Brady's age, Luck's year?, Gurley injury, Tobias Harris in studio


Good morning everyone Monday. This is first things first. Some general that is the hall of Fame Cris Carter. This right here is Nick Right Good Weekend Gentlemen Weekend Weekend Great Suit Journal. Thank you very much Chris. Dam broke eighty on the golf course limited fest live. I'm all good strong. Well we got a jam to show for you today. Do not a black. That's the next moving out to the Patriots now. They're coming off. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady six super bowl win and while this team seemingly feeds off of the concept of next man up they may be running out of men this year new left tackle no rob Gronkowski and Brady entering the season at age forty. Two Brady says this year presents a unique challenge yeah. It's always challenging when you have significant turnover over and I think it's I always say climate amount you know in every time you climb them out. In the next year you start right at the bottom right with everyone else and you have a new group of people you have new group of climbers. You got different tools. You can use and everyone starts the same place and you just got to. There's no way to do other than just start working your way up and that's what we're doing now. It's you can't get to the top two days. It's going to take a long. It's a long year. It's a long grind and everyone's going to the guys who who make the team. They'll have earned it though put us in our best position addition to be the best team could beat all right. Tom Brady has got a lot of things working. You'd say against him the roster you got age but if everything out there what's the biggest challenge you think he's facing this season. I think to try to keep everything fresh in his mind that is if he didn't learn it when you when you've been to nineteen training camps when you've been with Bill Belichick you've heard every pre-game speech. You've heard all the prep. It's hard to keep that fresh in your mind you talking about the turnover because people need to see Tom Brady reacting the way he would have reacted when he was younger because they're not used to being around the Patriots so I could see the challenge of Tom San. It's like climbing up this mountain but it's the same mountain and when you get to certain junctures it's born. How do I make that exciting? How can I make it exciting for the guys around me that they don't look at me saying you know something? Tom's not like he used to be so it's always a challenge to play football bought a high level and as you get older like what's going to motivate him. He's already the greatest quarterback that's ever played. He's one of the greatest football players that's ever played so trying to find motivation every single day. It's difficult you have to lie to yourself. You have to try to create concepts. You have to listen to people like us more so nick because Tom how many T._b.. Twelve guy and you have to get these little clips that motivate you on a daily basis to make sure sure that you stay fresh to make sure that you don't get bored you saw him in <hes> Bella tech going at it a little bit this weekend a little simple drill but those are the types of things that keep me right on the edge. Keep you right on your game and keep anymore because if I'd been to this juncture of the mountain twenty straight times. How can I have the same enthusiasm for someone who's never been up here? But how do I trick him into believing man. I'm I'm watching all this film. I'm reading all these coverages. I'm reading all these fronts and that is hard to impossible to do as you get older. It's not the Games it's the meetings and the practices you get tired of you. Get tired of hearing the same mm stuff all during a four three cover to what else they going to be in that front so somehow you have to play a trick on your mind to keep everything fresh so that every day that you can be on this long adventure with your teammates and some days Oh you're not halfway up the mountain old. You're not three-quarters way up the mountain and you're going every step along with them. It's it's a Har- it is a struggle even for the greatest age. Put it right back to you but I WANNA follow up on that and it's something that I can't answer so. How do you think he doesn't as a guy that played sixteen years Brady's twentieth? How do you think he stays motivated? We know what motivates a lot of guys late. They are trying to get that first championship. They are trying to squeeze out every last dollar. Brady's got all the championships all the money already has passed Montana and elway and whomever else was on the list. So how do you think he stays motivate when you're saying that's the biggest struggle. I think there's a couple of things. I think Tom Wants to play until until we forty five. I think that Tom Wants to be beyond. Its Bill Bella. Check getting all the credit. I think Tom this. There's people with six rings right. Thomas have more rings than anybody. Forget quarterbacks forget about all that Tom Wants to have seven eight championship rings. I believe those types of things and I believe because early in his career he wasn't accomplished passer now later in his career he really gets a thrill out of you know something. I got more velocity on the ball now than ideas fifteen years ago so those things right there I think keep