S2 Ep. 04: The Academy Awards


Hey, thanks so much for listen to the history of stand up. If you like the show a really easy way to support us is to leave a rating or review, on apple podcasts or Stitcher, or any of those places that you give guests doesn't seem like much. But every review you leave helps new people discover the show. If you have a minute, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks much onto the episodes. North and South America and all the ships at sea. Let's go to prince tonight. The big lights, cutting up Hollywood sky, and the crowds are pouring into the paint. It is movie towns writers our Oscar night in a very few moments. The academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences will begin handing out statuettes for the best film. Achievements. It is not a precious work, a lot that golden Oscar. But the moving picture, people, it looks better than an original by Michael Angelo. And now before the elect of Hollywood and the millions of listeners in the great forty eight states. The annual Academy Award show is underway with the national anthem. Android question for you. What is it? What do you think is the most pristine, aegis gig that a stand up comedian can do having their own sitcom? No. I just mean like yes, that's a great big. But I'm talking about just like the one show one night. Madison Square Garden Carnegie Hall, some big theater yet. Those are all excellent, but in my view, the most prestigious gig that a comedian can do a stand up can do is to host the Academy Awards. Why is the Academy Awards such a big deal? So even if you do a great set on the tonight show, like like Roseanne Barr did in the eighties, or Freddie prints did. And so we talked about. Yes as. Yeah. That's still late night television. A lot of people probably didn't see that can definitely Hel help your career. It was as Roseanne said it was what it was the greatest moment of her life, and even better than having your own kids. Yeah. You remember that was from last season. So that's my contention. That hosting the Oscars is the biggest gig that a comedian can do, and that opening monolog that five eight minutes, sometimes longer is watched by not only everyone in the industry, but also a monster. Vision event both in this country and all around the world. Would you say it's the equivalent of a band playing the Super Bowl show? It is that would great point, great point. That's exactly what it's like it was thinking in my mind what could be bigger than that. And that would be if you're a stand up comedian, and you open the Olympic Games or the World Cup or sort of international event like this, this gig. And again, we're on the history of Santa has been going on for a long time, which makes what happened on December sixth two thousand eighteen that much more. Remarkable got a call from you. Let's academy in that call basically say Kevin apologize few tweets old or we're going to have to move on to the hose. This is Kevin Hart firms, Instagram shows the past past. Reason why pass because of addresses several times. I'm not gonna do it, man. I'm gonna be me and we'll stay on my grind Garland's academy. I'm thankful and appreciative of the opportunity, if it goes away. No harm. No foul. A few days later, Kevin Hart went on Ellen show. Yes. And she had hosted the Oscars twice in two thousand seven and in two thousand fourteen and she was insisting that he takes his gig. I think it was. It was right after I hosted the Oscars. We went to dinner and we talked about you hosting the Oscars that it was a dream of yours. You've always wanted to host the Oscars. I said, you should host the Oscars, then you get asked to I mean it must have been amazing. When they ask you to host this year it's the Super Bowl performance. You're not the Super Bowl. You're saying Super Bowl, I, I think that the night will be about you, and it should be about you, and you should host the Oscars and I'm gonna talk you into it after this. Is this the first time it's ever, we don't know what comedians were asked to host the Oscars in private. And then said, no, I don't wanna do it. But this actually happened before not directly, but in two thousand eleven Eddie Murphy was announced as the host for the first time a host of the Oscar telecast has quit. Eddie Murphy bowed out today after his friend Brett Ratner resigned as the producer and Eddie Murphy said, if he's not gonna produce I'm not going to host. So there is kind of a precedent of which, because Eddie Murphy, if they comb through Eddie Murphy's Ross stand up. I'm sure many comedians have material that people might find offensive gorse. So with what happened with Kevin Hart in twenty nine thousand nine ended up going with no host for the Oscars has there ever been another Academy Awards without a host. Yes, not just one five. This is the six one. We just had six out of ninety one. So do you know what percentage of No-ho shows that is? It's more than five it's less than six, that's close enough for us. But my point is this episode is about comedians hosting the Oscars and performing on the Oscars. And when we talk about that we have to start with the guy who hosted the show more times than anyone else. Mr bob. Welcome to the history of standing the show, where