011520 Part 2


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LSU Can get look equally since he quit the panthers maybe Lsu didn't get him now. It took our coach. She doesn't understand at all no. She didn't not that bad she she did. Call Cam a ball hog one time. But she didn't say that about LSU getting Luke keithly. Panthers got wheel but he's never don't get to play because camps such about how it works quarterbacks above that that she did she she she's not that bad yeah how to say that about Lsu Ping look equally has she. Has she taken down the Christmas tree it only okay. Well some people haven't and now it's kind of turned into a thing where you just keep the Christmas tree up and decorated for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day tree is hot this year especially on instagram. If you search under Valentine's Day the tree on instagram you'll see thousands of posts people just keeping it up to me. It sounds like an excuse to be lazy but people really enjoy something hot. Talk about a tree. My mom pretty hot that her Christmas tree has not been taken down. You had to put up in the attic. She is not pleased about that. WHO's supposed to my sister? My sister and my brother in law I guess my nephew. I Dunno that Kim. She's seventy eight years old. Yeah she got Alzheimer's or yes it was. Yeah I forgot what you had. I've got alzheimers. And she's like yesterday they're just sitting here looking at the Christmas tree still up all right good chat with Goodwin because my mom was one of those. Leave it up until I January January. A tree comes down every year. What are we now? January fifteenth or on the fourteenth was still up. Yeah we don't make to to New Year's Eve really see I come damn fast all of it. Well if you want to keep it up maybe think about decorating it. I Know Fastest is still upright. Yeah Oh yeah no. Hey without any time soon no. It's powdered snow so it looks like it's winter time not Christmas who I'm keeping it up now. Ornaments are on it. So it's fine. 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Yeah Free Chicken Nuggets from chick fillet can't beat that and right now the second Top Trending Topic Hashtag Never Warren because the Democrat debate eight happened last night and there was a very tense moment. After the debate ended between Senator Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders Bernie went to shake her hand and she withdrew her hands so quickly and clasped it to her her chest and they have some tense words. You can't hear what they're saying. But it's clearly very tense and Senator Bernie Sanders starts pointing out and then turns away and she leaves dejected and everything so something there were for heavy words between the two and it was a melon communism in communism there can only be one top of power. So obviously they're not going to get along because each one of them wants to be the top of the Communist Party. I am the dictator. It's why it's the gloves are going to have to come off at some point. Because they did. They spent the majority of the debate last night. Talk about foreign policy and stuff but now I mean. The Iowa caucuses are couple of weeks. Away and Bernie will not be able to new well. Neither one of them will be able to campaign any once. The impeachment hearings in the Senate start because the rule safe. There's an impeachment hearing going on in the Senate no sitting sitting. Senator can be Campaigning for office. You gotta sit there and listen to all the all the testimony all this stuff. So that'll take Clova Shar out Warren Bernie Dictator Bernie Aloe Hello. Yeah it's crazy so a lot of lot of debates have still trending this morning but We'll get to more all those things are now trying to. There's a guy who's been at a tragic nick situation. Not His fault. It just happened. He got caught up in it but he's lost everything. Can you help him rebuild his life. We'll find out give you the story. And how can we help you Wednesday. 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If you're new to the radio family this this is where every Wednesday we try to help. Somebody saw good problem that they are having again. One day. We always drift. It's not about money money. A lot of people send us. Hey anyhow I need two thousand dollars for this or whatever. That's not really what this is set up to. Do you need help with car or whatever we a five year old girl get a brand new bed. That type of thing we didn't we were taken with this message that we received from a lady telling us about her friend. Her friend she writes loss is to everything in an apartment fire in Rock Hill South Carolina last week. He lost everything the apartment urban Meyer did not take place in his apartment that this is Marcello Marcello. Welcome to the ACE and TJ show. Oh so Marcella. Did you tale. We won't say his name. You apparently did tell him that you had applied to. How can we help you today? Is that right yes. I went and took him a vacuum last night right and given the run down and