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Own Hi there Al Dukes here. It's time for the best of boomer and carton. In this first bit going way back to January ninth, two thousand nine boomer and carton wanted the staff to prove their love for them, so they asked US each to run into a wall for them. And we all did it on the best of boomer and carton the moment of the day, and you didn't do it. Moment of the day and talk about dedication. You've heard the phrase at run through a brick wall free we'll have about the prestige dedication to the boomer and carton Shell CEELO run into the wall like Brandon Jacobs attacking. Go, go go come on, let's go. Okay. I. That's why I got to see. Though he ran into a wall for me. See that shows dedicate loves her show. Yes, I the way. Incarcerated Bob called the newsroom earlier before we did his picks with us. CEELO answered and he goes. Hi. This is Chris Wfan and incarcerated Bob goes you see low right because he goes. I thought I told you to call yourself that. Goes on sorry. CEELO's dressed up like the mascot for the giants today by the way, would any or Al Dukes run into a wall us no way. My. Run into the wall on Sunday mornings, but not hundred percent, yes. Alex you run into a wall for us. I don't think I'm built for that sort of thing. Kate human being that is a very awkward complicated any would run into the wall for us just to prove that you would or no. Here okay. All right, we'll see what happens here. They've said that playing football trying to tackle Brandon Jacobs is like running into a wall at full speed. So CEELO didn't. Our new intern would not do it Beautiful Christina. And Narratives Kaz coming in full speed. Yes, we're going to be leaving. These studios soon go running through the wall because all that stuff coming out of the ceiling again. Don't run into Trey. Only. Traces there? AIRY is now gonNA run into the wall at full speed at he throw yourself like a projectile into that wall like your Brandon Jacobs Ready Gout. He separates his shoulder. What an idiot! Right down. Whereas bombed Ryan. said he'd do it. Drier serious hurt. Excuse, we're what's wrong, buddy. No Shoulder. Learned night. Oh insight to tackle Brandon Jacobs. Hazak you WANNA run. Zach. It'd be a big. All in the wall. You want to. Wait wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is. Very this is because brandon. Back. On camera there. Hold on Zach again you can. Go home to wfan Dot Com and click on watch live, and you can check us out of power right now. Brandon Jacobs is healthy and ready to go jack look in the camera one more time ready to go. Full, speed A. Right. Hud Hike. Hike. Okay Chernoff. You Played College Ball Right now. Pick Up. Okay Yeah that imaging your head of someone you hate. Up. That's enough. Just like. Boom. On the air watches out, but. Bob. WanNa, get. Do you WANNA do now. Bob Is going to. Be. We should give it the football. That's a good thing with to star Plaxico bursts wake. Up telling you all. Over this Zach, keep doing it. We had a about Tracy. Tracy wants to run into the wall. No, you should. Hold on one second all right easy tracy. Go to our website GONNA. Watch it live you. boomer cartner right. Maybe I can go catcher. Maybe you can. G We're running into the wall because Brandon Jacobs this back. Just. Excuse reuse them. Get you on camera. Tracing Easy Sweetie. Speed Delilah Gaga's. Can Gig if you want. Are you ready trace? Take your shoes off my socks right hot hot. aride very liberating, yes. All Right, see tracing the team player Eddie's a team player. CEELO'S A team player. He's a team player Bob Dwyer. We went to break as we couldn't stop laughing, I'll do. I'll do how. Everyone else get your ass in here then wall. I've been watching the last half hour. All right got. Dukes Scallon camera here as fast as you can. I like you're in Jersey on the playground hundred hike. US. Did it. Hey you did it. He. Falls daddy walks. How US! Everybody, else want to run into the want their. This is the best of boomer and carton as we celebrate our. Anniversary here on the fan. This next piece for the best of boomer and carton is probably my favorite piece of audio ever. It was a six thirty am. UPDATE WITH JERRY RECCO. The date on this one was March twenty twentieth, two thousand seventeen. Craig was getting under Jerry Skin early on Craig had some. What he find a gift cards in his office, and he was dangling them in front of us seeing who was going to earn a gift card for the day five hundred dollar gift card. Well, he started needling. Jerry early on Jerry was annoyed He was claiming Jerry didn't have some stories in his update, so jerry was getting even more annoyed. And then Jerry exploded, turned himself into a seal, begging for Craig's gift cards, and then the amazing Russell Westbrook MVP rant from Jerry recco on the best of boomer and carton. Finally Jerry's update hopefully will bring us the story about Jesus. Gamecocks Jesus you tell me you want him. There's a gofundme page for game. gamecocks Jesus to get to the final four. The story just I! Don't really know the story. On the show right before I walked in here. That's