comedian and professor, Wayne Federman teaches all little bit more about the history of stamina, and I'm your fellow student. Andrew, stephen. Ladies and gentlemen, here we are once again, welcome to the Academy Awards or as as known at my house Passover. Again, the Oscars and smiling I'm something new method moves. Now I do this. You not only wasn't nominated on Hollywood Boulevard. They just put a manhole cover over my star. So how many times it, Bob Hope host the Academy Awards, he hosted at believe it or not eighteen times that's eighteen ever ninety one. How how many times was the next closest host? It's not even close. It's nine and that's Billy crystal is. Yeah. That's an easier math problem and the first time he hosted was February twenty ninth nineteen forty that's I had to be a leap year. Right. Was the show. Always like it's been when we think about the no no no no early on. It was just in like hotel rooms started out at the Roosevelt hotel in the blossom room and then the embassador and then the Biltmore hotel downtown, but it was just like at dinner, not in theater. And so when he first started hosting, it was just this industry dinner that they did. And a lot of times people even knew beforehand. And who is going to win? But so here is Bob from the very first night, he ever hosted. President. Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen. I'm very happy to be here tonight. Anyway. May, I'm just the man who came to dinner. Really? I think this is a wonderful thing about it. But like this for David sows Nick, and I wanna tell you. I really had a sneaky idea that they were gonna give me an Oscar tonight, because I saw one of them with a surprise look here. Who's David sells like I don't get that joke. This is one of these recurring motifs. That's happened is they look back at these models that some of the biggest laughs are based on topical references David cells. Zinc was the producer of gone with the wind, which was up for a slew of awards won many including the best picture. One of the things I remember about Bob Hope from season. One is that he sort of popularized opening a show with a topical monologue in particular, having a staff of writers on call to write jokes ram, whether it's for the Oscars, or to punch up his movies or for personal appearances. So he was kind of like a comedy factory with a bunch of people just working around the clock to keep the Bob Hope machine humming. It's very hard for me to describe to you exactly how massive Bob Hope was in this country because there's no comedic quivalent to him. He just huge iconic. Figure the cast a shadow. Over the entire comedy world comedy, today's just way too needs. So we can't have that, but in mid twentieth, century America, especially for the greatest generation, this was the guy he hosted the Oscars. He was in movies. He was in movies with Bing Crosby. He was doing this popular radio show. He toward, and on top of all of that he became the guy who is identified with traveling the world all the time to entertain our troops and all of that contributed to this legendary status that he had this beloved relationship he had with the American people intil Vietnamese war a war that divided the nation and caused a large group of people to begin viewing. Bob Hope is this corporate establishment guy he last hosted in nineteen seventy eight? So from nineteen forty to nineteen seventy eight that's before Pearl Harbor. And through the end of the Vietnam era. The look around the audience pick out the competitors off. They're the ones that look like they're listening for the draft number. We're this thirty eight year span that Bob Hope was hosting the Oscars. Not every time were there, any other stand up comedians that host the ketamine words. Yes, they were two notable. Comedians, one was a famous radio star, Jack. Benny so Jack Benny host of the Academy Awards twice. And here's comedy historian. Cliff Nesterov is late ac- as a film, comedian was tainted by his own self deprecation. From the blows at midnight. This is really a return engagement for me. The I was master thera Mony for the academy three years ago. And I'm back again denied and fortunately have had other word in between. He starred in a smash success that still considered it. Classic film comedy called to be or not to be directed by Ernst Lubitsch starring Jack Benny making fun of the Nazis while the war is still going on this movie had such staying power that Mel Brooks remade, it. So this is the period that he's hired host the Academy Awards. I. Made a picture one. Where I thought I might have a chance for an award. I made it with lubick pick your call to be or not to be, which I was comedian, who played hamlet at that picture to back Luebbe got so mad at me that when the picture was over instead of putting the film, he bid out the part. Finally, all the picture. I think he's wallo the best part of it. I was a point. Anyway. It was supposed to be made in technicolor, but we had to go back to black and white because due to a peculiar pigment in my in I photograph plaid. He's well, new not just as a radio conic, but as a major movie star. And if you look at his filmography he had already made many, many movies for both FOX, and for paramount, the meanest man in the world