EPISODE #012: Part Two of Two! Tom and Manda shrink themselves down to microscopic size to investigate their favorite Little Creatures!


Podcast was filmed in front of a live studio audience. Coming to you from an undisclosed location. Thousands of fathoms beneath the sea, this is the deep dive podcast, all at one third of scope. Battle stations. Hello, diver is welcome to a brand new episode of the deep dive podcast, the only podcast that makes his own gravy. My name's Tom Feeney. Rated for wake shop movie magazine available at Amazon dot com. And with me as always is my fabulous co host Goliath. Which is a callback to our previous 'cause we have a series yet. The thing it's an awesome thing. It's actually MandA. In case you guys in its man. It's manda. Defunct. No, too much. All right. Last time on the deep dive podcast we delved into the wild world of giant monster. Movies, this episode, we're downsizing, bit with part, two little creatures, some creatures, some little creatures are wise like yoga. Some are hilarious like Orico from masters of the universe summer. Even scary like urva villa. Shays. Now, they say great things come in small packages, and they whoever they are, are absolutely right. So keep your eyes down protect your ankles, MandA. But have he got? I today I the bone to pick with that thought, though, which one will the that's great things come in small packages. Okay. Explain funds is candy bars. They're fun sized. Right. But that doesn't mean that they're great will eat a bunch of they are true. Anyways, I got a couple of picks start with my first one, which I absolutely love for. Yes. It's nineteen ninety eight small soldiers writing I love them as, oh my gosh. So it's directed by Joe Dante, which incidentally, he also directed gremlins. Oh man. So good has Kirsten Dunst. Who, of course, you know, from Spiderman, Gregory, Gregory Smith's from Zine on girl. The twenty first century and the patriots the patriots fantastic. Movie with Mel Gibson, yeah. Yeah, not the postman. Nope. The patriot patriot. Yeah. Not to be confused with our patriots who just one number six Super Bowl. Okay. Sorry, I thought we were no sports Reverend I'm sorry. I just can't help. It also has a huge star that Casio we're talking David cross. Phil hartmann. Jay more Kevin Dunn Dennis Leary, all of these people are in this movie. That makes me sad. When you mentioned Phil Hartmann, I know it is quite sad. Also, why weren't quite a few people on SNL? Yeah. Yeah. A lot of times we'll do that. Okay. Yeah. Anyways, basic plot, right? Story revolves around a kid named Allan who is Gregory Smith. His dad owns a toy shop. Right. And his dad thinks that what better opinion can I get for these new toys, that are coming out than my teenage son who still plays with action figure action figures toys, EM side? No, it's it was really quite nice to see a family owned toy shop, again, because you don't really see those anymore even things like FAO Schwarz and ham. As an England. It's all giant mega corporations, you know, like KB toys is gone, and all these other small game shops, and toyshops are just non existent right now as actually quit said thanks. He'll really? Thank you. Concer anyways, so Allen's father's K, a need your opinion on Allen. Discovers these new hot trend toys. Some of them are like animal esque humanoids in there called the Gordon's, and then there are soldiers called the commando elite. Well unbeknownst to Alan. There are implanted chip since these toys to make them better bigger faster. The actually come from technology, which is kin to missile technology while, I mean, we're talk in the nineties, but yes, something that probably shouldn't be in little kids toys. So what happens naturally these toys, come alive. Global tech defense system. In a secret lab, the world's most advanced military microprocessor has been created. But the Cold War is over Dobro tech to survive. New markets must be found. Now all that power has been placed into the brain of fighting machine. Unlike any known to man, they made it strong. They made it clever, they made it small. They made a mistake they develop a consciousness of their own and Warren sues between the Gorgan eits, which are the Amalie sort of humanoid people, and the commended elite who are very, very well-versed soldiers. So, basically the movie falls along the, the. Battles and the. Interference and the interactions between the organize and the commando elite and Alan who's in the middle has to save the world from these tiny small soldiers are joking hazard. Yeah. Yeah. I don't wanna spoil the ending, but it is, it's, it's so cute. And honestly, I think a lot of the, the funniness comes from the cast