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Hey, everyone listening to the podcast. This is Ari and we have a special edition this week with two interviews from the show, a lifelong politician and a lifelong musical activists. I, we have more from my discussion with John Kerry who I once worked for back in two thousand four. We had the interview this week, but one of the things we like to do here for the podcast listeners is show you and help you listen to things that didn't even make air because we edit up the interview. So we go deeper into this, which we haven't aired yet on the podcast on the discussion about not only Donald Trump's foreign policy, but one area where John Kerry told us he does agree with Donald Trump the very controversial Assad policy and bombing Syria. That's one thing we got. And then later on our podcast of this weekend, we have the full interview I did with will. I am from the black eyed peas, but it's also pretty political. We talked gun control immigration and also who he has his eye on for twenty twenty. If you are a big music fan or a big user of the. Internet you may remember will made that big viral hit? Yes, we can for Obama before he was president all of that plus extra stuff from the interviews and of course as well. We have in there what did air on TV as always thanks for listening to be well, we are joined on the beat tonight by a man who defined many of those battles during twenty eight years in the Senate John Kerry until he left that public service to answer a call from President Obama to replace. Of course, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state Kerry won the democratic nomination for president ran against George Bush in two thousand four a campaign I worked on and as people explore the lessons from the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. I wanna welcome secretary, Kerry and begin by looking at how you approach that issue then sir, because there was as you know, skepticism of Anita hill from senators in both parties, you were especially direct about the gender disparity and sexism in the Senate at the time. Take a look. That is not the accuracy of those accusations. That's an issue here. It is the relationship of ninety eight men in the United States Senate to the majority of the citizens of this nation women and whether or not we are capable of saying that when one woman stands up and suggests this not because she volunteered it, but because the Senate committee came to her and then she felt they weren't listening whether we're now going to listen. That's what it's about. Senator you look at that is the Senate doing any better in your view is Dr Ford, credible. And what does the Senate? Oh her in this process? Well, I can't speak to the issues of credibility are there's no way for me to, you know, I don't have all the facts and I'm not going to venture forth on that with respect to the Senate, doing better the senate's doing better because it has more women in it than it did. I mean, when I came to the United States Senate, I had as many daughters as there were women senators. That's two and one shortly after it was beaten, Paula, Hawkins of Florida. So we've travelled a long way since then, but I think the critical thing here and it's very, very difficult to work through. This is not easy. But people work through these all the time. In our Justice system and in daily life. So people just have to, as I said in those earlier comments, you listen carefully, but most importantly, you've got to be open to trying to understand exactly what happened and respect everybody in the to get there. And then you mentioned key. You mentioned gender? It seems sometimes the gender is a bigger dividing line than even the parties are partisanship, which we know is big in Washington. Take a look at Joe Biden in part of the way he approached miss hill. In those famous hearings we comfortable, you're barrister not concern you. How did you feel about it? Can you tell the committee, what was the most embarrassing. Of all the incidences that you have alleged. You think do you think Joe Biden and you guys serve together? Got that wrong. And what can the senators do better this time. I'm not ducking you, but I literally do not have the full context. I don't know what preceded it. I don't know what followed it, so I can't possibly pass judgment on that are in. I'm not avoiding. I just don't have a recollection of exactly what was going on at that moment in time. I look, let's think bigger here. I don't wanna get into, you know, specific people and instances, obviously. This woman. What I do know of it the little I know of it is that she told her husband and she told a professional counselor some years ago before George Cavanaugh was nominated, and there are other components of the case. I mean, I was a former prosecutor. You've got to look at every circumstance here and I'm confident senators on both sides of the island gonna do that. I understand. There's going to be a hearing, I think it's important for the Senate to listen and to be seen as protecting rights on both sides, all sides and doing a professional job here, and I hope that's what will happen. Your new book probes, public service. I want to put up on the screen something I think you're may enjoy every day is extra and you get into that. Then the photo here we're going to show folks is of you and another famous individual Bob Muller on your high school hockey team. I will say. You both have pretty long faces then the now and good heads of hair for what that's worth. But when you think when you think about the two of you as military veterans as prosecutors and people who've lived very different public lives, what is important about public service that you learn? What do you remember of him and how is that challenge during what is obviously current currently time of strain in the Trump era where he's a terrific public servant, and I had occasion to work with them a couple of times in the course of my career, once on the BCCI Bank issues where he was in the Justice department and the criminal heading up criminal division, I believe and subsequently director of the FBI which he held. I think longer than perhaps anybody else did. It was an extraordinary tenure extended by Republican and democratic president alike. I think he wouldn't be doing what he's doing today. If his credentials weren't impeccable, and I have great confidence as I think most. Americans do as people have gotten to watch how he just quietly steadily proceeded to perform responsibilities. You know, America has to wait and see what happens here. And I reserve judgment on on those aspects of the investigation that pertain to what he's doing, though there is much that's already out in the public, and we all are hearing about. I think that. But I think people can have confidence in the job that Bob Muller will do serve this country with distinction in the military in the marines, and he's done so ever since he's he's a public servant you ask. So what I mean in the book I write