he's just ecstatic that maybe he can get some help. Yeah he sent us a facebook message but he said he was unable to join us on the air this morning. So essentially. Here's what happened. Correct me if I'm wrong. About any of this Marcella. While he was gone at work a fire broke out in the apartment below his above above him. I'm sorry when the fire broke out in the process there was a fire in his apartment. And then obviously in the process of putting that out everything everything that he owns was lost ruin closed on furniture gone out of his vehicle even funny because he was part right there it all got it got destroyed. He's lost everything. He was the way he's getting to work now. He has two jobs he walks to his first job then Uber's to his second job to make it on time and he has lost everything he's been on his own for quite a while he said he did have renter's insurance but apparently wasn't good enough because only afford liability so he'd have anything to cover the losses that had called so what we find ourselves situation. How can we help you? Wednesday is he needs clothes first and foremost underwear underwear into outfits. And now they put them up he he and his girlfriend and their kids they they have another apartment they put them in an apartment but they have no furniture. Is that correct. Yeah his girlfriend. I ended up going back to their family home because they're too traumatized to apartment right now in the apartment the himself waiting. I mean she can't really come back anyway. 'cause there's no furniture you know. So they're waiting on something to happen. They can come back call call. Here's how can we help you Wednesday. Essentially he knows everything we have a guy. He's in desperate need of clothes shoes. Men size eleven undergarments side of the extra long. His shirt sizes are one x two x pant size of forty thirty you too and any furniture stations that you may have if you have extra furniture something like that. They're in need of everything. There's nothing that they can't use furniture wise because they lost lost everything and again. The fire broke out in the apartment above his but in the process of the fire and putting out that fire they lost everything and he only had liability. For for. Renter's insurance Marcella. How old is that baby and my baby's here? What's her name is alley this week? She she just adorable. You Wanna eat or sounds like but if you could get shoes that would be a lot better access. I'm just kidding. Everything I was just again. He is in Raki South Carolina and we turn it over to the radio family now. I'm sorry go ahead Marcel. Another thing too is Just simple things like you know backing yesterday and me and another lady. He donated kitchen supplies but he doesn't even have a can opener to open up the canned food he has. You know stuff that we don't even think about like cows one talent department but you just don't think about oh I need that as a day they person and then send you. Don't have it clothes shoes. Men size eleven a pain in anything. He's in desperate need of furniture and clothing worth anything out. He really needs some trials. Yeah so note if you can help in any way where open for you. One triple eight four one to twenty three thousand five hundred triple eight forty-one as TJ. You can also facebook twitter at the as Tj show our Texas at and your message to ninety six eight nine three Barcella hang tight a second. We'll get some information from you and see if we can. We're here for. How can we help you Wednesday? We'll find out next more of the TJ show coming up ace and TJ's breaking and entering. Christmas twenty nine thousand nine could could not have been as awesome without the support of kids. I to the Carolinas the more information on how you can support them with cash or material donations. Just go to kids. I of the Carolinas Dot Dot Org. It's already time to get fall. And holiday travel plans together our travelagent Michelle charges no fees and will bring her thirty years of tricks of the trade to get you. The best deals possible. There are now also payment options with no additional fees unlike the cruise lines and land packages pitches. Just email Michelle at travel at ace. TJ DOT COM. That's travel at Ace. TJ DOT COM. This is the ace in Tj. Show how can we help you Wednesday. We gave the story minute ago. The Guy in Rock Hill South Carolina alerted us by member of the radio family. Who Lost everything in a fire at his apartment complex complex the fire not in his apartment in another apartment his renter's insurance just base he was liability and he lost everything? Clothes furniture towels everything. Everything all gone so you have just really stepped up in a big way this Marcella. Hey Marcelo welcome back to the show. She's the one that kind of alerted to the situation. So hope you don't mind Marcella. We've given out your email information to a ton of people in the past couple of minutes and some of them. Yeah Ah good thing we were just going through. Some of the