Tom Brady focused on what he's trying to accomplish this week. Nick you and I had a conversation in the morning meeting and use it all. That's right. I forgot I I brought up the football bowl Almanac me read that again and I thought to myself. I don't know besides maybe you Chris anyone who knows more about football than you nick we wanted to do. You actually enjoy doing that. You like getting better even though for the most part you know the information but the no but you got a lot still to Peru but I think he I think is a part of him. That enjoys it. I think that the part of him that actually really loves doing this doesn't want to do anything else. All of that is sort of built into what he does everyday. It's less of a grind and it's more of well all I feed off of this because I know that's what makes me better. We'll I believe and I totally I mean wholeheartedly believe that there's nothing Tom Brady loves more in the World Than Those sixteen to Twenty Sundays Mondays Thursdays those sixteen to twenty games a year and we hear that from older athletes all the time the I'd play for free you gotTa pay me to practice what Chris talked about is this part of the year that nobody enjoys particularly a guy like brady that is probably of everyone on the team getting the least out out of it he might be getting the same out of the actual wraps in practice but the least out of the meetings the least out of the instruction because he has been there almost as long as Bella check and he's been there through multiple systems through all these different teammates. Teammates and so I I just the reason I wanted to focus on it is because that as much as anything is part of his legacy of UNIM- question greatness is that he finds a new motivation that he finds a new mountain to climb even if it is the same damn mountain because he's got he's had nothing left to prove for five years and he just keeps finding a new reason to show up as motivated to decide during that drill see I'm GonNa. Do you know what I'm annoyed that the defense isn't respecting the play action because they know it's a pass. I`Ma call run just because I can like I find that fascinating. Let me tell you something. Tom Brady hates training camp. I went to fourteen and went to play sixteen years went to fourteen training camp. Training Kim sucks it sucks talks. It hurts. It's it's something that you understand. I must do on the way to this so Tom Brady's planning trickle in his mind like any person that does something for a long time. He makes it more important every single day but when Tom Brady's running out there to the field there's a certain amount of kid like joy but there's a certain amount of professionalism that takes over I must do this. This is a huge part of being a great player and he's mastered that the greatest mastered the ugly parts of their profession and it becomes just something else that they must do but there's no way Tom Brady enjoys training camp. That's just flat out lot. It's impossible. I think to your point I think Michael Strahan once said if it wasn't for training training camp if we could just skip it. I probably would've played an extra couple of seasons. I'm sure a lot of guys playing a longtime say the same thing all right. Let's take a break coming up could Ezekiel. Elliott's holdout dragged into the regular season. That's next person I not only he did the Boston Celtics win the N._B._A.. Finals Nineteen ninety-six but a queen size mattress was only one hundred sixty nine dollars. Though Larry Bird is no longer playing mattress firm is making sure the eighties are still represented during mattress firm's flashback sale you can save up up to four hundred dollars on throwback deal suitable for the sleep hall of fame score and updated bed for price in the past and start sleeping like one of the pros heavyweight battle for you coming up on Saturday as Brooklyn's unbeaten Adam Cook not ski takes on Chris Areola Saturday eight eastern five Pacific on Fox sports F I don't know what you mean we are now going viral here on first things first Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Trevor Bauer one of the most sought after pitchers in m._l._b.. Trade Market Right now however yesterday he got lit up and was pulled after allowing eight runs in four innings and when Terry Francona came to the mound to pull him Bauer show Oh just a little bit of emotion watch this he turns and fires thankfully through it against the boards in the seats there to get hit with but you don't you don't do that with your managers coming out. It's disrespectful so Franken is going. What the heck was that broncos skip? I'm sorry and he goes go grab some pine. I'm GonNa see you a little bit and so he's in the principal's office right now and then let them deal with it but the royals they frustrated him they got some big hits on some of his best pitches and so he's got to go bears a crazy guy I mean prior to this. We knew bowers a little bit crazy. Guy Yankees may be considering trading for him. Especially now since stroman went to the mets oddly enough but this is. I know it's on the takeaway. That's a hell of a throw man that thing win belt three hundred eighty feet in the air that he threw clearing the Centerfield Wall. Oh Yeah I I was glad that Terry Francona check them because I know Terry from our days over another network and everything that's the kind on