Part 1: I Voted Stickers, Stolen Steaks, and Helping Quaden Bayles with Brad Williams (ACS Mar 5)


Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one. Well we have Brad Williams coming in give us a follow up on his Australian boy. He helped so much with lots of thoughts about that. I voted stickers and much more little uncomfortable with the interaction with myself and Jean and grand about I vote. It's there but you never know what's going to happen on the show. I thought about the Tommy. John didn't give they give three of them. Fabric fit and function proprietary fabrics. That perform like nothing. You've ever worn before. No wedgie guarantee comfortable. Stay put waistbands luxurious soft feather light moisture Wyking breathable fabric fabrics. I should say designed to move with you know bunching or riding up. I'm wearing mine right now. If you don't love your first pair you get a full refund with their best pair. You'll ever wear or free guarantee. And if you don't feel like going online shopping they have an over twelve hundred retail locations across the country including Nordstrom stores nationwide. They're the best I wear mine. Who Yeah I'm wearing their t shirt or undershirt and wearing their underpants as we speak it is the best. It's Tommy John. Right Dawson Hertie. Tommy John Dot Com Slash Adam for twenty percent off your first order. John Shannon for twenty percent off Tommy John Dot com slash Adam from girl the one studios in Glendale California. This is the Adam Corolla. Show guest today. Brad Williams with Gina Grad on news and Ball Brian on sound effects. And now reminding you. If you're still wearing your I voted sticker. Your whole Adam Corolla. Yeah get it on. Got Choice to get on. Mandate you get it on in the friend. I loved about key right. Gina Right Elway and bulb. Ron Can't you know pussies let's not the I voted sticker. We've gotten into it before anyone wear those and when need those there's a lot of people. Judging my social media need them. That's his story. How `bout the folk that takes a picture of themselves in a Lotta people on my side. I mean Oh there you go. I don't particularly like myself. What exploding here's the thing so for me on search? I didn't put it on my boo because a giant picture of my job. But I don't know it was my choice and my choice alone that being said working for a newsroom and talking about voting and and doing stuff rally vote dot net. It seemed like the right thing to do. It's never the right thing to do. Thank you But then I give blood. I gave blood that anymore. I don't see those anymore. I think because people aren't giving blood reason I don't know maybe that's more regional like where there's a hurricane or something tornado. Mass shooting last one. I can think of his at pulse. Well let's let's break down the psychology behind this. I am vehemently against any large group activity and being a part of that large group. It doesn't this is my whole thing with minorities or like as a woman you know. I have my the knock it off. Keep walking not interested. Now if you can get into some sort of you know to me. It's just there's a handful of folks that have won the Nobel Peace Prize of the heisman trophy. That's very interesting to me. The stuff that everyone we can all doesn't feel like anything to me. And so when you then joined that group or you then say via sticker that you've joined that group you've only joined hundreds of thousands or millions of people that makes no difference to me. I felt this way about a high school diploma. I was just like so what now. We're going to go on a construction site clean up garbage and by the way they're not gonNA losers. Yeah but it's not only that I didn't feel any sense. Why the fanfare? Yeah it's like I hung in. I didn't get into quailed so heavily that I was able to get be warehouse long enough to then walk down the sing and get this piece of paper and then I'm just GONNA go pick up garbage and dig ditches. What did you guys feel about graduating highschool? But you're going to college like you had to graduate participation trophy. In retrospect because it's just don't fuck up that dhadly and you'll make it through out of fifteen hundred students only one or two didn't yeah go. This a lot of people are proud and celebrate and have parties and parties owner. If the closer you are to a generation. That didn't do that. There wasn't a thing you know what I mean. Dave that makes more celebration. I mean for you time. I graduated family. Hit GRA- yeah. My Dad does well later. The point is I I looked at. It is neither here nor there. I look at it as like a cool and I got checks from my family for for graduation presents calling you get the email that says you have been selected by the Hilton Resort Company for Amazing. You may already be a winner dear. Mr Mrs Permanent Dweller I I. It just feels like right in so voting doesn't feel that feels that way to me. Giving blood is better. Feel kind of feels that way to me. Davis I maybe a counter thought to that. I don't know if it's countered that I I. I feel as though I believe Brian feels that not. Everyone should vote. If you don't know what you're voting for and you haven't looked into it take a powder for doing research that day. Yes maybe not for you but do like because like it or not. We can accept that right now. We are in a social media. Whatever societal peer pressure society just are so you might as well pressure someone into doing something good doing their civic duty giving blood if it means that they get to put a sticker on their forehead and take a picture and maybe that'll be like somebody else will see that and go. I want a sticker to then you know what you got off your ass for five minutes. We are in a pre peer pressure society. It might as well peer pressure them to do something. Good I don't see I think it's something that runs much