various things like one lady says her parents live there in in Rock Hill South Carolina and they own some rental houses. They have extra lamps tables chairs. Choose plus I it. Based on the size of she thinks her husband is the same size and he's got a ton of extra closed that he gets so they're gonNA they're gonNA be contacting you so it looks like we are well on our way here to helping your friend get his clothing. Options clothing needs met and furniture towels and everything. A lot of people have said. Hey just give us an address to send stuff to and I'll just Amazon stuff to it. That's awesome so now I ask Amazon's stuff through the apartment. I mean Laura's coming in my house I don't step outside of this apart. Probably you might WanNa have at Amazon to your house and then you can take to him. Here's some of them. Semis says I have a wall electric beard trimmer. It works just like brand new as soon as you replace ice the batteries and the court and the razors. We'll do their switch. It turns it on and off the ground. And there's a guy that actually sent us a picture mentioned the apartment eight. Total apartments were damaged. Seventeen people displaced. Here's a picture. I was working the fire. Glad y'all helping that's right it's a it's it's a full blown. It's a bad bad fire and this is really cool of you. Marcella to step up and do this week Persons try for years. It's it's really good of you to recognize that and WANNA to help him. It's awesome so marcel. Here's what we will do. We've given everybody your contact information. They're going to contact you and it looks like a lot of people have called and DM and are beginning to reach out to you now for furniture clothing everything. We'd like to check back with you next week on. How can we help you Wednesday and kind of get an update as to what's going on in the past past week that'd be cool? Well thank you for listening. Thank you for what you're doing for your friend and we'll we'll talk to you next week. Okay thank and TJ JJ. We have another lesson in D.. Jody ing the language. The Way Jodi speaks in how so you have to figure out what she's trying to say. Sometimes it was an episode of it last night and tell you about it so you know this little trick in case you ever come in contact with her ex TJ. Hey it's going and I WANNA make sure you know about the Hampton Inn and suites South Park and the completely renovated lobby fitness and breakfast areas. Just call seven four three one nine fifty seven hundred into book your reservation or newly designed conference room that seven. Oh four three one nine fifty seven hundred inner to win with the new. AC TJ radio radio family. Mondays download our APP to enter and each week will pick one random name and read it on the air some time after seven forty five. Am Eastern. If you hear your your name you'll have fifteen minutes to call in to eight eight eight four one ace. TJ COMING UP ON THE ACT TJ. Show we'll get to the rundown all the stories we weren't able to get to throughout the day and hot takes remembers of the TJ show in about thirty minutes. Got Got hot cake coming and going on gave you a hunting so my wife's name is jody off and I think I've told you before that She will start telling you about somebody and not remember their name. Mm But tell you the story anyway. Right referring to the person usually as if it's a guy what's his face if it's a girl it's it's what's her faith and you're supposed to figure out who that is well. Our daughter is friends friends with a girl. That's a little bit dinghy. And Jodi couldn't think of her name last night and she goes. Well what do you think you should laney. How Ding Dong young girl I said should call? who is out of the blue? We weren't even talking about any of that. You think Laney should call ding-dong girl and my son and I looked at each other so I said Oh yeah yeah Yeah but I if I were her I would try to call. What's her face? I and we were both laughing. And she's Oh yellow causes but wipes and you know who I'm talking about and we laughed and she gripe for another minute and then about three minutes went by and died down. We weren't talking and all of a sudden then she goes. Hey did you ever find out what What's her name was wanting uh-huh yeah we're way off or making funny that I said okay? Yeah what did what's her name want. No Oh I'm I haven't. I was too busy counseling. What's her face and Ding Dong girl? Jonker you know. Say That Dingy girl or you. Know Laney's Dinghy Fran ding-dong girl so it's quite a challenge a lot of times dealing with her trying to decode whatever she is. She's she's saying how many times a day TJ when you're around her to you say things to yourself like you say on the radio for example. Good thing she's pretty. Oh I'd I'd I say it not just to myself but to say it aloud. Oh to to her. Yeah yeah or at least pretty Um which always must go over well but but I mean that's still a compliment. You know some some. I saying that you're pretty all the time or you know when I told