a demerits okay, maybe you come back and seven thirty better. I thought actually I perform. Game. performance. Game. On the show sheet. He wants to go to the final four game. boomer there I didn't pull homer. Told you that was I was not. I was literally listening to twenty two minutes of Robert Kraft before I came in here at. Last update socked. Good you any big fat bloomer! Here's anti bells on the fan and the on how you doing spank. Carton RECCO. Bringing noise. I think Jerry. That envelope there i. mean he did make it all week so for. That's true, very good point and say rare five day week for Jerry, recco but say. To bother. Her yet when he gets a Friday. Maybe that's America base situation attendance. I'm pretty sure you missed a Friday two weeks ago to genetic. How many weeks ago two weeks ago you misplace? So remind I was not awake during the show looking at old villains. And haven't the next day. Care I appreciate it. Thanks enough occasion time why? WHAT'S UP WHEN AL PUTS? A poll up, which frankly was not fair. I well, I. Don't think it was right today. Leading question was which of the three gone angriest right, but he picked three seven right so obviously everyone goes jerry. RECCO Jerry's more airtime than these guys so hang. slings and arrows. Ever Seen Al go come rats on the on the call. Out The even Eddie, said the The irony of this whole thing is the most angry of all of us is Al.. Know that yes, but perception is reality think. Getting beaten up and just fight back once in a while I am perceived as angry and. Anger Issues I can undergrad anger? Up. Tries you back his angry with the intellect. Calling me thirty pay attention to your family dummy check. True L.. Sixty one percent of course. If you, I'm going to embrace it why minimizing the five hundred dollar bonus today. Minimizing. Incentives I work and do my best every time. If. You don't like it. That's matter of fact. If I do win. One of the vacuum and I will give it to Bob Dwyer. Bob Own catering his own I. Started trying to. Win was on. The rules are you cannot give. Yes you can hear. US can't. You're out. You're out I'm out. You can't earn one good then I might earn. What for you? You GotTa go? It would be really great. Burn it. You don't i. Thinking of your children, I think my children were not thinking. You have an opportunity. Right here to take your children. New Back Splash on yesterday's. Dollar. At by the way, take the laser. Pauper! Got Hold on hold on. Let me do this the right way. Okay, since you're, you're kind of dwindling. Cash in front of us. Dangling right. In front of box like reseal so let's do this the right way. During. A. Over here. Money. Cash money. What do you want? Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook. MVP Craig Own. Give me cash. Money money money. I Love Russell Westbrook. He's the MVP. You're the Great Kartini now. Look at me, cash cash. Give me cash. You are. Angry son of venture really are. Party Angry changed ever since he started doing this podcast. By the way chain very successful podcast, but I'm just saying you've totally changed you EGOMANIAC. Contract, that's twenty percent. Spent six twenty with this thing that would be pretty good Of Author Four. Hours GONNA make himself. I was so excited how no one talked over. Thinking of Eddie drops for the future. interrupted. At Al Sorta right in the Sawyer Chelsea performance. In this next piece Brook Lopez, who was on the Brooklyn Nets at the time, came into an interview in around that time we had always mocked the way. Brook Lopez spoke saying that he sounded like the character from silence of the lambs, so when we brought him into an actual interview with them, boomer and carton had him do a reading of silence of the lambs, and I played a woman. On the best of boomer and Carton from November Sixteenth Two Thousand and twelve I know you're a big fan of ours doesn't to the show and people know that you're Stanford kids? So you probably have a little Hollywood yet. Have you ever been in any kind of TV shows movies data? Give it done any acting or now and the acting. Well acting very limited. I did do a Disney twenty twin Zack and cody. Yeah, we like hosted a little marathons. Before we get to I. Ask that Question Brooke is also here a new video game marvel avengers battle for earth, and of course you, you're clearly video game player, and this is available for xbox three sixty connect now. The we you as bad as new platform. On. December fourth just in time for the holidays boom. GonNa put you on the spot. Alright boomers, not a Marvel Guyana Comic Book Guy. Do you know the of the vendors and I'm not talking about the movie either I would be captain America have been America's one. Four, four two four to. Come on baby iron man's through the big three. Okay, everyone knows those ones. Who's WHO's the member of the avengers where it makes no sense at all said he would be a member of the avengers the hulk. He saw the movie set of. Course I saw the movie you saw the movie. That's right did shot. What's the about? You know it's really just like pretty classic. beat him up brawler, but with the connect technology you