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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 3: Kevin Cronin Was Here


And we're back and Shit's getting deep. We are talking today. All about ozark season three episode three in a world where your friends and Co Workers. Don't understand your movie or TV obsession obsession where you just want someone anyone to share your binge watching watching it. Shannon fader are here for you. Your wait is over. Stinger starts now now now. I everyone I'm Shannon and I'm Vedro weapons singer. Tv PODCAST. You may know us as ozarks dirty laundry or you may know us as Stinger but we're doing it all in one place here. We are watching season three of ozark episode by episode. And I meant it when I said Shit's getting deep here. Don't you think Oh. Yeah Oh yeah I mean. We've talked before. Generally I think it takes four episodes for season to really pick up steam But I think episode three did it for me yes. I think it definitely did it for me too. I mean episode one. You know all all of this have always been sucked in immediately to Ozark so I like it all but this episode in particular ramped it up definitely all right but this is this episode reminds me of what I hate about this. Show two tenths yes. I'm like Oh look it's like so Shannon's a big fan of the walking dead and when I started watching it at at Shannon's request I liked the show but every time I'm like Oh my God Kathy. Just get a break. And that's how I feel about this show. I'm like no. Can't we just have one episode where it's just? Nice family but then nobody would watch. Nobody would care what would and by the way. If you don't watch Ozark you probably not listening to this. But Shannon I do watch all a lot of different shows and we talk about a lot of different shows and we will get back to that at some point. We do have a facebook discussion group on on facebook called on facebook. Tv movie discussion with Stinger where we are talking about all things not ozark including tiger king for those of us that got sucked into that But we're going to save all that because we have so much talk about just with Ozark. Right Chan yes. But did you hear? I don't know if you saw the post. I tagged you in your favorite show coming back. And just a few weeks. After season two ricky surveys on net flicks my top. Tv Show of twenty nine thousand nine. That's right that's right. Had mentioned that had to mention that maybe we will do some podcasting about all right. Let's get into our listener feedback. This is becoming a segment. I'm happy to say yeah. Hey shoutout to our listeners. Thank you so much for the feedback. Let me just throw out again. We got more feedback from Dr. Chester and Jennifer sent us both emails this morning saying the guitar symbol in episode one was reo speedwagon so clearly. Everybody got like Qatar. So you guys please keep it coming. We we appreciate the shaming we really. Actually I've listened. We know there are things that we miss and in fact there is one thing that we that we really miss. That was a good catch by one of our listeners. Shannon why don't you tell them about that e mail yes? I was really excited to get this and I am not sure exactly who to attribute this to now the the from line of the email says Rosca but the person signed their email would just say so. Hey when you guys right in email us and give us your first name so we can acknowledge you on the podcast so rasgas slash j wrote in to say. Hey y'all I love your podcast. I think in season one. Wendy talks about her upbringing. As a board preacher's daughter breaking into homes spiking the milk with food coloring messing with the family pictures and drinking beer from the fridge. Do you remember that or am I mistaken thank you. It was like the heavens opened up when I got that email. I was very excited. Thank you so much. I did a little digging. I did not remember that at all. I think I feel like that came out in the episode. It was a flashback sewed. Maybe when Marty I got in bed with the cartel and they were thinking about what they should or maybe it was. After Wendy had lost the baby I do remember them having a deep heart to heart. I for some reason I feel like they were sitting on a porch swing talking. I thought that this happened when Wendy was talking to Mason. When she was telling him about how she was a preacher's daughter and they were talking about you know whether y she didn't go back to the church and all of that kind of thing. I thought that conversation came out with Mason at some point. I'm pretty sure this was. I think it might have even been yeah. It was season one season one from that with read it. I'm telling you like all of a sudden have this image of their sitting on a front porch swing I almost think Wendy's laying on Marty's lap and she's she's talking about her history but I mean that makes sense because with Ben back in the picture and we even said this in episode two. He saying there's the Wendy I remember. Yeah so she's really going backwards. Well a going backwards. I don't know but becoming more comfortable in her own skin and I had to kind of think about that because I don't know about you or I don't know about anyone out there who may be older as we are a little bit and and has been married for a while. But I feel like you know you're a certain type of person when you're younger and then maybe you get into a relationship you you start to really establish your life as a married couple that maybe some things change. Maybe something's take a back seat and that's fine but then as you get older. I've noticed this with me definitely personally that some. I don't know just some ways that you used that I used to be when I was younger are emerging and. I'm not afraid or embarrassed or worried about saying this is who I am like. I