themselves. So I actually found out that the commando elite is voiced by almost all of the dirty dozen folks. Orioli. Yeah. Yeah. So like, Ernest borgnine and some other folks Bruce Dern is in there. Yeah. Yeah. I think he was only about eighty five at the time of this. But, you know, Bruce turn very yes. And then also on the opposite side of that the organize our voiced by the guys from spiral tarp spiraled up. So Harry Shearer. Yes, yes, he's a barren, by the way, did you know that? Yeah. A real baron. Yeah. He's also married to Jamie Lee Curtis. Yeah. She was in the Halloween e yes that one. That one that small movie yet a little. Yeah, it, it's a really funny movie, and it's actually kind of like creepy, because much like gremlins who Joe Dante also did direct it has this, like, small creatures, taking over the planet, and you kind of are not in control of anything, and you get a little bit fearful like how do they know how to use rockets, and like knives in all these like, human weapons? It's just crazy. So I am db gives it a six point one. Rotten tomatoes gives it a forty eight which I realize is not that high, I'm giving a seven point five. I think the stories hilarious. I love the characters love the Gorgan I'ts, they're so cute. And the star studded cast, yes, you can watch this currently right now on voodoo. If you have a subscription, you can also get it on Hulu in Amazon prime totally on board with that pick. I love I was a good movie wasn't edge a fun. Little flick. I not forgotten. It does it does. Especially where I think people think oh, it's just, you know, animatronic whatnot, but they enemies was really good. It was really good CG. Yeah. Absolutely fantastic. Good pick. Thanks now for me. I'm going as usual a little dark with my I am totally surprised by that. No, you're not. My pick is nine hundred eighty two basket case. Already sounds good. Doesn't it? Isn't that a green day song? No. Well, maybe this movie is a true labor of love. That is if you love zero budget exploitation, films like the ones that used to play on forty second street in New York City during the seventies and eighties. So before they Disney fide the whole thing and neutered it and replaced. Oh, sleaze with olive gardens and Eminem stores. The Eminem store though is cool, but who buys an ams, like at the store, don't you want, like a tangerine colored oh, the same anyway. Yeah. But even better, this film takes place in that very same seedy New York underbelly and serves as a really great snapshot of that time and place, which is sadly long-gone? Well, sadly, depending upon your opinion of New York in the seventies. Dump. So this nice clean cut young man named Wayne arrives in New York City, along with an odd looking wicker basket that he he carries everywhere with him. He's very, very protective of this wicker basket. There's something very special inside the basket. What is the secret Dwayne is hiding in the basket? What's in the basket Easter eggs? What's the best clothes? Within the best open it. Basket case opening our theater for you. This basket contains Wayne's. Deformed conjoined twin brother. Yes. And when I say, deform, I'm deformed, oh, basically, the twin brothers name is Bill looks kind of like a tumor with sharp teeth and claws. Mile belie. Oh, okay. Wait. And belie- are in New York, on a mission to find the doctors that cruelly separated them against their will, and take their revenge and they do nasty this film, has everything gore romance tumor brother puppets, tumor brothers, stop motion animation. It's a classic. It's funny and creepy and sleazy and just plain fun shot and sixteen millimeter film, up to thirty five so it is grainy as all get out. Right. It looks like it does look like something. And it did actually play in New York City at these offals, Lisi theaters. Like that would run twenty four seven with this sort of stuff. So it really was that kind of movie about that kind of place, and it has that, that kind of gritty feel to it, but it's a fun movie. It's got a lot of good jump scares and gory stuff. If you like that, you know, but basket cases are really, really fun movie. And it was directed by kind of a cult movie sort of master named Frank Hannon Lodder. He also gave the world films like Franken Khokar. Yes, it's what you think guy guys, you know, takes hookers. Cut them up and puts together a, a one entire Hooker from them and reanimated. Yeah, yeah. It's what you think it's a comedy and another pill brain damage, which is also kind of like about a parasite that attachments somebody and the parasite was like kind of like a New York, kind of monster like accent. It's funny. Yeah. Take my work. So basket case gets a six point. Two out