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All override. What is up all you good beautiful wonderful citizens of CRIP nation? It's your host Bryce Paul and we have a special announcement If you guys have been tuning in you will know that. We have the Crypto twenty twenty summit that we are hosting this is going to be January twenty ninth to January thirty first we got over sixty of of the biggest baddest speakers in crypto presenting on their projections for twenty twenty with their projects are going to be doing all sorts of fun forecast forecast. It's going to be amazing. And the best part of it all is it's free and it is online so go head to. Www Dot crypto twenty twenty summit Dot Com and register for your free ticket and we hope to see their. What's up crypt nation this pizza? It's a mind here. Bryce is letting me go first today. brice how're you doing. Ma'am I am. I graciously giving you the talking. Stick Dick I but yes super excited. We were joined by a gentleman and a scholar Alec Saunders the CEO and founder of Nuggets News. which is Australia's Israeli? As biggest. Biggest CRYPTO news source Alex welcome to the show. Thanks so much for having ause looking forward to get into everything today you yeah you know with every dark night. There is a new dawn and the dark knight was me getting scammed out of a ton of money but the dawn was. I happen. Happen to run into you as you were doing coverage of it and said Hey I know who this guy is. You know. It'd be really cool if I got a chance to talk with more in depth about some some good things going on in Crypto in the world and you were gracious enough to take me up on that invitation. So welcome to Crypto one. Our listeners are known as crypt nation nation and they are good citizens and indeed but they're not very technical might be just getting into crypto and blockchain so we really need need our guests to keep things at a high level. And you're so good at that on your channel or sixty thousand subscribers already so The conclusion this podcast God. Can you guys definitely need to go. Check out nuggets news on Youtube and listen to all the wonderful insight that Alex has been delivering to space search for several years. Now almost going on three years. Is that correct. Yeah publicly on an innovative source. We've been doing this since two thousand twelve. Wow Okay so how did you get into crypto. And why did you decide to start nuggets news so my story starts back around university so is is a studying pharmacy and I'm still qualified pharmacists. But on parents guide me some shares from my twenty first birthday which happens if Beijing two thousand eight which must your review is now is the financial crisis so that little portfolio lost half valley and my parents Tafa value of retirement funds SORTA said to them. He's decided to weld reinvesting works. Pay someone to lose. How fat money are knocking? Do better than that so I wanted to learn about shares and that really took me down the rabbit. I hope because I had a good love of Sohn's and mass. Oh ready and I just love the why investing what the options all the derivatives markets. So yeah the kind of the gold bug once you learn how banks debt and money works. I definitely think I'm sure we'll get into it. That is Something that he's coming So I became a Golden Silvo documentaries some wonderful education out there on Youtube and whatnot and that led me to Bitcoin. Twenty Two thousand twelve zero hedge. There was an article and I think it was only one video on youtube at the time about what he's going and I must have watched that over and over again. And just I just clicked with me straightaway that everything else we had digital in instant. We had small fines But you could. You could send money to other. People not traveled lot an odd. Had that issue. When you WANNA send two hundred dollars to England's for example Lived there for years played cricket and that used to cost you fifty dollars Olas to sit in two hundred dollars and then the exchange rate that give you that rebuffed another ten percent so all these stuff just made sense to me. I just knew it was a matter of time and then in two thousand thirteen. We had that I run up. Two thousand dollars in crashed in October. One of the people that got scared by crashes on a maybe it was because of the financial crisis but I always always wanted to buy the Obviously that Oh worked out really well and then in two thousand seventeen. All my friends and family had thirty people at that stage. The following US ed Adamy till this facebook group said tweety conversations about Bitcoin That will popping up. And that's when I started making videos every diaa just get more and more questions and comments and side than on end up doing VDI everyday just about the nearly three years and we have premium in height light services. We do as well for extra education that people that want extra content. That's awesome and it's a really good story and I think a lot of people have come into crypto. Kinda kind of the same way you know got burned through the financial crisis or you know they saw this quantitative easing in money printing high inflation rates. And all this kind of stuff and they're there's gotta be another system So I I think that that story probably resonates with a lot of a lot of crypt nation. Here but you know kind of taking a step back. I mean you. Keep a sharp eye on a lot of different areas whether it's market movements or you know regulations different coins coming out. So is there one thing that excites you currently currently in this current market about crypto. Just that excites you. More than anything else offshore so one of the angles that we went for will actually actually. I've never really