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I thought you're about to say in preparation of this episode you went up and. Land. On. What's up everyone welcome to on the podcast? You didn't need deserve where all levels of nerd are welcome. It is time to turn up Your Age Rock Music and ride your motorcycle into the California sunset because we're had the need the need for speed. In today's topic top gun. Nice Day Of Your hosts, my name is Ali. And I am Tom Crean. Die and Caitlyn now I'm cory crews. And I'm Josh. Just just Josh crews. In. This episode is brought to you in part by the members of the nation, that is powered by patriotic. As a member of the nerd on nation, you do get fun fun fun perks like. Bonus content that is only available to you. You get discounts on merge you get early access to all of our episodes. You do get so much I'm thinking about it I'm like. 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Also our friends over at Odyssey headphones who have equipped us with the LCD ones. And Odyssey is a U., D. E. Z. E. I know that it's not always clear was made. It was made clear to me recently that it's not always clear, so yeah, check them out. there aware suddenly I actually just had to. Send back my turtle beaches because They had been pushing on my ear the the cartilage in my ear so much that might years got sore although I've been using these for everything and always. Yeah Yup. Like shout out super comes. That is the housekeeping they taste like. They taste butter. In My, Doesn't smelly butter. So Everyone Is New to the show. WE'RE GONNA go to a I you segments of of this show because top gun is. We're doing this this episode. Because one America holiday, but also because the new film would have come out soon around this time, but. Happy NSA everybody in the states by the way. Yeah, I just wanted to the Tom Cruise. You know real fast thing. It's like so cool anyways. So at the end of this episode, we are going to rate it from zero to five and right now. We're GONNA go Go around our screens and. anyways so. Brand spanking new on the show. Welcome everyone. Like I said we're GONNA go around and guess so since I just explained it and We're going to have a little thing from Corey later on and we go I. Guess the first that the. Be The grump of this episode is going to be none other than. I knew I knew immediately. I knew from the way that you looked into the Webcam. They going to choose me. Do you know that my eyes are this way for you by the way? Whatever camera? Onto your soul. Picked up, she saw into my Brown. I like a clairvoyant no. I. It's going be Gosh. Okay. Okay Okay Joshua you got. I think that it will be. CAITLIN. No. Really Stalin's Dolly Mike. It's hard to I mean. I'm going to have Kaelin too. Bad. Everyone wants to be on the presidential campaign because I ever vote for the right person. Wow Wow. Okay, we're the person so. Complement! It's actually going to say Tom on this one I. Feel, so it was feels like the. I'd like to give you a reason to con- over the Neuron Nation. It's just a it's a fun place to be. It's a good group to be a part of an element number. You get to vote every week when we were an episode. Who you think is going to be the growth of the week, and if you get ready to shout out on the episodes pretty exciting and this week, the nation has voted for no other than Caitlin. Josh also Ali also Tom and me for. The first time. We've ever had. All five of them, but everybody gets. Everybody gets a point, yeah! So this is the order in which because everyone has a point here. This is the order of which we will be giving our ratings the show. It'll be Manali. I then between Tom Josh Youtube Duke it out and then Caitlin last with four. That's that guess that grim. Do, it. That was the book closing. Which is funny because I'm going to need that for my notes in a minute. Ongoing. So now that that's out of the way, we're going to our complete spoiler of that sequence segment, and that's going to be our initial hold on hold on initial responses and first. Reaction Impressions First Reaction Set. Around. That so initial reactions and our first impressions so. Since I went first last time Caitlin should go first on her first impressions. I know which May, she is on my zoom. Just just flip corey every time. He points a direction your. Video budget. We'd give jewelry so that we can all voting headway entire time one. One day. Like me, emojis or whatever? One. Hundred percent. Okay so my first knowledge of top gun. The movie was going to kings island because there was a roller coaster ride called top gun. That's all I knew about Great America this movie until washing it for this episode, Mom I knew that there were these guys on there like we like fast stuff and we all all as we like. Somehow is around and stars are there and SAS kind of all new, so then watching this. I was like Oh boy. I'm sure the hype is going to be way more than you know what this movie is. And then I watched and I was like. Really Cool. 'cause most of the time like I'm very not fond of the like. Mature. The Machines Marlboro. We kinda asshole behavior. The it's it's. It's really over the top and a lot of people who take too much confidence from being in the army or or whatever? Maybe. Even sky on any. Of Armed. Force like I've seen a lot of Being bad thing and some of this was highlighted in there. But I thought that was going to be like the most of it, and then you get to the heart, and the humanity there as well and that just like. Surprise me very pleasantly. And it. Once I read more about what. Happened because of this movie I'm like Oh. Yeah, I can see that a hundred percent so. I'll even that that was my initial reaction Berkoff. I I saw this movie when I was ten ish. Maybe nine ten eleven in that sound sexy range. And as a eight nine ten year old, or whatever it was improbable can awesome like. Flying Planes it. I think this movie may have implanted my love of bomber jackets so which if anyone knows? My wife got me one for Christmas a couple years ago and it's been my favorite jacket ever since May Have spawned from this movie. And I was all about it was about this movie like planes motorcycles. They're seeing meals, sears, planes, trains, and automobiles, no. And so I was I was totally totally sold on this I was also. Prior to seeing this movie I had my dad had showed me rainman so I was already familiar with Tom Cruise and this is you know obviously before Raymond was filmed so. It was kind of cool to see him a little younger a little like. Little Brown very different role from his role in in Rainman? So yeah, and then re watching it now very different A. vibe that I got from this movie being someone who is now twenty years older. And who likes to think of himself as someone who enjoys ingesting and Dissecting and learning film so we'll get into that a little bit later. Josh Yeah I mean I don't remember specifically when I first saw it I do remember. Watching it at some point when I was a kid, and like Corey said absolutely loving it I mean you've got fast jets. My Dad was in the navy so that that was kind of like A. It was like? Oh, I know that thing. I've been on an aircraft carrier. That's cool man from that opening scene. You're just like. Oh. This might have imbued me what they love for aviator sunglasses I think that's. Abiola I love aviator sunglasses or just like big sunglasses. Trying to find some this episode and I I don't think I have any more I mean either but yeah, I mean I I, remember loving it and end. To Watch it now being in my thirties, and it's interesting to watch it now. it is something that I would consider a classic, and so it's it's interesting to watch it now. We'll get into that later, but. I it was fun to watch it again. It was just there's so many moments where you're like yeah s and then doing research about it. You're like Oh hell. Yeah, and I'm A. I I I know that he's crazy, but I like Tom Cruise I love Val kilmer. Val kilmer. has a very special place in my heart, seriously val kilmer in the eighties like real genius. I mean. I Means Oga I. I, only Kiss Kiss Bang Bang you. Will See. Man I get why they had him as Batman. I