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How impressive is the women's edition or the WWe is they'll have their own survivor series? He's matchup also the revival in a big match up against the new day. That was a lot of fun. Also get into Deanne Dudley and we talk about development as he. Wwe Hall of Famer and so much more including our best shows of the week. All part of the mix for a Saturday edition busted open with Mark Henry and Jonathan Hood. The the thing that resonated with me the most is the fact that he was talking to Brady y and he actually even referenced it at one point Bray Wyatt Ardine like who's in charge and I was like Oh man and they started talking about being mentally unstable. And that's something that really really takes a prominent role in this. Because you have both all these guys their histories have speak for themselves and now you have them face to face not really face a facebook as but face to screen right and that way you can kind of keep it you know until the pay per view but when I heard him say I'm mentally unstable to own my goodness gracious. So we're GONNA have crazy. We own crazy. Okay that's fine at you. They've already laid that story out mark. But here's the thing it goes back to. The Dutch man tells story about Vince Russo when they both were in. Ta and Vince Russo. Said Bro I just don't understand this baby face versus he'll thing what what's the big deal with this. I don't know where I have never. I don't even understand it and Dutch. You don't understand this he goes. I got a book where you can be able to learn about. Baby faces versus heels and Russo said. What what book and in Dutch said the Bible they walked out what that means? Is that baby faces versus he'll still matter good versus bad. It's what our Anderson said on busted open not too long ago the same thing. Here's the here's the thing like. I'm looking forward that matchup but I think it's very clear that the fiend or Bray Wyatt. Whatever you want to say is a character baby face? He's in A. He's been a baby face since he was in the Wyatt family. He's he's still that guy that nobody wants to him. Because every time they durkan the lights in the arenas area turns your phone on. Put the lights on they. They enjoy okay so so. What is Daniel Bryan? This is he. Also a character. baby-faced people want cheer him too. So what's like I'm interested in the match. I'm just trying to figure out eh for me as a fan which way my supposed to turn. But Bray was trying to provoke him into being the baby face he was like all you gotTa do is say that magic word part yes and then he was like no you don't you don't tell me what to do. You know steer me in the direction that you want want to steer me in. I go by the beat my own drum. And if you won't if you WanNa be with me then let's let's let's lineup across from each other and let's see where the what at a time Easter road and I appreciated that from Daniel but it still left us in the gray area like like. Aren't you talked about on. We're GONNA talk about aren't later on but the white hat and black hat the good versus the evil like you like you said the Bible you know assists Satan versus Christ right like I mean is what else is like. You gotTa have a definitive role and I don't think that we got that from Dan you And what we got one more week So we have one week before we got. Close it out. Let's let's you and I are be able to break this down because once twee say it is going to be on all these different rustling podcasts. All these this wrestling show so you and I are going to break this down today. Here's what I believe. I think Vince wants to be able to get the fiend over as a heel by having by having Daniel Bryan be the baby face in this. I think he's pushing because he figures that the fien is supposed to be this evil character like super evil character but yet he's still being cheer when he took on South rollins are so. I think that Vince wants to push that ball up heels like he's he's probably thinking I'll get them over Powell he's going to be our he'll and who else can do it. Better than Daniel Bryan right. They will tell the story and I can see. I'm I'm picking up what you put down here. Let's do this Dan. You brand can tell a story in that match and make Bray Wyatt. Why is a monster rather than somebody that everybody's love and respect and because he's he's got enough I guess he's got enough history with the wrestling fans that they respect him and he's going to make them love? I love him again and he started with the No. I can't do it. I don't want to go back and MS referenced. It he's like who are you. You are you to guide and everybody loved what the Yes chance or are you to heal you bagai that everybody hated and everybody wanted to that you would You wanted to make the world better again and you wanted people to recycle. Like who are you and Daniel will tell that story mid match in the beginning. I think it's going to be a lot of bells and whistles. They're gonNA go at each the other and they're gonNA make everybody in that arena go holy Shit But then somewhere. There's going to be a point where Daniel is GonNa not do the bad thing and I love the whole psychology level of wrestling and now is is one of the one in my forte's is I enjoyed it enough to where I knew how the match was supposed to go. How is supposed to be layered? So so not only could he advanced wrestling fan. That's willing to spend five six thousand dollars a year on wrestling but the little kid. That's eight years old that understands good versus evil and they know that this is not supposed to happen. Dan and you brand will make that moment possible for that little kid. He will make that moment possible for