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Week 12 Waivers & QB Streamers, Machine Gun Mike


Hey for Glenn lows is our new go-to destination for discovering the newest craftsmen products, including mechanic's tool sets storage in more in store and online like the one hundred and twenty to ratchet it has a three degree arc swing. The lets you loosen or tighten bolts with less movement in those hard to reach spots. Plus it comes in a gun. Metal chrome finish. Does not only sharp looking, but it makes them corrosion resistant shot the new home of craftsmen today at Lowe's dot com slash footballers as lows dot com slash footballers. Hey, this is key injury. You're listening to the fantasy football parkas. Welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from draft dot com studios with your hose, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Reid. Well combs sue the fantasy football podcast. We're still doing the show. I'm still looking for my pants that came you, take your pants, all they combust it just straight fire. I never seen anything. I was I never seen nothing nine dollar five days. Here's how crazy last night's game. Was you? Brought my wife in to see it. Yeah. And if you don't know now, you know, that my wife is she's not the football fanatic. I'm like tiff. You gotta co she's like I'm decker. I'm like, did you gotta check this out. Did she appreciate what you had shoulder? He lovingly pretended to. Oh, that's good wife. Yeah. It was it was pretty crazy. And the game was so long say my story is my wife is not happy with how long it why had an event last night, my wife, and I went and watched the speaker. So I was I tape delayed the game. I went completely dark though on I noticed depressing. I had no one to talk to I turned on the DND's jas. I wanted. I was there. I have no one to talk and we're talking all night while you're nobody really rooting against me, though. So let's hear the rest of this. Whatever you set up the game to tape. It always ask you it's alive event. You want to add thirty minutes. Of course. I don't want to miss the end of this game. As far as I know the Kansas City Chiefs won the game because the the Rams were driving. And then it just caught out while you're you're first of all learn DVR, bro. If you learn to sports DVR, I'm an hour and a half on every sport van an hour and a half to everyone I've ever done. No, Joe is big bucks. As like a thousand terabyte DVR. Here's one eighteen Mike. Here's in mines Irving. Your DVR fro it's ninety percent for inference not Dora. If you ever needed the hour and a half, your home be real upset if it didn't if you know you lost that recording. It you enjoy the game. Oh, Jason I genuinely had a blast watching that game from the get-go. You know, there's crazier endings to football games more memorable. But I can't remember a game. Where from the first drive on. It was non stop entertainment. Pure greatness. Is that what you genuine question is that what you would want every week? Or would you prefer thirty five thirty one some defense being played. There was defense played. But there was defensive scores. Yeah. I don't settle for garbage. There were defending gory is garbage. When you give up when there's over a thousand yards. It's there's not a lot of defense being played. We agree with that. I saw people playing defense every snap scoring game in Monday night football history, over seven hundred seventy three games, this this better be the Super Bowl, we need to we need a rematch. Do you think it will be though? No. I think the states is really going to be very very tough to go through Orleans, but that's still going to be a great why say versus chiefs if that happened the chiefs, I mean, they lost in Foxborough. So if they don't have the one seed they have to go back there that's going to be a game to Andy Reid. We'll definitely mismanage the game in the playoffs. So it'll be it'll I was so impressed that he got to the two minute warning with three timeouts and it worked to his advantage gate. He gave them a homes a chance, but. I believe I went into last night's game in our league of record down by twenty with the tyreek Mahomes stack in one by eighty points. Something like that it was against me. That is correct. So that worked out real quick actual fantasy analysis on this. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. The the big players. Of course, you're they're great Todd Gurley is a top story from this game. We saw a lot of Malcolm Brown. Now. I was watching the game on skip thirty seconds. So I mean, unfortunately, I missed a lot of that stunning. Jason Witten analysis you but not so fortunate but go on but what my point is. I didn't hear anything about Todd Gurley of why is he not on the field? But you noticed it in passing. Which is I think what the point like there's something. Yeah. Oh, yeah. There was something banged up wrong about Todd Gurley last night. Only twelve carries in a game. Where look it was one of the highest scoring games in NFL history. He put up his lowest scoring fantasy game of the year. People were freaking out about it. And for good reason because you had multiple red zone carries Malcolm Brown you had very few carries by Todd Gurley. And even from the design screen