totally get it you're. Not Gorgeous Chisel Ban we cannot not reference tombstone though Oh. Yeah Val kilmer piece there is. Of course what you gotTa, do so good. It was on sale. For Five dollars a day and Time so good? I'll go next I haven't watched I didn't I didn't watch this film like in my younger years. I definitely watched it like close at a High School College. So this isn't one of those ones. You sound like USA or Turner Classic Movies. No I think I watched it on a recommendation, because when in high school I was in RTC program, army, branch right, and so like we ended up watching a lot of military films and stuff like that, and like a bunch of my friends watch a lot of military from salt. Lake the whole killings talking about the American mccheese Mojo of like armed force. People like was rampant. During my. You know later years of school. And I remember like hearing words and you know like every branch has shit to say about each other. That's just a thing. It's a camaraderie kind of thing you know. It's like police versus. During during football, you know so yeah, it's. Yeah. And you know watching a navy thing or watching an airforce, they really. We're right. so watching this in that context like this is probably the time where I was like just watching films to watch films and enjoying them and loving them, but now watching it I really got to see a little bit more of what the director to direct oriels side of what Tony was doing, and how it kind of like laid the groundwork for all his films, which is really great and wonderful. Understanding that we're still in spoiler free territory. I want to try to stay away from everything, but like definitely watching just for the film making aspects of it, it's like such a wonderful to watch and then seeing it where it lays in the I guess. The Cosmos of pop culture is like really huge, too, because it's like. It's as Corey said. It's infinitely infinitely quotable. In you could just take anything from Koi love and there's just there's cool, wonderful beautiful things at that really. Watching it for this episode like man, this was this was huge. I can definitely feel like how huge. topgun students aren't allowed to quote this movie well. There's a five dollar fine, yeah. Put it all they want. We will the top. Real! At the top gun school that they portray in this movie Israel, and you're not realize that we talked about doing a autobiographical films this. Time. I will like add to mind. It's cool to see a movie that's based in San. Diego where I grew up. I was like Oh. Hey I know where that little rat like Mirim wherever they that base like I've been to that based like Whoa. Unless anyway and also I gotta just say one quick thing like Michael ironsides always gets me in a good way so dude. that. Ali Shout out to him in the machinist. Topgun this is a great I mean A great film, but it's something that I've. It's been with me for a while. I've seen it. A few times by Szott back. I think it was like around. College I was going through My eighties and nineties action phase, and I was catching up everything that I had miss l.. Yes, so th you know things like even like terminator one like I'd never seen and things like that so I kinda was going through and know lethal cop, and all the stuff and hunt, for Red October in you know, this was all part of that and. Tony Scott's by visuals in Oriel style of something that I'm a huge fan of it's. It's sort of reminds me of I, mean I'm sure there's inspiration with like. You know and Michael Bay. Journey I'm sure he takes inspiration or vice versa or something, because you can definitely feel that and you know. Like the Machiko it's there, but it's like I said earlier rose a little muffled, but it's sort of like that. Tony Scott fine needle that he kinda like. where he kinda like. He doesn't like. Make It overbearing Michael Balance Harbor Right. Yeah Michael. Pearl Harbor. Every. Taken from, but it's like okay. You let this you know bloom too much or not the. Whatever you planted parallel instead. Have you seen the Denzel Washington Movie Man on fire? That is like his visuals in that are no yeah. stoppable I've seen more, and this probably applies to a lot of people. You've probably seen a lot more Tony Scott movies, and you think you think he's like a crap ton and also directed crap done, and if if you thought like ours movie that you're like. Maybe it's on my favorite movie, but it had a really cool style like it's sold the cool more than you could ever imagine that a good does back. There's probably. 'cause like anywhere from like an. Back to Topgun. Excuse me. Coming back to talk on like the the music, just like gives you. Maybe it's an Stagliano, but it just feels right, and it just feels good when you see like like like planes against. silhouetted against the sunset. You know it's like he brings their slurs. Well the way they used their telephoto Lens to so that the background is flying by, but the plane is perfect handy, really really amazing. One thing in this, and that Kinda gets me excited for the sequel is like the technical aspect of the dock fights is so impressive. Like feels very accurate. You know like I and like they were up there and look up every single line of they spoke to each other, but you know there was there was a line that was like say. Like Brag High and ride. Scare them with the missile lock. Like like scaring a guy with a missile lock. Like that blew my mind. And it was just so fun to watch them. Kind of be experts at their craft and can get that I first hand experience of like what it's like to be a fighter pilot and I tell you it really sold that. and really didn't really nice way. Of course it's got spin on it, but I think it ended up with a really is a great product. Fun fact about this is that all of the actors who are required to be in planes and the movies actually got flown up. And they had to create a new camera kit to be put inside. One of the planes to be filmed and goose was the only actor to not vomit when he was taken up in a jet plane 'cause they experienced certain. Right it, would you know controlled spins and. Goose was the only one to not puke throw. For this one was so I I watched a lot of the behind the scenes for the next one coming out and. Tom. Cruise had to do the whole mentor ship thing he was like tailing. All the actors like this is what's going to happen to you and it was really kind of what he's GonNa rain. Late to say in preparation of this episode you went up and. and. Here's another fact though we've got a huge budget and I'll do. That Tom Cruise didn't want to do the movie and the director asked him to just go up on a flight with one of the. Naval fires and as soon as he landed, the story goes that he got out of the plane and sprinted to a payphone to call him to tell him he wants to do it, and he was GonNa do for the rest of his life, yeah! That's so Tom Cruise getting out of a plane, sprinting prices in Tampa Darling. into the closest payphone in the hall of them immediately was like yes. Yes, let's do it. Upward sprint. So with all that being said now kind of gave you. An idea of who are grump is going to be in all our ratings. Who are group's going to be? All the ratings is going to be and. I'm just like opposites. Do we don't use the H. A. to well. And so now that brings us to our next two segments, or going to be our brief synopsis, and then also production, so take it away. I'm doing what brief synopsis. And this is how it goes. The topgun Navy fighter weapons school is where the best of the best trained to refine their elite flying skills. When hot shot fighter pilot maverick Tom Cruise is sent to the school, his reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put him at odds with the other pilots, especially, the cool and collected iceman played by. But it isn't only competing to be the top fighter pilot. He's also fighting for the attention of his beautiful flight. Instructor Charlotte or Charlie Blackwood played by Kelly mcgillis. Well done. Like William Shatner reading. Sir Your. The production of these things distributed by a very small company. Paramount pictures known for the Indie Films Titanic