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180 Days In The Gym


Twenty twenty goal go to the gym a hundred eighty days this year. Hey there I'm Kevin Daisy and I'm Eric Olson. Join us on our journey to building. One hundred million dollar companies. Hey what's up? It's Kevin. This is a goal that I've been on track with and I am excited about but it does push is what I do. I usually go the gym about three days a week. Which if you do the math. That's not quite enough but one hundred and eighty times a year. You could break it down to. Let's say fifteen days of a month or four days a week so what I decided to do is a hundred and eighty days through the year. Obviously I have things that. Come up trips vacations Could be sick so to go down to the week level. You know. I decided well. That's as easy to miss a week. I can obviously make up for that different week where I go every day. So right now my goal is to be one hundred eighty and I have a spreadsheet set up where I can put a form is a google form. I have on my phone and I have it on my laptop and I just go and enter in. You know what I did it for that day. So I have a bunch of different goals and I can enter in each one and how many I did. And then it calculates and go into a spreadsheet so I can track my progress so the gym one was a big one for me because a Bingo Jim. And it's been great. I've been feeling great and in putting on some muscle and things like that but I was like well you know. I don't go quite enough. I want to go more so what this gold did was. Just push it to where a basically have to go an extra day a week which is quite a bit when you're talking about one of the gym so I'll probably push this up again next year but for right now. This is a great goal for me. I'm getting results out of it. And it feels good to be in shape so think about what goals you have and try to set something. You can track on a weekly or monthly basis because if you're not tracking it you're not going to accomplish so not just say. I'm going to go to the gym. Put a number to it. Do something you can measure. Thank you for listening. If you're in need of. Seo or other digital marketing services visit US online at this array dot com.

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