Elderly sex, the voodoo dick, & ghost lovers


Hello and welcome to the W. T. F. Stories and advice I'm Caroline Kranj office and we're both hypnotherapist and fucking crazy exactly especially. Hey New I would say is. You're almost as big of a know. It all may that is it is true. What's new have you have? You left your house and yet the second we went down a level I adopted to the beach and had a welcoming but then I got really mad that like such a special occasion to be able to go to the beach but then you know I have to put things in perspective and go. Oh my God. I'm on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world while King while some of the people are holed up in an apartment are dying in hospitals so pretty much as good. Yeah it's a funny time in the world isn't it? As an American living in New Zealand. I love living in New Zealand and I just my heart breaks for Americans and the rest of the world where it's really bad. It's just it's hard to comprehend what the hell's going on we`ll. Syphilis is just such a a bad disease spreading so quickly one of the rave syphilis now covet easy to get rid of NAM just getting you know that New Zealand is having a huge outbreak of syphilis. Yet and generally I think that is why prep pre exposure prophylaxis at said to stop the spread of HIV. Which you're not gonNa say must be a good thing but of course pretty much. Most of the guys that I know that are gay are taking that. Not using condoms anymore. So what that means that they're gonNA get whatever other sexually transmitted disease that condom stopped and hence break that. Yeah well you know where. The fastest growing group of people that are getting. Civilised is what age group it's seventy. Plus it's going rampant around Rest homes sex are through like through sex Gudang. Ronnie's getting Randy and yeah then they don't worry about getting pregnant so yeah they're all getting some bad. Std's it's not good. Oh I mean as you say you can treat it just with -biotics I think but you get it on. But we're condom family dumb. Yeah I know so. Check your grandparents. Make sure they have a good stock of condoms and explain the importance of even though they can't get pregnant or have to worry about that they still have to worry about. Std's like can I go into a rest home. Std's that'd be hilarious. I once had this client. Who was the most lovely gentleman he had to been? I think he was eighty eight and I think he had insomnia and that's why he came to me but he also is there anything else you want me to. Kind of put into the visualization or anything else when I address and he was like oh well. It's a bit embarrassing. But you know I've got a bit of erectile dysfunction and I was like okay. Yeah and he starts telling me how he had this lady friend who he would visit and he just wasn't able to get it up so he spent a. Lotta time pleasure in her but nothing was happening for him and he's bit disappointed so I told him to go get Viagra. Get THAT SHIT. Digital Mike unto feedback yet worked treats he was very thrilled. He didn't know that he could just go to the pharmacy. Or the chemist and by it over the counter which. You can't Zealand if you can do that in other countries but yeah here you just have to ask at your local drugstore and You can get it no interest in. Yes I remember in the house shop. We used to sell a lot of supplements to men and women in their seventies and eighties for rectal dysfunction. Chris Vito in that Kennedy thing. I remember Justin King because I was. I started working when I was twenty. One can hope like we get to have sex until we're ninety at least for the great. I remember when my most vivid Thanksgiving dinner memories was I would have been about maybe fourteen fifteen years old and my grandfather who was a lovely man tall handsome he was just. He was incredible. He had had a stroke a couple years before and it was very severe stroke and he was paralyzed on half of his body. This thanksgiving somehow the topic ought to sex and in my family there was no holds bars right. You could literally discuss anything. You probably would yeah. There's a serious debate but I think that's part of the reason why I'm a therapist and it's impossible to shock me right because I've heard it all so my grandmother starts going on about how well just because the body's not willing doesn't mean that modern science can't overcome it and her sex life is not going to be over so my grandmother is talking about how she wants to continue to enjoy this great sex life that her my grandfather had but since he's had the stroke that he's having difficulty getting up and so she goes by poor grandfather starts during a bright red and just literally wants to slide from his wheelchair to under the table. And so she comes. And she gets these brochures brochures and that there are two options. Were a penis pump. Both involve surgery so one was this penis pump that literally. It was like a balloon that went into the penis. And you could like have the cycle pump thing that was on the outside the body that you pump it up. So that was option. One and option plate your penis. You could inflate it. Like a balloon. Apparently Oh and then option too was that they would insert this kind of like a bendable metal rod from what I can remember this long time ago and so it was always going to be hard and you would just kind of bend it up and down. You know so my grandfather just like. Let's go on. He's looking red are and redder angering angrier and finally he starts banging his fist and he's like shut up. Shut up shut suicide conversation for the dinner table for Thanksgiving. Dinner with like yeah. Poll family gathered around. And I think everyone was so shocked that she was bringing this up in showing us as brochures that no one really said anything because we are all just like. Oh my God really. Yeah so I'm GONNA SHOOT ME MRS PRE Viagra Days. It must spe. I mean I don't know how long Viagra's been around but I just remember making a new like it was really big in the news when it came out and could have been ninety s or the early noticed but probably the nineties but yeah it was a for all these men. I did not know what they were. GonNa have to go through before Viagra. That's crazy but I'm so impressed that you can put a pump and inflate apart of the puppy. I I know I mean it must be just absolutely obsolete surgeries now. I'm assuming maybe I should look into it a bit more. I know that I definitely have some men that have had penile trauma so that actually where I guess you can break your Dick. Did you know this? I've heard of this? Yes yeah so. It's like breaking the kind of tendons or someone like just rides. Eli The RODEO and comes down a bit too hard. It's yeah you can snap that shed and It's not good so for some men. They have to use like an injection into the penis. And then that way it gets gets up there but thank God for Viagra. What a random fucking talk. I don't know it's probably going to affect most men as you get older right the more experienced so we just need to let everybody know when the time comes. You've got up since. Yeah some other things. I recommend. I mean obviously hypnosis and I have Several hypnosis for men's sexual issues that are you can listen to free on youtube if you are so inclined regarding being premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or Zaidi around sex but one supplement. I definitely recommend is L. Arginine Yeah Yeah Yeah we sell a project called Arjun. Max Moves Really High Doses of Janine with that with a couple of scenarios in there as well but then if you're prone to cold sores apparently that can aggravate them so exactly. Yeah that's that's what on Warren man? I'll be like. Oh this is a natural route. 