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Nona. What world welcome to another episode? Joel operas in partnership is always be nations. Blogging the boys dot com. Arja Chouan, of course. And from right. Here's your host Ocho live. You watch us live every day as close as we can get to three o'clock central time. You can watch live on my Twitter periscope that's at RJ show or on the blog and the boys Facebook live feed, if your podcast subscribe with a lot of the boys podcast feed on all apple Android devices. And you'll get access to all of our different shows. Happy hump day. It is Wednesday January ninth two thousand eighteen and while it's Wednesday to normal people in Dallas Cowboys world it is actually Thursday. It's Thursday because the couch was obviously played on Saturday last week when they defeated the Seattle Seahawks and the wildcard around and they play again on this Saturday night when they take on the loss. Angels Rams in the division around. So everybody's got a bump day up and stuff like that. And so everything's we're when it comes to scheduling whatnot. But but the Cowboys do play in three days. It's rapidly approaching. It's going to be epic. I think it's going to be big it's going to be one of the biggest cows games at ever seen. I don't think that is putting it lightly. And so before we get to the Cowboys, and who they are this week, and what they have added in this week. It is important to address the NFL head coaching circle. We didn't have a chance to Ocho alive on Tuesday. But news coming out, obviously the cliff Kingsbury being hired by the heirs on a cardinals. That is interesting to see and news coming out of the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers are hiring are have heart. I should say Bruce Arians. Now, you look at this. And the reason the Tampa Bay higher is notable to the Cowboys is that they were one of the three teams they interviewed Cowboys secondary coach and passing game coordinator, Chris Rashard with Bruce Arians taking that job. It seems like obviously, Chris Rashard will not be the coach of the buccaneers. And so you look at it Christmas chard, obviously did also interview with the new jets and the Miami Dolphins nothing is official. But I think everybody. Had the bed. It does kind of seem like Mike McCarthy is is headed to be the head coach of the jets. We will see what happens there right now, the Miami Dolphins are the bullet to dodge Alex marvez who does a lot of our pursuers XM radio did have a tweet earlier on Wednesday afternoon saying that nothing was official. But the people he had spoken to he would be shocked. If Chris Rashaad was not the head coach of the dolphins. If you want Rashard to stay fingers crossed that things, you know, things they'll one way for Chris Rashard staying with the Cowboys, obviously want the best for Christmas shot. We're all just being selfish because we know what he brings to the Cowboys. So we'll see what happens came to be faced provides the all caps. Chris Rashard to south beach, south beach. Nice nice place to live this time of year. You know, it's cool outside, and I say that in San Antonio, Texas of all places have to magin, south beach is quite nice. But we will see what happens with Chris Richard something else that needs to be discussed. I wrote about this on Wednesday blog. The boys dot com and a lot of people have been talking about this the field at the Los Angeles Coliseum where the Rams play obviously where you are plays one of the more famous stadiums in American professional sports history at a cost him again, it's ripe with history lots of events. Lots of things have happened there over the course of time because it is so historic. It's also old and it's such a piece of crap if we're being honest as you ever been to the LA Coliseum, you know, that it is a little bit rundown. It's hardly the mammoth of entertainment that AT and T stadium is and so what is concerning when it comes to the Los Angeles Coliseum is the field in. I don't know. This fact that I just imagined that the field is kind of important when it comes to playing football. And so the field is concerning, you know. And if you go read this what I wrote a going to block the dot com. You can see some video footage from last year's playoff game between the. Rams and falcons in the wildcard round that Atlanta one you can see Todd Gurley slipping at times, you could see Matt Ryan slipping times at one point in time. It did look like we're gonna get some rain on Saturday night in Los Angeles. That does seem like it has dissipated in. There will not be any rain, but the problem and again, I on the south, Texas native. So this has hardly ever been my problem in life. But the problem is the loss Angeles area gets a lot of do at night. And so that could make for a slippery field in some slippery situations race, and of all these Facebook live, it will