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Technical difficulties ironed out, right? Yeah. No. It was gonna talk about our technical difficulties in. All we apologize for that. Obviously, we had some we both had issues with her units with our systems, and we actually got them fixed on the same day technician game out fixed us up and here we are. Yeah. Yeah. And the Deltec mission who I talked to as a matter of fact Todd big fan of the pod. And she. Yeah. Yeah. Even I mailed me with with a hashtag at the end, the ENC show that totally reeks of awesomeness four life. Brother, brother, so staff. So if he's listening, which I'm assuming is thank you. Yeah. I guess he wanted to hear us pretty bad. He's like, we gotta get this guy shit fix this thing. This thing fixed. Hey, and this thing you can you can subscribe to it on apple podcast, Google podcasts, Android app. Spotify. Tune Institure how you listen to these damn things. Don't forget to leave as a. From slash from view. I missed that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Before we get rolling here. I got a question for you J. Sure. Sleep last night. Spent night toss and turn it. You know, where where you toss turning? You're sweating, you're you're you're all cramped up. Your body was all the gnarled up like an old tree in your bed. Is that what happened pretty much? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You've been waking up with a stiff neck and back pain from all those bumps fallen off those ladders in your driveway. Right. Well, it used to be that way. But not since I've been sleeping on a mattress, brother, brother. If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep. You gotta try purple mattress. The founders of purple are two brothers who've been developing cushioning technology for thirty years on things like medical beds and wheelchairs in two thousand sixteen they finally decided to use their patent comfort technology to create purple the world's most scientific Patras mattress. 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That's in addition to the great free gifts that offering site-wide just text awesomeness, two eight four eight eight the only way to get this free pillow is to text awesomeness, two eight four eight eight that's eight W E S O M. M E N E S S two eight four eight eight eight. Hey, we have an. Really had a chance to talk about any of the hockey stuff going on. So wish man there's I don't even know where to begin you. Because grazie these play offs the bizarro playoffs. I'm calling them. They're just they're out there man with their amazing too. Yeah. That's great. I mean, they talked about parody in the league. And they're they're clearly as you know, you think Tampa Bay who has like one of the best point his. Is. I mean ridiculous. Would there's no way Columbus has a chance. Right. But if you think about it Columbus picked up who they pick up from Ottawa Matt Duchenne, and they picked up somebody else to grind Zingel. Thank you. It probably took those guys awhile to gel and that team has gelling at the right time clear. Low thing is to talk to you know, John about this a little bit when you were big-league onus on your big -cation. You know, not to mention the fact that they had to play basically playoff hockey for the last month or so because they were fighting basically right up to the wire together in so they're playing with the playoff mentality that entire time. Whereas, you know, Tampa had clinched like what two three weeks before the season was even over probably more than that. Like at that point. Maybe it was even more. They were just there's nothing to play for there. There was no urgency. They hadn't had any. Yeah. You know? And then you know, they didn't have a tap to didn't have to deal with that that's a playoff hunger. So that was surprising. I mean before the playoffs started in the west epic Saint Louis in the east apparent the islanders. Right now. No, they are. And that's not. I'm not saying that's who I wanted to obviously, I wanted the Leafs. And in the west, I don't know. I'm kind of looking at it and thinking I'd like San Jose just because a guy like Joe Thornton, man. And it would be great to see him lift the Cup. It would be. But then on the flip side of it. You look at a team like Saint Louis who's been around since the seventies and has been to the census late sixties, my friend buzzer sixty so they've they've been to the finals, but they've never won it. It'd be nice based year. Yeah. But they've never won. So it's it's one of those phones to enchant San Jose, the same thing they've been around for what twenty something years now and have never won it. So Joe Thornton. And the teams number one in Saint Louis has been around for so long and never one. It's there's a lot of cool things that could happen here. And then you look at it like kind of on the east, you know, Carolina. It looks like they're just, you know, rolling for long straw key. You know, it's. It's crazy how different playoff hockey as a team like Carolina, Ken just sneak right in and almost under everyones noses. Reggie, you know, they went to the wire with Washington beat the defending Stanley Cup champions bear. But they did it. I would have as much as I I'm I'm now, my my hope show with Carolina in the east. I hope they go through because I live in review I would like to see so. Yeah. I mean, he's he's clutch playoff. Yeah. Performer. I mean, he's he's always kinda one of those guys is he's there in the regular season. But when the playoffs rolled around. He's clutch. Daddy goal. What I'm for? Yeah. So and then they're playing good to it's up. Peter Meraz has been playing outstanding. And he gets hurt. And now, you know, Curtis mcelhinney who has played for awhile steps in think he stopped all the shots that he faced in the in the what when he came in and relief of them Razek. And then, you know, played great last night when they won. So I will say from a storyline perspective. It would have been great to see the islanders in Washington, though. Just because trots. Yeah. And the whole upheaval there it would've made for good story. But I I'm hoping Carolina goes through. And I hope they meet San Jose in the finals. So both of my parents won't make it. But I think everything went to Columbus earlier you're talking about Columbus earlier as well. Like they had never won a playoff series before. So you got all these cool things happening, right? They win their first series against the team that was supposed to walk, right? Over them. The Tampa Bay Lightning. They sweep them win their first series. And now they're up two games to one against Boston. Until you you've gotta be excited. If you're a Columbus blue jackets fan too, right? If you if you are Columbus, and you take out the top two seeds, and you facing Carolina. Like it could be Columbus in Carolina in Eastern Conference finals, which no one I don't care. I don't care who you are. And you can't backtrack and say, I no one picked that. Yeah. So well, also always don't get started. Yeah. It's interesting hockey video also wanted to let you know before you left that I took it upon myself to rename the pod. Oh, yeah. For me. And sees pot of Austin is to the awesomeness experience. That happened. We that's backlash over it. So side to change it again. The awesomeness raiders. Yes. Yes. That actually I like. So. Good for those guys first of all for getting up under the two. Yes. The big stage. And you know, like we said to you know, we've talked about in the past. And this is a perfect example of it in there's different levels, you know, and as great as an x t is and his loyalists that fan base is it is a bigger audience when you step onto the main stage, and there's you know, there is. There is a difference there with the audience who's watching. Yeah. Get other chance and all those sorts of things. Now, they have to kind of re restart with with with that, you know, it. Yeah. It's it's not quite starting over. But you you basically got a, you know, prove your chops again almost in a way. Which can be frustrating. But. But I- huge fans of those guys. I remember. I really like them when I first heard about that name thing. Again, I was on vacation. And I was just kind of like off the grid. But just which that's a big it was. It was I did. I did. I wouldn't one stuff. Like, I I mean, I'm sure they're just happy to be there, you know, and and do their thing. But I don't know who came up with that. I probably have an idea, and man they should never be allowed to come up with names for anyone again. But. I like warm machine personally. But. And. Yeah, I I think that