about what we learned as young people during that period of time, we were the children of the greatest generation and we were patriots. We are patriots, and I think we came to our service a nine hundred and sixty five sixty six for our particular class with a sense of responsibility to serve our country to give back and my heroes during that period of time where people in public life, people who are trying to make a difference. And we touched in the civil rights, boom, we're a part of the early days, the environment efforts inspired by Rachel Carson, and then taking part in Earth Day and other things. And I try in the book to write about the continuum of that up into the Senate where people work together. A bipartisan fashion. I was privileged to work very closely with John McCain. We came from opposite places in essence, but we came together and worked together very, very hard on the issue of POW MIA. We were able to alternately move forward in a relationship with yet nam and I think we contributed hopefully to people feeling better about themselves here in our own country about the service during that war. And so when you look at the congress today. Based on, as you say, the lessons you've drawn from public service, what do you see as the biggest problems? Is it money and politics? Is it the sort of internet, Twitter, televised problems with everything being sort of only operating at a surface level of conflict, or is it really something deeper? I mean you, you mentioned what you and John McCain did together. I don't know that there are duos like that in the Senate right now. Well, there are wannabes that's for sure. But unfortunately, the caucuses tend to be more polarized and the positions are more polarized. I think. I mean, I really began to see that happen in the early days of the Gingrich transformation in the nine hundred ninety s then to the tea party then to the to the caucus to the freedom caucus and ultimately did, oh, Donald Trump effected what was essentially a hostile takeover of what was there and the Republican party, and he's changed it now. So it's much. More polarized much more divisive, but the problems are many. I mean, one is there is too much money in American politics, and it steals the agenda from, you know, average folks from working folks in the country who don't get the same kind of a break in a tax cut that the billionaires get. The second thing is we have gerrymandering up the gazoo and it stealing our own democracy because with gerrymandering we have, we don't have a real democratic election fully democratic in every state in the country. When you have a general election in every two years or four years because the gerrymandering deprives people of that Troy's by creating safe districts, then you have the multiplicity of media. Let's and diversity of self selection by people in the country as to where they go for their news. So we'd have no longer any arbiter about what are the facts. So you hear somebody talk about alternative facts. There's. No such thing. But today the number of daily lies in American politics. The number of accusations being accused now of some, but but they're all destroyed benches. They're all jump jump in since you mentioned it, we'll we'll put a direct point on it. You had tweeted back to President Trump saying he should be more worried about Manafort meeting with Muller than your meeting with Iran's foreign minister, and then you plug your book which you know you and Trump could go back and forth in that way. Now, of course, he had said John Kerry had quote, illegal meetings with the hostile Ronnie and regime which only undercuts our great work to the detriment, the American people that's not true. There's been no legal finding to that end. Well, they decide go just five minute leave aside. The question of illegal find there is nothing to find that is a lie with president is doing is trying to distract from a reality I had, you know, I think it was three meetings. I can be precise now is three and one was at a peace conference where many people were invited from all over the world. I had nothing to do with that, and I met there and another meeting was that the UN general assembly in New York during the course of the UN general assembly when people meet with everybody. And when the foreign minister of Iran actually gave a formal speech to the council on foreign relation met with United States. Senators met with lots of people, and the final one was in Munich at the security conference where he was invited by not by me, but by other people and ever since Donald Trump has changed the policy at once he pulled out of the deal, I have not met with anybody on that. So this is just to use the term MRs trumped up. This is absolutely fraudulent and it's purposeful to try to create another storm where. People can get confused and not debate the real issues. This administrative doesn't want to debate the religious because they can't. They don't have any facts for why they pulled out of the Paris accords. Well, we have climate change coming at us on a daily basis in its its impacts on our country. They don't have a rationale for why it is. They can explain that China, Russia, France, Germany, Britain are all trying to keep Iran deal alive. I don't have anything to do with that. That's their decision. So this is just an effort to avoid their own incompetence their own inability to do things in Washington in a presidential manner. And I think the American people see through it well, and that's the final big foreign policy question I want to ask you. It's often reference that Donald Trump seems to try to roll back anything he can that Obama did part of that is really rolling back a lot of what you and secretary Clinton did in US diplomacy. As you mentioned on Iran on China on Cuba, north. Korea going, I suppose a different direction TD. And then of course, these trade wars plus Perez and the environment. It's a long list or so I would ask you, what do you think is the most concerning or dangerous approach that he's taking a broad. And is there anything as we talk about bipartisanship? Is there anything you've seen Donald Trump do on the world stage that you can get behind when I did get behind, got behind his his firing missiles to send President Assad a message. And the Russians I supported that though, I would be more comfortable than I said this publicly if there was some diplomacy backing it up rather than just firing one off missile and then firing one later on there needs to be diplomacy to end the war in Syria, and there isn't believing that aside. I think the general challenge of the administration's approaches, they're attacking our friends. They take on Canada and dressed in Trudeau. They take on Mexico. They're hammering away at NATO there. Isolating Europe, they're, they're, they're sending general tremors through the world with respect to the reliability of this administration of the United States, except in a couple of quarters where they've been people have been given a carte blanche to do what