Transformers and Star Trek. Directors Tony Scott famous for the last Boy Scout, True Romance, and the state producers and other unknown name here Jerry Bruckheimer. knows. That is, he's done some movies. Something called pirates of the Caribbean Armageddon CON air. The other producer done Simpson famous beverly. Hills cops one of my personal favorites. The Rock and bad boys riders Jim cash known for Anaconda Tracy Turner and who? Led? And Jack EPPs, Junior! The flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Raw Legal and Hawaii. Five O episode shout. Shout out to a Steve's. Cast Tomcat cruise known for frisky business now risky business, the firm interview with the Vampire. Kelly mcgillis witness, the accused Maiden Heaven Val kilmer tombstone the Saint. Forever. Anthony Edwards revenge of the nerds designated survivor e R. and. Tom skerritt for alien contact mash, the release date was may sixteenth Nineteen eighty-six runtime is one hundred and ten minutes. The budget was fifteen million. It grossed three hundred fifty six point eight million dollars, so it did okay. It didn't do great. Rotten tomatoes score fifty percent critics, eighty-three percent audience, and that's the game. I see if I could imagine that the critics would be like it was okay and the audience is like. We mentioned this before the before the show, but. They would set up recruitments outside of movie theaters and the recruitment for naval flight. was increased by five hundred percent so much so that they canceled a planned commercial recruitment because it was and I. quote them on this redundant. Because top gun was out. I mean imagine what? Did and like I remember being in high school in like all my friends going into the military like I wonder if they had anything to do with it also came around I came out around Veterans Day I don't know if it was a thing that I don't know when veterans. Day was established, but may sixteenth like, and it's about the Army Memorial Day. That's what I meant say. What did I say around for Awhile? Veterans Day. Memorials for? Exactly Real. Yeah. Time recordings got him. All Day wasn't too far behind so like me, being an RTC I'm like. Some people like what did it do? For me like you either weren't parade or you went to decorate graves. There was a two things you did. Did. but Yeah, let's move on to the meat and potatoes of the show which are going to be our favorite parts. We have characters are qualms, and then finally we rate it so who wants to go first? This is the spoilers spoiler. Free Country, baby! We're tiny tarit spoiler, spoiler, rich environment cruncher. It's split. Go against the Ming's in that country that we're going spoiler. Crunchy I'll start with on okay favorite part of mine is. I mean anything goose did was. Fantastic. Ryan when? When Tom Cruise is talking about. And he goes we. Sorry. Sight just kept stacking good on him, didn't they? Then when they get yelled at and he's leaving. Do you have the number for that? That truck driving service they? Drugs because I. Think I think I. Think Him and need that. By right yeah and. So good. He's still positive about it. In a weird way. He is the mercutio stories so good. They had to get out of him because you wouldn't care about anyone else. That's one hundred percent true for me like they kept him to. The end of the movie and Tom Died I bet you'd be really got use though we have. have. The day's good reminds me on my one of my favorite parts is when goose's basically telling maverick like listen. We can't. You can't do this anymore. Like I've got a following that really a very. We'll real moment where he has to tell his teammate or his fly. Mate like is co-pilot like listening to go up. Yo We can't. This is the serious business now I I would actually say that's where the the story actually starts the plot happening, but this is where the story and the story is where the character just start develop because they set up everything. We're here, the players and all that stuff, and then when goose comes into this house, and says like Coon, sleep Boob Doodoo, and then I'll send happens, and then I was like. How do you see the story? Liberty Yeah About isn't about him getting the number one seed it's about. His relationship with iceman I think. But also growing himself develops demons person, but I'm Elliot was to climatically at the end there. Yeah. I think that's of ICEMAN's development. That's dice man story where he has to realize like you could be my wing. You can be mine and all that Shit, but it's. It's like he has to accept that. and. That's kind of the whole thing where it's like. It's like a footloose in in in flying. He learns by proxy Harry. Yeah. One of my favorite sequences is I'll say. I'll say it out loud. Is the sex scene? because. It's beautifully shot. I I. Shot I allies shot. I'm. I can't remember if there's nudity, there's nudity and right very. I don't think so no! silhouetted yeah. I think. Whatever. Cheek. If there isn't any nudity, then like that's I think how how bromance love sequences should be. They should be filled with color in passion, but you don't. See, what's the purpose of the scene and then it should bypass rules. Be Like here's a Dick or a titty by that how you know it sex. Excuse. To defend the seen that call for those those sorts of things are. This is not one of them. I will say to me I kind of relate this to an also, but this one has DNA Terminator One with Sarah. Connor and spoilers so when that happens. It feels very like passionate, and it's like this is how because I feel like there is a little bit of I'm not saying you're your point. Is exclusive to this corey but I think there's a sense of sex is almost so thrown into films a lot of the time. Yeah, I agree It doesn't feel a climactic. It doesn't feel like these two souls are connecting anymore like this is the logical step when people have a meek you like. Very careful is saying. That call for it. It's not just thrown in what I think is interesting about. That scene is that it was added afterwards? To establish their relationship even more which I mean it's. It's one of those things that it is like kind of in Topgun. Yeah in top Ghani was filmed later. It is one of those things where it's I. Do like the that it's done tactfully it is. It is a beautiful scene to watch. It's very pretty. Well shot and and. It doesn't feel gratuitous. What I like, so the tongues were pretty gratuitous I. Mean I'm half tongue all day. It's an eighty six scene so. There's a lot of eighties movies that do it real well. Kaelin Ali Ango. We always do this This endless Dan son, you know at this time Hugo I. Well I. I think one of my favorite parts was that surprised me also was after goose passed away. And then his wife and son, or like sitting in that room and maverick with a box, and I wasn't really sure what she was going to say. And then her line of like, he would've hated flying without you, but he would have done in any way. that. Was a favourite part for me I'm like short to make Ryan to yeah, though the. Whole delivery everything was great. But, but it was just sort of like. I feel like that was more. The point of the film. That was kind of the message is let your own person and be your own person. You have to keep going on regardless of what life throws at you or takes away from you like for me. That was the. That was the climax or even there's there's a reality to your actions whether you're whether it's your fault or not. which it wasn't I, think you know it's. It's definitely like that wakeup. Call moment of like we're not. We're mortal. We're not gods in the sky. Yeah, and and I don't think. He remembered that because he he fought every single rule before that. So! I think you're absolutely right in that sense that that that is a huge part of what the stories about. Yeah, so that that's definitely that for me. Ali. I. Love the line out Geez. WHO's the general with for speed? Tom Scares character. Happy. Talking about his dad at the end, Tom Skerritt Viper Viper I love. A line he's like if you don't do this right or something like that, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dogs. A reduction. Of Hong Kong first