'cause some men don't want to do or like or they can't take it. There's a few men that get bad headaches or they get this blue vision or something Yeah so I'll say L. ARGININE. But if you have the herpes virus you really don't want to take it and you can see the kind of like the brain ticking over and well what was the what other ones you recommend? Yeah the other thing. I'll say well I think of it is things that are quite important is selenium. Selenium definitely helps with making testosterone and zinc as well definitely so. Yeah the hair believe I mean? Obviously we take care of. You got to make sure the right for you. Check with your getting them. From Madame trip is one am Horny goat weed. Yeah Yeah that one and you'll often get them in formulas so like a whole bunch of these things altogether zinc selenium Arseny men like just take it all and Exactly this is got me thinking Told me about. The origins of the vibrate are the. I've told it on here. I don't think I have now. I bet because you know that's always going to be hard right so I don't know if you feel like it have well. I guess I assume everyone knows this but yeah I was telling it in class is like because we teach hypnotherapy in so obviously at the moment. We're doing it online. And somehow he got on the topic. I do like to steer the topic toward sex laws one of my things. I'm sex therapist as well. Yes so with women will. We're talking about the origins of hysteria Because we were talking about different therapists in the past and Freud and educating with the history of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and yeah hysteria was a condition that a lot of women were diagnosed with. I think starting the eighteen hundreds Kinda mid late eighteen hundreds so hysteria meant wandering womb. So they'd have this condition where was diagnosed by doctors and it was that there womb was like wandering around career abdomen and causing them to become hysterical and what they found. The most effective treatment was four. It was pelvic massage and this. They would have this release when they massaged their pelvic floor and their clitoris. Well enough and they would there hysteria would be you know like they would have this kind of release of it and it would get better for a little while but they seem to need like weekly or even some women would have almost daily treatments of this and so the doctors got so. The doctors found that their arm. Scott really tired and it became like a huge. There's a huge demand for service right like all. These are lining up wanting this treatment because they just felt so much better with their hysteria released and they tried to get the nurses to do it and the nurses didn't really want to do it. The women the midwives they were not interested in doing this treatment and so though somewhere some were very interested very good at it as well and so that is how the vibrator was invented they invented a vibrator to manually stimulate these women to have their release of their hysteria and that as the doctors could just hold this vibrator up and I mean they must have been like kick started and had like a petrol. Engine back then but that is you have doctors to thank before they're lazy arms that we all can have a vibrator now. Gosh this such a story I mean how convenient Oh this woman definitely needs to fondle. That's her problem. She's not being fondled by me enough and I mean I was a woman in the eighteen. Hundreds and my doctor looked like one of the ones out of e r then. I would make a point of being historic well. I mean women's sexuality was completely unexplored. Really like it was like. Why even look at that? Yeah it was. Just women are for receiving sex and for giving birth but like Freud. I guess I got onto the topic of this actually was talking about how Freud believed that a orgasm from that was derived for stimulating. Clitoris was an immature orgasm. That yeah if a woman needed are clitoris stimulated that she was not grown up and she was immature. It was very girlish and to be a real woman. You needed to have an orgasm through penetrative sex without stimulating. Clarice check absolutes. But we're all Jealou- penises like come on fuck you. Freud is what I say. He did a lot of women to service because almost I mean they say seventy to eighty percent. I think it could possibly be higher of women. Need clitoral stimulus to have an orgasm that you can't just hop on and pound way and that a woman should see now amazingly GonNa have an orgasm. The clitoris is like the head of your deck. Right now is your Dick and you need stipulated. Yeah all defensive. End Point not being that intimate with women's anatomy. I remember in the past. I had saw that. That was the only way that women achieved Was with the clitoral stimulation is my friend. She had no. I won't go too deep into that. But basically one day she dated a guy with a giant coke. Yeah and she was like finally. I got my first orgasm. Ever from this pig achieved so happy for a month. She married him off so obviously he was hitting the right. Spots wasn't a are. They still together. No no yeah. It's Dick isn't the best reason tomorrow. Someone now though it it's a it's a good one but it's There's gotta be some other stuff there because the Dick stops working. Then we exactly stuck with an asshole literally talking about Dick's vibrators. I've got a story for you. The story of the Dick Dick Feeding Dick. Yeah Okay Right. Can I tell? Yeah okay so basically there was this guy and he. His wife used to cheat on him with his friends a state whether he was going on a business trip since that look. I'm going get her new sex toys to keep her can stimulate along the way it's otherwise she's just going to get two horns like cheap out so he went to this sexual and he's like hey. I need to explain the situation to my wife is really really Harney whenever I go way. Business shocking friends. Can you give me something? He acts explained to them at the sex shop worker. Yep Sex