swear a lot and for many years I didn't swear in front of my kids my little worse house. That's good well. I mean but lately you know my kids are fifteen and twenty one so I I just say whatever the fuck I want around the house and my husband is just like dude. You have to with the swearing. I'm like you know what this is who I am. I'm like this is who I am sharing at heart. I can identify with that that whole feeling that Wendy might be going through so you know what I think is that we over thought the whole event of her going through the House in Chicago and what I mean it was definitely symbolic of her state of mind but it also shows that maybe she needs to get out from under the shadow of a man like whether it was her preacher father or her husband Marty and just be herself and take risks again. I think that's a really good assumption. And that is great feedback We would actually love. We would love your feedback to be included in our next podcast whether it was from episode one two or three of the season. We'd love to hear from you so if you're yelling at the TV during an episode or yelling at us as you listen to this PODCAST WE WANNA know. You can email your comments to us. Which is where we've been getting most of our feedback. Stinger podcast at G MAIL DOT COM. You can also leave a voicemail for us. It's a simple message at three one five sting. Tv You can call three one. Five seven eight four six four eight eight or send us a message on social media on twitter and instagram. We are at Stinger podcast. And don't forget to join our facebook groups we have ozarks dirty laundry obviously devoted ozark and our TV and movie discussion with Stinger which covers everything in TV and movies right. I think it's time to dive in to episode three. Kevin Cronin was here so this episode starts out ethically with Wendy playing. Fetch with a dog and we hear. Reo speedwagon time for me to fly. I loved it it was so symbolic and it was so much fun but then hold on because as it ope first of all. I had to Google Kevin Cronin before the episode even started. Oh I didn't Google it. I was waiting till the end to see if it became apparent. I did not recognize the name so at the end I was like. Who's Kevin Cronin and my husband New Dude? He's the sewer. So spoiler lead singer for speedway song is time for me to fly and right away. I'm thinking did they always have a dog? Yeah like I did not remember that okay. That's what I said I'm like Oh they must have got a dog. How Fun so fun? Yeah but then it turns dark okay. We see Wendy getting a dead dog out of the back of her car and Guar woke not her car. It wasn't her car okay. I didn't notice that it was a big escalate. Oh okay that was Helen's car okay. Interesting and I was like what the fuck did she do to the dog? Well what does he do? I thought the my I thought there was that this was a flashback. And that somehow she killed cade but then I'm like wait. We saw the scene with Kate and it wasn't her that pulled the trigger so I was confused for a moment. And then of course we realized you know The scene goes on and Marty drives up and it's basically replaying the scene of cades death but with Marty and Wendy Point Blank Shoots Marty obviously a dream. But wow yeah but it wasn't until she shot. Mardi that I was like okay. This is the dream right but listen so dreams are. I'm very good at dream interpretation. It's like my superpower so dreams are typically not about. What's actually happening in your dream. But it's about how you feel in the dream so if you're scared of something in your dream let's say you're scared of a green eyed monster. It's usually not about a green eyed monster. It's about your fear and your fear of something that is represented by that monster so I'm looking at the stream thinking how was she feeling and in the dream she's empowered. She's ruthless. But I have to look at it and say are these her desires or are these her fears. Wow deep yeah I think it's a little bit of both. I think she has the desires to be free time for her to fly time for her to shine but she knows the things that she may have to do right. She might be responsible for Marty's death right right so good all right then. We have our actual open with the symbols. Which will talk about at the end. Wendy and Helen are going to finalize casino deal and Marty's taking care of Reo speedwagon and he says. Oh did you sleep okay? And she's like yeah and he said she yelled out in her dream. I can't So what does that meaning? I can't do this. I can't I can't shoot Marty. I can't kill a dog. I can't wear that fall in. Here's what I thought. When he said that I actually thought he was trying to trick her. Because we didn't hear her say. I can't in the dream at all and I thought he was trying to maybe subconsciously. Plant something in her mind about not being able to do whatever she was about to do. I think she alleged 'cause they show it later right. Yeah yeah in for different. That's what I thought. So we see Wendy and Helen talking about. Where are they are they? Are they in the car in okay? It's there in the car on the way to Big Money again okay. And this conversation had me worried by the way episode to Wendy Wendy and I- Shannon and I'm sorry so we were talking about how you were clearly team. Marty and I was clearly team Wendy and I have to say. My feelings are shifting. Good good I don't think Wendy and I can be friends anymore. So they are talking and they say they're talking about Martin particular and they're saying well. We can't do any of this without him as if he's just a player in this and that language had very concerned. Helen says few people can get my clients attention. The way you have Wendy says should I be worried and Helen says only if you fuck up and I'm like exactly that is the whole you don't just strike up