standpoint there in a few things to him. But it wasn't like a staple of what the. Offense is doing despite Brandin cooks going out for a brief period of time despite no Cooper Cup. And yeah, he seems banged up. But you got the by week you've got two weeks. And and, you know, you'll be okay. We haven't heard anything the other takeaway is Josh Reynolds six for eighty with a hose down. He was very involved. Eight targets compared to the other the big guys cooks at twelve Robert woods had eleven made. Josh reynolds. Yeah. I mean, this is the waiver wire show will get into that in a little bit. But in my view that he wanted it up. He is a one hundred percent must pick up your on pot potentially the best offense in the league. You're on the field at all times the opportunity for fantasy production will be there. And he's a good player. I believe he's a good player. He's a good player. I think we'll talk about. And when he comes up, and I think she was obviously a pickup depending on. We'll see what expectations are also Gerald Everett had too much down. Are we going to climb? He's a foundling. Everett's? Okay. I see. Yeah. Yes back. I'm adding him to my stream team. I don't think it was ever there yet this. It's coming. It was it was never there. But he's officially on the stream team when it comes tight ends in terms of like you can take a shot with him. He was probably, you know, in a game with this kind of over under which by the way, Vegas took a major bath sixty nine percent of peop- hope they're clean now that on the over there cleaned out. You're out there. He said sometimes you should pause to make sure you got the right. Joe never be because you could get like you. It's good or better. Mike like, they're all good. But you could be better. I could. But you just I'm like a machine gun. I got a fire him out. I agree. You are. Let's get into the news. News and notes from around the league. She can go machine-gun McGrane pampers. You get better with age and most most good. I don't think that's true Twitter at the F ballers, you can follow machine gun Mike at FFA bit, man. You can follow. Jason Jason F L. I'm at a Andy Holloway. I was live tweeting the whole game long of jealous. Fifty percent of them were Jason Witten related. Yeah. Jason Jason Witten has tweeted this last night he has a random analysis button, then he pushes and then just like it's like one of those dolls where you pull the string in the back. And then some sentence comes out and like fifty percent of those sentences tight end related. I put my favorite my favorite and booger. Did it to my favorite was negative place? Like girly he took a he took a little outside zone run. He lost a yard. And literally he goes. That's what I love about Todd Gurley. My favorite of the broadcast group is how they're emphatically in the middle of a point. And they're saying this is really good. And then they just stop it. I was done with that sentence. It's like what there's a bear. At your now. Go just stopped. Imagine the chemistry problems. We would have if we'd put Jason like out in the front room on like a ladder. And then we were like we just took up his headphones like the chemistry problem of having him down on the field. He jumps in. And he feels like he has to just scream one big sentence to you. And then go back to blade hands. Whitten? I'm sorry people. Every every few people are like I'm being too hard on them. No. It was bad. It is bad. They're all gone. This show is about fancy football. So let's get into it. News and notes Packers. Coach Mike McCarthy said the Jimmy Graham will try to play through his broken thumb week twelve. Yeah. Do you need you? What do you need your thumbs for they'll catching? Yeah. For the catch. It helps. I would. I mean, he's not a blocker. No. The thing is is he has been disappointing in general you put him out there with a broken thumb. He's someone you need to stay away from for fantasy in in my view until he proves Gerald ever. Lay was Jimmy Graham right now, every drop Graham to pick up ever today. I mean, it's the waiver show. Yeah. I mean, if you if you have to have a start next week, I'm not starting Jimmy Graham. So well, you can't start Everett next week. That is also true. So I would but I don't I don't think I'm dropping Jimmy Graham, my he's one of those situations where because of how bad the tight end landscape is I think you still need to hold onto an Aaron Rodgers. You know lead titan. So Lance kendricks is what you're saying. We're pick up pick. I would rather kendricks this week on you and Harding. Yeah. Can't carry on Johnson not expected to play on thanksgiving so fantasy football platforms. If you could just go ahead and Mark him out that would be killing wave or he's run tonight. I would appreciate it. So if he's not expected to play do you turn to theoretic in this in this game theoretic is a fine flex plus. I'll maybe he's a we'll talk about him soon. Then the bucks are going to go back to Jameis Winston as their starting quarterback ping pong ball keeps going back and forth at least for the first half. And yeah, exactly it's like we we do our projections. Every week. We always have to factor in the second quarterback in Tampa. And we're like is this second quarterback in Tampa gonna outperform