workers as you probably know are trying to open. Yes recessive so sensation. Well I've got something I could. Oh no no better not say no no tell me tell me what what are you thinking? What are you thinking that well hold on Close the door so close the front door locked and the shopowner win at the back. Got This box and brought it through. He opened up and the guy goes. Sedillo shopowners Noonan. Just you wait. Watch this DUDEK. The door on the Dick Jones. The top two long up into the keyhole the door and started talking really really hard. Shaking and vibrate and cracks started appearing the ceiling. Good box and Jumped back into the box. Yeah I'm taking it on the shop owners. I think he can afford it and so they did a bit of haggling into something. Like twenty thousand dollars later. Wow the guy walks site with this box to Dick Tony Ghost his wife. Lurk here here. This is if you get horny. Check my friends instead of giving them a call. Why don't you just take? This is all you have to say. Vidovic micro-uzi it's like okay. I got it so cheap. It's wardrobe. He goes away by fifteen minutes later. She's like oh I'm really horning. Maybe I'll call one of its trans. And she's like well versed so she goes into the wardrobe pills Out Goes Vinick my pussy and she just sees it jump up and it just jumps in the slams right into her and throw it back into bed and she's like shaken vibration an absolutely Lebanon. She's going wild doesn't take very long before she just has this. Massive Orgasm relented much fun and then it keeps going and stick. Ooh This is good. It's still good so so she has another Arkansas and it keeps going and she has her third and a fourth one stop for a while. She was really really loving this but eventually she's like okay. Okay fucking exhausted. I have to stop this so she tries to get. But you can't get hold of it and it's just fucking in fucking Shake it shake. There's another orgasm though. I don't know what to do so okay get one. We're going to do to try every since you can think of to get out but it's not coming out. I'm going to have to go to hospital because I can't get it out. And so she puts on a night trash. You know one of the ones that the schools all the way over. Yeah Jay Hopson to your car. And she's shaken. I just hold the mysterious wheel and trying to turn the key on just as she pills. H has another our guys on. I kinda drives a bit wonky. Oh sweat and just absolutely exhausted and she has go into the more weight to get to the hospital and so she's going quite fast and then jazz legally really massive orgasm that just makes her whole body crackle and she swears a policeman. Caesar and of course pills over just like fuck. It really don't need this car just waiting for the policemen to come with hard shoulder Shake shake shake hold them golden and tap on the window she opens the window is like what's going on here Sameness wherever all over the place in your Shakin like drunk or something like lately. I'm not drugs. I'm not drunk. And she explains to him the story of the Dick. Yeah police officer goes VIC know. You're not going to believe the letter that I'm going to read to you know. Just wait all my God. Yeah I can't believe it really are beginning to guess what it could be. Yeah Okay Hang on Oh my God okay here yeah that Okay Yeah. That's a very funny story. Obviously that's a story right. It is things get passed dine from someone. Okay all right hi guys. I love the show and I feel like you're the only people I can turn to for advice. At the moment I've experiencing something so crazy that I'm not sure if I'm having a mental breakdown or if it's actually happening either way it's not something I feel like I can tell my friends about else. They might tell my family who will have me. Committed recently rented a room in a house with a couple of guys who went to high school with. They got a super cheap rent in a really nice house in the suburbs. Close to where work of sick of living alone in a studio apartment in this place seemed too good to pass up the first night move in. I had this really vivid dream that we had another roommate. Who was living there as well. This guy was super hot. Just my type. Tall Muscular. Sandy blond hair bright blue eyes. I remember being disappointed the drain because I was so wanted to hook up with them and I have been taught not to shit where I eat the the next night the same guy was in my bedroom and he was telling me that I was in his room and we ended up making out and it was incredible. I spent the next few days and days as I all I could think about. Was this guy the next night. In my dream we ended up having sex which seemed like it was all night and it was the best sex in my life. I woke up feeling like definitely happened but I knew it was a drain. This starts happening every night in my dreams. I feel like we're falling in love so few days later. I'm washing my car fantasizing about my dream lover when a sweet older lady from next door comes talking to me. She asked me if I know about the family. Who lived there before me to which I tell her I didn't she then proceeds to tell me the family who lived there before their handsome twenty two year old son had died of an accidental overdose so they quickly rented out the house and moved to the beach home to get away. Yeah she describes this guy who dies and it sounds exactly like my dream lover. What the fuck. So I look at the guy's name and sure enough. There's an obituary a photo and I swear to God. It's the same guy now. I'm having dreams about him every night. He never answered my questions. I feel like this actually happening but I could be having a mental breakdown and I just don't know what to do. Oh please yeah. Do you think that's real well but is isn't real in this world that's it? It's a bit of a strange issue having sex with a ghost. Is She having sex in her dreams as ghost penetrating her dreams is penetrating her body? She swears it's like the same guy but only happens wrenches. Asleep pride when she's dreaming. Yeah I mean but she doesn't say she feels like someone's there. The House is haunted. I should write back to her. Maybe and just be like because it's quite possible like the she. She saw something about him in. The paper should seen a photo of him. Your unconscious mind when she moved to the highest Together because that was in the photo and triggered to think about him. Maybe he's like Kerr Mago her dream guy. Yeah Yeah. That's what stuck at our unconscious dreaming but on the other hand maybe having ghosts sex what Amin what are the odds that year like convinced. It's the same guy but yeah like you said maybe. She did see his picture in the paper and went. Oh he super hot and then compare lay in your dreams every person your dreams is actually someone you've seen before that supposedly. I don't know how you actually can like scientifically