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DOT COM trello DOT COM welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me Andy Cohen? They both perform live and all the cities but only one night. Sonya's boobs townhouse. Teddy's it's watch what happens. Live at home with Amy Schumer and bridget. Ember it now back. Hey everybody welcome to watch what happens live at home. It's Andy Cohen for my apartment in the West village with two ladies who got my motor running and one who likes to motor boat and she has moated me several times from the podcast. Amy Schumer presents three girls one keith. Police welcome Amy Schumer. Hi Amy Hi how you doing? Great and or Colo's Bridget Everett. Hi Bridget Right. I should mention that new episodes drop on spotify every Tuesday. Now the both of the both of you are on the upper west side of Manhattan and correct with each other. Very good and bridget. Show me what it says on your sweatshirt. Look Super Cute dress for the you want Andy. Yeah and amy. What is your mind says on a yacht in santro. Pay there but you know. I'm secretive verdict. Now Amy and bridget. We have a lot of fun in-store but I'm excited that we're broadcasting from all of our apartments tonight. I want you to rifle through your storage. Because it's time to open your vault. Amy What did you bring show tonight? Okay I was GONNA show. You might see section scar but you both already seen that. Whatever I'm GonNa bring this little bring gotta ever but nobody can get a manicure right now but look at the ring that I got all my girlfriends strong women in my life that I love and I love this bar and Yeah it just. It's a beautiful naked woman and so that's my mitts making you feel connected to my friends even though we're far apart. That is very sweet and bridget. What did you bring while we didn't play on this kind of on the same theme little cocktail cousy reminds of Ramona? Actually what those are Ramona. Nips through the restaurant. That's awesome. You win maybe. It wasn't a contest recently right loose. Let's go with this and it's a little bit of a Smiley Face Camman on. Wow You amped it up on watch what happens live yes it actually is. I found that I drank ember Chamberlain's breast milk. And now I've seen your C section scar. We're all out of my tits. So you've basically based of a lot of goodness in this world where your sister wives over here amy. You recently revolutionized parenting by offering a genius. Hack giving your baby a cardboard box to play with so I want to see what other motherhood. Tips are worth recycling during the quarantine with a round of parent trapped. What is the best time to find time alone to get it on with your husband while the kid is announced you know you gotTa You? GotTa do naptime. By the time he's asleep. Were already too tired. We've sort of kissed you. GotTa Kinda Planet. You know you gotta be like. There's no romance it's like do you. WanNa have sex. That's how it goes because and it's like yeah I could see myself having your menu. Listen it's it's not. It's not hot to hear the baby monitor. No really isn't what do we do if our local store runs out of diapers. Oh Gosh I mean I guess what we do with our dog and just let him play all over the floor for that. What are the best ways to amuse your child when you can't leave the house besides the the cardboard box calculator? Actually that's the big hack. It looks like a phone. You know what though that's good I need. I need to find a calculator. Actually that's kind of a leader. I WANNA talk about. Andrew pump rules a little bit on. Tonight's episode we saw Sheena Shays d'appel Ganger in Las Vegas. What did you ladies make of Sheena too? I thought she was hot too. Seemed pretty chill and she got to work that night. So I'm into yeah you can't there's no. Nobody can replicate Sheena. She is known. I think she is I think she's so sexy and I love the cheese freezing her eggs than like just being open about it and sharing it and I also laker voice because it's a little late kermit. It's like everyone so that was the only when it wasn't invited watching them up this that is tailored well. When it comes to getting your hot takes on all the latest vander pump drama. Get ready because it's all happening. It's time for a round of two girls one vander pump. I have questions for you. Ladies what would you do of your partner? Spoke to you the way Schwartz spoke to Katie after she got upset by the arrest. Frank naming. I'll you know that wouldn't go well with me. I someone who blacks out myself. I think I think some of the truth comes out when you're in the blackout. So I don't think I could get over that. You break the funny guy but dark dark shorts any reaction to recall ordering a cheeseburger with cheese during that double date the winger both her and James ordered food. It was like they were robots programmed to learn how to order it was just like I'll have a cheeseburger with cheese is like fuck. Hell honey you know I. I hope he is neatly gets enough nutrients. But when someone's number ordered a Burger before you can tell you bridge and wondering what? You Thought of Dana Complementing Lisa Bandra pump by saying she has a fat pussy. I thought that was a little bit of reach. I mean Lisa's definitely got leg a little pink pocket purse fussy which is kid but like I thought she was like just trying to like. Get