that. Fan that superfan. That's that goes to all the pay per views you pays money for hotels and transportation and food and everything else dame brand will get that across and if by bad by the middle of that match the crowd would be boom Bray Wyatt. I can promise you. That's what that's the bottom line as we actually listen to busted opened with Mark Henry Childhood with you here on fire nation. That's the whole thing mark. That's the whole thing. He Vince wants you as a fan to choose because because nobody wants to boo Daniel Bryan everyone. That brief time that Daniel Bryan was with the white family and and I don't know why he was there for three four weeks. Whatever but nobody wanted to Daniel Bryan? It was still doing the same thing with Bray Wyatt. Nobody wants to boo bray. Wyatt but the fiend. I think they're great wide when he came to creative and said I got some special special I want to be the fiend. And here's the mask and here's the outfit I'm GonNa Wear and all that I think that in the back of of why it's mine he's thinking man this is going to get me over. As is a huge he'll but of course people still know it's bray so now the fans are going to choose but it all depends on the creative now. How this is built in? You only got a week now to be able to show yes. I am the really really bad guy. I'm hoping that you boomy and that L.. Push Brian as a baby face because otherwise we're talking about yet another match with gray a good match but gray area. That's that's not good for me as a wrestling fan. Jonathan this is. This is one of the things that that that I look at. And you see Bray Wyatt when Santa was when he was battling with Seth Seth would hit him and stop it. Why are you doing this? That's that's creating sympathy right and I think that the the the guy that we saw last night was not the same Bray Wyatt. He was in antagonised. He was teasing Daniel. He was the so. It's Canada beginning of finding out. Who is the bad guy? Next week I think that there will be an issue with with the scene and with Bray Wyatt because we don't want the last thing that we wanna do you and and I and the rest of the fans across the world is the see somebody as mentally incapable of making any candidate. Good or bad you want to see that person get hurt right. I think the sympathy will be pulled away from from them next week and it will be definitive that he'll start saying stuff like dame brand. I'm GONNA hurt you. I'M GONNA to make all these people that love. You see you for what I see you has week. And he's going to downplay Dan he's GonNa he's GonNa pull the carpet he's GonNa kick. Daniel White is on the ground. He's GonNa spit on him. He's going to talk about his Mama as we the the worst thing you can do in my neighborhood with the tug about somebody would say well my momma got to cut you right. It's right that is gonNA come out. But here's here's the thing though how this is all GonNa accommodate survivor series mark but man I wish this was During Royal Rumble. I wish they had more weeks because as you build toward this now week after week. You're showing that the fien is the he'll will the he'll do anything as you mentioned. Go after Daniel Bryan. I wish this match wasn't during survivor series in Chicago I wished at the Royal Rumble. I wish this was closer to twenty twenty twenty then it is next week because if you tell the story now for sure Bray is GonNa is GonNa come across as the he'll but now we only got a week out. It's A. It's a shame I wish there was more time. Bray Wyatt is going to have to really to next week. I wish we did have more time. I WANNA see Bray Wyatt dominate. The People in the fun house and I need to see him be mean and disrespectful respectful and shut up and don't say another word. I'll treat you like we're going to treat Daniel Bryan like he's going to have to do things to that nature in in order to make people go. Wow Man I used I. I used to like him because there is an emotional bond and we don't think about it but we loved Bray Wyatt in despite him being on the fence dance and being a great kind of character and playing the role of antagonised. We still liked acting when his music came out. We loved him music. When the lights went dark everybody turned off the phone zone? You see what I'm saying like there was there was there was connection. Daniel is a storytelling. Daniel can garner the sympathy of the wrestling fan. And I'll say now. And and you know people say Ricky steamboat. steamboat was arguably the best guy. In that era of sympathy of getting sympathy his selling Ellen was impeccable. You felt like that. I mean people have win over a barricade to try to help him Shawn. Michaels took over somewhere. I think in in The early nineties ninety to ninety four Dr Shawn Michaels became that guy that Mr Wrestlemainia stuff started to happen all the way through the nineties. If you hit Shawn on Michaels and he was on the ground writhing in pain crawling and you will see him reach his hand to the heart cameras side art and he would help me and Crou- with all be like no leave him alone. Daniel Brand is going to do that and I think we do need another two weeks but we don't have two weeks Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius XM FIGHT Nation Channel. One fifty six or on demand with the series accent APP. You look at it from a couple of different perspectives number. One Who got over like. That's that's something that you always want to say. Like not not who who who got put over. But who. Who benefited the most? And I think. Last night the INEX- t women benefited the most most out of that. Because even though they got ran out of the ring at the end I think that they benefited the most because one