a deal with Navarro and be like. Hey I think we should do this. I want to point out the subtlety that happened just in the beginning of that conversation. Okay so you know. She's asking how how're things with your acts and Helen. Saying how are things with Mardi and Helen says when she started eclipsing her husband professionally lost interest in her sexually and Wendy. While I hardly think I'm eclipsing Marty and you know We need him and Helen. Scoffs you know right. And she's clearly feeding Wendy's ego and that got me thinking about what our listener. Peter said that Helen is using Wendy. And I'm like ooh and he all comes to a head at the end of the episode and I. I think that you said this. Wendy's being naive and she really is because I think that her comments even though she's careful what she says to Helen about her relationship with Marty. Wendy is digging Marty's grave. Yeah and I don't think that I don't think Wendy is the ruthless person that we see in her dreams. I don't know she I know we so she so out there in the next scene even points to that. She's just nasty and arrogant and I feel like she's being more and more relaxed with who she tells about. What the Hell's going on in her life I'm yes yes. So they actually get to the casino. They're still playing hardball. And we find out that they bought the casino but not the hotel from Carlin Anita and basically. They can't have one without the other. They need both and Wendy. Says we are bigger than you and we are meaner and we do not lose and I'm like girl jeans just like Helen. I'm you need to calm down. But it's clear to me that this is a war of the women. I mean it's Wendy and Helen. Against Anita very strong female roles this this season definitely even in the next scene where we see. Yes an interesting choice of pregnant. Fbi agent who walks in with a goldfish right. Right agent. Maya Miller is there settling in with her fishbowl. And telling Marty what's going to happen. They're going to track all the receipts solar income and she said which is interesting if after the FBI leaves. There's a jump in revenue. They're going to start the process all over a grand right so problem for money laundering. By the way I think when when directors make specific choice like this like she's not just an FBI agent. She's a woman and she's pregnant. So why is that and I think I think it's because you've got someone like Trevor Evans or Roy Petty who were like these Really unlikable unrelatable characters and. Then you've got Maya who comes in and I I don't know that the FBI specifically assigned her there for this reason or if this was just a director's choice that let's make her a little softer and a little more approachable. I'm wondering if that choice is because it's to allow. Mardi chew possibly WanNa take advantage of her not not in a sexual way but just thinking that he can maybe get away with more. I I don't know I don't have her turn out. Be Turning out to be just as strong as the other female but Marty even when he's doing dirty deeds is a pretty standup guy. He's not ruthless ever true trevor. Or maybe it's just a fake belly and she's got a giant microphone camera. I just kidding. She says that they'll have forensic accountants. Did you know that was even a thing? No forensic accountants checking the cashbox is every hour on the hour and so he pretty much knows that he's he's screwed cannot do what he was doing to launder the money right. So again the writer so this show are very good at constantly. Increasing the stakes. And it stresses me stressing me out so part of it. I love it Mardi so someone in our facebook group mentioned after they watched Episode three that there were a lot of ll moments. Yes and she was totally right. Because I actually laughed out loud so many times in this episode. So the next one was when Maurice outside talking to ruth and she's like you need to get your house in order and he's like I know I know I shouldn't have done that Blah Blah Blah. And she back at him and he goes. I'm trying to apologize and she just goes. Well just stand at the UP. Waiting waiting he goes. I'm sorry just me. Laugh out loud. And he's like I'm trying to apologize. She's like no. You're going to say it Wale Yup and then the next part of that was justice. Funny because he's telling her that she needs to move money in the new casino and not tell Wendy right so ruth is like all right and she gets her gang together and goes up to the other casino and is locked up. It's closed up. Keiko's could because Wendy shut down the new casino for whatever reason right and she caused Mardi and she's like get your shit together and I'm like okay. Now when now Marty's using Wendy's legit casino for money laundering but I'm Kinda like well fair's fair right. I mean she wasn't truthful with him. So why should he be truthful with her? Is just everybody's digging themselves such truth. So ben comes up while Marty's talking to ruth and this is another one that made me laugh out loud. He comes up he goes. I like this color on you. And she goes gray gray yes she's just like not letting him get away not letting him get away with anything and he said. I think we should hang out and she's like you fucking kidding me. I love her I do. I love her so much. And I can't tell in these scenes in this episode weather. She just isn't understanding his advantage. His advances it. Oh she she just seems to be. Like what the fuck are you doing? She understands she trust no one. Yeah I mean for life crusts nobody. Yeah like what's your deal like. Somebody's always got something angle right. Yes yes so that we have What is the next scene where frank comes to see Wendy right? Yes so Wendy Charlotte or having a conversation in Charlotte is reminding her mother of her therapy appointments of Charlotte still entertaining. That