Brock Osweiler this week. Yeah. It's it's basically who's higher tastes them hill who we know. We'll get word or the backup quarterback for Tampa Bay who might start half the game. Because did you guys realize that on the week? James Winston was quarterback fifteen did realize wing half of a game. Like finished ahead of Matt Ryan, it's effort. I mean, I think the number of few weeks ago was the quarterback. There's they still quarterback for Tampa is is in the top five knows QB to. Oh, okay. In the top two. And yet you can be buried by starting them because they get swapped out. OJ Howard getting a second opinion on the ankle initial testing revealed. Good news. This is good news for fantasy owners. But we know what is chance to place. Good news. So he wants a second opinion likes positive reinforcement. Now, he's I don't think he plays this week. Probably not it was projected to be high ankle sprain. Although didn't he have a high ankle sprain? Earlier this season and played that week. So he didn't play that week. He took some time. I was coming off the bye it was the by missed some time. That's why everybody will. We ain't freaked out about Cameron break for a week with OJ. Howard Bray didn't really deliver. Maybe he did come back that same weight too surprised everyone. I don't remember when he has not missed a well, he Mischa and four. But I think that's the Wiki went out. So we'll see correctly. Joe flacco chancy returns. And we twelve. But not expected back. I don't think you probably play Lamar Jackson if you expect it flacco back right away. That's what my view would be. I think if you were trying to bridge for a week, you might have played RG three. I think they'd probably planning on the margin for I'm with you. You understand what I'm saying? Yes. I think Lamar starts again in the mar will be a fine quarterback stream again, Marcus mariota suffered a stinger and week eleven he's not in the concussion protocol. He's hope they're hopeful. He'll be back to play Monday night. This is more related to can you trust a pass catching option or and Cillari piece against the Texans. No. I mean, that's a bad natural bench Amal and the Redskins have signed. Mark sanchez. That'll be fine. Mark Sanchez little Christmas gift for Mark. Welcome back now. And you know, Cole McCoy runs around a little bit. You could see Mark Sanchez saints. Don't put that on the world. No. You know? May be entertaining. But he's fun. Are you ready for Mark Sanchez to win the NFC east is that what I? What a world we live in what a time to be alive. And then upset you know, like the Rams in the first round. Oh, stop. It's just okay. Let's talk waivers instead. Let me in coach. Mark Sanchez, obviously, the big pickup here in the waiver. Okay. Chiefs in Rams, they get a week off. They deserve it. They score two weeks worth of points last night. So no Rams and chiefs in week twelve but other than that which may make up about half your roster. There aren't any other by weeks the remainder of the season. Let's start at the wide receiver position looking at the waiver wire big pickups this week who are your favorites? Well, we talked about him a second ago, but my two favorite pickups are Josh Reynolds at Cortlandt Sutton. Those are the two guys right now sons. Sutton's really can. In a lot of leagues. Well, we talked about this the last like three weeks running his schedule was really bad after DT was traded. But from this point onward, it is unbelievably great and not a single bad matchup. I think he's going to have a great rest of the way. And Josh Reynolds to me is a must start type of player. I think when you are on the field for you know, eighty nine percent of the snaps for a team that is passing the ball as well. As the Rams are. We don't know what's going on with Gurley. I mean, it's not always going to be as fruitful as Kansas City. The matchup won't be that good. But if you throw a guy like that out there in your flex, and you're and you're wondering, you know, you've got the flip a coin type of guys his probability of having a touchdown. Even in a bad game is higher than you know, having a throw out a player from the cardinals or player from the jets reminder just real quick Jay he is on by this week. Yeah. So you've been you're picking them up to stash him. Yes weeks. Yes. I I mean, it it still your favorite because he can't can I be the counterbalance though, please the counterbalance to me is this game. Obviously. Kansas City was a piece of the puzzle Todd Gurley being banged up. And then barely turning the running game as a piece of the puzzle. I look Josh Reynolds as an absolute look, I I understand picking him up. I understand the offense. I understand all those the snaps, but there are similarities here between him and Marquez Valdez scaling in the sense that not the number one option. Okay. Cook get lost in the shuffle, depending on the game plan, Gerald Everett, obviously had a big role Tyler higby caught a bunch of passes Brandin cooks left for a little while. I think you can get a great game out of Josh Reynolds. I don't think he's an auto flex. That's just what my I think he's full. I think he's unless you feel better. You know, NBS is out there for every snap. And he had a. I would still pick up. There was I