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You're listening to me on. The UFC is three more events at the apex before heading over to fight island in July. The first of those Las Vegas Events Takes Place Tomorrow night headlined by Jessica. I take it on Cynthia Kallio and if this morning's weigh ins are any indication I. Don't know what the Hell to expect tomorrow night. What's going on? Everybody? Welcome to the UFC on. ESPN, ten preview show here on MA fighting, dot, com, I mike. Mike my CAC that is Jose Young joining us from Las Vegas Jose Listen. This main event was met with a lot of criticism. We talked about this a lot of between the links, but at the end of the day. Two things are for certain won. This fight is happening tomorrow night in the main event into despite what happened on the scales. This is still a pretty important fight for the women's flyweight division. While it's not a flyweight fighting marts catchweight fight so. Say like. You will just misses way for the second time. It was point well. I point to five point two over. What is really alarming to me, is yes. She missed way but I don't know if you guys heard through the broadcast, so I tweeted out as you stepped off the scale. She says I'm done. I can barely walk right now so regardless of making the way missing the way like healthwise I. Don't doesn't sound. Start the best thing. The year getting out scale I can barely walk or I don't think I can walk so take the fighting out of the equation. It's just an alarming thing to hear human being say stepping off the sky after making wait. First of all shame on you for a well actually me on the first question on this show or the first statement of this preview show but that. That was one of the big questions heading into this event with was the battle with the old scale, because each fighter had big wait Mrs in their last fight, and caveats was at one fifteen. Both women hit the scales caviar. She'll pretty good not having a cut those extra ten pounds and then I add the missed by point to. Actually went on Instagram, said she's fine. She's ready to go and that if she had just gone to the bathroom impede before she hid the scales, she probably would have made the way, but you. You mentioned what she said and it looked. She looked really rough, watching that on the fighting livestream, which she is bad as it looked on camera while I was going to see physically behind the behind the hoop of shame, as Casey calls it but just so I I basically saw from her neck up and that was enough. She looks getting on the scale. She looks super stressed out and super nervous dislike depress like like just just hoping for the best and the citizen we re read the way in. She missed away. She had like. This look of despair. Our. She just was. Like just heartbreak just broken that so I can't say. She didn't try because she looked. Like distraught that she missed weight. I really hit her hard so yeah. Bomber time all around for Jessica entertain. As of now. The plan seems to be that, Valentine. Next title defense will be against. Joanne Calderwood in the AFC, tried to book that fight bounty was forced to withdraw due to injury, and that seems to still be the plan, but as you know Jose especially in this sport plans can change, and they can change very quickly so with your vast wisdom and knowledge I don't think I mean is clearly out of picture one because of the weight miss because balancing a brutally knocked her out last year. It's probably way too soon. Even put her in that conversation, but is there a scenario where Cynthia Cavallo could jump the queue and slide in there after tomorrow night? No definitely got Roxanne out of. Up Next week I think. It gets the next title shot. Then, even Jennifer my out there still fighting, I can't remember fighting shoots, even a flyway, but I. I don't think there's a scenario where Silvio can skip the line if anything if Joanne. Calderwood and bounty answer. Shinko isn't booked anytime soon. I'm hoping maybe on the August Carter the September card, but if they want if the fighters want to stay in shape, maybe Cynthia could fight the winner of the loser of Lauren Murphy and Roxanne, modify but I think there's a scenario right now where? Cynthia Colville skips the line and considering We don't even know like like, so we're. We were talking about. August I was like where's August, can they? Where's August was the August fight going to be he goes. I don't even know we're trying. We're GONNA pandemic, so it's hard to even look ahead. Because will we even have fights will fight. Fallout will well. When will Valentina fight so who? Who knows but I don't think Valentine is in situ in a I. Don't think there'll be a scenario. Cynthia Skips Salon. I'm glad you mentioned motto, Fairy Versus Murphy Because Dana White before he went on talk to you guys. He announced the fight cards for the twentieth, the twenty twenty-seven monetary smurfs, the second fight of the night is the second prelims fight, which is mind blowing to me considering. Legal, fight that is, it's like. Where did he put counter? Kagan is like the number. One ranked flyweight where she choose way early on the car we had. Perez, and who was it for Meka? What of like top five at flyways in the