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I'm Ryan idell who's to fifteen minutes to freedom. Your daily action guide to getting shit done. Today's episode entitled for me for you for us. So sit back, relax. Enjoy the content. In today's up. So I'm gonna share with you the impact of having an open mind new perspectives. And how much power can come out of that? If you're willing to listen. Sorta recent interview. I had the chance to speak with someone that I've met on a respect for his name's Ed, and I don't wanna ruin it. Because then I had an hour and fifteen minutes of phenomenal conversation around anything and everything that is say the psychiatric field and the importance of mental health and ownership of your mental health in an effort to progress your life back and forth and covered on the topics that I share on the show and how that relates to the psychiatric field. It was one of the cool things that I've experienced because it validates I mean, I think if we're honest with ourselves release him, honest with you we all seek some sort of validation, or is certainly seek validation from the marketplace. And this goes back to conversations I've had about social media and looking for likes on posts and comments and loving to get feedback from you as far as whether it's emails to Ryan GST media group dot com or direct messages to to Ryan idell on Instagram. There's just some power in that there's power in that because it makes me feel like the path that I'm walking on is the right path to connect with you. And in that I've shared on a multitude of different podcasts that even if you didn't respond if you didn't care that I would keep beating my drum. I would keep sharing my life's lessons and so four that I've said a multitude of times that this podcast is solely for me. I've one is far as to say this podcast is so much for me that if you don't like it, I appreciate it. But then that you should leave. And I said that from a place of personal ownership. From a place of that was the moment in time. How I was feeling see on the show I sit here, and you know, there's no notes there's nothing in my hand. There's no teleprompter. Running in the background most time. It's just I sit down. I asked one of the guys. Hey, come in and record this, and we just go, and so there's blessings and curses of that as I've said that authentic vulnerability that. Invert mistakes that come up that aren't really quote unquote, mistakes to me they're showing the evolution of the process that I'm going through. And in saying that getting to this moment has been a process you see here, we are somewhere between one hundred eighty and two hundred episodes, depending on this one launches and I have a chance to meet this man from California Edward Ed for short. And I met Ed because he emailed in. He took me up on the fact of hearing that I love connecting with you. He felt compelled Email in and then was a little surprised that I emailed back. I've also shared a multiple pool different different shows. I maximize my time the best I can. But as the brand is growing as my time is becoming more valuable and more things are pulling more directions that it's difficult for me to really catch up with everybody to make sure that respond everybody to give you time on the phone. Sometimes I fall short and so's Ed Email back and forth. He was pleasantly surprised that I emailed him. And then we were able to hop on a phone call in the nine vitamin on the show. See I didn't have an agenda when he retired meal than to say. Thank you. And so in that at night, conclude our interview. And you guy you will eventually here that the interview stops. Of course, I wrap everything up with if you follow the the rules and things that someone shared you'll be able to get shit done. But then little behind the scenes information for you. There's always this little part of the podcast that you don't get privy to see when I end an episode. I push the Mike away. And it's I'm left with the guest to face via zoom. And then that I've noticed there's this moment of. Clarity for most guests. And that cleared in the way, you might expect and see maybe you've personally experience this yourself. My guests get to a point where we've traveled through their story through their evolution where they've now spent either forty five minutes, our to our some block of time with me just having an open conversation. And in that amount of time. What I found is whether it's a podcast guest. Whether it's a potential client, whether it's someone I'm working with or complete stranger when we spend that much time. Focused and being present in the moment, locking is. And having a meaningful conversation that people feel able to say things that they might not typically say. And that's what ended after our show. Ed said to me rhyme. Would you mind if I share something that bothers me with you? And here I'm looking this this like Haya trysts man that, you know, analyzes people for a living. I'm like, where's this going? No idea. What's coming? So. Sure. Ed, I would love to hear it. I'd be honored. And he shares with me that it bothers him that I say that this podcast is just for me. And that if you don't like it, you can leave. And it hits me. I don't have a defense mechanism at triggers in that moment, I'm curious. I want more information