prove this but it's very possible. She had seen his photo. He was super hot. Yeah we had talked about how we talked about the Amalgam on this show. No I don't think so. Now the there's the IMAGO and there's the the Anima are the Animus yes that's probably more appropriate. There's Imago as well right. Yeah so I guess that Maga was the blueprint of your perfect lover right. It's basically if you're a guy our guy. What would you look like if you're a girl? Yeah what is your because we all have this like picture now head of what our like. Our ideal masculine. Kinda type is and if you're a straight male then you had your ideal female type obviously if you're a. It's probably how you would be if you were the opposite. It's there's always some kind of blueprints there isn't there of your idealized. Kinda lover and then we meet them. And then we realized they're not there with their own person and they have their own flaws and they're not the projection that we put onto them but maybe she's just lonely but maybe she is having sex with a ghost. I don't know what she to tell. The story of she asking for advice I think at the beginning to to mention. She's worried itchy. She's stiffer advice. Says please help. Yeah and saying that if she tells anybody that she feels like she's going to be committed I mean. I don't think that that having dreams about having sex as a commendable offense anymore. Now back in the low sixties. Probably you'd get to asylum for that. But then you get to sign up for being depressed for having post-natal depression. Yeah exactly for being gay. But I think if you if you have a therapist you know that you can trust. They're not gonNA commit for having a dreamer. Nick and listen to you exactly. And maybe if you've got a close friend. I find speaking religious or even if you're not speaking to someone in the Catholic church is really helpful if there's something that may be related to spirit Because they tend to be open to spurts causing trouble in doing things and you might get a listening ear there. I just can't imagine going down. I mean hey I went and talked to the local priest when I was having clients that we're talk it out talking and other voices and claiming to be demons are yeah and that was the most helpful for me. Actually but he said you know here's some holy water and say ten hail. Marys and put a crucifix up in your office which didn't really make it go away. Oh no what. He did say though what did help was he said you can tell you can ask. God to make it stop and that was helpful. Actually so okay. Here's the thing. I don't think either way you're crazy right because it's in a dream. It's not like you really believe it. I mean there's actually a disorder called spectrum field area or well maybe I should call it a disorder but there is a phenomenon of sexual attraction to ghost or sexual arousal to go. You know. So it's I guess in a way it's considered a fetish and there's definitely. I'm you see those news stories of the women who claimed to have ghosts lovers remember. Wasn't there one in the news. Not that long ago. Who said that she was having like this love affair with like some dead pirates or something but then later they broke up because he was cheating on her. If you are seeing it when you're awake and you really believed you're having sex with a ghost and you were having a relationship with a ghost then I would say you need to go talk to a therapist because it's a dream. I mean who am I to say? It's not real won't you curling? Every time in my lifestyle fallen in love it's being preceded by a dream of the person about to me so I have a dream. I'll fall in love in my dream away. Cup Go on. I'm not in love anymore by that person's not real. That's a shame. I really liked them. But then I just have knowingness that was about to meet them in real life and every single time I did and even even the job would be the same so in the dream that the job and then at the person that would be their job so you could be having sex with someone who's died or you could be just dreaming about having sex. Another option is that when you saw his photo it changed your memory of the dream to match it. So could've just been a dream of some guy you could dreaming guy you're about to me. Yeah I agree and would not be if you could meet like your Pathak Guy. He'll just like that. And when you meet them your unconscious is prepared you for him. You ready at Saint Louis. He's come in better. Get ready but get used to somebody that beautiful. Penola this attention unloving. You guessed That's what's happening to you. It's GonNa happen the same for him when he meets you. He's GonNa recognize you as well. Yeah that hey I I like that explanation. The best out of all of them. But I don't see any scenario where you're actually crazy normal. If you don't think your family is receptive to talk about that thing I mean I wouldn't talk to my family about sex dreams anyway to speculate so don't feel bad about not being able to talk about it. If you talk to your friends about that then I would suggest getting some new friends. Yeah exactly and your friends might be more open than you think but I mean what you could say God. I just had this really crazy. I had this really crazy dream about this guy living in the house and we had this amazing sacks and then the neighbor just tells me me no wonder. They got a bargain on the house. Yeah sounds like the family just moved out quickly. And obviously what's what's going on the world. It'd be hard to kind of sell a house at the moment. Yeah and just say and it's just so weird is because the woman tells me about the son that died in light looks the same photo I would be. I wouldn't be judgmental with that. I think you're probably might be jealous as well if they think he's kit with would you Kurt cobain of your dreams. Yes I went actually. Yeah Yeah George Clooney. Now I would not kick him out. So it's it's on. It's probably quite non on probably a lot of people have sex. Yeah especially people another. Here's like if you're not having sex in real life or masturbating. Maybe it's just expressing through your dreams. So that's that's maybe something to think about exactly. Yeah and I think it's I mean your subconscious. Obviously it's creating this in some ways. So maybe it's just showing you what you're missing out on and how much he would actually enjoy taking a lover. So yeah when you can start looking dating because I think while you can have a lot of fun at night in your dreams I it still doesn't replace. Yeah the satisfaction of a real relationship with another person. Hey if you can have both you know more power to you. That's pretty cool. Don't tell them not to make a jealous. Yeah I've probably seen anyone else. Well not not anyone alive then. You might have some issues with people worrying about your mental help. Yeah well thanks for sharing that. That's pretty intense and I can see why you would struggle with telling me in but yeah right right right about it. That's that's what I find you. Could you could write it as a short story. 