idea and frank stops by and that was definitely an. Oh Shit moment. Yeah he tells her that he needs the casino open and he didn't do what he did as a favor. And Wendy's like She knows that Mardi sabotage the formation confirmation there and we see Mardi and Wendy which is again another. Ll moment they're arguing about this therapy and it was hysterical. Because somehow they're managing to argue about this without actually saying what's going on the keep calling it a project I'm like. How could they keep these things under wraps in the heat of an argument like that? I thought this scene was hilarious so like it was like a real therapy session and I wrote a quote but now I can't remember who said it. I think it was. Oh it was Mardi saying. I'm asking you for help on a problem that you fucking created and that is true right because she I mean they're they're number one priority and their number. One goal is to launder the money. Everything else is is beside that yet and they and now because of her right because of her and she's basically saying like well. Good luck with that. I don't understand that but what I loved what I love love love. Was the therapist thing. Well what would that look like? Mardi and he goes. That would look like death. Jeff and she goes. Well I mean what would what would it really looked like? He goes really death. He goes into her afterwards. Any cyclic. Bribing you to make us happy. Yes that's the best. Oh my God. That whole scene was hilarious. Oh good well. Then we have Dinner again at the birds and Ben is just trying to make small talk to try to fit into the family here and he's starting to suspect something and when he gets a phone call and it's Navarro again. I mean dude. Why does he keep calling her right? I really don't like his fascination I don't like it either and you see Mardi at the dinner table and his glancing over at his laptop and he wants to like jump up unless he can't because that would be so obvious Yeah and again kind of Funny Navarro says how my girlfriend just had a baby and then he says he wants a better life for all of them. I mean how does this guy have? It's very clear he's a man that does what he wants. Yeah Yeah and then he says to her says to Wendy. If you can't get what you want with reason you have to get it with force well before that. She says you've trusted me so far. And he said I don't trust you. I trust my opinion of you. Yeah and then he says if you can't get what you want with reason you have to get it with force and I. I honestly liked the way that Wendy one is. You go in cracks and skulls but I like the way that Wendy took that and then just kind of twisted which will see later in episode right so now we see a dream another dream. It was clear at this point that it was a dream because of the background was sort of you know muted and I was thinking at first it was Mardi stream. Okay did you know it was Wendy's right away? Yeah I did. I still thought it was. Wendy's yeah and it was the exact you know now that I had that picture of kid in my mind it was the exact same scene when she went to see cade so I thought I knew it was her dream. Oh 'cause she that's right. She gave kate a bag of money to get out of town. That exact x-ray key and I didn't really watch season two so I had forgotten some of this right right so when she gives him the money. Marty says people are all about money right but then he asks her to come with him which obviously didn't do cages took the bag and was happy to leave. But Marty says come with me and she says I can't which was then we cut to her in her sleep. Say can't yes right and what I got out of that dream is I think she wants a way out but she now knows it's too late Interest can't she can't I mean she's into deep with with Navarro right right. Well then. Helen Tells Marty that the client wants the new casino clean. I don't I don't understand what Nabarro thinks is going to happen here. You know breathing down their neck. What what are they supposed to do? Yeah but Helen. She implied that Marty was the one that brought down the feds when he blew up the casino. Show made it sound like the casino was it. I don't know I don't know so I mean either way Helen's not his brand no no not at Wendy's friend either although I think that's getting getting confused so then Wendy's back in the diner the exact same diner right. That was just in her dream. There's probably only one diner in town. But but this the casino where Carlin Anita are. That's a ways away so I don't know but I think she tried to get Karl out of town. She tries to have a heart to heart with Carl. And this scene bothered me for a couple of reasons number one. Her manipulation is so transparent right and glee. I was hoping she would take another approach. Because I don't think Carl would fall for it. No I mean if someone tried to manipulate me that like you said transparently I would. I would just be disgusted. I realized eighty. Don't you remember just said to us what you did to our casino. I'm not listening to anything. You have to say what I was hoping that she would do. Is she would kind of plea to him from a human perspective to say look. I work for some people that don't take no for an answer. This is not me. This is not something that would say like. This is really out of my hands and I'm just trying to tell you that regardless of what you want. We have to make this work somehow. But she didn't take that approach. No not at all not at all she. She questioned his strength and his marriage. She questioned his dignity. She said you know what I see. You don't get that at home. Because he said he wanted dignity you know wanted to be want to have some dignity and she tells him I took back my life and now I answered only one person. May you know and she just comes off as just a bench. I just