guy the first. Guy Yeah Yeah. Michael. Gesture. Future no just kidding. No, no, he's back. It's A. SLACKER, yeah, he I I loved him in this, and just loved his back and forth with with Tom Cruise. that was I had to write down that line because I was I. now you're i. go shit -actly exactly so. Yeah. That's what I call. It target rich environment. Like just a lot of like I just love pretty much anytime. Goose would speak was pretty much gold. And Yeah just a lot of like one liners in Swat. Talk like I'd S- love that. Swamped riddled throughout. I think in all honesty. I'm GonNa say it, also you know everyone listening. Make Your judgment calls now slip and slide in the DMZ. Let me know I loved the volleyball sequence. Off. So I'm also throw this background right? I used to work at Abercrombie. So seeing shirtless dudes is not something new for me, but like I liked it just because it felt so like that timeframe, it felt so like this is the eighties and people go out with jeans shorts to play volleyball. and. This is kind of laying. It reminded me of. Remember the. W-? What's the same? Is it Santa Clara Beach Boardwalk go into the. Santa Claus Santa Cruz beach. Walk, before. California's. Walk like. Reminding them like Ya'll this. Time for us. Yeah, that's useless beach boardwalk. Where together? No, yes? Okay. So I, just put me in a good nostalgia feeling like wow, this is how you showed things like there was a little bit of pomp and circumstance, and every like I remember I gave a lot of shit to Michael Bay those radiant filters baby. Well I! Give a lot of shit to Michael Bay for having everyone look sweaty, but man everyone in this. Is So sweaty. Everyone? Or the carrier young so sweaty and I'm like I'm about this like five hundred five sweats. Lake? The rating. sweaty movie! They didn't give you that field. That like it's hard as fuck all the time here in California I is going and everything in the corner like they had the. We're still sweating, but there are also like fans everywhere to be like look. We're trying, but it's not leave food. Go ahead, go ahead. I'll let you kind of felt like everyone's in heat. Everyone's ready to just boy. You know what I'm saying like. Nervous. All of various. where? We in lieu of stuff like that. We're like that doesn't make any sense. I believe one. They had a lot of consultants on the film from the Actual Navy, and there was at one point they did something and some guy was like will know. That wouldn't happen any any pilot. That Lingo doesn't work and the director turned him because we're not making the movie for those people because. People who just WanNa, fuck and rush? And so I think that. Ties in the fans in California like we're not making it for the people who who are going to be like well, that doesn't make any sense So they were the salt was like okay after that he's like I'm done. Never. It's a drama. It's a dramatized California in like. I've been to San Diego. Malik three times in my life and I'm like it's hot, but not that hot. Claims! Can I just hope that opening. sequence. About opening sequences accurate, 'cause like there's. Probably, not probably not knowing from that quote. That he goes doesn't fucking matter. Also just thinking about auto there. That's not real all also. The no way in Hell was like Oh. There's a make let's go fucking interact. You know what I mean like. Precipice. Raw. A ton of trouble if if you engaged or something probably yeah, and so I mean yeah. It's some would say I have friends in the film I who I stayed within film. Course. Who would just be like? This is a propaganda machine I'm like yeah, sure it is you know. Take it for what it is some propaganda here to get people in the military, but. But also it's good enjoyment and also, but it's. It's one of those things where it's like. You can't deny the cultural impact that it had so You know to that to that factor. It's like yeah. The fucking dogfights were Kinda Dope. We're really done anything about it like yeah, before that time, there wasn't a lot of films that attempted to like Mount, camera underneath the. Aircraft like that and so. And even I guess even tinkering with the idea that a woman would be in charge of you know briefing pilots to become the best of the best of the best was kind of I think a cool revolutionary thing, because just on the giant screen. Having a woman in charge in that sense is kind of yeah. We'll say. Go ahead I was just GonNa say, but also like her. She's more of the scientific part about of like even just the physics of it of like this is not how you do this like that. It was cool to see that scene, too when she when they're in kind of the. It's not the war room, but it's their. It's their classroom and she's explaining like okay. This is why that was. That move was good or will. It wasn't and she's really. The flight patterns and all this kind of stuff and it's like. There's really it's. It's really neat because it's not just about like. Oh, you're flying in a jet, but there's like there's a system to it. There's a there's a reason why this works or doesn't work. It's Kinda like why you know. ICEMAN is come the biggest asshole in the entire film, but like he's right ninety percent of the time. You're not. It's like it's like the the flying is not the problem, but you are the problem you cost. Everyone their lives. When you fly reckless, you'll, you'll kill somebody and it's like. To me, that's a wonderful self. Aggressing at all, he's just kind of stating facts. In that moment, you kinda like hey, look I worked really hard to get to where at and I deserve this point like privileged asshole. Fook you you're you come from that place? I like the other guy said. That comes in so it like it muddles actual message, but yeah he's he's legit like I'm going by the book and like the film talks about like you know having the person that's courageous and willing to break the barriers of what's protocol and not to save lives is what wins the day? But in all I see like a really wins. The wars are the fucking. Tactical ship that's gone by like procedural and has plans and going off that. Textbook, hundred percent. any other favorite parts. I do know if in fact that Anthony Edwards said that most of his lines were improvised because the script was so skeletal is a lot of the comedy was found in the moment. Because we didn't have anything else to go off so well. Shut to hamming. This is one of a Tony. Scott's I filmed right. So I assume that's definitely what happened where he's like. I'm just going to focus on getting the cool shots and stuff like that and he was like. Let the actors do they want to do so I can make sure I can make their performs like better. I was going to say shots ironsides. He hits away because I don't know like he's such a good military. Authority and like I. Literally a I always thought. If I was going to have a biography of one of my armie instructors I'm having him like he exactly. Is this guy I'm like Oh. My God so good. He's one of those underrated under the radar actors who just nails every part he's in. A hundred percent, but Oh, sorry, go! Ahead. I I really like the introduction of Charlie. Being at the Bar, and then maverick, trying to make his moves, and then she's like She's like plays along with the bet so that he can make his twenty bucks or whatever. And the next morning seeing him be like hall. No, we're. On. The like those moments are just. Like chef kiss so fulfilling that guy that she's out with at the bar is actually the consultant for the film who Maverick is based off of? Which is which is why Mavericks Name is a Peter. Because that's that guy's name, his last name but That's Maverick Colin. Peter Call them the voice of exactly what is. Now, shout out! All of that was great. was going to say was. I also Tom skerritt character a lot like he always loved. He provides that sense of like. The ghost again like this almost feels like band Guy Right? Yeah! Yeah, and that's like an all. If you just put it in, agree land touring. This whole movie could be a green and movie. because. That's kind of like how Jordan's like fucking like emo. He's like my dad died as a pilot. I WanNa be a pilot