know, and it's a great game. You know I love it my on Adventures Hawkeye. Okay, thank you theros from the move he's got. He's got the I just these money from my thousand yards with exactly that's my dream. I mean on the court shooting threes right. Exactly right, so you know Hawkeye's. My Guy knows my go-to and he's great in the game you know, and just how these fan favourite characters be able to play them on the connected how? Now connect boom. If you don't know, it's when actually you move, and the characters exactly mimics your body. Get it. You're not that hip. Because whenever I play Gunnar a line in a call duty. Johnny Bravo Cow Johnny Bravo. Right. Here, you and back. Senate's messed up, but I'm outside. Playing broke I'm sorry. I need to be in front of a video. Gamers having fun with one another. Okay, you ready to do more psychological ice hockey with. Can't Skate California kid. Okay, yeah, I wanNA, you come in here. I'll you're GONNA play the role of Catherine Martin Brooke. You're going to play the role of Buffalo Bill. Somewhere we have stripped. Booze going to give you the script allieu. Take this script so I'm just going to set the going to set the scene for you at your Catherine. Martin you the senator's daughter all right now. Brooke Europe Buffalo Bill Silence of the lambs. Now, did you ever see sounds? Lambs Brooks. All right, so here's the scene there in the basement. Catherine mourns in that that dungeon whole you now have your junk tucked in between your legs, and your legs tight wants to. If you were a woman in a mirror. That okay Craig does. Often. you know you've done this for you. Pull this off. Back in the day you. Talk you talk the junk in your closure legacy. See what you look like with. Nineteen seventy four woman, so you'll play. They're all Buffalo Bill House Catherine Martin. Doing a woman's voice or my voice pretty much the same famous about the same you ready to go broke and I really laid off. Think you're. Man You could do this. This is the Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets five and two four wins in a row, and they've got the Nixon their sites above them. Allieu ready I've not seen this movie, but I think I can do all right ladies and gentlemen, silence of the lambs, boomer and carton style go. Well you're. Buffalo Billion Sh. rubs lotion on the skin. It does this whenever it is told Mister. My family will pay cash whatever ransom you're asking for. They pay it. It rubs the lotion on the skin or else. It gets the hose again. Yes it will precious, won't it? It will get the homes. Okay, okay, Mr if you let me go I won't I. Won't I promise see? My mom is a real important woman, but I guess you already know that. Now places the lotion in the basket. Please please I WANNA go home I. WanNa go home. Please places the lotion in the basket. I WANNA. See my mommy please Seema. Put the Lotion in the basket nice. What's what? A. Career in this. Bill Bill Laimbeer back. Back in land of the. Future for, sure. That's Great I. Ask got in here I said obviously you must listen to us. You know when you make a little bit of fun of you. Then you very cool about it. He know we make fun of everybody. Brook Lopez's here. Check out the new videogame marvel avengers battle for earth, big video game being released xbox three sixty connect now available for the we you on December four, th, just in time for Hannukah Christmas. You got a superhero. Characters obviously. The big four you can also use motion game played. Execute Explosive Super Tax. You play online, ever know. If I got down with US tonight. You told me you screen him. We get it on here in a battle it out for. Supremacy, of the earth for you for you. You'RE GONNA. Be going to be the bone, our man though the. Yeah there you go. Obviously, you know. I'm Captain America so. I would. Say if you were like iron man, how does how does Hawk I can't take down? Can he can pal? Actually Hawkeye beat ironman is first appearance they really. Yeah. How did you don't forget I'm in doesn't have any special powers. He's got the uniform outfit. Superhero else. Puts a uniform. Some ASS caulk I. Beat them how you wait until he got out of his uniform. BEAT THEM IN A Fight did he actually beat him up straight up as like you know superheroes right there. I mean Oh. Yeah, yeah. Oh who's doing the greatest superhero of all time? Is you think Superman or now? I gotta go. Probably Batmans Guy Batman again. You have the utility belt, the no actual powers. Go Superman. He's got all the powers. He reflects bullets. He can fly. You can see things other than lead. Some KRYPTONITE laying around now. He's never got Kryptonite laying around I might could. Be, a better superhero than than Superman when you think about when you break it down, hardcore plus plus Batman had a partner, right? I'm Kinda like Batman and he's like a little. No yes, this role maybe outside of the Studio Batman. Actually Think he's more like the ridler. Really that's. He's walking evil character. mean. We don't have boy sidekicks wearing tight pants. Asa Little Weird. Spiderman. I do enjoy Spiderman. Spiderman I have. Just, ordered off Amazon listen better