don't think she would have turned around that fast. But I did like Richie used. Navarro's words yes. Yes she did she. She put them in his lap. Do with what he wanted. Yep and we will we will come back to Carlin Anita because this. I definitely had a beef with this with this episode. Okay so but next week go to. Ruth's trailer park And we see three and ruth talking three dozen have much much of a role here other than just to kind of relay information about Wyatt and she still asking how why it's doing 'cause you know. Ruth is very close to him and Helen shows up. Offers condolences to ruth about her dad and she said. I lost my dad. When I was about your agency goes was he murdered. He murdered and I loved that Ruth is like all right. Are we done with small talk now? We don't enough Chitchat now. Yeah we done enough. Chitchat and Helen comes to complement Ruth. And it's clear that ruth you know. She wants that. She needs that she needs that. That confidence boost and Helen asks her. Could you run the day to day of Missouri Bell if Mardi were away and it was right then I was like? Oh Yeah I haven't. I held my breath at that point. I'm like what do you mean if Marty was away? Ya Not cool because she kind of implied that with this new casino he might be needed elsewhere but I was like that is not what she's talking about. Oh Yeah and roofs author that she definitely did she smarts no. I don't think route saw through that. I think she did. Not you know because she went to Mardi and told him right but I think she told him kind of like. Oh here's what she was asking because she said you're GonNa be working on this other project and Marty was like No Yeah I honestly don't think ruth really understood. I think she I think she. Ruth still thinks everybody's all on the same team they just don't communicate. Well okay okay. She doesn't realize yeah so I'm realizing at this point. Wendy needs to be really careful that she doesn't reveal too much about her issues with Marty and her trust issues right. Yeah next. We've got Ben driving a boat with Jona and he's just going crazy. I don't know is like doing donuts in the water and the COP. Stop Him Ben. Blessing. You know. He's like wait boat. Cops that's the thing no idea. He's so cute and Joan is like Uncle Ben. Just let me handle this right and Joan is like. Hey Sheriff it's Joan a bird in the sheriff's like Hey Joanna doing tell your parents I said hi just slowdown. Bye-bye by gets them off super easy and Ben is like wait. What just happened right so Jonas throwing some clout around. Yeah Ben is starting to realize piece by piece very memory there things going on in this yes. There are things happening and the birds have a lot on. So next is the conversation between Ruth and Marty and it's very clear that Marty is picking up what Helen is putting down And again if you re watch that scene. I don't think ruth realized it until she's having this conversation Cardi. I might miss that. I mean I know I know as soon as ruth said that Marty was like okay. I'm dead yes but I didn't okay. So Mardi now knows the stakes are high and his life is at risk. Yeah and this is when I wish he and Wendy could get back on the same page but all right now now. We've got the scene that I wanNA talk about Anita and Carl. Yeah okay. So they're going for a walk and Anita is just badgering the shit out of cloud ragging on him so bad. She's okay. Oh but this is my beef. Because I don't think they've been consistent with her character. Do you feel like you picked up on this. The first time we saw Anita and Carl well the first time I mean I feel like they'd been leading up to that. She was obviously the one in charge all along in my mind. I I don't think so. Because she is the one that originally wanted to sell she was like. That's a good deal and Carl didn't want to. And so they originally said no. They came back with more money. And then they said yes and then the casino boat blew up and then they said no but in this scene she just went all out all out like you're a terrible businessman. You've always been terrible at business. I should've never married you. I should have married your brother. I mean it was like I wish they had built up to the scene a little bit more so that we really felt like Carl had just been beaten down for years and years because they just made her so I feel. I feel like they did because Carl had that initial conversation with Marty and Carl's just like you know I've learned it's better to just let your desires take a back seat so I felt like from the beginning. It was clear that Kara was beaten down. Yeah but no. There's a difference between a domineering wife which they portrayed her as and a woman that really just beat him down but in the end I guess she got what was coming to her. So do you think so? Clearly it was an accident right right but he watched a roll down and I don't think he went after her. We'll see this was no he. He clearly didn't I mean we saw him actually walk away. I'm sure he probably I don't know I don't know what he would have done yet. But that was kind of where I had a little bit of a beef. It wasn't with Anita's Reactions or her badgering him. It was you know they've been married and working together for years and years and years in for him. Even if you really are pissed off at your spouse and you don't like them very much anymore I don't feel like your reaction to them rolling down a hill and smack in their head in a tree and dying in the water would be to just be like. Oh Damn walkaway. Right exactly so Janelle. The little bit of a problem with that with his act. I feel like there should have been like a moment of panic and then a what do I do? As? Yeah yes. So they're kind of painting him as just a a doofus. Yeah stupid but I don't know whatever I guess. They're probably not really