now. I'm going to be in the space worse but Tom skerritt really provides whole like hey, like there's something more to this care that we're not understanding why. What compels Maverick Maverick does and I think it operates on that psychological level of like I think it was almost like the teetering of life now films when we think about military or armed forces films there can't be. There cannot be a conversation of. Of the film without PTSD. And I think this kind of goes into what happens when you become indoctrinated into a mindset and a belief in a system. So? It was really cool to see like how that formulates, and this is kind of the beginning of those conversations and. On Thom scarce catcher really add some levity of like. You know beyond you know. Oh, yeah, we're just joy, joy, chasing, and going after like the thrill and the rush that there's a sense of. Re psychological recruitment. That happened within within. Families in going into the military. Because you know, it's kind of your legacy right, so it's like everyone's on our family bulb also so. It was cool to have that and then, plus also just like a little lanark. Little Dumbledore. -I. Everyone hates the my new boy but I know him well. You know like that kind of thing. So I mean a lot of fitting. Anyone else. I loved the even though I didn't. Like things the the the scenes that we're all just like allow. This movie was just like. The jets! And and then a lot of them being like you got to do the thing, go over there do this shoot that lock on. And then I didn't walk. Up Yeah so like you know the the drought. The drought! was communicated really well. Because even though I didn't like fully understand what was happening. I'm like the key Scott I. Don't know what he did, but he's doing it and it's happening right now. Except in in all of the excitement of like you don't know what's happening. which I feel is where some of that like. We're not making this. Re people who are actually in you know actually do the. Quotas actually for we're making it for Kansas, wheat farmers who won't know the difference. I may as well be Kansas wheat farmer because I was like hell. Yeah So much. was. Test of! It's it. They always clearly establish like. Just? In the fire and Also editing. Huge they. Did you get the information as you needed? They were only allowed to film. The US allowed them to film to missile launches, so they filmed them from three angles. Each and the same one is used same to shots are used in the film. At that is that some anime tactics. Bro, when they? Reused the animation. That some power rangers type Shit. Yeah. It went over budget so much I mean all those. All the plane. Shots are so expensive, yeah? Just, for using the planes, the government charged him one point eight million dollars, not including fuel and everything else. That's like cheap, though not then it wasn't not then, but but like. Considering what? This. Government subsidized, yeah! Million dollar budget. Two million dollars, not including the fuel that they have to do to refill it every time, and not including the two missiles just to use the planes was one point eight million dollars so I'm assuming probably like probably three or four for everything. Earlier films budget which is. One of the earlier films at to do stuff like this so. They got a lot of military stuff like dark knight on Dark Knight Batman Begins. They got so much military like help, and like who was at the entire time helping them develop, but this was like. Our other making a movie or some shit like that so i. Set the set the way, yeah like Mitt like all these consultants and stuff that are that we see in modern movies wasn't necessarily the case you know back then it's the writer wrote based on his her experienced, and that was pretty much it but like. As! The film's become more complex and stuff like that I. Think we've been saying more like you know like an army person. Come in and make sure that everything's right and all that's today. That's five million dollars, yeah! But. Some of the reading that I'd I'd done was was along the lines of like. Four like yes, that's very expensive, but it was also like they could have been charged far far more. Yeah. And also like this movie set off the lake or was at a time of like you had to get approval from the military down to the script. To let the movie come out, basically, because the X. Men was part of that as well like they had to the approvals right all the. Actual military branch. Yeah, there. That's why they have consultants on stuff like that and they typically have to say you know the go like. Does this reflect in a where it doesn't put Bronx? Expectations is the same thing with police to and any armed forces. But yeah, I mean we're dead cops. Yeah. On that yeah, they did. and. I would say the tough thing is like. They could have been charged a lot more by like. Coming from someone like me, who's made nothing but short low budget shit when I had ten thousand, I had to spend two thousand on one location and I was like. That's a lot of money. For sure for sure like I. It's just hard to be like okay cool like we have fifteen million. How are we gonNA, divide this amongst the hundreds of people working the hundreds of hours working the food. And then now twenty percent of it is going to be gone to one thing. And so. It's like it has to sell the realism right. You have to the production value to go into it so like. You know, thank goodness that it did because you know again like I said it's a cultural thing. We're seeing the sequels so yeah I wanNA. Combat and now. The entire GDP of New Zealand because destroyed it, so let's do New Zealand fronted a lot of that money because they made so much off tourism though. and. They wanted people. Touchy about all off Camera Ali. Let's go and. Characters. Goose. This to hard. There's a reason that captain marvel's cat is named goose, and it's because it's such a great character I was lying when I said he's the murky of this movie in Romeo and Juliet. If Romeo and Juliet had died, but mccue came out, and like gave this beautiful speech, because he's Mercutio and he's interested in signing, everything would have been. It have been a tragedy. It'd be like Oh. It was a love story. Tragedy? But she goes okay I've made to interesting of a character. He has to die. That same thing happened here. I think you know especially if they improvise all their lines I think they were like okay. We've made to interesting of a character here. He today because I cared more about goose than I did about anyone else honestly like especially with him, giving the speech like that being upset after being yelled at for the ten thousand feet in the fly by and being like. Gibert thing like loving his son singing at the piano and that kind of stuff I was all in for goose, one hundred percent, and if you've made it to the end, I would have been like I. Don't give a fuck. What happened in this movie? Goose do you know catcher? Marvel's cat's real name in the books. Yes chewy! To Answer Chewbacca. Same thing, baby. That's why we're still can start working. But pilot. They're both copilot's. That's why but yeah I it's. A second. I wasn't prepared for that. I I'm on the odd team of I. Don't like Maverick. I don't as an older. Twenty years old team. Okay, good because I just I. I up until the end I was like you blew it big time. I liked either Tom skerritt, character, viper, or ICEMAN. was was far more interesting to me. I thought Tom Skerritt I love. I've a bias towards Tom skerritt as well. But I thought every scene he was in. He won't told this line of like. Look! I gotta be firm I have to be fair to everyone else, but at the same time I recognize game recognize game. And this kid's got it and you know telling them away from him like put them in the air as soon as you can. I, know this kid I know how he works. Put Him in the air as soon as you can. And then he fails, and they're like well. What nowadays I put him back up? Get him up there. He needs this so yeah Tom skerritt. Don't use old white guy with a beard. CAN'T ARGUE THAT whose neck can't that. Mine are goose in the Nice iceman. for very good reasons, also I just