be slippery. That is not good. That is no boy. No, you don't ever want to see a slippery field and any game in any sport. So that is something that needs to you know. You know, just be on the mind that ask Jason Garrett said on Wednesday who's normal press conference of the Cowboys are going to be practicing outside. They did not practice inside the Ford center at the star, and Frisco, they practiced outside because he wanted to emulate and simulate the conditions as much as he could. And you know, it's a little chilly right now in in North Texas. But overall, it's a nice day outside surly, not to frigid cold. But we'll see I just, you know, this is a really important thing. And it's a really sad thing of being honest that this is a concern in the year two thousand nineteen we can send people to Mars we have doorbells that you could talk to people through, but we still have to worry about the field in professional football. It's kind of absurd when you really think about it. But let's move on this talk about the game itself. And I had a tweet that triggered a lot of Rams fans. If I'm being honest, I tweeted out just Dak Prescott and Jared goff's career statistics. And a lot of times fans again getting a little triggered the Dak situation is is one that that poke some people the product people, but if you consider Hudek Prescott has been over forty eight games with the Dallas Cowboys. He has started every game since being drafted by them. He has sixty six point one percent completion percentage, he has over ten thousand career passing almost ten thousand nine hundred ten thousand eight hundred seventy six to be to be precise. He has sixty seven passing touchdowns in twenty five interceptions where they thirty two and sixteen record. Jared Goff has played in ten last games than back Prescott for being fair. And if you even look a deck Prescott games. He technically started the game in Philadelphia is rookie season. Didn't really play. There's all sorts of ways you could break this up and look at it one way or another whatever the point remains Jared Goff has started ten less games than back Prescott. And he he has a lower completion percentage. She's only seven hundred seventy two of twelve forty three. That is good for sixty two point. One percent completion percentage which is about four percent less than back Prescott. Which is interesting because that Prescott accuracy is what so many people love to point at yet from a percentage standpoint on his career. He is more accurate than Jared Goff. Jared Goff does have less yard than that Prescott about thirteen hundred yards. But again to be fair does have about ten games on him. So you can't really compare that number jerk off also has sixty five touchdowns in thirty eight games. He has to less than Dag Prescott who has to more than he does. However, Jared Goff has played in ten less games than Prescott on his career. And he has still thrown one more interception for those that feel like that Prescott is just full of interceptions. Jared obviously has a twenty four and fourteen career record. Again, did not start every game his rookie season. That was the Jeff Fisher, you can add all sorts of qualifiers. These guys say Jared Goff had Jeff Fisher's rookie season. Didn't have. Sean McVay will Dak Prescott together for a stretch in the middle of two thousand seventeen. So there's a lot to go back and forth there the question is this important question. This is the biggest question because we know the time girly Zeke Elliott are going to be monstrous for both teams on Saturday night. The question is if you could have one if you had one game to win and everybody's got one game to win this Saturday night at the Coliseum with that crappy turf. If you had one game to win, and you could have that Prescott or Jared Goff who are you taking your answers on Twitter periscope and a lot of the boys. Facebook live feed there's an argument to be made for either one because George probably the better overall passer deck Prescott, you know, of all the typically measure doesn't include his career rushing performance that Prescott abilities on the ground certainly make him a different quarterback every answer so far on periscope and Twitter and to be fair cow shows for a little bit scented. Every answer is that Prescott every single answer that we have seen on Twitter. Periscope in the blog on the boy's Facebook live. Comment right there. Dacca's more elusive than golf, and I agree with that. I I really do Tyler FOX is a great point either. Fox periscope quarters one through three Goff. But when the game is on the line deck and similarly Jade the Aseel on periscope says Dak he's a winner. Curly, low Vic says Goff trash I wouldn't go that far, you know, whatever. But the point remains that Dag does have a very interesting gear. And that's kind of the Dak conundrum as a whole. This is a microcosm of that