we got to see them individually early work in the ring on a on a prime time show and the one that shines. The most was rea- Ripley. She looked like a million bucks books in there with the other women and not just the ones that she's been wrestling with owning x t I enjoyed it a lot. I thought that she looked apart part And she wrestled apart when she came in at the royal rumble is is a different person. Altogether you you could tell that. She was nervous She was a reserve last night. She came out and she kicked ass and took names. This is a great crossover for annex t overall to for them to be on that stage on Fox let me just sidebar just for a second mark. Here's something that I think a a lot of wrestling fans take for granted you and growing up in era watching wrestling you know regionally and watching local television for wrestling right early Saturday morning Early Sunday morning or maybe overnight where they used to put wrestling it is so great for the WWe to be on a network every single Friday. It's as big of an accomplishment for Vince. McMahon in the company since the beginning of Wrestlemainia so I just I I just I think we put that in perspective. That Real Ripley was not just on some local channel or she just on the wwe network. She's in front of everybody on a network yet. How big this platform is I? I don't think we talked about that. Had enough because for US people are surnames. Like you and I having to look for your local channel to be able to find wrestling is a totally different animal than going into a network. Every Friday night destination TV prime time to watch pro wrestling. It was. It's huge soda. Same thing for Ripley. She's not even twenty three twenty four all years of age yet and she already to me is a must watch for sure. Yeah and it was cool that there's a lot of people that you know like we have first time caller colored today on the show. There are people that are watching Fox for the first time and the impression that she must have gave them was wild. She must be one of their stars That's the way she looked in marine to me she looked like men a dominant dominant personality. And it was cool to see those women succeed out there even without arguably bleated two best female wrestlers on the roster to give him a little bit of shine and that being Charlotte flair and Becky Lynch they still were able to be out there Sasha banks is you know is is not is a really really close Third and you can argue that she might be the second best wrestling company for in the women's division and it was cool to see Bailey be able to coexist with other women and it was them against index t rather than them against all the women involved so there was a lot of layers to that that you know. Sometimes you know me and my brother we. We didn't always get along but if somebody else says something to my brother or if somebody says something to me it was me and my brother against them not a good not a good place to be so That's that's what got out of it last night watching The women's matches still to come on the program on busted open. We'll get a chance to hear from another. Wwe Hall of Famer. Devan Dudley. The GO-TO the join us. Coming up to the body are right here. Busted Open with Mark Henry. John Hood with you I. Eight seven seven five nine eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three and also oh last night to see the fabulous Moolah. I'm sorry Shayna baiser out there When you see her out there I'm I call her Moolah because she looks like she can't beat she's so rare in different and I love that Mark Because Shane obeys lawyer is not like any other women's wrestler in the world not even arena st but in the world because she straight ahead no nonsense has a great promo and she rustles differently? I like her unorthodox style. All because it's different than anything else that we've seen it is almost like you like Mulan. I don't know who's going to beat her for that title. No and a lot of it too is it. Looks like she doesn't care cares sometimes even about winning it. She wants to inflict pain on people she wants to. She wants to beat you up and ugly you up up. I'm I can't remember the name of the movie but the guy was like. Hey man you're going to jail We're going to have to argue up a little bit you. That was the Makah. Think the MAC your two hands ugly you up a little bit and they beat the shit out of his eye was swollen shut. He had a scar on on his on his brow. His lips were bleeding. Nose was broken and then he went into jail and he was able to get it in. Well allow these women when they come out of a match with Rea- Ripley are with. Shane Obeys Ler. They're different and I think that that's something that I like to see. More out of Bailey. I would like to see Bailey being hill because there's a lot of people that are not Buying her being a hill she. She's she's she's she's a sweet girl Always been one of my favorites. She's the best working gene woman in WW correct. So I wanna see her adopt somewhat. Shane obeys lawyer is be bullied. Just be a tough tough sob and when she's wrestling I don't see means women men's wrestling or women's wrestling. I see a wrestler. I see somebody I I can see her doing. An agenda matches giving guys the business. She don't Oh play and she's a very very unusual. You said a really great word to describe her is unorthodox she's not your typical resolute salute at locks up with you and She's not a high flier. She doesn't overpower you. She's she's ass-kicker she whoops you. She beats you into submission. And I'm looking forward to seeing how that's GONNA come out at the survivor series because I bailing golly. I can't see Bailey. I can't see Bailey. L. E. Beaten I can see becky beaten