right. Well, yeah. But they were the warm warm machine before that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And that to me is the one I I really like I I don't know why you just don't call them like the beserk ours. Yeah. I mean, I think calling the preservers and let them be wore beard, Hanson and Rowe like that sounds pretty bad ass to me. But again, I digress. All that matters. Is that the r- up there? Now their name is much better than right. The Viking experience. Yeah. Like. Something with these. I picture like the velveteen experience like sure. The like that type of when I hear maybe it's because of are you experienced the Jimi Hendrix experience, and I attach to that vibe to it. But man. I don't know. Or just sounds like a ride at Disney. Well, when you're when you're talented as well, right? I mean, a name really you. You can make people forget about the name. Well, here's some this. It becomes something. That's just what it is. Absolutely. And the name now is fine. And they're gonna do gangbusters and they're gonna kick ass. And I it's. Put it this way. And I remember this distinctly remember this because we watched it together survivor series like nineteen ninety or ninety one undertaker debuts Kane the undertaker, by the way. When I first heard that name of that's brutal. But nobody thinks about how weird the undertaker name is. Now, just doesn't matter because no. Oh, may and those guys will do, you know, the work the work? And and all they gotta do is work, and they're going to be just fine. Speaking of speaking of names, and and different things. How do you? How do you feel about the the firefight funhouse their fire for fire for five five five five five firefly funhouse with Bray won it for you to say. Man. I think he's he's just reinventing himself, and I think it's one of those deals that a guy like him compiling off because. Right. And I've said this before, you know, in terms of acting within our you know, that that industry. There's not a lot of great actors. Did you know what I mean? A promo is different than acting. It's just a different thing. But you can tell the guys who who would be able to translate the skills and adapt and really be able to act and he's one of those guys. So I think he is is it looks like he's having fun. And I'm gonna guess this was his idea. And I think it's going to be very interesting, and it got to a point where the character of the old character of Bray, Wyatt not through any fault of his own, but that character gun stale? And it was only because of how it was written throughout the years. You know, not rise performance in any way, or how cool to character was still awesome. It just had kind of run its course. And it could have had a much longer, you know, life. But then it is what it is. So I think he saw that and smart enough to see that and take it and completely flip it on its head, right? Yeah. No, he's he's talented guy. And I think like you said, you know, I think it's never especially when you've been gone away for a while. Like he has it's a perfect time to. Come back and be something completely different. And you know, who's to say that at some point he won't go back to that. Exactly. What you know, you have to the other has to be there has there have there has to be some change to to keep things fresh. And when you have a guys talented as him as far as his connection to whatever character he's playing he can make those types of things work. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's going to be a fun fun to watch. Which actually reminds me that Luke Harper requested for as his. To be released as wile, Dewey. It was but we haven't actually done one since then. Well, we never talked about it. Anyway. But and that to me, I it's I. I hope he. No matter where he goes that he that he's happy, obviously. But that dude is so talented. He's great to the point where we've talked about it on here to me. He was a guy that you could have had work taker mania, that's how good he is. Yeah. Big believable can move can work compla- character. To me. There's there's nothing that he doesn't do. You know is he going to be your, you know, poster boy, no. But neither would any of the characters that he plays. I think he could be the the guy who could work a taker mania and also safely and leave ably. So no matter what happens with them. I just I hope he's happy wherever he goes and gets utilized to his potential. Yeah. Agreed. Yeah. Very talented guy. And he's today. Yeah. Well, it's the best part of them. But. He'll land on his feet. No matter what. Whether he ends up staying or up. Not sure what his status is. But. I've always been of the opinion that you can't hold talent down eventually it'll shine through. And you know, he'll they said he's talented that wherever he ends up or whether he stays or whatever, you know, he'll be he'll be fine. Also within that time, the Hardy's work, the use Ohs, which is you know, kind of a tag team detecting royalty brother royalty right there. Brother, brother, brother, brother, say for their because we're four brothers. But then Jeff got hurt and now surgery so yeah that. Dan. It's weird. Right. When you hit a certain age like Jeff is just one of those indestructible guys. But you see at a certain point after enough bumps and enough of the insanity that Jeff is done over the years at eventually catches up catches up to him. It just it catches up everybody. So it's it's a shame. Hopefully know going to be fine. And but yeah, most importantly that his legs going to be. Okay. I don't even know what exactly it is. I think it's just like rice. Yeah. Some of his knee. I think he had said that his knee meets it needs to be. But I'm not mistaken completely reconstructed. So really? Yeah. But he's yeah. I think that's what I heard. You know? That's like I said, I don't quote me one hundred percent on that. That's just what I heard. But you know, he'll call me boy ain't said shit. Trump's NWEA knowledge on us all. Yeah. That's going to be a tough one to come back from. But you know, you know, Jeff's, Jeff is Jeff, you know, he'll he'll come back. And he, you know, he won't compromise anything as far as performances go. He will down. They're just like you. Always did. Never does. Right, right. Yeah. Kudos superstar shakeup happened. I don't even know like I still happening is happening. Yeah. That'd be the super shakeup is good. I think it's same thing. You know, you you you fall into traps of seeing people working the same people over and over again in different forms in different matches and week after week, and it's good. I think every year to to kind of shake it up and get some fresh matchups and get some people that maybe were feeling like they were kind of stuck in the mud on a certain show. Give them a fresh start somewhere else. As Ballard and non-drowsy. And I was like oh, man. That's that's a great match. That's a match legacy. You know, and. Other good brothers on raw this week, which is good to see them on and get them on the pod to one of these days. Funny is that is that is that that needs to happen. Another match that. I was I thought of like a combo of people that were on the same show now. And of course, now, I can't remember, dammit. It's gonna bug me. Now, while maybe we see it already with with with Seth Rollins and AJ getting arrested at money in the Bank. You know, there you go. Which? It makes me want to punch you in the neck, though, that I can't remember really why? Because I don't really like you. And it's been awhile since we talked, and I just makes even that just makes me wanna punch within the next two. I've been doing next sit ups. Oh, yeah. How's that? Working out for you. Don't worry about it. Just working out just fine. Yeah. An extra. I'm gonna guess it involves ricochet would would have been my guess. But I can't remember, dammit. Ricochet and Ray or something like that. Well, that's gimme though. This was when I was like, oh that could be interesting, and I can't for the life of me. Remember, it might have been involving black on smackdown too. Because those are two guys, right? I don't know. Yeah. We've been singing the praises of Kofi to on this for since before wrestlemainia, we even had him on here. And you know, rocket strapped him to the to the title. And we're we're gonna take full credit for that now. Yeah. And you know, you sell a little, you know, Kevin Owens John joined the new day there for a couple of weeks. And then, you know, do the old turn turn sqi, and you know, should be good match to I know. Know, I think Owens persona is better suited to heal. And. I think it's good. First matchup for for Kofi