'cause it's certainly interesting. Yeah right as short story in and decide you know what your problem is that you can't speak about it if you want it to go away as Carl says just ask address universes say. I don't want anymore. Yeah and and it will just go away otherwise you know pettit of dream. It's trying to speak to you about something trying to give you a message as well so once you received that message. It's going to go away on. Its own that message is going to be a real guy to have a relationship with your life. Who's lowering exactly some very cone okay. So I've got a story from as somebody that's emailed me personally wondering if I can revise story. Sorry it's it's a question. Someone wants to account okay so just listening to the most recent podcast loving as usual but did make me think of a question to ask so pretty much. Everyone is on lockdown. And we're in our fifth week. I thought I was dealing with things pretty well. There hasn't been a very big change to my day to day life and the first three weeks where I find in fact. It was even more positive. I was walking every morning. My husband and I were having quality time every day. I was really positive however last week. I just got really low Exhausted so I stopped going for morning walks and kind of realized that although my conscious brain is telling me that everything is fine. It's okay to be a bit easier myself. And acceptable to lose concentration and behaved approach things differently am rationalizing the situation in a measured in Cam. Manner obviously my subconscious brain disagrees because I'm becoming negative and falling into self hatred and criticism struggling to see the good in people again. What can I do to get my conscious and subconscious brain to be more aligned respond at one thing that I think when I see that as there's an assumption at the end of presupposition that problem is caused by this alignment Consciousness might not be anything to do with that. Exactly subordinating yet. I personally think. It's not necessarily a disconnect between the conscious and the subconscious mind but the subconscious mind. It's like you're operating system right so they records everything that happens to you and it makes programs out of it and I think what's happening in the world right now is so out of our experience in out of what we know that. I don't think it's necessarily that. There's something wrong with conscious because the subconscious has never dealt with anything like this before unless you've been put into prison and put into solitary confinement or something like that. I mean I guess some people have had some type of experience with being kind of in lockdown. Not believe their house. I guess maybe you know house arrest or something like that or home detention but I think that pretty much everyone is feeling the same way and I think if I were like. Oh we can do this and it's going to be fine and we're all just going to stay home in this viruses going to go away but I think there is something to that that like third fourth week fifth wake whereas just starts to get like what the fuck. When is this going to end? Why do I even bother? I think it's really disheartening. Seeing what's happening in the world like I've got friends in the states who can't make any money they can't like they don't hear back from unemployment. They haven't received their stimulus check and they're literally a freaking out going. I'm not going to be able to afford food next week with Fox who I do so I think I think for whoever's writing this is just focus on what you're grateful for focus on what's good for you. I mean if you feel like it's an issue with your subconscious mind then maybe look at some belief systems. You could listen to hypnosis. I mean there's tons of different colleges free audio's that you can get but I guess it's getting into the subconscious. Mind that it's all going to be okay having not message at a very deep level and not just a a thaw ungrateful or. I'm happy like repeating over and over and over until ungrateful. I'm okay becomes the defoe what I think renee dead. It's it's more like parts on that you can do. Some parts therapy from some are having to do that because rather than thinking conscious unconscious I think everything comes from the unconscious that consciousness just where you shine the light. Yeah so you've got competing thoughts and whenever those in your head parts. Therapy is amazing for for resolving that so that would be my advice. Ask if you've got a Ask them if they do hearts therapy and if they can find someone who does because it would be so helpful but Parts therapy is amazing that you need to in order to work with parts therapy you need to go to a trained hypnotherapist and my advice is pick someone who is very very good and well trained. Because I've cleaned up a lot of messes people who have read a book on parts and don't really know what they're doing and kick her feet around and someone's head and really kinda messed with them but I yeah. I mean one thing you can do to work. Parts is based on the premise that we all have multiple aspects to our personality right. I mean it's like multiple personalities. It's like a mini version of it. And we it's a natural phenomenon. Every ascherson has between five to seven different parts or ego states they also call them or sub personalities so we normally have a child part and a teenage part and we have like a critical parent that puts down. And you know we have. That teenage part can be really rebellious. There can be a part of you that yeah just believes that everything's GonNa turn to Shit right toward that things aren't going to work out for you because it may have some experience without of things not not being okay so you can just close your eyes take a few deep breaths and just imagine whatever part of you could be being negative or whatever part of you is kind of going into this and just in your head. Imagine having a little conversation with them that be an easy way you can do it yourself yet actually rather than trying to suppress negative voice. Find it what it needs once. Because if a few in opinion there's no such thing as sabotage with Very debatable I think when a part of you is stopping you from feeling good. It's because a different media need is not met so it's obvious that a lot of people are not getting their needs. Met Right now. The need for human interaction need for freedom that need to be able to go shopping. Was it you that told me? It was Iran during the war on Iraq where people would brave the snipers on the roofs to go and get her nails done after month. relation we were talking about that. We're