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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman now that the House has transmitted to the Senate articles of impeachment against President Trump a series of housekeeping steps. We'll follow NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. The procedure gets underway in a few hours. Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell says the house impeachment managers will present presented and read the articles on the Senate floor later today. He also announced fed. Chief Justice John Roberts will be sworn in to preside over the trial and will swear. During the entire chamber as jurors president trump will be sent an official summons notifying him of the articles of impeachment and requesting a response bonds from his defense team. NPR's Windsor Johnston and indicted associated with President. Trump's lawyer rudy. Giuliani is alleging. The president was fully aware of their efforts to dig up dirt in Ukraine Love Parnes told MSNBC HE WORKED WITH GIULIANI TO PRESSURE UKRAINE to launch an investigation into Joe Biden and that trump new critics note was indicted last year out alleged campaign finance violations. CNN has released audio of a heated exchange between senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth. Warren took place after Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate in Des Moines. NPR's Daniel Cruise Laban reports CNN reported on Monday that Sanders allegedly told Warren during a private 2018 meeting. That he didn't think a woman could be elected president in a statement sanders. Denied saying saying that at Tuesday's debate. Warren maintains that he had made the remark and Sanders. Again tonight it afterward. The two spoke to each other near the lectern microphones CNN which aired the debate released audio of the exchange Wednesday night. I told me a liar on national. TV than the one. I think you called me a liar on natural all right now. One of the discussion. We'll have that discussion. You call meal told me Listen Sanders. Warren are among the four leading candidates in a tight race. Ace in Iowa Danielle Kurt. NPR News Iran's president says his country is now enriching more nuclear fuel than before the Twenty fifteen nuclear agreement was signed despite pressure from the US. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports President Hassan Rohani Spokane Broadcast Address for months around has been reducing its commitments under the nuclear deal including increasing. Its stockpile of low enriched uranium in remarks that could be interpreted as taught to the trump administration which pulled out of the agreement it and resumed levying sanctions on Tehran. Honey said quote pressure has increased on Iran but we continue to progress separately. Iran's Foreign Minister chastise three European Penn State's known as the e three who triggered the deals dispute resolution mechanism overruns violations. mohammad-javad Zarif Road on twitter. Appeasement affirmed E. e-3 sold out to avoid new trump tariffs Zarif compared trump to a high school bully. Peter Kenyon reporting this is NPR. The government of the Virgin Islands is suing the estate of financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. He took his life in jail last year as he faced charges of sex trafficking virgin island officials allege he committed sex offenses onto private islands in the US territories jurisdiction. Some of the alleged victims are minor girls. Virginia could become the thirty eighth state ratified the equal rights amendment to the US Constitution as soon as today but the amendments future is still L. Uncertain from member station. VP 'EM in Richmond. Megan Paulie has more. Applause erupted in the House and and Senate galleries Wednesday after Virginia lawmakers voted to pass their respective era resolutions. Some Light Carol Stevens with the League of women voters watched the Bogo down from. I'm an overflow room. In the Capitol. Stephen says she thinks democratic control of the House and Senate including the first female speaker of the House made a difference that shows how how in control the leadership is a final procedural. Vote is scheduled this week. Then it heads to Washington but the Justice Department says the deadline to add the IRA to the US. Constitution has expired setting up a legal battle for NPR news. I'm Megan poly in Richmond. Virginia the International Court of Justice. It is in The Hague will issue a ruling next week on a request for emergency measures on genocide case against Myanmar. That country is accused of genocide against its RNC angered Muslim minority. Hundreds of thousands of Mahindra have fled Myanmar. I'm Korva Coleman N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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