love I spent. What welcome I love him. Love Him I hear so. Bobby actually didn't want to do this movie either he was like. It was his contract. That obligated him to do this movie. Otherwise he wouldn't have to correct. Yeah, but I don't know the reason behind why he didn't want. Do it just not interested he he is a the thing about Belco is. He is a character actor of substance and I. DON'T WANNA. Nagas film now a lot of substance as far as character development goes not only for his character, but there's no like designed science right? Yeah, so I think for him. He read the script which was. Quoted as being skeletal, and it was like I'm not doing this. But then was forced to. I thought process behind it. I loved him in in the Saint Anyways Josh. I'M GONNA. Say Goose. I love, I really love watching him onscreen. I love the interactions with Maverick I love watching him with his family. He just a good dude. Corey already gone into why he is a good nude. There's so many cool things about him. Second I mean there's a lot of goose baby I? Even love Charlie. I thought she was a cool character to kind of put maverick in his place. Gestures cool. said to fibers I'm just saying who's cool, so I have narrow it down to I'm allowed to speak my mind. I'll say Charlie I'll narrow it down to Charlie I liked her putting Charlie goosing Charley. Right who's next Kalem go. Charlie's my favorite. She knows her shit. She knows like what's happening. How people are why they're doing it? she called him out and was like. Listen I there's some official things I can't say. She kind of had that like iceman iceman like iceman iceman. But she had that part where she was like. Listen, there's there's a textbook way to do things and I have to adhere to that. That is my job, so I can tell you personally. My feelings, but I have to keep things textbook for my job like I. Just loved how she had all of her moments of like being human, being professional, being knowledgeable like signature guns on like she was really cool, and then other than that. Yeah, I do like iceman iceman. Simaba iceman just like he he you can tell. Yeah. He's a little cocky, but he also worked really hard to get where he was and Bruce. Lee Baby was frustrated by other people who he can see the potential of petits them like reckon themselves over and over. Goddamn fly boy. Yeah, so yeah, those those are my picks. Charlie iceman ice been. Foot mine. Minds ICEMAN Ben Charles. Now, because, I'll say this because you haven't mentioned in Charlie what I really liked about her was. At the beginning, she was very manipulative I really like that because like she was like. I know how to get what I want and how to manipulate you to get it without with you thinking you're and get what you want and I'm like that's a good character that's. You know what I mean like not a churches a written so well. When they're manipulating that way like the various like in the in the shadows and then. You, did everything. It's like well. No Shit! was that character because they weren't involved, so gooby do formula, but this one's like A. we're going to see her do it because this is the hugh and she's used that. Meet Cue for the push pool, and then she's GonNa pull that thing together aren't getting what she wants, and so that's really cool like to learn about the make. So, but then also iceman like. Two coreys point as a kid I liked maverick as an adult I. Liked iceman, because it's just like. You know you need to have maverick air to sell the yeah dreams who need. Like. This is the real work. Example Shit like you need to be accountable about your actions. So That's it for me moving onto qualms ripe. Coup to qualms to qualm to each. Was I. This is a big one for me. And this is I, think as an adult. Okay? That's my asterix like that time. was like. Oh No, no, it's. It was just it was. So for me, this is what as an adult as someone who likes to think that they ingest film and and try to make. Sense of it all it. Nothing felt earned. In this for me. The revelation with his dad I was just Kinda like cool. They kind of touched on it twice. And then there's this whole thing about. It was never like something. I felt that was eating at him. Felt like it was a couple side comments, and to be honest until that scene with Tom Scared I was like Oh. Yeah, his dad. He doesn't know what happened to him. I thought the the I get why they killed off goose the way they did. It just felt very just we'd Ni to me. So with with me, understanding it had to happen the way it happened was kind of like. fucking bullshit man. And the biggest part for me that made Charlie, not my favorite character, because otherwise she would have. was after this kid's at total fucking prick for a majority of the time. She knows him. She chases him down after knowing him for a week and it's like I'm falling for you and you're like Bull Shit. You are stronger and smarter than that girl and you know it. Not Not not not. To an extent, it's appropriate time, but again we also have movies like Beverly Hills Cop. We also have movies like flashdance like these movies that that were able to create this romance through a film. That wasn't necessarily like. Not a romance film, but it happens anyway. Volvo earned it's not like I fall in love with you after a week and it's like yeah. This, set to make her like like more intelligent or and more like you know. They made her so smarter. Forgotten check boxes. Need some. If she is a smarter person growing up with Schwarzenegger and stallone films like they were trying to cross breed. What cory is trying to strive for? But then instead he kinda shows the blemishes of both. Yeah, so it's very interesting where it's like and that's where I'm like. It's good, but also but why. Yeah and so for me. It just none of those things that are supposed to be these key points of this movie. Are Very are I. Guess earned, isn't they? Don't feel like they. They spent the time to let these things flourish. And, if if that had happened towards the end of the movie, I would have bought it more. But it's so early on that I'm just like girl. No, you know this, you know yeah I'll go ahead and so I mean that was. That was kind of it it just. It reminded me that. That this director was like we're making it for fucking Kansas. Farmers who don't know the difference and like that shines now that I know that. After watching this movie, I'm like Damn Yeah. They didn't really they were just like. This is where the start of that fucking add. Filmmaking started like lean into that that group of people. They don't need substance. They just need. Fighter. Pilots sex scenes and jokes and the matters in baby. That's where we're going to lay. And we're GonNa hit the marks, but we're really not gonNA dive into him, and that was. That was my biggest qualm walking away from this movie. As as thirty year old, it makes sense with saying that it was a release skeletal script that we had these points. We needed a hit and we're going to fill it in his best he can, but if it's not more developed than that the we can't really dive much deeper without getting a writing credit. Yeah, I would almost say that. If you've got a script that skeletal, don't make it, but I mean. Who Am I to say it made you know it did great fine, but from a story standpoint I don't think it did. Yeah. I. I was just GonNa say because mine is is kind of my my walking away from this film of seeing it preparing for this episode. And being of a different mind, it was kind of like I felt like it was a soap opera with jet engines like there were just so many moments that I was just like. Perfect. You're saying Corey, like yes I say Charlie is one of my favorite characters, but there are moments like I hate I hate the portrayal of like love, and in movies of like. We've known each for a week and I'm falling for you and I'm like that's not. I might kill myself in especially asking the moment he just revved his Fuckin-. Kawasaki motorcycles like I can't hear you and then drives off and she's like I'm trying to say I love you and I. was like I can't hear you and drove off. It'd be like okay. Maybe I need to reassess. About falling for I I know