and buck Benny rides. Again, were two movies based on his radio program that co starred Eddie, Rochester Anderson. A black comedian co starring in a movie with a major white comic. This was revolutionary for the time this incredible. I mean I learned a little bit about Jack. Benny last season from you. But scratching the surface of everything that he did. That's the that's the magic cliff nester of. And so who is this other comedian you were talking about Danny Kaye? Do you remember him from last season? He would George Carlin connection. Exactly, correct. Danny Kaye was George carlin's. Idle Carlin wanted Kay's career the K is very important in the history of stand up, and I must be clear that he's not. Strictly stand up comedian K was more of an entertainer did a lot of Patterson's and dancing and acting. But besides the Carling connection, Danny Kaye is the first comedian to develop NB discovered in the catskill mountains, area known as the borscht belt. Now, I wanna digress for just one minute working in the cats goes was really the most important, one of the most important steps in particular career that I am pursuing is years ago. There's to have vaudeville and cafes and burlesque shows all over the country. And there was a kind of a spawning ground for young talented people to be able to develop an as the movies came in as the void will theaters closed all over the country. There was really no place for young people to get started and strangely enough. The Catskills became one of the most important places for developing, and fostering, new talent, and that is the voice of Dan. Ak from an interview recorded in nineteen forty nine three years before he hosted the Academy Awards, tackle tonight's awards, a brief word to the winners on the subject of thank you speeches in recent years, the academy has been criticized for trying to cut these speeches should now it is to at various Fay's have been employed in the past like trapdoors. Disappearing might in one year, they had next blocking back from Penn State. Well, this time the board of governors of the academy has asked me to announce that there will be no attempt to muzzle. Anyway, however, the rule of Putin should, prevail. If you work on a picture merits and Oscar the academy asked to do a speech be no longer than the movie itself. During this period. The ask years went through two major transformations, one was they moved out of those ballrooms. Remember we were talking about that, right? Just a small industry dinners now. They've moved it to big theaters. Like Gromit Chinese theaters. Still there up on Hollywood Boulevard. They had the shrine, they were at Pantages theater, and then eventually the Dorothy Chandler pavilion, and the Santa Monica Civic Center, and now the Dolby, but in nineteen fifty three everything is about to change for the Oscars because for the first time the movie industry, decides to put this award show on television. This episode of the history of standup is brought to you by Oso delicious. Oh, so delicious hot sauce comes in two flavors, original garlic, and Serano, and the all new haven't Arrojo that has just a little bit more. Heat also delicious donates one dollar from every bottle made sold given away or even broken during shipping to military families dot org. That's a great organization so be sure to check out Oso delicious from our friend, Jordan Brady and Jordan. I go way back, we used to stand up in the eighties before a pop rock group holiday nations in the nineties. He's written directed and produced the series of stand up documentaries called IM comic. I am road comic, and I am battled comic, Jordan, and Oso delicious. Hot sauce are great supporters of the history of stand up. So be sure to visit Oso delicious dot org to get your hot sauce today. That's also de L. I C I, S dot org. The academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences twenty fifth annual Academy Award. Here in the Pantages tonight, the world's most glamorous on nearly three thousand strong all waiting to see the Oscars handed out March nineteenth nineteen fifty three. This is really when the Oscars became a national event. Ladies and gentlemen, was the Bob Hope. Thank you very much, Mr. bracket. Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to suspense. I've very, very, very happy to be here at the Academy Awards. Twenty fifth award show. This is Hollywood's. Most exciting giveaway show. But isn't it exciting to know that a lot of these glamorous stars are going to be in your homes tonight all over America housewives are turning to their husbands, and saying, put on your shirt? Joan Crawford is coming. Television. That's where movies go when they die. This unlikely marriage between the film industry and the television industry could have gone better up into this time. Those two industries were kind of at war with each other television was free and getting more popular while motion pictures were losing a large portion of their paying customers wanna brothers wouldn't show a television or even mentioned TV in any of their films. But guess what the viewership for this Oscar show was not only the biggest show of the week or the month. It had the largest viewership of any TV show broadcast up till that time. Okay. So I see. So