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Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions then. Zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight. The growing storm on the move dumping endless snow putting drivers at risk and the powerful Tornado just confirmed in the South Rob Marciano standing by the student motor manhunt police on the hunt for more suspects after arresting a thirteen year old in the brutal stabbing tonight new details including how the college freshman fought back when police say a group of Teens surrounded rob and killed her panic at the mall shooting sending Christmas shoppers rolling their lives at the height of the holiday shopping season the moment that gunfire starting plus no debate. The labor dispute threatening to derail next week's Big Democratic presidential debate all seven candidates candidates refusing to cross the picket line at the college. Hosting the event rule. The debate cancelled killed on duty but chilling new video just released an update on a story. We brought you last weekend. Police calling it an ambush an execution of one of their own all happening in a police station parking lot cities held hostage hackers crippling cities even one state's largest hospital network the multiple cyber attacks New Orleans city government forced to shut down their computers working off pen and pad and Lachlan's legal play one Hollywood couple at the center of the College. Jean scandal going going on defense tonight. What the accusing prosecutors of doing even seen this is ABC news tonight? Good evening being. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom Llamas. And we begin tonight with two big storms striking coast to coast that snow making for dangerous driving in the west of those Colorado drivers trying to dodge control vehicles on some slippery roads and the confirmed ef one tornado. Slamming parts of Florida with winds up to one hundred ten miles cost per hour and that rough weather in the west look at that barreling eastward tonight with a one two punch bringing more snow ice rain to millions and it's not even winter yet. ABC ABC senior meteorologist. Rob Marciano starts US off tonight. Dangerous weather has much of the. US under siege as to storms wreak havoc across the the country this weekend violence storm slamming Florida any F one tornadoes striking flagler county with one hundred ten mile per hour. Winds Uprooting trees and ripping off off roofs. The damage stretching twenty miles treacherous travel conditions in the northeast heavy snow outside Erie. Pennsylvania blinding drivers their ars sliding off the highway downpours swamped the city streets of Boston forcing SUV's onto sidewalks to void the flooding and in the West a new storm system system now marching east up to eight inches of snow falling near Vail Colorado triggering a multi car pileup along. I seventy drivers struggling to maintain traction attraction through the rugged mountain passes and heartstopping moments caught on a nest cam in Omaha Nebraska roads covered in a sheet of ice causing not one but but to car accidents. Some dangerous conditions out there rob joins us now from Central Park with the forecast rob a new route a snow ice and rain in store for millions. That's right Tom. That's western storm is catching up to the one here in the East so not much of a break between them for really anybody. The center of this is still over Pennsylvania. You can see the backside of the Priests Still GonNa take several hours for. It's a kind of spin out. There will be some more in the way of snow especially near the lake. But everybody's going to get the win tomorrow. We got wind advisories from Albany to to Boston because he forty fifty mph hour winds that low amplifies and in the West snow still coming out. We got warnings still posted for parts of Colorado now watches that stretches to Kansas City and Saint Louis and that's where the snow and the ice he can reach by the time Monday morning comes along along that warm front and then strong storms on the south could see more in the way of severe weather by Tuesday an icy mix getting into the northeast especially inland. I and especially north of I eighty. That's where we'll see some accumulation. It will be a rough commute both Monday. Tuesday Tom. All Right Rob Marciano leading US off tonight rob. Thank you next to the urgent manhunt for a suspect in the murder of college. Freshmen the emerging details tonight about the eighteen year old stabbed in a park near campus struggling to get hope help before collapsing. One suspect just thirteen years old in custody in connection with the case. ABC Stephanie Ramos. With new report. Tonight on how that student try to fight back tonight with at least one suspect still on the run New York City. Police are back on the scene of that horrific crime divers searching the pond in that Manhattan Park Hark looking for evidence in the brutal murder of Barnard College student. Tessa majors at the time. A thirteen year old was arrested. Friday Friday charged with felony murder robbery and weapons. Possession in connection with major Steph the arresting officer testifying in family court the juvenile whose identity identity is not being released. Did Not kill majors. The officer says the thirteen year old was found a few blocks away from the college with a knife that he claims he gave gave to. One of the other suspects the juvenile implicated to others in the crime. Police say his statement matches the grainy surveillance video. Investigators have reviewed from the park. They have one in custody and he is the storyteller he's the narrator and you get detailed information and you see if that coincides with the physical evidence the NYPD. He has questioned a second teenager. Just fourteen years old tonight. He has not been charged. Police say majors was walking in Manhattan's Morningside Park in the early evening. Coming one day when she was confronted robbed and stabbed to death authorities say. She fought back biting the finger of one of her tankers then managed to stagger up the steep staircase she later died at the hospital goes responsible however many then. Maybe we'll be brought to justice Tom. This is still a very active investigation. That thirteen thirteen year old is being held without bail and will appear in court on Tuesday. His aunt says her nephew is innocent. Tom And the manhunt is still on tonight. All Right Stephanie. Thank thank you now to Washington and the historic full House impeachment vote looming next week president trump. You see him here tossing the point at the start of the Army Navy game in Pennsylvania media even as Sita's team brace for that Wednesday impeachment vote on the House floor and strategize next steps for the Senate trial with Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell facing criticism schism from Democrats accusing him of taking his cues from the White House. ABC's David Wright with the latest tonight from the White House tonight. The battle lines over impeachment are sharp. And hyper partisan I am trying to give a pretty clear signal. Made up my mind at the here speaking in Doha. Qatar Senator Lindsey. Graham said trump will be on safer ground with a Republican. Majority calling calling the shots and Al will do everything I can to make it die quickly on Fox News Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell vowed Senate Republicans will be in lockstep with the White House. We'll be working through this process. Hopefully in a fairly short period of time in total coordination with the White House counsel's Office President Donald Trump has said he'd like to call witnesses but now says he'll defer to the Senate while do long or short. I've heard Mitch. I've heard Lindsey. I think they are very much an agreement on some concept. I'll do whatever they want to do. It doesn't matter. Democrats accused Senate Republicans of prejudging the evidence even before the trial begins begins and when the House votes this week. Democrats from trump friendly districts are under pressure to break ranks. Thirty one democrats are seeking re election election in district trump won two of them have already said they're likely to vote now. On one or both articles of impeachment one may be switching parties. Other moderates are weighing their decision facts. I'm going to read everything. Watch all the tests and watch all the testimony and the hearings and and read the transcripts consult with scholars first and then of course talk to my constituents today New Jersey Democrat. Tom Malinowski got some booze when he told constituents in his district he plans to vote for impeachment. I believe that on the two council impeachment that have been put before us but the votes should be us and I will be voting. Yes cheers and boos there all right. David Wright joins us now live from the White House. David houses planning that historic vote on this two articles of impeachment against President Trump this week and even with those those moderate Democrats still under political pressure. That's right Tom. The vote likely to take place Wednesday and the math in both chambers adds up the Democrats in in the house believed that they have more than enough votes to impeach. President Trump Republicans in the Senate believe they have the votes to keep him in office. As you know Tom. The constitution constitution requires a two thirds. Vote to remove a president. David thank you in this programming. Note tomorrow on this week. George sits down with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry. Nadler Alert House Intelligence Chair. Adam Schiff and senator Ted Cruz of Texas. We turn now to America's cities facing paralyzing threats from hackers. The city of the warlords forced to shut down their computer system. Here's ABC's Mona Kosar Abdi with more tonight. A state of emergency in New Orleans after a cyber attack on the city's computer systems we fully activated our emergency Operation Center officials directing all employees to power down. Computers unplugged devices and disconnect from Wifi. The mayor says ransomware somewhere was detected but it's unclear who is responsible secret service. FBI of course All of us really are hands on deck with this emergency services services. Nine one one dispatching and police radios were unaffected this year alone. Cybersecurity firm MC soft reports nine hundred and forty eight ransomware attacks on government mm-hmm and agencies healthcare providers and school districts out of cost of more than seven billion in taxpayer dollars just days ago. Hackers Pensacola Florida demanding. Being a one million dollar ransom and in Georgia computer screens at the nine one one dispatch center going dark the network infected by malware basically. What we were left with with was a radio system? Hackers also crippling computer systems at New Jersey's largest hospital network as for New Orleans City Hall has been shut down all sitting websites. It's our down and employees are using good old-fashioned pens and paper to conduct business. Tom Mona thank you. Next to the chilling surveillance video just released we'll police recalling cold-blooded ambush and execution of one of their own. The suspect coming up behind that officer opening fire in a police station parking lot last weekend. New details else on that case and other attacks on law enforcement coming in tonight here's ABC's Akra quiche tonight. Police releasing this chilling surveillance video of a gunman seen firing firing multiple times into a squad. Car killing the unsuspecting officer. The ambush taking place a week ago in Arkansas right in front of a police Lee station authorities calling it. In ambush and execution. You can see police rush out of the station. In pursuit of the suspect backed down on the west side of the building. They chase him through an alleyway killing the suspect. London Phillips the officer Twenty seven year. Old Stephen Car this week a a solemn procession to honor the fallen hero was led by car siblings. He came from a law enforcement family. He knew what the job was about and He he just wanted to serve his community. Tom That officer had been on the force for just two and a half years now tonight authorities tell us that the investigation continues news. Tom Zachary thank you. We're learning tonight more about that deadly attack that left six people including two gunmen dead Jersey City the FBI recovering a white van. You see it right. There linked to the suspects that attack at a kosher grocery store now being investigated as domestic terrorism and update tonight on that mass shooting at the naval base in Pensacola Hola. ABC News obtaining a joint intelligence bulletin detailing some of what investigators have learned about that gunman since December sixth attack the twenty one year old. Saudi suspect Specht apparently posting online months before the attack that quote. The countdown has started and other posts referring to non Muslims as infidels. At least three people people were killed and eight others injured in that incident. Investigation is still ongoing. We WanNA turn out of politics and the two thousand twenty race and the big question. Mark Swirling around next week's Democratic presidential debate the Labor Dispute and possible picket line at the college hosting the showdown will the debate now cancelled. ABC's Rachel Scott with the latest tonight a threat to boycott placing the next democratic debate in jeopardy the seven candidates who have qualified vowing. They won't Cross a union picket line to get to