told. Many people doubt before so before nuggets news it was cold world news ends. The focus was always macroeconomics and finance and everything that was going on as you he said with Qa and negative interest rates just started if you easy and people would just thought this was the most foraged ever an odd never locked. Economics never even studied in in highschool. But I'd really got into Australia economics in how this all works ends. I think that is still the most exciting team crypto and at the moment way going through another allow Rally that we had during the middle of the year I could. Maybe that'd be lighter Please do the jomie going to that. Now Yup Yep I guy so I think at the time we're in Alabama which is becoming more most similar to twenty fourteen twenty fifty because the direction and everything that's happened happened Many shorts and sorry much leverage trading in a lot of the volume. It'd be taken out of the market and a lot of people tried to to show at Doc. seeks Kite was that was a big resistance and a DVD at the time saying the number of shorts is going really hot here in all we have to do is get some wiles to pushes through that. And it's GonNa be short squeeze and next thing you know that squeezes all the way the Tin Chi and again we had more people jumping and tron short the Martha just thinking. That's not why it'd be coining. The holidays is unnatural. And all of a sudden we've squeezed all the whites of forty thousand because at that stage far Markian sneaking bayrock. It's ever of getting getting the next the next stock who's GonNa one hundred thousands and now that's just kind of all on winding again so Necessarily to three May maybe down to five or six but in the grand scheme of things. That's Oh sued the healthy soon upwards trajectory coming out of Along the ban market big. They getting back to your original question. The most exciting thing what's happening. Globally in the macro sense of the moment is that central banks promised everyone the one that Kuwait it'll be stuff was temporary. The money printing the negative interest rates. The market believed them and then the Fed had to do a huge Utan at the end of last seeing when stock markets crashed a now since. I've pulled that extra money out of the system. You've probably read these headlines about the Raipur markets and again. That's pretty complicated. Get stuff but all it means is. There's not enough money that satisfy what the banks need to shore up the books and a lot of the bags and pension funds of got all that money Johnny Nash trying to get us and returns than buying up lots of bonds. And there's not a lot of cash None of us Dole is on in that system so we had a little bit of a scare in September. But I think is biggest gay coming at the end of this month and there's been some good rupp's about that recently and just lost not the UH Chairman Paul cities urban to maybe buying more taught of bonds and this is basically almost guaranteeing that they're about to start Qa full and so with the Stating that Bitcoin Price Gouging Silva had a great run. And now that's being unwinding again. I think the market in everyone around the world. It's just sort of pausing and saying what what comes next because if we're going deeper into negative interest rates in the money printing sought was about study in and it never even really really finished in some countries that stuff as I say he is going to be rocket fuel so declining Golden Silva Yeah. We just saw report the other the day. And you know we're dating this episode by mentioning it but a joint bank mentioned just how fragile the current Fiat system is and that it could see potentially a digital asset basically a takeover of Central Bank digital assets by twenty thirty. What do you think about that? And what are some the fallouts and potential cataclysmic fallouts worldwide before that happens. It's just so interesting. Because they sort of conspiracy theories you can call them around fees that how the dollar is getting crash at the moment with everything happening the kind of I think it's the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry and everyone's GonNa need. US stolas to pay down the debt before the US Dollah on wants because of all the debt that eat has itself right when you look at what's happening like these X. Federer's have championed coming out and saying buy gold and Janet Yellen says there's not going to be across snell off time in a year later. She's talking about the next recession. We say Bank of England mark. Connie saying the. US Dole has too many privileges as the world reserve card. See we need a new digital system as you. You said Deutsche Bank Credit Suisse the meth always coming out and like talking these language. Where something's GonNa Change all the central banks buying gold at the same time trying to regain nate go from overseas summing biggest brewing and amazing only the people that have to upper try confidence incidence by literally side that one of the tools is for coal but it's basically just talking inside that everything's GonNa be good because if I said everything's going to be bad that's a self perpetuating cycle bad sentiment? That's all want so. I definitely think it's Disharmony Cermony Todd's telling that something is coming and do you also look at the inverted yield curve as well as like kind of a telltale sign that you know a a recession could be impending and then kind of a follow up to that is a downward move in global equities net positive for a currency like bitcoin or for an asset like bitcoin. I think the yield curve invasion may be less relevant. It's Baiting in the past because interest rates was soy log facade long so if interest rates were at five percent or seven percent