a person who is now because he said what the what was that <hes> go sit over there on the bench see. I liked that aspect because very few times especially at that level. Are you going to see the manager respond that way and I've never seen a pitcher to that in re. Oh you're going to take the ball on my hands will go get it. He was mad man. It also wasn't is like the center fielder drop a fly ball yet an error on the thing some bad look let some pie right in the middle of the game. It's time for stores to Start Your Morning Oren sponsored by Gillette Clear Gelson terrible news for the Cincinnati Bengals A._J.. Green was carted off the field and training camp. He's out six to eight weeks with a torn ligament in his ankle making him unlikely to be on the field for week. One for Cincinnati see see your reaction to the news is bad news this one the classiest wide receivers. We've seen in the N._F._l.. In the last twenty years A._J.. Green it happens fast. Last year got injured now. He gets injured to start. The season is A._J.. Green after starting out career oh like one of only a handful of white receivers where he was dominant those first seven years unfortunate for the bengals in their new head coach. They don't have one the most consistent why received one the best deep threats that we have an N._F._l.. Available we'll devastating for Andy. Dalton's chances start the year well and what I think's very difficult division you have the browns should be really good. The Ravens won it last year only got better with the addition of Earl Thomas and Lamar being a year older in the steelers. We know that they'll be at least five hundred or defenses twice without eight man and so I mean A._J.. Green has kept that off until float despite what I would consider mediocre quarterbacking. There's a devastating loss for them early. On some bad news for the New York giants Golden Tate suspended for four games after testing positive for using a fertility drug they've also already lost Korey Coleman for the season two attorneys. Yell Sterling Shepherd has a fractured finger and there is no more Odell Beckham junior boy boy. If only the giants did have another top perceive it to rely on Nick. What do you make of what's going on with the giant? I mean this is bad. Luck bad fortune bed decisions all hitting the same position on the team and the position that's going to be spotlighted because they traded away the best receiver of the most talented receiver in the history of their franchise. I don't I mean evidently Golden. Tate knew this was coming. Didn't he told the giants about it but not until after he'd sign the four year deal with them so little question marks there whether it's tough Walkman they they got no one to throw to except for our friend Ingram for the first month of the season I think I think there's been other people in the league that have struggled with the same situation but you are responsible Jenner for everything that goes into your nobody one hundred percent they got doctors that will test it and you got years of examples of what to do and what not to do understand trying to grow a family. It's one of God's commandments but I'm just going to tell you have to wait target. Get out to leave all right. I can't handle babies right now. I actually I agree with cost you more money. Good news for Bobby Wagner. He signed. Signed a three year fifty four million dollar extension with the seahawks this weekend Ortho or forty million guaranteed this makes him the highest paid inside linebacker in football see put into perspective. Just how good wagner is. He is the quarterback Russell Wilson soon up their defense. He's been underrated for a long time. He's been the best defender on that team. For a long time. People Talk About Earl Thomas Kam Chancellor. They always talk about the secondary bobby. Wagner never got enough credit. You are not running the ball against Seattle. You are not on the short passing game why because of Bobby Wagner he deserved this money the forty million guarantee because we've seen early without getting paid Sharm leaving without getting paid bobby stayed in got paid hey good for him and as they do in Seattle very smartly done by John Schneider the G._M.. In that he becomes the highest paid ever at his spot but it's a short term deal. He will be worth this money certainly over the next two years which is really all you're committed to them on and then yes I if he continues his level. He'll be up for another deal so works for both parties. I think more team should emulate that pay the guy what he wants to do it on a short term lease visit till the teams what with a high percentage players with to kill the team exactly right there here we go there. We go that'll work for this speaking of two parties who both need a little advice here with Ezekiel Elliott. He didn't show up to camp on Friday continued to hold out throughout the weekend according to reports he has yet to counter the cowboys. Extension offer can be a long battle battle between the two sides see Zeke handling this the right way well. He only had two choices and that's either to hold out at the beginning or tell them I need a new deal show up to camp but I'm not going to be here during the regular the season his ability to not be there it puts instant pressure regardless of what Jerry Stephen anybody else says because there's GonNa be some money