than all three of the first vitamin. Spiderman movie. Yeah, they're trying to do agree. You big guy or now not so much actually I do enjoy. Yeah Man I like Oklahoma and my problem with. That, it's very hard to find a used to be able to talk to a fish when you're on land. Tire moving out to take place with. There's a nuclear reactor under the sea at. How are we going to stop it? Aquaman is going to talk to a Beluga whale. That kind of thing that thing yeah. Big Halls of justice kid growing up the whole. Justice Yeah Oh yeah that. To be more like a plastic man I will. I met. Her. Little Flash Platform, Robbins favorites of Flood Robin your brother Lopez. Is He doing? He's well. He's enjoying new. Orleans South Ryan Anderson. I Pick Anthony Davis. Far He's doing well I've been falling a little bit. You know my friend just. Davis so he. He came into the studio with us, and he's got that awful uni brow, so we're like dude. I me about the multimillionaires shave the eyebrow he leaves. The studio gets on the phone with his agent and an hour later trademarked the name Uni Brow. About. Good. Look from. It's not a good look for anybody. That's a good look for two. We showed up. Guys Bust your chops. You'll look for me right. Look you almost. Almost. Close. Kisses nice big eyebrows. Do Very Very Volkan. Star check I are. You are you are one of our producers Eddie? He's a star trek nut. Favorite cowardice he goes. He went to Stanford so he's thinking way ahead of where we're thinking. Archer. My favorite actually. This isn't popular, but I like Picard. As opposed card over Kirk generation guy haven't had any you down with that or now I understand the appeal, but I gotta go, Kirk, you gotta go. Captain Kirk Af- well younger older I get you a card. Was Your Dude exactly yeah? Chicks though Kirk was. Getting all around man I'm telling you I talk about a Galaxy I. Yes, you go data or spark. Data data is my number one guy of all time. Yeah Kim a play with Star Trek figurines when you're a young boy. Listen. Video game on xbox three six to connect now on December fourth. It's marvel. avengers battle offered the Brooklyn Nets are five and two their bowling right now. If you have a chance to the borough, by all means do so, it's a great experience and the right of the he'll sell what we should have. which is great first time in a long time both teams being really good at the same time, a great rivalry, competitive basketball, and then come. Or mid May. Maybe we'll get it on face to face good job. Big Hoorah or On The KLINGON woman, you yeah, what have to be a woman? Yeah? It's like you know having a Klingon with the car dashing. Ask about. Who are? This he's the best of boom boomer in court as we celebrate our thirty third anniversary here on the fan back in April of twenty seventeen before the NFL draft Patrick Mahomes came in studio to talk to boomer and carton. This was before he was drafted by the Kansas City chiefs before his super bowl remedy AP. Before his MVP season. We didn't really know who Patrick. MAHOMES WAS TD TAXES TAX Patrick Mahomes. Prospects for the NFL draft. If. You buy all those tramps except to say. Yes Patrick Different place state and he was that say six months ago and that's a good thing and what I mean by that is. More people around him and seeing them and. Dissect it up from head to toe, which very strange thing made people think him as the first round and how Patrick boomer and Craig to New York City. Bud, yeah, appreciate. You'll have me y'all say. That quick! Know Texas Tech in Lubbock Texas. Where did you grow up I grew up in Tyler Texas. Home of Earl Cabell Brian. Campbell the summer going out to the tune is he's got this big. French foreign call it. The ranch, a ranch, working the ranch from Earl Campbell sons. So, what's the last? Let's say thirty days been like Um combine to today where you of go from on unheralded quarterback, amongst most people to. He's getting better. He's getting better. You haven't played a game in months. It seems like people thinking of you in a higher regard in the last month and a half. Yeah, I mean definitely more people just see me throw in person. coaches on that board and seeing my knowledge, and how picked up information has definitely helped out a ton, and then just a media just really getting in and really watching me play and watching my film and not just. Putting that air-raid quarterback. They're actually seeing everything I do and understanding how much control ahead of that offense. All that is Kinda. Help me boost more up the draft boards. In those days. She threw the ball. What seventy eight yards we just shut off or what were you doing? Trying to make it a kind of hell? Mary Ann Rogers type thing saying if we could keep it filled with thirteen seconds left, and we're. We're down. We're down to now. We're can throw one pass for five yards and get to the end zone. Walk legit seventy eight. Yeah, he caught it at seventy eight. I think it landed about eighty, but I mean I would've. I would've thought I would've thought like eighty five, but I was a little wobbly coming out ahead. Sure. You're just in college. Mess around every now