and then you get the yield curve. The it's a little a different to what we've had lightly with interest rates being sweeps in three percent and then invest I still think it's significant may be slightly different The two previous recessions the US is chugging along a lot better than a lot of other countries so yeah. I'm not sure what's what's what happened. I think people are waiting to save. They're gonNA put more money because at the moment. The stock market is detached from the real economy and this places like Australia's in retail recession recession. And if we didn't have high immigration rights the real economy would be in recession but the stock market is about to get record hot and I think it will because they're talking about starting. Qa money printing industry for the first time. So when you look at what's happening around the world the US is assigned story. It's all widening inequality polity because all that money is just pumping asset process particularly Real Estate Bonds. So I don't necessarily think we're GONNA have a crash. Actually I keep just flooding more and more money into the system and if we did have a crash on I think bitcoin would probably sell off just like go south initially but once the dust settles then of people got will. What did I do and again? They're going to do what they've always done. Pre money and low interest rates. And that's fronts GonNa Rush to God because I actually tend to agree with that even though they say that you know Bitcoin is une correlated with equities. It it seems that in a risk off market. You're not going to go to a risky asset like bitcoin. Yeah I mean I could be wrong and it all depends on the nature of how plays out because nobody likes being scared. And as you said if there's anything that's unknown in Okinawa rushing to that asset that. They don't know how it's going to perform but if these kind of unwinds slowly and is more and more of the money printing in it's all kind of very clear where this is going to go. There may be people. Start to trickle into the coin in Detroit is a guy mock it two years. Voting shorting I O oh stop fleet positive in sought to push it up in like in Crichton a narrative that between east the of the people go to in these happened so maybe it does go up on. I'm not I'm not to sauce. That's why you huddle long-term. Yeah exactly. No that's actually a great point. I mean since the markets are show illiquid and easy to manipulate I it's it's very thinkable that the trends could there the tides could shift. I'm slowly but I mean I kind of moved on from Bitcoin a little bit more torch just block chain in general I mean there's so many great use cases of blockchain but they don't really require sometimes a cryptocurrency our utility token to be attached to them so so what is your view on the macro view of coins. Do you think that there's a future for most of these things and are there one or two coins that maybe you think do have a future as a message from the style has always been at ninety nine on ninety nine point nine percent of these GonNa file at at the moment is probably ten thousand. Different group does was smart contracts. So just blockchain's so that's still leave you with a hundred or more good the projects. So that's what we try to and presently I ended up ask daddy and that's very very small percentages of mice in Bitcoin debiting a crm as well. So I've always believed that the succeeded the ones that actually need to be centralized in. They need censorship resistance. Take the long list of things that comes with a blockchain so way way voiced hinted towards in what happened in twenty seventy nine the the project that performed the best. What are the ones that got the most hot from on the best exchanges? But they're all down onto knob now because that doesn't really have any drivers yet and what was starting to say is something like day for now. That wasn't even a word. When women covering projects like Synthetics Micah zero x older day five projects caught by that people now loving and have been the best performance because they needed to be centralized that had good teams I could tech? They didn't really spend money on marketing. Getting listed on good exchanges and that's all coming to the forefront and he can say it in the real steps about the amount of ace that's locked up in these in who's who's using them and remember this is showing Bam and he says Oh. Every day we breaking records Happening in all these little projects so other things lock again DAHLEM decentralized computing power centralized file storage. Anything that actually needs to be. Decentralized is in these projects have been around for three or four years. Quoting the background and now they're getting recognized Decentralize insurance on nixes mutual was a project we have on the podcast last week. A lot of people don't WanNa put them money in day five because they're worried about the smart contract risk so now you can actually get that insured side all well. It's it's the Lego that they call it. This is happening on the theory. So it is sort of things really excite me but I'm definitely not a maximum Anyone can argue that. There's not hundreds of projects. Thousands of the best developed is around the world working on other things that aren't bitcoin. 