China. Because they promote that they cut Two weeks ago that that was that made you want to see them one on one. And there's no. There's no question about that but I want to ask about baily though and once again mark it is the square peg in the round hole. Ma My disconnect with Bailey is is is not nothing as Her about her creative. And you know like everybody else knows at Bailey is a baby face. I think that the wwe dropped the ball on Bailey in this regard when when she was in annex t and making away to the wwe and she had seen a like cheers she on the on the female side on the women's side. She was the scene of the female side because of her how she resonated with the kids kids love a daily the whole Bailey buddies thing the hugs the smile she was white meat. Baby face we talked about in our last hour trying to discover baby faces so now you're drunk trying to put a square peg in round hole by having Bailey be. He'll well if you go back to last week when she was at at ringside with Michael in Corey. Michael kept cutting off Bailey Bailey. Say Oh that's okay it's okay you can cut me ofo like heels like now dammit. Don't keep cutting me off. I got something to say. That's what a he'll does. And so just naturally and then it just comes out how she doesn't have that now you know she's not a he'll now maybe she can grow into it. What you know damn well that she's a baby face and she and I think not just just from a personality standpoint mark? She was boxoffice that that baby face a persona could make even more money for the company and the end because he does not. They're barely could have been that and they turned her. They turned a blind eye to it to make her. He'll why why would you do that. You Know I. I can't answer that question but what I can do is after the show is over and you go to the podcast version of this show We need the put in a glossary with words. Like white me baby face and give the description because a lot of our listeners isn't We have some serious listens. They know but then all of our new listeners there are terminologies from old school wrestling and white me you baby phases one of them. We need to educate listeners. To what that is so tune in tune into the PODCASTS. At the end of the show. And we'll make sure that as a very descriptive version of what that is. I'm sorry I'm sorry. We're trying to educate teachers today. To eight seven seven five ninety three eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three one these you know you work with somebody why that's really old school and by the way speaking to school I'll okay. I'll just mentioned this once. And then you can. You can squash me. I'm just telling you man and you know you're not supposed to have two matches back to back. That's not wrestling. You know you're not supposed to do that. That's a no no. That's what happened on smackdown last night. Having to big big game matches back to back became gas separation. You know you can't you can't have to tag team matches back to. Yeah I don't I don't I didn't understand that I saw last night and I it was Kinda like I was. I was a little shocked. And maybe they're trying to mix it up but that's not the way to do it. Yeah you're not supposed to skill back to the phone lines to talk to you. David in Atlanta's with us here on busted open with Mark Henry Jonathan Hood. Hello Dave are you guys doing. It's morning go. Hey Mark I want to throw you a question And watching that tag match last night Can you please give me some insight into when you're wrestling the rain with a knee. Brace like Dakota Tie and take a knock czar how back in the day when like stone cold aware that he would do storms and stuff. He didn't really throw knee strikes strikes or or things like that but these girls with their martial arts backgrounds their total knees left and right. How do you do that with those braces on and then not be considered the take steel chair of brass weapon in the ring? You know what. That's a great question. And I I the to be honest I think that a lot of those a lot of those braces and the ones that I had had padding on them as well as a sleeve but they're not wearing sleeves on them But I do see the corner pieces with padding on them But I I. It's a good. It's a good psychology. You Yeah no question is why wouldn't they react like they're getting hit with something iron which you know for the most part. It is the stuff being hard plastic. it would feel like iron if you got hit in the face with it and there have been several cases where people people did get hurt. Real bad by knee braces. I remember a case where Raymond Stereo and cody Kofi Kingston had a match where Kofi got cut real bad and had to get it stitched up so Yeah I miss. This is definitely something that that that needs to be addressed to the talent are I. We're glad you checked in David. Appreciate your phone call He Leaves Line Open. Eight seven seven hundred ninety three eight seven seven three four four four nine three. Don't forget to Hit US up on twitter as well at the Mark Henry at siriusxm busted open tweet Jay Hood. We say to Jim in spring branch with us on busted open. What's up Jimmy Not much not much. How you doing Janet and mark got a question for you? You got the women's champions going against each other in survivor series. You got the tag teams going each other and you got the the others born to each other. Why in our heavyweight champions going after each other you know I mean which one would be the dominant? Would it be brock listener. What would it be the pain or would it be Michael? You know what I think that having having dominant hills does it Michael Cole. He is a talented guy. Like no don't disregard. Michael Cole is being