with with Kevin owns comeback fresh from an injury has been seen for a while. So. Should make for great match in Miyoko fees is doing a great job. I think so far carrying that title agree. And you know, it's it's just noon, it's fresh and at the fun and just different back. Yeah. And back to Owens to he's a guy that has worked himself into a position that when he comes back, it really, it means something and and again injects like a being a certain type of danger onto the show again. Right. So yeah, that'll that'll be fun looking forward to that too. It's actually show up to be a. A little less. Yeah. Speaking of you know. Of I don't know what we're speaking of. But I'm just gonna get till? We haven't mentioned our guest this week. He say, oh, I know that. Yeah. Heath man, one man band. He's got kids. He's he's a one man band. That's how we got all the kids 'cause he was on the road with fan his one man band, and you know, just that's what Rockstars do. I think the ginger ninja. I've never heard that he called. I think we're up now. Wait back called them the ginger ninja. I wish I made it up backstage or on TV. I think he's he said it to him backstage. And I think he said to him on TV once engine into man, I would have stuck with that handle. Yeah. Ginger ninja. I wish I could. I could be a redhead just so I could use it for one day. Yeah. Yeah. So we've got him on here is he was also my annex t rookie. They see how that work. That's right. That's right. We're gonna have we got a lot to chat about with the good old ski, right? Yeah. We'll we'll talk about it on the show. But yeah, he's he's good, dude. And we've we've wanted to have him on for a while. And a lot of people have requested him to be on. Yeah. He's he's got great personality, man. He's and he's a, you know, a jovial chap he is. And we'll we'll talk about you know, his mentality and everything and just seems to make everything he does work even if he's given nothing at some some points. He just somehow makes it work. But we'll talk all about that. Hey, am my better half the Phoenix Nelson? Now, get dancing gig. How about Betty, you know, she's just dip over here. And and maybe now, we'll just you know, wrestle at wrestlemainia for the tag team champion. Gonna be a little show t. Yeah. Yeah. Let's be nice. She thinks she is by the way know, I don't know. She's he's obviously, the, you know. You know, just whatever she wants sparingly apparently. Yeah. So and and now, I guess she she's the breadwinner to because I'm just sitting on my stuff. So. And I told her doing it. I will stay at home. And I have no problem with it. Well, yeah, they well. No good for. I mean, she's she's she's dipped her toes here in the announcing pool here for a little bit. And she's she's done well with it. So. She had a good voice to to annex the I'm positive of it. It will be interesting to watch. And of course, we're rockets after Iraq extractor when I married her. So. For betty. One. So before we get to heath this following ad is paid for by nitsa. It can be a little frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry a running late to find yourself at a railway crossing waiting for a train. And if the signals are going in the train is not even there yet, you can feel a little tempted to try and sneak across the tracks will don't ever trains are often going faster than you would expect them to be in the can't stop even if the engineer hits the brakes right away can take a train over a mile to stop by that time. What used to be your cars just crushed onc of metal? And what used to be you? Well, better not think about that. The point is you can't know exactly how quickly the train will arrive the train can't stop, even if it sees you if the signals are on the train is on its way, and you just need to remember one thing. Stop trains can't probably jumped heath here. We should do it. So he's on now. Apparently our technical difficulties. Not quite done yet and heath. Oh my goodness. Don't worry at all. Don't worry. This also. Yes. Yeah. This. This might be. So. But, but you know, what dude did this is the way it should be for three of us to to finally get together. And do this it shouldn't be normal. Outside. That makes sense to me it does. And we want on for a while. And we've had a I was telling Jay before you came on a lot of people request you to be on the show. And really now, you're did you know that? But but fairness you're from you're from a different country. You're from West Virginia. Family. You have a lot of family a lot of population of of of Slater's. They're everywhere. Yeah. You ever watched that south park episode of the gingers? Where man. So how you been? I'm great. Yeah. I can't go. I just went to a daddy daughter doesn't. It was amazing, man. So I follow follow follow you on Instagram and. And then we we tried for this last week, but we had our technical difficulties. And you said a daddy daughter dance on Friday. I was like that is not going to be missed for this podcast. Do not. And I saw the pictures and I medium, fast forwarded myself and will be the first one of my kids mind daughters to go and do that stuff, and almost got a tear on my icy and those pictures because I just you can see how proud on your as just how proud and happy, and you know. Unless you grasp it, you know, it does. Yeah. I just wanted. You haven't sweet tea. Do what? Now, I just heard to take a drink drink sweet tea. Yeah. Like sweet tea. I know you who guy. Yeah. My kids love you see. They do or not. I don't I don't think they try. Get. Okay. How'd the daddy daughter dance? Go. I mean was it with everything you were hoping it would be it was one of those things where my wife, she got her up. Nails told house when they went shopping for a little dress fix their hair make up lipstick. I mean the whole nine yards. And then, you know, I just do one of my says at least halfway base it on me. And it still sits news. So I was like, yeah. I like, I think I look on. Right. So I got some flowers, you know, all of that stuff. You know, making sure, you know, this is how many supposed to treat you sweetheart. You know, I didn't tell her that. But hopefully with my leading in the example that I showed it worked that way. But it took my breath away being honest her being so smiley and happy, and you didn't even like, the smile and left. Her stays like. And then she was like so proud that. I was her dad to everybody had taken the everywhere, and then E N, and they had chicken, nuggets, and MAC and cheese and green beans. We drank some water. They said, you know, we went dancing again. And then it was due a slow dads and then the play of butter. Fly kisses. I'm looking around. And I'm crying I'm gonna DJ like come on, man. What the hell man? It's supposed to be a fun time. I'm crying here. Really? Was she looked up at me and said daddy. It's okay. And I'm just like, oh, no, it's not. But it is. It was an emotional roller coaster of just happy tears and just I don't know, man. It's just hard to explain you just gotta go through it. Yeah. That DJ's cruel though. Because that song I guarantee you soon as that song hit every dad's started going, oh like try to get everybody. I'm looking up in the air and. All and I'm looking at the other dad's doing the same thing. This got this. Yeah. And we had it man. None of us that we looked down. We just at them smell and like oh God. Oh, God here. So right. Can't hold it in no one. But but good stuff that. That's I'm like I said I'm looking forward to it. And I'm also not in a way just because you know, they're they're so small one in Sweden innocent nine. But it's just one of those things where like, you know wing. No, you know, grow up, you know, they're gonna do their own life. Just like we did and everything, but it's just we gotta get those moments when we can cherish them. Yeah. Yeah. And especially, you know, being on the road, you know, and and how difficult that must be to to juggle all that because that's something that Janae both. We're both retired. By the time. We had our kids. So all hard is that that juggling act will back whenever I was really book. It was. It was. One of those things where. Home every Tuesday morning tired. I mean, you know, how it is driving. You know, three or four hours a night sleeping out morning. Getting up trying to, you know, eat at the gym all that, you know, how does but it's just over and over and over and over and over like that. And then I get home rosina's. Like, I don't know like to the first time when she liked chocolate block the door on me. And I'm just like oh God. No, you know, don't do this. And then when she gets older I