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Starving where they lacked breaking down a half. I say now with co-host of using the body around town. Friday episode of dumb people population you should gala gala love. When you guys turn it on nice love it. I love it. I mean i don't mean turn on but just fire. Sc to see you work love. We just wanted to have an episode full of people who've crossed shit on the nfl network. That's all day and then christian so hard they said in you gave us and we appreciate. Because if the nfl's november what thing it's about valuing people after they've given you about living it's about moving on it's about not respecting colin kaepernick. Which none of us did. I'm just getting It is so good first of all. You are one of our favorite people to talk sports with because you are so deeply entrenched in the world and can hang and go toe to toe. Also rep a fan base. That like you're the only friend of ours. Who's like a huge indiana pacers and so that's always a joy so it always feels like it. Feels like an indulgence to be able to go talk to the thirty for thirty. Is it reggie in the garden waiting waiting time. You honestly ask her. She knew that. Because i couldn't remember the title of nurse can't see this. This is boomer with hugging a heart with my name on out just here but you do what i love about. It is that you do have a real to be a great sports fan. I felt you have to have such an eye for the specific and to be able to point out in the world of sports the bullshit of the of the world. And you do this so well in your up comedy as well. you're fantastic. Stand up for those who have not seen her do what she does a. We've seen you many times rush it. i can remember. I can ravelli room for lying up upstairs for tv taping at montreal watching you tape a tv set on a show that we were also on that you were fantastic. John door show. Yeah so that was really. That was the last montreal to do really really well. It's just. I'm so happy you're here. You hate dumb behavior and so do we. Let's get into a story to it. Yes who him by derek. L. man's at game design dude. You the man's what does he do for a living he's like i don't know man upstate. New york man spent hours trapped in his car. After a snowplow buried his vehicle under four feet of snow wall. Is he doing in there in the first place at arkansas. This is my answer from Right outside of niagara falls and this happens like my mom said she could walk out her second story bedroom on snowbank. Yes yes just walk right out and oj simpson. Was there waiting for her. She's not trying to date her anything. You so this. This is very real so real legendary rochelle that the winter storm of seventy eight seventy nine which was like epic when when when they would allow the streets. After a week of non-stop snow is essentially driving down tunnels. Because the snow is piled up does as high as the telephone. Like you would pull out track and just be driving down tunnels and snow. Yes snow tubes. It is so funny the fact that you grew up or did you grow up there. You go up. There are no no. My parents scrap in niagara falls. Do they have. Do you have relatives. Did you go there and visit yes. They're the only ones that like latch till we went on. So you go there. It's like june and you're in niagara falls or you're wherever you're up that area and like you go to a safeway parking lot or some like some i a corner and in the corner of the of the parking lot. There's like a tiny banking. Never shell tune and just black the shape of george washington's head and you're like what is literally kids because those in this time of year right now. Those snow mountains are enormous. And all you're doing is like playing king of the hill. Knock each other off them. And you're either sledding or falling down into a road because it's always in the corner of the parking lot right next to an intersection would go ahead good ours. We had Artful marketing lot. We would like go into like the giant trash receptacle. Letting hill went. But not the help. The mandate of mount can directly into that would just be plowing into dumpsters. Yeah and we would also like it was a big deal in high school to go during the like like a like a sleep with freeze or a little bit of snow and we would just goethe empty parking lots and do donuts. Every every year somebody would forget about the part of the parking lot that had like the little bumper wheels to stop or somebody would hit a pole. One year this ties into the story. We all went to kyle celtics house and his dad worked for rochelle municipal utilities. Who had all these card heart suits right and we all put them on. And then we walked two blocks over to sarah harper's house and tamra. Sanders was parked outside of sarah harper's house and she had a little blue daytona three hours. We made her entire car. A block of snow and ice. It's hilarious it was. There was no way there was no way it. Has this ever feel like because of our phones. People are spending an inordinate amount of time. Still in their car after they've arrived this guy particularly. Yes right don't you feel like your parking spot or your home. Then it's ten more minutes of you on the phone like la has made me be like. I'm getting the fuck out of this car. Obviously not pandemic. now. I could go in new york. Go mccaren cry at this for me there. But in la. I'm like because you had to go from the west side at four. pm it's get us into this. Okay all right. So he spent hours trapped in his car after. A snowplow buried his vehicle. That's anything to like. What was he doing because you know house common rape of like the sled on cement. Yeah police received several nine one. One calls thursday about a driver who went off the road along state route. Seventeen see and needed help. Have any of your car ditch. No have you garnered. Its passage in indiana michigan in college. Yeah we did. Yeah we did. We did because we spun out on a very slick thing in it on. We were in ohio. You're driving. Ohio spun out on a very slick road and it landed in the ditch. Right next thing yeah. It's is have roll the carpet. But i've never like in snow. Put a car into a ditch but then rochelle. That's like a huge. That's how you know how bad it is. People will tell you like just came back on thirty