much deeper and much more psychological than a sort of a practical application. I'm just not wired for that now. I don't have any sense of myself or what people would think of myself. Or why oftentimes when someone goes well you gotta understand how that would sound like coming from you. Go why because you're the boss. You're the whatever and go. So what like? I don't have any sense of it so it just feels it just feels like we're entered a large pool of human beings half of which you agree with the other half you disagree with and while. I think it's a good idea to vote. I don't think it's a good idea to show people. He voted. But that's my wiring. But a lot of my won't vote if they don't get to show people they voted. Really yes there. That's what I'm saying. Here pressure argument. This ad is true with more early voting stickers becoming obsolete I see people wearing them and put them out there and and to see it on the Internet. I don't know I I. I don't know it's up there with baby on board with me. It's just like look I'm not gonNA rear end you or if I am I am. Yeah I've committed to this the your your flag on his omitted ramming you in the rear end like. That's my but my point is the baby on board or not as you just saying something to me or the family the stick stick family sorry gene. I'm sorry I'm wired this way right. Do you remember. I wish I had some. I wish I wish I was wired the other way where I had some pride in just things at other people seek pride and well and you have to remember. I come from a long line of needlessly proud and excited people so when we first got when I got a trader Joe's in Kansas City. My mom openly weeping like listen. I'm walking down the phone with me so we get excited about. I like Gada. I liked it. It's good nicely. I don't know it may lead to panic. Attacks Kayak I do feel like my D- tuned wiring is also what able to drive race cars and be kind of D- tuned car but it's also wiring. I mean I you know. It's no different than I went and took fill out for a walk last night. I went to the whatever cuts cheapo cuts. Let's just call them what it is instead of the sports and all the theme intact elect cheap guy cut or it doesn't care cut or been married over fifteen years cut or whatever that is give up on life. Yeah and you go in there and I walked there last night and there was nobody in the place so I had phil who I normally tie up outside but I opened the door and the middle aged women go come on come in there patting him and he's just walking around him and at some point he just flops. Over in the middle of the floor in the middle of year everywhere called linoleum just rolls over there stepping over him and stuff and I realized. Oh He's wired a certain way he's a dog and then there are other dogs that are chihuahuas. Their eyes are bugging out. There just wired and can you get failed to be wired any differently and can you get the Chihuahua to be wired? And even they're both just dogs. I would say well. I've known Pit Bulls. That were extremely sweet. Of course the pit bulls who are fucking business animals and it's how you take care of them so I think animals have a range. I don't know if you can you in? Oh yeah look you can turn your fifteen year old boy into a school shooting if you do you put up put put out put out cigarettes on that you can do. I'm saying can you change that wiring of the dog? I don't think so no I was GONNA say similarly to Brian. The only way that would change if your dog was so afraid of view it started shaking like a Chihuahua. Otherwise dogs your dog. All right well I had got So we got brad coming in. We have that Kwaidan Bela's bales bales. Brad Ashley Yes. International hero was all over the news a week or so ago he had done it. Go Fund me page. It's up over four hundred K now over four hundred sixty thousand four hundred a foreign sixty K. Wow Yeah and he didn't elect to use the money and go to Disneyland. He elected give it to charities. The we'll talk about it with Brown when he gets here. But that's what that's what they're saying they're not. I thought they were just using the little tiny part for the vacation and everything else going to charity. But maybe there's updates coming up in we'll We'll get to that. But that's the story. He's out Australia Australia. Yeah nine year old out of Australia. What was the deal? He was being bullied and his mom. Sorta filmed him saying he wanted to kill himself. I didn't watch the video. We have a little bit of it because i. It's so hard to that so hard to look at him now but out here. We go skating namely Educate Chilton. Wonder why kids killing themselves. Now so heartbreaking mom. You didn't help me when they were nice to see that. All societies going to be a pilot. Shit just US RIGHT. We always act like we cornered the market on spag racist. It's pretty much a human impulse spread around quite even the human impulse. We're probably a little late to the party. And a lot of drawn quartering in a lot of humiliation and being locked up in the tower and all that we weren't even around back. Then that's right question about that overtime loss right. As it pertains to the stickers this is a woman who filmed her child some could say it's exploitative find out a little weird and look at the the ground swell of support that this kid's he's from all over the world saying yeah it's not okay. Yeah I like the the byproduct of it. I feel. It's weird when people pull their cameras out being attacked by a shark or what needing a hug or second. Yeah we're now. They're now where people are just. I saw video last night. Like one guy was drowning. The other guy was saving. I'm in the other guys like filming the whole thing but I guess that's we're at on the other hand if it if it makes some bullies put down the stack or put down the slushy that they're going to dump on the kid's head like in weird