from of why he feels that way. And I can see through our zoom conference call I can see him not treading lightly, but he's waiting to gauge my response. Well, if you're listening for the first time, I don't really have a long fuse. I'm the current season on my life is one of great inquisition. I'm incredibly curious about everything. I don't feel like I have everything figured out in life. I just know what I've done to get me from where I was to wear them today. And I have a plan to get me to where I want to go. And so in that he continues to tell me or share with me that that bothers him. Because if in fact, we are all truly connected in some capacity. And if in fact, as you're listening, you're getting something out of this. The miss podcast. No longer becomes just for me. And I should be present of mind and aware of the fact it is also for you. And depending on the season of your life or how long you been consuming the content for. Or maybe just which side of the bed. You woke up on. Today's message may not be for you in the moment. He proceeds to push me to consider the opportunity or the possibility that as I share with you as you're listening that if you're not getting value should step away for a while. That I should also say that's because I want you to come back venture with a new perspective. And potentially be able to hear and receive a new message. Because admittedly, I've had those moments of trepidation of not understanding if I'm going to be able to really get through the fourteen hundred and sixty episodes, can I really share an impactful lesson every day for four years. And challenges me said, look if you're present, and you're grateful and your as he would call it. You'll hear in the episode. If you're hitting your three pointer every day, there is always a lesson to share and sometime those lessons may become a little redundant. But you could go months without the same lesson being taught. And in that as your lessons are coming to you as your life is evolving, you're going to see new perspective in new moments to share with us as what he's saying. To me us being the listeners. And a jars me for a moment. Man. That's a great perspective. It jars me doesn't upset me. Because I hadn't looked at it through that lens before see the frame, I was carrying around up until this moment was much more of I still have stuff to get off my chest. And I wanna just share my message. And if you like it you like it if you don't you don't. And if you don't that's okay, you just don't have to listen. But I'm realizing from speaking him if you don't like what I have to say. I hope you come back and listen to it again. And not tomorrow or the next day. But when it feels right? Because at this moment. There's no there's no back end of this. Sure the day will come where I'm able to advertise the show or decide to the day will come where I have strategic partnerships. The day will come where there's a good or product or service that I feel comfortable enough to share on air because I find value in it. Whether I received compensation for it or not. But up until this point been a labour love, and I believe it to continue to be that way. Magic day that I keep seeing my mind when I meditate and it's right around episode four hundred. I don't know why four hundred I I don't know the significance of this point just at something changes around episode four hundred whether it's additional global notoriety. Whether it's an advertiser that comes on board that meets my. Criteria. Something I believe in. To something's different at four hundred such a bout a year in a month into this process. A little bit more. Sometime around may of next year. Which own right is somewhat mind boggling that I'm already thinking about may. I'm already thinking about seven months ahead of right now at this moment. But that's just the way it is. And in this as as I'm speaking to add and I share with him. I just stop. I said, you're right. I'm honored to have received that message from you. It's causing me to view what I do differently. And at goes on to pay me an additional complement which I am humbled by but I'm honored to hear. And it makes me excited for the impact. I've had at least on his life or how my delivery has increased. He says multiple times whether it's on air or offer in this interview that Hugh laughingly used me as the next Oprah. Now, of course, there's a few differences between open I not only maybe in gender, but in age, I guess we get specific we could say skin tone. But he continues to push me and say look Ryan, the people that might have watched Oprah on daytime television in the early nineties. They might have left her path. They might have consumed that content and got tired of a board of it. Frustrated their life could have changed something altered their perception of their reality in that moment. But now, they still like Oprah. They would consume more of Oprah's content. If it came across their plate. And that if I have the aspiration which I do. To truly impact one hundred twenty million people's lives. The not only does it take consistency. But it takes a little bit more of an open mind than I would have had. An open mind from the standpoint of not telling you to piss off. Yes, you as you're listening. Not telling you that. If you don't like what I say to leave. By