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I know they would definitely like to think that they are but whatever creates talking points and more clarity. Some people believe that All all publicity is good publicity. I don't think we necessarily believe that over here though You mentioned that you know without immigration. There would be a recession in Australia. The right now but what's the legal. Climate like four crypto. Is it growing is it. CL- clarity Australia. What's the state of Crypto in the Land Downer? Yeah so it's been pretty widely used actually for a number of years now well ahead of the US now in bear markets. Nobody really likes to spend eight group. uh-huh now but in twenty thirty forty knows. A website popped up code living-room touchy and you could pay any bill in Australia. Doc with bitcoin enough added about a dozen other coins now but transferred someone else's Bank a dentist bill by bill pay credit card off in the. NFL is just fantastic in. I think I want to start up business to strike the following year so along with that and the you know in this like a bit of a middleman middleman. So there's lots of Qods we can spend decrypt are but there's a company in the middle will now is GonNa step further where traveled Ahead of them on ans- investing sure Yes we wrote. APPER has been able to every shelf at Brisbane able now accepts Gupta directly southern Middleman cod or a website or a price Asa mentioned in about three hundred of the mistrial. Now that a directly accepting crypto A lightning lightning network up and running and travel by being a really try to push this tourism narrative. Hot So if he doesn't account to Ustralia you can ring them up Pisces. Lots of home addition. You toured the Aria race. Hyphen that all be That's unbelievable Sounds like Australia might be the next leader of the free world because here in the the United States we try and go forward and just run into roadblock after roadblock for roadblock and there's there's no there seemingly no oh end in sight if you use the congressional hearings with Mark Zuckerberg is any kind of way to gauge the level of progress in the United States. I don't don't think even ten percent of our senators have taken the time to know what bitcoin or cryptocurrency has yet. They're just too absorbed in their own agendas. Unfortunately unfortunately that's probably the positive side of things if we want to get to the negative I think around security tokens for example. They'd trading knows the same as any securities so this good regulation framework there if you WanNa stick to it where to be grise around the ICR's what's utility ability tycoon non fungible targeting as the things that I get off after the regular ends. It's still a little bit. Mickey intensive just a currency artsy is some pretty good laws in. It's pretty clear around those ones as well but at the moment as we speak. I was just listening to this Aria e you just mentioned the wine with Mark Zuckerberg in because industry. Is it proposing these ten thousand dollar cash band and they they want to apply to Cryptos well. So I don't a high compulsively applauds group dive at anyway but the way though the negative interest rates the I think it coming to Australia you've seen the banks in the news. The royal commission all the scandals going on there. It's just crazy to made it gonNA be mole laws to force people to US banks who the bag who've Judge with phase the crime rates have been decreasing nod evidence decide that the black markets out of control all the damn all the money laundering. It's been in. The news is happened through casinos. So again it's the banks in the casinos. These guys have been targeting peaking on the little tradesman crypto enthusiasts of the the ones that need to be cracked down on a night already talking that dropping net for ten thousand dollars down to two thousand dollars so my grandparents are in the east. Attach and is really frustrates. Me where this is all going and the narrative that I present is so far from the truth it's described seems like A. We'll have a lot in common. Still trying to come up with a crazy conspiracy theory as to what the overall goal is for negative interest rates and and having so many currencies collapse you know wise the system so broken. Why are these people are supposed to say everything's fine now finally bringing everything's not fine and what what is going to come out of this? You know are they going to let society plunge into chaos before saving us with some incredibly draconian system that plunges the rest of the world into something that looks communist China even though they still call it democracy and freedom. I really wonder it's interesting. You say that yesterday Australia. We got downgraded for the first time on in terms of the Civil Liberties I think is is the United Nations or Assam Global Group that puts out these send-off yes strategies. There is now losing its civil freedoms we have cameras that monitoring us in the cities the trialing some of the stuff that happens in China of encryption ban with China making it illegal to encrypt things and they want companies to keep the government back doors. If they ask so yeah I would have never thought what would happen to feel easy guy on the fest. Everyone probably thinking about the future. Possibly leaving outside of Australia down in. Tasmania out of the way. But I I really would love today in a position that a lot of people in these in these countries and the inequality ones that again takes away Freedom he can't afford to move away so does does wire me where this is going. I don't think we're GONNA have a collapse like a Mad Max. Stahl scenario the art the government would just feed and despoil these assets in print all this money before collapsed kind of what they're doing the housing market at the moment because the alternative is just that so much worse for them if that if that happens if we have the complete collapse so I think for the first time if the people are pushing back. It's what we say with these populist movements yellow vis a vis the list of countries where Hussein these half a dozen now lost last night in Sydney we had twenty thousand