don't think anyone in this in this wide receiver list is a why have Corwin Sutton? I I'd much rather have Taylor Gabriel. I would really we haven't even hit the name. That is is my number one guy that week is Trey Kwan Smith. Andy, Jay more. Yeah. Those two are are big pickups race one for the Norlin saints. I think this was the breakout game for him a ten for one fifty seven he scored yet thirteen targets. I mean, he was an absolute target hog this this past week and the scheduled for him is pretty delightful with Atlanta Dallas Tampa Bay are his next three matchups. I'm trick wants my number one waiver wire or number one wide receiver pickup of the week. He's probably better to talk about then Sutton or DJ more. He's he's far less than both of them. Because he had that gouzer. We talked about both DJ Moran. Tariq wants myth on the show yesterday. Rookie production goes up in the second half of the season. I would take. Yeah. I would take trae Quan over Reynolds sons probably owned in your league. Yeah. He he likelihood of him being owned is pretty high. Sure. And then there's guys like KiKi. He had a very solid game. Got nine targets five for seventy seven Maria's Thomas. Did nothing. Correct. And I don't I don't expect to Mary's to do nothing. But I thought the trade was very strange for Houston. It seemed like a panic move of willful or being out. And you're fighting for division us do brought in a wide receiver you thought could help. And Anthony Miller, of course is surging. He didn't do a ton this past week, but the Chicago Bears offense as a whole didn't really need to do anything. They were manhandling the Vikings. So all these guys are interesting, and I would go like I said Smith. Number one guy. Number two. I would pick up. Would be it would be something if he's there otherwise been DJ more. And maybe I'm missing remembering. But didn't you say yesterday? You preferred more to trick one Smith on the show, perhaps perhaps I said that on the show, but after time and digging into thing more, I I like trek on more. Well, does have the thanksgiving matchup against Atlanta? That is going to be great. I mean, whenever you can have one of those awesome high scoring match ups, and it's on Thursday gives you the advantage of knowing are you up. Do you have the lead? Can I play it safe the through the rest and trae kwanza type of player very boom bust where he has a bad game. And it doesn't go his way. Then you know, you need to swing for the fences. Elsewhere who would you start on thanksgiving Taylor? Gabriel or Anthony Miller Taylor. Gabriel had three times as many targets. But Miller is scoring scored five times in eight games. Do you want the volume of Taylor? Gabriel touchdowns. Anthony Miller we've seen the volume from Taylor. Gabriel. Will hit like this and certain maths before go arrest the season, by the way as well. Yeah. I'd rather have Anthony Miller couple guys just real quick. So you're in a super pinch get or getting super pinched. Yes. Okay. Yeah. But are you interested your department, the the the pinching, I don't know? It's not my department. So I figured it's gotta be or loose. Ellington who is now on the Detroit Lions if you haven't been paying attention. He came in and immediately made an impact nine targets was six for fifty two. I don't think any of us expect Marvin Jones to play on Thursday and with golden Tate vacating that slot role. Bruce Ellington, he's got juice. I mean, he I don't think he's as interesting as the other wide receivers we talked about. But if you're in a deeper league, Bruce Ellington, are you interested? Yeah. I I'm interested in the sense that golden Tate left a hole that was not filled by anyone and they went out, and they signed Bruce Ellington who is a good player Zoe's been a favourite of reception perception, he hasn't been able to see how hurt all the time. But if he's on the field is a good player and op. Opportunity will be there. I don't love the matchup though, this week against Chicago. I don't really think the opportunity is going to be there for him. You don't know. Because mar if Marvin Jones comes back, I mean Marvin Jones being off the field was a huge gaping hole. You expect Marvin this week? I do I think Martin is gonna play on Thursday. But I don't I don't know for sure. Most most platforms have projecting him to play right now. But we'll see let's let's live in the world right now, we're Marvin Jones is out. And you gotta make a waiver wire decision. Would you rather pick up? Bruce Ellington, Trey Quinn or John Ross. In so tomorrow night knowing about Marvin Jones Rix, and that's what you're going to have to do. Yeah. I mean, it's not as can be. I guess it'd be John Ross in that situation your banking on no green, and that's your banking. I know Marvin. Yeah. I mean Ellington's done this before I mean. You're not going to get a score from him. Maybe you get three catches. Maybe you get four five. It's what you need if that's what they once week. Yeah. I mean, but if marvins back what are you going to get from? I I don't have high expectations for him coming into that offense being third or fourth option. But maybe if carry on MRs Marvin MRs than it's love, you know, someone's got to catch the ball. Are you interested in Chris Conley seven for seventy four touchdowns last night? Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins started because he made a bet somewhere that he could start the game. I mean, he was he was like limping own to the field to start the game. It was like, wait. Why are you playing like a contract incentive for game started? I'm not even joking. It was folder Cal Ripken. I mean, he's I play he looked like he was just lip limping up the sideline. And then he was gone. He played five snaps. So if you started him. Yeah. The thing is when grandma if he's reinjured the foot seven percents. I don't think he. Injured it because he was limping on on the way out to the field. They said he was limping in warm-ups. So it was like seven percent. Why are you? Why are you wasting an active roster? Spot on him is eight a bet. He bet Andy Reid. He's like watch this. Yeah. If if it turns it's anything serious if it comes out this week, and we won't know anything this week because they're on by. They don't have to put out there there injury status this week. So, unfortunately, you won't know. But but Chris Conley someone you need to monitor. If Watkins is out, you know, getting a piece of that offense as never never bad idea. All right. 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I can play video games for about fifteen years now, and as a father of three most of the time I by video games, and I put them in the put them in a box. And then I don't play. They stay protected like rookie baseball. That is exactly right. Just in case it become valuable. And I said I actually played this game. So that's the greatest praise that you could give thirty four year old man with children could play this game and forces way through to play it. So. Man that sounds like a sponsor sounds so much like launchers if it's not running backs. Let's talk about running back waiver pickups for me. It's just there's three guys I'm looking at and no one else. Really? Now, we'll get into the weeds with some deeper items and options for me. It's I'm looking at Gus Edwards, Elisa McGuire and Josh Adams, those are the three I'm looking at Edwards is on owned allies in Maguire's, basically, unknown was on by and then Josh Adams, Mike, you brought them up rising star yesterday. Thirty two percent owned. He he had. This. Snaps last week. Fifty eight percent of the carries. In a horrible misery of defeat. But how do you guys prioritize those three and does it depend on what you're looking for? I think of those I do like those three guys I would actually throw in. Jalen react Dard as as the fourth fourth option. Jalen proliferate that broke out. Okay. Jalen rashard? I would probably prioritize him over allies Maguire. But I get where you're coming from that they're pretty similar tier of of waiver wire pickup between gusts and Adams. It's really difficult because gusts Edwards looks like. An absolute Mack truck running the ball. He looks fantastic gets match of with the Oakland Raiders. Which is a thanksgiving delight for him. Not just Oakland. I mean, we've talked about Alex Collins coming scheduled. But if it if Gus does take this over sure Oakland Atlanta Kansas City, Tampa Bay. Bay. Yeah. That's nice. That's that's get in the playoffs. Win in the playoffs. Have a great time to me. Gus is my clear cut number one. Because maybe he's not involved. Maybe gusts Harbaugh actually have a ticket for the gusts bus. We don't know he might not the Gus bus might have flat tires, but Elijah McGuire. Jalen rashard? Those guys to me are like they're pinch flex options. That may be we'll be okay. But they don't have the chance in, you know, in my view to be the waiver wire pickups that win weeks that become flat out must start top fifteen type running backs Gus Edwards. If he ends up getting the work, especially if Lamar Jackson is there. I mean, they rushed the ball over seventy percent of their snaps that is so backwards in the NFL right now. And you know, he he looks good carrying the ball. And with that matchup. Gus is my clear cut like I would spend the number one waiver authority. I would burn on Gus at this point in the year. What else are you waiting for? Burn it on just to play him this week. I mean that would be the ultimate reason. Why I I the wilder that you have a team that has had what three must own back so far this season. I mean, there was a time. When divorce was the guy you grow grab. The Alex Collins is the guy you gotta start just waste for time. I go I was going to say and then Kenneth Kenneth Dixon too. So I I have my hesitation about the long term viability of gusts. He's definitely a player that could be a trap. Oh, certainly is Alex Collins could have three touchdowns next week against the Oakland. Because you know, Gus is the wind blew different direction. Gusts is not a luck to get the carries. He had this last week a could be a hot hand approach. But I brought this up on yesterday's show. Some of the quotes that were coming from Harbaugh about what he's been doing in practice, and it's time to reward him. And that they haven't had a guy like him. So far this year if Lamar Jackson continues as the starter, which I. Expect. I predict Gus has twenty cares. Yeah. In to speak to Josh Adams. It's the similar situation where coach Peterson