and then what's the longest? You've ever thrown eight three yards, but I thought I was doing good. That death like you get at eighty five, but it didn't i. Bet you in a real game. You could probably throw at eighty five yards just because you're so yeah, so. Right so I think you're probably do that. the interesting thing is that. Tell me the story about what yet? All these guys at Texas Tech Right. Who At quarterback yet Baker Mayfield was their kid. Dobbs was there right when I was A. We had Baker Mayfield Davis Webb Cooper. Okay, you got guys there and you. You're the one that ended up staying there. Yeah, so I committed there and there was like I said Baker Mayfield Davis. The brew ended up transferring going over Jia and starting for two years Baker Mayfield. You can see what he does and his heisman races. The he's been in, and then you have Davis. Webb who I went in there. And it was kind of me and him in the room, and he was a starter and a He ended up getting injured. One Game I came in the game and then whether on the season came in again and I fill out the rest of the season, and then we got to compete for the spot on that. Spring and I I want the job. He's a great quarterback. I knew he was going to be in this situation as well with him about to get drafted as well pretty high and it was. Good quarterback science spot, and I just came out on top scare. All these kids away from. That's called being confident and. Wonder, if if that's legitimate like your coach Luke gave you a legitimate chance to win the job and that was real. Yeah, he put us out there, and he gave us both equal one. No one reps and he said pretty much. Wherever plays the best in the spring wins the job that doesn't happen all the time logistics guy. He's the incumbent number one, and then he's the number one guy and you wouldn't gotten a crack, so you went to the right school, but his coach was a former quarterback. Cliff Kingsbury. He's a little out there. Does things a little bit against the problem. If you will right, he's pretty Polish guy, but he's also I guess he's a great promoter of Texas tech football's really what he is, and you're actually wanting to the right system with the right guy. Is Your head coach? Yeah, exactly and that's why I went. There was because I knew how good offensively mono, Gray Awfully Monte coach. Kingsbury was and how he was gonNA. Fix Me and try to help restrain me a little bit, but at the same time let me play. And so he did that the perfect amount where he was kind of bringing me back a little bit trying to perfect me a little bit, but at the same time led me to the stuff that got me there now. Were you a great athlete from like five years old on? Yeah, I mean. I was around sports since I've been born. My Dad play professional baseball so. Eight, at one point. He talks about all the towns. That year. So That's great. He talks about that. I could still strike you out exact, so you go over to the family where Your Dad's a professional athletes obviously DNA wise. You have the something there Bryan Khazal. Time was there in age where you knew as key, and you're still a kid, but when you were like seven or eight. Were you just do things on the kids couldn't do yeah, I was I think it was six I was five or six? At the time I was like on the BP field like catching fly balls replicant. My little sister knows five and I'm like. How are they even letting me out there That taking around balls were hitting be. Understood stuff way faster and when I went back to play t-ball, even though I've been hidden pretty much kid pitch by whole life. And I went back to play t-ball, and I was playing shortstop. What's the older kids? And they made Grand Ball, and I threw a bullet over there. That's that's what we do. T ball by. Everybody else can't catch. Hit The kid right in the blast. Now Why am? I just I didn't love baseball. As much as I love football, and all the challenges football had and playing quarterback I mean. I mean that's what that's doing the world. He actually he did play baseball at Texas. You were a new decided. You know going. Into this year and decided no more baseball. You're going to concentrate on football, right? Yeah, and it was I played my freshman year, but I didn't really play how I was competing for the starting job, so I was like Whoa I'm not missing any football practices and schedule got messed up and I'm kind of missing. Baseball Games are trump halfway through a baseball game sometimes and. I was there but I didn't necessarily play that much. I just wasn't gonNA. Quit I going to? Leave the team down my dad. House will be there. The amazing thing to me is that they often talk about players as to whether or not you know football is their thing. You know you're all in for football, and I'm sure that's a lot of the questions that were asked to you by. GM's and coaches and they WANNA know. How much do you eat drink and sleep football? I get the sense of listening to you right. Right here that you eat drink and sleep football data. Sure that is your deal. Where did you go to high school went to White House high school. Now would tell me about your high school football