they want, but that too is is risky because it doesn't keep the United States actually in control of situations that may drag us into conflict. So I think it's been a disengagement. If you wanna pick one big thing, it's been disengagement. Now I support I support it is effort to reach out to North Korea. I certainly supported the efforts to get China, increase the sanctions. We did too ratcheting up of sanctions. We knew it wasn't enough to move North Korea. We urged and President Obama left a very clear statement, the President Trump biggest issue of your own terms. Security is going to be North Korea and to his credit President Trump raise the sanctions on two different. Occasions until finally that began to bite. But let me tell you something the sanctions against North Korea which has nuclear weapons are less strict than the sanctions were against Iran, which didn't have it and doesn't now. So there's still a journey to travel here, and it's obvious from the glitzy Singapore summit that took place that they didn't work out what denuclearization means. They don't yet have specific means of inspecting specific means of accounting for what the arsenal is and so forth. And that's the real stuff of an agreement. And there's no evidence right now that that's happened. So Kim Jong UN got exactly when he wanted what is father wanted what his grandfather wanted. And other presidents didn't grant immediately because there wasn't sufficient answer the questions I just raised, but they had a meeting and we'll see where it goes. I certainly every American wants the administration. Be successful there. Every administration wants this nuclear issue with with with North Korea to get resolved, and everyone of us will hope for the success of the administration because the United States of America and the world will be safer well, and that's a fitting point depaz on secretary, Kerry the book is every day is extra great to see you again. Appreciate you coming on the beat. My pleasure. Thank you very. Thank you very. I'm pleased to well Hoed will. I am to the beat. Thanks for being here. Pleasure to be here honored. What are you saying about guns and life in American schools today in this new song? As parents, adults, we have to do a better job. Set in a course in the path for our youth because they will be our leaders tomorrow. And why are we the only nation that has kids learning to eventually lead the nation in harm's way? Like why can't we have you know, procedures put in place to where our kids are safe in alerting place. I don't understand how we can separate kids from their parents that are trying to come in the country, but we can't find the logic to separate guns from kids in our country to keep them safe and the way you write the song and the way you shot the video, it makes us get afraid. And also I think empathize with the students on the other end of the gun. Whereas I mentioned in the lead a lot of movies and some old rap tried to get us to think about being the person holding the gut. But why was that for you and important shift? Well, it's that's not just rap music. I just wanna clarify. Movies do a very good job promoting gun holding and gun shooting dirty, but and movies have a far greater reach than hip hop music. And but what you don't see is kids going to school in France and killing students which you don't see is kids in the UK or Spain. So why are we the only country rap music promotes violence? Is it promoting it? Or is it just showing you the reality of the neighborhoods in which to build on your point? These movies and this music is available in France? Exactly. It's available in France, bailable in China. What you don't see kids going to school in China, shooting up kids. The gun control debate in this country is fierce. I remember that when I worked as an aide in the congress, I see it now in the news media and school seemed to be the place where it gets the most fierce because when you see innocent, chill. Children getting gunned down. It is probably the hardest thing to make sense to stomach as a human being. Even though the other stuff also messed up. And yet it's also the place where we see some of the strictest response from those who are defending widespread access to guns. So let me play for you a President Trump on this point. Take a look. The coach had a firearm in his locker. When he ran at this guy coach, very brave, saved a lot of lives, I suspect, but if he had a firearm, we wouldn't have had to run. He would shot and that would have been the end of it. So you see the president, they're saying, oh, if there were more guns in schools that would help. That is the part where I travel around the world, and I'm in the public eye and in other countries and when other media outlets look and asked me that question, that's an embarrassing thing to answer because it's not logical. A horrendous thing happened in New York, and because of that, we all go to the airport and dam there take off all of our clothes, but we cannot protect the kids in school. I don't understand how we could respond to one thing where people died, but we can't respond to the other where people died. Since Louis decks, and then you're also taking on immigration. I wanna play this. So if you can get a sense of it because you have to music videos with the same song. And here's part of the other video which focuses on the migrant child separation policies at the US border. Doc nece chains, heartless Houston to guide you be there regardless situation. Global will lack in a Roble tomb up the river, so I can deliver message masses, no matter your status nothing's ever over. We believe in second chances, many people diet for miss Alliant temple rights police. With the kind the United. Is your hope when you do this people empathize more or that they actually change maybe their mind about US immigration policy. It's the people that are coming in that they're having strict laws around who enters the country and who doesn't to the point where they're separating kids from their parents are not the ones that are shooting up students in schools. So if we can do the most inhumane thing by separating the child from their parents and I know we don't practice at anymore, but we did. We can do that. Why can't we take guns from kids? I don't understand the logic, my mind and my heart, my heart cares and love so much that the truth and the reality that we're living with as a country and the leadership that we have to keep a safe to week at perform an outperform tomorrow, do not seem like the path toward success, right will I am from the black eyed peas. And as we mentioned, the new video is big love that's out tha. Morrogh also check out the first album. You guys have done in about eight years masters of the sun, which is out October twelfth scams, sex, even murder committed for money. I'm Stacy Keach the boys of CNBC's crime series. American subscribe to the American League punt shocking cases, all some people will do anything for money.

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