Ground Flax Seed and Why You Need It


Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Howls. Let's talk dementia a podcast designed to help care givers find knowledge power hope and smiles in their dementia caregiving journey welcome to let's talk dementia here. Is Your host bestselling author Carol Welcome to let's talk dementia. I am Carol. How will your host glad you chosen to join me today? Let's talk to mention sponsored by National Association Veterans Families and you can reach them at eight hundred three five to two nine. One nine in their website is W._W._w.. Dot in a V._S. Dot O._R._G.. And why would you call them. You will call them to find out about benefits for the veteran and the spouse of the veteran. Tell them Carol since you well. I wanted to tell you about out our new book the called reminisce and worship you can find it on our website. Let's Stop Dementia Dot O._R._G.. And on Amazon and I hope you will check it out there. It is a wonderful thirty day bright bright beautiful color pictures pitchers that your individual with dementia can work sue on their owner. You might work with them will today. I wanted to talk with you about an idea to increase how healthy you are in making a little change in your diet that it really is a very little change but is good for you. So we know that Diet plays a big part in the health of our body. Well Yeah it pretty much is very very important. What we eat excuse me <hes> what what we eat affects how our body works in what we can and cannot do I am convinced and I've said for years that what is wrong with America in our bodies <hes> and not just America but what is wrong with people in general is what we put in our body or what we don't put in our body what we do to our body or what we don't do for our bodies and I think that is true for so very many diseases now realizing there are some things that happened in our week got no control over whatsoever not talking about that but what we know is anything that's good for? The heart is good for the brain. Anything that's bad for the heart is bad for the brain. We know that inflammation in your body is a direct. Direct correlation to Alzheimer's <hes>. You don't want that so we've got to do things to get inflammation under control. Get blood pressure under control whether it's to hire to love one thing that's become very real in my world is <hes> I am on a medication to prevent migraines. One of the things that does is it lowers my blood pressure. I don't have high blood pressure so I have to be very aware of how I am feeling in the mornings for the last couple of weeks. I thought I just don't feel really good. I feel a little bit lightheaded. May Be Peripheral Vision on a few occasions got a little dark and I thought HM Carol pay attention. You preach all the time to pay attention to your body and I thought this is not good. I took my blood pressure every morning for several mornings. When I felt this and sure enough my blood pressure was loved now it was not in the danger low but it was on the very low end of normal and I saw you know maybe I need to cut back a little bit on my one medication now? Be careful about changing on dosages without talking to your doctor but I already had done that and I knew that I could change that dosage. I cut my morning pill in half my blood pressure came came up which it needed to be in the more average normal rather than low normal and I have felt better again. Don't make those changes caused Carol said to do not do that. Call your doctor but it's something then you might Wanna discuss. Can I just do this. Triumph might also call your pharmacists and find out I tell you the pharmacy is such an underused wealth of knowledge for US calling the might be a problem you call mine you just hold hold older twelve today's twelve nights but driving over there and just asking questions a good idea but what I wanted to tell you about today is ground flaxseed or flaxseed meal. There's a company called Red Red meal Bob's red meal. You see it Walmart carries Bob's raid can find it everywhere and they carry a whole line of very healthy <hes> ingredients that are organic and don't have all kinds of junk. That's bad for you in one of them is golden flaxseed meal what you're GonNa do with Golden Onen flaxseed meal <hes> well. That's a good question. <hes> in what I have begun to learn is the benefits of flaxseed meal when it's added to your Diet <hes> one important thing to know is I'm talking about flaxseed. Seed meal or ground flaxseed here. I'm not talking about the whole flaxseed. flaxseed is flat and if you consume it you can put it in your cereal or whatever your banking your smoothie. It's GonNa come in and it's going to leave in the exact same form in which it came in so in other words you are passing that that flaxseed in it has not changed your body. One bid is just decreased the amount of money in your wallet. What we do is get the benefit from that flaxseed in order to do it has to be crushed so what's in that flaxseed now comes out in your body and the easiest way to do that is ground flaxseed meal or liquid flaxseed and you can buy liquid Philip flaxseed exceed <hes> probably more so at your local <hes> vitamin store? If you're in Rock Hill South Carolina recommend vitamin depot on you can order from them online. You keep it in the refrigerator. That is an excellent way to increase your health so you can add it to your breakfast cereal or your casseroles or your muffins or don't make cookies very often but if you do add it to cookies whatever it is you can add a little bit of that flaxseed ground flax seed. Maybe a tablespoon June or to end it. There's no identifying marker in your food doesn't change how it feels on your tying. It doesn't change how it tastes. <hes> you can even take one tablespoon of ground flaxseed mill in mix it with three tablespoons of very hot water allow it to rest in a few minutes it becomes very gelatinous and you can use that as an ex substitute that is a really neat way to keep down fat and keep down calories in whatever your cooking now. I'm a big proponent of eggs. I think it's one of nature's perfect foods but you want to make sure you're not living off of eggs to we don't want overdue on anything and then lastly ground flax seed meals provide meal <unk> we do that again. Ground Flax seed meal just ground flaxseed provides Lignans ally in a N S and if you're like me you're thinking what the heck are Lignans well. That's a good question. Lignans have plant estrogen in anti oxidant qualities flax meal contains seventy five to eighty times more lignans than any other plant food in fact you would have to consume forty cups of Broccoli. Broccoli that'd be a lot of Brockley to receive an equal amount of linen. That's in one ounce of flaxseed think about that and Lignans. Hell is a natural way to control cholesterol in their high hi in dietary fiber well. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonNA eat forty cups of Broccoli and if I did I'd have to have a whole lot cheese in butter on it eventually to get it down which is truly going to destroy the whole benefit of having eaten the Broccoli to begin with so maybe that one ounce of flaxseed Lexi. That's pretty good way to get that in my diet each day and then also flaxseed meal or the liquid flaxseed is a natural moisturizer for the skin. If you are continually having super dry skin in your lotion and you're using everything you can put on your skin than I have been told your dry skin is not a an external problem. It's dry from the inside out and so that flexi meal or the liquid flaxseed especially especially will help lubricate. You're scanning your gun. Start noticing a difference in the health of your skin. My mom drank <hes> about I don't know a tablespoon. Maybe two tablespoons of flaxseed oil every day for a couple of years and we noticed a huge improvement in the quality of her skin so that's just an easy thing to do. You can buy Walmart. Check it out and then when you use it and you start noticing your skin's better. You can thank me for that. I don't mind well. I WanNa thank our sponsor National Association of Veterans in families. You can reach them at eight hundred three five to two nine one nine and their website is w._w._w.. Dot in a v-f Dot O._R._G.. R._G.. Tell Them Carol sent you check us out at. Let's Talk Dementia Dot O._R._G.. We are also on spotify and on itunes and Oh. I don't know where all on Youtube you'll find us their facebook. I'll think something announced. I hope you have a great day. I hope you go by some flaxseed meal. Hope you cook something good for dinner and if you do right and tell me what it was I might WanNa fix it myself but if it's got meet in it I don't fix it so soon commie or write me with some <hes> Vegan vegetarian or Pisgat US get -Tarian recipes and that Carol at Let's Talk Dementia Dot O._R._G.. Have a great day on smiling people. Thanks for joining us today for Powell howls. Let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend.

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