How Investing in Customer Experience Can Foster Growth


The. Hey, there, I'm Kevin daisy. And I'm Eric Olson. Join us on our journey to building a one hundred million dollar companies. Are you enjoying this podcast? We hope so if you are, would you mind doing a small favor. Would you go into the Alexa app or going to your podcast platform and leave us a review? It will help us spread the word to other entrepreneurs and business owners about what we're teaching and what we're doing here and get more people involved in the community as a sign of our gratitude. We will be sending out business books to randomly selected reviewers. So please, if you would the month obey give us a review. Thanks, everyone. This is Kevin. Today or new something a little bit different. And I wanna talk about customer experience in the first ninety days. So a couple months back, we were down in Orlando, and I had the pleasure of meeting, Russ Klein if you don't who Russ Cline in is, he's the CEO of the American marketing association for the whole country, and he's a former CMO of Burger King. So he's held some pretty good titles. That some really large companies, the guy really knows his stuff. So why were there, Russ gave a very interesting presentation on customer experience, design, and how your business larger small needed to have a defined strategy for how to track and measure, your customers journey with you, your staff, and your products or services? So you should be tracking these things you should have a process in place for how your customers interacting with. Your company and measure that to make tweaks changes where needed, right. So this really struck me because I had recently prepared, a talk called converting customers in two promoters of gave this talk at a few different events markers. Anonymous is definitely one of those that we host. And so the talk that I gave follows the process that we have here in a raid, digital for turning new customers into happy, customers, the not only to stick around, but that refer us business, and give us rave reviews. I don't want to sign a customer that does not want to give us a review a refer us business or that's just not a good fit. So this is really important to me that we don't just sign new business. We signed the right business and we turn this customers into happy long standing customers. So in business retention is huge. You know why worked so hard to gain new business. If you lose it within twelve months, of course, you know, our whole thing here with the journey podcast is reoccurring revenue a hundred million of reoccurring revenue. So if on a deal today with a new client, and we lose them in six months, then that's gone. That's we're back to square one and either replace that with new work. So it's not gonna get us where we wanna go. So we have to really focus on this customer experience in really get it as best as we can. Right. And we got to constantly improve on it. So what I thought I would do is over the next handful of foods, go through mile eleven step process for converting customers into promoters, in hopefully, help you retain your clients longer or the next couple episodes, all sort to go through each steps. Now, this process is not for taking your old, crappy clients, or, you're pissed off clients and turn them into promoters. It's really a process from the beginning that starts all the way from your first interaction with them. Anyway, I look forward to share my steps in our process, and also afford to hear in what your processes are, and what's Pru proven effective for you and your business. It might not be the same for what we're doing. So I definitely would like to have people come out and tell us what they're doing. What works for them or give me back on what we're doing and what we could improve stay tuned. Thank you for listening. I'll hope you something you can in your business right away. Online at journey to a hundred million dot com.

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