of ten a while on internet movie database with over fourteen thousand reviews I am surprised. Yes, I'm not because I love it and a seventy four percent on rotten tomatoes. I know I know you wouldn't think, but it's just sort of that kind of perfect movie of, of weirdness and grossness but it doesn't take it so seriously. So you have a good time watching it, right? It's a valuable on Amazon prime video with a subscription and it's also available on the harsh streaming app. Shudder. Okay. Yeah. At it is also. Spun to sequels. You've got basket case, too, and that's the case three the progeny. Yeah, they go was successful enough to actually have to sequels. Not that that's really a high watermark for quality and fell. Right. But enough people on and rented videos to warrant crappies equals. There you go. Shark NATO case in point, right? Pick number one basket case. Okay. Well, okay. All right. Follow that I am going to follow it. The best way, I know how with a family friendly flick. A triple triple f another triple last week. Yeah. Yeah. I think that really good at it finding these because I'm drawing back from my memory as a very solid and put together kind appreciate youth. Yeah. Anyways, my pick, right. Comes from nineteen Ninety-two and it's called. Fern gully, the last rainforest you're going going. Wow. Say on terribly surprised. Oh man. So fern gully directed by Bill Corriere, who he hasn't really got so many other directory oil titles, under his name. But he worked on Tron and the green mile. Yeah. With both of which, and we're talking original Tron similar. Yeah. You know, the green mile that movie it messed me up for a couple years. It was anyways moving on. It has actors such as Christian Slater in it, and Robin Williams and offend tastic amazing to curry. Yes. And let's mention by the way that this was animated. Yes, it is. And that Tim curry was the best thing about the rocky horror picture show, which was terrible. Yeah, you hate you got on that episode so much. I was happy. Yes, it is animated. And I think one of its perks to is it doesn't belong to the Disney film or the Pixar film. It's actually a Twentieth Century, Fox film. That's really, you know, especially that during that time that was an odd odd thing because Disney had just started doing its comeback, right? If the little mermaid, yes, Lion King. Exactly. So to have a another company, make a film, like fern gully was a big risk. Yeah. Absolutely. I think I've read the producers definitely credit success to, to the little mermaid for bringing back that interest interested in a Mason. But basically quick break down. If you don't know it's interim forced as the title, suggest the last the last rainforest, which incidentally, is in Australia. Yes, in, in the rainforest lives, obviously a large number of creatures. But it specifically fairies in fairies are the caretakers of the forest, you know, the heal the trees, they heal the plants. They take care of each other, and the other animals, and they're just really cool little creatures, Virgil very chill. And as with everything sort of modern day, incomes, this logging company that are tearing down the trees, exactly like the brawny men, you know, they're coming in chopping down the trees, paper towels exactly where in your flannels. But anyways, so this little fairy named Krista, she's really sad. Of course. I mean she's seeing her home destroyed. So she sees one of these loggers his name is. And she unknowingly helps him shrink down to a fairy size. Yeah he's known as her in. He's obviously freaked out in so they get together and they team up. And essentially, they have to save the rainforest from not only the corporations, the loggers the people were chopping down trees, but the very, very evil hexagon. Admits why? And. You not. Heck's. That's like a if you wanted to curse at your parents in, like really angry at them. But then they wouldn't punish you not really curse. You'd be like Hex is on. Combination shampoo conditioner. X's. It'll help your dandruff. No heck's is takes the form of a very thick tar like black substance. Who is boys by the fantastic, Tim curry once again, visiting about regular Victor. We've just lost ten listeners. So he represents pollution, of course. Right. So he's being spewed out of the, the machines that are chopping down trees, and he's the main villain. And so their objection is to or the genitive is to take over the forced again and usher him out, so I won't necessarily ruin it. But you can of course, being that it's a kid film, sort of understand where the plot goes. I think what you can really grab from is that it's certainly an eco awareness film, especially for its time. It's probably a brilliant