up there with Jim. Ross and Gordon Solely The his voice will be missed when he's not doing it again when he's not doing We've come to listening to Michael Cole and take it for granted. I think how good is and has been this being descriptive. Him being informative and him giving the respect that needs to be for whoever he's talking about he's really really sound. I joy Michael Cole So we're not gonNA trivialize Michael. But as far as like dominant hills like There are dominant hills in the business. I mean you. Brock lesson is the ultimate dominant hill and Bearing Corbin is a dominant hill. Dobbs Ziegler and bobby rude are dominant hills in the business and you can keep going But what we have done is we have have a lot of guys that are riding the fence. Where am too many and Mr Hood mentioned earlier like we need more baby phases? There's there's guys that could be baby faces. I mean like ricochet is ultimately baby face you know. Aj styles could be if he if need be but as a heel you tell me somebody that you can look and say wow that he's better than Aj styles as a hill ages. Thousands House is good. It's just that so many guys have road defense so long and they w one day they'll have him cutting a promo promo that everybody likes them and then they'll be wrestling. The same shows somebody as a hill. And like you gotTa make up your mind. This businesses businesses confusing if you don't know Sirius. Xm Then listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm them but you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars just go to Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted to see offer details end to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No okay required. I enjoyed the fact that The new day was was able to not only captivate everybody last night and and get. You really didn't get a win. You know being that you know the undisputed Eric came out and of course ruined that But biggie is one of those guys that you know they. They mentioned about how he would be a great single guy. A great singles singles wrestler creating Canada Array F- if you will between him in the new day guys and I I thought that was kind of interesting because nobody talks about somethin' unless it's something that they're going to talk about on the show in the future and I tell my wife all the time like I see a commercial at our trailer and if it if it relates to wrestling. There's a reason that the Debbie Debbie shows they not gonNA put anything on the program does not have any relevancy Z.. Later on and but it was cool that the roderick strong He looked like he had heard something. Something bad about him Last night he was out there slang in banking and I think that The whole talk about Adam Adam Cole. Shining everybody else being like the backup. Singers Counter didn't go well with Roger Strong because he was whipping their ass. Yes yes I was like man. Look at Roger. Rodney Cook is not playing and It was cool though. You see the the the undisputed error come out there. With some some fire and brimstone because you won't pay per view to look like they can compete and prior weeks. I'M A I was excited about it but I didn't think that they would have a a chance now. I actually think that After last night that undisputed heir may have a chance. I just love the idea of a faction you and I grew up in wrestling wrestling watching the factions whether it is the the free birds whether it's devastation corporation with Skandar Akbar you know. The list goes on and on of factions. Those those things matter in wrestling bring back man bring it back just just given the history lesson in bringing it forward but I know one thing to see Roderick strong out there. You're right. He is taking can another step and that match between him and Roderick strong and a J styles. I'm not sure who's going to bump and feed in that match but I just know it's going to be held at match. I don't know who's going to take pinfall. Let's go should be a lot of fun survivor. Series Yeah it should be and AJ is is AJ. He you know we talked about guys Teflon. We'll talk about guys that have the fool to box Aj's thousands got the full toolbox. Man I mean they didn't portray that when and he ran into brock. I wish they would have done more. When when he he and Brock touched? But you know I can't go back and rewrite it Norwood they probably listen to me anyway. but I'm on this program and I'm forcing them to listen because Don't think for one second that they're not listening and area. The COMP- country company is not listening because Busted open open is slowly becoming the standard in pro wrestling outside of the televised shows. Like you so you can mention raw smackdown A. E. W. T. New Japan impact our age. MSW and what's the one that We get flack for not mentioning like we don't mention That Yesterday on the show David I was talking about. The guys has Brian that you know 'cause in you don't ever power well. We mentioned power but it was one of the other shows. We're not gonNA mention it because 'cause we don't even remember it so anyway moving right along sucking to suck we. I won't after today. It's a suck it Saturday. I don't I don't disagree Gabby. I'm on your side. But how move sir. Her Her let's go back to the phone lines. Say a phone lines and stop this. Yes that's what we do here as we go to St Louis J Jay on busted open right here on Sirius. XM fight nation. Hello Jay Hello guys. Good morning how are you all. We're well thank you so you guys were talking before about smackdown last night In the Roy made me want to call it. What you guys talking about? Chad Gable. As I like to call an EH shortage e The I mean I appreciate that You Know Chad is making the most