way you're telling me that or was it someone. One of our students told us about it. She said that yes war. Everyone was locked in the beginning but after month once overtook needs and that he will needed to stay home to be safe. They couldn't end. Everybody rebelled and they started leaving just going about their life because they just had to and that was predicted at the beginning of the lock. Dinner remember reading that week three the hardest From their people are GonNa Start rebellion going. And if you're staying home conforming doesn't make it easy like if you're you're just you're normal routine as Carleen. Sizes is so different. I think it's absolutely natural normal to be depressed or to feel negative feelings and I should say go easy on yourself realize that this is finite this will end on when ends. You'll get back on track. Don't worry if thinks that you back a little bit because it's natural that things are going to set you back. Gosh I'm my diet. Took a bit of a backwards. Track the same that I realized. I can't wait for gun to end to get us back on track so I've done it now. We were all. Were all suffering in different ways. Some people more than others and you don't send loved that part. I think people have seen these posts on facebook where people are like. Oh you know. Now's the time that you write your book and You Start Your Business and you get a super hot body and you do the perfect Di Blah Blah. Because now you have all this time and I think if you don't feel like doing that stuff don't do it. Just take it easy. Yeah like relax. It is e. You don't I think we put all this pressure on ourselves that we have to be perfect and do everything that the way that we should do it rather than the way we are doing it or the way we want to do it and then we feel bad about ourselves and then we beat ourselves up and it goes into this terrible cycle so I think that yet now is the time you can absolutely do something new if you want to. But it's also a time where you can just kind of take it easy and relax and and feel sorry for yourself but I think that if you want to because I think collectively there's just a huge amount of pain going on in the world there's pain for the people who are losing. Their businesses are GONNA livelihood. There's pain for the people that are getting sick. The people that have lost loved ones. There's just a lot of pain and I think it's very heavy energy that we all you can't help but pick up on that and if you're a sensitive person it's just it's just one of those things so I think feeling it naming it saying it out loud. We've talked about that before of like when you name how you're feeling and you say it out loud actually the Migdal calms down and you're able to shift it so it's good that they're expressing how they feel and this too shall pass everything everything changes. That's the one thing you can guarantee one thing I gotta say. Treat yourself to station Carlin like arm or me and if you WANNA hypnotherapist in the UK than you know e mail again. And I'll give you a couple of recommendations I know a couple that are just really really expensive someone to do some more research to some more moderate one As well rather than select ones. Yeah Yeah Yeah and just because someone is outrageously expensive doesn't necessarily mean that they're that good. That's my advice. I know some people who charge like ten thousand dollars a session and I would. Not rate their hypnotherapy skills so I mean that sounds really bad. Hopefully these people aren't listening right now. And when people charging exorbitant amount of money a lot of times that's actually a marketing ploy that they have hardly any clients but what they're doing selling products and that's I mean. I sell products. I'm not cheap to see but I'm also not like you don't have to take out a loan to a session with me either whereas some people it's not but I mean there's all kinds of therapists there's coaches it's finding someone. Yeah yeah align with IT IS I. I still think for this. When there's a big argument in the head? Nothing Beats Parker hypnotherapy. That's my thoughts on that but I'm GonNa Grain so and he put recommendations today. Well actually I started reading this book because I have been researching five million diets as I do because Yes for the first like three weeks lockdown. I started making bread every day. I don't know why the Fuck I've done that because I've always told everyone we eat is the devil and haven't eaten it for years and then suddenly I'm eating aunt every day. Even though it was organic stone ground you like unbleached unprocessed wait. It still has had an effect on my ass and so I came. I brought this like workout program in it and why I was attracted to was the woman talks about and I can't even remember what the hell the name of the workout program is came with a diner. We're program what drew me to. It was the fact that she said that we should have carbs and our diet and have fruit and she's even like recommending fruit juice and a lot of fruit and even sugar and milk in your coffee and I was like what fuck and so of course I had to like. Check check it out so I did and I glanced over. Not seemed okay. But she talks about on this program about how her work is very much based on man. Name Doctor Pete. But I kinda went down this wormhole of research and I found this book on kindle or Amazon it's called how to heal your metabolism. It's by Kate deering. Which is obviously kate. But it's spelled D. E. R. I. N. G. and Shucks about is so stop blaming aging for your slowing metabolism. And in it. She talks a lot about the thyroid and wire. Tomlin's the way are they are and I know for myself when I was younger tons of Fru. I ate carbs. I exercised a lot but I'm fucking lease for awhile and it wasn't from doing a low carb diet. I wasn't doing intermittent fasting audio avoid wheat and sugar but I ate a lot of the other stuff and I was able to maintain a quite a low weight quite easily. And I think that once I hit my forties and I thought metabolism slowing down. Then I've been trying every fucking diet under the sun like Kito an Internet fast Dane and whole thirty whole thirties. One that I found worked for me but this book is really interesting. It kind of puts everything on its head and she talks about body temperature and thyroid and how we do need some kind of sugar and carbohydrates in our diet and I know for myself when I do. Kito yes I lose weight but I my brain just about dies and my hormones GonNa Whack. I can't sleep and so I just know from me that keeps doesn't work so I'm just a bit suspicious of someone saying sugar milk in your coffee. I get the For this book. I'm not sure that was the program that I was that I had bought. That led me down to find this book right so I don't I haven't read enough of it to actually know. She's got a great back