world and they were buried on the prelims. Do So not that. I would honestly be surprised. If I ca- chiquet wasn't thousand Fight Night Ju- Shaquille Shivshankar the An. Shankar like if? It would have been more of a surprise if they put that fight on the main card honestly is because like it deserves. It should become a van, but it would surprise. It's it doesn't surprise me whatsoever. Yeah still that's next week. We gotta talk about this so much talk about co main event. This is the fight that people are very excited about because the bad blood between them escalated even further today Marva Tori take it on Karl Rogerson, but we had another hiccup on the Scales Carl Roberston Mrs Weight Again, and if you're not aware Rogerson, wait ahead of UFC Jacksonville. Couple of weeks ago by a pound and a half and enforce them out of the fight this time he misses by. Bounds this was pretty surprising. Considering he went on the virtual media yesterday and city figured it all out. He was adamant that he was good to go into added that Jose. He was one of the first ones to the scale this morning. Yeah, it's one of those situations where. We talk about on on the way in stream, if I'm a fighter and I see my opponent like coming in right at the end with five minutes left. They're still wet. There's still like they're sucked out. They missed by point five. Then maybe I'm like. Are you tried or is? She tried as hard as she could like this. The respect is at least still there if she didn't come coming in early like halfway through with an hour left and missing was allied the Jeremy Stevens Calvin cater fight like coming in with a lot of time left missing weight by that much it's. What else to say Call Roberson like talk to be game, but it couldn't couldn't walk the walk so yeah. I don it's it's? It's I feel bad for Marvan Vittoria. I'm glad he gets to fight. But I feel bad that this is now the second time in a row. call Roberson. comes up comes up to heavy against Marvan Tori. Yep He's GonNa get thirty percent of Carl Robertson's perse in addition, Zaruki a dash off I. think that's his name. I'm sorry if I mispronounced do comers. Faced Tyson Nam Tomorrow Night He missed weight by two and a half pounds. He's going to forfeit twenty percent of his purse to Tyson, NAM and Derek. Minter announced earlier today during the way of self that he is out of his fight with Jordan Griffin due to falling ill during his way, cod griffin made wait successfully, so he should get a show money for sure back to the main event Jose. Vittori won his last two fights since that split decision loss to Israel. Roberson got that lesson from glover to share you have seabrook lemass January, but he's bounced back with back to back wins in his own right. This fight was supposed to happen in Jacksonville. We said before Roberston had that way cutting issue that forced by the fight, we saw the lobby video or Pretoria was just absolutely irate with him, and now he misses again, but. But to me like this Arti was escalated in a big way, but much like the Roosevelt Roberts Brock Weaver fight. This one is is even more big in more exciting in terms of how the fans view than it was say five or six hours ago. I mean agreed because we're be talking about this fight if they had followed heading into the Jacksonville fight card. Like, yeah, that fight is it's important for their careers, and like it's a good fight, but we talking about it this much. If if all, if the white collar we've Roberson went smoothly at Jacksonville. It's just another flight on a cards a good fight, but it's not stealing the headlines, and then as soon as that out, bro Outbursts happens. It was already all we have to rebook it, and then you mrs again. It's like the main event is a big deal but I. Think Vittori Rogerson. Is People have have a lot of even when they missed, people were tweeting me like. When's the stared I wanted to stare. Down I can't wait for the on. Then the was nothing it was just like Marvin Tori looking in like liking Who who is it? A Patrick Bateman is Adam just bogged out so that no shoving or anything like that, but you could tell people or at least excited to see these to get their hands on one another. In one of the crazier stories of the week, Murad Douala's Willie was supposed to fight Ray Borg in the featured bout on this card and it looks like he's now one half of the feature pre limb, but has a new opponent. On forty eight hours notice. Ray Board had a family emergency had to withdraw from the fight. Our thoughts go out to Ray, because family, indeed from fighting always well, but stepping in is Gustavo Lopez and what a story. This became because he was the kabbage. Americas bantamweight champion. Campbell McLaren the president of combat. You America's tweets out yesterday that Lopez still. Still under contract with the promotion and even Lopez's manager Daniel Rubinstein admitted that he didn't particularly dot his. I's or crosses tease, which I thought was pretty admirable, but in the end as I reported Wednesday evening, Combat America's grants has released. He is good to go to fight Murad tomorrow night at one hundred and forty pound catchweight bout, but man. What a crazy couple of hours that transpired probably as you were heading to Vegas