her I have never had a problem with the way you look and she took offence to that thank. You can't win. No don't women always WANNA know that their partner finds them to be attractive. Oh Yeah I think so That's what our ding-dong girl says over there. Hey now tractive. It's just you know other stuff. She can't even say that about me though. I mean who canes say. They've never had a problem with the way their partner looks. It's hard to say. Yeah Yeah but I truly mean that and I don't have that much problem with the you know it with anything else. I mean. We disagree on things a lot of times and Waking me up whenever she's sneaking into the bedroom to get a jolly rancher answer things like that. I needed it. Sorry made a long day. You had are gone on that one the other night. I got her fired up. I was like I heard about the jolly rancher and then she just went out. I just had a really long day and I was trying to be quiet. And it's only one point. I don't know what you're talking about. One Point one point on one way while weight watchers. Okay your new way. Works go in doing that for years for years. Long before Oprah join make sure that nobody thinks that she followed Oprah's lead on you know. Ah She's not a fan of over four. Yeah but it's like you expect me to go. How many calories does that on some pull out our phone own and scan? Whatever it is she's about to eat and then announce to the room? How many points it is? Oh well I can have that. It's only three point four either I'm putting that back. It's not worth the points just for that little thing is that to make sure that you know that she's keeping track are they. Aren't that if she has something. I want everybody to know I've checked on this. It's okay for me to have no. I think she just likes some talk about just a lot of women are that way they just want. You know it's an and usually if there would be another woman there she go. ooh Yeah. You're right how many points How do that what else in that starts? A conversation sation shaped like meatloaf like I was going to be like. Oh boy you better hold off on that. Charlie's coming up on now trending with Regan. That Sir does not rock. That's right nominations for the rock and Roll Hall of Famer here. Oh and some shocking shocking announcements that four non blondes up. It will be a part of the show now by calling on fully four one to twenty three eighty five four to take the new extra cheesy. Alfredo Pizza from Papa. CAJONES has extra cheese on another cheese. Bland on Alfredo Sauce on garlic Parmesan crust. Which is now on your mind and on its way to being your new favorite thing On account of all that jeeze. Alfredo bet you heard about on the radio get a new extra cheesy. Alfredo Pizza with garlic Parmesan crust for just says ten bucks better ingredients better Pizza Papa. John's not valid with discounts fees and taxes extra mayor always in Tj show graphics and web designer liner done by Alpha lab designs looking for spectacular. Email design ask. TJ DOT COM web design menus marketing materials brochures flyers higher social media ads and more design at a St J. Dot Com at the top of the hour. We give you the hottest trending trending topics in the world. This is doubt trending with Reagan's on the TJ show case. You missed this story yesterday in Los Angeles a plane a Delta the airline had taken off from lax and it was headed for China and they had an engine issue they were planning on turning the plane around and going back to the airport but in their return to the airport people on the ground were like what is that. What's fallen from the plane? It turns out with a bunch of jet fuel like sixty people had to be treated for getting hit a lot of them children because most of it landed on or around an elementary school on a playground because the pilot had to jettison the fuel to lighten the load or balance it out to to make it safer land it was an emergency dumping of and that's why they're called jets because of Jettison jettisoning the fuel a lot of people don't know that there were actually originally called Jettison planes and then they just shortened it to jet planes either jettisoned is or dumped it right. There was a of a fifth grader. WHO said it it just sprayed all over him and his friends gotten his eyes and so teachers and staffers panicking? Obviously they're like. What are you covered? Oh my God what's happening so sixty people had to be treated a a lot of them Children but it looks like everybody's GonNa be okay. That's one of those things where if you're outside it happens and there's got to be ahead to be a couple of seconds of teachers who stayed in there like what is what does. Oh my God. All the kids are covered with them. Because you don't expect that any way shape or form. Can you be ready for that. And of course it freaked out. Their parents and several of their parents were quoted as saying five Slough Cake Lee. We know there is a rough day for a lot of people. Yeah and then you smell gas. I mean even when you pump gas