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Hello everyone and welcome to slash film daily for thursday february twenty fifth twenty twenty one on today's episode of the show. We are going to be talking about the latest film and tv news. My name is ben pearson on the senior writer at slash. Home dot com. And i'm joined on today's episode y slash film weakened editor brad omen. It's me and writers. Why turnby happy one and christopher and elissa. Hello guys so most of what we're going to talk about today involves paramount plus which is yet another streaming service This one is actually sort of a streaming service that already existed before a cbs. All access is being rebranded into paramount. Plus and it's going to be launching early next month And yesterday viacom. Cbs the parent company of paramount. Plus had this big investor day presentation where they Starting late yesterday evening. Just like unleashed a torrent of news about this new streaming service including some pricing information. And how they're going to be handling the move up movies that are going to be coming out theatrically and then when those are going to be coming onto the service and a ton of new. Tv shows they announced. I figured You know there's not much going We're going to just skip watercooler this week in a role that into next week's show so since all of paramount plus news came out last night. Let's talk about it. Let's let's run through some of these big news items that hit n. I'll kick things off by talking a little bit about the tv show that they announced. So i'm not gonna go through all of these. You can encourage people to click on the links in the show. They wanna learn more about any of this. But i'll give you some of the quote unquote highlights. I guess of some of these. These programs that are being made i guess adapted from other sources and turn into tv shows on paramount plus so basically they're mining alive the paramount film library for ideas here so Love story based on the really popular alley mcgarrell ryan. O'neal romance is being adapted into a film as is flashdance the italian job fatal attraction and parallel view. The italian job is the only one there that that has anything like super interesting in that. Is that it is actually going to be a sequel to the michael caine heist movie from nineteen sixty nine. So it doesn't have anything to do with the two thousand and three remake that was Popularized in and start up mark wahlberg and charlies thrown this. One revolves around the grandchildren of the legendary. Charlie croker was played by michael caine in the original who inherit his old safety deposit box in reignite the quest for the infamous italian bouillon. So that kinda sounds like they're doing the. The old ghostbusters afterlife. Kind of affect For that one. The paramount pluses resurrecting a ton of shows including reality tv documentary series like the real world homecoming new york Yo mtv raps behind the music which was a staple on. Vh one many years ago unplugged. There's frazier revival Beavis and butthead is getting a new movie. I mean there's so much here to talk about and again i'm not gonna go through every single one of these but i just wanted to throw this out to you guys. Get your general sense Especially chris brat who i know we're sort of in the trenches with me last night like riding up all this stuff as it was a being released. What do you guys think about the overall shape of the stuff that paramount plus has announced what you make of this streaming service in its in. Its early early incarnation here. I none of the sounds that exciting. Especially the the the idea where they're like we're gonna take a bunch of movies we own and turn. The tv shows like parallel view. Is fucking great movie. And i do not wanna see that as some like generic thriller tv show. I really do not so I'm a lot of this is just like you know mystifying stuff you know. I know paramount. It's hard to compete with disney. It's hard to compete with. How warner brothers doing their thing with releasing all their twenty twenty one stuff straight to each max but this all feels like bargain basement like like what else we got your mtv wraps. It just doesn't sound like there's any real excitement to be happier brad. Any thoughts yeah. I mean it's the biggest thing is just like paramount's viacom. Cbs the parent company. They don't have quite the impressive array of properties and stuff to really get excited about. Are there some things here that i am interested in Sure you know i. I grew up watching houston butthead. And so i'm intrigued to see what a series revival And the tv movie that leads into it is going to be like You know as somebody who grew up on nick toons. I'm at least curious. About the rugrats reboot since brings back the original cast Even though you know it doesn't have the same charm as that original two d animation down. Computer animated I you know. I'm i'm intrigued by some of the you know. The documentary non fiction fan of stuff like i love behind the music on vh. One i'm a big foo fighters fan. I feel like the documentary series featuring dave grohl and his mom you know could be interesting and so there's certain things that