plus people protests because we built these really bad bushfires industry the prime minister now late is basically saying. They don't believe anything to do with climate. Change that I believe that any of these. If there's nothing they could do to challenges and not even willing to give more money to the Faris that need it and people listen angry at all. Ladies of the moment I feel like they. Don't they listen to his country. Reason is social media. People have got a voice now and I think as movements Cammisa and that's maybe wanting politicians didn't say coming we've talked to some other guests on the podcast recently about the potential future sure of digital nation states where you might be a citizen of a theory or assistance of CRYPTO DOT com. Where there's no real need for these borders and a potential potential uprising against these failing legacy systems and government models could potentially lead to You know these blockchain projects Having more influence over our lives than we ever thought they could but in a good way between decentralized governance and deploying something like that on a massive scale with like libra trying to do I think it really opened. All of our is that you know maybe the biggest use case in Crypto that killer use case that we're all looking for wondering about how could be the actual freedom of humanity itself. Not just our finances. What do you think about that Yeah definitely a great to some degree on like Mike. Vitale A massive libertarian. But you've got the OSCO who pays for the schools on the roads in hospitals. So what is the tax system GONNA look like does it change to some universal basic income. And you may be just a bisi tax to leave the country intrigue rather than income tax because like contract. Everything that's going on at that stage normal people are moving to places like Mulcher or the Portugal's Hong Kong's maybe not Hong Kong so much now that you know what I mean with just friendly a tax havens and these digital mad. Everything's he's going down. This path of technology and software online businesses entrepreneurs. So why would someone continued to leave in Stryer Pie. These high tax rates in individual tax rights and based subjected to Alesi for Rosen Freedoms when I can move to just about anywhere and live comfortably blake particularly if you've made money Yet sorry much bang for your buck. You know these other developing nations. You can go there and be superwealthy so I think it's a really tough prospect prospect governments have facing and we've actually seen it in all of these countries you guys probably say. The statistics were wealthy. People in CEOS and whatnot they kinda getting out while the going's thanks Gordon. Moving to these other places. Oh yeah one hundred percent I mean I I remember Back in two thousand seventeen. Everybody was talking about moving to Puerto Rico for the act. Twenty twenty a to deal where you could basically not have any capital gains and you could start businesses for one or two percent income tax and all sorts of stuff like that hat but then everybody was like Oh wait no the market crashed. I'm going to stay here in right off capital losses the next year so it was pretty crazy but You know Kinda Kinda taking a look towards the future here we go to To close out you know what trends did you see. Unfolding in the CRYPTO markets. Kind of in the near term. Twenty twenty You know kind of a side. I think we already touched on defy quite quite a bit like a aside from you. Know more defy projects in more defy or locked up in defy. Are there any trends. That you're kind kind of hearing that will be unfolding. Yeah I mean just quickly again but I think if we go down that path of negative interest rates this once we have more more friendly apps where people can earn that interest in is probably not going to stay at ten percent annually because more people will be doing it. But if it's really the easy for someone to download an APP with that you know the Celsius will the block file decentralized ones which I think that's absolutely massive drive once once the average passing can pocket money Narran smartphone APP noon interest in. I don't even know that this crypt behind that on top of that I mentioned insurance. I think that's pig supply chains. That's always been one that I've been bullish on with starting to see that now I'm interviewing. Hi and soon pinfolds which just one of Australia's largest wine companies are now using some of that giant technology. So the that opens up Global Commerce Africa Rica India days of the places where they don't have fine lines but they've got smartphones. They don't have banks but they are about to have a bank. He count on a mobile phone. And if they're your Blaga in Iran or if you're in one of those developing nations you've got a good idea if you wanna work for for someone on a two thousand Allah do Having to pay other people ten or twenty dollars an hour in the west this is really going to open up all these tasks economy. And that's the things that really saw me. Yeah I think that's a great insight I know there's a couple. Companies in Crypto that are trying to bring UK Bank accounts on mobile phones to people in Africa should be really interesting to see that progress over the next couple of years. But there's a few other questions that we wanna ask you still and is your questions that we ask everyone because it's so interesting to hear the different answers. All the time was one person that you really admire in the crypto space. You've seen so many come and go. Who really sticks out to you above all the this is one of the things that actually really disappoints me? That crypto is is that there's not that many think. Andreas a had him on the other