passed out in Dallas this summer and it's going to be a lot of and if I'm Zeke like I said you are in business for yourself own yo check. It does not say <hes> you know. Amari Cooper is my teammate. All you know I got good offensive lineman. It says Dallas cowboys painted order of Ezekiel Elliott. That's the way the checks come. They don't come onto all you got to split them up. No they got a little sliver of Pie and I'm making sure that I get a piece of that because I'm getting ready touched a ball four hundred and fifty times. This team revolves around me more so than any person he he is more important than the head coach. He's more important than the quarterback and he's the best player on the team and I know guys in the locker room. What do they ultimately respect when you work hard and you perform and you get paid for it? I think that locker room we're respect. Z. Getting paid 'cause he is carried that team for three years. Well and I went back and read the comments from Stephen Jones this past May and Steven Jones said two things both of which are probably getting them in a little bit of trouble now. We've talked about the one that he said. which is we know? We have to pay Zeke but we've got a couple years to get that done. I'm sure Zeke's are that was like no no. No you got a few months to get that done but the other thing he said in that same interview that I had forgotten till I wrote it. This morning is well. Obviously the contract contract will start at girly and go from there. We'll Todd Gurley got four years fifty eight million with forty five million guaranteed. He said to the whole world it will start there and go from there so I don't know because it was reported this weakened the cowboys made an offer to Ezekiel Elliott and as of we sit here today. It has not yet been responded to that. Logic tells me that means it was an offer they looked at and said man. This isn't even worth responding to pass this back. I was so are they not starting at Todd Gurley and going from there are they presenting him as I think would be reasonable for an initial offer less than highest paid history of the League at your spot which may be would be a credible offer if you just kept after mouths shut right. He's talked Pandak. They talked about paying amaury. They've talked about paying Zeke is the highest paid ever just that he's going to have to wait and too busy handling this the right way if he has the stomach for it if he really if he's truly Lee willing to go to the wall on this meaning not just Miss August but go into September that opening game against the giants and potentially not be there if he's got the stomach for it then yeah because then I think the leverage will shift to him because cowboys desperately needed but where he wouldn't be handling this right is if it's only a half measure is if he's GonNa sit out sit out and then show up still without getting paid and having lost his leverage but it does not seem like that is at least as we sit here today his plan of action. Do you think it's on the board that Ezekiel Elliott would willing to Miss Games over the contract. You think you can get that far or do you think these two were the cowboys not let it get that far. I think there's some technicalities as far as the CBA would he can do what he can't do. What's Best Mike? Is there awesome restrictions. If you are better off not coming then trying to come in then Lee we saw Julio Jones last year. He ended up showing up Arthur blank made him a promise Julio's still hadn't gotten paid yet and we're another year ear removed but Arthur blank said that he's going to pay him as Ezek willing to go on a handshake agreement with Jerry Jones. I don't think so playing running back. I wouldn't do it like so I do believe that Zeke would not not show up and be plan around messing around. I believe he sees because he thought about this isn't that something just woke up and said you know some not GonNa show up the Dallas cowboys. He knows how important he is and he knows the message he sends right. Now is very important. I I think Zeke will be there week number one I believe they'll come to some type of compromise and he also knows that Dallas did not play in for this meaning. Here's the running backs on the roster. Darius Jackson's the only one who has any N._F._l.. Touches he has six carries in his career and it's two rookies a fourth round pick Tony Pollard in the seventh round. Pick Mike Weber Junior. They don't have now that there's any great replacement for Ezekiel Elliott but they don't have C._J.. Anderson sitting there behind Todd James Connor like what we saw last this year in Pittsburgh where he had rothlisberger say okay. We'll we'll do what we have. They really don't have the same situation certainly no one that is even close to proven and Zeke noses representation knows how critical he's now critical. This season is for the cowboys as far or is having this young core together all right. Let's move onto the L._A.. Rams now coming off a trip to the super bowl but also coming off a trip home from the super bowl empty-handed rams looking hoping to avoid the always dreaded Super Bowl Hangover A. A big factor there the health of running back Todd Gurley a season after getting a massive contract extension there are still questions about what he can do and how well he can do it with his arthritic. Knee girly says he's done talking