as you know. Lopez very exciting guys won his last three, but man. What a tough debut against Bob Wallace Willy. It's the worst possible matchup form. I've Seen Lopez fight a few times on the combat America circuit especially when they're on the Phoenix. I saw one of his original. I couldn't remember these like they. There was like some confusion where he was again. A light minister late minutes minute opponent so he didn't get to fight for the title, but good fighter exciting fighter. But Mihrab is unbelievable like he's one of those guys where he wins, and he's GonNa be like. Fifteen at ten somewhere ranch, they're known to fight him 'cause. He's clearly better than his ranking, but he's he's he. He doesn't put on those like epic wars. Getting I'm not comparing him. To Habib, let me let me put it there. Because I think it'll be on another level. It's one of those situations where like you have this this Dahgestani or or in case, George and fighter, who is just gonNA dominate you and you're gonNA, look terrible against it, and it's you're risking a lot for someone that's low ranked. That's clearly unbelievable, so yeah, it's that circle that FIS. Jesse Mihrab take the next. Get another win because I assume you will and and really put the that division on notices someone that he's GonNa. He's GonNa. Cause a lot of problems in that division. Casey Kenny is a legit. Bantamweight prospect a legit up and comer, and he tossed Casey Kennedy around like a rental. Car He wasn't. Tracy did not expect that at all. Already know your answer to this question is going to be already, but I'm gonNA. Take it away from you because I don't think Andre Philly versus Charles Day is under the radar at all heading into the scarred. What a great match! That's going to be, but other than that. Let's dig a little deeper. What is your under the radar fight heading into tomorrow night? Good question. That's a very good question. Charles Rosa fight I'm really excited for just because selfishly new. Englander and Charles Roses looking at bounce back. I think what is. It fought thirty five days ago or something crazy like that and you're like lately. Everyone's getting just mandatory thirty, thirty five or thirty day suspension, so it's like he's cutting a real close. really needs to erase that last. Performance against Bryce Mitchell, considering trousers talked a lot about his grappling, and how good he was, and declared himself the best grappler, one hundred forty five pounds, and you saw what happened against Bryce Mitchell now. This isn't one forty five at the. He bumped up a little bit because of the of the. Time to come and train, but also Charles. Fight I'm always excited watching fight. That's good one and they're finding a fifty five against. He's fighting. Kevin ocular in the UFC must've felt. KRISTA Christian Aguilera fight I'm really excited for only because I've covered a lot of his fights and LFA and he seems to be one of those guys. Where when I interviewed him on the regional circuit, he would be like one if I win tonight going to the U. of C., and he would always come up short or just have the greatest performance. Son's next fight as he wins to. To more than us. If I win this, I'm going to the and then it never worked out for him so to see him in the AFC just because I've seen his journey here is it will be I'm not saying he'll win or lose, but it's good to see and finally in there, because this that contract Bente, lot tool absolutely fighting Anthony Ivy who is an absolute finish aries added. That's rough, rough, hard appropriate. You'll see debut that you've worked so hard for unreal guys yet never got a decision in his entire career, so I don't expect that to happen here, but a guy with with a ton of potential coming out of LFA in on the regional seen over there. He's won two straight heading. The spite should be fun to kick off tomorrow night's card. I'm actually very excited. See Julia. Avi Lage is one of the fighters a lot of. One thirty five. She gets to make her sophomore walk tomorrow night against the returning. Gina Mazzoni and I have to say if you guys haven't watched what the heck yet watched by interview Gina Mazzone. She tells the craziest story about her UFC released. Like should even know. She was released seven months after the fact it took her talking to a different manager who manages are now obviously to find out that she wasn't on the car, just kept going to the Pi and getting all the treatment and stuff, but like Mick Maynard didn't have the heart to tell her she had been released because they were kind of like messing around with. There's such a crazy story booted up, but It is crazy. Man. Go check that out, but Jose. You've been you've been lagging those miles like Magellan Bro so go get some food. Get some rest. Of course. He will be on site tomorrow night. We'll be bringing you all things you have see Vegas tube before during and after this event, so keep it locked finding dot com to stay up to date on everything for Jose in Las Vegas. I Mike. Thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow night. I can't believe you're gonNA. Meet some terrible explorative pick. You're listening to medium Lanka's network.

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