tried to explain to her and then Rambis like, you know, four now. But when she was two she Dan don't go to work with us type deal. You know, and yeah, it is very hard. But thank God. Now, I'm usually leaving them every Sunday on the TV DVD main event or nothing else and then come back home. So I've been having a lotta fun. You know in the last six months. Yeah. Just being able to be dad who still collects paycheck. That's not a bad thing. They gave me contract. I saw that. Work. I'll work. They don't want me to okay. Speaking of contracts. So you signed in what two thousand two thousand six with WB. I yeah. Well, who trained you who trained you by the way because we have never talked about any of this stuff. Anything we've talked about is always been like what's happening now. So like, I don't know a lot of how you got in the business. Well, yeah. Two thousand sixty when I got signed two thousand and. Three in the two dozen three two thousand and four. I started like wrestling in Atlanta, Georgia at the school of WW a four hundred and eight Mr Hughes. Wow. Yeah. So late training from him trying to from outduel the butcher trainer from rock king. Pistol Pez wildly all of them was like all in the mix, you know, training to that school and everything but Hughes had his hands on me more than anybody. Wow. Would not have pegged at all. Like, any of those names that you just mentioned. To houston. You know, how to you know, work a match, you know, the general, you know, tackle, dropdown leap frogs. And and then like, you know, after was, you know, going in Georgia for about two years crew Jones is his name a buddy of mine that was popular in the land at the time and he had a shot at deep south. And then he pretty much tricked me into going up there to work him when he just wanted. They needed a baby face for including much just beat the hell up. So he pretty much tricked me to get up there. We had the match you build them out like me asked me to come back the following awake. So I was like I guess the guy that comes at TV's and just puts over everybody for about a year. And then I got sun. Oh and then fast being on. It's just like, yeah. I I never got to go to Japan. I never got to go to Puerto Rico or Mexico or anywhere that I'll really truly wanted to go to it was like, I don't know. I just right place right time. One of them wanna bam and it was done. Yeah. So who was it initially saw you that that brought you down to was SE w at the time, right? Who was that now? So who is it that how did you get on the radar for WWE where you know, you, you know, you got you got. Built demont right in developmental in Georgia, the deep south tear. Yeah. It was like crew Joan hold on. Did you just I've said this story? He did you did. And my hey, clearly wasn't listening or he was texting. These difficulties. Welcome to my world, buddy. Probably. Want to hear it and use the great part? We won't edit it out. It's in there. To tell. We're live pal. All right. So so you're you're you've done deep south now from whereas it down. I was there for like six months and then plays got shut down. We've just like what the hell happened. But you still got a contract, right? So we'll see. Practice, and they think you know, they come in. And they're like, hey, we got a big meeting tonight. You know, let's, you know, everyone come here. Johnny ace is going to be here with some special guests where to all that stuff pretty much. We come there. I think John as comes in. Now says that deep south, you know, even the land Georgia's shutting down we need to load everything up. And as you saw that Nova, Mike Bucci was driving salmon bean. Yeah. To to go and Tampa, and we all with the hooters heads some beers and some food and he told us to find the place in Tampa. We got three months to find the play. Gee that we were in Tampa for three months. Just have a damn good time. I saw a lot of DUI mugshots for that time. Wasn't one of them. That's why I could say it. So many. Kids living in tackling pay doing nothing, and what else are we going to? Video daily work out. So long. Well, so what does it starts backed up? Exactly. I mean, no body guy. Anyway. Right. You you you basically work off character. So you don't have to worry about the gym. You're right. You know, I just, you know, eat, right and stay halfway looking decent. But not got the dad bog going on. So I got an excuse. Hey pods are right now. Temper the expectations man, keep them even kill than the nobody expects too much of you. So before J started talking about being a body guy. You mentioned that. Yeah. Yeah. Right. I know. From experience. But you said doctor, Tom, we guy got his hands on you. And and Dr Tom is one of those guys who has has in some way, influenced so many people with within the industry in stories that you might not have heard of or you might have forgot or whatever. But like this guy that was in on the ground floor and training, the rock, you know. Countless countless people. Yeah. I mean, just countless some. But it's just so crazy how he can just get to your level and understand you and just help you in crap you're shale pull out more that you didn't know you had like, I don't know. How it does it? But he has the thing about him. You know, like a hell of a coach. I mean, I can't say nothing bad about him in hell of a game of being young mean. Yeah. And he's helped me out a lot too. Yep. He's great, dude. And there are some people that just I mean, he was he was an amazing talent the ring to. But there's some people that just have the the wiring to be able to get greatness out of people in terms of teaching. And he is he is one of those guys, you know, and the priest wouldn't with all the people that that can say that, you know, Tom has been involved with and even even for us with the funk Indo, Joe, it was Tom that was in there, you know, on and run and stuff with us way way back when there is no developmental systems or anything. And now now he's got a school in Knoxville with with the mayor live on Knox county. That great people working together. I feel like you would fit in really well at a conversation at that table. Who would you? Oh my goodness. They just make fun of me the whole damn town. Clear. Glenn low take him on my ass. All right. So now, you doubted tapper your trading with doctor, Tom back and apps CW gets up and running, and you know, how how's it go from there? Now, my problem. I think that's a problem, and I got caught up too late. I bet. You really think that? Sorta. Gordon hot. Baby heavyweight champ southern heavyweight champ my own show, the happy hour, oh, baby. Here. Two minutes of television out. Fun. Who is backing me dot com may go that man, he was just like maybe help the coach that's all I can say, but Dan. He had so much faith in eight and then it made me have confidence. And that's like what I was listening the whole time. Yeah. Did you get the confidence man guy? You're like, it's endless. So many guys are missing the confidence, and they just need to find it. Well, and it can be hard with WWE to get that. And find that confidence, you know, because you might not get the opportunity to find it. You know, it's it's a different. Up there so much good talent to where it's like you get lost. Sometimes you've got to find your way back. Yep. Yep. That's a good way put it and speaking of doctor, Tom, I I'm so this is the first thing I'm picturing is you're born two decades earlier you replace Jimi. Del ray. Bodies, dude, man, money, longest reigning chance ever. Yeah. Sebastian slater. And Dr Tom you could be sexy. Sebastian. Dr Tom what about Dr desire fast? And. Yeah. Smooth. Yeah. He'd be like a like a swimmer. On nice long. Weird. Wax. Why why are picturing that he's waxed? Man. I don't know. He said, he's smooth. So I'm fix picture. You know, he's oiled up actually. Oh, chose smooth like a smooth operator. Yeah. Each other's back. If we can you want. Downs forever. That's right now, we'll get to we'll get the next year and a little bit. This is pretty much. How I thought this conversation was gonna go though. So I've happy about that. I wanna piss you to the other. All right. So. Where at FCW, and you've been nasty w champion been southern heavyweight champion been tagged him champion got your own talk show. Running high baby. So now where do you run? Oh that that was a. Hello. We're there. I go. Yeah. Well, yeah. I rent in steep pretty much. Those they that Johnny ace came down. And well, I went on a couple, you know, Dr matches like live events and everything like, I I work noble work Jimmy wanted Yang which was so much like easy on. Yeah. Charlie haas. Dang. I wanna