scheme to get, you know, young kids involved in the rainforest movement, that young, especially with an animation film, but the has some of the best music to that I've ever heard an enemy film. It's actually got Alyssa vestry as the music producer pretty amazing. Yes. And he's pretty famous for a lot of Disney movies and a lot of things like that. But yeah, it's, it's, it's a cute movie. It's a fantastic movie. I love the. Cast. I mean, Tim curry is just so cool, as heck says, I can't stress that enough in for a nineteen ninety film, it actually stands up, pretty well in modern day, I am db gives it a six point five metacritic gives it a sixty seven. I'm giving it a nine point five. Yeah, it's a pretty high up there broke the almost broke it. It's, it's definitely not as high as vicar dibley, because, you know, how a love my English TV show, but this here, it's really funny. It's cute a love this story behind it. I love all the, the not so Disney esque interaction between the characters. So it's not like you almost feel like this is a little bit more of an adult animation movie and the cast they the voice cast was amazing. But yeah, it's like producers have said that they wanted to be deliberate in the message. They gave two young kids. You know, protect the rainforest. You know, corporations are taking over these these lands, which are so desperately needed. But then you want wanna be too preachy, which is why I think they chose to make an animated film with Robin Williams in it because Robin Williams, and he was, of course, a comedic genius. He made everything way. More funny, gene. Unilab. Yes, he was a bat in this one. Oh, that's right. Yes. Member. He had like a weird thing head. Yeah. Yeah, man. Good times. Yeah. Or the reinforce going to be okay. Well, according to the end of this film, I will be, but in real life, no stop. Eating palm oil, right? Because that's killing the forest there. It's killing the Tigers, livelihood, everybody gallon. Yeah. It's just so bad for unionize. Yeah. Anyways. I might was gonna be happy, but I think I realise in hindsight now that it wasn't so happy. Well, that's actually good because that brings us. That's a good segue to my next. Was going gonna bring you wake down. Anyway. I'm so surprised by that. So I mean, if you thought my previous pig was gross wasn't well, gross or weird enough. I give you the brood, okay. You are about to journey the on the on terror, you know, major motion pictures, so Flint. Will devastate you totally. They would ultimate experience in, in a way you. Peru graded. This is a nineteen Seventy-nine release from one of the greatest hard directors of all time, David Kronenbourg, he gave us the Jeff Goldblum remake of the fly as well as other great films. Like scanners. Video Drome the dead zone and history of violence with you'll Mortenson. I'll man that is such a good movie hit is move, so his early work, though. Cronenberg's early work dealt with this concept of body horror, which is essentially the terror felt when your physical self somehow transformed or distorted against your will by disease or outside force gross. It's a primal, fear that, that humans have we all worry about disease or figure meant and Cronenburg's films expertly trap, a tap into those fears. So the brood combines body horror with the sort of new age movement of the seventies, but people were trying to find themselves. They were experimenting with. Different forms of emotional therapy. A lot of them were really kind of weird and sort of, you know, hippy dippy and kind of strange. There was primal scream therapy, which taught you to sort of scream out your emotions. There's transitional medication became popular than there were certain cult-like organizations one. There's one called asked that was the sort of just sort of motion Lee break you down to try to get to the core of who you are. And try to, you know that you would just be complete like sort of mess, and try to build yourself. Back up. I thought most people have just did cocaine and went to dance clubs. This was after that. Oh, okay. This is why they had to do that. So because he's under things in work. So it was trying to basically, there's all these weird ways to try to, you know, have you live up to your real potential. Find out your true self all that kind of junk, because we on none of that the brood however introduces us to. Another bizarre form of therapy. So it takes place mostly in the what's called the Soma free institute of psycho, plasma ques. What's that? Yes. This is a bizarre form of therapy, where patients learn how to manifest, their emotional problems physically in the form of sores scabs or other lesions on your skin. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's crazy. So they learn how to just take these negative emotions and just physically manifest them on their bodies it, it's, it's very, very creepy. Let me stress do get acne. See that. Same kind of thing, sort of, I would, you know, maybe maybe you know that works? So one of the patients at this institute is a woman named Nola, and she's been isolated at the institute because of her many emotional issues, including going through a nasty custody battle with her husband over their young daughter Nola. However, doesn't just manifest her emotional distress as the near skin disease, or sores, she gives birth to horribly deformed children, which are the brood, these rage babies feed off their mothers anger and going to killing rampage. And there's lots of graphic shots of her, like giving birth to these rage babies that are kind of really weird looking into formed and gross. And basically, they're like children, but their killer deformed children. Yeah. You. Yeah. So not a triple f no film. And so the, the basic premise, though is pretty sound which is that if you do not deal with your negative emotions in a healthy way. They will erupt in other maybe destructive ways. Okay. And there are no shortcuts when it comes to dealing with them. It's a much deeper movie than it seems on the surface when I talk about it. But if you could get through the more gruesome elements, there's a lot to unpack. It really has a lot to say about how people deal with stress, how people deal with anger, and the ways that, that can manifest themselves. If you push it down to far sure, yeah, analyze it. It's not for the fate of heart at all, and or stomach, by the way, but it's a highly recommend. It's very, very interesting. It's a low budget film, but it's shot very well. It was made in Canada. It's, it's really really very interesting kind of movie. But you have to be, you know, you have to know what you're getting into any. Now the brood has a rating of six point nine. Wow. On the internet movie database and seventy nine percent on rotten tomatoes color me shocked. Yeah. Yeah. But it is really good. And it's not just like good, campy good or silly good. It's good. It's available to rent for three dollars and ninety nine cents on Google play. I tunes Amazon prime video and YouTube. And I also do have a few a few other mentions honorable mentions. I've sure so you can't go wrong with critters. Two three and four. This four of them. There's four of them, then there's Guli one two and Guli three go to college and not making that up, disregard Guli four. It does not preserve the class and dignity of the other films just saying. All right. Yeah, that's important. And last, but least. The nineteen eighty-seven classic munchies. He's of course, all gremlins rip off somehow lasted a lot longer than the gremlins franchise. It self which is sad. It is sad, terrible movies. You gotta wonder you know all these weird spinoffs manage to, you know, survive for decades. I have no idea how or why, but they're there and those movies, my, my honorable mentions are all available to rent on most streaming services. What do you think? I think I forgot to tell people they can watch fern gully on YouTube, Amazon itunes and Google play. For three ninety nine I'm really sorry about that. Well, no. You just did. Yeah. See that. I just did regained. You're so much like we are trying to redeem the majestic rainforest if you'd like to don't. I Don I. Okay. It's okay. All right. That was good fun. Yeah. Joy that. Thank you. Everyone who stuck with us for this two part series? Maybe we'll do it again. Exactly. Exactly on behalf of MandA goal-line on and myself Tomasson, but doesn't work that does it for another streaming pile of what we call the deep dive podcast. Thanks to everyone who manage to make it through this episode, especially those of you unable to reach the pause button. Stay tuned for new episode of teabag in the podcast voted to the tea drinking connoisseur. Whether it's loose teas instant teas bagged teas or Mr. tease, everyone loves teabag. Taking out today is our special friend thin. The deep dive dog in your boy, your boy, where been did you I think the took him for a walk outside? Oh, okay. Let's let's thin band. Special thanks to spirits of this, phonic and echo craft for our amazing theme music, links to both artists can be found on our website, the deep dive podcast dot pod being dot com. If you like us you can subscribe on, I tunes pod being overcast or wherever find podcasts are found. The deep dive podcast is a production of atomic media, no animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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