science at the mall. You know. Maybe maybe it's a good thing is it makes one ray his penis back in his pants on somebody it's also A processing in this is this is an interesting thing so I tell people all the time. Stop looking yourself as a victim and then stop looking. Yourself is is being bullied now. People get bullied But that doesn't mean you have to perceive yourself as a as a victim per se although there's real victims out there for sure but I was beat upon a by my friends constantly constantly but I never looked at. It is being bullied and I never took it personally. I just thought this is what we do. I never I didn't have I wasn't that invested. You know ray threw a knife at mean it stuck in my knee. Once I had the flaming marshmallow stuck to the side of my face and that thing was fully engulfed when it was it fully flaming when it stuck decided. I've had the Great Jeff Katz through a sack of gold medal flour into my fan my room. I Shit smeared my ear. I pissed on a thousand times. I've pushed beat on you know knocked around just endlessly but I never had anything to do with. It's true I knew the guy and doing it on the counts because you were at the end of the day friends of them over the house. They'd come up well over the house. You're still gonNA flaming marshmallow stuck to your face. It still leaves a mark whether your worst enemy your best friend much like the jackass guys. When your friends do it does not bullying. It's bullying but a lot of people if somebody did something to them a friend that was so heinous and so far past the line they might not talk to that person anymore Hang out with that person anymore. I know a lot of people that are broken off relationships with friends because the person did XYZ and I had XYZ impeding Q. All done and I never thought about not hooked hanging out with them. But I get I get into. I'd get into. It was some strangers on occasions. Fight some fistfight. Some you know roughhousing or some thing on a sports field or something in even even fights and in what had I never really took any of it personally I I never thought of it. It's like this person is trying to beat me up. I thought of it is this person's trying to beat a person who I happen to. I live inside this body. But he doesn't know meaning like when people stop you at the airport. They want to get a picture. They're getting a picture with a person they've seen on TV. They're not really getting a picture of you so you live inside the body of the person that's on TV. It sounds a little surrealistic. But what I'm saying is I don't feel connected to the picture. I don't feel connect. I've gotten a fist fights. I don't feel connected to. That's a person fighting somebody who they got a whatever with in expressing it that way but I have that sense of. I'm buying into this and I thought I don't know look road rage. Is You cut me off? I don't look at it. You cut me off. I look at it as you another car off that I'm driving right. And if you look at it that way you're not going to chase the person in the next episode about well. It is any other car. They don't know you. That's that's there's there's a narcissism to making it you. I feel the same way about corona virus. It's a disease it's not looking for me. It's just out there X. amount of people are GONNA get it. I've done the math. I'm not in the group that's going to get it or I am either way. It's it's there it's not. You're not in the group that it's going to kill by any means you know the the flu and you'll here's how committed. I am to shaking hands. Strangers dirty hands. Here's how committed I am after the first show. We did two shows in Cleveland to shows and Indian than two shows the following night. My hand is fucked up because my right hand. Because that's the hand they shot up and try to pull behind a place and whatever so I got this bad right hand in every single person waited in line their first move was put her there and I gotta say the put her there in the midwest versus the wave models. We're dealing with out here mead. It's different putter. They're these dudes got pause. And there's some stocky beefy dude. It's like their beef. The show prove something. You notice when you when you around a little bit you get to those Cleveland's in Milwaukee so you get some beef-eating dunes. There ain't no vegans in that group and they give you that big paw and every single one of them was just come by Corolla there and I was like I don't WanNa do the fist-bump because I hate the fist-bump but I don't want to have to explain to everybody that my hand is fucked up. I got this condition. It's not important anymore. Really wanted to stop with everyone to go. Look at my hand. My hand checked up. I just shook everyone's hand. It hurt a little bit and then I went home and went to bed or back to where I didn't even watch your bucket of Champagne. Champagne Ice Oh yeah I did. I did get the ice out of the out of the beer bucket to putting out whisky glass so You know so just shook a thousand people's hands Jira Max Pat of soap when you get home. You're the hotel I use of every once in a while not every time but I imagine that the bacteria in your body is probably frozen off with your cold showers Cleveland Kwaidan family has Decline to go to Disneyland. Which for funds go to grassroots charities He should've gone in Disneyland. All right so That is That is Mighty Nice of him. I had a Oh I forgot about. Pf changs Forgot to tell you guys this story from the road. I I love me from Bungalows Shoe Midwestern Food I love. I love me some. Pf changs and I'm now somewhere where there is nothing around vice swing by PF CHANGS F. I spot one. I was out walking in indy. We'd done the beef in the Schnitzel. A little a little over board with the Braatz over the last like three days audubon buffet walking around and I walked past a PF changs. I called Mike and Max