Rachel & Becca Answer Your Questions


Of all are happy our listeners. We hope you guys are doing well. We hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend. You got an extra day in there. Celebrate the holiday. Some may have some may not have I understand if you go, but we know that. You, know this. Just everything that we've been going through all twenty twenty, but last month, not a couple months ago, just from the beginning of this year. It's just been a lot, and we know that it's been really hard to celebrate things just with everything that's going on in in life personally, even if it's not affecting you, it's affecting just watching it just reading it. So I hope that you've got some time to just relax, read self care, self love just in light of everything that's going on and I feel like our podcast have been a little bit heavy to, but very relevant so I appreciate it and I'm glad that we have the space to do that. Glad that we had clear on where we could just. Get to know her more. Everybody gets her more because I feel like there's so much depth to her and even in two episodes. We still didn't get all of it out of her so. In light of everything that's going on. We figured you know what let's have a little fun today. Let's do something that we haven't done before, but that we always talk about at the end of every single episode. You guys. We always ask for you to write in us, and you know just comment DM US ask US questions, and you guys have been doing that, and you know what we haven't been holding our end of the bargain until today. So, we're going to answer your questions. We're going to dive into some of so excited to do this. We're GONNA. Go through these questions for the first time. We haven't prepped our answers or anything. Just let you guys know it is impossible to get to every single. One of you guys, but just know we see you. We love you. Appreciate you for listening into every episode with us, and so we want to honor you guys today. So that's what we're GONNA do. Yeah, rage I can't wait. I feel like we've talked about doing this. This is something that we've both probably wanted to do for quite some time, and we kind of did it on the lives a few weeks ago. You know in quarantine, didn't we? Did our lives We did get her onto some questions, but there's obviously so many more that are just like flooding in not only our inboxes, but the bachelor happy hour. INSTAGRAM's inbox and so this is our chance. And especially, because we're all watching the RECAPS, the bachelors greatest seasons ever especially after talking to Claire I feel like it's a stirring up some nostalgia for us, because about to embark on her journey, and we you know talking with her. We can kind of pull ourselves back and put ourselves in her shoes and remember what that feels like. And there's so many fun memories in moments that like Intel. You talk about an answer it. You don't even remember that something happened and so it's GonNa be a fun little. Walk Down, memory, lane for us. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to clean up my inbox with some of these dams to get around to these questions, but that doesn't mean. Don't send them in so pleased. Hopefully we'll be able to do this like you know every couple of weeks or so just because it's fun. And Rachel I'm excited to hear from you, too. Because, of course, there's probably some similarities that we both went through on our seasons, but a ton of differences to has we had a thousand different men and experiences and destinations and dates, and so let's just get into it and go through our experiences. Murder, in Hollywood land is sponsored by the infamous America podcast infamous America explore some of the wildest and darkest true crime stories in American history, heightening the listening experience with cinematic storytelling, music and sound design right now they're telling the story of D B Cooper the mystery man who hijacked an airplane in Nineteen, seventy one, and then disappeared without a trace, the case became a legendary unsolved crime here that story and others about the Salem witch trials the black sox scandal bank robber. John Dillinger and the manhunt for John Wilkes booth subscribe to infamous America Today on Apple PODCASTS spotify or wherever you're listening right now. All right so like I said. We have so many questions to get to, and we're going to try to get to as many of them as possible, but we're also not trying to keep you guys here all day. So you know or are, we may what May. Okay, so let's just start with the first one all right so first question says we love you guys so much. How the hell are you guys doing I think this is a perfect way to start off because it's just Let's just check in you know, and so there's so much going on. We're just in the middle of unprecedented times. If I'm honest I have highs and lows. Some days I wake up and I feel hopeful and just ready to tackle the day, and then other days I'm just I. Take Fifteen steps back. You know for example the other day I was podcasting and we were just talking about different issues that are going on in our country, and we had to talk about another story another tragedy, another murder specifically we were talking about allies McLean and we're. We're just not talking about if it's something that happened last year, which is part of the bigger problem which you can understand why people are still marching in the streets in the so angry, so I'm trying not to get on a soapbox, but the point is. Is that having to talk about that? Having to listen to the audio of another person dying begging for their life just really took me back. And my host said something really good about. You don't feel guilty. It's you can't give. A, paraphrasing what he said three. Don't feel guilty if you can't. Give your all to it if you can't watch that video if you can't listen to that audio, that doesn't mean that you've given up on the fight for justice. It just means that you have to check yourself mentally, so if anybody else may be going through out there, which is hard to watch another video. It's hard to listen to the audio. It's hard to read about another murder. You know it's okay for your own sanity and your mental health to take a step back or talk to somebody or to admit that you're just not okay because that was me the other day. So so all that to say you know I try not to stay in that place, and I tried to be hopeful and to try to make a difference in the the best way that I know how. Ya That's how I'm doing good days bad days. And that's life I feel like. We started off with like the most loaded question that we could have like. How are we doing? Yeah! I mean twenty twenty For me, personally I think for a lot of people in not only our country, but our world it's testing us, and there's so many different factors like I think I mentioned this on our podcast two weeks ago, when we were talking with Caitlyn, but like covert is still a thing, and because everything else. That's taking place Is At the forefront sometimes I forget like Oh my God. We were living through quarantine end. This shutdown and people are dying. There's so much going on in this year. I started twenty twenty like on this high because I had the bachelor live on stage tour. I had the podcast girl. It was e mailing, and now I look back like just a couple of months ago and I feel like I was at a totally different place in my life like completely different mindset, and so yeah, it's definitely with everything happening. I feel like I'm being tested I'm. Learning a lot more about myself and my friends and my family, and just having new conversations that I've never had before in my life and so Yeah, good days bad days Thank God for Minot because she keeps me saying. It's like dogs do so much I know. She's like she is like my therapy pat. But. Yeah, I feel like I started. Twenty twenty and I had that was trying to find the other day I I had a list of. Like resolution, so that want to do for the year and my number? One thing was working on my