say snick see wants. But yeah, they couple of little, you know, live event shows here and there, but I mean, you know, that's just you know, them just looking at GNC you look up there. And how you do. Yeah. But, but yeah, you know, I didn't little bit of that. But pretty much it was like going right to inex- Steve. Because most of the guys that were on the next was getting a lot of look at and all that. So. Yeah. Running hot forever down there. And that's when they did, you know, the where Jay was your your story line, original annex t was was actually its own separate, you know, it's random, but it was actually a show kind of like a reality type show where you had some young upstarts Trump's crack. Ross stuff was crazy. Yeah. That's what it was. It was not we we were all Guinea pigs. Wanted to put out and then it was like, all right? Let's see what we got. Feis obstacle courses and carrying the keg around the ring at the fascist with one. You know, a Mike promos thing for one minute. And they just give you a word you have to talk about it right on the spy with Ryan nerve wracking. I mean, just great just flight were they send you the ring, and then send you different opponent or something to that effect. Yeah. Sure. So I remember one time you remember one time you were you a wrestling. And then I got up to Grillo to go out with you. And they're like, oh, no, no. He's going out by himself. And then I was like all right. So you went and then like I had a match not long after the taping says like all go back and get my gear on so back there. And you're going out there. All of a sudden somebody like runs up to me and says. You're supposed to be up there with heath. I was like they just told me that he was going out by himself. No, you have to go out there. So then there it was there gorilla, and they were trying to decide when I was going to go out. And I was like fuck it. I just walked out. Walkout Turner match like cheering you on. So just walking down the ramp hop in my head. By me. They liked his chin lock. Yeah. Good. Yeah. Yeah. Was just so funny. Didn't I look at you and say it's about Tom. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He said it's about time or something like that. Didn't working during that too. Or was it? Coat. Maybe. Yeah. Jacob we it's funny to like we're talking about doing funny stuff. Like, they would do these little training videos of us together. And one time they're like we were joking before about being body guys. But they had us do. This this like vignette or a backstage thing where we're in the gym working out. And I was trying to coach him through a set of latte pull downs. So to rib. I put the entire rack on. He's struggling trying to like to get this weight up. It doesn't look like an idiot. And I'm talking to him. He's trying to have a conversation with me. But he came back the next week. He's like my back has been sore for a week straight from these latte bull downs. Because there were so happy. To burn out like fifteen home around never did in my whole life. It's like, oh my God. Wow. Well. Take through. I'm going to state it here. You got the worst possible. Coach possible. I say twice. Just on that. I would say maybe it's better. Third third. That's a nice backhanded compliment. I like that. And, but it was from great is that, you know, anything I ever, you know, needed to know was curious about asking, you know, he was actually, you know, tell me, you know, some bullshit answers and then come back around and tell me the rights yet. But then really being let you didn't believe that. They do this is what this is what you really should they I'm like, yeah. I don't think I should just go and roll up dance. He told me to give a schoolboy. Was back in to like. No. I think he's trying to make a point. But yeah, I. Absolutely. Hear you saying that. But, but it was after the annex t thing that's when they came up with the next as idea, right? Yes. Oh. Those things where I swear I still think that this day something happened to where we all jumped win, you know, in the ring to to where we everyone of us who's getting booed and then from that from that day on there was just like women nations. You know, just go go go zella limitation elimination. Limit. I should. And then it was just one of those things where we were in Miami. And it's called us all in the office. And they say, you know, that, you know, I want you to be like, this pack of wolves coyotes. You know, there's just out for blood this. And that you know, I want you to wear these armbands, and I want you to do this tonight. And that that we're all just like, whoa. Whoa. Really this really happening. Like, this is cool Vale? So we had like K fable behold him, I stay in a suit and everything last. Them it, you know, get suited up in a, you know, outfit or gear and everything. And then and then it was just fireworks. So so it was actually Vince that told all of you guys you got pulled in office. And he told the group of you that that was going to be the deal. Yeah. Right. Ended off is in Miami. And Michael Hayes was in there. I wanna say lower night. It's isn't there? And I mean, you all realize how how cool this this opportunity is right? I mean, we had idea literally we hope were just like, this is awesome. But we don't know how it's going to go. We don't know what's going to happen. I mean, you know, we were nervous. I mean, we were you know, we were you know, this is a big shebang here. I just I just think God at work, and we all were vicious. That was just stars as wind up that night force. But you really did. And he put it in a perfect way one you'd be like, a pack of coyotes or pack of wolves. And that's really what it felt like, you know, I remember being there for it. And just thinking man this this audience is mad right now. That wouldn't drink satis-. Crying. I think the thing is to like, you know, it was just the chaos of it. All right like, yeah. Just so it seems so unscripted in so just. You know, like, it would be if if somebody was getting you know, ambushed, and that that was the the feel of it. And you know, you're not just you were ripping up everything you're breaking property, you were doing all kinds of destruction. So I mean, there was a a very real feel to it. Which is what made it work. And the good old days. And here's a quick question though, because of having to carry kegs around a damn ring and given one word to cut a promo on live TV. Like is there any part once you guys are doing like these these these attacks? Is there any part of like, yeah, they're right? We're we're going to you know, tear this up because that was a really lame show that they just made us do. Hundred percent. I mean, we even added that in the promos, you know, then like making this change in the broom closet and stuff because we weren't allowed in the locker room back, then we literally changing in like, you know, little sideway broom closet, and then you know, we were out in the locker room we had to do these goofy shows like juggling and cutting these promos and Kate care in a home track and field course type thing, and we use that to be like. Yeah. You choose us like animals, you did this you did that, you know. Well, if you poke the dog too many times he's gonna fight back. So we bit come and get it. Like, we use that. And it was just good and raw and real. Yeah. Yeah. When they're when there's some real involved, then it's it's gonna feel different and. So I want to backtrack and don't don't name any names. But like so this stuff would never get to me. I never heard that guys weren't changing and locker rooms or things like that. Like how where did that come from? Was it just a general vibe that you guys got or were you specifically told like no don't change in the locker room? Well, I'm pretty sure it was something to the fact that we're we into a locker room want like I don't I don't want to mention names that goes out. Have we got back out? And then we went to Koran, and that's where do we change it? I mean a couple of times we have like a nice little dressing room. But then a lot of times we literally was like a ban. Broom closet and stuff. Yeah. But then again, one of those days where like whatever, you know. I get it. I mean, I'm sure this happened with a lot of other people. I mean, I I mean, we know stories of other people getting kicked out a locker room and everything then we've just new kids on the block some people probably looked at us. Like man, these kids Jon teicher stuff just like everyone else does. But it's just like one of those things where like I feel like we are there. Well, you know, most of us earn their keep. So