Dating, Narcissism, and Sex before Commitment


It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free heme boil get be back in the studio live and not a rerun And end up on my couch heartbroken reactivated This is a call in show everybody's so please feel free to call in three two three offices a Home Office an office on Ventura healing then please contact us and we will definitely assign Lo fi so please contact us regarding him and APP is something that I created as a way to unravel often this encoding which is non verbal verbal messages being told up spy this psycho virus generates in our brain and just keeps the so on and human disconnect which is something physical abuse sexual abuse emotional abuse down and regroup on A new shift out the mind map is designed to address the past which is the I'm part of the Mind Map represents the paradigm shift into with the narcissist and dating and how to recognize if you're dating a narcissist self-centered and demeaning and devaluing and using your energy be our specialty we have a lot of people on the team who work with narcissistic arm every two weeks and you can contact the clinic regarding that and make sure that you're not caught in a bad web of up and then exit and take let's use the word rip a lot of people out there who have suffered by entering into relationships with and nod highway to connect with another human being to form five Fritz flags and blind spots in dating a narcissist and this if divorced couples or divorcing couples and she has experiences it in fact one study showed that there likable veneer was only person and put putting them up on a pedestal I've had a number of clients who claim later insight these clients admitted that there were signs that they'd overlooked so might be very good looking and they may have an awful lot to offer socially something good we will make mental excuses for them the waiter very well or they they they fire their housekeeper. Unusually the human desires very strong to have something scenarios off start unraveling so arleen Lancer says sometimes doesn't reveal itself for it takes a while for them to catch on but there are always look when the chemistry is really strong the greater the physical attraction and sexual sexual energy literally op few skates mentally and emotional energy into Block are rational thinking and the body called oxytocin which is the bonding hormone and then Opon- hormones are released and particularly with women younger bond chemically with a man it it also happens with Manson John Easier with women so definitely we don't WanNa have look a lot the second is seduction which is similar to early they may be adept listeners and communicators or a lure you with flattery spit in this case all of this is a an example of an act or awesome seeing why people might be vulnerable so as I say in my bowl via pdf form you can also order it on Amazon and and you can go through this process via the the video series controlling if parents use their children as objects very very familiar and familial because they have overlooked the signs because they the ship the reason I'm GonNa talk about casual sex sex without find that they're treated casually and easily disposable manner so if we are raised by parents who objectify which is defined by a parent or parents put Lee bond and form the healthy human psyche and I'm referring now daily breastfeeding stay at home mom I'm and do her breastfeeding and mirroring her baby this does not happen than the the plan B. would be he does for you and if they don't do for you then they're something that I elaborate on in the mind map video series and the phenomenon just pass on the one you have and invest in the better ups and the the third aspect of a blind spot when dating narcissist full multi-talented as I mentioned and it's easy to idealize that on once and wow when I married to this man or woman while I'm going to have all A. B. Enhanced by it so you could see that it's more about what they can successful I think there's a a sense of of obviously intimacy with the person that we're with when we're looking at them ask people who have low self esteem and are codependent have more oh ensign please pick up the phone get on the couch and dial in at move on with the mind map and see what happens to people who are raised not who can you be for me how can you serve me how can a way of being in the world so therefore they will I'm never enough or let me see what I at the expense of themselves so in a sense the groom already they may test them for a how compliant they are how quick they're art and perhaps even throw in a few lives here and there about their income or what you could see how these people are could be prone and hello you are on the couch Hi Michelle have we spoken before now we haven't you and what is attracting you to this particular show and and I I in my late forties and I tend to nick and I begin to romantic relationships track let's track your family of origin and when you say that you using the putting themselves before their own children all very attractive people my dad was my dad was a professional and my mother and my stepmother's were all you know very very attractive east by okay so the two that was your mother and then your stepmother our own right my mom my mom left me she actually online that they know she was can't get any more focused and discarding the only child and then my dad was was pretty much I'd say he was a womanizer my intelligence I'm just would attack me on pretty much hey shis they cheat they lie you know there's always another woman in the picture or over time as the article that I was referring to points out does take about looking guy so I mean I know that there they can attract other women but initially at progressive that's when I start to see the red flags dates and dates probably pretty sad to and of course I'm in my late forties so it's going to be hard to break now but I find that I'm not I would go for a few years and not date or being a relationship because I don't find anything coming okay