patients which has definitely happened this year because of everything and I just want to add to that. Not only to be patient, but to keep expanding in what I don't know and my knowledge base, and to be okay with having the bad days in the down days. I feel like especially. In the world that we live in rage, you know we're always on social media and doing interviews and we're out there and you WANNA. Try to put on a brave face, but I think I'm learning that. That's not the case that's this is not the year to to do that and to pretend everything's perfect and so. Just going through the motions. I mean you know. Thank, God I have a great support, group and friends and family, but. I'm learning a lot. Twenty twenty is I. It's been a lot, but you know I. Look at it as I. Mean like I would never want to not do twenty twenty for as many crazy things that have happened. Let's kind of where I am. I think that first of all. I'm shocked that you're not a patient person. I would have never thought about you. You seem so. Ask My mom. She will be exact opposite I'm trying I'm working you. You come across the Great Society. You're putting out. Said, you seem so patient I'm. I'd actually probably more patient than people think that I am. But it's something I had to work on myself. But something that you said that I think is a good way to in this question is twenty twenty. First of all, let me say I've always said. On years are my years, and I try to project that on other people as well. This is an even year. Is being taken I. Mean all my milestones in my life has happened in odd years. Go Go back and think about that for yourself many I don't know you're the Bachelorette in two thousand eighteen, so maybe maybe even years of your thing but. Odd I two years for me and I something you set though that I want to emphasize is that there has been a lot of learning this year and that is when I. Get hopeful you know when I have a good day because y'all may be frustrated about some things, but we have have debated people's attention in a way that we never have been able to before and I'm grateful that people are learning and I'm grateful that people are recognizing things about themselves and society the society we live in in a way that they haven't ever, and that makes me hopeful for the next generation. So what I try to channel. When I'm when I'm having a bad day. What do you do I wanNA. Know like for you personally when you're having one of those bad down days. Is there something that you do or that? You someone you gravitate towards? How do you handle those days? Yeah, I mean I'm fortunate that I have outlets than my podcast is a really good, the other one a good outlet in because we talk about these issues and use vet, and so that really helps me channel it. I talked to family friends that I can't Brian's. Poor Brian unlike like. Kelly with rats missing any so patient and thank goodness. He just gets it. So that really helps to, but also journaling, meditating praying, working out I, mean all things to just release even as in the shower, and just crying, screaming singing all those things just to release whatever it is that I'm feeling. And Reading Too I. I've never really been a big fiction reader. In Quarantine I've been reading fiction because it just allows me to escape reality. I like that that's see I'm the opposite where I used to always read fiction because I wanted to get out of my head and and put myself in some other storyline. But lately I've switched and I've been trying to read more nonfiction Just like. My sister and mom have just like a stack of books that I'm back in Minnesota right now. My Mom's place that I'm going to try to get through. But one thing I one thing I. Do I really liked true crime so I still listen to my true crime podcast in just like. Take a walk if I can just seem to like zone out and get away from everything. That's what I do right now maybe has. A true crime podcast at one point I couldn't do it I liken to. My podcast, the news I I love like a good journalism story. Such a nerd in that. all right so next questions I feel like we answered so many questions in just that one But here's a question that we get almost every day. Rachel and I don't know if this is in terms of so they're asking. Who is our dream guests so either I'm assuming on our podcast, but it just a dream guest to chat with in general. I. Do you have one in mind. Well. Go ahead. Please well I would. I would say. Any goes into when I was the lead of the dates that I really wanted was well and I've said this before handed got it with with the drag Queens on one I group dates, but a dream guest of mine would probably be Paul. That's. because. I mean. Like she's done at all, and she for those who haven't seen her Paul's drag race a highly recommend checking it out. But. She's kind of like. The Chris Hairston role where she oversees. All of the contestants, but I don't know I. Just I would love. I never met her at Drake on last year, and I would love to have re Paul as a guest. I'm GonNa just aim high. I feel like I. Don't know if ever happened, but that'd be my number one I would say I almost want to steal yours. I, I, am truly thinking. Who in the world would I want? On the PODCASTS I'm just gonNA say Michelle Obama. Well. In this, okay, beside not to everyone. Rachel shared with me that she's talking to be on his mom after this so i. talked to so many people already. You've already had that amazing opportunity. I HAVE ESPN fortunate stocks replay Michele is not one of them I had the pleasure to meet or talk to so I. Think I'm GonNa go with her. got a good one. So, let's. Just. put it out there this. Put all the good Juju. I would love that Oh my God. Can you I feel like though if we had either Michelle, Obama, or re Paul I would not talk. I would clam up. You would have to I. would just sit back and listen and smile you believe I would i. know I would want to just like pick their brains apart. I would be mall at. Okay. What celebrity would you want to see as the bachelor or the Bachelorette? You cannot say Rupaul. We I can't say shallow Volvo. We cannot name those two out. This is one that I said before and I've said it into his face. I love Michael Strahan you. Ashtray hand. Michael I know he has a girlfriend right now. At least I think he still does if not I mean. I don't know. I would do regardless of. My Life I would take a two month hiatus in life and go back on the season just to be around him. Michael is Great. He's what you see is what you get is Lakshmi way in person. Okay, my. Celebrity that I would love to see on Ryota. Down Riana, she would run through those men. She could perform saying dance whatever it may be. Like reality just like so it doesn't care about stuff and I. Just think I mean like she's gives zero. Trying not to curse is zero ass at so I feel like we would just get a Bachelorette telling it like it is knows what she wants. The man would be so intimidated. Bar. Korea I think if we ever GONNA. If we would even need twenty five to thirty. Guys I would just watch her. I would just hurry. You know who else would be good What is her name in real life? Lena Hiti I think plays Hershey Lancaster only. Playing into that, she would bus those guys balls. She would put them in their place. So entertaining, but then again like I would only watch it for the lead in no one. Right and assuming she's in real life. You really just want Starsky. Will I follow her in Instagram I. Love Her. She's so outspoken she takes like. Bullshit and so I feel like she is I mean not as extreme obviously Percy was like two people, but I feel like she's still. She's bad ass Boston. real-life bound got I wanNA I WANNA. Follow her. I want to see how she's good. Okay Everyone's Cup of tea but I I enjoy her. Yeah, that sounds like my sipho chick. Or even though we're halfway through twenty twenty, it feels like the world is still in flux, and we're still off of our normal schedules I have been trying to hold myself accountable as best as I can to still exercise