about the knee <music> energy and my name let it be but are you. Are you eager to just kind of show everyone that you're fine and you're the same guy that you've been the Niagara. We'll have to prove anything and nobody doing this for years now. So it's the same stuff over here all right nick does girly have to be in top form for the rams. Rams have any success this year. We'll have any success maybe not but to have a great year to have anything close what they were last year which was thirteen and three and in the super bowl absolutely he's the best player on their offense. He is the part of their offense that defense has have to account for each and every snap that to me opens everything up for their quarterback they the rams have told us hey man todd Gurley at full strength was worthy getting paid with two years left on his deal. They got their quarterback. WHO's got two years left on his deal? They haven't paid him and they're not gonNA pay him this year. They've made that clear. They're going to wait until they see another year for him so to me. The rams have told everyone who they thought was the most important player and I mean the proof they lost only four times last year the four games they lost Todd Gurley and sixty eight twenty eight forty eight and thirty five yards rushing like what all those having common well below what his average over the last few years has been so to me. We just talked about the cowboys about the rams. These might be the only two teams in the League where their most important player on their offense is running back but I do believe that is the case with the rams and it really hurts them because how the offense is designed. It's not a normal offense. They they run a certain scheme. Now they run in place. They looked like like other teams but there is no team that matches their running game with their passing game like the rams. It's one of the I was called. Genius things that the young genius has done is he makes almost all the plays look alike last year's farce play action drawbacks Jerry goal lead N._F._l.. With two hundred and twenty play action so that's every time he's putting the ball into todd Gurley are running back that simulated action what it does to the defense and how significant is it when he drops straight back his passer rating drops twenty points so now you're talking about. It makes my quarterback better. This is the way the offense is run in this is the way that the defense is. They don't know what we're doing. It's it's is one of one you got thirty two offense in the league. no-one runs their offense like the rams run their offense in that is predicated on slamming the ball up in there with a running back that I mean his skill to build a run the open-field his blazing speed that he has catching the ball out of the backfield his dual threat. He's one of the best dual threat that we've had since Marshall and when he's not one hundred percent when you don't have those things the offense doesn't look the same they're three receiver fever. Offense is not run the same we saw that last year when Cooper Cup got hurt they couldn't do to play action. Those things hamper that offense and hampered the growth of their quarterback just quickly to both of you. It's not like he's coming off a specific injury that's going to heal. This is an arthritic riddick knee which is a degenerative issue that he's going to have with that. How do you manage his plane time when he's he's a workforce? You want workhorse. He is in there and you want him to get the brunt of that work. How do you manage that? How does that affect? He's not the only player plan with arthritic knee. The coaches have to build a managing getting through training camp as healthy as possible. Try to get through the regular season as healthy as possible but you won't see Todd Gurley have games like Ezekiel Elliot L. Bill where he has twenty six carries thirty. He carries in a game where they tried to grind it out the maintenance program from Todd Gurley. It's real for that contract for them to be able to get their money. They got to go to keep him healthy. I don't think it's possible I'm not trying to put no bad Juju into his knee. His knees been bad for a number of years. He said that but ultimately arthritic knee it becomes bone on bone it becomes how much pain can you tolerate and last year he couldn't tolerate the pain in effect us before and the rams were very unique last season also in this regard they were in eleven personnel meaning one running back one tight end three wide receiver and extraordinary percentage of the time I think it was over ninety four percent of the time so they had the same people in the field almost every play it looked fancy because a pre snap motion and because of what Chris talking about is if you were to be watching from the all twenty two on film a second into a play they all they all but so many of them look the exact same and then he throws the defense off because then it's girly getting it is not not as a play action is a quick slant whatever it is so much of that becomes easier to defend if the running back back there's just a guy as opposed to a star and unlike the cowboys by the way the rams are telling us. They're worried about this. They drafted and Malcolm Brown or they brought back. Mum Drafted Darrell Henderson wherever almost ten yards per touch last year in college like