of his time with with what they're giving him But personally I think that Chad deserves to be Chad Gable. and where the gear he was wearing and that looks like he used to be in space jam. Right that's why we heard the joke there from Corey graves yesterday making that. I think that joke about his weight when he was wearing. It's pretty funny. Yeah maybe the writers you know things that this this gimmick appealing to children and everything But I guess people like myself. Who are you know in our late Twenties and early thirties? We know who are more you know wrestling than sports. Entertainment I always you know I've always been a fan shaped gable with American out the I do appreciate him in Mustafa Ali pick that win For me the the spend down last night It's Matt down on Fox started up to such a huge. You know. Start off with a bang with that show on Fox and everything but I ever since the draft other than that. NFC invasion show where the smackdown roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia The shows are just kind of been other lackluster or average. They haven't been as good as that I show in the NFC invasion show I wanted your guy's thoughts on that and Um you know for being on Fox. Why shows haven't been you know like for me? The two best that shows that the week Air On national television are Wednesdays. You know raw and smackdown feel you know even other the the as show it was for the company for lots of fans. The two best shows are annex t and W and Ron smackdown play second fiddle. Just want to get your thoughts. Thank you Jay. Go ahead hedmark. No I the whole point was I think that Chad Gable is an Olympian I and a dominant wrestler second He's being trivialised. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six or on-demand with the SIRIUSXM APP in his wwe. Hall of Famer. Dan Dudley he joins US here on. Busted Open Dion. It is mark and Jonathan. Thanks so much for your time. Thank you show absolutely. We just WANNA get your overall thoughts about where we are as far as the state of wrestling mark and I have been talking about just the ebb and flow of how things are going. How close do you think wrestling is to the territory days as far as so many different companies being able to flourish? I think we're missing things like that. where their work different territories and we're guys were able to learn their craft You can bet it by the time they got to the WWE and you know crying up. All the promotions can happen everything thank you know. It's kind of hard now to to learn and to go to different territories to be able to prosper In their crap. But you know that's why I always always tell even my teams in smaller that they need to say to you that they can stay on the indy circuit as long as you can scrap. Walls also picked up here before coming up and trying to make it to the big Dan. Because you lied to get that out of your system so by the time you come up. You're ready to go Stephen I I've always been a proponent of tag wrestling Seeing a tag team worked together other and do a Finnish together. What why is it that now? The tags are going away from working together. Seemed like the revival revival is the only team this kind of looking at it like if we do it together. We'll win because we're Bible is not a team that they just put together. Revival was actually a act and nowadays. You've got guys be put together. Because sometimes they don't know what to do with them or in doing like they used to be back in the day in some aspects where they go into the wall and a lot of times they don't because he died on Gel woman. I work together together. I E E W and you know we learn how to craft and learn how the world to gather so by the time we were able able to get through the wwe. We were illegit Tattoo. Not only that. Who wanted to be the? That's the different a lot of these guys. Don't WANNA compact. But they're put together. I think if he lets some of the guys that want to be taxing and let them flourish and lethal ones that the state will be single divine. We talked about the most dominant basketball team of all time are the most in the most dominant stop it. The most dominant bureau which you already say that as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen absolutely so you really you really in your heart of heart. Things that Michael and Scotty could be Kobe Shack. Well you know what it's hard to say that and I tell you what because it's because it's not true that's why it's hard disk okay. But that's your opinion and lifted. I've had had all compete with you. Before and now you're bringing to the forefront of media a- you and I are going to be like sack in week in What's his name that it always get insurance? Barkley Charles Barkley. So Jason takes every generation get stronger and stronger tell. Let me put it this way you had to Hogan and Andrea. You know that did what they did. And it was extremely successful. Then you move to the Brenton Sean. Our which take stronger and thicker and then of course the which is what we were they of course we were bigger than hip sing far. Beyond what the Hogan Andre every Would you not taking anything away from them. Now you go today and again Gary Nepad even more so I think that's okay well. Evolution is definitely really something that plays a big part in sports and and in pro wrestling. We wanted to compare. Where do you see? UN BUBBA in Mount Rushmore rush more wrestling duos. I think we're right up there so I'm not GonNa sit here and say that we would not want because he's always want a quick The ones that were the number one the one that came before the road warriors the rock and Roll Express. Big night sweats telling on the list goes on and on you know