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Are you looking to reach your full potential and chief success in business and in life? Want only tried and tested guidance from people who have truly made an impact you have come to the right place. Welcome to five questions with Dan Shah bell New York Times bestselling author Dench bell distills, the most actionable, and tangible advice for overriding of world-class humans, including entrepreneurs authors. Olympians falon, Titians billionaires noble prize winners, Ted speakers celebrities, astronauts, and more, inspirational guidance practical advice and concrete solutions. Our power chat starts out. Welcome to the thirty second episode of five questions with Dan Shah bell as your host my goal secured the best advice from the world's smartest ammos. Interesting people by ask them just five questions. My guest today is former co host Mythbusters hosts of savage, bill's, author of every tool is a hammer, Adam Savage. Born in New York City, and raising Westchester New York is father was a creative known for his work on Sesame Street as a teenager. He regularly visited the local bike shop to have its flat tires fixed where he learned how to do repairs himself at five years, old, Adam started acting and his early credits include Sesame Street and Star Wars, he later abandoned his acting career in favor of doing things with his hands like graphic design innovation and special effects this led him to co host the seventeen season. Two hundred ninety six episodes show, Mythbusters, which originally premiered on the Discovery Channel back in two thousand three he worked as a model maker on the film's galaxy quest bicentennial man Star Wars Episode to attack of the clone. Owns the matrix reloaded and space. Cowboys savage is currently in editor and contributor, tested dot com in his new show savage bills, which will have him collaborated with notable experts in their fields, friends, colleagues and some of his favorite people on the planet. So we've talked about this about perfection gets in the way of creativity. How do we away from perfection and actually start to build something we deal with perfection would deadlines? I'm a big believer deadlines, and it's often something that when you're starting your working life, especially when, you know in Fillmore theatre, there's never enough time to make anything and it's a constant complaint among the people who are doing the work. There's just not enough time to get the stunt, but I submit that deadlines prune the branches decision trees deadlines force you to ask yourself with each thing that you're doing is this part of the essence or is it it's Larry and if it's not part of the essence, you can start chopping it off as that deadline gets closer and closer because you're only. Trying to get that thing out that will like an arrow, I don't over labor myself with perfectionism. But if I have an unlimited amount of time I will take an unlimited amount of time. So I found frequently for builds of mine like replicating spacesuit from alien I should've noodled along with that project for more than a decade until realizing I'm never gonna finish this unless I give myself a deadline. So I chose San Diego's Comecon and I finished gave give a four months to finish it by Comecon, and I was able to do it, and I did cut some corners here, and there, none that anybody but me would notice, but that was required. What types of people bring out your? Right. Typically surround yourself with. The people that I call friends people that I spend my time with are so varied, but I think if there's a unifying feature would be open mindedness. It would be a desire to learn from what's going on. I you know, I value my friendships as places to go and talk about the not only just the details of our lives. But also to have those wonderful discussions about what, you know what our work means to us, and to me being open to the next challenge is, is a key part of being creative person. Where do you recommend to people who are non creative jobs that have the urge to be creative in producing thing? That's such an interesting question, a non creative job. I mean like if you work on Wall Street, okay? I'm not sure that's not a creative job. I'm not positive. I haven't done it for a living. But I would imagine that, you know wherever what is looking in the same direction. There's value trying to look at a slightly, shifted perspective. And that a lot of success comes from shifting your perspective. And that's really what creativity yet. Is it's about taking in the stuff that's around you and trying to see if something Piques your attention. I say lot of the creative things that I get into because I build an all sorts of different media is about smoothing down the bums. Like, I don't know necessarily how to play guitar. But I know it sounds bad, and I know how to practice and so long as I practice enough to remove all the bad parts. Hey, I'm playing guitar. I don't mean to reject the premise of your question there, certainly people that feel that their job, affords them. No line of creativity. And when I was confronted with those jobs as a as a as a late teenager in, in my early twenties. I had the incredible grace privilege parents that were willing to like cover me for a month while I looked for a different job. I was able to quit jobs. I didn't like go look for jobs. I did that was crazy amount of privilege. They gave me to do that. People who don't have such a luxury, I always think that the real creativity lies in those things that you can't not pay attention to for me on the track to objects and props from movies and from history. And so I see to replicate those that burgeoned into a love of costume and transformation. And so I seek to do that. A lot of people. Let's say somebody works at Wall Street, and they don't feel their job gives them any creative outwit, but they might be thinking oh, you know, I'd really like to paint these specific figurines from some franchise interested in, but that's weird. I don't wanna waste my time doing that. This whole book was written as a permission slip to go do that. Because when you start to indulge in those things when you start to indulge in those weird useless, hobbies, and all of our hobbies are weird. When you indulge them you learn about yourself. And that's never a net loss. That is always a game for you to believe that you have to fail. Many times at something passive creating cred visits green anything before you succeed. You think failure there's no success without failure? Yes. And I think the word failures the wrong word, but I'll put it to you this way, have you ever met someone who doesn't think that they've ever failed were, they remotely bearable to spend more than ten seconds in the presence? No. I don't trust people who who's who's personality hasn't been given the tonic of abject destruction. It shapes us it's, it's a crucible that forms us. We talk about failure lot Silicon Valley of buzzword to build fast and break things and education. We talk about helping kids learn how to fail. We don't really mean failure. We mean interational and failures good work because rations tougher word failures of great were two catches your attention, but failure is my example, is failures getting drunk at forgetting your kids birthday party. Like that's failing that screwing up. What what we mean? When we say failure is, as you travel down a path, there's going to be a lot of folks on the road. And many of the folks, you're going to take when you read some we're going to be the wrong folks, and you'll have to backtrack and proceed up the right one. It is a journey in every sense of the word. And in the same way that journey along a road requires wrong turns in order to figure out the right Matt. So does every journey of self discovery every journey of exploration. And I want to clear when I say making I don't just mean the fiscal making big. That's my belly wick making his poetry. It is stress making this building tables, as well as building buildings and it may be building. The algorithms with which Wall Street comes through its data making anytime you reach out to make something out of your own head, and we, we all stand on the shoulders of giants. We are part of a culture. So the stuff comes through us, whether we're reading or watching beyond say or listening to Rachel Matt, on a podcast and we recapitulate that stuff through what we make. I know my hobby of making props and costumes weird. But I am also in a way in a sense, recapitulating my culture, which is all any artist seeks to do. And what's your piece of crude vice be nice to everybody? Honestly, I, I wanted to say he was nice to work with on my tombstone. I have had former assistance become bosses, and hire me for jobs, and I have ended up hiring most of my former bosses for jobs. I cannot come up with a better argument to be graceful with everyone that you me. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Adam to follow his journey. You can read his book, watches TV shows, and find him on Facebook YouTube, Instagram Twitter where he shares his latest creations appearances inspirational quotes and pictures of his dogs hope you enjoy today's show and the amazing advice. Our guests provided remember that you can only benefit from advice. If you act on it before you do, we would appreciate your. Feedback in the form of review. You can leave a review on, I tunes Stitcher for pot catcher of your choice. Your feedback would be very much appreciated. Head over to Dan Shaw, bell dot com slash review. Now.

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