i'm at the very least curious about but there's nothing here that jumps out to me something like oh i'm gonna i'm gonna definitely have to watch that. Yeah the dave grohl thing is called from two stage which tells stories of the special relationship between successful musicians and their moms and as you mentioned that there's a rugrats reboot that has a whole like. Cg vibe I guess. One of the things i should mention is that We previously knew some stuff that was coming to paramount plus was confirmed or reconfirmed. The most maybe the most important is there's going to be more. Spongebob squarepants content that. They're they're really leaning into the kid aspect there's gonna be a live action dora the explorer show back shin the fairly odd parents show And with rugrats. Thing that you just mentioned i mean it seems like they're you know a lot of the obviously disney pluses like families but Guessing in terms of like the larger streaming service landscape This seems like it has some stuff that people that younger audiences are actually going to be interested in whether or not their parents will know enough about paramount plus to subscribe to it in you know. Put that in front of him. remains to be seen Because one of the other big things the service has to offer is its relationship with taylor. Sheridan who wrote hell or high water and is behind the series yellowstone which is very popular. But i've never seen it. But i i i hear that it's one of the popular shows or maybe even the most popular show on cable right now and they are going full on in the taylor. Sheridan business. I think he has. There's a yellowstone prequel series. there's a yellowstone spinoff series that was announced for paramount. Plus there's another show that he's working on Called mayor of kingstown. That stars jeremy renner. And then there's another show that is set in west texas. That taylor sheridan is involved with so i mean he is really like their guy when it comes to creating content for the service Issue i don't know if you've had a chance to like a deep dive into everything paramount plus has to offer. But what are your first impressions. Hear about all the stuff that we've sort of mentioned in what you know about this so far. My first impression was wow. That's a lot of ip that they're going to go back to the well for and my second impression was. How are they going to make a remake of the parallel do because the entire point of that film was that there are no actual solutions or easy resolutions ritchie conspiracy. So i feel like it would be uniquely unsuited being remade into a tv series or whatever Paramount plus will will make it into so that seems like a strange to me but yet seemed like paramount plus is really gearing up the tried to compete with other streamers like disney plus each remarks And it's taking the route that issue max doing by playing into nostalgia so heavily but i think like brad said They don't have a lot of properties that have as much wide appeal as warner warnermedia. Brothers does it's. They're definitely kind of grasping for straws with some of these titles. I mean star. Trek is one of paramount's biggest viacomcbs like biggest projects and they have like tons of shows that are that were on. Cbs all access. That will be ported over to paramount plus so There's like a big franchise tien. They're one of the other big film projects that they are film. Ip's that they own is mission. Impossible in there has not been any sort of announcement about a mission. Impossible show but that seems like the kind of thing that if they want to mind their own. Ip at least do it with something that has like a cultural cachet behind it. You know. But i don't know i mean they're also looking to revive a criminal minds which is like a very straight down the middle procedural network previously network show but like a ton of people watch criminal minds unlike maybe this shotgun approach of Aiming at all different types of audiences in all different types of content never not necessarily providing the most flashy thing on display but just having a lot of stuff that that sort of runs the gamut between potential audiences. Maybe that's an approach. That could work. I mean i think for us like we look at this. And i don't want to speak for everybody on this podcast but i i look at this and say oh my god like another streaming service with all of this shit on it. But that's just. Because i subscribe to all of the ones that have already exist. Hill that already exist. I know that a lot of people in the country don't on around the world don't to all the ones that i subscribe to so maybe You know if people are are trying to take their pick. Maybe this is going to be the one that sort of a rings the bell for them. So i don't know it's hard to be like all of this. Sounds like complete trash I'm not like super excited about any one thing. But it's not like quitting where i think all of us from the very beginning. Where like i don't know about this. This seems like it's gonna go under six months and it pretty much. Did i feel like perma. Plus could stick around for a while to has a lot of stuff that theoretically people might care about. But i don't know. I'm i'm a little