your hands stink for today's as a management. Your kids can smell it. I wouldn't know you probably wouldn't. You probably wouldn't have a team of children pump gas for me. Whenever I pull up be nice? Yeah would you describe you. The show on Netflix. As a romantic thriller yes that's describing describing it s and it has been renewed for a third season. Of course it has. He seemed to really like you all have to perfect. It was so good. I don't whether I'm GonNa like a season three. Oh you will. I liked both the original season and season two. But I don't know I think thinking maybe getting a little far fetched really. It's going to tell you the show. Yeah no midwife say. We don't watch if you don't want to but I'm I'm so excited already the alley watching they tweet it out. See you soon neighbor. And then it looks like it's going to be out here this season. Maybe so hey I mean this year. Kirsty checked my text. You were busy with someone else. It's crazy they announced the New Nominees for the twenty twenty rock and Roll Hall of fame nine inch nails depeche mode the notorious. B I g in the rock and Roll Hall of fame along with the Doobie brothers and Whitney Houston. Wow involves. Everybody actually thought Whitney Houston would already been in but yeah me too. I thought I would say again. Nine inch nails depeche mode notorious. B I g the Doobie Brothers T.. Rex never heard of and Whitney Houston. So I think t rex to Ban Gone Yeah. Yeah is these people that made it in. These are the nominees. These are now. We'll be inducted confirm. Yeah I'm surprised Depeche Mode hasn't made it in there. I mean I can't stand that kind of music but a lot of eighties people loved. They were huge yeah. I don't know any of their music SAS. How would you say this word L. B. A. G. E. L. Bagel? Oh okay I thought you were going to say bag all like a bag. All Baked Bagel Day to people are celebrating by showing pictures of their bagel sandwiches. Is this morning so it's very exciting. Say earlier that you saw Regan's is they're trying to. Oh yeah I try to new Bagel spot today great bagels. It goes great coffee in it. He was at an Einstein Brothers airport new new new bagel place. Check it out the Einstein instinct brothers when When I was growing up my brother referred to bagels as Jewish biscuits which is great Yeah and Takashi. Six nine wants to go home. He wants to spend the rest of his confinement at home instead of the prison. He said he's being threatened by other other inmates in this private prison any feels like his safety is at risk. And obviously you're in prison shown everybody in the world so of course. I'm I'm going to do something that nobody else has ever thought of a mosque to go home. I WanNa go home and I'm not even in prison so we will do the rundown all stories. We weren't able to get through throughout the day less than ten minutes. This is the Ason Tj show. Yeah this is the time of year when you start seeing all these ads pop up about Out losing pounds and inches overnight and lose fifty pounds by the end of the week. That sort of thing you don't want it to have You want to lose lose weight and inches. The healthy way and that's with calendar and Caliban is a product that I've been taken for a while and it's not a stimulant it's not You know any type of drug. 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What's the easiest way to get all our podcast us out the TJ show more show and all our cast? PODCASTS are on our APP available each weekday after twelve noon. Stay connected funny on the TJ APP available at I tunes in Google play. This is the rundown it's where we hit some of the stories we're weren't able to get to throughout the show. Maybe some personal stories stories dotted in there. You know wrapping up the show because that's what we love to do wrap it up You know not wrap it up as in in a hurry up and finish it but wrap it up as in in a tidy little package with a nice bow on. Yeah as a gift. Nice Nice Way to put it. Yeah Yeah January twenty. Sixth is the twenty twenty Grammy Awards and Demi Levato Ready Tate. Reintroduce herself to the music world will be performing. It was announced yesterday if she really sings. Yeah that'd be worth it because she's phenomenal. Yeah she said I told you the next time you hear from me. I'd be singing. And she shared a photo of herself. uh-huh with Grammy Performance on. She looks great. I can never remember the name of the song. But the black and white in studio performance that she's putting when she's recording according to the songs and it's Acapella because she's obviously the music is just in the headphones code now Skyscrapers skyscraper is one of the best things you could ever see on Youtube. If you've never seen go look it up skyscraper. The recording of video dean of auto is phenomenal. It will blow you away her voice. She's she's the very best. Colette Olive Media on how Great Demi levato voices in before camp rock even came out. Yeah that's true. I was also the first media person to say the word