regularly, which is why I've been using num num has helped me track my exercise, no matter how squeezing it. In these days it's a program that doesn't require you to commit to any sort of rigorous plan and in space in psychology, so new teaches you. Y You do the things that you do and it also empowers you with tools to break that habit a replace them with even better. Better ones and even though is designed by psychologists. There's no scientific jargon or complicated stuff to remember. They are simply behavior change experts plus new knows that you're human, so if you go off track, that is totally okay. There's no shame in it. It just improvise you tips to help you get back on track tomorrow. There's a science to getting healthier, and it's called neum sign up for your trial today at Neum, that's an oem dot com slash p., h. h. because what do you have to lose visit? NEUM DOT COM slash P. H. H to start your trial today. That's new OEM DOT COM SLASH H. Okay so this is a question that. Funny that we get this because I always ask myself this question in a always self check. And the person who wrote the sense said if you had never come on the show. What do you think you would be doing as a career now? I. Don't know if you do this backup at high always I I would have to say every week. At some point during the week as say okay. It's it's Tuesday. It's one o'clock. Right now, if I had never gone on the Bachelor And I think about that and I'd be like I'm I'd be office will be in a courtroom I'd be in a deposition. WHAT IBM a relationship I don't know what I I have no idea, but I always self check like. You know one decision can change the entire trajectory of your life. For me, that was someone coming in my office, saying trials or down the street to. Go. We should all go my always do that i. mean so to answer the question. You know if I hadn't been the Bachelorette or even gone on the bachelor. I would still be an attorney at still be. The same of is no idea what my love life would be you know at that time I was coming out of a relationship ships still trying to hang onto the remnants of aid, even though I knew it was, it was over. but yeah my career I. Still Be an attorney you know even after the faster I went back and practice law yet after the Bachelorette I still practice for year and a half after so I would definitely still be practice. Oh Man! I don't even know I. Feel like I mean 'cause I was working as a publicist in PR before the show. I felt like where I was. Though at my agency, I'd like reached the end so I was ready for some sort of transition which thank God at the time it was the show. I mean easy answer. I would probably still be doing pr maybe for a more. Fun like lifestyle, company or for lifestyle brands? But like? Would I love? It would be like my dream passionate job. Probably not I feel like. Now I mean in a perfect world. That'd be a homicide detective. We're like a wall Catholic editor something. Not that I could ever do it, but just. You know going back. If I could do it all again I think I would pick maybe a different career path, but yeah I. Don't know like I. I don't know because. Without going on the show and meeting Garrett. I would've never probably moved out to California and thank God I did because I. Love it out there. I'd probably still be Minnesota. Dealing with the cold depressing winters I. Don't know I. It's hard to tell. I probably wouldn't have kids yet I. Just Yeah. I feel like I still have things in life that I wanted to do. It's interesting you say that because. Right before I tried out for the Bachelorette I was in La for one of my really good friends She's having a baby. I was there for a baby shower and I remember it'd been the first time I had been to La, ten years, and I remember her being there and thinking how I something just feels different as still like my be here, and my my friends that were at the baby shower like you come out here and I was seriously thinking taking the California bar. and. The type of law that I was practicing. Focused in sports law in law school and I always knew I wanted to go back to sports and entertainment, but I was stuck in a place of being complacent, a little too scared to make that job because I knew I always didn't want to practice law forever in that way, so it's interesting after hearing, you say that it just brought me back to where I was at the time. You know I was I loved. What is said, but I was always looking out the window and kind of wondering and imagining for more It's crazy that you know now. We have the opportunity at a little bit more freedom to explore the things that we've always wanted to do. Yeah, it's funny because it's like. Look back and I. You know you get out of college. You find your job. You think your life is going to turn out different. You're like I. When I Graduated College, I was twenty. Two knows like oh my gosh. I'm going to get married to I'm going to have kids. I'm probably always consignment a soda. A fast forward to when I was when I first went on the show I was twenty seven I think and. Like. At that point. I was like I'm just GonNa, live my life and have fun and see where the world takes me and maybe move to California. And now like you said we have the ability to kind of switch up our lives and our roles or look what we wanted to do, so it's like you know. Maybe I could become a book editor somehow like maybe I won't go back to school to get a new degree. Who knows like the world is you're always stir people so for any twenty two year old girls out there. who think your life's GonNa go one way, and you're dead. Set on like getting married and having kids right away just in time it some time. Fun and don't. Step outside of the box. That's what always held me back. Yeah, did you? I'd asked how many people just because I'm curious when you went to college. Did you ever study abroad? Now. I never wanted to. Really I know it's weird and I feel dumb saying that out loud now, but I didn't i. just kind of was like I knew where I wanted to go and remind major, I was more focused on finding a really good internship in the sports industry and was studying abroad just didn't go along with my career path, and that's what I focus I worked for the NBA in New York that that was my by goal to get with an a league and work with them, Damn. Life. No. That's the one regret I wish I would have. I. I was about to I was GonNa, go to Adelaide, Australia for the smaller and It just was such A. Mess with the admissions back and forth for months and months I just finally pulled out, but I wish looking back. That's like the one thing in college. I wanted to do that. Never did so gotTa make it to Adelaide One day, Adelaide How crazy with that have been. That's where you went on your season. Full Circle. Who talked to my mom? This well. okay next question. To. Present Day. Someone wrote in. That they're interested in the podcast, and so, what are some pointers for being a good host rich? Let you take this because you are the best house. NOT ALL-STOCK BECCA, please pressure. You know you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with so give yourself some credit for sure I would say I think it can be intimidating. Start a new podcast so Kudos for you for wanting to do it because there's so many podcast out there and you think. How can you stand out and be different and I think the only way to do that is there's there's probably everybody has the idea out there? You know whatever subject matter you're GonNa talk on. It's already out there. What makes us different, is you? And Finding Your Voice, and how you're going to relay the information to whatever audience it is so I think finding voice finding. The subject matter and the topics for your podcast having segments I think really differentiate yourself from other podcasts to and then knowing who your audience says in how you want, it. Make sure you have the right target audience for your podcast, but if one thing if I'm going to pick it is your voice, you being you. People are going to come. Listen