Payne I said just meet the PF changs. We'll eat before we do. Our two shows a night. We ate there but there was a little incident which could seat no walking tape. Now it is true it it gets crowded but we're having to walk in there like five and so we had some had some space We had our waitress our waitress. Ided oh you guys who do you feel more sorry for the fifty one year old waitress with the kind of fading Tattoo on at the PF. Changs and you get it like. This is not where she wanted to be at age. Fifty one of the planet a divorce or two and a career. That never really worked out. Maybe a little too much there. We all know those people that just stink. They'll never see their thirty fifth birthday. Just partying and twenty seven. And they're just like it's like it's never GONNA END PARTY POINT. They're working at a PF. Chang achieve probably fifty working at the CIA. Every restaurant I've worked at had at least two right. So who's is it. The fifty two year old chicken. Pf changs WHO's working as a waitress or is it the seventy one year old white dude at the Home Depot. Where you just WanNa go what what happened like come on. It's sad that didn't work now. There's rare exception. When the seventy one year old guy just doing it because he wants to get out plumbing fixtures. But I'm not talking about that. I'm not about the guy who had to go back in and in her. I always feel sorry for the lady up. I was GONNA say I imagine. At least the seventy one year old dude home depot was drawn there because he likes construction or tools or something maybe trying to Split Your. She Likes Lettuce. Causes the woman who she again the. Car Cacophony car. She could be working in restaurants. You get into grocery store you know what I mean. I just had a passion for Chinese food. Well yeah that's true but she probably makes more tips than that guy's making thirteen bucks an hour. I sound like a weight belt. Getting you know doing manual labor and when I talked to that guy and I asked him for an L. B. or a keyhole saw goes I know it's not passionate about it but either way we had been sighted to that we had that waitress. Yes I always feel bad for. I'll tell you I mostly feel bad for the women because a lot of it is luck of the draw. You could have married a guy who was like sober and successful and got a law degree and like went on to be whatever our you marry the bad guy. You're you're all equally bankable at twenty six and a half. You know like you could tell. This chick was pretty when she was twenty. Six could have easily married whomever I mean but but they ended up with the wrong guy. That's my that's my sumptious. At least but anyway you get into this before the appetizers for the lettuce wraps no but she did. She was that it went from bad to worse because she she was she. She brought us our food and then as they're bringing pork fried rice to the table next ours guy was just holding the train it was like sorta hanging off the edge and the whole thing just on the floor which is tough for me because I love pork fried rice. I didn't do the clapping or the winter. I had to see it. I was physically just facing and Chris. Maybe Mike it as back to it or something like that but I was like facing it so she dumped this whole thing pork fried rice on the floor and then the guy went off to go. Clean it up and our waitress just got done. Taken our ribs off the off the bill because they showed up so lazy went. Yeah you'RE NOT GONNA pay for. That was that was like your good woman and you deserve good things that she walked four feet binding and eight shit on pork fried rice. I mean just slapped the floor like you. You think you don't think of rice. Is that slippery but the pork part makes it slippery? She had no idea what happened behind her. She turned around and she us a shit. Just I mean there's there's a kind of a fall and then there's over low rob this just full well. Oprah sorta tripped and fell this feet coming out from under you slap on the grandma. She's lying there this close to helping her this close look at and then she got up grabbed her indeed interesting. I got a bad knee and she just all right in the kitchen. I just thought Addison. That's she's a keeper. And I looked at Mike and I said let's go twelve percent on the tip and he said we usually that's digits he said and I said Yeah but just one time. We don't tip on the ribs. Obviously they're gonNA hold onto the thing. Yeah she smacked tarred and that was sad yet. You still hustling around you. Because she had all these big parties because this is when the the NFL combine was a talented tables to sit and Mike mayock. So yeah so that was. That was tough but I don't know everyone You are at some point going to be fifty one and you may be working at A. T. Tgi Friday's or something. So keep that in. Mind care of your future self. Oh my God remember. You're not in your car. If somebody cuts you off that is not you. That is a car. That's in front of them but remember there is a version of you. That's fifty five out there somewhere. That's right so take care of that. Version says take care of your money so it would take care of you lighter. Smart later gene is getting drunk on impression. The Great Yul Brenner has another cable. News has hockey net. Said I happen thinking about characters for you to do. Oh Yeah Oh yeah I said to Chris Genus Got Damn. She's an onion filled with talent. Just keep peeling it back entire weekend. She's she she's amazing improvisational actors and does all those characters. So Well I don't know maybe we'll take some requests for can't wait to accidentally disappoint you. Something like that are Brad. Brad is here. He's in the building. Yes all right. We'll do that and see. I'm GonNa tell you guys about a new our podcast. It's the W. S. L. Pure Ocean. I should say W. S. L. pure one ocean. That is one ocean. They've got a great