there's a lot of examples of like good well done things, but that is like a very mainstream trope. That's like such a mainstream trope of. When romantic interests me, they don't like each other or there's there's clash between them, and so like to me. It's like it's so much DNA of the time you know where it's like. That is where a massive audience was expecting. Because there's of course ninety five percent. Yeah. There's more examples of the bad way doing it than the good way doing it. Are the ones that we stick our minds, but like yeah. Like. That's what happening is I. Knew I know movies where it's possible made in the same year that have done it to an extent that they're still movies. I watched to this day and go. This is fucking amazing. And so I have a hard time giving it a pass for that reason. I just feel like that's why it's kind of like. It is soap opera because I think you also during the time like in the eighties. That was when the soap operas were huge this. Before Jag and fucking Walker Texas Ranger almost one. Some of the lines delivered like. Like. There's so many things that you. zooms baby. Comes in some of the quips like of the other Flyer, the pilots I was like. Oh my God. Yeah Anyway. I mean that's really like my only. My only qualm of the film over overall soap opera with wings and jet engine. It was just like okay. The exile Salen. For me had to do with Basically the death for the most part I mean you kind of touched on quite a bit but Yeah, I. Just everything was so well polished while presented, but you know it was all surface level details in. You had a little bit of depth here and there and I think some of character stuff kind of. Like with With the girlfriend kind of. was starting to go somewhere and I could feel a little bit happening there, but it felt a little force ultimately and things like that, so yeah I mean it just as well presented, but as soon as you try to take a closer look at any of these situations that kind of fall, apart a little bit narrative for goose. Except for goose as an in depth coverage I didn't love I. Don't like having seen the so long ago. I hadn't remembered exactly the details of of his death scene, and then watching it again, reminding myself of what actually it was, it was very. Eleftheros requires like this. Why did it happen like there's so many more impactful ways that could have happened? With how much ramping up? You like you do for that character and just? Pay Like just to kind of Joson like that I'm right there with Ya. joss baby. Kayla. For me, it was yeah that the relationship with Charlie and maverick, just maybe like. Oh, no, no, and like she even says like a goose's wife is like taking a better I'll leave you forever, something like that, but like later on Charlie's to maverick and I'm like you guys are such a bad match that you had to take goose's wife's line to make it feel more real. Yeah. Didn't I, that's. Yeah! What did she set it as a? Moment between goose and I can't remember Meg Ryan's character. Yes, me basic is sweet. Little sweet little moment of like some good old Kansas country love like well. Under the. Context it's a married couple to. Has that layer of like. Oh! Like. A young. Why? So to see them like. Kinda, snatch that line was the epitome of like my problem with that is like y'all y'all aren't even close to what that is. And then. Yeah just the I mean. It was very well tempered, but the cheese got. Like annoying at several points, but that's Disney princess level of damaging young girls, yes. The flip it. S It. It's like Oh, we could. After a week of just having sex, we could say things like. Oh I just meant the Mitch. He's Mo was an will also. He's talking about the relationship between like yeah, both yeah, both both in both directions. Or Rabin, actions against. One is what kind of thing is gonNA. Be This. This film doesn't has an aged as well as it could. and under. Twenty Twenty, eight. Hundred Twenty twenty is. It just you kind of see blemishes of what time was like back then and what people were looking forward into their blockbuster. Films the expectations. Yeah, and then my second qualm more of again to discussion piece for me. I don't know. Is this film service better as a multifaceted film that touches a lot of topics or as a TV pilot that was going to go on for five seasons. because. Where which one do you WANNA focus on? TV show. I we want to focus on the rivalry of maverick and ICEMAN so. Courage Textbook. Do you want to focus on the friendship of goose and Maverick single life or husband life? Do you want to focus on the tragedy of mavericks past so childhood trauma in establishment do want to focus on the romance between Maverick and love relationship, so it's a ROM com or CW show in the military, so there's a lot of the things and I think you could say a film could be multifaceted. In a positive light where I'm going to say, this film is a little. Like there's so much going on to just try to throw as much as it needs to be like I. WanNa figure out more of that stuff that was. Can qualm hundred percent. It was like. Too many threads. Two threats I think that's probably what prevented it from diving into one of the things. I think it's kind of one of those things like a bad light you call it to you. Call unfocused under a positive light. You call it multifaceted right so does one really touch on the other. Does you know? Goose is Goose Mavericks Relationship Affect Iceman's and mavericks relationship I don't know. Does that affect Shar Charlie's and Mavericks Relationship? I don't know, but it does. mavericks like Weird Trauma to his childhood effect. How all those relationships possibly could ever. possibly. It's kind of like when you think of. All the relationships kind of affect each other everything that's happened to Bruce. Wayne affects so many potentially important plot points that you're like. Wait with the DAD thing. It's like like cory what you said. It's like it's it's an unearned. It's an unearned detail at the end of the day you're. That could be. That could have been a really cool story point, but. But you just have time. Scared said to him. Yeah, you WANNA. Walk though like even though they're not. Developed their effect is still like still done in a way. That you come away from the movie dealing pretty good. Well I mean that's you do I. I, I'm I'm. Looking forward to the sequel to though because I wanna see hopefully, the death of goose is still weighing on maverick and how? To, get! Get a packed all his other relationships have been. Because I'll tell you right now. It doesn't look like Charlie's in that fucking movie, so no, that's. All Day. All I don't know but anyway so like that's the thing where it's like okay. Cool now you now. We've seen trauma now. Houses trauma going to effect this characters development with other characters. Will that affect learning through order for them to. Not. My hopes are very high minar. Even somebody who walked away from this movie, not enjoying it that much from the trailer. Here's the thing also in the time since this thirty four years. Since this movie come out. Tom Cruise has become a much better actor, yeah. This was only his I'll. Go ahead. Shot up to my two other characters Tom's UNI brow and Tom's teeth. So that's all that shit done in this in this new trailer, so he's he's thirty four year. Veteran actors become a much better actor in that time and I. Know I don't know who said it here. I know Tom's crazy but I'm a fan. said that John, I think I think. Tom, cruise films are so much fun. No. Anytime I know that he's going to be in a movie. I'm like I'm in yeah, man I think I think movies especially as underrated ones like night and day I loved that movie. I thought that was hilarious. If you don't I'll kill her kill. Kill me myself and then I'll kill the girl. So I'm excited for that alone because he. He's bringing his game to this I, think he. As a veteran of the actor world knows the weight that comes along with this. You also have actors like. Miles Teller Ed Harris. You Have Jennifer Connelly? These are all in my mind. In my heart like I have loved every single movie. These these people have done. and. The