curious to see how this how this launch works. And what sort of reaction They get from people in what their subscriber numbers start to look like at least in the first year. And maybe that'll give us a better sense of what sort of strategy they're going to develop going forward but let's move on to some of the Specifics within the paramount plus umbrella chris. They have a tv show. That is going to be a pretty big name property that a lot of people are gonna care about. I'm curious to see if people are gonna care enough to subscribe to a new service but Tell us about one of the big shows that they're gonna to have its The halo tv show based on the very popular halo video game series on. This was originally supposed to go to showtime but now it is going to paramount plus instead so there you go. Sorry everyone with a showtime subscription. Who is really excited to watch halo. You have to sign up for paramount. Plus now i kind of wonder if showtime is going to like how they're going to make it at this point. 'cause that seems like a sort of network saver can show for them. Yes it is interesting. I do wonder like how like you just said how this is going all workout for. Does anyone belonged many more. I feel like no one subscribes to show time. I don't i don't know how popular service that is at this point it feels like it's an outlier so maybe it will go away. Was it rolled into paramount plus. Yeah so that was one of the big like original tv show properties that is going to be coming there and there actually are. They're going to be working on original films at paramount. Plus as well and chris you heard about a couple of those last night. Tell us about that Yeah so the paranormal activity sequel reboot. Everyone call it. We we've known this was coming for a while you know that. Christopher landon is writing it. He wrote the happy death. They films and He he directed freaky. He's writing the script. And william eubank who directed the surprisingly good underwater horror. Movie underwater is directing it and we knew that was on the way and now we've learned that that's going straight to paramount plus also going straight paramount plus is a pet cemetery prequel and this is going to jump off of the the recent two thousand and nineteen pet cemetery film and has the same writer. Jeff bueller is pending the script. We don't know a whole lot about that. We just know. It's going to explore the origins. If you will of the haunted burial ground that that can raise the dead and those are both going straight to paramount. Plus other stuff is going the theaters first and then eventually paramount plus but this these two titles are just going right there okay. So let's tackle these one by one real quick. What do you think about a paranormal activity. Movie going straight to like a streaming service. Chris it seems to me like those movies are best seen in theaters right like with most. I don't know it depends. And maybe i'm wrong about this because you watch way more horror movies than i do And the horror landscape has changed a lot especially in the past year with a ton of stuff going to be a deep. You think a horror movie like that Which you know. Previously every film in the franchise went straight to the went to theaters Can survive and thrive going straight to a streaming service like this. I don't know if again survive and thrive. But i do feel like they're they're sort of hedging their bets. Here i mean each subsequent sequel in the series did worse and worse at the box office l. Really okay. i didn't know that. I kind of feel like they were all moderate hits or some were big hits and then but i feel like the last few films in the series did not do so well and that's why the series stopped really because it got to a point where no one really cared anymore. So i kind of feel like that's kind of why they're sort of like wow do. We wanna risk dropping this into theaters in having it not do well you know. Cut our losses and send his right to paramount plus yeah and of course with all these streaming services. Nobody will ever know if only three total people watch the stuff because they don't have to release the numbers so in terms of the pet cemetery prequel. I'm curious has is there ever. Has there ever been any precedent for this. Like in. has stephen king ever written a short story. That set in before the source material in his book has ever been a movie that flashes back the events before the first one. I haven't seen haven't engaged with pet cemetery at all. But i know that you're a big king fan and you know this Property really well. Stephen king actually has a few short stories that sort of act as prequels or sequels to two things. he's he's written there's a there's a story. He wrote called jerusalem's lot which is a prequel to salem slot. And so there is precedent there. There isn't president for pet cemetery. But there's a lot of stuff in the book that you could mine sort of for a prequel if you will. I mean It's baked into the narrative really because the burial ground has been there for hundreds and hundreds of years maybe even longer so you can always jump off of that and you know. The pet cemetery story is senator of that out. Siders come