of the eagles coming into the game said Josh Adams is going to get more work. And we hear that, you know, all the time this player yada, yada. They're so great in practice. And then they don't actually get on the field. He was put on the field and has a a string of decent match up. So Josh Adams. I think is a bit safer than gusts Edwards not a ton. But gusts in his match-ups would make him my number one running back any chance that if you need to start this week you'd sign THEO Riddick above Josh Adams play on thanksgiving. If I'm gonna full p PR, I still the whole only I I still don't fully trust that Josh Adams is going to be the guy. Now, I love the match up a whole lot more for Josh Adams. So I I I probably would still go Josh Adams, especially looking long term you. You've got, you know, carry on is only missing a week, then THEO is not going to be valuable after this week. So I gotta we missed two weeks. I would not put feel ahead of Josh Adams. But he's in the conversation and NPR league. He's you know, he'll have double digit targets this week with carry-on out in case you're curious about Aguirre blunt throw on the offense as last twenty one carries for Detroit have gone for a total of sixteen yards. That's that's a good free agent signing. I think I could do is you need players that make you think I could do that. Yes. He now this man was on by he's infinite he is all he's in a revenge game. Oh against the former team about Frank gore taken on the Indianapolis Colts. If you are desperate are you going with the infinite main? I mean, if you're death richer. All right. I mean gore gore and desperation though for years that's been the the the I don't think it's a big river. Engy? So of this guy might also be any way Royce Freeman zone at about half leaks. Frank gore or Royce Freeman I'll take gore. Yeah. I think I would is one more snaps. More carries, by the way. Did you see Jon Gruden say? Yes, that oh, Jalen Rashard might be the MVP of our team never change, John. I love you so much. And then he said he reminds me of Charlie garner, which I just laughed at because who makes those references anymore. Sean. On this literally time capsule stuff right there. It's like he he's like he wasn't announcing football for the last. It's just so crazy to me the Jon Gruden was Sean McVay. I mean, he was the young so young is young hot eighty four year. Coach that's like that was who Gruden was. And then he just never we all get old. He grew up fast, by the way. Probably a good time to pick up Malcolm Brown. Yes. Thank you cough. Watch the tug early owner what we've been harping on it for a few weeks, especially going into the bye who's gonna who. Other than the girly honors going to snake Malcolm Brown from you. Go get him right now. Spencer ware, Malcolm Brown geo Bernard. The big one those are really relying for some reason you're gonna say in the next year. I'll put awesome heckler rod Smith chase Edmunds. And then maybe Jalen Samuels. I don't know. I'm not I'm not as locked into that. Because you don't even Ridley we don't know that it would be Samuels. But those other guys you can feel pretty confident that if something happens to the starter, they will get a huge uptick an opportunity now, gentlemen. I couldn't find our dartboard. So do you guys still wanna talk tight ends? No now, if you're not if we can't throw some somehow we're in the tight end waiver show, Vance McDonald's, the MVP of this this particular segment because he's been a waiver wire tight and pick up for about eight weeks. I almost take them off the list now, though, he is because he's he's only finally own in the majority of leagues it's taken way too long for people to pick them up, but he is owned in sixty one percent of leagues it's probably even more than that considering you know, factoring in deadly leagues. If he's there certainly pick them up, but I agree with Andy. He's probably not. All right. So then the other guys I think came rate is really, yes. Interesting this week. And I guess we're you know, -brate should have the opportunity to himself and James Winstons the quarterback. Now, that's not a guarantee in fantasy football for anything. But you're talking about tight the tight end position where he players were frequently goose this past week, you're looking for some sort of guaranteed reception totals because it's maybe less about winning with your tight in and more about not losing with your title. Yes. So let me ask you this. Would you rather go after tight end like Herndon who you're going the jets the jets and you're hoping for a touchdown? You know, basically, would you rather have a guy who has a greater chance at a touchdown? But is not that involved in offense. Or would you rather have a guy like hire men who is involved? He's gonna get five plus targets he's both get shun out. But he might he's probably going to turn it into like twenty five yards. I between Herndon in higher men. I would go with Jeff Harmon might came braid is my top tight end. Yes. Pickup of the week. And behind him. I would. I would put Jeff Hier minute. Number two. Are you interested in Germany Smith after six for forty four? And he's scored the previous two we has been growing. The question for him is the health of the rest of the wide