it was like, you know, then we got invited in type deal. It'd be like. Yeah. You know, we like y'all come on in. And like you said you guys used it. And it really did make it feel like there. There was. Really Jay said it was chaos and it was like factored. It was just so much fun to do too. It was just so just that just the atmosphere was good throughout all of that. I I'm going to say what I think the highlight is and then you told me out of. Out of the whole next storyline. You know? Sure, you were all in the ring face to face in Sacramento, and the this it's actually rumbling and you can see the camera shaking on raw that. That. But I know what the biggest moment is for you. Some are slam main event and he didn't scores. Not only that you pin me Jericho back to back in like two minutes. Man. It wasn't nice back to back in a matter of I'm guessing fifty eight seconds fifty eight he's got. That literally I wanna say fifty nine right under wall. But I just remember like it was really it was so back to back, and then you start beating up John. Yep. Yeah. Oh my goodness. No one else can say they've done that. No that that's true. I mean, I think it's true. True true. Percent man, Staples Center that was still be one of my highlights ever. I mean, I'm just so glad that you know, you all put it together, you know, to fit like I mean have me gave real way was the last three. And it was just like one of those things. I think I took almost you know, everyone's come back. And you know, it was I felt like it was like a privilege like hell. Yeah. Like put me in as much as you want. Like, let's do it. I remember specifically to me was tended, you end Jacko, which was awesome. And then being being Brad, you know, it was like one of those things where like pretty much. I'm the only one that could touched him and everything, and he just, you know, he's Bret Hart like goodness gracious. You know, it was just so surreal to me. Like, it was just nuts like the best time of my life, being honest. Jerk when I be in the control freaks. We are remember being very up until we were eliminated from the match. And then I was like, okay. Whatever that that. They're doing that finish. Okay. And but I remember, you know, in putting the match together thinking, he's gotta do Brett's comeback. You know anyone else on the team? But heath, you know, and you know, maybe or Gabriel could, you know, do it Justice and. Wade could do but he's a big, dude. Right. So it just it just felt like. But still yeah, glad like Brett trusted me too. So that made it a lot easier. Also. Yeah. And how good does that feel like when Bret Hart trusts, you you know, to to be there for him. I know where to say like, I mean, absolutely drink, the I'm like, you know, the best. Here's the best. It was never really, you know, trust you in the ring with him. I mean, she it. Thank you, so one of the best compliments ever, right? Yeah. Yeah. A good feeling and breads such a good guy. You know, like, he just always been so helpful. And you know, he Texas me on Christmas merry Christmas. And he just he just a good guy and we'll get back to heath. But before we do this message brought to you by first alert there. Three things every homeowner wants their home to be smarter, safer and more fun. What if I told you one link by first alert has you covered. I meet your family's new best friend, the one link safe and sound you want your home to be smarter, especially if you're edge because he's smart, anyway, it's hardwired smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a premium home speaker, and it's LXI made all in one sleek device. The with the first alert safety technology and providing an immersive great sound experience, the safe and sound elevates any home, but it gets better one link by first alert also offers the one link smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that works with one link. 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But we also, you know, Sean Brenton, and I think unanimously if you go around the locker room, you know, bread is one of the first guys that will be named. Yeah. Totally. I mean, I mean the name they gave themselves, but you know, that's their best. There was never their real lives up to. And I don't know if you ever had a bad match. Yeah. I know I don't know of one. I'm sure he can tell from. I think there somebody was saying there's one like him in Tom Aghia dark match that just got found or something on some ladies VHS tape or something out now Berta, I don't know. But. But so, but with throughout the whole next thing how many times have you won the tag team titles now? Three with gave rule and one would say. Well, we'll get there. 'cause you've had to carry him since we finished carrying so. And he's. He has a good part in what he does it work. But before you came on, you know, Jan I talked about the fact that your guy that, you know, no matter what you're given. Or or what character you're playing? Whether it's whether it's nexus or whether it's, you know, going on from their shirts the cord with the weird, spelling and all that. But then. The three man band and the one man band, and then, you know, I got kids like you've really found a way to just adapt. And then that's that's hard to do man, man. The only thing I can say is is that, you know, people wanna be the lions and MS business the elephants in the silverbacks, then I'm just a chameleon. And that's. You know, you have to be versatile. You know? You have to understand too. You know, there's select few that are at the top in stay there. You have to be able to fit in. And like, you know, you like you saying that joking earlier about getting two three four five minutes of TV time. But. Make them the most of those minutes you make a memorable. Like, you know, you you went out probably with not a lot of TV time and hit the lion. I got kids boom you've done. You've now reinvented something. Is that that resume people? Brock, and you know, Paul and Paul was just spitting at me. And literally, you know has such alone Provo, and you don't remember everything. So I'm just like well gotta live a little bit. Back and it worked because it was Raleigh real. Yeah. Thank god. He said if you more lines get back on page. Yeah. You know, I got kids on meet up. I told him I say everyone. Hass beat. I said, but I have to do. So. Yeah. But. But yeah, there will you also had that string like where when everybody was coming back, and you were I don't know taken litas moon salt, and I didn't take what else did you take? And how does that everything from every walk in legend? They could find. The bomb. Vicious power bomb. I took I took rock keys. You know? And the state face. Nice piper. Potent me, and my Cyndi Lauper busted a gold record over my head. Shined and sent to me and apologized, and she was so dense. Wait, are you serious? That's awesome. Yeah. It's so cool. Steph has hanging up on a collage. And I'm just like, yeah. There's some blood on their to Glassman. It really cuts. You. Yeah. But then road warrior animal. DT Bob backwards a beat up doing, but it was really Broward, bro. To keep you on those things it was just like. And then, you know, then we talked it off route one thousand one leader an APA came out and that tried to run away and all alleged came out. And then I ran back in I got closed off from hail. And moon solid. So out of out of all of that. And out of all of those moves because now we're talking about people that might not have been in a ring for a while. Not have hit their finisher. And a while that might be just a tad. Let's just say rusty. What what was the worst one to take? And in no way, a commentary on the person. Just like what was the toughest move to take? And what was like there because I'm going to guess that clothesline from hell was there? That closed on hell with Shirley was there. I mean, I stood up on my head. I did a hands it hits. Not by choice. About that has ever dog comes up to me and says, hey before you walk out tell JVM not to be a pussy and late in. How did I am not going to tell him? Oh, nah. I'm not going to tell him that. And then like when I walk by yelling. But it just looked at me the last I as coming. Yeah. It's got. And miss. Relationship. You know, he's always been good today. Yeah. But like, I mean, even just making that like that that became like, a, you know, a spot on the show where people look forward to. Aw, look forward to it every week. And it wasn't a match, you know. You know, a thing a feel good kind of thing. But it had to be cool to being a lifelong wrestling fan to have all these people. These restaurants. I remember watching