into this area where burial ground is in the borough ground has been in this the small maintain for centuries really so you could build off of that so i i know some people were iffy on the two thousand and nineteen pet cemetery. I really liked it. A pet cemetery in general is my favorite stephen king. Property is my favorite book. He's written i. I love the one thousand nine hundred nine movie. I really liked two thousand nineteen movie. I even like the sequel to the previous film which is not based on anything. Stephen king wrote but it has a fun goofy charm to it. So i'm all in on this. I know a lot of people won't be but i'm a sucker for pet cemetery. So i very curious about us all right so brad. In all of the chaos. That happened last night. I saw a headline about how paramount plus. It's going to be handling their the movies. And and you know what happens after a film debuted and then comes to the streaming service. But i confess that. I have not had time to read about this in detail. So please enlighten me and hopefully our listeners. About what the heck. The paramount movie strategy is for the streaming service. Oh it would be my pleasure So paramount is essentially following in the footsteps that universal pictures warner brothers. Pictures have already been taking by shortening. The theatrical window universal was the first one to really shake things up by reducing their theatrically. Theatrical exclusive window to just seventeen days and so a lot of their mid range on lower-profile movies have been in theaters just just for under a few weeks before going to veto. D to be available for a premium rental and then one of brothers came along and Did something even crazier by making all of their theatrical releases in twenty twenty one available day in date on. hbo max for thirty one. Days and paramount Is actually being a little less extreme when it comes to their approach so They will be sending some of their major blockbuster busters to paramount plus with a shortened theatrical window. But this yesterday when there will be forty five days instead of the traditional ninety days that studios usually keep movies in theaters for before they head to vod so the a specific titles that were mentioned so far where mission impossible seven a quiet place. Part to an top maverick Those are the three biggest blockbusters that will arrive on paramount plus forty five days after they hit theaters. They also mentioned that there. There's a police patrol movie that will also follow the same route but I don't think we have a lotta paul patrol fans on the slash room listenership. I'm sure plenty of parents. Probably know about it and it's going gonna drive them crazy 'cause we'll have to watch it over and over again but Just tell your kids that don't have paramount plus so you want to worry about on but yeah so so. They're being a little less extreme when it comes to shortening the window but they're definitely following the footsteps. You know A viable path for building their subscribers In releasing these movies to paramount plus. And one thing that will Also be helping paramount pluses that they've also renewed a deal with paramount. Pictures that are new to deal with. Epochs that will give epochs. Ninety day exclusive pay tv window for paramount's movies and mgm is also doing the same thing so movies like no time to die and creed three after. They've hit theaters And gone through the vod route when they first hit pay tv. They'll be available on ethics for ninety days exclusively before they head to paramount plus and then later available on other cable channels and whatnot so for people who might not know the difference between pay tv and and vod. Brad can just like explain that real quick. Yeah for sure. That's a good question so pay-tv we're talking about channels like the epochs is is a pay tv channel. Hbo cinemax showtime and so they'll get movies to play from studios before they end up on basic cable when you were talking about channels like fx or tnt or tbs so when these movies are available on pay tv they'll be available exclusively through epochs for ninety days before they'd be made available to any other potential outlet that would like to play them and then after that -clusive window mgm Ann perrine Paramount movies will be available to stream on paramount. Plus gotcha okay. So the one thing that. If i'm understanding you right i just wanna like lay this out and make sure that i'm getting this correct especially for these big movies mission impossible. Seven top gun maverick. For example they are are they locked into a forty five day Debut on paramount because like for the universal deal that happened in twenty twenty when when all this was just sort of forming and the The window was breaking all of that kind of stuff. They think their plan was something like if we want to. We can release a movie you know to to a streaming platform or to pay tv or whatever Within seventeen days or something but if the movie is performing well in theaters if if we release fast nine and makes a lot of money in theaters. We're not locked in to putting that we can basically hold it in theaters for as long as we want to keep making money in theaters but it sounds