eight. There's like six cars in the ditch. Do not go out there today. like it's just everybody off. I mean the highway between indianapolis and perdue it goes up to chicago to is sixty. Five and sixty five is a disaster. I mean they close it all the time. You're in a ditch. The last time. I drove in snow. I went in a ditch. And my mom's car and just trying to get onto the highway and just look behind me. One was coming such as backed up out of the ditch so many times when you go into a ditch. It's the slowest tragic thing happen. It's 'cause you already slowed down because you felt it and then you just slowly like what we're going into the day to day say that emotionally. That's the way most people feel when they're in indiana. They're going to a new york crying and their car. I've been there needed help in. And we go into town in western new york just a few miles from the pennsylvania border however despite several attempts to find the car. No one could locate my sergeant. Jason cali of new york state police learn about the calls and went on the hunt for the wayward vehicle. Can't like locate my iphone. Tell them where he is. It is phone. Just say but no. He's only they've only gotten calls from people who saw the car so doesn't have a phone. I don't know he's service boy as he was driving. That's the cop. He spotted several mailboxes. Sticking out of the snow piled along the side of the road he dug through the snow to check the addresses to see where he was and suddenly uncovered a window. The oh eyeballs out. Plot of misery is also picture that scene in weird science where they pick up glass and he's under the sixteen candles. That's what it was. He picks up the clear off the beer cans. And you just see yeah So he he he. He pushes finds the window right. Anthony wasn't price on the other side of the glass was kevin crescent and he had been calling nine. One one from inland fisher. Kevin creston is in also friends with tam. Whoever your friend know you still. There was nate casson but they did not help. Michael my will kyle his dad. Jeff these guys stuff from did not help was just western new york named kevin everybody's name is kevin carson had been calling nine one one from inside the buried automobile. For how many hour you gotta drive by the crescents and drop-off Christmas cookies begging. How long four hours. Okay how how many hours do you think i. D invents call eight hours eight hours eleven. Eleven hour okay freaked out. We're going to take a break. We'll come back we're gonna find out what megan's up to it and we'll find out. How many hours kevin crescent was trying to get someone to get out of this guy. Doing be stress. We'll be right back sitting around Support for this. Podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars by plane ticket paid on your student. Loan treat yourself to those shoes. You benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer survey who save with progressive in two thousand nineteen. They you kinda like this guy. But when you can't decide between the filet o. Fish for the big mac and he says luggage both thank you. You definitely like this guy meal. Get it at mcdonald's when he get two of your face for two six bucks wintertime time only practicing participation may vary single item regular price guys. Welcome back to the show. We should mention to everybody that we announce who are next live on people town guests to be on a saturday january twenty seven february twenty seven february twenty seven. Nowhere comedy club We've got jack black and open. Mike eagle it is going to be amazing. I don't people town it's fun. This is what i love about this show. This show is fun in every different. Iterations that we do it in the live. Ones on zoom are amazing Get your tickets right back. And they're covid friendly you'll be safe ordering minimum or maximum. That's right and it's just a blast so we've got all that and they daniel. You can mention to your fingers. Go to daniel van kirk dot com. If you wanna hang out with for live with the rory as well as play bingo. Raise money if you win bingo in the final round. Not only do you actually win money but the same amount of money goes to a no kill animal shelter or a big brothers big sisters or food bank in your area comics. Come on and call numbers with me a lot of fun. Van kirk dot com. Check it out. Megan what is going on with you kiddo. You always doing such great stuff for you writing on anything right now. What are you working. I am writing on a forthcoming show. it doesn't even have a name yet. So that's how like. I'm assuming it's documentary kidding into comedy. It's yeah it's it's going to be a late night comedy And then my husband. And i hope podcast together all the greatest and we doing it down. Our greatest choices in many many different sports categories. Most recently we did greatest european. nba players. Don't right now coach. yeah and then. I have a forthcoming. I don't even know if i can say this. But i'm gonna say i have a fourth coming podcast with the lifetime network where i might. Naomi kerogen and i are watching lifetime movies for the lifetime network and then breaking them down for listeners. Know if you guys are taking gasp if you ever do i will sign my grandmother. Rosemarie van kirk up. She is ninety years old and she will. She will give you any hot. Take you on any lifetime movie. Yeah yes i listen. I want her So we're gonna get hurt. We are lucky enough to wear every episode. We interview either an actor from the film director or the writer of the feds. So you're gonna have meredith baxter birney on eleven times. That's she i. This is such a good idea. Good the next thing you have to do is do it for hallmark movie hallmark christmas movies but israeli but when the contracts were going on i mean you guys sometimes these podcast contracts is child west and so they're going back and forth back and forth back and forth and then they finally were just like okay. They can't do a podcast for the hallmark channel. And we're like we're not gonna do because those guy this is. What episode are you guys gonna talk about mother. May i sleep with murder. I need with murder. You need burning bed. I want all of it staircase. Whatever the one. I just watched the other night was pool boy nightmare. Those three words