to your podcast because of who you are and what you bring to the table and I would also say part of that is being well-researched in what you're saying whether it's informing educating you know just entertaining. Make sure that. You research what it is actually talking about as people will call you out on your BS. It's Oh yeah. Take it from someone pointing myself right now from home, so yeah, he get out. I want to add onto that to those are some great pointers thing to that I think I've learned from the past couple months of doing just this podcast in general is like guess really can make a good episode for our listeners and I mean. Thank God like especially when we recap seasons, thank, God, we have the lead at contestants or people who have performed or guests who have been on. That make it more fun, but like an even thinking about who we've talked to for like. Listen to your heart. I think they bring such a new perspective like when we had cash shy Jason Mraz. And read a Wilson. They bring such a different vibe. To what does the Bachelor Happy Hour? PODCAST was and so. It just adds a good variety, so make sure that if you can at times, have some awesome guests and. Also to like yes, this is our podcast hosts, but people don't always want to hear from us. They want to hear from the guests. So make sure you have the right questions. Good questions listen fellow up questions and just keep that conversation open and flowing. Yeah! Absolutely and networking I thing not only for podcasting, but literally any career endeavor networking is key. Just say yes to talking to people. Put yourself out there. It's not probably going to hurt you. The more people you know, the better you never know who knows someone, and so that's key I. Think for anyone starting something new and for any job network. Okay, so this is a question backup. I don't know if I've ever been asked this question in all the years. Of the bachelor franchise, but it's. Do you ever miss having quote normal lives where you could go places without being recognized? So. Here's what I find interesting about this question. Bachelor. Nation is a bubble. And I think a lot of people. It's easy to get caught up in that. Everybody knows you because the audience is big, and so many people talk about it on social media, or even in publications, but I come from a world where I did not watch the show before none of my friends watched the show for my family members so I come from a world where I have seen you BECCA walking down the street and I would have never have known who you are so i. Don't I? I guess function in a world where I don't think people know who I am because I come from rural people do not the show. I think it's very easy to get caught up in thinking that nobody knows us because there is such a large audience, but the reality is most people. Don't know us now. Zoo. We give recognized Oscar for myself. I won't put words in your mouth. Do I recognize absolutely? But I don't get fracking vast to the point where I can't eat at a restaurant I can't grab a drink unless I go to like a college bar or something like that, but for the most part it's somebody might say hi, and so I feel personally like I live a very normal life. I don't think it's hard for me to function in this world I mean. Yes, there are. There Times that I've been surprised and I'm like. Oh, my gosh was I picking my nose with? ME. When I say in the far. But for the most part I feel quite. Like I live a normal life A little bit of both I think it depends on. Where I'm at. Least when I'm in, California. No one thankfully like really cares 'cause. There's actual like cool celeb- right in La. I will say when I come back to my hometown Minnesota. It's a little bit different just because it's a smaller town, not as much happens in Minnesota, so it is different like there are times where I'll be driving down the road and I. Don't I'll have my sunglasses on my hat on. Thank God for facemasks now, but people will like. Come up like if I'm parked like. Knock on the window. Yeah. I spent a couple times in Minnesota where, like sitting down or walking, people have come up, put their arms around me and I like I get very on edge just because it that incense like the personal space in the touch. Scares me from strangers shut. And like end of the day I mean we're still people to I would never go up to a random person like grab them rice me. But Yeah I think for the most part like you said it. Is this bubble and you know there's I think when one person recognizes you and makes you know more of like a thing about it than other people kind of look into what's going on, but usually for the most part. It's so chill that yeah like you can go into your. You're saying. Just fine, unless as you said like you're a college town, or I'm in my hometown. It's those are the only cases where it's a little bit more extreme, but it's only colleges. Airforce group of girls. One girl was like that is to her, and she was like. Are you Rachel and so like Basketball Team of college? colleges the only time where it's like okay, this is a little out of control. You know I a little bit too much for me, but other than that you know most people recognize you don't even say anything with yeah I appreciate. I will say when you first get off the show. That's when it's the craziest, and then you fill the measure to kind of always be on with if you're lucky enough to leave the show with. A significant other. You feel like I. Remember Article Came Out. That was like Ryan. Rachel were both on their phones, and they weren't talking to each other, and it's like okay. You feel like you need to be lovey Dovey, smiling and happy all the time. Right off the show and then you. Things normalized in your life. Yeah, does that all the time in real life? Yeah, exactly Lake Your especially when you live with someone near together all the time like you gotta check your phones, you gotta still do your own thing and have your own space and time and everything so I will say. When you mentioned college when I was on the tour. For like the month that we were traveling, it was so funny because a lot of times whether it was before or after the show itself like. Bannon I am. Dancers would guard and grab drinks dinner at some places and Bedouin for whatever reason always be early and get their first and show up and I always knew where he was because there'd be a full-on. Like one time, we went out to dinner and I was like where Ben and one of the service was like. Oh, he's upstairs way in the back corner and get up there and the like entire corner is just packed with people like. Just GonNa let him do his thing. I'm not going to go over there. You know what four guys I think it's. They get recognized more who? Do as women, and because it's. The audience is mostly women I. Remember I was talking to Astra one time, and she was telling me that they were doing an event in Toronto, and it was Jason. Blake back when Jason was still single, and the buying she said was wrapped around the door, and they all kind of had stations for people to come talk to them, and people were just blocking Sablan Jason, so it's it's definitely more heightened for men and I'd be very curious. To hear a been. Answer this question or I Dunno flaker, somebody else like none so. Yeah the the girls love the guys I mean even. To meet and greets, and having everyone just wanted to talk to Ben and ask him if he was still single, and all these things, and so the yeah, they they love the. have it. Can have it I. Just WanNa. Keep living my life and doing what I'm doing. The recognition is not something. Obviously, it comes with it, but if I had a choice to not be recognized. I'm cool with that. Rather not be recognized. And coming from someone who, especially if it happens at restaurants, I always have food in my teeth that it's like. You, I don't need to be recognized in that case. I have to blow my nose or something. That's when I say. Thank God for the face masks I when people are like. Is it okay if I like? Are you okay because they want to take a picture and I'm like girl I was on reality TV you saw me at my worst ugliest to snap this picture I. don't care if my on lift or lashes or whatever take the picture. Wasn't GonNa do it anyways whether you say yesterday like they're going to go and have their phones, that's. Weirds me on more like I'd rather. Have you just asked? Take one with me and smile with me then just like. Film in the corner, you know like just come look through together. I completely agree. You heard it here. First back set. Come on over. Take a picture. Aerobics. Okay people if you are like me if you are human, you have to admit that you'll love a good. NETFLIX's Chilean every now and again. You probably also like ice cream. So what happens when you mix those two things together? We'll let me tell you. It equals the perfect Friday night. Ben and Jerry's and Netflix have turned up something extra special for you all with their new pint of Netflix and chill ice cream. You can experience the magic of things that go perfectly together just. Just like you're not netflix watchlist. There's something in this pint for just about everybody. 