they know they might not be able to rely on Todd Gurley this year the way they have the last couple of years all right. Let's take a break coming up the same question. We've been asking for the last five five years. We'll age finally catch up to one Tom. Brady this ahead on first things first. We got a big show for you today. At seven thirty this morning Tobias Harris will join us to talk about the sixers titled Chances at Seven Forty Eighty five Kyle Rudolph will join us live from Vikings camp a little bit later but the best reason to tune in is this guy right here are favor big time guests former coach Eric managing. How's it going back great to have me most? They told like eight people knicks toll four generals got three other ones man your favorite they've been going through. This basketball says actually they were loving up on. You audit this love you love you every time turn the show. Little part of me dies because you're my friend eight now. I'm the favourite right now the favorite let's talk some Andrew Luck. Oh favorite one and the Indianapolis Colts it was a nice bounce back here for luck last season that after a very few frustrating years dealing with injury return to lead the colts back to the playoffs last season however colts might have higher aspirations than just a measly playoffs colts owner. Jim Irsay did not hold back selling telling his fans on this team can do this. Team is one of the best teams that I've had the privilege to bring to our fans with the general manager. The head coach and and have a situation <hes> that honestly <hes> matches some of those days of paid Najer and Reggie all those guys. I couldn't be more excited. Bob I think is really exciting obviously Andrews in that sweet spot era era for him <hes> age wise and and there's really not a lot of weakness. <hes> you know here with the roster coach best team since Payton Eguren and Reggie is is this finally the colts here. Could it be. They have as good a chance this year as as I think anybody does and I don't love the fact of the owner is creating these expectations. That's something that he could have done to to help continue. This path is less than the expectations because they're in a good spot. They're being talked about and justifiably so when you look at what they did defensively made huge strides and then they drafted seven guys on defense and I think those guys are going to contribute significantly Andrew Luck. He is is a force multiplier Andrew. Luck is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. You've seen the progress that he's made coming off the injury. I I like where they're positioned offensively. There's three number one draft picks on the offensive line to to me they are in a a great spot to make a huge jump this season and with the salary cap room that they have and the way that they position the team and built this team they could be successful long into the future because they've taken a long term view of building the roster coach you said the nugget they're just don't WanNA pass over for those who watches and everything we've become very comfortable with coachman genie. One of your favorite things is force multiply explained to it that to us what it means especially for N._F._l.. quarterback and if you're going to be considered one of the one of the best in the business which you're expecting that guy to do well you can be a force multiplier a couple of different ways. You can be a force multiplier where you make five guys around you. Better you make the people around you better. You can be a force multiplier liar and that you make the people around you worse. It can go either way but really when you look at that quarterback position when you insert that player everybody around him becomes better the receivers be Tom. Brady is the classic example. Peyton manning is another other classic example of guys where it doesn't matter who plays receiver they become better because of the way that he operates the running back becomes better because they've got to deal with the quarterback. The offensive line becomes better because that player is in the position. He's supposed to be in he gets them to the right projects and things like that he you you are someone who makes everybody around you. A Better player and I wanNA remind the audience about what the colts did last year how they got to the playoffs and end up winning a playoff game they were dead in the water. They were one in five the coach the week before they felt a one in five in a lot of people thought was a desperate move. If you remember instead of taking the tie which he could've against Houston he went for it on fourth down in his own territory because he knew they were in spot where man we have to start winning games. They lost that one then lost the following week as well and then they won nine of ten to finish the year and a playoff game so they won ten out of their next eleven games all of a sudden they eh dominant defense in that stretch eight a bit by two quarterbacks they went up against but still a dominant defense. They're one of only three teams all year. One Hundred Yard rusher and most importantly I think is what you mentioned that offensive line they traded back from the third picked. The sixth pick of that year's draft still got their Guy Quinton Nelson he was an instant pro bowl. If not all pro caliber player Andrew Luck after the first