out there and kind of you know. Make her impact on our imprint. That sort of like well. I just picture at least i. Haven't you know a sweet little pocket theme not like just make any sense in what you're saying lease Vanderhall. They has one of the top ten percents of all time. And I guess it's like a new thing like Fatma's EPA JT She is like a special busy and because all Dana was saying You know by the way bridge. What do you think about Charlie naming her brass? Tia and Tamara. You you're an expert on naming chips. Do you approve. Yeah I like that. I think Anything that's catchy leveled rations of that checks. All the boxes What are your general thoughts about Racale? Ladies Anything I think that she's becoming really empowered. And so that's been nice to see you know. She's not like a static character because you can be like okay. She's a little bit of a doormat and she's kind of blind to what's going on but now it feels like she's starting to wake up to you and I I mean I've been in an abusive relationship. I'm assuming you guys have to. It's I think James is doing the best you can but it's not enough and I think he's. How many more red flags does she need Cameron Rectal Matt and conversely what about law law how you know law was really hamry her Couple OF WEEKS AGO party. I think women have to lift up women and I didn't like that I mean I like Lalas smoking hot but that was what about you and me. I feel like he really went after hell rebel. Talk and stand up for herself. But it's really about James like they're really yelling at each other but really they wanna be on James so I think deep down. Yeah because they have no control over him because he's so out of hand. We've got a lot of questions for you ladies. It's time to ice odelay on us. Bridget Alex H said You Sonja Morgan or both competing on food network's worst cooks in America. This season who is a worst cook between the two of you? You'RE GONNA have to watch and see but You know she came in there. She has a toaster oven advantage. She has a kid. I Cook for me and my daughter up front on the set. We had a lot of fun but it was really hard but we got to raise money for charity so it was worth it. There was some crying. There was from Chri. There were some tears. Well Yeah it's my real show unless somebody's crying hysterically baby. Kristen v emailed and said you famously said in your wedding vows that you would keep going down on your husband. Even though everyone told you you wouldn't have your promise works. I have kept my promise I have. I love it and say hi to Chris Amy. I count your son Jean. As one of Ben's only friends his own age and sadly our play dates have been halted since the quarantine. But it's time to play one to baby. I'm GONNA pose some baby related questions and countdown one to baby. We will vote answer at the same time. Okay Amy who exhibits more side? I during play dates ben or gene. One Shoe Baby. And the then's aside I Benz. Aside SMOKES MORE WEED. Wants the babies in bed. Amy Or Andy. One to baby nine. I'M GONNA out of all people I know I I'm I I don't I don't I don't smoke either. Yeah I mean Yeah Baby Baby. Shark love or hate one to baby. Hey Yeah yeah changes more diapers me or you or your nanny one to baby nanny who makes Ben and gene laugh more amy or Andy. One shoe baby amy. Who's more guilty of cursing in front of the baby? Amy Or Andy. One to baby amy. We don't even try not to you Mrs Ben so much. I really miss seeing him. Ben Mrs Jean. I mean little brands are little friends. Maybe when we're off the air we can bring our babies out so they can wave at each other. Yeah he just came in did. Yeah you just go. Go get him to win. Okay Yeah Yeah hold on why you after the quarantine pandemic no. I think they know to okay. Hey Amy I have to ask you since we both just showed our kids on national television and you and I both spoke like a month got. We spoke two months ago about how are not showing our kids on social media right. We're so proud of ourselves. I'm assuming the quarantine is kind of opens your mind up because it's open mind a little bit because it's like we're all home and you know it's like either you're going to be sharing the sort of intimate part of yourself or you're not gonNA share anything end. I feel like it makes me feel better. Happy to see people's families and whatever now so right yeah. Those rules have. Kinda gone out the window. That's so interesting I mean I'm I'm the same I haven't in thing happening. It's very interesting. We'll bridget whether you're co hosting a discussion on Amy's podcast or sitting on an audience members face at one of your live shows. You have a gift for bringing people together. So it's time to play bill down a bread with a pair of Bravo liberties you play mediator. Okay Verandah versus Tinsley. Whose side are you on. Or how would you get them back together on normally on threatened aside because I love her but Tinsley has that mom? That's already so overbearing. I feel bad for her. I just wish that Arinda. I don't live on edge this season. I don't know something's up with her but I'm hoping that she She can get her a piece. Back again Sonia and Arinda and Ramona versus Leah's tramp stamp The women are really all over her about that about her tattoos. Any how how. How can they get over it? Well one of my best friends tramps. Yeah what was your