so Le Let's make a distinction between a male that they're evolved people and it doesn't mean that they're psychologically on is the man who has character a male piece which is their character okay system because everything was falling apart people were cheating love was built on okay so what if you met a man who she to bond with a wonderful goodhearted uh-huh synergy synergy synergy is the one plus how what do you think would you think would you like a man like that believed in monogamy and believed in family and believed in keeping the energy it you know if honest the Judy I to nominate I call it the W. t. f. the what the Freud he is offered up correct before commitment yes sure for this man before this man has her heart and mind I that's a good question here father correct who was a cheater Ya and her before the commitment was there perhaps they have familiar box probably dynamic so if your Orgasm Inc to that dynamic if your orgasm Shen you might even fantasize him with other women and that might be stimulating and it becomes the toxic bond you see that makes a lot of okay first few years of life and we have to take inventory on all of comes conclusions about yourself you might conclude that you're not important enough can you begin to see that we have within us these horrible core beliefs makes reprint which is our parents we come out having old game once again in the what the foot manner so what do we do we I keep saying this again and again in my book and on other shows too it's not that we're stupid acceptance except that if we're trying to find it with the because we have met our our imago match so to speak the happens correct okay and so the said a mouthful here but go ahead and ask questions there's unfinished business there the unfinished businesses your little you and so you're GONNA get plan B Daddy okay time around this person who is the popular good looking right and and what's the likelihood of that happening ship I will call it not a relationship there probably in relation do we get out of this horrendous W T.F we've got to go back to the 'cause mind map is is designed to do is to take us back so that we could doc mind body and soul and then then act closing our legs and not allowing men or women I'm we're not sardines were not built to be throwaways we can't just part is the bond that is now created to them okay maybe her woman on the side and maybe another third or fourth one and then that way part of that Orchestra Martha Zyu- to be part of aside over this I've had people in my office who couldn't stand they didn't know that they're they're boyfriend was actually married or they didn't know that person very well because why I too quickly idealize the person got sexually involved bond a hostage situation because it's very very hard to get out of a situation where your body and your sexuality but they're not there they can leave in a heartbeat withdraw going through something like this okay and it's so it's so it it it really it really should be a crime doctor Judy I think that sex can be fun S- casual it's just not a sport he no I know your father was a an athlete but where we want to merge our mind body and soul with somebody we're letting were we feel that we can feel safe and let go and beloved and it's okay sat textile my girlfriend's phone or my boyfriend's phone what that I mean this is these are the things that come up in the therapeutic repaired the trust and to grow through it and and and they can I'm not saying much paranoia gets built up around it so yes I think it console and deliberately lied to them and manipulate them and betray nothing worse there's a hide rather have my wallet stolen it's too painful so what do we do about point where we lose our taste buds for these people that's the when other people think that they're they're amazing I think they're you're absolutely right right and it takes two to tango so the here's The codependent So why does that happen just like what I said a and made you I'm sure feel like you are disposable so a contact me at the psychological healing center please do okay and for everyone and we try to stay fee sensitive understand that by your participating in this system gone say to no no to them your self esteem I promise us going to start going okay so start defining what a man is in your head a man is not a cheater man is vigil who who has a lot of issues with me and the audience good night bye-bye any kind of a judgmental place it's it's it's my experiences a psychologist to get close to be tossed aside were not made to open up them if you want to know if your enough for somebody or if they're not for you what about getting to know coach and who am I speaking to high blake how you no I called in a couple of times okay nice to talk to you so what what working for me I I deal with a lot in narcissist and just you don't take advantage and and then I really had a lot of problems with a few of like you know I know of and you know get really you know okay so if you don't go his way then he's GonNa antagonize and scratch some stuff so it took me eight hours to fix it so when he came over as you can't you don't mind Blake 'cause the topic is dating and casual sex and narcissism in who will use an abuse and toss aside and casualising okay you know they're all nice and everything and then next so if you're he if you're if you're getting date somebody exclusively but I think fair exchange of YOU WANNA concentrate on one individual it would be nice to know that you're on teas that result from casual sex Good looking people might they use they use their looks to get a on somebody they pick the right they groom Missa here I can I can use this person and powerless to to do anything because the other 'cause they're so under orgasms perhaps with the person so it's really difficult at that stage to does and so on when we are mixing our our bodies so there are health reasons and then also there are psychological reasons has a man because I know we usually think of women is

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