five games of the season was one of the least sacked quarterbacks and all the football final eleven games of the year he he was sacked a total of eight times and that was your one of your concerns as luck getting rid of the ball not running into sacks himself but also that offensive line being able to protect him and all of a sudden they were a dream scenario football team. which is you've got a good running game? You've got a great offensive line an excellent defense. Those are the things you have to have to compete if you don't have a great quarterback but they had all those things with a great quarterback that's how you can win. Ten of eleven games going into that playoff game. I'm against the chiefs. I I think the Colt should the stock is only rising in your point on the salary. Cap is another great one. A lot of people thought they have all this cap room. They'll go get levy on bell. They'll go Mak- flashy signing. They'll trade for Antonio. Were Odell. They made a few judicious signings they bring in Justin Houston few other guys but they didn't overspend that capital will roll over into next year and they will be able to re sign some of their own guys and then maybe next year at one major impact player but no the colts under their new new leadership new newish new head coach like they have been. They are in as good of a direction as to me any team in the N._F._l.. I think you're totally right to be that high on them and when you can add seven draft picks on defense and that's another testament is is the fact that they had so many draft picks going into this in in this year's draft and to be positioned to sign your own players so as these young stars get get in a place where they need the second contract you don't have to necessarily move on from or you don't have to leverage leverage everything and not be able to add any other pieces that they're positioned to compete this year and then should be multiple years in the future so now at the culture back in the conversation. Where do they stack up against other teams in the A._F._c. just to give people an idea you have how high you are on them well? This is the thing I think that goes defense is going to be underrated. It's going to be unsung. It's going to be led by Darius Leonard Rookie of the year last year man. If you want to see a guy that's hungry he talks about. He wants to be M._V._p.. When win the Super Bowl I like it? Let's finish up with Ezekiel Elliott. He did not show up to camp on Friday continued to hold out throughout the weekend. According to reports he has yet to counter the cowboys. Extension offer could be a long battle between the two sides. COACHMAN coachman genie is Zeke handling this the right way. Is there a right way. There really isn't a great way to handle hold out but I actually understand where he's coming from. They're talking about Oh cool. I know well he hears from a business business perspective. You've got Daqing Amari who are about to get paid so he could be very easily coming back next season and they're saying well look. We spent all that money on back and we spend all that money on Amari. We don't really have as much money for you so by inserting himself into these two contracts now they've got to take that pot of money and divvied up equally or divvy up however they see those three players and I think that's a smart play by him and to do it at this point with all the praise. It's been heaped on them. With with what he stirs the drink when you when you start praising player like that then you better pay him like I mean that's a platinum star. What mental first of all I really want to give you a hug right now? I'm so glad this is this is but I am and while I agree with you nearly entirely I think the cowboys put themselves backed them selves into this corner. Stephen Jones talked relevant. Jerry talked about Pandak they all talked about paying amaury and then Stephen Jones in May said to very interesting things about paying Zeke was the exact quote is obviously it starts at what Todd Gurley early got and goes from there. I mean that's just handing not a blank check but a four year fifty eight million dollar with forty five million dollars guaranteed check to saying it starts from there but everything he said was but we've got a couple years to get this done. I'm sure Z.. Kurt and said wait a couple couple years. He's taking care of all these other guys. I've been the best player on your team and while crews is adamant. I totally agree that it is not Zeke's responsibility to worry about other guys getting paid. I am curious as a coach. If if you'd be concerned about how this could play in the locker room when Zeke while we can argues been underpaid. He's paid like a top five pick Dak.. Who's been the quarterback WHO's never missed a game? Never been in trouble has been paid like a fourth round. Pick which is a million bucks a year thereabouts era belts and Zeke almost trying to cut the line in this regard. I think it's totally justifiable Zeke's in but would you worry about how the locker room most notably Daqing Amari are going to react to Zeke not being there when they are there. I I understand what you're saying but those contracts are in the works and his contract was not in the worst so he and I'm sure he approached him and said this is something I wanna do. They said you probably going to have to wait and he took a stand