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It was a a girl power moment, but honestly in the moment I was so upset that they put me in that situation and I thought by job I remember thinking I ascended be on Jerry Springer. This isn't what show where it was like the second week, and hopefully seriously, but that was a good episode, because it was Kareem abdul-jabbar I'll have to say no. The most fun episode was was Ellen. A lot of fun just because I love Ellen to be on the show with her, she was so welcoming. Some great I had met her once before because I had done her actual talk show great with the man. She hated Brian I thought that I was sofa. She's like don't pick him. I don't know I later. This point or not, but just to see the guys open up was That was the most fun episode I will say. It was a fun day. And the women went crazy in the audience as for our podcast. Oh, we've had a lot of good episodes Mike Gosh. What would it be? I know what mine would be for the PODCAST. Well Okay Do. I have to for very different reasons. Well I I. Mean I loved Russia because Oh. Yes yes, that's just a given, but my favorite was with Neal Lane. That's it. Nothing will be and they you lake. Only recorded with him in probably the saved like an hour of conversation with him, but we were with him like much longer talking to him before and after, and he's just like this amazing ball of energy, and I forget love Neal, lane, and it was so much fun. You know that was it and I am so thankful that we were able to do that in person and not over zoom a I I don't even think we could have held his attention over. He would have been looking like. Where's the camera? But I don't know that's it. I can't have that one. There will never be another episode like delay. That is the. He is the most interesting man alive that Oh yeah, by far. Yeah so yeah, no came top him. But then. What's your favorite episode from your season? Oh Gosh. You know it was well one of my favorites, and it was one that I had asked for, and I'm so happy that they gave it to me but I really wanted a lumberjack date. And, so it was when we were in Park City in all of these guys come like with their heavy boots in their suspenders flannel, and they had to throw axes move these heavy ass logs and I'm watching them sweat and they're like trying to climb up these. Totem Poles like an get to the top, and like ring the bell and it was just so much fun. It was just like it was a nice day. We finally outdoors outside of the mansion. It was the first place we had traveled to. I think everyone just like. Was this just like these great spirits? It was just a fun like Super Interactive date where I felt like I finally really got to know the guys like away from the show kind of like we're we let loose. Yeah, so that's mine and I also for the record WANNA say that I. Through the axe smackdown on the middle of the board without any of the men did. All that was my date. We all know women do a better. We all know that I think though the best dates or the most fun days are the ones towards the beginning because they're so lighthearted. When you get to demand, things get so heavy as you're letting people go that you care about. At even though you appreciate them, they're fun. They're more meaningful. The ones at the beginning it's doesn't as we still don't know where we're getting into all figuring out this journey, ourselves figure out who each other are so much. It's like the first phase of college. Away from your family and your like. Can Happen. All for everybody, it's so great. It's so great. Okay? What was the best and worst part about your time being the Bachelorette? Oh best and worst. Well I'll leave with the worst just because I want to save the best for last It's just a I don't think people realize how. You're always on. You're constantly filming I mean of course every week you tune in every Monday you see a two hour episode, but you're filming almost four seven. It's very exhausting like you. You just are always on for the guy in the interviews and so. That part like. It's chaotic for two months straight. Basically, you really don't sleep for two months. That was probably. The hardest worst part I would say, and then, of course I mean the. Crying on camera is never fun. Best part though I mean, we'll have to lead with of course weaning Garrett and maybe my partner, that's number one hands down but then I think forming the friendships with the girls during the bachelor season that are Selassie and then friendships with the producers like they some of them I still stay in touch with we talk constantly we so see and that's the thing where i. I think a lot of people think like the producers are evil and manipulative, and it just has this bad connotation. That's not true like are some amazing people, and some really lifelong friendships formed from that, so that's probably another one of the best things that came from it. Yeah, I think for me I'll do like y'all end on the the good one the worst part for me. Me was sending when he got to that halfway point sending people home because I underestimated how difficult it was to send people home I, thought I don't know yet. It won't. It won't be anything to just send you home. At least you'll know you know before I take you all the way to the end and your feelings or to invest it. I was wrong, because even if. If, you don't develop that love for them, you develop a friendship right, and so you have this person who's pouring their heart out to you sharing intimate details about their life and you know you're not going to keep them. That was so difficult to me to encourage you to open up, but at the same time. No, this is only going to go to a certain point. I you cannot prepare yourself for letting someone down in that way. You also just can't prepare yourself for the feelings that you're just gonNA develop. You just don't know have to get into it, but you have to be president. You have to put yourself out there, because otherwise you kind of cheat yourself from the experience. The, best thing, obviously, it's meeting Brian, but honestly because I was so skeptical about it I mean I was open to love, but I was more so like I'm going to represent myself as a black woman. And maybe I'll find love is out. There's no way they're gonNA find somebody for me on the show, and I was beautifully surprised and I'm so happy that you know I took a chance that I was. Was Open, and then I found Brian at the end of the day and it's changed my life completely in every single way, my life has changed you better, and that's the thing there's so much that comes from it of course like all these crazy opportunities, but but the people that you meet along the way in those opportunities like Rachel. You're just like you're all over the world meaning people like I. What's Van us and there were thought I was gonNA. Meet Michael Strahan and. Food