reframing it and the fact of I get it. You get tired of my voice, or my inflection or my speech patterns, or maybe even my lessons. But I truly do want you to come along for this journey for the next four five six years of my life. Because the man that's recording. This episode will be different six months from now two years from now. Four years from now. But different in a way that has also achievable by you. Choice to remain stagnant. And accept what you have the same way to choice to aspire and work towards more. And whether you're aware of the choice are unaware of the choice. There is still a choice. As would call that cognitive distortion exist. Cognitive distortion central being defined by the fact, that your view of what goes on in the world is dictated by what you have experienced. So far. And so all this stuff ties together in this unique little package that. Shows the change in my mindset. And the fact that I'm blessed to get to receive such powerful insight from someone that listens to the show not different than yourself. Sure edit spent years and years studying and perfecting the craft of psychiatric care. So we spent time energy effort and money to learn a skill that, I don't currently have the same capacity. But the value that Ed added to my life now is no different than the value that you could add to my life. Cr relationship is not mutually exclusive. And perhaps butchered that, but what I mean by it is the fact that you may think in this moment that I'm sharing this message. Just four year receiving you're coming along in this journey. You're getting something out of it. But I also get something back. When you take that extra three five ten minutes out of your day to track me down somewhere and say Hello. Tell me that you receive something of value from me. And then offer me something else. Whether it's subject matter to cover different perspective, some gratitude. Those messages consistently create a shift in my perception of my reality. And so in that this podcast is no longer from the viewpoint of just being for me. I realized that my words are also threw me for you. And by the nature of that over a long enough run rate of time together, it ends up being our podcast. It's for us. Because if you don't share with me, and then share with others of this podcast exists that you've gotten something from it. The listenership doesn't really ever grow. And listenership doesn't grow the more. People don't hear it. And if more people don't hear it, I don't get closer to my hundred twenty million person impact goal. And so it's our podcast. Sure, I might be the one in the microphone in the studio and looking at the camera right now. But it's the old. Story of if a tree falls in the woods. And no one's there to hear it or see it. Did it really fall? If I record endless amounts of podcast, but nobody consumes the content. Nobody listens. Nobody shares. It does it even matter that I did it. It does for me. But I'm only one piece of the equation. See I've found more and more that as I share what really goes on in life. Not just the highlight reel that we wanna share. But some of the uncomfortable things less joyous things. The Mabel connect on a much deeper level with you. Because it may seem from time to time that I have this all figured out. That I went from this pit of despair to a path of possibility and prosperity. And while that is true in its own, right? I'm nowhere near where I want to arrive to. You may be yourself. You may be have arrived at exactly where you want to be. But as I've shared before and I'll share again consistently. I believe it's our goal. Our mission our divine right here on this planet to seek expansion. To expand our possibility to be more than we are today. And if every day is really a series of right now is a series of moments that we are experiencing stacked on top of each other. Once I started to view life that way, I realized I was never going to arrive to some place where I felt content. Because if I made for expansion, and I'm consistently seeking expansion than every next moment where I learned something new I'm still seeking the next level of knowledge or the next experience or the next connection. Then through that this process of progress is never ending. Which is not only terrifying. But also exciting. There's always something else out there. And in that, it means something else out there for us. Always. So I appreciate you being on this journey with me. I appreciate the support that you may have lent. I appreciate the review you may have left. I appreciate the direct message or the Facebook comment or the sharing your insta- story or any way that you've gotten this out there. I sincerely appreciate it. Because at validates. Me in my mind. And it helps push us to a new place together. Because as the content gets shared and more messages come back to me, just like with Ed. It forces me to look at something greater. And what I found is in my life, just like yours. When you look for something greater inside of your business. When you look for something greater inside of your body. When you look for something greater inside of a relationship. And you consistently strive to achieve more in each one of those three areas. You are truly every day able to get shit done.

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