and look that's. It's I get where he's coming from from a business perspective now. I wonder if he's going to take a step back and say okay what suspended for those games. I did have the other issue this off season that didn't really go anywhere but there's been some some things along those lines and and it is early is is he going to take some discount because of those behaviors and typically note of that. How long do you think this will play out for? Do you think this would bleed into the regular season. I don't think so I think the cowboys understand how important he is. I mean Amari is great and ex grade and the focal point of this. He is the straw that stirs the drink they were right on with saying that so they're gonNA have to get him in and figure figure out a way to make this work and he's the best player on the team. This is what the players respect in the locker room. Who's the best right? Don't Pick Oh man. Did this guy get in trouble all this guy he get a traffic ticket man. We don't care we don't care who can play play the game of football who will make the Dallas cowboys better when you get in that locker room. That's what becomes important all that I was drafted in the fourth round with Best Yo problem. That ain't no one else's problem. There's all kinds of story you imagine me telling Johnny Randall and eight Johnny. You were a street free agent. You know something. Maybe that's tough. Luck Man. Johnny Randall was out there getting his. I play with seven hall of famers. You'd think we didn't have times where they were trying to get their money. You'd think that they didn't think they were the best in the business. That's that's all a part of it. The one thing that people miss fans it's all the players against management. It ain't some of the players and when management starts talking good about the players the other players are like okay. They didn't say say that about me. Zeke should be concerned that is going to get paid. That's a guarantee Amari Cooper because they traded for him and the impact on deck. He's going to get paid. That's a guarantee so now how much of the Pie I have left. Zeke is a fool if he starts playing for the money. He's playing for where he wouldn't get any new money. Took for three seasons and you know I mean that's a lifetime in Phil. We saw todd Gurley. We saw L. Bell Look at how their fortunes have changed over the last three years. We won't Zeke to wait three years so he gets paid. That's not going to happen also look with the cowboys. Look like without Ezekiel Elliott. It's not like they've got really depth that that position talk about what would happen if he did hold that what where this team could go without him on it. I think that's the interesting thing about the conversation because when Amara got there the offense did get better and it helped ac and has done some good things but it but it all centers around everybody's trying to stop Zeke and when when you're loading up the box when everything is focused on stopping that one player it opens up an incredible amount of things for the other guys tight end for the wide receivers when you take him out of that mix and now they can focus on Amari or they can focus on dealing with with Dak exclusively then ten. It's a much harder road to go for the offense I know coach when we had all those effective offenses in Minnesota and it was generated by the wide receivers. Jake Reed Myself Thousand Dr Seasons Four Seasons in a row then we get Randy Moss when the quarterback will come to negotiate they would tell it's our White House and our White House Jay got paid mosque got paid and I got paid it was about who was the absolute best in in Dallas Ezekiel Ezekiel. Elliott is the best now offense player. He's the best football player he's the best in when that star goes out there when all those players out there Ezekiel Elliott is the best and that locker room. They know that they know when he's on the team. We got got a better chance so I don't think that Zeke hold out is going to reflect on the locker room in a negative way and maybe most importantly it's not just that the cowboys know that two coaches point the opposition knows it and the opposition every game they played against Dallas. The first thing in the meetings is how can slow down twenty one and they go from there and have all of a sudden. He's not out there as we saw for six weeks a couple years ago in the first three games the cowboys went on three and scored seven points per game in that first stretch. If it becomes uh-huh Ozeki not out there we can focus on we can drop an extra man into coverage. We can focus on stopping what is a relatively pedestrian aerial attack same thing they did the go yeah then all of a sudden the offense grinds to a halt when the defense isn't focused on because he's so good they can focus on stopping him and he still wins rushing title and look. You've got a first time offense coordinator. You need to help him out and helping him out is having an elite running back in the backfield. You've gotTA head coach who who's getting close to the end of his contract right. You lose a lot of pressure on him to perform as well so to go into the season without your like Chris Ed the best player on your team it. It's it's a hard hard thing to do and he's really got the leverage over the cowboys this point.

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