exist in the same phrases watched one with my grandma wants. Do not know the name. All i know is this guy's daughter died and he like owned the apartment building and so this other girl moved into an apartment and then he hid cameras around her and then like became obsessed with her and then he broke her and her boyfriend up and then he tried to kill her best friend kick his ass. Rosemary and i were riveted is by the way williams okay great there is a new liam neeson movie out where he's basically doing taken. Yeah he's doing. A kids called coyote movie. I can't believe it happening. Do that all that stuff that you have going on and let's get back to this okay. How many hours did kevin cresson call nine one one. He was just found by happens. He was found because other people saw going the distance ache and then the conscious wanted to know what address he was out in front of so said for hours. Said eight and i said eleven k. He was in that car for ten hours. Oh our i. I just ten hours. And that's i. What was the movie talking about. Nine about ten twenty eight twenty eight hours last. You're getting our blasphemy. Seven hours we talk about twenty eight days later later. I saw his arm off. Twenty seven hours twenty eight days later his arm off just to get out of quiet rivers honestly like this takes a cop in upstate. New york like you put an lapd in the same situation. They're not going to understand snowdrop slate. One hundred hours is kind of the minimum of what it was going to take this. This is the guy who's gonna find two thousand and eleven. I was in chicago and they had this storm. That's been nicknamed storms thunder. Let island too okay. So you remember this so what happened was at around three thirty pm. It started snowing and then it imports. Nope i'm talking melchior sizes it for the next two and a half three hours so during rush hour on lakeshore drive at belmont which is one of the outlets. Awfully nice us. Jack knifed and closed off all but one lane then a car eventually trying to get in that one lane broke down when you back up south of belmont the you are now in between his bamut harbor on your west side and on your east side lake michigan so thousands of cars got stock with no to go. They couldn't different part. You get out and start our lake shore drive you get out just are walking into your neighborhood these people. They had to go rescue them because there was nowhere for them to god and they would walk a mile. Oh back or forth which they a lot of people didn't have like it was. It was insane. I i walked up irving park on the next morning. I was the on each shut down the whole city. Yeah i went to the jewels on. Southfork got myself from kraft macaroni and cheese spirals. Tombstone pizzas loaded up. Were there for that too young. I was there for that. I i knew it was going to be bad so i left. My apartment went to my other friends. Apart lisa traeger. I went to lease his house so we could annoy everyone she lived with. We watched human centipede and we are friends. Were having a party the night that it started so we were walking out and a car pulls up and it was a state of emergency. You could not be driving and guys roll down the neuralink giuliana ride and we're like okay. So we get their driving. They're passing a handle of jim beam back and forth in the french and the guy driving goes. Don't worry he's a cop and the guy who's goes and don't worry he's a judge and then they took us where we were going. My god time. I was on lawrence and lawrence and broadway and ronnie woo just got into my car and i drove ronnie woo from lawrence broadway like all the way down plane ronnie woo. Who is a person who wears a cubs uniform goes he's been unofficial blue all the time and i think i must have waived or something when i saw an contact. You just didn't mean you learn pretty fast with ronnie only running. We'll we'll out santo here. The candor man suffered from hypothermia. Mike the candy man can or can't suffered from frostbite due to the freezing temperatures. His vehicle had no heat because of a broken belt. Now look i'm to fix that bellio. Don't go out out fix. Maybe you didn't have the money. He needed to grant i totally. I totally time in my life. Where i had a car with no heat and i had a space heater hooked up inside my hand out driver fire rating i. I had no money. I get it. I was in the winter. He was taken to lord's hospital and treated for his conditions. The region around a wego was pummeled with snow to tuesday storm receiving about forty inches of snow. How yeah dan. It is january right now. It is eighty degrees where we are right now outside. That's unhealthy like it's not normal. It's not healthy. But aren't you glad for like one second that were battling through craziness. Oh my god. I mean we don't chicago. There's a moment. My kids want to go sledding. So badly once once leading to the like we can go in and then come out. Yeah every time it rains here. I think about where what it's going to be like up in three days by the time it gets to illinois all right we'll get out of here in this. How old is this guy in. The car is crisscrossing. I need him to not be old of. he's like. Yeah chris kresa. I'm this feels like twenty nine. German crossen kevin crash jay z. Thirty eight thirty eight years old. I say twenty nine twenty nine. I think he's twenty three. I think he's young and he's like. I don't need to fix this belt like i'm fine. Nothing's going to happen to me. Kevin creston the man in the box. Car is ten hours ten but thermionic. Driving with a broken belt did not have heater. When the day started did not have eaten his body by the time the day was over. Found by luck is fifty eight years old trees. To course megan increase young enough. Danny's made a lot of bad decisions. Yeah he's angry. he's wow blue with something better. Have a cooler in there. Yeah and probably like child support. Check that he didn't pay said. Oh my god megan gale. You're the best for joining us Oh i can't wait to check out the time movie. Podcast we great. I'm not a big lifetime movie fan but that is right up my alley. I can't begin to tell you everything you do is and Hey guys oh shit. We gotta get back to work. Dum dum dum dumb old Starving a podcast network.

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