amazing is overly used overused. And I'm also the media person that the first media person that announced just a couple blue weeks ago that the word interesting is overused. People going interesting interesting interesting interesting so be aware they get to go onto. Grammy's no cannot be on a damn forgot about you. Radio Graham you see see the New Collective bargaining agreement for the ladies of the WNBA. Now it looks like the top players will be earning over five hundred thousand dollars to eight year agreement and along with higher salaries for the WNBA players. They all now will fly in better planes and they will all also get their own rooms at the hotels house when they travel so big Morgan. Marketing Agreement Headline Six months from now. WNBA goes broke. There's a lot of money. There's a fifty three percent increase in total cash compensation which is made up of the base salary performance bonuses and prize. Pools for new ensued. If if they're they are able to sustain at that level because of their growth so far then what they're doing has worked up until now they didn't allow things to get out had a hand they built it slowly so good for them. They've earned the right to have that increase good-looking tickets to WNBA game. You know sell out like Garth Brooks. That's how fast I'm fast fastened to the rafters send. DM's on instagram through your desktop or through your laptop computer. You don't have to be tied to your phone so you just can't break away from getting all those nasty dirty filthy. DM's on your phone. Now you can look at a big screen on your on your laptop your ipad or your desktop computer so instagram. I don't know what the motivation was to do that. I don't know I never WANNA check instagram all my computer. They just have ever checked my instagram on my computer but hunting though how you instagram dot com but you gotta have the passwords got DJ problem. You'll be locked out this actually this during the show and Before before the show is about the only time I ever use my computer for anything the rest of the time. I use my phone for whatever. I'm doing millennium. I know I even have an IPAD pro than I ever use. It's never even charged us from taking of like. Have you heard a we gotta take a break. Quick quickpoint have you heard what Meghan Markle's dad is doing. I mean probably one of the worst things a father could do to his own. Child is a dirtbag. Yeah you're not gonNA think any differently way after I tell you this story in less than ten minutes more. Act's next this is the Jason Tj show kickoff the new TJ DOT com now available as over stay connected funny on the as and TJ APP. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Welcome back to the rundown. This is just covering some stories. We weren't able to get to throughout the day on the Ason isn't Tj show. Were you confused for a minute. I was supposed to know what was I supposed to say. I don't know I was just told me to do something a minute ago and I completely forgot. Oh the the the thing we were doing for Leuke Kluwer offering yet. Yeah so if you missed it. It's a big deal for a lot of Carolina Panthers fans. There are a lot of them in the areas where the show is heard. Luke Kikuchi retired yesterday last night from the Carolina Panthers Twenty eight years old seven time pro bowl player earlier in his eight seasons with the panthers and we just made the offer. We WanNA talk to him. We don't know anybody everybody thinks we do but we don't. We know you the radio family so we are offering five five hundred dollars to the first person who can get us Luke keithly either he calls into this show or he shows up here in our studio in the Mothership Market of Charlotte. If if that happens and he mentioned your name I'm doing this for so and so we will give you five hundred dollars and donate five hundred dollars to the charity of his choice. That's that's the deal and look who's walking through the door. Nobody meteor hitting them up by the different ways. So we'll see but yeah that's It's very simple. You can read it all. It's up posted on social media if you follow us at the Tj show or the ace and Tj show on facebook at all right yeah back to the heartache. Sorry Yeah just threw me off a you. Had something important should have been done but you could remember what it was. I couldn't I'm I'm dumb idiot. A juicy Tom Brady Bought a new house. It's about two and a half hours away from Gillette Stadium. Yeah and they gave up. They're sweet. They're they're they're sweet of the stadium. Yeah so it looks like maybe he's not going. He says he still wants to play but probably not for the Patriots kind of crazy. Can we get him in North Carolina for the Carolina. Panthers looks go no. We wouldn't want him no. We don't think so. I wouldn't think he's too old to run the kind of new offense that they're gonNA run here. We need to be fresh young new exciting greatest football player ever greatest the greatest quarterback ever. Yeah Yeah I think so. Probably SEE GOOD-LOOKING