story though she talks about. She starts out saying that she was in the fitness industry and the like all the diets she said and she would work out for two hours a day and she had a drug addiction. And Yeah I kind of really related to her. Because she's not going. I've always been an amazing shape in. This is the way you should try like. She's she's very real and open with her own journey. She so far has not said that you should eat sugar. But they do talk about one thing that got me what. She's talking about how they're certain foods that are very harmful to the metabolism and it was like soy which. I have soya milk every frigging day. My Coffee Almond Walnuts a lot. Yeah it was basically half. My Diet was like oh well here. Is She saying the importance of carbohydrates especially sugar which crazy? I don't know like who knows. I haven't I haven't tried this diet but I think that I think there's possibly something to it. I don't know so I will say interested to see their science behind it or if it's just all her theory so that's I'd I'd be keen to read that. What was the book again how to heal your metabolism by Kate Daring? I'M GONNA check it out because I'm you know so often we get these diabetics from somebody that has great new theory of Diet and then when I try and look the science behind is bill shit. You know that's that's just the story someone's telling and the same time I I have to agree that I didn't think the CARBS are the enemy. I just just don't not enough themselves. I don't think we should be excluding single foot. Grips specific foods from our diet and car protein fat. I mean we should keep all that crows and but yet you don't have to have like heaps and heaps of refined white flour and refined white sugar but surely fruit. You know we've been living off of it for Millennia has got to be okay for you. Yeah she was saying he. I mean this woman saint sugar importance of carbohydrates especially sugar. I don't know I'm going to again. Use Myself as Guinea pig and try it out and just see what happens because she really yeah. She's really talking about kind of especially for people as they hit that you know late thirties forties fifty six days. How the weight starts piling on? I know for me I could Jane. You just go on a diet for two weeks and you lose your way and now it's like when a diet for a year and I lost a couple of pounds. Great it does get harder. I used to be a twig and I could eat whatever I wanted. But at the same time I didn't drive and so I walked and cycled a law and it was on my feet for my job at audibly skipped meals to so it's entity eight. Sugar Yeah I lived off of sugar. I lift your skinny skinny also eight. Lots of like a typical lunch for me. Going through high school would be five chocolate filled doughnuts. Oh my God. Deep fried chips no serious absolute hundred percent serious but hey fried pizza and chips only the Scottish. I mean do you guys not deep fry everything and if you haven't tried to pizza and you have healthy heart I'd say. Give it a go do they. They batter it or do they just a defiant batter it deep. Fry IT comes. I can. It's Byron in my time. It was called Pizza. Crunch on seventy pence. And you've got your pizza crunchy chips and then put salt sauce and vinegar on top of the pizza on my gosh. What was good and then you had a heart attack and died yeah not that's probably why in the UK like a high death rate Diet absolutely socks over there. You cannot buy vegetables hardly. It's not like the team in California. Where actually couldn't find vegetables in California yet while I was sitting in Anaheim very very sick and all. I just craved vegetables. I was like I need vegetables. And yelm couldn't find anywhere eventually. Ordered some potato soup from this place and it got to my apartment on had like an inch of oil millet cheese on the top. I was like thank God for starbucks. They discovered starbucks does big massive salad. You're not just a big mess of salad with chicken on like that's all eight for the rest of my stay in the USA. Anaheim is a Nice it's a it's a touristy yeah I don't know anyone who actually lives in Anaheim and it is. It's just yeah there's just really fast food but you know it's funny whenever I go back to the states. I'm always like Oh my a lot of the food just isn't as good as obviously yeah fine dining and there are some great restaurants and I think things have really changed in the past few years of really a health bent but at the same time. Here a large coke is the same as a small in the US. Yeah I know right yeah I mean you basically need your passenger seat cupholder when you get an extra large right. Because it's a bucket of soft drink. Are People quite overweight and Scotland? Yeah Yeah I think so. I what I noticed. I don't know if I can say this. I noticed that the men turn into eggs like Humpty dumpty the y'all go bald and get round a big at the waist under members of my hometown again. Everybody's don't take because they don't work out the badly the go bald and overweight. No that's fine be overweight but when when the whole nation is like that. Yeah there's something going on with the Diet and the diets by but what I notices. I went back in two thousand nine for six months and I actually lost weight while eating the bad diet so went back to my old. Because I'm Kenneth on holidays advert commas in like Bacon Buddies pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup and and drinking. Lots of beer. And I was like losing weight I think is because it was so fucking cold there that body needed to use it. All that calories to generate heat to keep me warm so yeah that makes sense once. You might want to do what you've got your first. Few years of warmth generate heat as much any into you. Take off the come home to empty. Yeah yeah well I think it's all about. I mean you can be freezing cold in overweight and it just shows yeah and this book they talk a lot about them how to rev up the metabolism. So you don't necessarily lose right wait right away but she saying you know what six months of changing your habits and not losing weight and have a lifetime of actually being the way that you want compared to doing a quick fix now and just gaining all back within six months so yeah which is a good point and we're doing something wrong because everyone everyone is getting fatter so something in the world is happening Yep and we yeah. It's normally what you put in your mouth. Yep unless there's a peanuts that they're not sitting well depends on what you put on it. I guess I don't know anyways okay. We won't go down that road. So Do you have any recommendations Daryl I do? I've been a fan of war of the world since I was a kid. I I'm Jeff Wayne Musical section of it. I don't know if you've heard of anyway. So when this book came I I was completely excited and had up just before and it like completely