the coal me. Basically you know took them each and every one of those tags that pretty much accept the offer offer us and all we did was make it into our own and then bring it to the forefront those guys and by being way better but lifted avenue in an alternate or even a discussion about tag team wrestling. We're not putting these into the mix. I think we proved them without a shadow of a doubt that we are definitely two tenders Even with those from the past. So you know I'm I'm very proud of what I have accomplished You know no other tag eighteen. You know obviously said that people say that he had accomplished more than any other tag team but for us and remember back in the day pure in the Hogan. Andrei our territory To conflict by the time me and BUBBA DOTS here. There was only three and then when you talk at those three then when you went overseas to new Japan. Oh the organizations over there but guess what we conquered that as well so you can have a discussion about the great attack without mentioning not being cheated or what happened. But I'm just telling the truth divided. We gotta you gotta run but we want to ask you about the women in Iran wrestling just the WB. When everyone else how surprised are you of this? this evolution with women's wrestling in and what stands out. Most about it for you. You know what gets me about that is that you know again. I take nothing away from Our generation comes to the attitude. Ever I take nothing away from the Holding Andrea Sean. When it comes to the women's wrestling the jumping bombing more than a lot of the Sherri Martel? The list goes on on the fabulous Moolah young you know all of them they set the ball but these women to day. It's almost like that was better than the men. Take all my God they Hard hitting they are just in your face. They don't care it's not about what was used to do back in the day hit snap. No no no. It has nothing to do with that. He's for real women that are going in there. And plus their behind and people look at them in a different way. And I'm I'm so proud of the women today until wrestler that you know I stand up and clap and because some amazing now when you watch women the Western let me what has become how it has evolved into what it is today. No one coming but you know what it's here is here back and the well I'm GonNa say this divine My I thought I think that Christian and Edge And the hardest should definitely being that conversation with you but from the busted open standpoint. We we consider you and bully To be number one. It's not like that you didn't earn and I know that you're being respectful. And you're paying homage to the people that came before you but that don't make him right. That don't make it right. You guys evolve the business you you not only do it in the ring but you did it in in office and in the Board Room and and that's that's important to pro wrestling. Well thank you mark. I really appreciate it and you know things like that that you know from people that I've been in the ring with a lock of with I've sat down and ate lunch with actually say that about us because along with everybody else done that you know you know what's better than anybody else and how hard it was for pets. He especially during the advocate when you have the right when we had stone Cold Steve Austin addiction typically all of the fifth ause but yet southern. I think end the party made tag team standing made looking. Oh my God and they made people want to say where did this come from. And they actually went back. The fans the pro wrestling have gone back in history and looked up guys so they can compare what wrestling was to what wrestling is that you in Bluey did and they got to see how good y'all really are Diva and I know you you got stuff to do you're signing autographs and taking pitches and and you're over at the big event. I'm on my way over there. In a in a few minutes and in the spirit of bully array. I would not be doing justice if I didn't tell you you're the opening match. Warm the crowd for me. I'll be over there in a minute. Hey I owe me the main event. If that's the case I got to say thank you for the House the job kid. Thank you thank you all talk to you soon. Thank you guys if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy. Talk 'n news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm them outside the car for just one dollar just go to Sirius Xm dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. XM DOT COM com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers Siriusxm no-car required. This is This is your segment. The busted open weekly winner right. Well you know what is kind of like The Saturday editions segment We ran McKinley killing myself. And Gabby we'd we decided that you have to have a show that sums up the entire week because we end the week on Saturday and being on six days a week is pretty damn hard to to have enough content for and we thought that having segment where we talked about the best shows would be awesome. And we've got a lot of positive feedback from it so You know I I would have to go so far as still Awa one again and in my eyes and you know I would even have to say that smackdown last night JUMPED OVER IN X T and RAW Came in for and I'd have to give power five I I love power her I think that some of star power some of it is them being really really new but The one thing that I I could take away from it is nick comes on today's show holding the title like this. His baby and the respect Beck level is unbelievable but Giving you my winners I still would have to say that He he w took it okay for me. If I'm having my top five I'm going to go in last night smackdown because if everything that you and I