receiver core for the Tennessee titans. Because they've. And the quarterback. Oh, yeah. Lawn. Bombshell might start gabbert against the Houston. Texans. Here's a here's a conundrum for you. Let's say hypothetically your backup quarterback on your dining, this is going. Let's say the backup quarterback in your dynasty team. Was I don't know Alex Smith, and let's say you're starting quarterback is I don't know. Let's just say, Patrick, Mahomes, sure or Jared Goff or Jared Goff, whatever. And so you got the by week coming off, and and look Alex Smith, by the way, get well soon injury is the news report coming out is very bad spiral. Fracture broke through the skin compound fracture. Very very serious injury going to be very hard for him to come back in general, so get well soon. Alex Smith, would you rather start Blaine gabbert, no cold McCoy. Or Josh mccown who could very well start this week as well. I would go with coal. I think coal is actually capable and he will run the ball a little bit. So congressional actually cool that hypothetical situation. Obviously can't be. True. Disgust is it would be very depressing back to Jones Smith at tight in. He he's a guy that I I've always liked the talent. Like I remember last year thinking when Delaney walkers done Joe knew very much take over that spot for the titans. I don't like their quarterback situation Jonas Smith is on the field a lot, but he's a run blocker. He has not been used not been running enough routes. However, the matchup while it looks bad because it's a good defense in Houston. We've seen the last two teams really attack the defensive line pressure by throwing they hire men had what ten catches against them. Yes. You know, hire men had a great game. And then Jordan Reed number one tied in they have the week this Larry against Houston. So I think Jonas Smith in a bad situation. Eighty looked when he plays targets. I mean last week for Smith raised them up from that like, you know, one red zone target category. Hire men against Pitt or Joe new against Houston. As of right now. I. I don't believe that hire men will ever get near the red zone. So I'm gonna go Joan Joan and then talking about defenses this week. Dallas kinda shoots up the board against Washington. It's cold. I still think Cole McCoy is. Okay. I transition beat up on line. No pass catching weapons Dallas defense playing. Well, yeah. I'm I'm definitely interested in that between the between the Jacksonville. Buffalo matchup which side of the DST's. Do you want both? Yeah unite. Oh. But you saying you gotta pick would of course. Right. Yeah. Jackson aside. I mean, they they turn the Steelers over, and, you know, pretty much made a competitive, I guess they're pretty well owned. But so you the over one hundred over under in that game is thirty seven and a half points. Its lowest of the entire week the games in buffalo. So I I would start both defenses with with confidence. I mean. If buffalo can slow Leonard fournette down. I mean, it's kind of like what's going to happen? I would you know New England as well. Another good the town. We were all excited to see him because he's kind of been this. You know crazies, man, these myths school gunslinger, he just kinda sucked last week. It's like, maybe the, you know, this time is come. And so yeah, I don't think New England's going to be the get right game for mccown. If he plays fair enough. All right. Let's get into the quarterbacks. Full stream ahead. If New England somehow out there, they're good start against the jets. Yes. And Mr. mccown, so I was the first one into the show doc to pick my streamer, which means it's Jameis Winston he's widely available and he's playing against the San Francisco forty Niners. And as we talked about Tampa Bay quarterback equals quarterback two on the year. Jamie's it's frustrating to watch. He's gonna turn the ball over. But he's also likely to throw three hundred yards and a couple touchdowns now. Okay. Speaking of a couple touchdowns. My started the week is a guy who has been throwing a couple touchdowns in his last four games, which has been real change. Obviously for the Cleveland Browns. He's on pace for thirty six touchdowns and eight interceptions. That's bad statistical manipulation on a smart thing over four games. Yes. Over the four stretch. I mean, he's been throwing multiple touchdowns every week. He's got a great matchup this week against Cincinnati. Who? Has the thirty first best team against quarterbacks. You know, the the offense seems to be finally clicking. And I believe in Baker. I think he is an exceptional talent. Things are coming together. The matchup is right. I be absolutely fine streaming him. And he can still get it done with his legs as well. Some have called Jon Gruden not dependable as the head coach. But I tell you what's dependable that defense given up to or more touchdowns. The Oakland Raiders are given up to plus in seven straight games, including two Josh rose. Yeah. And the raiders really screwed the pooch last week losing to the cardinals go for the number one pick. Yeah. They beat the cardinals. Yes. Insert ravens quarterback here. I'm starting and streaming a ravens quarterback if Lamar Jackson's available. You'll play flag gotta grab. And if Joe flacco was