program. What was it a big program in Texas? We know we weren't. We were Kinda on the up and coming as we came through, actually won the first district championship in a long time, we. Devote the space and we had a couple of good teams. Come through, come through come through, and then when my group a group of guys. Folly brought us the top where we kind of started winning. We went I. Think my last two years. We went twelve and one and then thirteen twelve and to. My bad eleven to twelve and one so i. mean we just finally started breaking that cusp of being one of those good football programs? All the coaches ask you about that. Ask You about your experiences at Texas Tech, and now all of a sudden as crazy, pointed out just a few seconds ago seems like your draft stock is rising. What's the one thing that you had the that? You have to fight against every day? When people think about you as a quarterback? Yeah, definitely just thinking I'm not smart and I'm just kind of a guy who's out there, and they're eight system, and this puts up all those yards. They have to really understand how much I know about football. How much I know! Know about defenses and how I know how to change plays and I do all that stuff, and so feel like when people see that and especially coaches, I'm changing plays depend on based off coverage and I. Know How to get through the res and all that I thought that's what's helped me rise, and the draft process should know that when you played Oklahoma through for over seven hundred yards, you. This is stupid. Fifty two for eight years. You actually threw the ball. Eight Times Against Oklahoma is sixty six to fifty nine laws, but through seven hundred thirty four. That's more than a Jackson this month. Seven hundred I know you lost the game, but that'd be one of the most fun games you've ever played in. No, yeah, I mean definitely the atmosphere is actually Baker Mayfield's first time returning to play in Lubbock. Fans going crazy and then just getting out there and score points in this like everything. Was Perfect that game and I. I give credit to lots marcy risen. Stuff because they were making a lot of place happen, and then let's coach Kingsbury game plan going into. It was like everything that he had shown me through the film. Process of how we're GonNa do this short motion. They're gonNA check to this defense. It was perfectly spot on, so it made it a lot easier future. Realize you going into the game. Was that game? They not going to overtime, did it? Did you know going into the game that you were gonNA throw that many passes no, no. Other than that game through I mean I still do a lot forty five probably tons of game. Guess maybe. Not But. It was nowhere near eighty eight, so it was. It was something where we got the coverage that we like we saw that we we kind of went to a lot of empty, and we saw that we were getting the coverage. We lie, so he stayed with it so the interesting thing I, if if a coach was going to sit down with coach Kingsbury And say okay. Tell me what I need to know about Patrick that that I can believe that I could build my team around what would be the one or two things that coach? Clinics Kingsbury would say about you. Just, my passion for the game like that's unmatched. People say it, but they don't show it with their plan. They don't show coming every day to practice and compete in the weight room. They're competing on every aspect of football. People don't show it and I thought I show it everywhere. I, go, and then smuggled tentativeness I feel like those things can carry me with. With I mean. I have some of the physical talented stuff, but if you're that passionate competitiveness that you want to win and everything you do i. mean that's what's GonNa. Help you barrages top you, Tom Brady and you see with those guys is there? Is there a guy in the in the League now? That kind of reminds you of the way you play. Will be careful. Yeah, I mean I. Say what the kid from Notre Dame said. Yeah Tom Brady go. Good for you could save you on because we'll be in the news, but be careful. Yeah, I, mean I. I thought I'd take a lot. A lot of different guys but I mean I. Feel like I try to base my game off. Aaron Rodgers. just because he can do a lot of scrambling in the play and quick release and do that stuff, but I. Finally, compare myself to a couple of guys. It'd be aired and been just kind of make sure those guys I mean I'm not at their level yet, but I'm trying to get to that. But wrong, being confident man. But he's, but he's basically trying to ease answering a question that I'm asking him and I just wanted to get the sense of where he thinks he is as a player, so what I get out of that? Is that your guy? That's not going to stand still in the pocket. Throw the ball. Run that you could do a lot of different things. I don't take that as in any way, shape or form Mike an insult. We! We've had this Shawn Watson earlier and talking to coach Brian Kelly from Notre Dame yesterday. You you want him one of two spots when you get drafted you either drafted as a kid franchise things is gonna be their savior and the face of the franchise, and they're