this is really when the Academy Awards became that big prestigious Super Bowl like event for a stand up comedian to host a now. I'm after thrown a young comedian, I have always enjoyed in the last twenty four hectic hours. I have learned to respect him mister, Jerry. Louis. Gentlemen. You were here tonight, do our live television performance of cried tomorrow. We again, tonight, ladies and gentlemen, of the annual Academy Award, formally known as busy land. Probably no last year. Bob Hope is the master ceremonies did a very, very wonderful job. And they tried terribly hard to get them to do it again this year. But unfortunately, he couldn't be located. He was at home. Give you an idea of how travels any traveled quite a bit stick on his trunk Amar anywhere. Anywhere form of gag, oh, heaven. But Bob is really wonderful guy. And he's always going somewhere to do something for someone specifically entertaining, the troops, and you may not know this, but Bob has a very, very fine grown son, and he had it when the list just to see his father. That also in the form. Get the straight line, you'll kind of get and these will a little questionable. But help me won't you? Ladies and gentlemen, I should like very much. Thank Mr. Jackson, Trotta, and the fans hotel in Las Vegas where deny it currently appearing relying us to appear here tonight. And I must publicly, thank my good partner Dean Martin because last night in Las Vegas at the roulette wheel. He arranged it so that we will be in Las Vegas for five more years. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, broke up four months after that comment. The freeway human. You remember Johnny Carson from our last season. Yeah. He he definitely has hosting the tonight show. He broke a lot of comedians and made them famous and gave them a career, and then he also did a monologue in the style of Bob Hope, of course, and he follows Bob Hope in nineteen seventy nine and hosts for four straight years. A lot of people thought that he said, a new gold standard for hosting the Oscars critic described him as a national treasure. And we share that opinion. The kademi is proud to welcome. Mr. Johnny Carson. It makes sense that Johnny Carson would be good at hosting. I mean, he did a monologue every night on this night show. But Johnny Carson was in movie stock. Yeah. Exactly. That's a great indication of both the power of Johnny Carson and the growing cultural significance of this Oscar broadcast again. Carson's just a late night. Talk show host Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, Jack. Benny hoped. They all had significant movie careers. Thank you very much ladies our. Thank you for the very flattering remarks as you. Well know by now, this is the fifty first and you look at them, you war, two hours of sparkling entertainment spread out over a four hour show. I. Lot of people who come to these affairs act blase. And I'll have to very honest with you. I am very thrilled to stand up here tonight and gays out on this Laureus throng of beautiful people. I see a lot of new faces, especially on the old faces. So even though there was a trend of stand ups and comedians hosting the Oscars. There was still a lot of actors and other people in movies that were host exactly Goldie, Hawn, and Alan Alda, and Jack Lemmon and Warren Beatty. Jane Fonda and David Niven and Frank Sinatra and dick Powell. All of them co-hosted are hosted during this time period towed, many others. But what many people believe is the greatest stand up of all time. Join the list of Oscar hosts, and now to start the awards program. Richard pryor. Here tonight to explain why. No black people wherever be nominated for anything. Love to. We can cry at the drop of a hat. All. These are some of the black people can't do. We're also going to stop entertaining that will show you. If used to be in showbusiness all together, we are quitting, then see who sings and dances for you. Listen well forever. You know, when I think about the presenters for the big awards at the end of the night, I always picture the most acclaimed actors and directors that is true, but in one thousand nine hundred eight during the comedy boom, they use to comedians to close out the ward ceremonies, presenting the most prestigious awards and order, not violate the writers. This is Robin Williams. I will be channeling the spirit of George Jessil. Thinking to present the best director war if waiting. Before I do that. I just wanna know why they're no Jewish. Evangelists someone comes up going my leg. It goes lick my home. I can't play tennis. And then Eddie Murphy at first when they came to me, and he said he wanted me to present the award for best picture. My magic came. They told me that the kademi pick me and my first reaction was to say no Lang going and should momentum. Why if white managers? I'm not going because they have recognized black people in motion bitches. What are you talking about? Like people when I say, we're black actors and actually won Oscars throughout sixty years was, like, I think I'm heading mcdaniels when the first one Sydney, j one, one in new gossip one and I'll probably never went to Oscar for saying this. But hey what the hey I gotta say, actually, I might have any trouble. Because the way it's