podcast. I've got a whole bunch of scary statistics. If you're into what's going on around you God if ever seen that island that's made of plastic the size of Texas in the middle of the ocean. Great garbage patch rate garbage patch. Gary Ocean absorbs that thirty percent of excess carbon in our atmosphere causing more city. And it's There's about eight million metric tons of trash that enter the ocean yearly. Oh let's save a Ted de la that Osha when I see this coral reefs getting all gray and white looking at so scary anyway Check out this podcast from the World Surf League and High Studios. It's W. S. L. pure one ocean podcasts. Connecting you with fascinating people who protect one ocean. Listen to it. And it is w. s. l. p. r. one ocean and you can check that out on See where do you get that We can listen on the Himalayas APP. Or wherever you get your podcast. All right brad is out there. I think we should bring that Brad in here. And he's got a whole bunch of stories about His daughter and Elway John Elway John elway and his daughter and all that kind of stuff do that right after the ACS fans get it on. We wanted to take a moment to tell you if you haven't signed up for the Corolla newsletter yet. You missing out. Every Saturday you'll get exclusive video content. You can't get anywhere else behind the scene stories and a new giveaway each and every week we've already given out an all expense paid trip to La to watch the super bowl with us and this week three lucky winners will get an acs to shirt. Signed by Adam Brian Gina. Enter for your chance to win at Corolla newsletter DOT COM. Today it's time to check Adams voicemail. Corolla Dan out here in San Diego. I hate to be the one that ship on your point. I know that's usually Brian's job but you were talking on the show today about the Brad Nailer and you know I was just putting into based sure about fifteen minutes ago before I heard you say that now using a pin nail but I think brad nearby it'd be a little bit fat for facial but you know that's just me I'm the guy doing you can leave us a message at eight. Six three four one seven four four having sex same conversation at the house. You can't get away from it. We play that one before. I think we did. That's my opinion Naylor by the way Brad. Nailer was nicknamed high. School is a great. I saw in the voice mail list and I saw Brad Brad. Brad play that one good actually. The Brad Nailer is the smallest of the pneumatic Naylor's cow. That is perfect. I was named after an actor. My parents named me after the smallest Naylor's. Oh yes brad. Then finish the finish keeps goes it goes framing gun Finish Gun Oh Brad. Nailer than pin nail. I think the pianist a small middle name is pen. Finish I am signing it off with one guy who doesn't solid like. What do I know this doctor before we get into it There there was some hot controversy going on at this show That I was a part of but not in studio to talk about There was a steak incident. That's I did a Gig at Mastro's for a some rich guy because when you're rich you you don't buy things you by people who signed me up so ultimate pray yes Showed up twenty minute headstart. What I thought I was doing. Twenty minutes to stamp start now is nineteen so adamant to get some food to go. I have a wife and baby at home. The wife wanted the white ones astro. So I I I got to go and apparently added steak. Got Into my to go box and took it with me. Thank you I was waiting for it. And but it already had a couple of bites taken out of it so I have this mastro's stake it's got a couple of bites taken out of the wife doesn't want that and then so what do I do. Like BITES. Like a half a million. Hey otherwise you know. So what's Dwarf to do thankfully I had my trusty steed otherwise known as my pit bull and I throw saddle on them. I ride them. There is right. Yeah my daughter is longest. A protein isn't wasted. I'm I'm fine. Didn't you eat it? I didn't WANNA catch the. I didn't want to catch the Corolla virus. Yeah thanks thank you So but I felt bad because Adam you came on the show and you talked about is devastated and you talked about how you don't like to waste food and you feel like you were robbed. Well a juicy steak I'm going to bring this to a very happy ending which is Bryan. Spoke about the executive chef over there. Who's then moved onto doing Arnold Palmer's palm desert brings but he then all provided you with a couple of bone in filet. Six rid is wow innings rib is bone in a regular the sent them. They were so thick. I thought there were a fillet. Oh wait isn't flaming Yawn bone-in filet Mignon a good and adequate there are there are fillet fillet by definition means you fillet taken. The bone out. But there's a filet Mignon with the bone in it right. There is such a thing. That's what I ordered. I think either way this guy showed. I love the bone in filet Mignon alone but anyway I thought it was anyway. I throw it at all last night. Only maybe if you need it even more of a happy ending Brad Williams because I felt so bad about this that I got you Adam. Corolla a gift card to outback steakhouse God. He's never been to outback steakhouse. I've heard that I've heard he passed it up because you because you only go when you're in the middle class and you hadn't been middle-class so welcome to the middle. I'm very exciting. I'm excited about this. The blooming onion that out they get yourself a blooming onion and now we are all all his right thing and just so you know now. My daughter cannot eat because I spent so much money. That outback steakhouse gift card. Well let's talk about your daughter's name in the way story place yeah So my daughter Is named Elway. I named her elway. Her name is elway Williams in color. Elliott Elliott and. The reason why John Elway was my God growing up. He was my favorite quarterback of all time. Actually my wife's idea ten name her