day. And he's just brilliant and he tries to stay unbiased and writing a book about out of Syria when everyone thought he was maximalist. Oh that bitcoin goes delays at Lotta guts so yeah he's probably the If you don't follow anyone that you just getting into definitely follow him but other guys gray but I just think it's disappointing. We say people like Richard Hot for us to might be going. I'm doing that. The Hicks Theme Raja Verse Gone Down. He's on Pathan. He's allowed to do that. I encourage free markets experimentation but all these infighting in toxicity and all these people should be laid using the spice. It's wanting disappoints me that we don't have that many people to adopt it. I would agree with you but I would also say that that. There's a new influx of people and they're not crypto. OJ's that have become jaded by all these different things and now just kind of clutch to what they know. Their life depends ends on it but there are people that are ex Goldman Sachs that are ex Nassau that are you know former associate. Deans at Columbia University and Stanford Grads ads and things like that. That are getting into the space that have a whole fresh perspective on what crippling blockchain can do for the world and A Different Code of ethics as well that I think we're going to see some new heroes emerge. I really do. Yeah hype and hype. That snowed under a false. Oh spray tans Trying to later on down the path of products in digos good if it's on Whoa Straits rates and and down that path does die. The the libertarian route. Yeah it's GonNa be a mixed bag. We see some things that are both. Um I'm you know one name that comes to mind. Is Ed Felton from off chain. Labs to name. You've probably never heard of from a company you've probably never heard of. This guy was the former. CTO Of the White House could literally work for anyone who wants to in the world. And he wants to work in Crypto in blockchain and then there's a guy named tyler spalding whose X. Nassau as more patents right and I have friends and he's now building a payment rail system that bypasses bank so retailers can accept crypto really easily so there are definitely some heroes left on our side that the light just hadn't shine in the sky yet but it's coming y'all yeah I I I definitely sleeping than The beast yet but Yeah it's it's tough Thompson. The hundred percent agree. And you know another question that we like to ask people. Is You know. Besides his any companies that you're invested in you know what's one company that you think is GonNa have the biggest impact in Crypto in say the next one or two years No one speaks out at the moment to be honest. I still think it's the like it's just boring to cite bitcoin or a theorem but they platforms that. I've been to everyone the tempted network effects. That's where the biggest opportunity is and what you're saying with. The smaller projects is that they can get maybe coding to Congress. Oh opaqued on. All of these projects have had a lot of issues shoes. That were the Athenian culas and will not site that at les stupid that I mean for band AIDS continues to get eager. Be Guests are is one company company. I mean I don Shula Australia but I love what college were doing. It's another industry. Where if we had a Centralized energy grid is a lot of problems is to have to solve Trials in India Japan and fossil fuels. Renewables I mean that is just a famous counseling headlines Globally and if there's unloaded companies in these industries well. I shouldn't decide college. But if that sort of decentralized energy grid can lead to a renewable energy boom Naven bitcoin mining he studied into drives renewable energy technology That's that just be so also meet. That could come from. The crowd is spicer's sort of a grain revelation. Yeah yeah definitely and I guess the last question that we have for you today is this was the very first podcast. Someone getting into the space heard what would you want them to know about. Getting involved in MM crypto the tie you need to take your time. Everyone raids about I WanNa buy that day. I think it's processing the takeoff without them. MM-HMM THEY WANNA get rich if the price is enjoying much thou goan such how to make money Stumble across old scams. That is definitely something. That's holding the industry back at the moment the Tikey Thanh to learn and because what we think it's going to it's going to continue to grow of many many years and and If you rush chances are you probably up. What you doing this? S few months. And you'll be. She had taken Utah very well said Alex. Thank you so much for being on the show today. we're really excited to also see your presentation at the Crypto Twenty Twenty Summit Where you're going to be talking about the four things to watch in twenty twenty awesome? Thanks much young US keep up the good work our pleasure and again. Ah where can people find if they want to contact you with more questions or information so now gets news on you cheap Alex Saunders on a tweet up or nuggets news dot com that I use for everything we do. Wonderful thank you so so much. We'll talk to you again soon. Thanks guys choose. CRIP nation just a friendly neighborhood reminder to go to. Www Dot crypto twenty twenty summit Dot Com and register for your free conference pass to the Online Summit Kripa Twenty twenty seven it. We got sixty speakers who are given their bold predictions for prices and bold predictions for a technological legal developments in this crazy crypto space. So if you WANNA be the first to know the big news and you want to make sure that you're in touch and in tune go to Crypto the twenty twenty summit Dot Com right now in register for free.

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