not too long ago. which was very jealous? I think. About it but like had I not been on the show I would have never probably met hammer all these other cool amazing people, so it's it's very special in that way. Yeah, so next question and I think this is a good one because I felt like I. Get this a lot, not just from our bachelor. Happy our listeners, but just like an everyday life this is. Is One of the big questions people have when they stop you on the street or want to know something about the show. They're like Oh my God. You're on the bachelor. Okay, let's talk about Chris Harrison people want to know. How involved was Chris Harrison in your seasons? Did he actually act as a sounding board and help you, or is it all just a facade? I actually never asked you this back. I'm very garris to how involve Chris was with you. Chris I would say Chris was. Like my safety net that if I would ever get. Overwhelmed I always knew he was there and had my back like He. He does genuinely care. One thing about Chris, set I obviously never realized until I met him. Being on the show was just how witty and funny he is I mean. He is constantly on like he can just like. So sharp he just kept me laughing especially in the moments when I was very stressed and anxious and overwhelmed he just he was that person I think it was one of my most special times with him was the very last week it was in the Maldives I only had Garrett and Blake left, and I was really really struggling with just knowing the gravity of the decision I had to make, and I was so. Named with I, didn't WANNA hurt anyone? You know of course I was overwhelmed with this feeling of love for these guys is just a lot like I literally felt like I was Gonna burst in half with. All of the emotion and there was one day where. We're in the Maldives and we have all these little huts along the water. And when you're on the show, you don't really have much alone time. You're always with people who you're always either filming or prepping whatever it might be and so there is one moment where they're like. Okay. You have waiting for the cameras you have an hour and so I actually snuck away and I knew Chris's hut was like around the corner for Mine and he was with carry the stylist and Gr amazing makeup artist, and I saw them all floating out in the water and I'm like. Like I'm going to sneak away. And I I knew I was going to get so in trouble for sneaking away from everyone, but I was like I just see moment of just normal in this chaotic thing, and so I swam over I, was actually walking on all these seashells I think I'd bloodied up my feet a little bit just trying to like go to Chris but I just hung out on the raft with him for an hour and just talks about life and everything and he. He in that moment I think I, needed it because I was about to lose my mind, and he just talked me through some things he he's really gonna about in inserting his. You know previous contestants situation soon to be like. Don't feel bad. Don't get down on yourself. Don't feel hard like this is. This is normal and he just feel. It kept me sane and then. I got back and they're like. Where were you? Where'd you here? We have so much to do and I was like. Like. Oh, I was just with Chris and they're like Oh. Okay? I couldn't technically get in trouble because it was, but he is very present at least for me. He was very president and helped me so so much in a lot of that was never shown, but it was really special. Yeah, I think when when I asked. When you get this question, you think Oh. Is He helping you pick the guys Mike. I experienced a similar to yours of course. I wasn't in the Maldives floating on. Your inspired drinking wine I was but. I don't know if you know this. is where if like you had a dream location? That's where. All she just told me I had to wait one more season. They hit the ball dis. No, but I for me with Chris in this okay. I didn't know you were GONNA. Compliment Chris the way you did it, because what I was GONNA, say! I found out that Chris and I really have very similar personalities, but not like I'm bragging because you were like. Oh, he's witty and he's smart I'm like that's not what I necessarily. We'll so Rachel I'm more so just. You know we don't know Chris. When you're a contested on the show he comes in. He comes out so once you become the lead your with a whole new set of people who travel a day early. It's completely different I. Don't know if you guys know that so. What you get to spend more time with Chris, and so what I realized is he is very sarcastic museum in like a diplomatic way, put cover. Yes, and he's a lot more loose, and so I found that very refreshing, but he is a sounding board to answer your question and more so similar. What Becca was saying about life? I didn't sit there and say hey. Chris, who do you think I should choose? It was more. More like how do you navigate all this? When it's over, it's going to be so overwhelming. Your life is about down. I WANNA go back to some sense of normalcy. How do I do that would have other contestants done. Have you given them advice I? Don't WANNA lose myself in this process and forget who I am and I think. Chris is amazing at doing that and he's such a straight shooter, and that's what I. I need someone to just say you know what this is what it is. This is how it is, and so he is great for that, so he really is just like a life coach. All because you're in such a whirlwind living in this bachelor bubble, you really don't even know. When you when it's over, you're like okay now. What how do I put my shoes on? How do I? How do I take math I? Don't know. How do I use my phone one? That's the thing that I think we should touch on to everyone because when we're filming. We don't have our phones. We don't have all these normal things. You always have somebody. Taking care of your schedule where you have to be when you have to be there. All of your flights so. One of the hardest things coming off at the show for me was just to get back to normal like how do I function? I remember the second. I was given my phone and left at the airport. Alone I had such anxiety. I was like I. Don't know what I went to the wrong airport. I was like I lived. As a human happens to me. I had to commit. Worry 'em right now. No, I sat with my phone in my hand when I was on the bachelor, and it was over with and I was in Finland partly because the election. It just happened and I was like I'm not really. I heard that was a depressive. In the Finnish people were like we have great seasonal jobs in a might have to take. I, just sat with my phone in my hand, staring at was afraid. Turn it on and I was afraid of all the messages I have it then. My phone really did this thing where none of my text messages came through to lead after a while. Yeah, like okay. I'm good, but I don't WanNa look on the Internet I was just scared Okay? Yes all that to say yes, you lose yourself in this process it's it's a scary situation and go back to reality. You know I just remember. Even even this is trivial, but by pop culture news I found somebody who passed away that I didn't even know he's like you miss. You're not only in this world. Right like we're. We're in Carolina you care, bears fan? Thanks to seek him a lot of. CARE. No, you are! You're in this fina. SEAWORLD has it's a really much harder transition. I thought personally coming back than I ever could have imagined. And then when you find someone, you are so excited and you want to tell everybody. Oh, my Gosh I found the love of my life and I'm engaged. I've never been engaged. You know it's you're so excited, but you can't really tell. Let me see. Let me sift through some of these when you were on the bachelor. Or the Bachelorette was it no bachelor when you're on, the bachelor was awkward, making friends with other women on the show knowing you were all making out with the same do. Well I. I feel like I'm just really weird. And of course, it's weird like it's not comfortable, but you. You get so close with these girls that you've I felt