside workouts and I'm told there are multiple involving multiple physician groups. How did those come together they've also looked into whether or not masks were being weren't consistently They've looked into whether tracking devices were worn consistently and if violations. are found in certainly seems like at least on the workout front than you would expect, there's going to be disciplined on potentially harsh discipline i. mean there's only been truly one outbreak. The Patriots have had three cases over the past week here but the titans have had twenty three over two plus weeks, and the fact you still had people in the past couple of days in terms of players testing positive lends credence to the idea that. There was continued community spread after the facility closed because the players continue to get together on their own having said all that in terms of their ability to play this game on Tuesday I am told there is a possibility that the titans facility for the first time since September twenty-ninth could reopen as soon as tomorrow afternoon, they could be back to work do a walk through maybe tomorrow do a practice on Sunday you're ready to. Play on Tuesday, and even if they have an additional positive tests it was emphasized to me today. The NFL is looking at the entirety of this situation I mean Roger Goodell playing Md. here. I'm talking about Dr Al and Sills, they have a committee of epidemiologists to look at this as well as the committee of GM's and coaches and players who are deciding some of the competitive aspects of this. There were a through the contact tracing. A number of titans players that had identified as high risk close contacts with some of the recently infected individuals. So there is a likelihood if not an expectation that you will continue to have additional positive tests in the coming days prior to that game on Tuesday and the same thing with the Patriots there were multiple on told patriots players who been identified as close high risk contacts with the phone more. So again, a likelihood if not. An. Expectation could have additional positive test, but the League is not do. There's no hard rule that if you have a test on this amount before kickoff, we have to cancel every situation is being taken on a case by case basis and they're doing what they can and trusting the protocols to try to make these Games happen on Monday and Tuesday Tom Pella. Sarah here on the rich Eisen show it sure seems to me Tom. and. Again, you're you're closer to it than I am in terms of talking to League sources and. You know becoming an expert on public health that you probably never thought. You'd have to be to do your job that the first three weeks of the season where we just all go about our business not thinking about this is fans that's over right but that that. The NFL would be lucky seinfeld right now that they will hold another week in the NFL season where all the games that are scheduled or played on time in every single team tests negative in the same way that the first three weeks happened would you say essentially we're looking at the new normal for the rest of the year Tom. The not necessarily just based upon what the NFL and the NFL PA believe happened in Tennessee and that's not to say that there was a a concerted effort on the part of the titans to visit the protocols or to do anything on toward. But there was a a level of, let's say complacency that the League in the Union believed set. In their through which protocols were violated and allowed viruses spread within the team that had previously not spread certainly not to this degree within any other team. So there was an appeal made on this past Monday from the NFL to head coaches general managers. There are some owners on call. The message was very clear. It was the protocols are not failing. In some cases, people are failing. So we all have a responsibility nobody can get complacent if we want actually finish the season at the same time, there has to be an appeal made, and some of this is going to be coming from the clubs to the players. The players also cannot get complacent and they have a role nobody in all. Of this and you can say what you will about you know the hundreds of millions of dollars that are at stake for NFL clubs but for players, many of whom do not have one hundred, million dollars in the bank you're running on multiple levels. If a season gets shut down, the season stops if the Games are canceled after this week you. Stop getting paid you got paid through five weeks. You're the twelve game checks are gone. Those don't come back and on top of that, the impact on revenue would be so great that there would be a ripple effect on salary caps for years to come that would cause players to be released. It would cause free agency but for the top You know handful of guys you know the top echelon guys would not get as much money. I mean huge things at stake for players here. So maybe this is a reset point the NFL I know there was some speculation. Are they going to pause the season at this point? Could they take a week off reschedule things into week eighteen could even take. Two weeks off, shorten the season to fourteen games at this point again, they're they're focus right now is on finding ways to have these games, take place and to do it in a medically sound way. The big part of that involves following the protocols and make this point rich just I I was in Green Bay for the Packers Falcons game. On Monday night and if you've ever been to Green Bay and flipped around the local news stations, every head coach as long as I can remember there as a series of kind of these Lo fi low budget commercials for a variety of different cable companies phone company whatever Matlin Fluor has one actually pretty high budget that was all about wearing a mask. Starring him and I will tell you this I was in. I, was in the. Northeast Wisconsin for forty eight hours when into a handful of the gas stations restaurants whatever and everyone has a sign on the outside saying mass required to come inside and in every place. I would say many if not most of the people were not wearing masks. So when mark makes the announcement that because of uncontrolled spread because we're WANNA be covert nineteen hot spots in the entire country, we're not going to have fans in the stands until those numbers go down and until we feel it is safe of that's an inevitable outcome You know we can always have an intellectual debate about mortality rates and you. Know the strength of the virus and all those types of things. But listen if you want Paul to come back if you WANNA layer of normality, you have to take these baseline type of precautions and as we've seen in the NFL the titans situation aside, there have been a lot of places have been a lot of infections that have of people that have entered the building, but it hasn't spread to others because they are following those protocols. So, you're saying again I just about ninety seconds left you're saying most of the people you saw in Green Bay where hospitals are overflowing in the the governors of the states said they have to build a field hospital not wearing masks from what you saw. What you're saying I would say is fair to say repeatedly I encounter people there certainly were were folks that did wear masks as well, but I would tell you in every rest stop that I had to hit on the way back to grab a coffee and Boyd Wisconsin or Wausau or you know in the in the green area there were many people not following the mandate, which again we can. We can talk about the reason we talk about the virus we can talk about the politicized vision of science it's if you. Don't wear a mask. You were not going to have nice things like fans in the stands at Lambeau field and you know I've I've been to two games there. This year I've been to probably I mean going back to my days with the Green Bay Press Gazeta hundred. Games in that stadium and it is a shame. It's an absolute shame that were sitting there watching games and you don't have roll out the barrel. You don't have you know the smell of worst and Miller lite as you're walking through the parking lot. No skull and Minnesota and all that stuff Tom. Thanks for the time We'll chat on Game Day morning great work as always. Thank you. Tom Pell Sarah. I feel like ice cold here. I. Don't want to be a scold but. He you know Tom Basically saying look. The head of the Green Bay packers look you want fans. You WanNA come a games mask up. And then you've got the and then you've got but then you've got governor of the State of Florida Saint Philip Dolphins and it's just like there's there's a happy medium here. The happy medium is put a piece of cloth across your face. It's not hard. It really isn't hard. That's it. If we all did it. The NFL's leading the way sixty cases of people who test positive at has not spread. Why. 'cause they're masked up? God Lord. Only be a skull. I don't to be skuld. But it's simple. Look it again. People might sit there and I'm I'm in my own community and I don't know anybody who has it and I feel good and. And and there's a test case being run in the NF in in in the United States by. The top. Sports most watched most popular sports league. In this hemisphere. Sixty different cases. Of Somebody testing positive for covert nineteen in the NFL where there are dozens if not hundreds of human beings in the same building working towards the same goal of winning a football game. Sixty instances in which that was not spread to another human being how does that happen? It's simple. Wash up mask up wakeup period. But then you got somebody out, there is running estates and it doesn't matter fill out. Running. State. Running a whole lot I don't know. It's Eight four four zero four rich number to dial our number one in the books right here on the rich Eisen show.

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