cinematography looks fantastic and how we've come along with film. Film language, and and and just writing just technology and writing. Yeah, I think it's I think it's going to be a huge step forward franchise well. That's what that's. What makes me tired because watching the first one in realizing like the last few movies that Tom Cruise's made and all the crazy stunt work that goes involved with that. That's what I'm excited for. Even though you know I have mabry Henson's about the story I know it's GonNa be a good time like based on just that, and then I'm hoping that it does have like a deeper exploration of the character and his past. And I mean it's supposed to be him teaching so again. It's kind of a wonderful development to see someone who is a student. Now become a teacher honors the I. Like they're they're to me. There's only up. You could technically go if you just wrote it well, you know like there's so much good that you have to remember also that they got franchise money now. This was the the no one was like. This isn't gonNA work. This is the most movies I'll be spent time. Writing is island. We didn't do whatever, but now they got like putting all our eggs in a basket. We've hired. Probably the best writers best editing team that kind of Tom Cruise wants to come in and say let's make an I think on you better make an I think. Chris mcquarry did the story who did the last three or last two mission impossible, so yeah, which is going to be great movies great so now let's move on to the last part of the show which is going to be our rating. Goes I or give can be Corey and then Josh Anton Kaelin. Ca I can start off. Yeah, go for I. Give this movie very solid Four. Because at the end of the day with all of its little issues as we've outlined I still love the performances. I love the one liners. I love the music cemetery. All those things make me feel. And that's important. So good, and there's a give and take so for me. I'M GONNA. Hit it right at. They're a strong for Yeah. I. Weigh on the side of the critics for this one unfortunately. It is sitting at a strong three point three and giving it credit for the time it was made. I'll give it a three point three. Three Point Josh you go first. Am I'M GONNA. Give it A. Baby. Yeah. I'm always afraid to when I'm about to give something a three point eight point. Yeah Three Point Eight I. Still, dig the movie. I don't think it's perfect. There are lots of things that I enjoy about it but yeah three point eight. Tom. I am also at a solid four, and there's a subjective score, and then there's the object store right so again. This is the objective score. To do that, but go ahead. This is this is the. Fire right back. What's the subjective or objective was active is is mainly. That's what I think is. The that's what counts is. The objectiveness is because. I will say the filmmaking is stand up above everything else. It stands above everything else like. I can really to same Corey's appointment T. Take or leave the writing because like the writing is taking her. Leave it really. But the way that they made the film and shot it and the way it looks it's to me I'm like you don't get this anymore. You don't get well made constructed beautiful shots anymore. And you do get it from a few people, but you know how much they make hundred hundred million dollars. Yeah, they don't make that much anymore and to to be in this time where it's like. This guys you can do a blockbuster budget, and still have style to it and not have color to it and have emotion involved in your framework. Not just be like well, look, it looks like A. Ranch is. So, I mean like so that that gives it so much more credence than my subjective feeling of it, because it's one of those storms like if it's on, I may not watch it I'm like stopping. With this subjective score then. Now I. Don't talk about that. 'cause minor winning the same. Tuned to two scores out there then it's like that breaks find the average between the two. and Go from there. Anyway. I went into this movie, expecting to hate it. Because I. Don't like things that are like A. I don't know military armed forces. Anything like that is just normally. I started tuning out because there's a lot of cheese and that's. The same way the slipways, the slippery slope of where chauvinism kind of gets, it's like how I am with big saints, suddenly just like glaze over, and I'm like I. Don't know what actually that's me, no idea. so he came out of this movie. thinking like it changed some of my perception of. All of that so I. I give it more credit because of that perspective shift. And I will set it at a four point two. Because it's so you have problems you. Don't like the movie. Liked. The movie I like the Miami University. which is why I hesitate so much? There's a lot of things that I'm not fond of in this movie that Blake like. That one giving us for so if I give it a four point because of the entertainment value that I, got out of it and how it. Proactively shifted some of my perspective. On like Armed Forces! We city humanized, yeah, he. Armed Forces a lot more for me. Because most of the people have come in contact with that were part of the armed forces. Have painted a very negative light like very negatively. It's it sucks a lot, but so this I give this more credit because it actively gave me a perspective shift. Sure Yeah and So there has sadly been a very clear line of like the people who have drawn a really positive light for the armed forces in my life, and if you haven't saying. but I'll say makes me WANNA kind. Do Predator up so now. Yeah, I'm. Glad we. Out kaylynn shuttle, take wait I gotta give a shout out first nation, because I'm not stealing Bali Dana P for guessing correctly when you are the gum. What does it Tom Your guests? Dresser! Gal Alley. Banner? A banner, and all the best shooting. See in your notebook before. Going up. No Sir I just wanted to point out. We always say that just because you get the lowest as you like dislike, the movie or whatever, but I think also the other way to defend your score like the other way applies to just because you're the highest scored. You like your favorite movie. Love No! There hasn't been a lot of scores for Kaelin. That's less than four since her really hard to get me to rate things below four and for all you, there hasn't been a lot of things above threes. Aren't Disney so I well? To me, my scores more entertainment value based like did I, did I, enjoy my experience in some capacity than yes but it but I also remove a lot of the. like it would be yeah. You'd have to really really be personally jarring for me to drop below for. A lot of personal beef with something to be below a for how this is the part where someone goes back and is like puzzle. Pulls out. Beef, with all these films. Actresses. Films. Such. A movie buff. I think. On the ground. We're here I'm with Tom I. Don't think I would if it was on TV I'd probably wouldn't watch it I I'm sad a little bit because as a kid I did love this movie. But now it is just like A. It's an interesting. Perspective change because I understand as interesting to shift that perspective to be like I. Probably won't watch movie again. That Air Yeah That's like if this was on again, I'd be like good. It's bizarre. Message received I. Don't really want to see it again. Just go watch a goose line compilation. What you'll get the satisfaction I might. Know what me Captain America. No I don't think I will. Say. Oh here it is. Kaelin has beef with fast color. anyways alright seeing John's everybody at home. Thank you so much for listening or watching. If you are on Youtube, we really appreciate all of you If you are new to on check our website nerd on TB, it has all the information about everything that we do. do stop by rate and review US wherever you listen apple podcast spotify. Wherever you listen, it does help us to grow and be better. do check out the nation. I am backslash Patriot and dischord nerd on dot, IO, backslash, discord, but yeah, that has been it. We have done the thing. We appreciate you all. We love you you. As always. Indian broadcast.

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