a huge part. I think we're going to see them much more after then. I don't think they're done and I think so. Wendy I think in the next scene calls Marty and let them know that they got the hotel and he's like okay. Does that mean does that mean any? Can I start lottery money? I don't think he says that directly. But he's like okay. He says I mean anything for me to solve anything for me. Yeah no nope just letting you know and and I'm like Wendy girl come on now so at this point. I'm starting to feel really bad for Mardi and I don't think she realizes the stakes for Mardi right. I think she's just flexing her muscle and her power saying I can run this show too not realizing that. He's he's in a shitload all right and if she wants to be so powerful and helpful and useful. Why doesn't she help him? Figure out how to launder money. That is right media. Problem exactly exactly. It's so yeah. Sorry Team Wendy. I think I'm defecting Elizabeth. I don't know I don't know who's team I'm on anymore. But then suddenly Wendy is talking about getting Zeke back. Yeah Darlene and right away. I'm thinking how the hell does she think she's going to do that. With a war somehow. Yeah Ben is starting to get curious about what's going on which I've said several times and he makes a comment. That Joan is the waivers of Wendy. And she has very flattered she she was very flattered and she kinda opened up to him a little bit told them about the affair. Didn't full out tell him about how you know everything. Let's let's dot. I sorry I just want to stop because I think that was a significant line. Joan is a boy version of Wendy. Because let's dissect that for a second. What what picture of Joan have they portrayed? We saw that he had joan. I think lacks a bit of an emotional connection right right. Remember him when he was killing animals and they were very worried about him but he was really just doing it from more of a scientific fascination standpoint right so I think that's an important connection to make right there that Joan is like a boy version of Wendy. Because that's not necessarily a good thing. Well that's a good point. That's a good point. He's he's smart and he's driven and he maybe doesn't look at the long-term as much as other people right right interesting so bent. Says how you GonNa get this baby. And she says I'm GonNa pick a fistfight with a hillbilly hillbilly fistfight. And I didn't think she meant that literally. I'm not quite sure where that's going but will it will be. I'm sure The next thing. We have Mardi talking to Dickie the manager I guess for. Reo speedwagon. And he's trying to convince him very subtly to use Marty's vendors you know he's saying you know maybe we could use our guys and how about if I give you an extra one hundred thousand and Dickey's let me call. The guys and again was so funny gets dickey gets on the phone like. Hey you know. The guy here wants his. Help US launder some money. I thought I know I was like okay. Did you know Marty Yeah okay transparent. Hey let's let's all right. So then Wendy goes to the farmers market and she didn't literally pick a fight in a very public place and I wasn't sure what was going on initially at first but she was clearly trying to antagonize Darlene. She wanted Darlene to hit her In a very public place and she really did go below the belt she did. And why was there helping Darlene at the farmer's market and I think that that was kind of a wild card that Wendy obviously didn't anticipate surprise to see why there and why it really diffused the situation because I think that that could have escalated a lot more. Darlene was right. She said I'm going to kill her. You know she was ready. And why COM Darlene down? So the thing I don't really understand about. This is where now. I had expected Wendy to go to the police if she if her goal is to show. That darlene is an unfit mother. I mean obviously chef some other reason and I'm not getting it yet but she should have gone to the police and set up an assaulted but she didn't so I yeah I don't know if she's going to go to social services she's going to go to the police but you would think she would have done. That already. Took THE NEXT DAY. And you see you're taking some pictures of her face but that doesn't prove anything you know. I guess if some people saw it than it could be corroborated but maybe she's GonNa Blackmail Darlene. I don't know but I don't know I don't know what she wants. But so then we see Maya the FBI agent. Who's having kind of an off the cuff conversation with Mardi and we're going to talk about this a little later on. This is going to be part of our dilemma for the day. Saying to Marty these these other agents want to nail you for what you're doing they want for your role in working with Navarro. I'm I want to offer you a way out by saying you get out you do eighteen. You don't have to. You don't have to talk from what I understand. Yes she said. Plead to a lesser offense right. But I don't know if that means that she would add that he would actually have to help the feds or not. Oh he would he would because she said what I want you to do. Is You. Plead to a lesser offense. You serve eighteen months in basically a country club prison. Yeah come out and you now work for the FBI trying to help us find people like you right and Navarro doesn't think that he ratted him out right. Not Scenario right. But I'm thinking like even if he did does he ever really think that he could with the amount of information he has to see ever really think he could get out of it for life and we know that he actually can't now because Wendy is in so deep with Navarro. I just don't I don't know yeah. Let's talk about that at the end. Okay we'll talk about that at the end but that was that was an interesting scene and all right then. We switched