SAS Tom. Brady little really know tally. Is He. Good looking enough for you to date at. Yeah Okay Chisel jock Miami Tom. Brady's forty years old says would you date Tom Brady right now. Today Tom. He wasn't married he saw us and tried to absolutely would really. He is Michigan though. That's okay is it. I can suck it up. Yeah aw he would pronounce it back instead a back could you live with. It would be tough. Scratch my ban. You can't live with that. Just she just said underbrush money. We'd see where it's going uh-huh Let me does this tickle your fancy what about Oriole popcorn what do you think about that I think that's pretty cool. I'm not opposed to like I like regular popcorn that's You know in all those different like chocolate covered popcorn and all that stuff is delicious. Yeah you brought in skinny yesterday and that stuff just smelled like cardboard terrible. It tastes like cardboard. ooh I hate to disappoint my girlfriend which is an adjunct that popcorn of that. That's the worst thing I've ever just. It's like eating popcorn. I mean you can still keep it locale if you Spray it with. I can't believe it's not butter spray. And then put a little extra salt on or Tony. Sassari gotTa have something try them. I can't believe it's not butter still Yeah Yeah I didn't even know that if feels dislike it a better and did you see Thomas Markle is apparently going to testify against his own daughter. Who is the Duke? The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Obviously they've had a tense relationship but Meghan and Prince. Harry are suing some of the tabloids for slander. And stuff like that. And he's expected to take the stand in favor of the defense which I don't know if your parent testifies against you especially over something like this when they're battling the NAB Lloyd's it's just seems so slimy into it right up his alley. He's a slimy person. I don't know it just seems like Can't be everybody that That has a problem with her. I mean she may be the problem yet. I made the Queen the Royal Family. Her her family. You know I think sooner or later those other three fingers gotta be pointing back at her a radio guy in the UK. I was trying to explain. Why all of Britain just doesn't like her and he goes listen? I just think she's manipulative. She's spoiled and we just don't like her. They just hate beat her for some reason. I don't know she's unliked. Man Harry was saying very loved very loved in that country before he married her. Yeah he was the Gronk of that country. It's wild it's yeah just love this story because it's just so good good it's so good and you're GonNa pull his her dad off the modeling road is he's got to go testify put his modeling career on hold. Yeah he looks like Lou Pearlman remember him the kind of put all the boy bands. He looks like Blue Perlman. Looks now probably Whoa. That's the rundown and teaching this is the as Tj show. Joe Alexa Siri K.. Google we're voice ready on all devices. Just say play. Tj here our shows live or on demand stay connected funny on the T. J. APP available on I tunes in Google play. Have you seen the going going on all around everywhere and I kind of gave riggins an opportunity to put it in what's trending But he failed to do so so I guess I'm going to have to since he must have just missed it completely People Putting Kiwi on pizza. No I'll yeah gross. Once you start saying it's okay to put pineapples on pizza. I mean there's not going to be into it yet. You opened the door for way too much. He will just lose. Hi good that Kiwi Hoda I think Kiwi would make just as much sense as pineapple pineapple on you might as well put earn ges. Blue Bear you we home Qui- Become quite can more fruits a- as nasty yeah. I only Kiwis by themselves. I don't even really like. I would never buy Kiwi Kiwi by zone. Oh Kiwi I don't think I have is not that they're still good. Jody makes a mix show mix up Should chop up a bunch of strawberries. Throw in some blue bears and some Kiwi Chops Kiwi. He we and make that as a little treat for cut I don't think I've ever honey on it. What's it look like rained seeds all Brown Kiwi? I don't think really I don't have what you call a sophisticated palate. Not that the shock any of y'all toward that Kiwi sophisticated food breath I would think so. It's it's more exotic than an apple. Yeah Apple and orange but you know Kiwi Avocado whatever. I have a condo now. But you know who's buying Kiwi in the grocery store now it's good for you. It's got fiber I'M GONNA keep you regular only anything fibers good for us to keep us regular my grandparents regular irregular. You never know when you could be uh-huh keep you from getting that way now. Drink juice at the fourteen. Most people don't have a profit really. I'm good with that. I have no problem. Drink your prune juice juice. It's the same as Dr Pepper without the is more show coming up next on our apple. See You tomorrow. Didn't get enough for more. Give the A._C._T.. J. 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