reaction to the New York? Housewives tramp stamps shingling Leah. I just think that when when you get a tramp sampling. You'RE GONNA feel enough. Shame on your own that you actually don't you don't need that from the group like it's no one like. I don't know anyone that doesn't regret their tramp. Staff name is pretty bold and that kind of like that. Yeah what did you think Rem Ramona versus Lou Lou? Ann was not happy to be offered. A Suite in Ramona's lower-level Aka the basement thoughts on that ladies. I love New am but when I'm on vacation with people and then you can tell you this. I like to sleep as far away as possible from everybody. I think had the best setup but I think it's you now she. It's hard to make her happy. What do you think I agree and I think you know your friends? You Love Them. You want them to be comfortable you you set them up. In a way that they'll be comfortable or write them on pump rules thoughts on the ladies. Stasi and Katie are really over. Kristen dots on should that friendship? Just end time to be done with that. Yeah I mean that's the cool thing about uh getting older and like you know in the to start having kids you're like you just gotTa let cut the Dead Way and I'm sorry total value and you know but it's like you need to surround yourself with friends that support you make you feel good about yourself not that you're constantly trying to help build a piece of and some friends you know you give them advice and you think they're going to evolve them when they don't evolve you gotta go like. I have a good life. I wish you the best what was happening with. What were your thoughts on? Jackson Britney's wedding were you. Were you guys? Inchoo it or you over it French. Amy I love. Jack's I love Britney. Do they need to be married? Brent take taught them and I feel like they had a really great time and I think it's funny that they knew there like three nights. We'll blackout on throw up and burn a lot of bridges and then we need a night off and then we'll celebrate that night off the next night bye-bye again blacking out and burn bridges. Yeah it was so them. I just thought it was so funny how they thought everybody. Who's out by eleven the next day? Guy Amy before we go to Break Patrick. F emailed wants to know the best joke. You told that Andrew. Cuomo's birthday this year. He is so everybody's talking about Andrew Cuomo and got Cuomo fever all I said I miss Iraq. I looked down at the crowd and I said if you guys are here than who's shopping at men's warehouse one thing that's come out of this quarantine is that you and your husband sold the cooking show to the food network right amy. Yeah well we didn't. We weren't like pitching it and he got an offer. The Food Network reached out and they were like hey guys going to be home like yeah you know what we are going to be home like Guinea as that sounds good so we are. We're filming cooking. Show for the network. Were self taping it? Anwar already not know how to cook and you know either. It'll be great and people will love it or we'll get divorced right. Oh my God awesome so the stakes are really high. It's like American Ninja Warrior. But like Morris Date Chris. I need those good meals. He's a yen cook bridget. Amazing shaft. Audience Vanessa Bayer Eighty. But I don't do anything so now I know how to make stuff. I can coach Mike. Okay I'm excited. I am joined by fellow dog lovers so for tonight's moment of Moscow. I want to send a special shout out to the Beagle. Freedom Project which is a nonprofit that rescues animals from research and experimentation labs to rehabilitate and re home that the organization does incredible work all year long and I've always been a supporter but I just found out something very disturbing as happening this year. Their mission is especially important due to Kovic. Nineteen labs are closing and lab. Animals are being killed. This is an absolute horrific reality but the Beagle freedom project is working hard to get these animals in loving homes instead covering all the expenses for new owners to do so so you can really be rescuing these dogs. They could use our love support and donations to be p DOT ORG to help. I want to thank amy and bridget for being here tomorrow night. It's Beverly Hills Premier night. Everybody we'll see after Rita and Gar sell insulator. Thanks ladies by anti all right. It's the after show with bridget. And Amy Amy has a new. Hbo Mac show coming out. Which I saw I think some rough cuts of issue did you see one or two One and it's really compelling it's DOC series. I mean no it's really it's really great because also I think that people will be interested in your creative process How you change jokes and hone them and you know it's also about your journey to becoming a parent. Y It's very intimate. Why did you want to do it? And what he will get. Yeah well we need. Just were filming. Every part of the pregnancy and I was also developing greeting special a standup special for Netflix. So we documented all of it. We really didn't know what we wanted to get out of it We wanted people to get out of it. You know. I think what I'm most excited about is really showing how difficult pregnancy can be. 