the stage. I think it's a terrible look for the Democratic Party than to have a debate and runs afoul of union work rules the Democratic Party now scrambling to find a resolution solution before Thursday as a California labor union unite. Here eleven plans to continue to pick it on Loyola marymount university's campus. We should cross the picket line. I try to work to find a new location. Or they're going to have to figure out how they resolve this that union representing one hundred and fifty cashiers cooks and dishwashers in the middle of an ongoing ongoing labor dispute with the deck so company contract to handle food services for the university demanding better wages and health care benefits the Union sending this letter to the Presidential Oh candidates outlining their plans in a statement the DNC says while Lmu is not party to the negotiations they are working with all stakeholders to find an acceptable resolution that meets their needs and is consistent with our values and will enable us to proceed as scheduled with next week's debate. I believe they are probably trying to work with all the parties to resolve this because having these debates is critical for Americans to see the differences between candidates and this is obviously going to be a critical election for America. All Right Rachel. Scott joins us now live from Pittsburgh where several of the candidates were campaigning. Today we're just a few days out Rachel from that next debate. Will they find a solution Shen before Thursday Tom. This is not the first hurdle for the DNC last month they had to move this same debate from Ucla over a different labor dispute but tonight both the Party and the candidates are optimistic that they can find a solution before Thursday now with the latest on the college. Admission scandal actress. Laurie Lachlan pushing back on claims claim. She paid bribes to get her daughter into college now. Accusing prosecutors of withholding evidence here's ABC's Marcy Kansas tonight actress Lori Loughlin and her her husband Massimo GM newly going on the attack revealing part of their defense strategy. The couple accused of paying half a million dollars to get their two daughters into the University University of Southern California. Now say they didn't know the payments were bribes and claim prosecutors are withholding proof of that their lawyers writing in a court. Filing the government appears to be concealing exculpatory evidence that helps show that both defendants believe all the payments made would go to USC itself for legitimate. Judy mid university approved purposes is very serious for a prosecuting attorney to withhold. What may be exculpatory evidence? While other parents herons including actress Felicity Huffman Have Taken Plea Deals Laughlin. Gianola are maintaining their innocence claiming they believed payments made to college admissions consultant. Rick Singer seamer were legitimate. This case unlike some of the others there were actually falsified photographs and fake resumes created for Gorey's children. I think it's going to be pretty difficult to convince a jury that they somehow believe they were just making a innocuous. Donations the next hearing. And the couple's cases is scheduled for mid-january they face up to forty five years in prison if convicted Tom turned out for index in a shooting scare inside of busy mall. Atlanta new video shows frantic holiday shoppers running to safety when the shooting started inside a food court. Police say the shooting was a result of an argument. As an isolated incident. One person was injured. Police police are now looking for that gunman and the major medical headline tonight for some heart and diabetes patients the FDA approving fish oil official royal based drug used to reduce the risk risk of potentially deadly complications including heart attack or stroke. The CPA would only be used for those already taking cholesterol lowering medications. Experts say the prescription therapy could benefit millions of high risk patients to Georgia. Now where a man has been arrested for slapping a reporters backside on air the video of the assault the seat here on W. Save reporter. Alex Bazaar Jian during a live report in Savannah going viral and prompting police investigation forty-three-year-old. Thomas callaway now charged with sexual battery after turning himself in he was released on bond and a historic win at the Miss World. Pageant Miss Jamaica Tori and sing taking at home the crown at the ceremony in London for the first time all the winners all five major pageants including Miss Universe Miss. USA Miss Team USA and Miss America. America are black women filing tonight the new graduate giving us all a lesson determination. It's America's strong that that should Torah herring headed to a major milestone fourteen years in the making contact comedy. I not that I had to do. Should never thought she would see this day after dropping out of college at nineteen and push myself like I should have married at twenty. One has happened for sure. Torah life would continue to take unexpected. Unexpected turns after having her first son sign as two years later she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis careful work you know because I always do everything just like it just. It was very scary now. Now a single mom living with ms should torre was living life in pain every day. But she knew one thing she had a fight. Through for her son is very very unpredictable. APRES and operating operate India. Finally ally. Okay I got these should Torah would have a second son Sir James but something was always burning in the back of her mind find finishing that degree boy is mostly thousand single moms. I know I have to do it for so two years ago. She went back to the University of Arkansas. `Kansas at Pine Bluff. This time she didn't have just attend college. She doubled up on her credits and they might just tell my boys though. Whatever life throws anybody's whatever life throws throws it? You you you through it you just keep going to not you vote in that model. She's live by fourteen years later. Finally getting that degree I wanted to screen eighteen hours. So Happy Chautauqua not only graduating but making the chancellor's list and getting a four point. Oh in her last semester. Never Yellow Montana. It just never give a four point. Oh congrats to Chautauqua. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Tom Llamas. New York Jian this week. First thing in the morning I'll see you right back occur tomorrow night. Have a great night. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions then. Zero on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash. Tonight that's indeed dot com slash tonight.

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