back. Would you rather play? I guess you're you're saying you would play flacco. But Nick Mullins against Tampa Bay is also an intriguing. No, I'll take I'll take the Oakland music. I don't as as well as Nick Mullins started his career and he played pretty well last week. They're still just rookie variables that are are troublesome. Those games, you know, the more film. You get on a player the more. You see them struggle. Tampa Bay has a lot of film on ally. Manning. Well, sure didn't work out that that's different because allies, you know, he's an established quarterback, Nick, Mojo. He's establish sneak Molin manning is seen everything Nick Mullins has not seen everything says thrown at in a game. And and there's just more variability they've made statues out of ally. Manning by this point, and they even allow those statues on the field behind the tour back to be the quarterback. He's the first player in quarterback in history that will actually his. Bust will go into the hall of fame. But it will be it will be it will just he'll be there running. But you can't tell. Yeah. Yeah. Looks frozen. I got that. Let me ask you this. I was asked ass on the podcast last night too. Ally. Manning and Philip rivers. Are they hall of famers, Philip rivers? Philip rivers is to me. I am. I am a firm. No on both guys. Philip rivers is a hall. You say, yes. To Philip rivers. You have to say. Yes. Manning because because of the Super Bowl he's won two Super Bowl. Yeah. I I hate the Super Bowl arguments so much for quarterbacks to me, it still does make sense it. Multiple Super Bowls make sense. And I don't want you lion because he's not a hall of fame caliber quarterback. And that's why I don't want Philip rivers in those those guys will always be attached to each other because they right draft a trade. You know, there's there's I think if you take you lie manning, and you give he's got two Superbowls and he's got to Super Bowl MVP's. Right. And then the streak of consecutive games started which is hard to do in the NFL. If you take those things into account. He's hall of Famer, oh, he'll be in. I'm fully convinced allies deserves a hall of Famer. But no, he's not he's not even one of the best ten quarterbacks in the league. Even in his prime. Not not in his prime prime. Maybe he was eight. I don't know about that. Yeah. But is that hall of fame is like the six last I keep saying and you'll move him up. I mean, you've gone how tend to eight to six didn't you? To be hall of fame. Shouldn't you have to be like, I don't know top three in the league appoint? Well. Maybe maybe. Yeah. As I mean, there's drew Brees is he a hall of Famer never want an MVP award. Yes. He because he was never in his generation. He was never the number one. And he is a top three quarterback year in year out top three and fantasy in real life. Peyton Manning Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers they were all ahead of him during most of briefs career. So that. Yeah. Absolutely right now, Roy's your art. No. It doesn't. Oh. Your arguments in shambles. Shambles just how does having utilized. You literally are saying my argument. He is a top three quarterback. Literally right now knows top three quarterback of in life your top three for one season. You're I in the hall. I said you have to at least be a top three quarterback at some point. Like manning never had their drew Brees. It's been there multiple times. And certainly this year. Does does this matter guys both rivers and. I said that was going to the end of the sentence. Does this matter guys at all? Oh, there's that's you. Rivers and manning are both top eight in passing touchdowns passing yards. Yeah. All time. Yeah. I mean, he li- manning had forty four hundred yard thirty five touchdown season. I'm pretty sure that puts minute top five on the course of a season three's a hall of Famer. Yeah. I think so he will be three hundred fifty two career touchdown. If his last name were McLaughlin. Oh. Nepotism if McLaughlin had two SuperBowl in and to to. Well, let's pull the audience is to do that. Hey, Joe hulk in the studio on our today. Oh, you Joey gets a shoutout. Manning is the a hall of Famer Joe. Will be but. Okay. So does Joe is a smart guy? And he is completely echoing everything I say, but you can't hear him. So that's why we're telling you, he he's he's going to get in probably doesn't deserve it. However, I would love to be a poll question. Yes. Let's put this on our community tab on YouTube, baby. Josh take care of that. Yeah. If you haven't been involved, we got a rock and community option four options. It's either ally manning fail burgers, both or neither. Yep. Yeah. There you go. That'll be the poll check it out on the community tab on. Are you YouTube dot com slash the fantasy? You realize gentlemen, because I'm about to hit. This attribute new realized that the only thing that stands between us in a Meguid on episode is the soundtrack, but home, man, man. All righty. Hey, I'm ready to go draft dot com slash ballers studio. Sponsor we will see you tomorrow for the mega, Don. Thank you. For listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on joined the foot dot com and follow us on Twitter at the SF ballers.

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