'cause I feel like women are made to kind of downplay not could plan very much End I also thought it'd be cool to show how you know. Great a comedy special I think people aren't in that I really loved Jerry. Seinfeld's documentary comedian and so this is like comedian. But if he were pregnant. I'm assuming that you saw Joan rivers piece of raw yet. Good yes the premier. That was the night I got to meet her. And what was that like? It was amazing. She was she just wanted to hang out with the other comics and performers. You know she was like doing all this press and whatever but she kept checking in with US okay. The comedians are all going to hang out over here. Okay I should have. We're all GONNA hang on here just list just such a lovely person hilarious and just I just love that. When you know 'cause a lot of comics you WANNA YOU WANNA hang out with other people who have messed up brain. Brigitte are you. You're you were about to do a show at Joe's poverty you had joe's Day you had joe's pub dates sat up and then the quarantine happened and they got cancelled. Are you working on booking new dates or you're working on a new act? What have you been up to? Yeah we had a bunch of shows that we're GONNA be like our ten year anniversary Steph. We wrote some new songs and I'm actually grateful to have this time to sort of reinvigorate my passion for performing live. Because like you do it so much sometimes you kind of like you forget the love it and I feel like I'm so excited to be back at Joe's book shows that are hopefully a lineup with I'll be one of the for shows back because I I want to make people feel getting them to make me feel good and I think that being in a room like that and like making stone stories and singing songs as the best way to do it you too. I feel like there was something you didn't say but wanted to say about Jackson Brittany's wedding by the way. I'm not the only thing I was going to say. It's just that like the the drama leading up to it with the With the with the Sandoval Pastor. Yeah and I think that you know I would you know I feel like every time the right time to say something and so I don't think that Santa Claus opportunistic or anything I think he did the Every time the right time to stand up for communities that you care about I am loved that that's really. Did you. Put extensions in your hair for watch what happens live. I didn't. It does look thick when I put it all by need much. But it's actually pretty thin. Lets it looks really good. I care you have. What hair has sister way here right now? But I'm not gonNA Kinda and Chris not coming right do you. What are your your both of your thoughts on the new housewife Leeann? The New House of New York rethink rates. I think people when they first come on they like really WanNa make an impact you know and they start saying stop and you're not really sure yes. Setback settled down. Let's use who she really is before. I start like fully farming opinions smart. I think we gotta talk about that hat. The bucket. Yeah what what are you to binging by the way? What have you been watching during this whole thing? Anything Great. I'm a lot of I don't you just watch episode. You've already seen. I just watch them over again. Even I know what happened. I find that like I. I was trying to watch homeland. Less I watched a bunch of it. Stresses me out. And it's like such a parallel universe where I like to watch things. Just carry me away. They're like little blankets. We get locked in it. Yeah and I also like a new products like Resourcefulness of people that invented. I think it's a event stuff. I think it's cool. Also Fun with that idea. See their dreams fresh. I know I do like Rhine when a when it's somebody else's painting. Yeah Yeah Watch. Which a lot of ninety day fiance ends love after lockup and the into the challenge on MTV. Oh you are yeah. The worst cooks in America Johnny Bananas On that. He's like a big challenge guy and he's hot. He is a competitor and it took me a while sort of find my way with them. But he's he's a nice guy because he's such competitor prized that. Sonia is even more Sonia off camera or in person. Bridget one day I will tell you what happened to me the night after I went to assign the first night. She's like let's just go have a drink. The calls one drink. But it's really like five Martinez. Go ahead when we had the thing happened to me that night. I can't say right now but it is probably one of the most humiliating experiences of. Italy isn't all IT INVOLVES A. I don't know like an awesome shoes just like drinking. Let's get some finishes okay. We'll get some fries so we got one hundred prize for people in five. Martine Ramona's half my size. Maybe a third of my size and she was like walking away. Jean-pierre Watson I was like just give me back to my room. Odyssey's house I think you would. Sonia is the duo that we didn't know that we needed but she is she something special. I love Song. She's she seems really sweet. She really cares about people she's also like. So Yeah Will you too ladies or something special? Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate it. And thanks for letting BEN SAYING IDA GAINEY. That was very sweet. Amy Love Thin I refer them to hand again. Those are both Myrtle babies. They're both beautiful model babies. I agree with that author of the Handing Aid Samy. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time? Make sure you're subscribed to have a great rusty or night.

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