is which rather Jared Goff is kind of safe, you know, Juerg kinda but that Prescott kind of ROY McEvoy in tin Cup. I mean, he's going to get onto green on eighteen with the term it on the line. That's just Prescott is there's something about him in his MO in his disposition in the way, Dak Prescott operates that he is going to find a way to what he's going to will his way to victory. That's that sounds late minutes cliche, and it's cheesy and. Sounds like it's not healing. It sounds like it's only movies. But the reality is that it is the truth. Just Trevor Seattle on Facebook laughing has has so many more weapons to work with given what he has done with less. I would take back at this point. And you think about this people love to add qualifiers and people love to, you know, use things for certain arguments and not use them for others, etc. And let's kind of let's look at who the quarterback saw when it comes down to Sean McVay and Jason Garrett. Who would you take I'm asking rhetorically because I believe a majority of you would take Sean McVeigh. I mean, do Sean McVay knows everybody's names. Of course, you would take on day. He's genius. I'll kidding aside. I think everybody would take Sean McVay, obviously, the running backs are kind of a wash for Dak enjoyed Val because the times early you could get really finicky debating that. But again kind of a wash you look at their receiving core. Yes. That press does have Mark Cooper. But Jerry has been in cooks. He has Robert woods at one point in time. He had Cooper Cup. I it certainly stands to reason Jared Goff. Has had the heavier arsenal. Aussies long curly. Love it on periscope says dad has e Cooper Beasley in Austin again. No, slight to call Beasley or Taylor on Austin. Michael galloper, whoever. And while Jared Goff is already without Cooper Cup. Again. The Rams overall receiver core is better than the Cowboys. And again, I know we already said McVeigh, but what what Jared Goff hasn't Sean McVay is so powerful to degree, you know, and remove Jason good from this discussion, so many people in fact, I would argue one hundred percent of you. Whether you're listening to watching believe that Scotland Eoghan inhibits web Dak Prescott is able to do. And you think about that deck Prescott is able to accomplish the things that he is almost inspite of Scotland hint at times. Meanwhile, Jared Goff has Sean McVeigh working for him and in his direction constantly. You know in a ever flowing ever moving direction but Dak Prescott does not have that function or that ability. So I really, you know, it sounds crazy when you think about this but Dak Prescott has kind of had a very similar sort of season to deduct Prescott. In fact, we talked about their career numbers. But here's what injured off have done this season. This is just two thousand eighteen this does not include the playoff game. The Dak Prescott played against the Seahawks, and obviously Jody Goth, you know, and the Rams have been incredible, etc. Up Dak Prescott this season. Three hundred fifty six a five hundred and twenty six is sixty seven point seven percent. Completion percentage. Meanwhile, Jared Goff three hundred sixty four five hundred sixty one that is only sixty four point nine percent. Completion percentage. Dak Prescott is more accurate than Jared Goff this season. We're not talking about rookie year. We're not talking about anything else. We're talking about the best your journey dos. Career which is unquestionably this year Rams of accomplishing their first. Buying whatnot. And that Prescott is still the more accurate passer. Deck Prescott has thirty three thousand eight hundred eighty five yards this season. Jerem crushed has forty seven hundred yards passing. But we know that Jared passes more than that Prescott back has twenty two touchdowns through the air. Meanwhile, Jared Goff has thirty two touchdowns with the what I think it's I don't say that in. But I think what gets overvalued or undervalued whatever you wanna say. But deck Prescott does anybody know without looking if you're watching live does anybody know how many interceptions the Dak Prescott through in two thousand eighteen just this season. We're not kind of the game against the Seahawks. Obviously he did throw won that game the Cajun right miraculous one. But does anybody know whether you're watching on Twitter Paris Cowboys Facebook live feed how many interceptions that Prescott through coach sepia to says eleven Tyler FOX's six we have the correct answer already from a few of you on periscope, nNcholas, Donnie and Chris get it. Right. Dak Prescott appropriately for Ocho live through eight intercept. Actions in two thousand eighteen through four is rookie season. Obviously ballooned up in two thousand seventeen but only eight, you know, people act like that is just this horrible, passer, etc. Ball fumbling issues, but the point remains and the