you know, w c Debbie and the early early be everywhere phaser came in with that big old mastodon helmet thing. You know, like I remember seeing him van, and I was I don't know ten maybe I just being like, oh, gosh, you know, and and sit vicious to coming out here staying and everything to where it was just like like being scared. These guys as a kid, and then like their music and they're coming out to the ring. And I'm just like inside. I'm just oh my goodness. Like, you know, I'm not kidding again. Just being like, this is a mazing. And then, you know, of course, you know, scary where you know, little bit. I was but it was it was great. So good and honestly mater, bomb and. That one's stuck too. This funny story. So we're the bachelorette Vader me rotund, though and Vader, sit there going over the match Vader, sit there talking about, you know, you get the power bomb. I maybe go to the top of the bone salt. He said that is just got big as hail and he's like bending over time boots and everything I look at rotunda. And I'm just like, whoa. Say something like. Say something like kill this one hundred percent when I was thinking in my head the whole time might please please land home on you know. And thank God. He was like. You gotta be you know, this and that I'm just like oh my God. They even when we walked down. I was like my Bank you saying that because he might have been able to do it. Then again, that's me on their list invaders outta do a moon. So. Yeah. He might have been able to to. He might have landed right on me like really bad. Oh, I remember my heart pounding like the mic, please. Please. Please. And then the finally say that about be good. When I say that big the LA. And so after all of that is that when the three men band thing came around and how did that all come about? Well, it was one of those things where I was doing. You know, steal the whole one man band at thin. Vince was like, well, I wasn't even doing the one man band that was before all of that. I was doing like had big thing about you. Don't be the one man rock band next week. You're the one man southern rock band next week. You're just going to be the one man rock band. Again. You know, like it was weeks and weeks and weeks. I'm switching my name's where everyone's scratching their head being like what the hell is he? One man experience. Yes. And then from there, it was just the one, man. And then from I would Michael I was like, Michael, man. I need a band like I need to start up a band like this idea so tissues out there. But the guys that I pitched for with Ambrose fandango and EC three at the time and both developmental Danko was on the next t- being Johnny Curtis and hunter was on the next day, and you know, Mike odor. So those ideas, and they said Ambrose, no, we have something for Dan go, we have some four. And then I was like what about hunter? You know? They're like, no. I said why not just like, no, okay. And then like shortly after that he got released. So next thing, you know, they just get me, drew and gender and. Like like. A bad joke like, you know, day on. Scotsman a dead on Indian and a redneck walks into a. So who wasn't really doing that? Because he gets whatever like drew was about to kill somebody goes he was like what the hell. You can choose the one that will be in a row. Due flipping out a little bit. And then he came to terms of being like, well, we have to do this only only thing in life. I ever wanted to be was a rock star. And restless I get to do both. Go thinking about it. So that's pretty much. How happen I'll pitch. My. Did. They said hell, no here you go. Guys. Like, you know, I think too that like the way that it was with the different dynamic between all three of you guys kind of made it work better that he didn't really fit. No, I agree to like give it was one of those things where they like we thought we were going to be cool. You know, like motley Crue. Yeah. You know, rocking out get girls, you know, whooping stage down and all this cool stuff. And then there was nothing right that and we were just like, well, I guess, you know, with comedy act, and then that they knew I remember drew ginger always being like man, we keep up with you in this. What the hell, you know, me? I just don't care. I'll go do whatever you want to be at rod star healthy like, let's do it. But it was just one of those things where it was like we all just throwing off a little bit. That was just like, whoa. This is my ban. All right. How are we going to do this? And then, you know, Jews in his level and genders doing staying. But the good thing about it is. But when we went overseas where you know, the people of this, you know, whenever we were southern states. They loved us. You know, like we had like a lot of those dynamics and everything, you know, pull them forest we in Canada, you know, they love gender up there. So like, we grabbed a lot of attention. You know, we were together for like two years, and we didn't even get one t shirt. That would have sold near sewer. Wow. Two years and then. And it was shortly after that. Drew laughed right? Yeah. Drew engine live. That's right. I'm not lonesome road again. Back to one. So so lonely that you you actually became friends with rhino. Very true. Buddies. Doubt we always bust that I was in social outcasts was hinting Taylor. And adam. Oh, yeah. And then that that we were telling, you know, like the W version of DAX, you know, being that cocky cool type group, you know, but we were supposed to be social outcasts. But I didn't want us to be social outcasts. So I was just thinking about you know, for social outcasts, which it'd be like flop, you know, something like that. Yeah. But then they were like, no, we want to be, you know, talking to have promos as and being energetic. That's man. I'm like social outcasts. Using a little bit. Yeah. We got marine the marine movie. Very that's right. Yeah. Yeah. That was really cool that out in Vancouver. Yeah. Heck, yeah. Man. It was that was a lot of fun. New new just like new to you just you get new nerves in. Yeah. Like, oh my gosh. How you doing well movie here, you know, kinda cool. I gotta be a bad ass biker guy. Now, like, they so my character. They don't really work unless it was. So how how did you find the differences and what similarities? What wrestling enacting? Yeah. I mean, you know, it's kind of like the same. You know? I mean, sorta you you, you know, you might have to memorize, you know, lines, and you know, to direct point and everything more than the movies. But it was like in wrestling, as you, you know, you get a script you start it, you do it, you know. And hopefully, you know, it works out good. I mean, the difference to me was like in the movies. You can do that over and over and over and over and over and over. Get it. Right. And wrestling, like, hey, man, you know, it's one one or done, you know, type deal. That's to me was the difference. But it was just us. You know, created creatively? Like fine. You know? I was I was cash of the bad ass of this biker gang. So I had to find this bad ass character named cash in my head somehow trying to portray it. A move to me. There was just a lot of similarities. I mean, just this with the whole, you know, soap opera Bill to both and how you should what you should do. And what you say, and how you should move and the whole, you know, you have to get like forty different camera and goes into movies where us hard camera to other on the floor. Yeah. You know? It's just you know, it's similarities look different. But I enjoy both. So how how did you feel coming back to wrestling after that in like because let's face it. A movie set you're pretty pampered. And in wrestling. You're you're not as not at all maybe Cellamare. I don't know. I go back and see people with their own dressing rooms now, but. But I digress. Yeah. And. So you you come back, and is how was it like kind of assimilating back into the wrestling thing. I literally just didn't even think about it. Yeah. I literally changed my mind to item wrestling again, it was just one of those things I'm not going to you know, the schedule. You don't how how grueling? So you just get wives that way, you just keep going. I mean, but then again, you know, that thirty five as I had off with off, you know, his family up there. I mean, browsing only like three maybe it was about to talk to. Oh, wow. It was just good to have them up there the whole time. Yeah. Yeah. Get see Vancouver Vancouver's. I mean to. Yeah. That really is. And it's very kid friendly. I I it's it's just a great city period mountains OSHA, and it's all there. So, but eventually the I