like this is a different thing right like there are actually locked into okay. Forty five days after it debuted in theaters. You are going to be able to see these movies. Is that right. Yeah that they specifically announced that These these three movies and the pulpit trump movie They will be sending them to paramount. Plus forty five days after their theatrical release. Now that's not necessarily something that will follow for all of their big blockbusters. I think this is probably doing initially to help boost paramount pluses numbers as the year goes on Because a lot of You know the pandemic castillo thing and even look into later this year. You'll probably still have people who are apprehensive about going to movie theaters. And so i think that they wanna make sure that they're able to You know benefit themselves elsewhere if the theatrical numbers aren't doing as well as they they might hope so this way if these movies aren't huge Box office earners than they'll at least recoup. Maybe a little bit more by having people sign up for paramount plus in the interim to watch them forty five days after they hit theaters and then And interestingly enough to This is just further biggest blockbuster. Some of their mid range movies may actually have shorter theatrical window because there is talk that some paramount movies may end up being released a paramount plus thirty days after theatrical release. So so it's just these bigger movies that they're giving a little bit longer theatrical window to okay so with all of this in mind. hd let's go to you. How much will it cost to subscribe to paramount. Plus and get all the stuff that we've been talking about. It will actually cost cheaper to subscribe to paramount. Plus a did for cbs. All access apparent pluses producing its base. Ads put a tear by one. Dollar is charging four nine per month. versus cbs. All access former five ninety nine per month but this is the base package the full paramount plus premium tier with no ads except for life. Programming will be the same at nine per month But there is a little bit of a catch with that base ad-supported tear it won't include a cbs local cbs stations. In its live programming. So we'll include live sports like nfl games but no local cbs stations As a way of basically appealing to a wider demographic and giving paving the way for more content than cbs. All access had This is basically a A move in the direction for the younger cord cutting demographic i is the more elderly demographic that cbs typically had and obviously part of the whole rebranding fairmount plus. Yes okay so. I guess we might as well go around the circle and just say whether or not we would pay this much for all of the stuff that we've just been talking about Do you think it would be worth it to you to you. Know to watch mission possible seven a month and a half after the release for. Let's say for ninety nine a month so many streaming services already. Maybe it'd be worth it. If the next i'm going to talk about is something that i actually is a franchise i'm actually very invested in. And if they put a lot of stuff on paramount plus may be. I would be interested in investing. Okay brad. yeah let's go to you. Is there anything here you know. You mentioned that. Dave grohl show you mentioned beavis and butthead anything else like a peak your interest enough where you're actually going to think about paying that price so an position right now where. I subscribed to the bundle that Apple tv plus put out there. Where if you sign up for apple tv plus you can also sign up for both. Cbs all access and showtime for a reduced price where it cost Half each cbs. Ashes of time cost half as much as it would. If you subscribe to individually. And i'm still sign up for that and it's supposed to remain active even after. Cbs all access become paramount. Plus so because of that. I will probably stick with it however if i were forced to subscribe to paramount plus separately. I not necessarily sure that i would go through with it. Yeah chris what about you. The pet cemetery seems like a big deal for you is that is that going to be enough. Or any. Any like the fraser reboot you worry about that to like to throw down a few bucks a month hussy man i i already have sony so many streaming services and like when that pet cemetery Arise i'm gonna email someone and be like send me a screener. Like if i if i didn't have access to that sort of stuff. Maybe i would. But i you know i just on a temporary basis. If you didn't have screeners you might do like free trial or something just watch. It doesn't sound like it's something that you would like actively stick with for a little while you know. Hbo max netflix and hulu and amazon prime and shudder in the criterion channel and disney plus. It's like i. I can't imagine getting the dream with the streaming services was that we could cut the cord no longer be tethered. Too expensive cable plans and hours got to pay even than we ever paid for cable because we have to sign up to everything. I just want i dream of one streaming service. That has everything on it. Someone someone invent that. I'm sure you can make that happen. Someone all right. So you alluded to the story