to an interrogation room. And it was trevor the FBI agent who Scott one of francs cronies from Kansas City. Mafia helped with the gunpowder on the boat and I mean they've clearly got him first of all like how did they not know there wouldn't be cameras all over the damn boat yeah. I think he didn't say that in the last episode. I did no okay. Well I mean I thought maybe they were smart and they had hats on and hoodies and things. I thought maybe they were smart about it but I guess not. So this guy they they nag him or they snag him and he. It's very clearly his face and the F. B. I. Saying like all right. Well we want you to give it up. And he's like okay. I'll do whatever you want and I'm thinking like when you're in the mafia even in Kansas City I don't think you just roll over and give it up. Yeah that seemed way too easy and I must have been. I must've been ma- making notes or thinking about something else because I don't have a good memory of the scene at all. It was pretty short. Seen them showing that we've got you clearly on video and we want you to talk. And he's like all right. I'll tell you what you want to know. But I that's not how it goes in the MA I want. I wonder if he's saying he's going to cause a lot of times. They play that angle. They say they're going to help. But then they don't actually help or they give them false information or they're just appeasing them for the moment until the Mafia can get them off so maybe who knows or maybe this guy is going to give up Marty. I might be a problem. Yeah right because Marty's not part of the Mafia yes so they don't have any allegiance to him so I don't know we see a sweet scene with sweet. That's not the right word. Wendy and Ben. You're not really sweet sweet. She brought him costs. She brought a coffee at first. I thought she was bringing it to Marty. I'm like Oh that's nice then. I'm like no that's not Mardi so that's been and it's clear that she wants him around because he's her biggest cheerleader and she needs that because she's not getting it from anybody else in the family right right. She doesn't deserve it but you know right. Well then we've got a really strange scene. I feel every scene with this girl. Aaron is weird yes. I didn't understand what was happening. Okay like she's sitting there by the water. Apparently Waiting Helen comes up and says something to her about before her friends come and she's like well. My friends are in Chicago. You know we. I don't know that was weird. And then she I don't know what else did she say it was just a. She said she comes nation. Her Mom said I love you and she goes. I love you too but she asked about her dad. How's how's Dad Toya? She asked how dash and beat him up right. So here's my prediction. I predict that Aaron is going to be the downfall of Helen. I think somehow she's GonNA learn because remember. Charlotte knows yes. And I've been Helen's been very clear about her kids. Not Knowing right and I think somehow errands GONNA learn that. Her mother is dirty and maybe ultimately responsible for. What's happened to her father and she's GonNa Bring her down. That would be fascinating. Mark my words fascinating. You heard it here first. So then Wendy's Wendy's calling Navarro and I'm like listen. Wait no and she goes does doesn't call. Bff Head of what? Can I do for you? Next what hotels you sound like Wendy sold the fuck down and I knew that and now Marty is GonNa get in deeper and I'm just like you. Wendy stressing me out. God I know I know so Aaron and Charlotte Jones are all out on the boat and then the guy who you think looks like Frank. Juniors friend pulls up on a boat could be I don't know could be and the girls go off and at that point I realized Jonah has a crush on. Erin I did yes I thought he was just a creeper but oh no I got that I got that. Yeah he does. He has a crush honor and Charlotte's face though because shots like Oh shit. I'm going to have to go with her now. Yes she did not want any part of that and she goes Jonah. Can you just stay and watch our stuff? Yeah that's right. Yeah I know I feel bad okay. Then one of my favorite scenes. What am I barry? Favorite Scenes Ruth and Ben. Yes and she's sitting in the car. I'm like here we go. We knew this is going to be a love interest. Because I'd like to take you to dinner have lunch. How about BREAKFAST COFFEE GLASS OF WATER? And she finally smiles finally. I think that's the first time in this entire show that I've ever seen her smile. I think about it. Gosh I don't know I can't be the first time the first time so anyway it was. It was nice and I felt happy. Yes I did two for one brief moment in this episode I felt relaxed and happy and then and I didn't happy seeing. Reo speedwagon sing arguing back and they look good. They still sound the same. It's like some track and I saw people drinking Miller lite. They held their hands up. So like okay. Clearly there's there's a beverage of the ozark sponsor and then and then Marty is sidling up to Maya. Who's there listening to the show? And he says he's ready to cut a deal and at this point. I fear that it's too late. Then we find out it's probably too yeah And we end the show on an Oh shit and I am not clear is the mafia or is it the cartel. I don't know I don't I don't know who it is that that took him but they grab Mardi him and take him away in Ruth I I was like. Yeah Rhythm Ben go happened the car and they're chasing after him and then the escalade just like drives sideways and stops and the guy gets out and points a gun and rhythm banner like okay. We'll turn around. Yeah Okay so you know I mean I don't think they should have Obvious with their following though. Yeah they could've laid back up but I mean it was not an fast is not necessarily. I don't know my cars support. Phages the cargo. I don't know so I