got kids things start happening your team and with rhino. And I remember watching at that point. And just thinking this is this is great like just really fun to watch. And and I think like everybody on some level could relate to it. You know and had a very dusty Rhodes vibe to it. But like who has kids gets sick, man? I got kids. That's why I'm doing this. Very very good. Like, it was a good story. You know, you don't you don't really get too many like very very good stories anymore to where like people are actually interested. Like, you said like people can relate to you know, what else, you know? This is my job. You know, they do I got kids. I need this job type deal. You know? So it was just it was one of those, you know, average average Joes of wrestler. He's got kids he has to work. You know, the kids it just had a very good story to it. And it was just one of those things where in it was like before that I didn't even get drafted. I did that whole free agent thing. And I was on both shows, which was awesome. And you know, working my way up to China like, you know, Russell all these guys to get the job and everything and they say, you know, random came and save the day and we enter that tournament became tag champs. I MAC down tag champs, right? Once this put his backup. I'm I ever, you know, was that was actually a thing where they they kind of forgot the draft you or is that like a was it a storyline? I'm pretty sure JBL pitched it. And tell me to react. So did and then at pitched a whole free agent thing because I think they were originally just won't be like, don't worry. We'll put it on the internet is you're at smackdown on my. No, hell, no. I said man, you got something here like lights went off on me. They didn't dot com story at the end about me storming out yell and being like what the hell you got about somebody. I think it'd be like a light in the fire by like, I want someone to draft me. Let me prove to you that I can't type deal, and I said get shirts made history age it just had me like chrome os may have some matches. We let me go back to roll on smackdown. This thing, you know, like, I talked. I talked to add about it. And they said, you know, I was in my car leaving. He was like, yeah. Let's do that. So I just started getting all social media being like free agent who wants to book me, I was tagging like Arledge people. Right. Was book me I'll have a job type deal and just it was funny. And then you know, she caught fire. They went with it. And next thing, you know, aren't Anderson looked at me and said that he would not be my tacking partner. I was down in the dumps and Ryan, okay. Just hand them a show and help. Yep. How was it? How is it teeming with rhino? Because here's a guy that I think he's twenty two years in the business now and. He's seen everything. He he's he's experienced everything. There is to experience. He's he's worked in WCW. He's worked in easy w he's worked. You know, and WWE so how how much fun did you guys have together, and how much did you like, I mean, you're a veteran also? But I mean, a guy like that. There's gotta be some stuff that you take away from it. Good and bad. I mean, we all know is he has he has he has to stick to it. You know, he's just he's that kind of driven. But he has the most that's heart. You can find one of those. You know, gentle giants type, you know, not even giant. He's just a gentle bake, man. But he he he, you know, he he taught me like one of those things like how how it was back in the day type things. That's why he would always like to talk about back back in the day. Hey, faxing the day. We did this right? Always wants to talk about staying that the red roofs, and he. And you know, like, you know, back in the day, you know, he liked to get down a little bit. But now he's been sober for you know, than twenty years or so nineteen years or something. Maybe maybe I don't know whichever. But it's been one of those things it's been a while. But it's just one of those things where like, you know, he talked to me about everything, you know, like he has a daughter also. So we would talk about family stuff and everything, and, you know, just he just he loves to talk and drive. Let's just put it that way. Thing about him is a conversation that you really take five minutes with him takes forty five minutes. So it does a lot of short. Sure. Podcasts. We'll be one you save that exactly. He's one of those. I honestly say like, awesome, heart hard worker, dedicated. But you know, he's stuck his ways. There's ways. He's like that. Oh, man. Just this is how I am. If you like, it, whatever I don't care. It's so weird. Because like we met him when he was a kid we were kids too, but we named him rhino. So to see him become this surly, you know. Kid tanker stuck in his way, grizzled old timer. You did a winter. The bag. Don't put some pants on wintertime. Jeez. Okay. Think this man that Ryan smooth? Back to some who've. Woman. We know you got kids and oh, yeah. They're going to be up early. And we've we've kept a little while now and it's getting late, and I got two kids that are going to be up early too. Yeah. So here it varies. Right. So like was gone and ruby came in the room last night, and I rolled over and put my arm around her, and I didn't realize she'd gotten into the bed, and that was at four thirty that that's pretty rare though, that's pretty rare. She they both sleep, you know, in their beds for the most part. But sometimes one of us leaves, you know, one night, they'll come in just because I guess they're weirded out. Right. But it's January six thirty generally at six thirty. But it's always me they wake up. Thirties my wakeup call too. Yep. That you know. You know? Well, is it always you is it always you? They wake up. Well, it's like one of those things will bras at school Monday through Friday that I had to be other six thirty regardless. Yeah. So getting Steph always goes and gets ready for still those packing wants making the breakfast is one of those things, you know, then we take a school and all that. But yeah, six thirty I'll wake up every time, I'm home until the weekends. And then you know, they come and get in bed with you. You know about seven. You know, the sun's up. Let's. For whatever reason. It's always dad. I don't like to see see mama one morning. Just one. Say, mama. Llama? You feel? It's amazing as soon as I hear that. I'm like bright up, and and then I'm like up there's no going back asleep. It's just all right. You know? And yeah, the wake and running. That's that's speed. So. Yeah. But yeah. Saying all of that. We'll let get going. So that you know because you've got to be up early. Sounds good. Thank you. All right. Thanks for coming on a lot of laughs. If you're sure Jay come on get your quip fixed up, man. I will don't worry Dixie. Don't worry about me. Worry about hitting those last pulled down tomorrow with Jim. Video infinity's. I'm doing the whole. All right. See? This following is paid for by nitsa. It can be a little frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry a running late to find yourself at a railway crossing waiting for a train. And if the signals are going in the train is not even there yet, you could feel a little tempted to try the across the tracks will don't ever trains are often going faster than you would expect them to be in the can't stop even if the engineer hits the brakes right away and take a train over a mile to stop by that time. What used to be your cars just a crush on metal? And what used to be you? Well, better not to think about that. The point is you can't know exactly how quickly the train will arrive the timing. Can't stop even if it sees you if the signals are on the train is on its way, and you just need to have a one thing. Stop trains can't he's a good, dude. That was was a little fun to talk to him. You know, he's one of those guys to realize it at some point. He's been there for so many years. But he's got long jetty. And that's the key in the businesses is to is to be able to stick around and stick around time and reinvent yourself. And he he's done that a lot. That was one of the things as we're talking. I was like, oh, yeah. He did that too. And that and that and it just, you know, again, he always finds a way to make something work. And there there's something to be said for that, man. It's. Very similar to guys like Hawkins and Ryder who who always find a way to make things work, and you know, take what they're given. And you know, run as far as they can with them and loved the business, and that's what's whether able to do it. 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