gonNA. Throw into the water. Day. Once you can swim and you're the guy and you become the guy. The minute you walk on nine into that NFL! Starting quarterback of fell team, and here that's got its pratfalls and ninety four hundred the Dak. Prescott life. It was one of fifteen boomer, but his own center wanted him out of the game because he was killing the team. Software you go in and you get a year? acclimated to watch a veteran quarterback, really teach you how to do it and go through the motions and your two year where the hands of the keys. My Gut is that you want them day. One butter you have. Do you have a preference and based on the guys that are advising you to what's best for you? Where do you think the answer that question I mean yeah I mean. That's a competitor like you said I WANNA play like I've never really had to sit outside a little bit. Tech and I understand WH. Train and be ready to go at any moment, but you WanNa play you WanNa be in that game and but at the same time I know if I get a year right to sit behind someone I our set that responsibility and train in case, anything happened to be ready to go, but at the same time. If maybe we'll have to wait a year, I'm ready to go then just whatever it tastes. I mean for the team whatever takes for me to have the best career possible I. Mean you look Aaron Rodgers? I'm sure he wanted to play those first three years. He wanted to play, but. He got a chance to play He was ready to go zero. team or two that has expressed a lot of interesting you more than others. I think there's a lot. At the point now where I I have no idea where I'm going to go, it's. Like the team that wants you Moses probably not the team is going to get you so I mean for me I'm sure keep open mind to go anywhere. Just see my dad and his professional. Krino that you never know what's going to happen. Did you met with the jets probably? That go well. I thought it went really well. just got got I had to work out what they'll throw in front of them and I will, and then just seeing their facilities and stuff like that I. mean the top Notch Go. Yeah, we're always wanted to do at work like that. Who are you throw the ball to a guy on the team or Receivers. Curse For private thought they might be. There's certain rules where like. Schools close to their you live close to. You can go to work out there. So Thursday. Are you going to be at the drafts there? No, no I'm actually not invited, but I decided that I was going to stay home with my family and I just I mean. The! Guy So I I wanted to spend that number with them and plus spread every time. Another guy if you're sitting there, not knowing where you're going to go. On Your family sitting next to you like Jesus, the buffets over. Going on. My own experience not want to be there if you leave the house. At the University of Maryland Did. Not Go to the draft I. Thought I was going to be a first rounder I fell to the second round. So what happens you know and then at the end of the day? It's not really when you're drafted, and it's not about your first contract. I guarantee you, Patrick. It's about your second confidence there. And you'll be fine. I just sense that you have a real sense about you. That's going to translate to the NFL pretty well, thank. You! Should the best of luck can Thursday. It'd be wherever you go. The. It'll be a special day because you can do. A lot of kids didn't do and be drafted into the ain't nothing wrong with that. How much search these days yeah admission awhile, but what I ended up. OFF SEASON One time. This last season was three thirty. I'm pretty pretty big pretty strong. Actually three thirty is pretty good. On Thursday. And finally on the best of boomer and car in this goes back to our days in a story AH, Jose can SACO had just written his book about steroids. And boomer and carton took him to task in this interview which ends in a Jose. Can Saco hang up on the best of boomer and carton joining us on the hotline now is a man who has been at the center of a lot of the steroid. Talk has been public enemy number one in some circles. All the people credit him with being a very honest and open about all the steroid use in baseball either way we welcome Jose can say good to the fan in New York with boomer and Craig Carton. Jose good. Morning! How are you today? Good morning very early morning. Yeah, yeah, it is a hey, listen let me ask you this. You know for the last two years Jose. I think I've probably have spoken conservatively now to about one hundred baseball players, who who actually fine you to be just absolutely despicable and there is. How do you respond to something like that? Well definitely I'll sit. Major League Baseball told the truth about what was going on. It seems like I'm complete pariah. seems like a lot of these players. Who Fear Major League Baseball have basically You know speak out against me well. You would understand why though I mean I would imagine that there's a code there's A. Code of. Ethics you know what you see here said here and heard here stays here, and you violated that code in so many different aspects. You can understand why they would feel that way