I especially I had a stronger bond with some of the girls and I did the bachelor, and so I would joke with them like our sister wise, we would just make light of the situation because let's everyone knows what's going on. You don't always want to see it So. Yeah, I mean. I think I was like a little bit. Not as affected, you talk fantasy suites with the other girls. Like when we win in the fetus lightens. Of y'all. Happen at that point. Okay, see. Did you were way to open, so we were so excited for each other. If something would happen, we've girl. Did you make out with him, did you? Did you use tong and I remember Alexis Alexis. She was like I gave him the Lizard. Tongue and we were like what does that and she was like I. Just grabbed my tongue. He blocked with his teeth and Lizard tongue them. Is that. We I mean I. Don't know why it's weird I know it sounds incestuous. Maybe because there's not that much to talk about your whole life. Is this one guy and these girls are your only friends and the producers of your family members. It's kind of the. Research. I mean really. That's the setup in the world, and so we always did, but we talked about so I remember I would. People who were like I'm very reassured throughout the whole thing I would get dates. I'd get group rose dates, and everyone would say like how you keep getting roses, and so when we were off days, we were always like I was teaching the girls to work, so we would like to work on the walls. We spoke on the bus and I was like. How do you keep getting these roses? What do you think I do in my one on one time with Nick I just like I. I would get in people like that and I was like it's over when it comes to the fantasy suite, you guys. You could all just go home after I. don't even have sex with nick and the fantasy suite, but I would say random things like that to people, and we would talk about what we will do. We get there and I feel like. Yes, we'll know that you like I thought you meant like after the fantasy suite moment you talk about it with other girls but. But. Weren't you separated from everyone? So that happen? Even I had it was me Raven, Vanessa and we had this thing. I remember before we were like we're going to be eskimo sisters. We kept saying that to each other, and so when I saw her when we were in that rose ceremony. And, so we were the first to out or no, maybe even us out of that point I don't even know, and we're just standing there and I just turn it I look at her, and they keep going show. came. Yet. Another behind the scenes thing, and so I turn I, look at her, and we both just look, and we'd just start laughing at you and she's like no, she's like you. And I was like no, Dang it we didn't. We didn't get as. We got like laughing looked at each other. No, we'll find at that specific moment because I think I was brought into that rose ceremony last, and then he brought kindle away right away, so it's like we couldn't even talk but no before we were all super open. I mean like you have to keep in mind people. You're living in a mansion or these houses with people that you get really close to like. There's not much privacy everyone. Is Easy I don't know if it was the same for yours like all, the were walking around naked, like it was just like it was like a Sorority, and so you just get really close with the girls, and so of course you make jokes like that I think was the best about I mean. I was new. She was joking and so I would never get upset like I could definitely see some girls be like. Oh, well, he's mine. Don't talk. Yeah, there's always some of them. There is seventy nine thousand of US girls in this house. We all know what's happening. We're all kissing the same dude. We're all going for him, so it's like. You gotTA. Know what you're getting yourself into and I think that that's a huge success for survival on the show, and it's actually it's unfortunate, because part of the journey is making these lasting friendships. I I know you're still friends with girls from the season that you're on and so am I and They're so apart of my life and ingrained in my life I can't even imagine not. Having those those friendships, right? You know because you just go through something together and you really learn a lot about each other really fast. Really bonds you in a special way like of special weird way, okay, this is a good one. And I bride I. Talk About this all the time. Actually some really curious about you get. If, you hadn't become the Bachelorette. Would you have gone on Paradise if they ask you and then also think if you hadn't chosen garret, do think Garrett would have gone on Paradise. Devos one thousand Percent Garrett would've never gone in. Paradise came hell. No, would you? Okay here's the thing. Before the bachelor season. I had never watched paradise until probably a week before I left, and one of my friends showed me one episode and I think it was the one where the twins came in. And I was like I was very scared. I was like what the Bachelor is going to be like I like they just seemed very mean, and I was so scared and so I would have said in that moment. No, but then I went on the Bachelor, met all these great fun girls that I was like Hell Yeah I'd go in paradise like we'll spend the summer together on the beach in like well. Why not but? Yeah if you like. No I don't I. Don't think I would have lasted very long paradise if I'm being honest. I get sunburnt to easily. Okay, so it's so funny that you say off a thousand or one hundred percent Garrett would not have gone a thousand percent. Bryan would have gone on Paradise Really. Absolutely I and I tell them we'll watch it. I'm like I. Saved You. You would have gone on this show. I say that to him all the time. Yeah I would not have gone paradise because. I was still practicing law at the time. And that's why I almost said no to Bachelorette because I didn't want to jeopardize my career in paradise just has a different connotation than the Bachelor Bachelorette, and so I felt like if I go on this I'm going to jeopardize my job. that. I would have I, say I you never say never, but I don't think I would have got on the show unless there was just somebody I was just really into and looking forward to meeting, but Brian will, you could have just alstead and slide into their DM's. I don't do that. I like now I. Just I don. I didn't even know I had DM's. Until six months into the Bachelorette being over I, didn't even know it deems as I'm telling you I'm are dinosaur. When it comes to, you saw what just happened when we did that. Live while back. or No but Brian. I think Brian is such. Your minds. He's like Peter in some ways very hopeful, very romantic, very optimistic and I think he would have and he likes the show. A fan of the show. There's no secret to that. So I. Think he would've wanted to go to see what the experience was I. Yeah to Meet New People to be hopeful. Oh loved it and work out with this this way I wanted to see if I can give my all to someone else I. really he would have gone interesting. You wonder like what who? Like, who would I try to think like I'm the only girl in the world for garrison. My Cudi Heave. Go for like. No one because it's not me, that's how I. I yeah, that's and that's how we have to think. okay next question. What's the most surprising thing you learned about yourself from being the Bachelorette? From being the Bachelorette. Oh Man I I would say two things one. would be and this is kind of like post. Bachelorette just in the world that we live in now that it's okay to say no to things and end to take time for yourself into not say 'cause. There's a lot that comes from it and I found myself like I for my sanity. I I have to say no. That's just a side thing I would. I think though from actually being on the show. It's that Just to be more decisive in my decision to apologize for that, it's very easy when you're the lead especially because you're sending guys home, you're breaking their hearts. You're hurting them in a way. And to and to know that they're gonNA. Be