elway. Not My wow. She is from San Francisco. She's a hippy. From San Francisco. She likes hippie names. I like very traditional aims. She wanted name our daughter and I was like. Oh you mean Stephanie. She's like no per Stephanie. And Mike that's a horrible idea. San Francisco didn't want to go with Montana back but so we're debating names. I'm doing very traditional names. He's doing all these weird moonbeam Sunshine Star. Kist names and then she looks up on my wall where I've assigned John Elway Jersey and she goes What about way? I thought you'd never had so fast forward to the time when My wife in was still pregnant neighbor. Elliot's not point yet. Yes take this in the spirit. Which is ten. I thought I thought he was more of a. Doug flutie well now that laughing but Doug flutie now scrappy. Think big enough to battle in the league. I don't mean Drop Camp. On for twenty years as a can't be associated with it targeted elway so so in December. I get a phone call from a man who works at John. Elway Motors John. Elway owns many car dealerships in Colorado in one out here in southern California in Ontario. And they say hey we we hear. You're a comedian. And you're a big broncos fan. How would you like to play at the Christmas party for John? Elway motors and I go. Fuck Yeah let's do it and they go all right well. Let's talk payment. I'm like John elway going to be there. They're like absolutely like payment done so I go want to negotiate her baby and it's like what so I go and elway shows up. Everyone's in suits. I'M I go up to John. I'm meet him. It's the scariest moment of my life. Because how many times did you meet your absolute hero? You know so we started doing this podcast. You See So I go on stage and I'm going to do the show. John sits right in the front row are up. That's the scariest moment in my life. 'cause you're like looking at your hero He laughs at my jokes. Tell the joke I tell him onstage. And I'm naming my daughter. Elway in I tell him onstage I go please do not fuck up the name. There's some guy out there that eight years ago it was like this is my son. My favorite comedian. Say Hello Cosby now. All gone to hell so I tell them right. Do not fuck up the name. He'll he'll laugh at that. I finished my set. John Starts The standing ovation. He stands up. Starts Clapping most real moment of my life. After that I brought some stuff with me I have I walk up to him. I have him sign it he signs of football and I actually go do mind if I go out for a pass O. And he goes. Yeah go foreign so long I go. Hey throws me past the videos Obama instagram. I caught a pass from John. Elway the legend the goat screw. Your Tom Brady. Arguments have bill belichick so and in John's like that was great. What are you doing tomorrow and I will. I gotta fly home to my pregnant wife and he goes. I was GONNA invite you to the game. No candidate call up and to her credit. She was like yeah. You stay so I got to go to the broncos verse lions the next day. Sit in John. Elway's box with the man and Eat really good food with him and We there. There's the photo friends okay of us in the box. Wow and then after that. We went to steak talk. We went to elway steakhouse. Oh Jeez I kept thinking like all right. Where's the person that's GonNa come in here and say all right? That's the best day of your life. Now you die. That's that's what I figured. It was the greatest day ever. I have an awesome. Oh all right is Well it just shows you have what You know you watch the game of John. Elway text Jimmy. Kimmel fly fishing with Huey. Lewis have a goal. See if you get there. Yeah me masturbating alone in front sports. We gotTA have a dream. I tell you I mean now you guys think I'm kidding about this but The broncos famously Their mascot for lack of a better fan mascot was rare. Oh Man Right yes. The Band Mascot Barrowman. I I love that guy and I love seeing him on TV of cowboy hat hoots and he passed several years ago. All Right Pete Barrowman subtle. Baron were ever nothing. Here's a man who are out of that. Barry never had a barrel boy only had a barrel man and is more would have it. He had a son son. But we'd never seen Caraman fucked. Oh there was a bunghole right. The front ride bunk right out. But I see you Is Barrel boy barrel too long? Lost Son of barrel man. Yeah come down from parts. Unknown claim the mantle. Yeah your father had left out. Barrel man became coughing man. At some point he transitioned from a barrel to a coffin was probably less than a week. Yeah but he went from the barrel to accommodate had to be ten twelve years ago. Now it's been a while. How barrel shaped right justice. It's wipe had any a shred of dignity but barrel Gal. Pearlman died no nine. It's over a decade but now barrel boy return we get a party ball from core. I can I can. I can hollow it out. I'm actually wearing a sponsored by cores. You know what I mean. They're the rocky mountain water. We get to enter the stadium PA. Yeah Blurry Wears Barrowman now and then from the Chris. Rock you see. Dryer Guide is from the Rocky Mountains. Hugs prayer boy a sliding on a flu wearing his party ball and he snapped elway raises his hand. Gnarled hand at Serai four barrel bowl. That's right okay. Perfect that's right. And I will lead the Broncos back to the promised. Land cheering them on. Go Look Right. And your catchphrase. Is YOU LEAN BACK? Grant your your junk. You're growing area with both you do both hands. Yeah and a diamond. Move with okay. What's on tap pitch everyone goes? That's that's what borough boy does man. If the angels here in Southern California can have the rally monkey right. I think the Denver Broncos can have barrel boy right Burrell's business. What next piece for me is. I gotta convince the Rams when they're done with the stadium to rename their hotdog to the Ramrod. That's always been that's always been a goal. Grinded post raised now already ball with barrel boy now and move on to the Rams Stadium before they put the sign up at the food stand. I went Ram Ryan Up There. Like it So we should Barrowman. Eleven years. It's been was. He buried in a traditional CASCA. He couldn't he had to be divorced. Nobody and also how does it work? Does that guy have seats or is he just wrong? He would just stadium. Yeah Yeah but technically sit down. Though could yeah. He's wearing a barrel that's right and he didn't get shit from security like. Hey you can't block the Barrowman Yeah Roams. Free Free Nine Eleven. Yeah Grandfather Jack. Nicholson you know going to a Laker Gary even spike Lee. Oh wait all right. I see that he was married. He retired after forty years as a mechanic for United Airlines. Yeah and buried in a traditional to all right so let's talk about Was It is it quieten? Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah kwaidan. Yeah Yeah it was Now or bail. Sorry yes Australian boy I'm I'm we all I think most of us all the video guys even and I didn't know about the video and then I got people all my Australian fans. Were sending me this video of this of this kid. I don't know and they kept putting the subject Brad. Do something do something right. What do you what do I do like? He's a moment away. I'M A war flag. Do you think well okay? I'll bring it up at the next meeting like I don't understand what you want me to do. But then I watched the video and the kids being bullied. He's crying. He's begging mother to give him a knife so we can kill himself. I if you have kids if you don't have kids it's the most heart wrenching video you've ever seen horrific and I thought I gotTa do something. I don't know what I'm GONNA do. I'm I'm in Los Angeles. He's in Australia so what I do is I put up a gofundme page and I figure maybe I can send my Disneyland. I grew up southern California. I went to Disneyland. Who was always a great place for me So I put up the go fund me and said let's and Queen to Disneyland. Set the goal at ten thousand dollars. They'll buy them Some airfare some hotel to rose and that's it But no you know ten thousand dollars and I tweet it I say. Here's the go fund me and then. I go to bed. Wake up the next day. And now the go fund me is eighteen thousand dollars and then fifty thousand dollars and then ninety thousand dollars and then Hugh Jackman does a tweet whereas I offset them Disneyland. Roy Okay. That's my Hugh Jackman. It's spot on Right now right now the go fund me I believe is a hundred and sixty two thousand dollars so now the kid can by Disneyland thrilled about controlling interested you damn right and if a dwarf owns Disneyland. No more high requirements right. You've had based mountain all day. You've skype with him several times. I've talked with him. I've talked to his mother and then as if the kid can get nicer him and his family released a statement that they're not going to accept the Disneyland trip and rather they want all the money to go to charity. While I walk into Disneyland I got a section of money because when you do fun for those you know the person who sets it up. They are in charge of it. They no one. No one else is so executor I am. I am in charge of where the money goes. Brian. I saw your tweet shit do it. Yeah where you told me to embezzle. It is getting from So we I talk. I Talk Acquaintan- and He picked out Several charities in Australia. I got a few charities here in the states Six charities right now are getting about one hundred thousand Australian which is about sixty five six thousand dollars. Us and yeah. We raised a ton of money for for people. And they're all anti-bullying anti-abuse anti anti-discrimination charities and It was really successful and set off a section of money to get to the kwaidan. He can give more charities or use it however you wish. I feel like a lot of the people who donated wanted him to get the money so He got it and the world. The world did a good thing. That's great and I. I think it's Kinda cool because I do hear about comedians going and playing Australian. How full it is then. I realized that you'RE GONNA have to get a bigger venue. Nick well about it. You'll be on their map now. But it's good luck. There's there's nothing wrong with that. Being a byproduct of doing something right. I bet the next time you go to Australia. A much larger venue or selling many more tickets just because of this kind act. I'll be there in December. Twenty twenty Summer this year now. That was not planned. It was not. This was not a grand scheme this I thought this would do nothing. I thought if I could raise a couple thousand awesome but it it took off and I'm really thankful for it and really thankful for all the people that donated and The the the the go fund me is still open. It's still open so you could search it. You could go on my twitter. You can find it and you can still donate if you want to But yeah we raise a lot of money for a lot for a lot of people that that need it. So he's doing. His country has embraced him. He's he brought out the ball for For I think it was a rugby game for like the national rugby team or something Yeah now unfortunately Every time there's something good on the Internet there's always something bad. What so there are people that have now bullied him more because of whatever reason and he had to shut down his social media profile. Real famous real quick. And he's little kid. Yeah he's a kid people. How does this age he's nine? Oh Okay Hold. Hold these thoughts for a second. I WanNa talk about this and the next chapter of this like the bowling part in your how this works this works. I I realized that. Like if you look at any stand up special or any theatrical movie or any documentary on IMDB. There's always you know a hundred ten stars and fifty nine stars and then you go. The bottom is like eighty six one star. That's