been going about every twenty years, we get so we do for about about two thousand four. Woah, no. I said, I wasn't going man. You just have to you can't snub the academy came out here to give the award. I said, but I just feel we recognized as people just wanted to give this award. But black people will not grant, the caboose of society, and we will not bring up the rear anymore, and I want to recognize he said, we'll find it's done when we have to be they said, well, you don't have to get to about nine or ten last evening. So. And with that speech, Eddie, Murphy, foreshadows the Oscar. So white controversy that happens almost thirty years later, Robin Williams. Eddie murphy. They're not hosting the Oscar out, just presenting because they're standups, and the Adamy loves standups on the show. Sometimes if you do great, and they might ask you to host or co host the, this happened a few times, I'm here to give the ward for best sound as you know, in these are. No, it's, it's hard that although or people mixer who movie make it cleaved on's, perhaps buys important movies. I. And that, of course, is Billy crystal two years later. Billy crystal hosted the Oscars for the first time. So where was I? Where was I? Growing up. Billy crystal is who I knew as the host of the Oscars. I didn't even realize that they had other hosts that the time. Yeah, he was like the new Bob Hope for that generation. This is our greatest your every other box office this year worldwide over five billion times. Thank you. Five billion roughly half. Jack Nicholson made on Batman. This is rich man. He just bought land in Japan. Now telling you. Jackets are rich Morgan Freeman drove him hidden night. I'll tell you that right now. I've got one more. I got one more you got it Jack is ridge John Peterson cuts. His hair. When does he get them from? Crystal did he brought a couple new wrinkles to the hosting gay Q? It always have like a song. It's parodying the movies of that year. The story the man all own. This man killed everyone. So now he's home alone. Not a very nice guy. He shot Maureen in the eye. So tell me, why his hair is seven inches. Father. Let's be more and put do. Godfather full. When you're in a coma, and adopt gives you dope. Oh, goodness. I was really proud that, you know, as a as a host we stretched the boundaries of what an emcee could do. This is from an interview Billy crystal did with Larry King on a show, and that's why I think, you know, I had a good time and the audience hopefully did to as we went along. So you try to different things. And then when you can think of something new, then don't, don't do it any, he did four in a row when he started hosting they loved him so much. And then when he came back, he added another wrinkle where he would edit himself into scenes from the nominated films and these were directed by a guy named Troy Miller, who was the director of mister show and Troy had utilized this technique earlier on the MTV music awards using Janine Garoppolo and Ben Stiller, and that took Billy's hosting status to even higher level even after all years, did you for me the pressure started to become Ken, I be better than I was last year. Can I talk myself? Yeah. And that's a that's a hard thing to, to do. And then you realize that don't have to look in jail that Letterman failed. Yeah, I it's, you know, it's not an easy audience. No, no. You guess. It's a supportive one, you would think sometimes. Yes. Sometimes of terrific, bud. The first moment of that show. Larry, they're nervous, right? It's, it's, it's equal playing field or run as the starting gate and they competitive and the competitive in the first five or six rows, everyone's in uncomfortable. Close. The lights are on as a performer. I hate seeing the audience. I don't like seeing them, but especially in the biggest stars in the world. Looking at me going, please be good. What was that, David? Letterman thing they were talking about that. Letterman thing. Oh, it was this. Good evening, gentlemen. Welcome to the sixty seven th annual Academy Awards. I won't lie to you. I'm very very excited. And. I've been dying to do something all day, and I think maybe we can take care of this. Oprah. Abra. I feel much better. Okay. Yes. That might have been an awkward way to begin the ceremony. But Letterman didn't do a terrible job hosting that show. And didn't get horrible reviews. He's actually fine. But he year after year on the late show would refer to that evening as terrible and horrible. And it was a disaster. And that calcified in the American public is image of him bombing on the Oscars. You know what's weird? I was scared. I was hoping I gotta sit there and I gotta watch probably watch one hundred seventy whatever asked all the Oscars. This is Chris rock talking with Letterman about hosting the Oscar, I watch when you hosted and. I was scared because I liked it. Dad's problem. Everybody's like you be little you can do that. What you do. Don't do it. Let them in. Did they stop after? I did that worker they stopped making movies for a year year. Nobody made any moves. So the trend was on stand up comedians where Goto hosts. So then we have Whoopi goldburg, oh, by the way, I've been asked to issue, a reminded to the people here in the audience. Please