talked about man that that whole all thing at the end the main event was Daniel Bryan in the fiend and how that always built and by the way how was built with Promo Both both A. W. New Annex T in a number of these other companies still have to understand the power the Promo. How do you not become wrestling fans? You're watching Houston rustling on Paul Boschetti. TV and in the Momo's Butch Reed is going to tell you. He's going to be junkyard. Dogs as you know like you know Gary Hart with rain in Kabuki. He's telling you. Strong Kabuki is us. You know so those me sorry for ten years old of that. Ah I'm just telling you man when he's talking to you know when when you're watching Houston rustling the promos with the TV The TV station on the in the background in the backdrop. Those things again came out while he was telling you he. You know who is going to. WHO's going to face so those the promo still matters and I think that's smackdown did a great job with that? I thought it was better than a w this past Wednesday night And added think. Aws Show was as good as we've seen the past the promos once again rose. Those were good. Yeah but I thought exte- you know with sold me man. The restaurant rustling to opening match with Angel. Garza and Leo Rush. That's it. They opened his show with unbelievable wrestling. And that's just hard to be. You know you'll make me change my mind but I get a lot of flack you know from the fans of being a wwe homer and You know is is is sometimes it does sway my opinion I thought that but I didn't I didn't say it and I regret it That I let the fans get in my head about about you know how I make my decision but I'm Gonna I'm GonNA stick to it because I really did. Enjoy watching 'EM J. F. and Chris Jericho in a ring. Like that was money for me But I I I mean just like you said the NFC next he opened up great and Last night show was really good. And I I I put it above x t Because because last night the implications were really really good. Yeah I thought that Annex T had a better effort this Wednesday case it after every Wednesday but I just thought that annexed exte- this sense of you know what's going to happen next and also the in ring performances were really good so I'll give it to them. I'll go off the boring board and give you an X T U K. Hey which I think is a very underrated show. People should be able to watch on Thursdays. I'm a big mark for them. And here's why you don't there's no perfect rusting show mark. But I'M GONNA. I'll tell you right now. The way triple h and whoever's working behind the Scenes Annex T U K put together. I got the perfect Blend promos an in ring work and that that whole thing when imperium Taken on Gallus is is strong man. And tell you walters like a young Andre. I like really young Andre when when he was first coming up when we is mobile and can move like when he was in Japan. That's what that's what he reminds me of a very young Andre. I just think that imperium is over so as Gallus I think. In Jordan Devlin's Great Noam Dar is one of the best heels in the company and no one knows he. He's just that good so I am a big Fan of Annex T U K the NWEA. They of course. Because we're trying to figure out when Tommy Dreamer is question mark or not. I think he is An AWS fifth on my list. Wow well I I'll tell you You listen to the show you know. I'm very high on Walter. Walter is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world right. Now I think I think that There's a lot that can be done with him. I think that the future is bright. He's young enough I think that he's GonNa have time to work on his body. Heidi will see him change over the next three years There's so many pluses and imperium as their their presence. They have a presence like you never out of it because he's got back up and Sometimes uh-huh Walter is standing on that back-row While the other guys are out there you know putting the work in so I mean is is is a great faction And you're right. I I said that in X T U K should be on television with Annex t but you know that would be hard to do because there's so many moving parts and you don't want to say well we're going to go oh to inex- t- UK The show is going on live right now. And then you've you go to a feed and it's completely different wrestling different flow. It would ruin it But I'm just figuring out how we can get in x t all on one night man it it is a it is one one of my favorite shows to watch. It's it's an hour Nigel. McGuinness on color is terrific. I'm glad at TA. I'm glad Tom is doing The play by play because after the the they moved the announces around on smackdown. Tom Phillips says an opportunity. Now so I'm very happy for for that brand and And we mentioned a W that's on my list as well all right so let me ask you this man. I know you got a big event. Where are you going? You got a big event. This afternoon is called. The big event is at Laguardia Hotel. in their conference rooms There's hundreds of pro wrestlers and fighters signing autographs. And as you heard Yvonne Dudley was over there opening a show for me he's over signing and And we enjoyed having developed on the show today. And I'm on my way over there. Man Like is I love always look forward to getting to meet the fans. Meet the people that Make us do what we do. And they're the reason we love the business but we loved his business because we love performed for the fans so I'm looking forward to getting over over there and shaking hands and kissing babies. Thanks for listening. Catch US Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine A._M.. To noon eastern on Sirius X._M.. By Nation Channel One fifty six busted open podcast.

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