only eight interceptions. Meanwhile, Jared Goff through twelve interceptions Jo Goth through twelve interceptions. Meanwhile, deck Prescott through only eight Jared Goff through fifty percent or complete extra me interceptions than that press. It's very interesting number when you think about it. Meanwhile, obviously the difference between who they are that Prescott Jared Goff journalists without question the better passer pocket quarterback. But that Prescott is a lot of you've mentioned is more elusive the question from Donny how many of those picks Goffin's throwing been on deep shot. So that's a good question. It's fair question of jerem. But today that press credit how many of Scott's interceptions have been tipped by his own receiver it in count the one against Seattle last week. But that was tipped off the Noah Brown play in the passenger Funes. You didn't at the interceptions. He had against Houston. There were plenty of that Prescott interceptions. The two. NCIS earlier this season on the road. Those were tipped passes. You could you could get detailed finished with this all the way around but deck Prescott has seventy five rushing attempts in two thousand eighteen in while Jared Goff in his slower wheels. Only had forty three rushing attempts. Meanwhile, Dak Prescott had three hundred and five yards on the ground. You're the only one hundred and eight deck Prescott. Six rushing touchdowns to Jared goff's too. When you consider the overall package of who they are. And when you factor index will his drive, his extra gear, his whatever you wanna call it. He has it. And Jared does it, you know, I don't mean the turn this into just a bashing of the Rams, and we're having a little bit of fun. But the the world is kind of into the Rams. I mean, the world has kind of crowned the Rams to a degree, and then you know, in a world where people value playoff wins in. What have you done for me lately? Sort of realm, Sean McVay as Rams have never want to. Playoff game. Neither his obviously Jared Goff. So there's a little bit on the line for them to prove here in the Cowboys are a little bit more battle-tested. Honestly, if you being honest with yourself the Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott and even Jason Garin Zeke, Elliot and everybody else they are more battle-tested than these Rams. These Rams only taste of playoff experience was last season in the wildcard around on that slippery turf Anneli against those Atlanta Falcons at what was the difference between those Rams and the falcons I'm guilty of undervaluing the two thousand eighteen excuse me two thousand seventeen Atlanta Falcons. Let's see periscope. We lost you for one second. We're back to finish that I'm guilty of undervaluing the two thousand and seventeen Atlanta Falcons, but the difference between those falcons that night in Los Angeles. Euro is that they were more battle-tested those falcons had been through a lot of things obviously losing the Super Bowl twenty three the year before etc. The Rams are not battle tested. You know? I think there is a lot of value in losing close playoff games in having been there and having taken away from you. And I think we've seen that with the Dallas Cowboys we have not seen that with the Rams, I think that there are a lot of interesting sort of X factors in that way. And act Prescott kind of implem-. Attic of all of that. He is that guy who's been there done it. And so I think it's fair to take that Prescott of jerk off that's sort of interesting way to look at this. That about does it for Wednesday's episode of July. We will be back tomorrow on Thursday. Although it's Friday in Dallas Cowboys, we'll be back on Thursday for another addition of all of this and other sort of lap around the band three PM central time. If you want to join us on Twitter periscope or the blog of the boys based mcglinchey between now. And then makes you have a fantastic Wednesday night have just the best Wednesday night. And have the absolute best Thursday morning. You know, why? Because you deserve it. We will see you Magnon my friends as always go Cowboys empty. Hello. You're listening to Simone Rocha for one of the hosts of the polygon show. It's a show all about the video games that you'll never have time to play brought to you by four friends who are just as passionate about food, soft drinks and TV shows as we are about video games. Every Friday, we bring you new our personal stories like how we found the best way to play Yuccas zero. Or even what happens when you play so much Zelda that you hurt your hands and can't play games anymore above all. We just have really good time. Talking about the games that we love check out the show on apple podcasts or your favorite pod. Catcher. You can also find us at polygon show on Twitter and send a tweet to say. Hi, thanks for listening.

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