remember to behave responsibly at the parties after the show apparently last year some produce it got so drunk he left with the woman is own age. We have the mart when they asked me back in January, if I would host the Oscars the first thought that came into my mind was would there be enough time for my facelift to heal? I love welcoming the young stars to show business because it reminds me of my own death. How are you doing on time? Oh, we got five hours. See. Chris rock. I love animation. I love animation because in the world, Vanna mation you could be anything you want to be your fat woman. You can play a skinny Princess. If you're short Wimpy guy, you can play a tall gladiator, if you're a white, man, you can play Arabian rinse. And if you're a black man who could play a dunk your zebra. We have gone store, Steven Spielberg, achier, sir a pleasure. We've never met. A best director nomination for Munich tremendous film. And I congratulate you sir from the man who also gave us Schindler's List, Schindler's List, and Munich, I think I speak for all Jews when I say, I can't wait to see what happens to us next. We have Ellen this is, you know, I just got to say right now, this is a big night for me because this really has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I've always wanted to host the Academy Awards. And so if the dream come. I assume for you in the audience that it's a dream come true for you as well. Now that I'm hosting that would be weird because you didn't know me, but for you to be here in because if you had that dream when your kid, and it would be weird that we hear on the same night that you had a dream of me, hosting and then you're, you're also nominated but. I really did. I just I grew up. I think most people dream of winning Academy Award. I had a dream of actually hosting the Academy Awards, and so let that be a lesson to you kids out there. Aim lower. This is Hollywood that magical mecca movie land fountainhead of the celluloid fantasy shining shadow. But there's a round the full confidence of our troubled world. Two seems like even though these comedians stand ups are hosting the Academy Awards. They're not often the ones who are winning exactly they present. They bring laughter. They entertain the industry, but winning us Skar. The list is very short will be Goldberg one for ghost. Robin Williams for goodwill hunting red button. You probably don't even know that name even one for science, George Burns. Sunshine boys Monique precious Jamie FOX the only one for for Ray for best actor. Yeah. He's the only one to win best actor one and for writing, we have Jordan Peele, and this guy, and the winner is Mel Brooke's producers. I wanna thank the academy of arts sciences and money. This won the award. Well, I'll just say what's in my heart. Bomb bomb bomb? There is one comedian who has received far away more Oscars and Oscar nominations than any other comedian, and it's Woody Allen in nineteen seventy eight. He was nominated for best picture. Best writer best director won all three in the same night did not show up to the ceremony at all. You know why was he playing the clarinet? Yes, he was at Michael's pub. I, I don't know why I know that. But I do. Yeah, there's not many people who don't show up to this ceremony for many. It's a career defining achievement. The first line in their obituary. Woody Allen was like I can't endorse this idea that movie can be the best as opposed to just my favorite and then throughout the years. He won many more Oscars for writing these movies. Never showed up to the ceremony. We never thought we'd see him, but that all changed in two thousand two ladies and gentlemen. Is my pleasure and my honor to introduce Mr. Woody, Allen. Very much that makes up to the strip search. The me tell you why I'm here. Exactly about four weeks ago. I was sitting home in my apartment in New York, and the phone rang and voice on the other end said, this is the motion picture, kademi arts and sciences, and I panicked immediately because I thought that they wanted their Oscar spec. Because I've won a few Oscars over the years. And I thought that they were calling to get them back and I panicked, because the job has been out of business ages, and I have no way of retrieving anything and. So what I'm learning is that Bob Hope set the trend of standups hosting the Academy Awards, and he was the first one to do it. Well, not exactly. There were actually three comedians who hosted the ceremony before. Bob Hope who were they, I'm gonna tell you in a moment, but I just going to warn you. This is a deep dive, and I'm afraid we're going to lose some listeners. Let's do it. They are will Rogers George Jessil and Bob Burns will Rogers sounds familiar, what do you know about him? Westerns very good. He was known as the cowboy philosopher actually started just doing rope tricks with a LASSO. There's a debate amongst comedy historians about whether he is actually a stand up. Some people believe that I do here's cliff Ness draft again. But at the time he was not considered exclusively stand up. Well, one the phrase didn't exist. List and two because he was most famous as newspaper columnist one of the best ways to become nationally, famous was to have a newspaper column that was