Okay and that you'll be okay and to just stand by what you feel. It's not apologize because it. Everyone goes through things like that. Everyone has to pick and choose at times So, did just stop saying sorry if moments are uncomfortable, yeah! I, think for me, it was. Not, being so controlling I learned to let myself go I. Try to control every situation and this was the situation. I really couldn't and the only way that this was going to work because I knew what I wanted. Deep down inside was to let myself go, and just let things happen and see where the chips fall. Yep, goes and so. I struggle with that in real life right, but that world allows you to do that and if I hadn't I never would have been able to find Brian and so I'm really glad that I was you know it's it's such. As crazy as the bachelor world is, if through therapy if I, ain't gonNA therapy before I had been on the show I do not think I would have survived it, but definitely I I mean truly. I'll I was GONNA say is that world allows you to just let yourself go. Because the only thing that you can be present in is with yourself, and how you're feeling and focusing on the men that are in front of you what you really want for yourself, and if in the real world there's so many other distractions, and so if you let yourself go, and you trust the process, even if it doesn't work for you, it is truly the most beautiful learning experience because I remember coming out. Out of the Bachelor, it didn't work for me, but I remember thinking I know exactly what I want for myself in what's missing out of my life? Right Hands Down Because I've taken the time to focus on me and in real life I? Do not do that right so wanNA learn to be a little selfish and focus on me, and then to just to let go and not control everything. Yeah and things can still work out when you don't do that. I mean when you do that, lady. I've never seen frozen. I have not. For the only other person I swear, and now it's to the point where I'm kind of happy that I haven't because if I ever have to play, the never have over again. That's how you get everyone outrage. Wait the never have I ever gained you get every? That now. Never really quick. Three fingers, I I'll I'll lose really quickly I might though what are the? What's the topic anything you just have to say never have ever and if you've done it, you put a finger down. Okay, do you WanNa serve Me To you START K.! Well the only thing I could have gone you out with was the frozen thing okay, never? Have I ever been in a blimp? Love I know. Oh yeah, okay, so we're doing the bachelor at Latch Slash Bachelor addition addition. Okay Yeah. blimps and that was a really special moment. Can I say guys because? I child. We used to drive. Pass this place and there was a blimp that was sitting in this trailer and as a kid I would always say bill. Bill, I was obsessed with Blimps, so the fact that I got to go on one on the season and production didn't even know that it was like a real thing for me. Yep. anyways okay. Bevere have I ever. Oh Gosh. Never have I ever gotten it on in a hot tub. On on the show. But I never have Danny. I don't know. I don't think my season I don't think I went in a hot tub with anyone. Lucky you. There were no hot tubs. It's weeded. Three hot tubs. They had okay. No, here's one thing. During my second, my second no I had. Oh, yeah, Oh, my second one on one day with Colt in the night. He told me he was a virgin bike. That whole conversation! Instead of a hot TUB. was a bathtub filled up. With hot water and rose pedals, and there's like I'm not I'm not doing that. He just told me he was a virgin I'm not about to get an a bathtub that was. In Myself, explicit at least like Like not a regular bath with the shower head in it was at least like it was like a Nice Jacuzzi. Room, but but it wasn't big. No Okay I've another one. While I'd have to put a finger down, but I don't know I'm just like. Did you will affect fine. I'll play the game member ever and I have them have I ever had a too hot for TV moment on my season. was there like a hot moment that didn't air. There was. There was a time it was with Garrett. The Bahamas will you share yours after yeah? So guaranteed I, it was it was the week before hometowns and we had our day. We had like our dinner together. And the. Okay, we'll let you guys go into the ocean together, so we win in rams though Shen, and it's nighttime, and of course like you have the cameras you know the camera and like the team is still standing on the beach, but yourself are out there. You're not like. It was like it was legiter I I'm not might together where we felt alone and so we stayed out there for quite some time. And it's nice and we heard them yelling coming. We gotta go 'cause. We are out there forever. And Gary and I were just like. Having fun in the in the ocean, hanging out like. Pretending to ignore them, and so then we. I don't know if this should be aired, but. We'll then when we walked back up on the beach, Garrett, of course like had to kind of readjust like walking backwards a little bit, so the cameras didn't get everything, but that was. The only time that we. Were really like alone together besides fantasy sweets I mean we were into like a car together, but that doesn't count. The Ocean would've been really nice. We didn't have that Brian and I. had a a hot tub moment that never aired. And we in Spain, and the the narrative on the date, and it was, it was a weird date. I was like not in the right head space. What you saw really was true, but then we had this moment in the hot tub that it was a brian literally fantasy sweetser tonight. Can you just wait I feel? Like that and it was so awkward because it's not like we were away in the ocean. was good, but it was awkward as cameras were right there, and you can see all in the water and I'm like literally fantasy is tonight. The night. Hour wait a few hours. Yes, they'll never aired I. I really think it was too much for TV. I really. But you know what at least these are the men that we chose, and these are the stories that we have to tell the world side Gary night. Breaker had so I feel. Really off limits at this point well Rachel that was so much fun. Thank you guys for writing in you know. Don't let this be a one and done. Because hopefully we can keep this going like i. said at the beginning, so keep writing to us. Ask Any questions, and hopefully we can do these every couple of weeks because I, feel like it's just a fun. Memory Lane for us right. So yeah, so we cannot thank you guys enough for supporting us and just being the best fans ever. We want to continue to get you guys more involved in our episodes. An answers money questions as we can as well as keep inviting guests and covering topics that you guys are interested in so not only in your questions, but any topics to would love to hear from. From you with that being said, keep writing to us. Don't hold back on your thoughts, questions, suggestions, criticisms anything because we are listening and hearing you guys. Yes, and we know you guys know where to find us because you sent such great questions, but if you're renewed, Sebastian happy hour. Maybe you haven't maybe a little scared to send in a question or or anything. Anything like that. Let me tell you where to find us. You can find us at Bachelor. Happy Hour on Instagram and at Bash, happy hour on twitter and facebook always always always please subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcasts spotify over ever. You're listening to this right now and one last thing before we go I want to say this because we need this, you guys. Guys who put this out on Instagram? We need a name for our listeners will totally shout out the person who gives us the name. We will give you credit because we need something to call you guys, you know. keeps saying listeners. You're more than that to us, so we WANNA. Keep nickname for you guys all right? That's your homework for now until next time. Guys?

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