about you right. Absolutely, but I think the players have to understand that the attack was against them restricted loneliness major league baseball. The problem was that. I could never get one of these athletes to verify what what I say. You know I. Read Both Books Jose and the second book the one that just came out vindicated. You seem a little bit. I don't know what the right word is kind of bitter that you've Khanna become this pariah almost like you're upset with the media that you're not getting more credit for outing What happened with steroids in baseball? My right in the way you feel or no. Books were vindicated. I've I've had a lot of people not come up to me and thanked me for seventy game of baseball for telling the truth, a restructuring the gaming changing it. To its original form now so everything's turned out quite positive with with the second book indicated. We're talking to Jose Canseco as he. He's promoting his book. second book vindicated after he wrote his first book juice about the steroids scandal, a major league baseball and Some would say that you know. Go became before your book and Belco is going to basically exposed players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, the Mitchell report all that kind of stuff, and then your book basically came after that and I. I would have to agree with a lot of players. Who Basically said that you're doing this? Because you're desperate for money that you could give a damn about baseball, and whether or not players were taking steroids. Agree with where you want. You don't know me, sir. Your opinion really doesn't count. Let's get into couple of it financially. Where are you right now? Are you okay? Do you have money in the bank? You blown the money where we at I. Don't understand why I'm constantly asked this question. I can ask you guys the same question I can ask anyone who does a job as a profession, the same question. Why are you guys constantly stuck upon that Major League Baseball blackballed me from the game. That I love. Basically what I did was attack Major League Baseball. Simple right, but people want to know a guy that's made conservatively fifty million dollars in his life. Why put himself in this position? If not for the money, you clay through you claim in a second book. You have a love affair with baseball weibring baseball down if you love it now, I'm not trying to bring baseball down trying to bring baseball to for used to be. Fought say one thing it sounds to me and reading the book and You can make your assessments by yourself when you do. Read it your quotes about Alex Rodriguez. It sounds like you're trying to bring him down. Well I mean those are more for personal reasons issues that I have Alex Alison, not who? People perceive to be He's a complete different person. I, I did have a lot of. Without tell us, is he? Alex Rodriguez that. You know that we don't know. Well a hypocrite individual who's constantly being politically correct. a liar and I do believe that in the past he you know was, there would use her. And individual who I trusted in my home. And went after my Jessica now so you believe he made passes at your your your ex-wife, correct. Absolutely did okay. Can you walk us through how you know that? He made a pass at her and how you can kind of reconcile in your head. Why was not okay for him to make a pass your wife, but it was okay to show your wife's new breast to Debbie and Roger Clemens. Well I mean not now. You're talking stuff. That really never happened. I don't know about that incident where you know someone showed you. Rest of you. Know Roger Clemens and Debbie. Idea about the guys. If you're going to be attacking me on this book, that's the absolute truth I'll hang up when you're right now, so you start respecting me. Backed by goodbye. Go head, perfect, no backbone right exactly. Well we disrespecting. Oh No we a break. Please I mean we didn't get it. How do we disrespect them yet, we? I'm still trying to figure out how he has the ability to attack. Alex Rodriguez the way he does. Biggest liar, a hypocrite and he believes Oxygen Regan's did steroids, but showing his wife's Tatas off the debit clemens. We've disrespected of some out. Click clack. They go. Well. I mean come on. Your Jose can say you're a big tough guy. You've been promoting a book. Your promoting a buck. We give you the shot. Come on the radio. One question about your your ex wives breasts and we've disrespected you bye-bye! Come in! Talking about sensitive. He's under a lot of do anything wrong in that interview I. Don't tell them the player perspective I got into about baseball. If you don't talk about this stuff, though write the book. He wrote a book I gotTa Ask him questions about. That If you're going to disrespect me. I'm going to hang up. Hang up tough guy like see. I mean a loss for me. I. Don't know what to tell you. You write a book like that. You gotta you gotta expected. You'RE GONNA get some tough questions, and that has been the best of boomer and carton. We ruled the airwaves for ten years. That's. Happy Thirty Third Birthday wfan.

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