that we're going to mention here and it being a franchisor a property near and dear to your heart so tell us about that yes Avatar last year batter is coming back to nickelodeon Nickelodeon is launching an avatar studios a newly formed content division that is dedicated holy and singularly singularly to avatar less air bender Expanding the world of Air bender and legend of cora through a series of feature films animated shows. What have you that will be arriving either in theaters or paramount plus or On nickelodeon various channels so this is Very exciting news for people who have been Keeping up with the long and troubled production for the net flicks live action Avatar air bender serious original creators of the series. Michael de martino and brian yet. Sco who were set to Produce sent sort of steer. The netflix live action. Adaptation left the put the project in a huff last summer over creative differences and it seems they've taken like the most hilariously petty of course of action they could do is form their own production studio. That's just dedicated to avatar. Last air bender Flipping a little middle finger to net flix and we can do what we want. We're making All avatar stuff for netflix for nickelodeon which welcomed him back with open arms. Hopefully after seeing how much a renewed interest there has been for avatar last bender after. It hit netflix streaming last summer and They're basically giving all the resources to de martino gone yet. Go to a form at are they are the co creative co created co chief creative officers for avatar studios and the first project that comes out of the studio is an original animated. Theatrical films can be hitting theaters. And it's a it's a very exciting thing does especially coming from Deamer tino fuego and Something that a lot of avatar fans have been really craving more sort of material and more expansion of the world that we've been getting somewhat in legend cora and in comics and novels but i feel like aptx Render is a franchise. That's really ripe for all kinds of storytelling and for this kind of really focused storytelling to like. If they make a theme park. I would actually be happy about it. So this is yeah. This is really exciting although it is kind of ironic that nickelodeon is putting all this money in now. Realizes that after less renders jim after effectively burying legend of cora while it was on the air so just kind of ironic but a sweet irony. Now that steve martino get to do what they want with the series. So do you think that there's a chance that they make their own live action of avatar. The last airman or series. That sort of like directly competes with the netflix version. Or was this Was there something in this announcement that basically said that. They're sticking to animation albouy through this. This first project is animated. They didn't Rule out anything live action wise. And i think it would be really hilarious and Wouldn't be outside of the box if they did decide to go for live action The net live action series is still in development for now. There have been rumors around the avatar fan community that there are a lot of there've been a lot of changes to the source material which is a why di martino were so unhappy aging ups of various characters changing of ethnicities. And that kind of thing. So yeah it would be definitely a boss move on martino Part to just do their own. Live action series to help netflix's version of though i do think net have a little bit more cash. Burn than nickelodeon probably Cash also like cultural cultural awareness. Rate like you know. we're talking about paramount. Pluses brand new subscription service. And like even if they do put their own live action thing on here. It's they're fighting an uphill battle. They have to have declined paramount mountain to to use terms that they've been using their their own marketing. Yeah to be able to. I mean just like the the sheer number of eyeballs. That's gonna be on that live. Action show on. Netflix is going to completely dwarf. Whatever is going to happen on paramount plus probably an in its first year or so so that seems like maybe an uphill battle but they would be at least an amusing one for us to watch from the outside. So maybe that will happen. But okay so I guess i think. That's i think that's going to bring us to the end of today's episode of slash on daily. You can find more about all of the short stories that we mentioned in the show notes for today's episode. This podcast is published every weekday. Bring the most exciting news from the world of movies and tv as well as deeper dives into the great features you can find on the site you can subscribe to the show on apple. Google overcast spotify all of the popular podcast apps. And please send us your feedback questions. Comets concerns and mailbag topics mailbag questions to us at peter at slash. Home dot com. Make sure to leave your name. And general geographic location. In case we mentioned your email on the air don't forget to rate and review the podcast on itunes. Tell your friends spread the word. Thank you for listening and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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