everybody needs to just go to everyone's person work right property or whatever and just go one. Let me ruin. There's never by the way I I do documentaries. There's no to star reviews and no three star reviews. They just go right down and it's like everyone has them every comedian. Every stand up special every every movie ever made. Who is this sake of our society? The people have voted. The people. Say it's eight RS and nobody says it's two stars who are right to one could be gone with the wind. It could be your favorite standup special. Could BE UPPITY my doc. It's nothing to do with anything just helping bringing this story to light once docked. Yeah what what is this? This I looked. There are many things that are controversial and their many sides to take you take the forementioned. Spike Lee. It's like well. He should've laughed and one out there. Well He's been there for twenty three years yes he was told. You can argue both sides that I got room in my head to hear hear everything but giving really good stand up specials one-star or bullying the cato already got bullied just because he is now finding its way back door to have to be a segment of society. That does that no matter what it's like so we have hipsters hipsters notoriously. Say Like Oh whatever is good is bad like. Oh you like pizza. I like but it's like there's A. There's a morality hipster right right just like sees things. That's that we can all say a nine year old. Being bullied to the point of tears is horrible. It should never happen. It shouldn't happen to anyone. Let also kid with a freaking disability. I here's the thing that's crazy. Where does the energy come from like if you? I bet if you walked into that person's apartment there'd be a sink full of dishes. I bet if you went out to their car there'd be much fast food shit from. It's like if you're GONNA burn some calories hatchet. Clean up the LASAGNA pan. That's been out there for three weeks really. This is where I need to burn some calories on this thing so my dad has a very smart saying that he would tell me all the time. CR- Growing up in that is the easiest thing in the world to do was spend someone else's money I would get hate tweets from people like. Oh so you raise money for anti bullying you on the starving kids in Africa right right. Let me be very clear when I say this. Fuck you fuck you okay. Listen I'm not saying that's not a cause I'm not saying there's not many things out there that we should raise money for and that in that demand attention. I saw a kid who has the same type of dwarfism as me getting bullied into yours. I thought let's do something about it. In the process it went viral. And now I've given. We have all given over four hundred thousand dollars to charity. And you found something wrong with that because it wasn't that charity that you wanted for that specific moment in Your Life. I thought you. I don't know maybe this is part of my wiring of not actually living in my body but I just have a stripe. It's just the ledger. The Stripe in it. And you're either on the good side of it you're on the bad side of it and like when you start going. Yeah fuck these millionaires. They don't pay their fair share. Like listen they're not imprison. They never put their hands on anyone. They didn't rape or kill anybody like can we please just have a stripe and you're either on the happy side of it which Brad and all of us clearly are by taking care of our families in paying our taxes and being decent neighbors missing a lot of money for charity. Some things of that nature. You're that good SI- well you pay traffic laws and you pay your taxes and you get citizen. You recycle me. Pick up dog poop. And then there's the other side that's the side that doesn't pay taxes. That's the site that has kids never takes care of the kids. The moms physically abused their sex. There's so much of it. Could we just agree that everyone on the good side of it is just a no fly zone? You're you're you're so much to focus. And Ironically those those folks never focused on the people on the other side the Rodman's Dad's had twenty nine kids hasn't met one of lets. You focus on your fucking Eireann that Guy Douche. Yeah not the guys raising money for the little kid in Australia I. It's it's it's so misplaced. It's all insanely Miss Point. I have a theory as to why and I'm trying to get into the head of somebody because there's throngs of people like this. You know that the wave is always coming. You can't feel good about doing something because somebody's GonNa come and try and ruin it so I would imagine that the person you describe what the dishes and things may be an a little life and a little bit of a disorder would look at somebody like a nine year old child getting all this love and praise and support going why I never got any love and praise and support. Why should he is that the thinking I I? I got some of those messages now. The vast majority is positive. The vast majority of people saw that story and in saw it was on. Cnn was on Fox News it was on NBC Committee. Picked it up. Everyone picked it up Beth. People saw that story and said well good but I'm just saying what is the seed that whether they conveyed it to you or not there scrolling in their seeing this kid be supported around the world. Half a million dollars. Will nobody ever did anything for me? I thought I expressed to Dr drew the other day. But I Something I'm interested in hearing what you guys have say about and I'll share it with you in a second. I quick simply safe shouldn't feel unsafe at home. And that's why they're simply safe to is in there Protect your home today and get free shipping. It's simply too is simply safe dot com slash right. We'll take a quick break comeback or share a couple of theories and also thoughts on your dad said as well.

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