have to say not to be stereotypical. They looked a little. The driver looked a little Mexican to me. Okay well what do you think like my initial thought was that? Who when okay. When I don't even know if we mentioned Shannon Wendy was talking to Navarro member. His crony there was like saying cut with his neck. Cut Get off the phone. Navarro Navarro said the lines compromised and mayor hang up so my thought was. I have a feeling it is the cartel and the they tracked Mardi tracking her phone. Oh that's yes. And how's he going to explain? I'm not trying to set you up. I'm just trying to keep tabs on my wife. I don't think there's any answer to that. How the HELL'S HE GONNA get out of that? I'm stressed. Oh yes you do. Shannon Confession Time Shannon Confess. I did I did watch ahead. I did watch the Damn you so you already know one just one episode one episode but that is truly what I thought when I watched this episode. So I'm trying to forget what I saw. But after that ending of episode three my husband and I couldn't stop watching so I I'm only I've only watched for pay ourselves. I am I am. I won't do it again because I actually was the was harder for me to do this. Podcast having watched four because I was worried so I'm not GonNa do it again. I learned our lesson. You did not let the cat out of the bag as far as I know. No No. We'll find out all right. Let's talk about the symbols. Okay so the fingerprint. Which I am not sure. What that was symbolizing fingerprint. I mean that would have made sense for the episode where Wendy goes into the house but let's see fingerprints. Who would have left fingerprints somewhere? Was it maybe? When they they nailed the Mafia guy. Did they have fingerprints from him with the gun? Powder on the steamboat. Maybe maybe or I don't know all right. Well guys clearly missed something weird. I miss this one so yeah. Let us know you're gonNa tell us the microphone. I think that's REO speedwagon again. Yes that seems the obvious and the fist is obviously hitting Darlene yet. That yeah okay by the fist can be yes. Wendy power rising to power. I think the obvious one is Darlene in the fistfight. Yes and then. The fish in the fish bowl was the last symbol. And that's the FBI agent Maya's fish but it also symbolizes being watched Good one Good was so now. We get to our dirty dilemma. Where we're talking about. Who's got the big moral dilemma in this episode? And what would you do? I just want to stop for a second. Because Shannon has in her notes who's got the biggest oral dilemma fixed at would be a totally different question. All right moral dilemma. What would you do and we think the best one? We sort of alluded it earlier should Mardi take the deal with the FBI. Yeah Yeah I really wanted him to. When I heard Maya I talking to him of. I'm like that sounds like a great deal. I thought that getting lockout. Mardi do it. You know eighteen months is nothing in a country club prison right but the more I thought about it. I wouldn't trust anybody like I wouldn't trust that. She could actually get him that deal. Once you confess something or agree like right now. He hasn't actually confessed to anything. And once you do I feel like things could spiral out of control. That's bad would be. What would be worried I is? She said you know we can do this without you. Wouldn't have to witness protection program. I just don't see how he could go to prison. And then come out and Navarro would be like. Yeah all right. Well I guess we the ideas he's in jail the ideas Navarro's in jail. But the thing is you can't stop an organization like that we will be in jail. 'cause Marty's going to help them get Navarro Renault. No that was not the idea. I thought that was the idea. No that he is going to plead to something more insignificant but he's ultimately going to help them get Navarro but it's just not going to be a parent. That's what I'm thinking. I don't know guys. I think this one's open to interpretation winter to help us understand what you think the deal actually entails. And unless Shannon just gave a spoiler from wasn't a spoiler. Okay no okay no no I just think I mean on the surface. It's a good deal. It's a way out. And it's a legit way out where according to the agent you wouldn't always be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. But I do think that he would. I just don't think once you've had that kind of a relationship I don't think you can ever get out because you know too much right out. The grades behavior operation. I don't think you're ever getting out. I agree with you. Yes yes so. The lesson. Today is don't launder money for drug lord. I feel like we've heads are less than every day is just don't don't work for drug lord. Don't Piss off drug lord. Don't launder money for them. Don't cross them. Stay away from drug alert. That's right that's right so good episode. The seasons definitely picking up steam. I'm really stressed. This is why I can't watch them back to back toback because I just I get so stressed out. Well I can. I know you guys. What did we miss this episode? I'm sure we got some things wrong. And we missed a few things and we want to hear your feedback so remember and we've gotten a lot of feedback so thank you for that. Remember to leave us an email. Send US an email. Don't leave us. Send US an email. Stinger podcast at or sham. You can call us three one five stink TV three one five seven eight four six four eight eight and just leave voicemail and we will play Your Voice Mail on the podcast or you can always connect with us on social media. We are at Stinger. Podcast twitter instagram facebook and now Faye dress going to go watch episode four. And we'll be back with you shortly so until next time. Keep your luxury clean by everybody.

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