syndicated in hundreds of newspapers around the country and will Rogers was beneficiary of that. It became a syndicated columnist in nineteen twenty two when he wrote humor columns, and it became very popular and made him very, very famous is also in movies. He was on Broadway was in the ziegfeld follies. He was unveiled Ville eve as on stage shows on radio anyway. We'll ride your toasted in nineteen thirty four at the embassador hotel, and he was the first one to make a huge mistake while presenting. Well luckily for will Rogers there's no recording of this. But here's what happened. There were two francs nominated for best director, Frank Capra, and Frank. Lloyd frank. Capela remembers the night. Vividly, everything he's got applied to be, of course. He began to describe that come up from nowhere in motion pictures and have now reached the pinnacle, and then finally said, abou- come up and get it Frank. I got up sit excuse me, a long walk to the to the dance floor. I see that the spotlight is on Frank, Lloyd. And he goes up and gets the award. And I stay there on the floor with a lot of Aegon my face naturally. I'm the longest walk ever had was coming back through those same people applauding like mad for Frank Lloyd to meet try the duck come their hands. Get back to that table. I wish there was a recording of its gaffe because the Oscars were broadcast on radio before it went to television. But this happened even before the Oscars. Aired on network radio. Tragically a year after this ceremony will Rogers, America's first great political comedian died in a plane crash in Alaska. Next up was George Jessil, who hosted at the Biltmore hotel in the crystal ballroom. Jessica was this multi talented guys start as a kid in vaudeville would sing he would tell jokes he became a producer. He originated the role of the jazz singer, on Broadway before it became a movie any gain notoriety for this comedy routine way back in the twenties where he would call his mom on the telephone. And you would only here half the conversation kind of, like Bob Newhart and Shelley Berman years before they did it, would you like to him? He called my mother. Mamoun Yoji sound from the money every week. Your home for the Pala your cooking. Smart in South American spoke, five languages, he should have said something. Was that the same comedian, Robin Williams was impersonating earlier? Yep. I think that was one of the voices, he didn't in Aladdin also, yes, he did just a lot because he had distinctive slurry and slushy kind of voice, and Jessil was also later known as the toast master general, like Jeff Ross, who is the roast master general exactly, you're learning. And today. Bob burns. I'm I don't really know much about this guy. He's one of these folksy homespun comedian slash humor is in the style of like will Rogers who had a Brady show and column and used to play an instrument called the bazooka and that's where the term bazooka comes from an instrument. He created from making a fake trombone using material from a hardware store. So the military weapon was named after this comedians fake instrument that he made Bob earns. I took down here to this showed the style going in bays. And one of them girls come walking down the runway. And she had on one of them. One piece Graham all look at her, and finding them all turned to me. And she says, Robin, I if we wore them kind of things when I was a girl a grandpa, I could give you. The Oscars are all about awarding excellence in movies. No question. But until we talked, I would've never realized how much standup sin comedians played a role in the presentation. Yep. That's what this episode was all about. I was struck by the fact that no matter how these comedians started. They end up at this incredible event like will Rogers began in wild west shows, traveling George Jessil. Bob Hope Jack Benny. They're all vaudeville guys Danny Kaye and Mel Brooks. They came from the borscht belt. Jerry Lewis team double Dean, Martin in a nightclub in Atlantic City, run by the mafia, Carson and Lederman, hosted this show began as local broadcasters in Omaha. An indiana. Richard Pryor started developing his act in Greenwich Village and now we have a bevy of comedy clubs slash comedy. Boom, comics, like Billy. Crystal and Whoopi and Chris rock and John stored nelin, but no matter where they began, whether it's in a open mic trying to get on at a comedy club or at a small theater at the low end at the vaudeville circuit. They all ended up being part of this great tradition. Through y'all. You'll Ling on no way didn't sites. The history of stand up is written and produced by Wayne Federman. Andrew, Stephen executive produced by Jeff Umbro and the pod glamorous. You can find more their podcasts at the pod glummer at dot com. Special thanks to cliff nester off, whose book the comedians is available everywhere and the Abraham comedy archives. Some of the music in this episode is by brake master cylinder. Please follow us on Twitter at hissed of stand up and online at the history of up dot com. If you like the show. Please tell the friend sharing episode and leave us a rating and review on apple podcasts. Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks. 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