just disappeared. But it's called the massacre of mankind and it is happening now by Steven. Stir Understand is the world's was under some kind of end copyright or whatever but the second that ended this book was ready to be published as long as a sequel so it's like an unofficial sequel to the to the war of the worlds and in this book the initial attack by the Martians. That I was a bi was actually just like a testing just to check their side. See What the defense was like. And then twenty years later the whole Martian army was coming over the world and this time it doesn't just hit one place so it's all over the world all at winds and let's just say involves more than one kind of Alien. I listened to Cambodia BEC- and Lady. That was just amazing so massive kind of your fan of alien invasion than give it a go. It's really different from every other you know. Big Spaceship Hovers above New York movie. That are busy right before. It's quite different. So that's okay. I'll have to check it out. Because didn't they just show that there's videos of you folks like hasn't NASA just come out and say? Oh yeah by the way you oppose a real and has been or did I dream that they did. I mean you doesn't mean alien right it means unidentified flying object. I now so yes. There are some objects from the the navy or the Air Force the Pentagon the Pentagon yet or at least. I'm a bit suspicious about the timing of this release. I don't I don't know there's meaning that they've releasing evidence of of UFO's while we're in this global lockdown it just feels very conveniently timed. I don't know if there's anything good or bad about it but yeah well that's I mean that's what the government does right like several governments that when there's something really huge going on in the news they will drop other things so that it's Kinda like everyone's focused on this and they're like Oh here by the way aliens are real and you know we have video but don't about that because there's a massive pandemic and we all got. Oh aliens a anyways and you don't really notice I mean for that to not be like Holy Shit okay or have you ever seen a UFO during my whole family so one we were. Yeah in Scotland driving to the airport. So I know you're going to think maybe it was a plane but what was a liked that moved so strangely that we don't know what it was and it was this bright light in the sky colored and zigzagged like really fast like really high Dine optimus guy on wor racked her brains for years like that's not the movement of a plane. It's not the movement of Tire not the movement of a bird. Pretty sure like that. But we don't know what it wasn't it was before lays everybody had laser pointers mrs back in the eighties. It was and there's an area close by that has a lot of sightings of UFO's because they have a lot here too. I saw a UFO. When I was probably I duNno nineteen. I was with friend and we had driven up on this hill. And this is when I lived in. Marin County in California Northern California the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge so driven up on this hill to smoke join and look out on the water. Yeah so it gave this really amazing beautiful like three sixty view of the city and the bay in front of us and all the lights and they were great spot to go and smoke dry. And so we're sitting there. Were smoking this joint and we see this thing like fly through the sky. Where like fuck is that? And it was like hen the lights kind of like a helicopter. Something it was like Orange and green these lights came and then it wins straight down and it went into the water and went under the water and then came up and where I fucking drove away so quick. It wasn't even funny because we panicked that bad and we're going to a party. That was just literally right down the road and so we go there. And we're like freaking out going we saw and everyone's like whatever you smell like weed you're probably high and we're like no. We definitely did it because it was like what. Flies flies down fines underwater in the flies. Back up you know. It was just and the lights were going under the water. Either that or someone had some weird Astra but this was like twenty five years ago right so I didn't have drones now so it was crazy but the next day front page the paper they said. Oh meteorite causes thousands of ufo citing calls last night and they said Oh it's just a meteorite that fell into the San Francisco Bay. All these people delusional thought it was a UFO. And I'm like bull so they got thousands of calls of all the people seeing the same thing they're like now is just a meteor falling into the ocean but it was not a meteoric. It flew across the sky down underwater. And then came back out a meteorologist fall and crash right so I don't know but anyways yeah it was weird I started convenient. Oh there was an asteroid. They're going to cover that up of the don't want you to know and the garnered same meteorite because well in those days who had can you know you'd have to like pull out this big clunky video camera to be able to spot that in time. They didn't have like today. Anyone can be taking photos in seconds so they didn't have that so if no one saw I. Yeah I don't know weird. I think it's kind of good. Neither everybody's GonNa Camera on their phone so there is like a real visitation. We're going to be able to get in a more than passing. Get videos of it and I was thinking about the economy in Japan much footage. There is of it because everybody has a phone camera. Yeah exactly nobody goes to see high traumatic bad. These natural disasters can be until modern day and I think it's the same any like ghost sightings are ufo sightings. We're going to get multiple views of that when it happens. I mean they have a lot here. I've had several clients that you regress them and they you know had ufo experiences Some really actually talk about one on another one of the other podcast in that. Just Holy Shit usually manic. Let's do that. Let's next podcast. Let's talk about your phone where we're going to have to go shortly. Cause approach can a long time. Yeah we've been talking a while. Yeah we'll talk about that next time and if you have any UFO stories or any weird stories or anything you need advice about feel free to write us if you like this podcast share with your friends and that way we can help more people if possible or annoy them or if you get your hands on the food to Dick just get in touch. Jesus Christ yeah that. That doesn't sound appealing to me. Evita deck of my own that I have to like yeah swap back into its box. His name is grant. I'm just kidding lobby. Yes that's asked for today and now it's great to talk to you as Usual Daryl and we get together. Same great chatting. Thanks for writing in with advice. And we'll talk to you soon definitely.

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